Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1960
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELE&RAPH SKV MASTER* By Rlrby-Wood tVMV OONT .^/ourr L6o<«NO< AT vou<? UPE TMROUOW A REAR- view MIRROR MIND' vou« SCOFC'NO te MERELV D£ LAVING MAN'£ PACTS ARE FACTS, ^ STRtCKLANO.'/F 7 TM6RE fS OTWEff <s, Lt5H RAPfO (CONTACT WITH IT.,, Jt OD SAXON By Ken Bald and -lorry Bronfield I KNCVv THAT'S >cj<? fA M*f-'?f: e ,. *NCW THAT EPEifc' i*^ CLP A' Excuse .ME-- FNiCU'r^ re: (~i?C,*fV7 H M-fLF-- (^ I VE HAP ••A" " 'AHA' 7 THE 8TOKY OF MARTHA WAYNK By Wilson Scruggs v/ GO.!*'to** 1 CAPTAIN EASY TOAU&1W6 OCCAStOWAUV TO PERMIT THE " MUDDIEP WATER TO SETTLE, HE WORKS HIS WAY SLOWLY AROUlOD THE OAK STUMR.. By Leslie Turner THERE SOMETHIW6 BETWEEM THOSE ROOT6! THE SMITH FAMILY 31NNY, GIVE OOTTHE OUR BOARDING HOl!SE With MAJOR HOOPLE i OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 4SL6EP/THB RACKETSOiNSOM ^T WOULD WAK & UMMY/AMD n UKE A ft\ONiK THE COAL. iSRCtAiviD BLACK THERE I AM, STAKIPIW IW A RIPPLIM' STREAM WITHTH' FRESH, SWEET SMELLS OF TH 1 WOOPS AKIP TH' SOUMPS OF NATURE AWAKEWIW TOA ROSV PAWN ...THEM UP PORS TH 1 SUN IW ALL ITS fit-ORV, LIKE A PISK OF FAIRV6OLP AN' JUST THEM THAT BI6 BOV HITS MY BAIT... I TELL-YOU THERE'S WO FEELIW LIKE THAT THIS 5IPE OF PARAPISE OH, YES THERE 6ETTIM 1 UC IS--TOWAICEUP 1 FROMAfCKER INTH'ROSYDAWW 6AMEIWTHE AWPKMOWYOU / ROSYPAWM CAM FALL BACK < WITH A ANPSIOOREFOR \ COUPLE TWO MORE HOURS) HUWPREP --THAT'5 PARA- / BUCKS IM YOUR JEANS IS MY IPEA OF PARAPISE. PISE.' UTOPIA 7-1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS Ky Men ill Blumser BIG BEN BOLT ^ohn Qtrftoi Mtffphy WMUMt WtTHOuT AUTMOIITY,,,' FRIDAY, JULY 1, I960 —, i .i.. "•"•" Space Traveler ALLEY OOP ^ 1 HOPE OSC^S ON \ WI90N THE BALL .TM BEGIN-1 SETTIN' ID MINIS TO FEEL WOOZY.' By V. T. Hamlin vr ,, .—.^. r^r ». _. -, _- rVlnflftl I T SJfV.'X DWNKER { HOR3C! I DON'T MAKING OUT? ) UKE ANY r " — -y—^ OF THIS rWF^ 23 ^ ^ tr^^Hvr: ^-XK TW> j«. RIVETS By George Slxta I CMAMGIMG .A-- 4 A PLAN OP WMAT04AVHE GARDEN I MADE FOR MY CONVENIENCE I CHAMGED LITTLB MOR (jQ^n^T 'WA/fr) Sri, Q«N ^ i f%> X > ^w«Mi«Nce^^Q T<li X v -\\ V llSSR^TTT^S^ /^< ^A^A \ fefc^^^!^^^(^ t y x d>o^ ^S/-' Ar-""'*' 1 ' 4 ^--^' \^-n N i #?&;-•£ /avA^j v n^ r ^w; THE BUKKYS By Carl (Jriibert PETE HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE THE VIRTUES OF A GOOD HOME LIFE ? A BOWL OF CANNED SOUP TASTES BETTER IN OUR KITCHEN THAN IT DOES IN A RESTAURANT/ ,\ simple inexpensive toy. This whimsical monkpy will amuse anil cliHini you A pel monkey -tots love it as n toy. teen-agers cherish It as H mascot. Arms, head, legs move. Pattern 934: transfer ol pallern pieces: face: directions. Seiul 35 cenls (coin*) for thlf. puttiTii—add S e-ent» for each pHltcrn for first clais mailing. Send to Alton Teleirraph, 06. : Necillerraft Dept., P.O. Box 161. Old ClielM'B Station. New York lit \. T. Print plainly Pattern .Number. Nume, and Address. NPU ! New: New! Our 1%0 LiHii-ii \Vheeler Needleeraft Book is ready NOW: Crammed with 'oxritinii. unusual, popular designs tu ci'ui-hci. knit. sew. embroider, quilt, weave- fashions, homo furnishinus. toys, gifts, lia/aai Mils. In the book FRK1. :; quill patterns Harry send J.'i cents for your copy Extra Allmclion PHINTKDI'V'HKKN 11} Mr. and Mrs. George Smith HENRY By Carl Anderson <SOOO BOV, SPOT! DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney r Junior Editors Quiz on— ANIMALS MELP/i'M > I DROWNIM6/ S HELP/ HUM?vVMEPfc'sYlM HIS ) FRECKLES? ^ RELIEF ! ^GOSM ITS ^ HARD TO MEEf HIM.' I'LL HAVE TO lay SOME THINS ELSE i HELP/I'M DVINS OF THIRST/ HELP/ True Life Adventures DEADLY DIVE GANNET pives UPON A ;£?•- MAJ7E — THOUSA.NPS i-IKE IT, SURPA.C1MI& WITH Hie PRIZE Ky Kduur \lartin BOOJ>» AM) HKH BIDDII _. L , f i TH1 MOUTW. BOTM PSW6M. QUESTION: Where does a zoo get enough ants tojeed an anteater? » •» • ANSWER: The mnteater ia an animal that «aU anti. But it itn't J«st one kind of animal, There are several different kinds of anteateri, Moat of the anteater family Uvei io Central and South America, but fee re are several other animals in th« world that eat ante. The best-known anteater is the giant anteater which is aim called the ant bear. It can get as big a* sewn feet long, including its long bushy tall, and weigh as much as 75 pound*. It has a long snout with a thin, sticky tongue. It olaws open an ant bill and then licks up the ants with its tongus. The giant anteater is the only one that lives well in captivity. However, when it lives in a zoo it doesn't eat ants. J. A. Davis, curator of the mammal department at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, cays it would be impossible to keep enough ants on band to fill up an anteater. Instead, be says, coos feed anteaters a mixture of milk, chopped bananas, chopped meat, raw egg and vitamins. ' • • » FOR YOU TO DO? On your next trip to the coo, look for the anteater. • * * (The $10 award for this question goes to Elisabeth Htghtower of Mount Pleasant, 8, C. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higglns, AP Newsfettures, ia care of this newspaper. V duplicate questions ere received, Mrs. Hlggins will obooie (be wiBMT J '* Read Telegraph Want Acis Daily 4 Two necklines to choose from — casual shirt style or sun-bared square! Make both versions of i this easy-sew princess in gaily [colored cottons —- island blue, I.sun gold, sea coral. Tomorrow's i'pattern: .Jr. Miss style. i Printed Pattern 4625: Misses' j Sixes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 lakes 4% yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send 35 cents tu coins (or this jMUterii-T-add 10 cents (or each pattern for first-clans mailing. Send tu Anne Adums, care of Alton Telegraph. 177. Pattern Dept., MS W. 17th St., New York II, N. V. Print plainly Name. ,' She, Style Number. LITTLE LIT Some peoplp cultivate a garden and others cultivate a neighbor' who has one. < uriwity I* FKNSACOLA/ Fla. it conipatthion, curloslLy or whatever -•- it wag costly foi ColU Rhodes. Police S|it. Harvey Jackson »ayt> lie was en route to an accident when Rhodes drove past in a reckless manner. But Jack- Kon couldn't give chase, Rhodes, however, also became Imerusttid In Uie accident He circled the block and drove io the wreck scene, where Jackson pi'uniptly arrested Jiiia. Hliodes wun fined $1UO and |co»lt> tor drunken driving.

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