Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 1, 1960
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 1, Downey Trial Set Sept. 26 gWUNGFTELD. Til Dlst Judge OniPT Poos today set Sfcf,t. 26 for the income tax evasion trial of William W Downey. former aide to Ctov William G. j Strntton ; At the same timr. Judge Poos > denied a petition by Downey's at-j torney that federal prosecutors he ordered to supply moi-r informa- th'n on thr tax charges. '• Downey has pleaded innocent to an indictment charging he evaded taxes of $35.407 on J77.607 alleged iinreported income for 1953-56. U.S. Atty. Harlington Wood Jr. had resisted the defense motion for a Mil of particulars, contending that Downey's attorney wanted the prosecution to lay out its case in advance. Downey's lawyer James Martin. had argued that without more infotrnation on the government's case he could not properly prepare for trial. WASHINGTON — Gov. Nelson ery. The governor urged steps be tak* In rejecting Martin's request for Rockefeller of New York, poses today en for reorganization of the Federal the bill of particulars. Judge Poos with Sen. Henry Jackson (D-Wash), Government so that "able men can per- said the government "has volun- right, and Sen. Jacob Javits (R-NY) form the great deeds demanded by the tarily disclosed its theories and: before testifying before a Senate Sub- challenges of our times." (AP Wire- the general character of the proof j committee on National Policy Machhi- photo) it expects to rely upon to sustain; the charges in the indictment." "Under the law. in cases of this type, the government is not re- Cfuired to disclose in advance of trial its evidence, of the names of 1 its witnesses," Poos said. Martin had maintained that regional counsel of the Internal Rev- , enue Service told Downey the; URGES REVAMPING OF GOVERNMENT Traffic Toll Jury Finds Death of Of 370 Is Mrs. Narup Accidental Somalia Becomes Free Nation MOGADISCIO. Somalia (API — Impoverished Somalia today celebrated with a million-dollar party; on becoming the 13th African na- j ffon to gain independence since; i World War II. ; Tribesmen danced and sang in the streets of this dusty old port! city in a splurge that cost the' equivalent of the terriory's an-j mini trade deficit. Italians, who for 91 years have administered the costal strip ex-; tending from thr bulge of East; i Africa to the Kenya border, joined ' in saluting the new nation.j Rome's representatives signed i agreements with the new govern-: merit promising economic, teehni-' cal and cultural aid. | Italian Somallland and neigh- j j boring British Somaliland on the i j north, which became independent; I Sunday, immediately merged into| i a republic in the first step to- i ward a goal of uniting all 2 ] / 2 mil-' | lion Somali tribesmen in East Ati rica. About 1.800,000 live in the new ! republic. But Somali'loaders hope • eventually to embrace the others ! who live in neighboring Ethiopia. '• Krcrch Somaliland and Kenya. | Grave' economic problems face the new republic. The native lead- once the celebrations are Illinois Driver Training Classes Uiider Fire BV LAHRY fcttAMP Eligible students are those over SPRINGFIELD, Bl. (AP) - mi.j» w noisstateschool officials, the envy «y of other states because of a financially fat driver education program, stand ready to defend the least fi hours of voluntary practice driving. For each A school may receive up to $30. mi CM i i, oi'»»i»* i \,«»v«j «.v» UVB.» V — . program expected attacks; Hunter figures the driver train- at nmT1 p ,ing program will develop in this The criticism la that Illinois j way to cut Into the surplus: stacks up more money than It can in the first two ye»™i spend on the program. The money volunteered 21.309. then 32,165 nu comes to the driver education p n fi for subsidy. This yew about fund from driver license fees at 1150.000 are expected to be sub the rnte of $2 out of every <3-iBidlzeti Since 1957-68 this has amounted At the same rate of progression, to about $3.200.000 a year. So far,i n bout 66,000 pupils will be par- the biggest annual outlay for re-ijidpating next year and 90,000 or imbursement has been a million j mo re by 1962. dollars. This year It will reach ; if 00,000 volunteers take part in aboul two million. ; 1963, they would use up the entire . Next year a balance of nearly • yearly income. Any increases six million dollars Is expected to thereafter would begin to cut Into be left In the fund. Critics have sur plus. found fault with this excess in-j Hunter thinks these are reason- come. Some would use It to further! able figures because they fall far subsidize*participants in the pro-!below tn(1 number of eligible stu- gram. Others would reduce the dents reaching driving age and br- fees. pause Chicago particlpation-Mieai Dr. O. N. Hunter, In charge of,| y nil up to now—has begun. Aboul j driver education for the sit a t e om? third of the eligible driver odu- | school superintendent, defends the ( . n tion students are in Chicago. i surplus and the income rate. Contrary to critics who think the In five years, he estimates, the program overfunded. other sup state will begin to cut into the porters contend the program needs i surplus because students eligible reinforcement, perhaps with legi* for reimbursement will increase i a (jon to make practice driving MISS PENNSYLVANIA PHILADELPHIA — E^hlcon - yrar - old government figured his alleged j Forecast Itetsv 'I UIIUV VIIV! \»CICtJl CHIVSII£9 Ml t • .»»»•.•• ffm~f «.*«-». — —.—- -— —-^«,- ^, _ __ ^ _ ( __ MM^. V.KJJ over, must seek a foreign source Reeves, Newtown, Bucks County, Pa., poses with for funds to balance the budget, flowers and her trophy after she was named Miss Italy, administering Italian So- Pennsylvania In the Miss Universe competition in mallland as a United Nations Philadelphia Thursday night. She will eo on to "More caution should be taken mess stand, said his attorney ad- trust territory since 1950, has met Miami to compete for the Miss USA title in the by emergency vehicles when ap-ivised him not to make any state-ithe deficit for that part of the world-wide contest. (AP Wirephoto) proaching a boulevard stop,;ment at that time. |new republic. The British have SS^Srl ^orTthaT S.ono' CHICAGO (API - Americans especially when the red light isj Billings had asked Narup. ear- done the same in their protector- , • SarSo* Slue theTndSent iid the-'7; Ioilded their cars with resort garb .against the driver." a coroner's; Her. if he knew where the fire ate, which they have governed LM81 Ol aCTWS Ui was $77.607. Judge Poos ruled this point aih'd gear, hitched on their boat : .iury said Thursday. ! truck was now, and Narup re- and headed onto the "'8"' The jury appended this state-JP»«* " e thought it had; been not provide sufficient cause for! wavs toda y for the lo "g Jul - v 4'ment to a verdict of accident in I taken to FreebUrg, 111. The cor- furnishing a hill of particulars, weekend. ithe death of Mrs. Ralph Narup j oner asked Whitten if he knew He said the law requires the This was the second of three -June 25 in the collision of an au-l where he ,re truck was. Wmt- manyfold by then. Burdick Is Victor In Dakota since 1887. compulsory in school M«M, Dog Spend Night In Jail Both man and dog spent the night in jail as the aftermath nl a traffic crash of Thursday evp- requires government to prove "a substantial difference in amount above the reported income and is not bound by the precise amount alleged in the indictment." The indictment, returned March 11, charged Downey should have reported income of $144.074 during Samrday-Sunday-Monday holidays! tomobile and a Godfrey of the tourist season. Memorial: truck at Delmar avenue Day weekend was the first, Labor State street. Sixty-eight countries sent delegations to Mogadiscio for the in-| dependence celebrations. Both lhe| Western and Communist blocs j fj re iten declined to answer the ques- j saluted the birth of Africa's sec- : anc j!tion. ;ond new nation within 24 hours. Billings said: "I am disap-jThe former Belgian Congo gained Muscovites Are Proud i Of Change Since Stalin Day will be the last. Danger lurked for travelers in woman deliberated about 10 the 73 million cars that are ex- minutes. The inquest, at City pected to be on the road some-'Hall, was conducted by Dr. W. The jury of five men and one P°; nted uthal . ' wa *, not notified;its independence Thursday. J j_,.u .„.! .!.„.,. in : before the fire truck was taken away or before photographs could have been taken." time during the holiday ; W. Billings, coroner of Madison Heard Siren the 1953-56 period but actually re-} The National Safety Council:County, and his deputy, Thomas Fischbeck testified he heard the ported $66,476 and that he paid said accidents during the Inde-iJ- Burke. siren of the fire truck for "aboutj pendence Day weekend could take' The text of the verdict: * minute before the crash. Hei a toll of 370 traffic deaths, or 60! "We the jury find that Mrs. also said he saw the red light; more than would be counted on a Ethel Narup came to her death on top of the fire truck. ; • ?• i « j * *i. fwtYVi iniiirMQc t*APfll\/pH whpn I * «U1 1\. DOll. COnSlLuCllOil C(JiTi~ ; nonhohday weekend of the same!"™ 11 injuries received wnen . _ i the car in which she was riding, P an y owner, who was driving, 1 $16,087 in taxes and should have paid $51,594. Soviets Get Tart Reply length. The estimate covered the period of 78 hours from 6 p. m. today to driven by Ralph Narup, was struck by a Godfrey fire truck, behind Narup, said: "I didn't j hear the siren until the fire July Starts With Rain, Wind, Hail FARGO (API — A happy Rep. Quentin N. Burdick (D-NDi today ' proclaimed himself a winner in' 01 ^,,,'/^ tlla , whevn Irvm two campaigns . ^ ;|s He said results from all but «hree precincts in Tuesday ype-. * cm U. S. Senate election in North ...,.„ . . , .. ' . ,. „, . 'shortly after 9 p.m. he had with By WILLIAM L. RYAN ting with Americans, casually p<™ ota - Riving him a-an vot % im fhe pup wnioll he was al)1( . Associated Frew New* Analyst p.sked for empty American dg. I lead, are conclusive, im elect-; ( . Q rltrry jn thp fwckef ()f h(s arette packages. Particularly.i™- ne m ™- | sn jrt. Davis was permitted to she wanted a package bearing' And he happily announced In! . „,„ s M ., , the name of the cigarettes j Wmihington thathe plans to marry ^ ^ ^ earanM , lodBV ,, M . The yo-ung Muscovite waits 6moked bv Francifi Gary Pow-1 Jocelyn Birch Peterson in Fargo wgg re|cafit , d (o g ' anxiously for the reply. H«, e| . s> tne captured plto t. A pie-i Thursday. ; of Day , s wno r , am( , to .seems fiercely proud of the lure of fhe package had appear-i The 52-year-old Democrat drew hea( ^ uarters for Jt changes. > ed in the Soviet press as one ol| standing cheers from his House j Davls acordinB , 0 poj , ce ( records, pleaded guilty both charges. He was fined $50 "You were here seven years o Do you notice changes " „,.„ House ! One of the most striking Is Powers' effects. ! colleagues when he stepped intO ithe apparent absence of the oldj " Thp boys ca i] them 'razyved- ff e . ° U8e c ']f m ° er * y ' " ifear, of the dread of nearby in-; cn ik (intelligence agent) cig- ! formers, of the suspicious shun-i nre ttes and consider the pack, u „, luuav i« - -- •> By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ! n ing of foreigners - feelings! age quite valuable." she said. Julv 4 For driven by William Whitten, oni^uck and the Narup auto eol-i Showers and thunderstorms! fha , preval i ed be fore St.alln Such goings on would have oses The'Asso I'Tune 25,' at 2:23 p.m.. at thei li(led - T sfw tho Na ™P bo >' fly j gave July a stormy opening| diod Jn , 953 been unt hinks I flrt tlPrilV com D arative nurnoses The Arao-'June 25, at 2:23 p.m.. at theM'ded. I saw the Narup boy fly;gave July a stormy o P emngi diod jn , 953 been unthlnkab | e s iCU t AlCUty iSS^sTr^tteTS-ho^riintereectton of Delmar aw -. »™n the back scat into tho Iron.! across much of the country today Thp ^^ a(mud , , g mOK( ago So xvould the i period from 6 p m Friday June I nue and Godfrey road. Accident- -seal. I stopped my truck and: and locally heavy rains: posed new people young Soviet writer From JapanL^^^ ^ ^ ~ -££££. £=-S5SI5HS ± S ^Sl •"• UcaUla. r ... . t I. ... . ....j n t t , f..™.^, „ r.t rtMW . MT.^^rmt^^ii I1C\V K)UK. .MelllV dir lai U^IIT-I « n would unthinkable seven years had flown back to Washington without positive assurance he had won the election over Republican on the DWT charge, and given a 10-day jail sentence, said Mag- TOKYO (AP» - The Jananese 1 Years ago' fireworks were the emergency vehicles when JSrnmen tstrorelv^ndoSSIte' big Wto and maimer of the July. prtwchlng a boulevard STXu^KHr^ but this hazard has-speciaUy when the_ red light is not move hfi 1 .' and then 1 went a?o from a storm Wednesday .." cxv " )OK - ' any . . . . 1h -— to call an ambulance, but as I night and earlv Thursday was es-^essod ',"«» the Muscovite of.than a l.Ulr worned about the ;dick apparently %vill liemm(i got to the door of the Blue-Del,;timated al 313 to 4 million dol-W They display lively inter- young people. It ha., been im ^ fifUj DpmO crat to serve United States today in a scorching diplomatic reply to Soviet objections. It accused the Soviet Union dwindled to insignificance as state "gainst the driver/ 1 after state outlawed them. None; was reported last year or in! a tavern at the intersection, ailars. was soaked by IVz inches ofi°- sl in tne outside world. posing new istrate Fred J. Schreiber. On 1th* ti'affic charge, a $3 line was imposed. i ivi/uju me .yw*uiic.->.^ "•>„ . . .. . ,, ,. , ,, i The accident which resulifd Soviet writers who held! C ° un y '" whlt>h Burdlck was we "; in Davis' arrest occurred on for author ,f? ,, . 'Henry street near E. 9th. When the State Canvassing Act . ordj , Q ^ } b, more ^aPd, "T! 8 >» "'^ forRan port, a coach driven bv DaM, officia audit of the returns, Bur-, „ . . ... v . j._,. ,.. „..„ , 1 , .collided with a coach di iven h\ rules of moralitv .u. ^ ,_..„ *,__x,. ^-,...!. n The j-cpon states DavU •• y, e f rorn N ortn Dakota. Second far • inun told me an ambulance al-; rain in six hours. try to copy Western cusioms upon them. Kiosks once Mrs. Narup died about three! reafl -V "ad. been called." Billings Winds/of nearly 60 miles an ; and manners. To the Westerner, this emula- workmen. These are gone one see the s; <K* :He was the firs. Democratic con-, J " id « *£" 8 ~ th M ° n " en '> pensed fiery vodka to weary | gressmen ,„ state history after his n """ *" **^/ Vhen M ™'. K ' uaus ,^,i, m on Th*. fi p »rp a onc. Sel-lToso „,.„,;„_ , haar was driving north in Hen- election. and that n collision ci umuii — "~ r ";'"' ; ".",. , ihnnrs nftpi- thr> cnlliqinn AftpriHSKed Holt u no Knew how far• hour raked some sections of St. of undue interference in Japan's MB. The largest recent fireworks ^ ur j o] ^ n ^ ^^ ^| Mre . Narup was thrown from the' , affairs and rejected neutrality in!'°» was slx ln 1!Wb - ded at . r(JSS thp intersection j n t 0 icar. Bott said between 20 and 25 i and toppling trees. The latest! awkward and self-conscious. young of better-off Communists ;S on's husband. Kenneth, each died, 8eolion the cold war. _,. . . a sp( . ond ' Cill . driven by Carl f^ 1 - storm also produced occasional old I'.S. Tune* staggering borne from drunken 'in 1958. Burdick- has three daugh- Re-affirming its faith in the |\|omAr A lt»¥irM»f' KisrhlKn:k. Kirkwood, Mo., which Williams Slohbs. M K. Klin. flash flooding. Snumlny nights coui.les In i-artifs. ^ ters and a son; Mrs. Peterson has had stopped for a redi light St • whose car was on Delmar Columbia, Mo. measured IV* crowded restaurants shuffle %f ....i. , h » «„,„» a daughter. Leslie, 9, and a son, I MllMlHl \\ ifjtei Ralph Narup. fii-st to testify, •''venue, third from the red light, jnc-hos of rain in six hours during laboriously about th" dance said he was traveling between said ho h^ard the siren and saw>the night, and nearly as much fell.floor to old American tunes, as ( 18 and 25 miles pur hour and did'* ne rpd ^Bl't. Asked by Billings j n the some time- at Kir.ksville, in^jf grimly determined to have a not hear the siren on the fire ris lo novv faKt tnfl {hv lrlu ' u w ' as jthe northern part of the state.| K ood time. fore the collision. guess, and it is only a guess, the already were near flood stage y oun( , people pour i Whitten, second to take the wit-| fi «' truck was 8° in S fvam 25 to;( r0 m earlier rains. Moskva River excursion boats : :!0 miles |)er hour -" Tornadic winds during the night I O f a weekend evening, dressed Doctor's Report U.S.-Japan security treaty despite a month of riotous left wing pro tests, Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi's government told the Soviets: "In view of the grim realities in the Far East the stationing of U.S. forces (in Japan) is necessary for securing the safety of the nation and contributing to world peace." New Airport Discussed By Bi-State Much the Sam. g.^ ,. But niuch 01 Moscow remains Davis sftjd , ( officia] u- same as it was in the year bcw ou , nis dp(ea , ^ wi] , ,. pt)re of Stalin's death. f rom politics. He was a banker results Rc:j<r| )s j n j\ O r\\av OSLO, Norway iAPi - Winter A propqsal for the construc . . . . _„. . Foreign Minister Aiichiro Fuji-: tlon of f, new airfport '" T1 ino '. 8 yama called in Soviet Ambassa- a(>ross the r ' vr from St ' I ° U1S was presented by representatives of the St. Louis airport eornmis- sion to the Bi-State Development dor Nicolai T. Fedorenko to present Japan's one-package reply to Soviet protests of April 22, May . , 20 and June 15 against the treaty. : A 8 enc - v s ^^ of commission- Fujiyama reportedly told the iere at a meeting Thfursd «>Cabinet earlier it would be Ja- The P'-oposal was for the con pan'« lajt word to the Soviets on jstruction of a secondary airport the matter and that any further i si ™ tar to Chicago's Billings read a report .from Dr.JBendena, Kan., wrecking a farm| Bernard A. Donnelly, surgeon, j house, damaging barns and knocking down utility lines with as to the condition of Mrs. Narup when she was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. protests would be ignored. *™ d - l>lose '" Rainy June Delavs Work */ On Beltline rt-i Completion of the Bt'ltli.v- r ° 0t " might have Somp infol>ma -ience, Mass., and knocked i WI highway. Alton's biggest ' road; 2?" conce ™ ingn ^ «ocident. : vvires in , he town's business <t .,„„„.......,: „.-—. ?_ .,.. j_- !The jury was called back to heari.inn. i smashed into a community near|j n summer best,, relaxed after a day in the sun. Many come in scarce supply. People still elected to his first term in 1956. is usually the line up with cans and bottlesj for milk, even though Moscow: month. now has delivery service. Another sight persists: thel from,families of above-average^^ Qf ^ A coffln , income or have well-raying| IR d jn an jen truck> gur I s)rajght . backed jobs with little to do with their; . , money hut seek good times. trees. A hailstorm hit Troy, in m o same area, and shattered After the jury retired to con- ; numerous windows. No injuries i"'"" 1 ^. ""'*"? *""" l "" e ; v chairs for the mourners. The sider a verdict, Billings found ! we re reported in either storm. • t - ons « ia " tl y' visiting Americans , ruck usuaUy ls assignejj by the that another pereon in the court- A small twister swiped at Flor-! ar t _ copies of Arne.n- dopartmenl for which a mern- . . S. . oonstrudion project in decades,'?? 1 ' jury "ifeing" UrTusually" strong Ian- ^* *>* °» thp Illinois sidc of has been delayed by the well: Kcnyon Friedlinp - owner of a Hail caused extensive apple! down!t an news P a .P e , rs OI ; •.""r'r'r-UH'r of the family works. Young peop e love to look at the' _ „. , J . , ,._, ^-advertisements. They also are .The traffic has changed little. i« r,o,,,c 1 Perhaps there is a bit more of 111 H"\vh i guage, the Japanese note charged the Soviets were guilty of "willful misinterpretation" of the treaty, the river. The proposal was taken un-l der advisement by the commis- 1 test June since 1951, but the! dtite should be near. . ™' station and wrecker.' crop damage in maine. testified he had remov- showers dampened the southern car and th< ; intensely interested from the West, and will extremes to get it. 1l} iit, but much of it is made up ,of open trucks, many bearing ; cargoes of roughly dressed "one-tided and dogmatic views,"! 81011 slander, attempting to weaken Ja- > Consideration was next givci pan's defenses and "distortion of <to a proposed 5-million-bushel highway division, said today. In-'... grain elevator to bi- conslructcd' stead, he stated, the construe- Bmi "S s " " c were lacta." Tbe note also indirectly accused D >' the Bi-State Agency and'tion company WHJ? allotted :i the Soviet. Union of helping insti-1 leased to a large corporation. certain number of working days This projtosal has been under, in which to complete the job study for some time. The estab- when it was first begun. by member of the Godfrey Fire Department Fricdlinc said he was. While Kricdlinc was still on the stand, Billings said he didn't blame Wellington, New Zealand, re-j^em oMhY'proDosed "g'rai'r, " Riefi;," ex plained that work- '•V,cdl in, for removing the truck; ._ A! i AI_ _ t i ' r r r* t mill* (if Hie? in\\ Kn* Ha t*ot.H< ' gate the recent riots. ports that the Japanese have pro-j center wjl j grea tly increase ing days were those days on posed to axploit Taranaki's iron- grajn shipments through the St. whii-h weather conditions or lat>^,. mal . ket , , he members i or problems did not prev Pn t the sands. New Zealander* have tried for year, to determine whether their sands car. be eranomically ! h ~: dlmi . of 80me ^lo mil i ^ " as part of his job, but he said: : "1 do object to removing the! fire truck from the area so 1 'Uncle Ed 9 to Retire From DeMoltiy Board , Sfljd and „ wou , d , t the company from working on th,« damn ~ exploited. iw/ ^l r^ W Bather^ Alton and erable eloudlnet>t> with thowerb ing. High lon hes gran annual The elevator would be con- '" . . I !u ,. i. r!i! .«f * r *' M C "\ t1heTl(<c ?"" eA C " y docks owned by Bi4Mate. A pro- vicinity -Consid- po«ed lorn, o. ease, providing "« d .f '* ' " cooler for operation ol the elevator. «*"«*"> t He said he esiimated .he, " weii abcLt Jo work ; day. left for the completion i thal ha and afternoon 75-80 tne bo arrf °' <'Oinmissioners. It Clearin* with little change in *** estimated that the lease ''""'«'' «> «he teraperatun- tonight Lo« w would P''^" 1 ''' sulfick-nt morning In the middle eo,. « 1U * lo B '- stale to rnukt ' \u>rk He slated (bat the onlv can girl, knocking her into Unread. Apologetically, the Russian admitted he did it on purpose. He spoke English, and wanted to talk. Wants Cigarette Packaged A young Soviet mother, chau Witwer Is Campaigning At Marion MARION, 111. * - Samuel W. Witwer of Chicago. Republicm) :^"-v±r^ Ita ^S"r:2 u .""""" "™ e "'" KSS^tJiiSSi The "PICK" of NiW YORK TIME FOR DECISION Possibility of Half- Day Schools Increase Need For. a New YMCA Building. J. E. (Uncle Ed) Juttemeyer'si : retirement as chapter advisor: Obji'ftfd lu Kt«iiio\al and member of the advisory; asked Friedline if he;board of Alton Chapter of De-i eiv (he truck was. jMolay became effective today, 'Yii;dlin«? said the truck was in i bringing to a close a period of , rtl . L ._'Free-burg. Billings repeated that! service of 39 years. objected to the removal of the "Uncle Ed" has been iiwtru-, thi '*'»«' «««W' mental i>. organising DeMolay be taken or before he could ex-1 throughout the state and has this morn- was presented lor approval ol' -;» M :';."' u ;1 Ulin . s .. l ^?? .** ';.!',;'^;amine tin- Iruck to see what worked with Alton chapter in Its Sunny, wanne,, «nd le«, humid siblp «l».««"Jan.- e ol bonds and <L-.».._J.... ...i.u L...U ... .L.. o,.. to ainortiw tlu> project over a ex , )ll4ined S*tur4ay with high In «h, 80s lh c p otmbly had been some * reui,onaljle period ol years. Con- mtl1 P"""*u»> "«u UCBH »ume tlmt hl ' **""*' wno lwd luk '' n l }it ' Uu( ' 8 i fought gambling and uiui if the ixii'son who took the | Ism. He led the first P . , , p , Extended l-orei-ast »>|i-lw In the colwiruflton be- of washing of soil by recent heavy rains. -He said that an(1 nlight llttve 10 bt repaired before the stale for a uk-tuix-& wat» in the courtroom. school bond issue in Alton. He is Kriedline aiibwert-d that he had IB holder of the Silver Beaver not taken that he knew Award of Boy Scoute of Ameri- who had taken Die pictures, and 'can, the first one to be present- the pel-son wat in Uie courtrooni and he was a reporter for the A spokesman al the construe- i Y^! lion site said thai no work was, H" 11 "* on today because of the h f ^ oult | ol the ground. Telegraph. U)e porter U , " . tin- future, they would be avail- ed to a non-scout leader. Htruction costs ol the were t.el at approximately $5 Trinperutures will million. •VtMVff* war normal In south to The Cormnission approved in ji struct the elevator lacilily. The in wutb Normal'terms of the jmii>ot>ud lease ill north, tiii-TO in were referred to tht Executive A lltlle warnier Satur- Committee' vvilb power to act. Sunday tUJtiing cooler The board also held a conler- oxll ' emt ' or Tue»«iay Hainlall eiu-«- with Jaine* H McNary, Make Thalf l*otol !able. Tlw> i-eporter said the pic-1Recreation Commission. will average one-half inch lo one Si l^ui» County Supervisor, re- (JAL1ON, Ohio <AP) Sign initureb would be available, if need-j - iitcb infill] two inches. Shou- guiding ins (>jo[x»»al that Uie a dry cleaning eliop: ed SU-iking Bakers in Belfast his opponent, Senator Paul Doug* las, wrote a distressed area bill to gain votes rather than to solve problems. The Douglas bill has been twice vetoed by Presi- He received a citation from ,* ent Elsenhower. Witwer said the Democratic bill would discourage local, Shurt.eff College for service to youth and he led the Cancel- Fund drive in the city. He is now., beginning hi* 12th year as piroident of the Playground & art or ttmndershow 9und__y vt . Boodjay- likely: agency 'transit uire and ooni>olidute Vou Come Clean With Us and. Tlte jury then went out to find cepled a compromise wage boost of tiei> in the area. \\ >• Will Dye for You. r la verdict. $1 25 a week. state and private initiative because of excessive federal par- tfclpatlon. He said that a proposed Re- publU-'un rede\ elcpneiit bill would cost n million dollar* less and provide more money tor areas that need it most. t HBOBOOMATBD e Ideal location e rklmg new from y to penthouse TV in every room • No charge for children under Write lor color brochurt Phone PLua 5-1300 for Rturvationt your utarttt btuiement fnr Y.M.C.A. Building Fund Campaign by Dr. J. B. Johnion, Supcrlnteodeni of Schooli, Alton Community Unit ficbool DUtrlct No. II. DR. JOHNSON The public itohooln of America are struggling to keep ahead of (be ever-Increasing tcbool population. We ure plaimtni tiie curriculum and building building*, but apparently we art* loving ground In compntltlon with the Increased enrollment*. in many »w>U<wt of the country, ii hu« been aeciuMtr) for the Hoboolii to operate 011 a half-day bail*, and It in not beyond the bound* of reftwu to expect that thl* may bap- pen In Alton, nilnols. If and wb«n It do*-* happen, fifty per cMit of our student body will not bn In kobool In the morning and fifty per oent will not be in *chool in the afternoon. OouM-Jjuently, they will have more leisure time and the YMCA could be a great «ervu>e to the community In tbl* renpect. ' For tbM» n-ukoiu, I tbiitk that tbe YMCA will ulay an ever-lnereiuuiig roJiHn tbe development of our youtb during the next two decade*. Therefore, I wholeheartedly •ndorae the campaign to raise funds for building a new VMCA bulldUig on Henry Street, wbiob will be of servtee tp botb the boys aud men of tbe greater Alton area. tbl YMOI Buil.ini Fund Oimpilgn

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