Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1960
Page 11
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Section 2 Pages 1MB ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport Clarified Established January 15, 183« ALTON. ILL., FRIDAY, JULY 1, I960. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated 1960 County Fair Opens Tuesday at Jersey Racing, Ag Show,Night Events Set JEKSfcYV.ILLE - Jersey Counly Fair will open Tuesday for n six-day stand at the fairgrounds located north of here. Tht event will feature the usual; agriculture and domestic 'science! exhibits, plus four days of harness racing and six nights of special entertainment. Feature attraction of Tuesday night, opening day, will be a ( beauty pageant in which Miss Jersey County will be selected. The chosen girl will also be Miss Jersey County Fair. The reigning queen, Miss Sandra Critch- firld, will participate in the ceremony. Also scheduled to appear; is Miss Donna Sarginson of Me-1 dora. a student at Alton Resi-j flence Center of SIU. who is' Mibs Illinois County Fair. A tractor-pulling contest \s\ scheduled for 2 p.m. opening I day. Grand (lie Opry ' The Wednesday night feature < attraction will be an all-star, "Grand Ole Opry" unit, the Roy Acuff Show. Don Gibson and June Webb will be the featured singers. A pet show and youth j contests are also set for Wednesday. ; Harness racing is scheduled) to begin Thursday and will bej on the program daily through, Sunday. j A street parade in Jerseyvillej is scheduled for Thursday, start-, ing at 1 p.m. at First Presbyter-; ian Church and ending at the fairgrounds. This year the fair will honor, teachers who have taught 25 or more years in Jersey County schools and they will participate in the parade. Also in the parade will be candidates for Mis s Jersey County, the current Miss Jersey County. Miss Sandra Critchfield, and also Miss Sarginson, the current Miss Illinois County Fair. Governor to Appear Gov. William Stratton of Illinois is scheduled to lead the parade. The feature Friday night will be an ice and stage show, the "Frostie Follies." Saturday night Stan Wolowic and a Polka Band will tain. V VISITOR Donna SarginBon, Medora, Miss County-Fa^r of Illinois, \vho tviU participate in the beauty pageant which will be the opening night event at Jersey County Fair Tuesday. STUNT DRIVERS An automobile daredevil show is scheduled for the second night of'the Jersey County Fair, Wednesday, July 6. POLKA ORCHESTRA Saturday night, July 9, the feature of Jersey County Fair will be a polka QUEEN Sandra Critchfield, the present Miss Jersey County Fair, whose successor will be chosen at the fair next Tuesday night. ' ., , ; Pyatt, Dick Prison for Jail Break JERSEYVILLE — Vernon Py--th<>y were driving had been stol-; enter- att a "d Fred Eugene Dick were en by them. Federal officers i : sentenced in Circuit Court Mon- came to Jerseyville later to quiz Sunday night feature will be' dav morning for their participa- the two regarding the motor ve- the fair's sixth annual drum and'ti° n in ^ Memorial Day jail hide theft and flight with the bugle corps contest Participat-' Dreal{ ' n ^is city. ' stolen vehicle across state lines ing will be the Black Knights of Pyatt was given one 19 three >" violation of Federal laws. ; Belleville, the American Wood- years in the Illinois State peni- Upon ordere of the local sher-: man Cadets of St. Louis, the Mill- tentiary for aiding Fred Eugene iff's office, Omaha police arrest-j stadt Crusaders of Millstadt, ! Dick to escape from the Jersey ed Pyatt and he was brought East Alton Juniors of East Alton,!County jail. Dick was given from back to Jersey County later by the Jerseyville Corvets and the j one to five years in the peni- Sheriff Howard Perdun and De- Piasa Indian Baton Drill Team; tentiary on a charge of bur- PU'J -Sheriff Thomas Dean. Pyati orchestra, featuring Stan Wolowic and the "Polka Chips". Jersey Girl Hurt in Full From Tricycle JERSEYVILLE - Sandra Depper, 4 1 ;.. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Depper of Jerseyville, was treated at the Jersey Community Hospital Wednesday evening for a head injury. The child fell from her tricycle and hit her head inflicting a laceration of the scalp requiring sutures. She was released after treatment. Patrick G'Sell, 3. son of Mr. i SINGER Children* 9 Contests to Get Underway at 12:30 p.m. JERSEYVII.LE — , Contests and Minard Kanallakan. En during Children's Day at the:route home they visited with Jersey County Fair are sched- Mrs. Tensor's brother, Father uled to begin at 12:30 p.m. and Justin Schmieder at Eureke. all participants are to be at Mo. the track at that time. In Arvada, Colo., Mrs. Tonsor The following contests' are and Mrs. Schleper were guests of scheduled for bo.vs: Foot race, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gleason. The wheel barrow race, sack race, latter was formerly Miss Betty bicycle race. three legged ;Jean Garcelon of the Delhi area, race, back to back race, and Guests at Overy Home soft ball throw. JERSEYVILLE - Mr. and For girls, the events will be;Mrs. David Overy of Madison, the same except for lawn bowl- vv 's- arrived earlier this week ing instead of the softball *° visit with Mr. Overy's moth- throw. er ' Mrs - David H. Overy. Earlier this month Mr. Overy receiv- Home From Ua»tcrn Trip ed a master - s degree j^,, ^ JERSEYVILLE - M i s s .University of Wisconsin and is Barbara Schleper, Mrs. Joseph;now continuing work toward a Tonsor. Miss Bernice Wheaton,'doctorate. June Wpbb sinirer who • and Mrs A J Wneaton have ! Receives Tuition Award ivm annea• wlSf the Rov returned to theh homes from ^RSEYVILLE - Byron Dav- Annff ^h «« Tl ,fr«S«v i 3 4 ' 200 mile motor trip *"»«n|idson has received an award «S i?,u. •» .* «Ii iS the West. - ifor tuition for the fall winter and Mrs. Robert G'Sell, stepped, "ef fair 3 ' ' *"»- Schleper WaS °" v acation; a nd spring quarters of the I960- on a piece of glass while, play-! — - —— Jersey Couple ing at his home Wednesday! evening. The boy suffered a laceration of the left foot requir- 1 ing sutures. He returned home ftfterMtreatment a^ 'the * Jersey | Community Hospital. Pearl Rodeil. 70. of Fidelity, was treated at the Jersey Corn-: .... .. . . . .,„ .- mis. vaicilUJic najmi vi ut mumty Hospital about 12:4a p.m., M • , „ Carrjco of VVprinpsHav for inmries suffer- 1 ' . . . rollton, • |t from her nursing duties on the 161 school year as Southern Illi- j off ice of Dr. H. E. Wuestenfeld j nois University in Alton. 'and Miss Wheaton was on vaca-j The award'is given for high : tion from her work in the Jer- j scholastic standing. Davidson ! sey ASC office. ;\vho is attending summer school. While on the trip ialso received the awai-d for the visited with Mrs. phew, Father Tensor's ne- 1959-60 school term. He is a Maurice, a i sophomore at the University. His JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and.'Trappist monk at the Abbey of i parents are Mr. and Mi's. Rus- "jMrs. Valentine Kallal of Jersey-Our Lady of the Holy Trinity, j sell Davidson of Jerseyville Wednesday for injuries suffer-< viUe; Mrs Neil Carric ° ° f Cw.Huntsville, Utah . They spent < . ... *" ., 'rollton, and the women's father,'some time in Colorado Springs, ,ed in an automobile accident; of Hal . djn w|lliand D Sah Lflke a , and| near Pieldon on Rt. 16. Accord-;,_._..; ,, ,_.. ,_.. KI _... v ,. ,-,; :,.... ,, »,.__ 0 _ 1 . 1 ,| i ing to reports Rodell's car left u I the highway and hit the softj^ ."^ T y _. NV l U Qn j u , y!M T remained in Las shoulder. He suffered abrasions of the right lower leg, left hip J6 on the Augustus for Genoa, Vegas while Miss Wheaton and of Alton. ICE FOLLIES STAR Avey O'ConneU, native of Ottawa, Canada, one of the star performers who will appear with the Ice Follies at Jersey Count) Fair Friday night, July 8. and thigh, both knees a large; ... abrasion of the right shoulder ^ d | \vhileMr deep laceration of the right lit-i (Italy. They will spend several i weeks in lhat and surrounding Mrs. Wheaton went to Glenwood, Calif, to be guests of the latter's brothers, William, Tony Suffer Damage in Jersey Area JERSEYVILLE - Furt crop and general property damage in Jersey County was re. ;glary committed at the Fieldon admitted aiding Elledge and • Telephone Company the night Dick to escape from the county ' "" of May 19 and from one to three jail. He stated that he had been County Board of Supervisors will I brother years for escaping from the Jer- promised $35 by them if he would meet July 11 ^ ^ b ft tie fmger requiring sutures. ! and ^^.i^ Ml , md Mre . Vacation to East Leo Kallal and family of Uni- JERSEYVILLE — Mr. andjversity City, Mo. svill occupy Mrs. Herbert Wiseheart .have re- j their farm home near Jerseyville.! turned from a two weeks' vaca-i Mrs. Kallal is owner of the FREE Donuts and Caffo Every Sunday Morning E*Dl7l7 Prescription • If Kb Delivery ZIKE PHARMACY Dial CL 9-3363. Rosewood Hto. and sister-in-law. Mr instead of their and Mrs. Allen EdsalU of War- tion in the East. They spent one:Music Shop and School Supply .sey County jail while awaiting help them get out of jail after regular meeting date of the first ivn. Mich., left this week for a week in New York City while|in Jerseyville and during her; .hearing on the burglary charge, he had seived his county court Monday in July which falls on trip through the West. Mrs. Mr. Wiseheart was transacting ', absence Mrs. Mildred Butler will; Judge Sam Smith imposed the sentence. " July 4. Moses expects to return to Jer- business, and the last week vis-'be assisted in its operation by! sentences following the report of Elledge entered a plea of This svill be a reconvened ses- seyville about July 15. ited Eastern states and into Can- Miss Emma Breitweiser of Jer-: the court probation officer. guilty to an information chag- sion of the June meeting which The Michigan couple wore ada: Mrs. Wiseheart was on va- seyville. Pyatt and Dick recently waiv- inl< J ail '•• < *' a P e a »d was sentenc-:was continued until the July ses- guests at the Moses home here cation from her duties at the' ~; ; • ed indictment by grand jury and ed to serve one vear at Vandal- sion. before staining on the trip and State Bank of Jcrseyville and Tlie wmte and lavender bluej " pleaded gulty in the Circuit Court ia He is now serving time there. Leave for Western Trip before returning to their home Mr. Wiseheart from his employ- '-'olumbine is the Colorado state, JERSEYVILLb - ^urtner^ informatiom . fjled by Slate 's Supervisors Meet July II JERSEYVILLE - Mrs. Leroy this fall will visit in Montana ment with Carboline Co. of St. flower JERSEYVILLE — The Jersey Moses of Jerseyville and her with their son. LET'S HAVE A PARTY! ROLLER SKATE ICELAND, Inc. 2715 E. Ireadway For Information Cull HO 5-2528 > Special rates to church groups, Girl or Boy Scouts, Birthday Parties. Attorney Claude J. Davis at a corded early Thursday morning ««sion of the court two weeks in the wake of the second severe f*°: Their application for probation was referred to the coun- Louis. windstorm to sweep the area In a 24 hour period. Winds of from 60 to 75 miles per hour accompanied a two and five tenths inches of rain in the ty probation officer, Russell Roach, for investigation and report June 30. Dick and another prisoner. immediate vicinity of Jersey.'W s MiHlge were confined ville during the second 8toini g* J»unv juil Ijcre JJ^y 30 when * area soon after ^"I aided . " iera . , °, escawe which hit midnight. There was the more hail in the Pyatt entered • the jail basement and from the basement made Jerseyville vicinity during t h e storm of early Thursday morning than the one accompanying the stprm of the preceding night. Crop damage created by the storm Thursday morning was reported as,more severe than the first windstorm. Farmers reported considerable damage to the growing com by the Thursday morning blow. Elmer GUworth, who operates a farm northeast of Jerseyville reported that a lot of corn stalks were broken off by the wind. . . . ,. i his wa * to the 1>emv This he said was not so true of the largest corn as that was about a foot or 18 inches high. ing room by way of a basement stairway. He obtained the jail, keys from the place where they were kept and unlocked the cellblock outer doors to release Dick and Elledge. Pyatt had served a short jail sentence in the county jail and while there had made the acquaintance of Dick and Elledge. The three left the county jail yard in a car owned by Pyatt and went from here to Fieldon where they stopped for a brief time. They then Neb. continued on which t0 ( - >ma ' la ' Nel ' There Pyatt !wa> involved in an 'automobile accident which left his vehicle The hwvy rainfall delayed ,f. total * re1tfk - In Omalia ' tlle again the sorting of wheat har-1 th £!,_ ^ d ™^»»:. vest and many wheat fields were again twisted and tangled by the wind. In southern Jersey County, reports indicated Thursday morning that the greatest wind damage was in that area. Much damage was dpne to. many of the club houses in the vicinity of the Piasa Creek. Farm outbuildings in many parts of the county 'Sustained damage during the Thursday murning storm A Martha Washington chair ib mahogany, hat. a high, flat hack with uplv>lBti>rf»d srat. Dick and Elledge were next contacted in Calhoun County where they were spotted in a red 1960 Chevrolet pickup truuk. Pursuit of the pair began in Hardln with Calhoun officers on the tj-ail. Police radio service brought other officers into thji chase, und EUedje ajtd Dick were arrested here by Chief of Police H. H. Biackorby Jr. in outbuildings on the premise* of the residence of Mifw Muyme Rued. They hud fled there after abandoning tlie truck at a repair shop near the western city lin> iU_with police in pursuit. . i two admitted that the Wick' If Your Home Has Suffered Storm Damage, See Us for The Best in Repair Materials. Fix Up Those Doubtful Spots Now... Avoid Damage - in the Future! For Qopd Lumber Call This Numbtr - HO 9-7701 • LUMBER • PANELING • MOULDINGS • FLOORING • ROOFING • HARDWARE • ACCESSORIES • HAND TOOLS • POWER TOOLS • LAWN AIDS • GARDEN TOOLS • PAINTS • PAINT SUPPLIES • TERMITE CONTROL • ELECTRICAL FIXTURES • ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES • PLUMftING NEEDS TtUh of tt ieutiou ol Piuta Clwutttumia iboui a pauaiiniib \tew ol the biuff couutn and w§o tt five picture pi Uu» oW UoteJ, ' An ' . . tt,« t dwrryili!rfw ubkt»rvaui>t> Saturday, Sunday and Mou- f, of itn 75tb ajiuhenary. TUe pboto U the | of Joi' \t<i«iaud, rekort office inauager aud FISCHER BUILOWQ SUPPLY Otrten M. at

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