Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 19, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1957
Page 7
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r^-Junior Editors Quiz on Imitation may be the slncerest form of flattery But even so your friends will not appreciate your copying their clothes and decor atlng ideat, or deciding that you THnee Hereto, CarroH, Icwe Monday, Aug. 19/1957 Aa the world goea today, the American taxpayer it really Ma brother's keeper, must have everything thoy have. Besides, the person who is at ways quick to copy someone else soon loses his own individuality. QUISTION: Hew many satellites do*e the earth have newt ANSWER: The word satellite comes from the Latin word satel- fee, meaning an attendant. Today it is most commonly used in astronomy to describe a heavenly body which revolves around—or attend*—e planet. The moon is the earth's only satellite now". It constantly follows the earth on its journey around the sun. The planet Jupiter hes tho most satellites, 11. Saturn has 9, Uranus 4, Mars 2 and Neptune 1. Pluto has none. •arrh may soon be circled by man-made satellites. Scientists plen to launch them during International Geophysical Year which started July 1. These satellites are small magnesium spheres filled with aensitive instruments which are designed to learn soma of tho secrete of the universe, They are be launched Into •peso by rockets whan scientists finish'perfecting them. FOR YOU TO DO: Obtain a map of the heavens, from a library or planetarium, and use it to study the stars and moon at night.' (You may win $10 by sending a good question to Violet Moore Hlgglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrow: How big wore dinosaurs?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Whet a day,, Helenl Tennis with Jack, swimming with I'm so tired I can hardly keep my mouth oponl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT. OUR WAY 'How to be glamorous AFTER 40—how to be glamorous AFTER SO—why don't they tell you how to be glamorous BEFORE 16?" SWEETIE PIE By Nodino Soltxcr "I said to toil him it was a nice hi-fi—not that you'd rather hear it than go to a moviel" Pay at tht Zoo Answer to Previous Puxile HI 1 female sheep 4 Rabbit • Snakes It Wire mess II War foil of Qroece DOWN 1 Persian prince X Telegram 3 Peanut eaters at the too 4 Riding dress 5 Seed covering ft Coo —taken • Close again } B Anger T Compass point •Cutting in two « Performed 11 Zoo —- » Kind of Ash. 15 "Emerald Isle" 40 Nomads house to Support 3« Great giant 41 Lock of hear M Aids H Oriental coins 42 Priest |1 Head covering W Elected 13 footles* MSouth animal American 14 What the mammal kaiigjiroo'does ** Student St In' addition <M Openwork STBccentrie trimming •"" wheal'-." *> Healing salve M Mammal's i ;. coat M limit cake , Ingredient 15 Hardened M Abstract- 97 Surreys, for 43 Enfold distance 44 Air (prefix) 38 Awry 46 Geralht's wife 33 Ancient Allan 4? Crippled 31 Wound 48 Urge a horse 33 Wealth forward 33 Kind of bird 50 Statute Mi 1 m *§.*«• fm. a*. I a)tiw>»es*ewtM.>», | "Mother and Daddy are glad you stayed far dinner—they said they hated to be under any obligations to youl" 17 Iserod linage SSAtanwIe* Indian * 40 Sad ear 41 Three(preta) 43 Cognisant 4S Wheat, corn and rye eJHMPgry group 51 Space sa Sharp pom* S3 Blackbirds of cuckoo family M Australian 4BteTioleH 58 Htrolc poetry SO Marries IT Indian weight BUGS BUNNY Fill 'er Upl ALLIY OOP 100 Years Ago BY V. T. HAMLIN BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "•HIT Perfect Timing BY MERRILL BtOSSM OM.OKf ITS HEAPGP FOR . LARtfe YARD/ y^iiUiiiLinaaTir^i e \m t>$ w.i*m>t*. TX »««• u*. rn. ow. *y g»*fp THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE On the Rampage BY WILSON SCRUOO* BOOT* ANO HER BUDDIES The letting BY EDGAR MARTIN 0*e> VPPACPTfNOVi .t «s#ss * VRtAWBJD CMS V« «S W\WD wcnrvwRNH. •OVMtW lit. 2 JAM SAP* IMC TiME, BUT VOWJgNOTWORKltf FOR WZ. BARNES'S FWER ANYMORE VAHEAR/ ANOVPl/RB eOKMA OrVS MM BACK THAT BICVCUE Jt" <s In the Lineup CTHBN. AFTER TCP ANP MAWS- >PeMTO>y THeiA IM THB ONB OP THtefr HOOPfr WA* SPOTTED NIAR THP* 5CSNB OF RBVO *TANO» MVRPBRTWf'Uf BfIN W»KIM<& TOR HWA! m AND Z BY LESLIE TURN* /TWsl'WHO IffiBftHIM TO , ftCffclOtftUA* . CAN HSLF YOU PROVB

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