Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 1, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years SUNNY SATURDAY: Low 65, High S&. Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No. 144 ALTON, ILL.. FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1960. 18 PAGES 5c Per Copy Meffjber of The Associated HONEYMOONERS RESCVEI) sun u ouge Overrides Ike's Veto Cluttered With Debris RENO — Capi. Philip E. Maggart, left, a Stead, Nevada, Air Force Base instructor, chats with Donald Palmer, 33, and his wife, Evelyn, 21, honeymooners from Berkeley, Calif., at the Stead Air Force Base hospital Thurs- day. It was Capt. Maggart, flying a helicopter, who rescued the couple from a remote section of the barren Nevada desert after they were hopelessly lost for 24 hours and suffering from exhaustion and thirst. (AP Wire photo) Stevenson Bus Firm Seeks NotFighting Revised Schedule Nomination The city had its choice today. Kit her Aug 1 or Oct. I would Alton's streets and sidewalks today were still cluttered with fallen trees and branches De- jbris from trees, signboards, j wires and buildings lined MI burban highways and lanes, i Alton 'appear* to have been the hub of the circle of destruction caused by the storm early Thursday. Included in the areas affected was Alton State Hospital where the wind had damaged or downed an estimated liiO trees and caused damage to 27 roofs of state structures. ' Work of clearing the c i t y streets of fallen trees, branches and other storm litter was continuing today on a dawn-tordusk basis with about 50 men at work. City Manager Graham \V. Watt said that as yet he can give no estimate of the cost to the city ot the clearing operations he- caiise the extent of work still to be done cannot be satisfactorily estimated. •JO Work Crews The clearing and hauling task resumed at T> a.m. today with 1!0 separate crews at work at separate locations, said Watt. Yesterday, crews worked until about 8 p.m. until rain and darkness forced a halt. Scores of truckloads of debris were removed to the city dump, but no estimate on the number was avail- ale today. Through leasing of additional trucks, the city streets depart- Of Federal Pay. Increase Senate Vote Is Expected Soon; Johnson Confident BELTREES CHURCH — AFTER STORM St. Michael's Church, beside Beltrees road in Jersey County, was wrecked by tornado that tore through be ihf onl> optional dates for demise of the Citi/.ens Coach Co. men t now has about 20 ifi use. said the manager, this including 1 unless. If City Council can give the bu:-.ia) training courses tor drivers to 10 owned by the city. »*M ? H £ -*3SOCIATED PR1 | iS *' company some form of relief im improve their customer relations, Much of the street Adlai E. Stevenson says he has,^,,.,,^. t .,,,. v , ac ,,„.,,,„„ „„„,„„. DnH nthorK no objection to having his name, placed in nomination at cratic presidential now a little more than a clearing. the manager pointed out. neces- of schedule — and a 30-minutc These were the undertakings sitates the use of chain saws to i headway on all lines was suggest- j which, in Ferguson/ Mo., .had en- cut up trees and limbs so they mediately, such as further easing , and others. a 30-minute These were Heavy Rain Adds Cuba Takes To Storm Damage ^ ve transportation system abled the management led;may be removed. away. candidate, was cornered by newsmen Thursday as he left a fundraising Washington cocktail party. He was asked: Would you object if your name went before the convention? can continue till Oct. 1. If by that date the firm manages to get Illinois Commerce Commission approval on a new scale of bus fares, it can continue on past Oct. 1. If neither form of relief is ob- by Krupp to pull that bus corn- Hazardous Work The heaviest rain in 11 months fell Thursday night on Alton area homes damaged in the storm. Union Electric's power lines pect to have most phones restored by Saturday. pany out of its rut and move itj u se O f S uch powered eo^iip-j were further hit by last night's into a profitable business — evenj m ent, he said, is hazardous| ra in. Weakened wires and term-j Alton telephone exchange op-j with 10 cent cash fares. The basic fares which the company proposes to ask of the ICC i are doing, and largely for this! hours earlier had WASHINGTON (AP)—The House today voted to override President Eisenhower's veto of a 7'/a per cent pay increase for l- l .j> million federal employes. . , The votc was 344 to override the velo and 69 against overriding it, This was 68 votes more than the two-thirds majority needed to pass the bill over the President.'* disapproval. Kisenhower had previously vetoed 168 bills since taking office and bfMMi overridden only oner. The House ad ion sent the bill ;on to the Senate where Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas said he would seek a vote as quickly MS possible. Johnson expressed confidence the Senate would also vole t o override. The Democratic leader said he ... . ,,, , did not see how Eisenhower could some of the top nominees likely amdema ^ measurc SQ will be actively mvolwd in solv- , ^ Prasidf , n( ca|led jt indp . ing them ' feasible. While they may not be swayed Eisenhower vetoed the measure by the voter appeal in these is- Thursday as "indefensible by any sues, they certainly will bo aware Ijight." He said it would intensify °^ ''• the "conspicuous unfairness and Presiding over the Senate will discrimination" he contended \al- be Vice President Richard M. ready exists in federal pay scales. Nixon, an apparent shoo-in for. He also said that "intensive and the GOP presidential nomination, j unconcealed political pressure Serving as majority leader will j (was) exerted flagrantly" on Con- be Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson ofigress to pass the bill. Texas, whose voice is dominant { At the same time he said he was ;in shaping Senate decisions. Al-j willing to approve a "modest" in- HAVANA (AP) — Prime Minis- \ so on the Senate scene will be crease, and GOP leaders .were iter Fidel Castro today ordered j Sens. John F. Kennedy of Mas- counting on this to hold enough of Esso Standard and sachusetts and Stuart Symington j Republicans in line to sustain the Mill Creek Valley Thursday moniinu.- Staff Photo. Candidates To Be Hurt By Recess v i By \VIM.1AM I-'. ARBUGAST WASHINGTON (AP)—The post- convention session of Congress is certain to put presidential and perhaps vice-presidential nominees on a political hot spot. Some tough political issues will face the Congress when it goes- back into session in August, and Refineries i -..U ?„ ann A riaviioht when- V • » ,,e»<»*tM<. *« r™T j—. I, T i, seizure o£ Ksso standard ana sacnuseus ana siuart Symington iKepuoncans in une to sustain tne - SSL" *1 tf^, N h:iflrr S r: e ^rr" e %f^2T^J^ nm j£a>* Oil installation, and won-* Missouri, who, with Johnson, veto. Only one of Eisenhower's ve- oprators can see just what they!shortcuts. The big ; rained, it must discontinue Aug. 1. These were the problems des"On the basis of my experience c , ibcd , 0 ^ R w - Day ^ so far," sad the two-time party ^ M r Graham Watt b inee, "I don t think it would bus c m , omdals at & &fHler , nominee make any difference." But his questioners twisted his arm. you have any objection? Do 'ence in the Mineral Springs Hotel „*, ,or **. andj reaM cieart,, .or* blow 18 power "^""' """** lhey „„„,,, 15 cents for children under 12. The j being done except in emergency power was restored to 8.000, ; presejrtrates are 15 cents and 10 cy situations. " ™" '° P """*™ nam,, "' gen-' dav power was restored to 8.000,Jaees 10.000 callls — but Thurs- n \, • °' . .. *. ' ., - j »u u-,, L. i.. S a <mkpmiian for the utilitv re-!^..- t^ »™ i\A7i L cn iH Both companies already have. In the House will be Speakerl were say 10 * the bill probably -^JortSnS^t^ «* Russian^ Rayburn of Texas, who is|wo«1dW j*s*ed over the veta ^.knocked out sen-ice to 1,000 pa- hc JJd as that is the basis on'f^ 6 ' ° bt f ned '" a W^™! spearheading Johnson's campaign; After all, this is an election itght trons which records are kent Th is lbarter deal ™ d te in a stron S P° sition to P ut yeai '' ^ qne ° { ^ em ' **>• Bal '& uplift. \\nicn secoias aic nepi. i int> : «-«,„__ „, uv^ ...,^ ou»n ,..«.,u :.,»„ „«„... n_- !rv finlrfivafo^ m.A,-ivi ^respectively. Student 10- To keep the power saws tuned ride passes would be increased up and in good order, said Watt, from 70 cents to $1 for those under i a mechanic worked all night 12 years old, and from SI to $1.30 at the city garage to inspect and A lotal of 130 p^,,,,. ]j nemen : would indicate that calls origin Thursday. for others. > adjust them. Some of the saws were on Uie j ob today the f u n a ting in the Alton area Roy Krupp. president of Citizens Another program which the bus were supplied by the Civil De- ^Iton f orce abetted by 10 crews made by residents here to rela "No, I don't, really," Stevenson coach, and Lawrence Keller of Al- said finally. That was all. ton Banking k Trust Co., also a Meanwhile in Los Angeles, director of the bus firm, did the company now lias in the making'fense organization. sent here from other points. James E. Doyle, director of a 'explaining. Draft-Stevenson drive, said Stev-i Representatives involves cooperative efforts with The city also has use of two Throughout the day the Union jably to inform them of merchant groups in different sec-'trucks of the parks department,iE] ectr j c trucks plied to trouble results. Also, said Cass. many tions of the city, Krupp said. and its men are supplementing j spots jn the Itives" in' other cities - preem* !*«?. ^'» ** *"*«<**•• hammer out the GOP of newspaper: Occasion for the suddenness of;street crews. About 60 mentjj nes wn j c h. in enson would be nominated by a a nd radio also were present as j the call for aid from the city, said: were on the clearing job yester- wm? stul sagg i ng and broken, "distinguished American," whom;observers and questioners. Keller, was the financial report jday, but the number was some-j( estoO ned with hanging tree he didn't identify. ' Mayor Day told the transporta- read at last week's meeting of'what lessened today because ci- ljmbs Q) . stl , ame d under the' O f Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Tex-j lion officials he would summon a! Citizens' Coach's board of direc- ty refuse collecting operations sve j gn< of | ( , ai1 j ng ti-ees. ,„. as, a leading aspirant for the | special mooting of •^ City Councillors. wer( - resumed. Thursday, the to rt toei manv cases/with insurance matters. to Seizui-e ol Esso and Shell would: into effect any program the par- ^ Goldwater (R-Ariz). nominee, whoever he may be. Rejecting a bill to require a to advocate. $1.2.) hourly minimum wage'in in- iterstate commerce, the House program in the House will be thel^f??* 1 , a measure P«vidlng a Charles A Hal- ' minimum and extending its of Indiana, who is available; in' a'for the vj c e presidential nomina-!' tion, as is one of _ added nomination, took the Senate floor next Thursday nigh, to consider The company, he exp.ained. had to make a scorn ul. some Umes the situation. - not wanted to come to the city angi>' attack on a long list of ma- The bus tirm. despite measures with premature alarms, and had wele O«*LK on men neuvers and tactics he said his undertaken by its new manage- waited until that time to make its P 1ck "P garbage. opponents have aimed at him. He nieni during the past year, has 'final assessment of its problems, City Handles Job defended his handling of the Sen- continued to suffer net losses av- in. view of the overall emergency Except men a, but ^ ioaa> louie. 10 Santiago refinery. Thn!S a v Cl n?!Sd °M!S ; The Cuba " S announced Thure - Rep. Gerald Ford of Michigan: . . „. .„. Thursday, he said. Most d fh n d , d ^ *> aDou t 3»- 2 million workers were from patrons *«*•:„,> „* s vj d ^ ^ » 'hat kind of an atnjosphere, Iaw - s ^-1^0. assistance in dialing num- !™"fJl ^mSi™I!S.«! Te^co jf" 11 ' 08 . 18 ^ Io te a dominant . c..,u || lonu . , n fj lr poxt-convention ses- 3f the sjun ^ the receiving end of the at the Alton area exchange lines, many residents had worked the maximum 9-hour fiJiai^'Vefu^^ Exa?pl /or Nixon ' Uu> ^ndi-ier figures, and the House passed cleared refrigerators, transfer- shift. 25,000 barrels of Soviet oil for pro- dates can usc the halls ol tno Sen-jthe bill 341-72. red foods from warming deep- Half-Wheel Deep , cessing. ato and the House ^ Political! The Senate is not expected to £ree*es to commercial lockers. Thursday night's heavy rain shell has a *2 million dollar in- fol>ums - and undoubtedly they will.(act until it returns in August after many instances, candles pro- started shortly after 6 p.m. i vestment in Cuba; Esso's is esti-, As a non-voting-presiding offi-jthe political conventions. Its La- millinn anrf Tp*af«'«. ccr of (ne Senate. Nixon theoreti- ', bor Committee has approved the neutral referee. He can- i $1.25 minimum figure rejected by address the Senate with-:the House. permission. His power is! Quicker Senate action may be evening as area residents oougntion uiu street, me now laxuu me:dollars in exchange for Vene/-" 1 ""^" to sett l'"8 parliamentary in store for another House bill ice to substitute for dead refi-ig- capacity of city sewers. 'uelan oil they have imported, re- di ^ ere "ces and to voting in i.-ases ; which would permit cuts in Cuba's the ritv's o.™ colored trucks « p ators. Thursday's high wind had dum- fined and resold in Cuba. of ties ' sl « ai- W°^. , n,,nH,wk nf nir,nprtA"mvnpi'x Hair > Ca!SS - Community rela-aged an uncounted number of The American oil companies, in " " " Democratic convention in favor However, it was emphasized that; mission probably would enable it • """areas of piopert> Ortneis tjons manager for jni no j s Bell roofs, in some cases siding of ^fusing t o handle the Soviet of Sen. John F. Kennedy of Mas- the company was continuing to I to straighten out its condition for,!" 61 ' 6 busy yesterday cleaning U p Te , ephone Co here said this homes, over an area within a W- ; crude said they had to continue sacbusetts. the front - runner for lose money despite measures such the time being. " ieir >' aras ana "eaping "P, morning thill 3500 telephones!mile radius of do\vntown Alton.. ^^'^ e ^. mua \ source s of sup- the top prize. as cleaning up and reconditioning! Right now, he said, the Drm is;^ a _ n ™ e ^_ __,, re . m °^L fj were knocked out by the storm -(These instances were in addition| plVj namely Venezuela. Castro '.'an upward revision of the esti-'to the more severe destruction claimed he could get the Soviet; Butler at Los Angeles denounced expenditures for reconditioning j schedules, and to refrain from op- t'aiu>p rented piivate as "nasty, mean, vicious rumors" buses which might be spread over .'posing its petition for a raise in supplementing the ^services of charges that he has rigged the a longer period. fares before the Commerce Com- tne city s c - -•---• - •... in favor Howpvpr it WHS pmnhusi/ed that mission nrohahlv would enable it Hundreds of property owners Butler also announced he has j the buses, various forms of promo- [operating on borrowed funds but '• L ? U!>e . Hic . I ? 1 JI° V "' granted Doyle's Draft-Stevensonition to try for more business, spec-(has exhausted its credit. citywide. said \\att. the city pro- mpvement woriong space at the convention's headquarters hotel, j He raid betor* he would not do| this unless Stevenson himself, aaked tor it Interest continued iindiminished | about Jormw President Harry S.; Truman's announcement mat he will not attend the convention. poses to give some help "when mate given Thursday. Ol this I— as when homes were moved aZSSZ & to S '-Branch.!—^. he ««• ™ •*«*- "ave.^ ^^ J ^ «J reasons Saturday at a news conference. Meanwhile a couple of other theories cropped up: —That Truman was incensed by what he considers favoritism to Kennedy by Butler, and will use liis news platform Saturday to read out a fire-and-brinistone chastisement of Butler. The New York Post said Truman was mad because he'and Stevenson have Opposed to Utility Tax Downtown Business Men'siso true if the city of Alton ex- Assn. Thursday voted opposition Ipects to attract new retail estab- to the proposed 5 per cent utili- j lislunent. Incidentally, the city ties tax witi» a letter to Mayor salts tax which is collected by-again flooded streets, brought I up by city trucks, he said, butj this must wait until the still remaining street obstructions an 'removed. Overnight KaUia Deluging rains over last night public utilities, been assigned minor convention roles by BuUpr. -That the Missouri convention; '» e expect delegation is getting ready to de-ipas*ed on bert the banner of Sen. Stuart i e« et;t ' "*'" Symington of Missouri and ra to Kennedy. Truman has corn- P. W. Day and members of City I Council. DBMA President ,lr- The text of the resolution is: ving Rosenfeld enclosed a copy of the resolution adopted by the association. '^Be it resolved that the Downtown Business Men's Assn. go on record as opposing a 5 per cent city tax on the receipts of retailers is a major source of re- down more loosened branches venue for the city. "Union Electric Co. and twigs, but no reports of par already,ticular damage. Police reported; pays a franchise tax which in;street pool conditions from de- 1950 amounted to over $48,000.!luges about 3 a.ra. One referred, This has not been passed direct-1to the streets department result-. Twice as muny insurance ly to the oouwmer. Imposition, ed from a clogged inlet at the: t . laimB as in any storm in Alof tbe 5 per cent utility tax au- "dip" In New Belle near 18th' ,„ hlslopv bave ^muii/iaii.1 ..MUM Mi«,<-..4« '«.. ..»„_! ton fc l»faloi> nave he said. '•We have 181 crewmen from est previous rain in any 24 hour out-of-town assisting 85 on the!period occurred early last Au- local force," Cass said. "We ex->gust, when '.'.8 inches fell. 5,000 Damage Claims Swamp Insurance Offices could oil — which he pays for with surplus Cuban sugar—for $1 a barrel ; less than Venezuela's cost. ; Some American experts pre- a Opposition Expressed to County Zoning Controls would result from Cuban seizure BETHALTO - Strong opposition to proposed land use and zoning controls in unincorporated areas of Madison County was of foe three refineries, claiming w pre( , sed by a araup of object . explained that preliminary work on the project has cost approximately $160.000 in a four-year period and that the county would save $30,000 every four years in the Soviet Union does not have' at a public meetlng here hv , printing alone £ ^ the tankers to send einugh crude £Hle gv in Thursday evening, \dopted. He said that if land use oil for Cuba s need* Bui Revolu-j Aw)roximatejy one . thirc| o( thejmaps were prepared it would be cion the semi-oftiml newspaper,, 45 Jund (unnecessary to publish long de- said that jnan>- t.nns. including , criticu) of toe ^ ed pro . isc ri p tion 6 of the property toere- at least one unnamed American! conipany, were negotiating to sell oil to Cuba. The island needs about 60,000 barrels a day. flne of objectors i by saving the taxpayers money. Uiat the proposal was 1 May emphasized that proper col)ll um sU c." Most of the group of objectors present franchise levy 'tne! street. Under The street clearing problem llu from , from the storm early Thursday, ing. the agent can bundle small claims — but large claims will be handled through adjusters. The make jnitted himself to Symington "until the last dog dies." If the delegation should switch, lie would be carried with it by a binding unit rule, so he stepped olf the dele* gation instead. This theory came from William Knowland, former Republican Under, in a (root page Senate article in Tribune, his Auklajid, Calif., Republican news was somewhat scarce. Woe President Richard HI. NUon. the aU-but-nomlnsted GOP candidate, went to Philadelphia to attend a lund-wining has* hfl game. it , " ieu * e utilities. "B proi o b> oui public , ja tax should never be .imposed,!* , he town, und also first such incident since tiou C!o.. said extra adjusters will property o w n e r should every effort to protect property by tempor- measures, Young nuid. He many resldeulH Thurs- •igged temporary pro lection tor damaged roofs. Trees and shrubs are not cov upon the citizens of Alton (City Council action alone. We j been made t o Alton. The ity taxes are reauced believe a referendum vote should (areas has enlarged u full > »n i* »v 4«l a i OUV.II II »*- 111(7111 Bdllvv I ,. i 4 | tl t J ' ••*•»•*»..»»"•..• ».«•— —- -- -.— - . — . .'laiwuiu*xutions of territory havi-1 1 * w ". lh l J01b : but he es ' m « e «iered by policies generally, he ' been made . o Alton Thn (!ilv some a.OOO .amms a.v to be filed id . in proportion to the income received from such a tax, we believe it will only be an interim reduction. The history ol taxes jto general is once established, are never ed or reducad. "Industry bjg &awffte» ai» gas and teltpftae wivla*. B tbj city of Alton txpecU t» tte*& new industry to the, w«g, U mart not charge a pwajty at which neighboring do not have. |b|i city one- be taken'prior to any «uch ae-| third since the last previous tiou." At a recent Council ntoetiiig, the Council fay a vote of !W (with one absent) toiled to approve a resolution by Council- wan Clyde Wiseman instructtng the city manager to have an ordinance di'ftwu eaUimy, ftp tt 5 per aent tax on utility service. Alter the delaat «f Ihe iMWiU' Uon, Wiseman «*au«sied the manager to prepare aj» or* din^nce to provfcfe tot « uttttty tax hc'avily-damaging windstonu. Imtitle blunts . . FACE « IIAWW ft TV PAtilS 19 f»AOI2 1ft PAUI9 IA U u in the area within u 10-mile rad- said. Rooters, ius of Alton. He said claimsi tvttctow from tt»y previous urea tornado would not have totaled more than hall this figure. "It is the greatest number of! claim* we've ever had," Young said, speaking generally of all claims tor all firms covering property damage In the area. "It te so tremendous we will have to ask people to have patience." He said in'operty owners report claims to their in; agents. Generally speak* carpenters mid con•e swamped, lie reported, and are concentrating this weekend on making temporary lepajrs to us ntany homes as possible. ' He said telephones ace being installed in Western Adjustments extra office here in the Germania Building and that the office should be staffed partially with extra adjusters Saturday— with the full extra staff on the job by Tuesday momlug- The firm also hav an extra office operation at Wood River. TODAY'S CHUCKLE Since television, old movies never die. No matter how long ago they were shot. (t ISMiU. Genera) Features Co*i>.> ARK \Oi A NO COUNT? Are you sure you vere counted in the I960 Census? If you think you weren't, call either the Greater Alton Association of Commerce or the Alton City Manager. land use and zoning are a roust if Madison County is to develop hud attended all four of the j and prosper. He pointed out that, previous meetings in the coun-|t"i* county is already a quarter ty. ;of a century behind many oth- The meeting, sponoored by • ers and *^ at lack of planning and the Greater Alton Assn. of Com-i zonin * of unincorporated area* menv and UK- Wood River Town- ' ^h^ady has created special prob- siiip Chamber of Commerce, i lems Ul mu "y sections of the ;\ms the lust of five held through- / count y particularly on the fring- oul Uie county to acquaint resi-: es ot cities, i deals \\4tli the proposed laud Lawrence said thut industrie& lusc and wning control wdi-, under tlle present plan locwlf juuncf. where tiiey pleased and produce TottushUto .eprt-sentud at me ^^.and noise without regard meeting were: Moro. Kl Russell, Uodti'e>, Koster. Alton and ... ,, . . {tries would not be able to do included Everett i Foilowing the meeting a Lawrence of Kincaid and asso-'tion and answer period elates who have been employed held, Butler said, but only a lew DATA AT THE DAM Su.m temperature today 87". vtr ktuge belo* at 6 u.m. Pool 20.1 YMMinUv < HIcliM*. lo 64'. *.Ut. neighbors. "Under land use and Boning, however, the Wood River Wood Khu. to make the land u*t and zoning survey, Thomas Butler, president of the Madison County Plan Conunittsin, and Alton May, chairman of the Zoning and Subdivision Control Committee ol U> MadittOti County Board of Butler land uae and zoning oi the spectator* asked questions. Next step. May iwid, will i* to draw up 9 county plan UJM) zoning ordinance and tiwn publk meetings in every ship as requir«l by mate law.

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