Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1960 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 1, 1960
Page 3
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HUDAY, JULY 1, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sunday Services Are Announced For Carrollton CARROLLTON - The Rev. Daf- win Rolens will sppak and conduct thf rommtinlon srrviee at the 0 a.m. service Sunday at First Baptist Church. The- Junior High BYF will meet Sunday at 6:30 p.m. The deacons will meet Monday evening and trustees will meet Tuesday evening. The quarterly business rm'PtinR of the church will be Wednesday pvnning in the form of a potluck supper at 6:30 p.m. The chancel commit tee will meet Thursday and thr constitution Committee will meet Friday evening. July 8. "Communion and Friendship" is the theme of thr sermon of the Rev. Percy Clark for the 10:45 a.m. service Sunday in the Presbyterian Church which will be followed by a communion service. There will be hymns and prayers for the nation in commemoration of Independence Day The Rev. Robert Pitsch will speak at the 10 a.m. service Sunday in the Methodist Church. The Senior MYK will mr-et Sunday evening in the church. The Rev. Darwin Rolens, pastor of First Baptist Church in Carrollton, will be Kuost minister at the Baptisl Church in Kldred Sunday at 10:.10 a.m. The BYF will meet at 6 p.m. and there will be. Democrats Plan Rainey 'Day' at Greene Fair CARROLLTON — The memory Henry T. Rainey 01 who rosr tn the posi- of the iMt Carrollton. tion of Speaker of the House of Representatives of thr United States, and who died in August 34. after years of service to his country, will be honored at a Democratic dinner at the Carrollton Fairgrounds Saturday. Aug. 20. The dinner is being held in observance of the 100th birthday of the late speaker and is being sponsored by the Greene County Democratic Central committee. The dinner Will be server! al 4 p.m. Linn. Mrs George Green and Mrs Madelyn Dickey went to Springfield Thursday to accom- Shlpman I Greenfield * firemen - Airman Dies .*. Wednesday nifchts. There WHS *. -. „ | heavy tree and roof damage and I l|| lf*t f f*ft4}ll flooding of basement* The poroh was blown from the Men- iettie groi-ery Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest la. Mo., this week to sec- son Gerald. The young man is pany Miss Mary Rlva Linn. «-ho|i_ auKr ,|j n anf j sons we ,. e jn Rl) |. !<• returning to "her work in th" state department after an illness of several months. Mrs. Truman Wolfley and daughters. Miss Martha Wolfley and Mrs. John Clark, and children will leave Sunday for Sandusky. Ohio. They expert to 20 on to Niagara Falls before re turning home Thursday. Ho-pltal CARROLLTON Admitted to T of GRKENFIELD The bodies «fi Alton firemen received thwi SKI. Robert P. Costello. 90, „,])., Thursday. The first «fl *«• rireenfield, and killed in at 9:20 a.m. to Mclrnerrtey Lawton streets where wires A litrgr number of Democratic j Boyd Mrmorial Hospital Tuesday were Leonard Shain of .Ter- four otter a flaming firsh of a .let tanker ncai" repO rtpd down. After calMflg UtV Newry. Maine, were recovered jon E]pctr i c , firemen stayed until Httending an S-weeks" traininf?f Tliesda . v h V "" Air Force res- the electric company crew arrived. school in science at the RO)]B! CIIP te8m NO. 3 company reported no flre School of Mines, fierald will be' The four engine, turbo-prop damage a senior at Southwestern High:plane apparently exploded in the N O 4 company made the second School in the fall. jair as it attempted a refueling c( ,n to Seminary St. Mrs. Lyle Duncan and R. K.j" ntart " ifh a B47 Bomber Mon- vvjrps wpre a)so reported on the Cummings were in Peoria from!* 18 ? ni * ht and crashed on thp ground. No fire damage was re- Smith Moun- lportpd and Unjon E |ectric was tagain called. of Sunday until Wednesday they were called by the death;' 8 ' 11 of their aunt. Mrs. Reta Cum- ! Costello, son of Mr. and Mrs. third call was received at mings seyville and Robert Lee Mrs. John Johnson is a pa-jP Mne ' s boorn operator. WATERY GRAVE This is the watery grave of the the cooling system which caused the Sinclair Oil Tanker SS George Mac- engine room to flood. Capsized lifeboat Donald, which sank in the Atlantic 50 can be seen at left of the tanker's bow miles off Charleston, S.C., while being shown sticking out of the deep water, towed to port following a rupture in (NEA Photo) officials will be present. In the group will !>e Paul H. Douglas, J.S. Senator; Samuel Shapiro, candidate for lieutenant governor; Wil-j Wendell Handling of Greenfield i treatment for an arm injury re™ Raymond P. Costello. was the i 0 :50 p.m. No. 4 and Milton corn- ol jtient at St. Joseph's Hospital in. His mother and mother-in-law. Chesterfield. Mr. and Mrs.| A ,, on wne ,. e she is receiving panies went to the Leiimbach Auto Service. 317 Marsh Ave., where Mrs. Julia Grinkey of Rood.j| igntninK nat | followed the power bruise, left for New York Tues-|| jnPS into ftl e side of the house. the storm «** to hrin * **& his family Thf> only damage was to the side land body. of thp wal , where )t was scorch- i In addition to his parents, heipj JCs to Sponsor Hardin Busy Hardin Unit Bees to Have Bake Sale CARLLNVILLi; One of Carlinville's summer highlights, the Fourth of Julv celebration at Of Mrs. H finks liam Clark, candidate foi attorney; are the parents of a daughter r . pjvnf j on g | ass general, anri Michael J. Hewlett, born Wednesday an') Miss Gus-!\Vednesday night. candidate for auditor of public ac-J sic Richards of Kane was ad- counts. Present from the 20th dis-imitted to the hospital Wednes-j Jf , sper is an i mpure variety!'" survived by his wife. Mary;j '„ —— trict will be Montgomery B. Car- day. : o( quartz. It comes in manv; lhree daughters, Christy June, j and Jerry Lee, CharlW and rott. candidate for United States Dismissed Tuesday were MIS. icolors . somc W ith varied stripes. 1 Mar - v Pau'ette and Karen: seven Randy, all at home; two SW- representative and State Senator : Dorothy Overby and daughter; ._ 'brcthers. Phillip. Richard anri.ters. Mrs. Carl Cope of Car- James O. Monroe. 'of Medora and Mrs. Janet Moi-!and Mrs. Richard Proffer and \Vuyne. all serving with tlv> linville and Mrs. Marlene Men- Kurthf-r information concerning row and son of Roodhouse. Dis- children of \ av y. Larry, with the Armw. eley of Wertheim. Germany, the celebration will be announced missed Wednesday were Emory jjgjjjjjjji as plans are completed. Roy Wil-1 Reif and Miss Jennie Davidson, liams Is chairman of the Greene'both of White Hall: Mrs. DeMte Montgomery of Venice: Mrs. LuHlie Scoggins and daughter "f Carrollton: Kmmett Bennett of Greenfield, and Mrs. Belly County Democratic Central committee and is in charge of plans- for the observance. Rural Youth Meeting HARDIN — Three members of CARROLLTON — Greeni Countv Smitn anrt son of Rockbridge. HAHniX Plans for a hake Ulf ' Hardin Busy Bpps 4 ' H Club; Rural Youth will sponsor a lemon-' ^wi"™^**!? Roll sale on Saturday. July 9. at appeared on the program of the : ado stand at the Green County 1^ selecle ' d as one of six dele . no Sunday evening service. U.ake Carlin\-ille. will begin at The Rev. Elner Grafft will 11 a.m. Monday and last all speak at 10:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. I day and evening. ;."" "•'——••".'.—•.• - - • " ..Fair whir-h nnpn* lulv 11 ar.-nrd wa " Sunday in Ml. Gilead Baptist' This will be the fourth of Co! ''"' ''™' '^^ to the 41st National ... ( . „ . j . ([) | s , ..... ; . made bv the Hardin Busv Bees mtvhi ut ihn hnm« *t \i** D^.,1 D ing to puns made M ean< sod.v eve-,= Church. type of celebration spon- *« will lead the prayer service Wed-' by the .lunior Chamber nesday evening. The youth of the^'f Commerce. church will meet Sunday at 7;30 The main feature will he the p.m. Witter carnival, featuring the The Rev. Oaf ft \\ill also speak! professional Ski-Pals of Alum. at the services at 9 a.m. and 7:30 a' 1 " among their added attrac. p.m. ,n the Berdan Baptist Church. t,ons this year «JII be the!, dar- demonstra- Youth Fellowship will meet at 6:30:''*' Hying Kite Skier, and their * n _ „ _, 'jumping boat act. furnishing .,,.__,._ American Legion Convention to w « 1 ' 1 '' 1 8"ests of the unit which spon-, rollton City Park. The committee be held at Miami Oct. 15 to '20. He was p.m. Rosewood Hgts. Nazarene WMS Elects Officers p'r-nly of thrills and spills for Ihe spectators enjoyment. The fireworks in the evening promises to be one of the most spectacular that has over been displayed on this occasion The program will get under- uay at 11 a.m. with boat rides day afternoon m the Farm Bi it-au Buildine. The sale Wi start HI 1 :3f) p.m. • sors the 4-H group, Foods demon- \ in charge of planning for the stand Thirteen members and onr slrations were given by Mai-y El-1 is composed of Miss Peggy Sch- uuest Ruth Ann Smith, attend- 'en Duct-y. Marilyn Devening and'nelt. Arthur Ha Mock and Miss Ja- rrd the meeting, at which the Jannt Leeds. net Guthrie. Another special guest at the ; Closed for July 4 Patty Hanks, meeting was Mrs. Merle Inman of CARROLLTON — Greene County » talk on marking cloth: Cathy Batchtown. vice chairman of the! Courthouse, the Carrollton Bank Campbell, a demonstration on Calhoun County Home Bureau and [ and the Green County National shrinking rloth: Bonnie Scha- county crafts chairman, who pre-jBank. as well as most of the busi-!'' lg _ . berg, a demonstration on choc- sented a demonstration on glass;ness houses, will be closed Mon- j eac lg olate milk: and Carol Carmody. etching. The major lesson. "Care I day. July 4. a talk on methods of cooking of Small Electrical Equipment." I To Serve as Counsellors meat. was given by Mrs. Arthur Clark' CARROLLTON — The Rev. and It was decided to have the and Mrs. Hanks, and the- minor Mrs. Percy Clark will servo as by delegates to the district American Legion Convention June '-'6 in Oration Roll is a past commander of the Carroll- ion American Legion Post 114 and also a past Greene County commander. He is a former resident of Miami Beach, hav- at the Miami o-er he" lake" and"»hrPraTric " luh achievement night on Mon- lesson. "Toppings for Ice Cream," : counsellors a. Church Camp at Kni-ms tram ride There will aa >- •"">' 18 ' at ' P- m - »' thf? was presented by Mrs. L. V. Kin- i Marquet.e Park from Sunday. Jube swimming a. the beach all Farm BlireHU Buildln S Counl >' «r. ly 3. until the following Saturday, 1928. \ Other delegates to the na- ilionat convention aie Glenn Skinner, Lloyd Slagel and E. Brennari of Jacksonville and Frank Webb of Mason City. off, " ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS-Mrs , . ,, ... bo swimming ai inr ot-acn an • — •• ••• ••• - •••• •«••«•••••» m..^.«u. T , r< \oara i TIW v o «• Lee Suhlmg was re-elected r( , cmoon pv . , durjn(? , ne pe . a.-hievement has been set for ne mepting was c . ond ucted by, July 9. The Rev. Clark is pastor tARK .y L . L , ~ , S pres.dent of the Missionary So- ; p s|ci . show whjch wj|| Wednesday. July 20. in the Har- Mr ,. Ray H. Johnson Jr.. who also I of Carrollton Presbyterian Church. ^' S "** vf' I eri.fn Post t..ko nla.o at 4 pm riin s.-hool gymnasium, served as assistant hostess. A safe- Carrollton Xotes '* of Amencan Legion Post ' ' flub mpmhorv u 1v> wil ni\p .1 ,. r-AonrM i T/-^M -,. i 114 \Vednesdav evening in the There uill be c onces.-ions on elu mf>mr)pr? - utl ° "" B' X|? ty lesson was given by Mrs. Jim CARROLLTON Mr. and ciety of the Church of the Nazarene at the Wednesday evening meeting. Mrs. Orville Bierbaum was elected vice president: Mrs. J 0. Dively. secretary and publicity chairman; Mrs. Gerald Van Tine, treasurer; Mrs. James Walker, study leader; Mrs. Mary Steed, prayer and; fasting secretary; Mrs. Dwight R a d c 1 i f f . membership secretary; Lee Suhling, box work and reading secretary. Installation will be held following the opening of the new assembly year Aug. 1. Mrs. Van Tine was selected ^ Hl ' d delegate to the District Assem bly at Springfield in July. Hi,, grounds and the beach area talks • ln(J Demonstrations at the and reports of various Mrs. George Daniels went in \\ill take on that special car- nf ' Nl mpplln s of lhe group, or. standjng com mittee.s were heard. Jerseyville Thursday evening to nival ltt,k. *.nd there will be en- w ^nesday. July fa. are Mary Two npu . members> Mrs _ G ene. visit Legion hall. James Tuey commander. The Post has tertainrnent for all. There will he no admission charge and the only proceeds Fllen Dui-ey. Janet Leeds. Carol Carmody. Marilyn Devening. Janet Aderton and Babs Eberlin Becker and Mrs. Dan K. Thomas, were taken into the unit, and oth-j Mrs. E;dith Holt, who is ill at Jerseyville Hos- giv<>n is a membership of 188. which has it a rating of 100 per cent in membership. The Greene ,, .-, „ M r ..„.) YI,,.. p tt Dr-ii ,._j County Legion also has a mem- cr guests were Mrs. Porter Camp- ( - Mr - dnd AIls> - K - ". KolJ and ,,.,.. bell and Mrs. Dewain Devening. '• fal ^'y went to Carbondale Sat- bership.rating of 1001 per cent. 4-H members who attended the urda y where they were joined; CAR " O " L0 LTON "Jr. and Proffer and six of St. Joseph. Mo., derived by the Jaycee.s will be from the concessions and the Bund Practice sble of attendance awards tick- HARDIN The first practice meeting, in addition to those al- by tneir daughter. Miss Shirley rts. session of the Tnit 40 High ready mentioned were C a t h y Rae ' in a week end visit in Eldo- i • ™ s • Schow! band summer program Campbell. Vickie and Mama John- rado with Mrs - Roll ' s mother. Ichlldren Mrs. Mabel Watson. Miss Shir- iwere s uf>sls of honor at a fam ' Proffer's parents. Mr. and '' s - Frank Proffer. Other uests were Mr. and Mrs. Adam club Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne SHOULD YOUR TELEGRAPH CARRIER FORGET YOU... Brannan. Mrs. K. L. Imus. Mrs. T. H. of Roodhouse; and Mrs. L. D. Britton daughter, of Collinsville; Mr. and Mr. Marriage Licensee CARLINVILLK -Marriage li- look place in the band room at son. Babs Eberlin and Pattv .... , . , . e.-nses were issued in the office Hardin last night. The band. H anks. lev Rae Ro " is a senior rtt lly d " lner bunda >' al the home cf Macoupin County Clerk Ed- under the direction of Dan K. T he business session included a Southern Illinois University at of Protfer's parents. Young to Donald Lee Thomas, will practice each discussion of the apple butter Ca^ndale. M.-iyerhofer. ^'0. Brighton, and Tuesda\ and Thursday through- w hwb the unit will make to sell at : Mrs ' John Clf " k entertain(: ' ri Rosemaiy Fru-ker. 19. Medora; out the summer. Today the , hp A , p Kes(jva | and Fai ,. in , Robert J. Kilduff. 24. Staunton. group performed in White Hall. Ha ,. djn on Ubol . Dav ueekend Thursday evening at her home. Weber and children and Mr. and Leona Kay Bird, 17. Wor- and on July 7 the band «iU-The fair will be at an "earlier date : She was assisted by Mrs ' Rob-'and Mrs. Finley Proffer and den. mar, h in the Jersey County , han jn fopmpl . ypa| . s and {hp ap ; ert Reynolds and Mrs. RichaU children. Plead* fiullty Fair parade. p|p bul)p( . vvhj( ./, fhp m Homp CARMNVILLK Harold Brit- Summer band pra.-ti.-e for tho Bu ,. pau olwinization SP ,| S ea( . h rnstein. 17 of Palmyra, one I'nit 10 K rade s.-hool band will ypaj . fl( ;hp fajr wj)| nec( , ssan] of three who escaped from Ma- start next week. . bp madp jn Augus( Tupsday coupin County jail several weeks Hltrvey Wade Die* l]lghrs mf>etjng of the un)( was ago. entered a plea of guilty HARDIN Relatives here thp , as , businpss ;pgsjon unti , lhr t«, burglary and larceny be- h Bve been informed of the death end of s eptpml)ei . fi-re Judge Clem Smith in Ma- 0 | Har\ey Wade al Fulton. Fu- ' n ardin 'x o fa cr-upin County Circuit Court. He ner!1 | services will be conducted. HARDM _ H ' Fjed , er who had previously pleaded innocent Saturday at '2 p.m. in Florence. | ws ^ n to the charge. Following hisnj] \\-here burial will also take, change of plea he asked for pro-, p| ai . e \\'ade was an uncle of bation and Sheriff Russell. Mrs. William Surgeon Jr. and Mrs. Jake Harmon of Hardin. Boosters on Top THANK YOU! OUR THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE OUR GRAND OPENING A BIG SUCCESS PRIZE WINNERS ELECTRIC CAN OPENER ELECTRIC SKILLET NANCY STAFFER, 514 Charles, Carllnville FLY ROD-REEL-LINE W. S. MEYERS, 845 McKinley, Alton ELECTRIC CLOCK L. B. WOODS, Rt. 1, Godfrey PINKING SHEARS ELDEX I,. SCHMIDT, 6 Burndell Acres, Godfrey NYLON BRUSHES -SHIRLEY DUVALL, 8 Ramona PI., Godfrey THOMAS C. JL'N, JR., 1008 McKinley, Alton HOMER HEFLEY, 635 \VanhiiiKton, Alton MEDICINE CABINET WILMA EIJ5, 3324 Belle, Alton ELECTRIC FIXTURES CLYDE DEHNER, 4032 Alby, Alton VERTAQREEN NORBERT S. ECKHOLSE, 250 State, Alton MRS. JOHV McKINNEY, 828 Danforth, Alton ELECTRIC DRILL NORMAN HAMILTON Rt. 1, Bethalto MIRROR J. H. STEWART, 19 Frontenac, Godfrey PICNIC CHEST GARY SAUNDERS, 1315 Highland, Alton TOILET SEATS DELBY DARK, Elsah, III. MRS. FRED MILLER, 511 Rozier, Alton PAINT CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! PAUL, BECHTOLD, Dow, III. JAMES BERRY, 1010 W. 9th, Alton MRS. H. F. HACK, 3230 Hawthorne, Alton MRS. JRAY FOSTER, 30S1 Godfrey Road SEE US FOR FINEST QUALITY HARDWARE AND ELECTRICAL ITEMS! ST. PETERS' ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE 2502 STATE ST. PHONE HO 5-8931 patient at St. i turned to his home in Hardin Wed- 9 TO 9 Save Over 30% !. PHONE FOR DELIVERY DIAL HO 5-6641 BEFORE 6 P.M. DAILY 8 P.M. SATURDAY e CIRCULATION DEPT. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Open Man.. Frl. Till t p.m. SPECIAL SALE OF Ladle*' Wedgies Nationally Advertised 12.95 uelli-m. Sizes 4 to 12 AAAA to K %A AC width* *ri99 ni MI :n\ SIMM SlOltl S Report Nepalese nesday afternoon. Joe Snider of Hardin was taken | b> ambulance to Jersey Community Hospital early Thursday morn. ty Boosters. Khoury league j. {mm Baseball team of the Calhoun i Jersey League, are in first place in the juvenile division, ages 13. 114 and 15. Their record is 4 and 0 in league play, and 7 and 0 in Flpeillfi to South overall season play. They have. non-league victories over Kast KATMANDU. Nepal (AP) — Pike. Pittsfield and Hannibal, i Some Nepalese today were re,Mo. j ported fleeing fearfully to the - — 'south from the border area where; 'Brown is to investigate and re- the Nepal government says Chi- 'pi.rt back to court on July 11. ^nese Communist troops killed an "jarmy officer last week and kid- Jnaped 17 persons. i | Prime Minister B. P. Koirala iand Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lai had agreed to demilitarize! l a 12 l u-mile-wide zone on each side 'of the border. But Red China ear- ilier this week informed Nepal it had sent troops into the zone bei cause of the rebirth of rebellion ; in Tibet. Cool Colorful SHORT SETS sets CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE ON DAVID BRADLEY CHAIN LINK FENCE MCH MM« N* M«My •»«•< I PHONI Sears and Co. Alton SODA $109 Cast 1 plui depovit With Gat Puichatt GOLDEN RULE •OOKIY, ILL Mite North tf M l«ilt 47 each set regularly 1.89 !K» II till! g, Hurfy! Thfcj.e colorful sefs will be swept kW riyht off our mckt, ul this tiny take-two |p piicu! Here';* firu,- quality plus *B?wl«P''i! ^il-ia-jhion HI t ,«- newest son colors,.. , ' ?t sffiii'Ti**'^ '' ^M|l||> fabulously low priced! Be early for •^iHfel' bc * if vvlectioril 10 to 18. pjte HtKfS WHY PRlCli AKf lmm?ii& tow AT KOBIBI HAU. • CHECKED COTTON GINGHAMS! • GAY PRINTED COTTONS! %;)!« »> f >V(i m No torn'y hnlu»t,»! Vl*lt tli0 Nt*u Robi-rt Hull evt«V MIQMt Plenty of free . U|it>n Uuily u AM. to 8 P.M. 2821 Oid(f«y Rd. (BL JT). )yit urili of M«ir A»i.. it Ito Mw.MHlM *

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