Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 16, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, August 16, 1957
Page 5
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How to Do It Explained— \ Soundproofing is tat est Improvement for Modern Home By ANDREW C. LANG ' (AP Newsfeatures) - The noises that Inevitably occur In the home workshop never bother the fellow who is operating the tools that are causing the clamor. But the whirring sound of a table saw or an electric drill is usually very annoying to the remainder of the household. This fact of current American life has made a considerable portion of the population suddenly aware of soundproofing. That's a word that formerly concerned only those associated with broadcasting studios, recording rooms, music halls, hospitals and the like.' Lots of persons are asking lots of questions about it these days. The answers are not a 1 w a y s Simple, merely because the reduction' of the transmission of sound is not a simple subject. Eliminate Sounding Boards Sound does not necessarily pass through a wall, but seta up vibrations 1hat are reproduced', by the opposite side. In short, the wall acts as a sounding board. To prevent it from doing this, the material of which the wall (or ceiling or floor) Is made must absorb a certain amount of the sound. That usually calls for material of a bib- rous nature. Things like draperies, curtains, rugs and upholstered furniture help to' absorb sound waves, regardless ot what specific measures are taken to cut down noise. The matter of degree enters into any soundproofing operation. Ordinary ceiling tiles, for Instance, have a certain amount of nolse-re- ducing value. But only acoustical ceiling tile will do if a high rate of sound absorption is necessary. When used, for a wall, insulating boards of a fibrous character cut down noise considerably. Yet they are not nearly as effective as the now generally-accepted method of Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa, Friday, Aug. 16, 1957 building a double wall and filling the space between with porous insulating material. Thick Walls In this type of construction, there are two rows of studs, set in a staggered pattern so that none of the studs in one row' is directly in back of any studs in the other row. Insulating blankets, batts or similar material are placed between the studding. While the walls then could be of any desired type, a further sound-deadening effect would be achieved if they had noise-reducing qualities of their own. Whether-you should soundproof the ceiling or floor, or both, of your home workshop depends on what the objective is. If you have a basement shop and want to keep the noise from going upstairs, ceiling soundproofing is a must. If your shop is in the attic and you want to keep the noise from going downstairs, the floor must be given attention. Here, too, it's a matter of degree. Acoustical tile does the ceiling job well enough in nearly all cases, yet the professional solution is a hung ceiling, installed so that no part of it touches the floor or floor beams above. A better way for the home handyman, both from the standpoint of economy and ease of installation, Is to attach insulating blankets to the overhead beams, with furring strips over the Blankets and acoustical tile as the finishing material. To soundproof an attic floor effectively, a subfloor of insulating board should be put down, with 1 x'2s over that, then regular flooring and, finally, resilient tiles, linoleum or any de- dired covering. Don't Forget Source These are only a few of the soundproofing techniques. Others involve special methods of installation to cut down noise, such as the use of resilient clips to keep walls a tiny distance from the studding. You can do much to reduce noise by attacking it at the source — placing rubber cushions under power tool machines, tightening loose motor belts, making certain workbenches are steady, and so on. Remember, too, that sound travels along pipes that run from one floor to another. Such pipes must be covered with sound absorbent material, especially at the points where they leave the room. The chances are you will never be able to "over-soundproof" your workshop. But it's interesting to know that it can be done. When that occurs, you literally will be almost unable to hear your own voice. Blind Nailing Adds Luxury To Paneling The friendly appearance of pine paneling and' its long-range economy are the two major reasons for its increasing popularity. To add to these a quality of luxury, the Western Pine Association rec ommends blind nailing of the tongue and groove paneling, especially at eye level. Western pine tongue and groove paneling comes with a groove along one edge and a tongue along the other. Blind nailing merely means driving nails at an angle through the tongued edge —rather than through the exposed surface of the board — so they can be covered by the groove of the next board. To make sure that the groove of the next board will slip easily over the tongue, each nail must be countersunk — that is, the head must be driven below the surface of the wood with a nail set. Although you might think (his would split the wood, you need not worry. Paneling from the western pine region has a softness of grain and workability and hence resists splitting. To assure a close fit of tongue and groove, use a piece of grooved scrap as a hammering edge to drive each panel tightly against the one next to it. Home Repairs Do's & Don'ts BLEACHING WOOD DO. . . know that while homemade bleaches are still being used with reasonably good results, the commercial bleaches are easier to handle and more likely to produce uniform lightening of the wood. DO. .. be certain that the bleach is not applied until all traces of paint or varnish remover have been cleaned off according to the directions on the container. DO. . . try the trick sometimes used by professionals of staining the wood lighter than necessary, then using a non-grain raising stain to get precisely the shade desired. DO. . . in that event, be certain to hold in the stain with a coat of thinned shellac or other sealer before applying the final finish. DON'T. . . ever attempt to apply bleach over an old finish or you'll ruin the whole project. DON'T. . . forget to remove all hardware before starting the bleaching process. DON'T, .v apply the bleach without wearing rubher gloves and taking all precautions to prevent getting any of the chemical mixture on your skin. DON'T ... neglect to follow the directions about the length of time to allow the bleach to dry, giving i it, if possible, even more time than stated on the container*. WOOD BRIGHTENS COOK'S LOT . . . Here's a kitchen in jrhich the beauty of natural wood has been used In every way possible. The ceiling and walls are finished in knotty pine planking and the cabinets and windows are of ponderous pine. Efficiency as well as the softness of wood decor has been built Into, the kitchen. Sink and stove are near each other, handy to the automatic dishwasher. Long counter tops give plenty of working space. The long, row of sliding windows of ponderosa pine admits cheerful, daylight, and allows a panoramic view of the children's play area outside. Window frames and sash are stained in natural tones to harmonize with the rest of the wood surfaces. Other features are a telephone and pencil sharpener, celling exhaust fan, hidden fluorescent lighting, and breakfast bar. Shutter Ideas Add Interest To Bedrooms Interested in a novel, attractive, low-cost bed headboard? Here's an idea that, has all those/features and is in step with the current return of louver doors and shutters to smart modern Interiors. Use an ordinary stock shutter, slightly longer than the width of the bed (a double-bed mattress is Home For Relaxation, Inspiration Modern man's desire to escape from the boredom of the cube — four confining walls — may be the greatest single factor influencing modern home design trends. James C. 'Gardiner, prominent western architect and member of the American Institute of Arch! tects, says the fotir walls and roof which man puts up to shelter him from the elements should do more than just that. They should inspire him, provide him with comfort and an atmosphere oi relaxation. And, more; they should unite man and his home to their immediate en vironment. The> open architectural design and use of natural building mated' als can do just that, Gardiner con tinued. The open design of exposed roof members and divider walls sectioning off use areas, but not blocking the eye'* reach, give flow, continuity, wholeness to the home. They seem to allow much more room for expansive thought and relaxation than do the conventional four walls and ceiling which so often seem .to. press in and confine rather than to open out and release. The choice of natural building materials, especially wood, is obvious. Everyone feels Immediately at home when surrounded by the familiar things » nature, and naturally finished wood in paneling, cabinets, and beamed ceilings at once, though perhaps unconsciously, relates man to his environment. Design Keeps Cost WOODY KITCHENS There has been a remarkable increase since 1950 in use of wood for kitchen cabinets, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now, 88 per cent of all kitchens built in the U. S. are wood, compared to 75 per cent in 1950. Gaining favor are such full textured, lovely grained and character woods as Douglas fir and west coast hemlock. Finished naturally, these woods have a soft, rich, relaxing golden color, sometimes corn or champagne toned Ho me Prices Leveling Off; Shop for Quality Neat, uncomplicated house design usually goes hand in hand with low cost. Take, for example, this modern 3-bedroom, Hi-bathroom ranch house' tailored for leisurely indoor and outdoor living. Designed by architect Rudolph A Matern, Jamaica, N. Y., the house has a 24-foot-long porch with There are two service entrance* to the house, one at each end of the kitchen. In conjunction with the main entrance and the short hall into which it leads, these provide a good traffic pattern. ,• The three bedrooms extend across the rear of the house'. The hallway separating the living and sleeping areas serves well as a New home prices have shown little chf.nRe so far in 1957 and may have reached a plateau according to the survey of more than 500 home builders by the Builders' "Now DEAD END KIDS Architects are advising young married couples with active children to purchase homes with wood . Economic Council, paneled walls, because wood will withstand most hard knocks and, , . , .,, bruises as children explore the! " a , bl, y er ,° (r bml ^ er cosmos. Douglas fir and west | be \ l . cr ^ ual,t >' in hls coast hemlock lumber make ideal I ^ wall panels because both woods : harden the longer they are installed. is the time for the individ- to insist on new home," James M. Ashley, executive j ; ui LibbeV-Owens-Ford Glass Com-, pany' and a former president of the j whatever industry. REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIR ON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? • WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum • Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tilo • Carpet WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Covering! • FREE ESTIMATES Large or Smell Samples shewn to you tn your heme. Dial 4175, Alvin Heinrichi er 9923, Mitt Furniture MATT Furniture HERE'S A TD? Here 's a tip for home remodeling fans. You can save-money on many jobs of repair and improvement around your home if you spend a little time shopping around your retail lumber yard. Most home jobs will use short lengths of lumber, and most lumber yards have job-lot piles of short lengths at reduced prices. For most jobs you will find that the proper sine and grade of Douglas fir, west coast hemlock or western red cedar will be suitable. and sustain efficient production and produce high quality, j "We have assisted our free world , allies to rebuild their industries I but we have not done as much as ! v e might to insure their consum- , ers in improving their standards of j living," said Mr. Ashley. "If we ! would calculate our import duties I relative to the part wages play in production, in whatever land and we could 54 inches wide! Attach the shutter to the* spring frame by metal braces, or by a wood framework. The shutter also can be screwed or bolted to the wall. Stock shutters generally are made of ponderosa pine, an al\ most-white wood that is an excellent base for anv paint or stain- 1 and-varmsh finish that you need to ! go with the bedroom decor. | A variation of this idea is to use a shutter as a headboard for a j youth bed, and a pair of shutters for the sides, to keep the youngster Producers' Council of America. More than 5.000,000 cars in the country are equipped with E-Z-Eye shaded windshields. New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart New Modern Styles IP YOU'RE REMODELING OR PLANNING TO BUILD You'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures. They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Prices reasonable. "One important way for the home buyer to get his best dollar <alue is to insist on seeing the labels on the material which goes into his building," said Mr. Ashley. "Grade labels and well • known trade marks are a good guarantee of the general quality of materials used by the builder or contractor." Mr. Ashley said that importers have been invading the building field with tile, plywood, glass, tableware, textiles and many other things which are used in new homes. The foreign-made goods produced under low-wape conditions in European and Asiatic countries, some even behind the iron curtain and other trade barriers, are now making a direct assault on the "dynamic economy created in the United States in the last four decades." The abundance Americans have in homes, , automobiles, clothing and many other things, he points out, is due to the demonstrated proof that high wages stimulate spread abroad our system of good '. homes and higher living standards, and cushion our own industries against the loss of jobs." He said the glass industry as well as other building product industries do not ask for the old- fashioned preclusive tariff protection but rather an enlightened approach to help raise living standards abroad and thus put competition on a fairer basis. Find Newer Look in Walls Of Bedroom White and gold bedroom walls have been developed by a prominent western decorator experimenting with exciting white pocket paneling lumber. Always on the lookout for something new in wood finishes, Harold Stroeberger, Portland decorator, took the ordinary panel grades of white pocket Douglas fir available commercially, and put his imagination to work. Looking for a bedroom with variety, he took random width panels, brushed on white paint and rubbed it off immediately. Only a subtle cast of white was left on the wood. He allowed the white to dry thoroughly, then applied a sealer. After drying, he rubbed gold paint into the pores of the wood, (hen rubbed It off. Gold flakes filled every tiny pocket of the wood which nature had provided with an antique finish. He next applied another coat of sealer, then waxed. The result is a wall of sheer loveliness with a delicate shading of white and the sparkle of gold everywhere in the tiny pockets. connecting doorways to the living | soun d barrier. The L-shaped kit- room, dining room, kitchen, and garage. The porch opens on an 18 by 20-foot patio, an ideal arrangement for family dining, informal entertaining, or children's recreation. Framing for the house has been simplified without any loss of livability or eye appeal. The main roof section, of conventional gable construction, has a gentle slope. It is covered with an attractive blend of light-color asphalt shingles. The roof sets the color scheme for the exterior of the house. The siding is in a harmonizing shade and the window trim r e p e a t s the roof color. chen is separated from the dining room by a breakfast bar. The house can be constructed with or without a basement. Thick .minerial wool insulation acts as a heat barrier to keep winter warmth in the house, and summer heat out. It makes possible the installation of a smaller, less expensive central air-conditioning system and reduces the day-to-day cost of operating it as well as the cost of heating fuel. Additional information, blueprints and specifications can be obtained from Rudolph A; Matern, 90-04 161st St., Jamaica 32, L. I., N Y. Refer to plan No. 9399. HOME OWNERS' QUESTION BOX Q—I'm planning to varnish some 1 hardness and resistance to screw NEWSPAPER GOOD MULCH A "pudding" made from newspapers soaked in ^water makes an excellent mulch 'for the garden. Soak the newspapers well in a large container of water, stir into a pulpy, well-shredded mass, and pour around the base of plants, ! The pulp dries to a mat that chokes off weeds and helps retain moisture in the ground. from falling out. Saw the side shutters in half and hinge the sections together and to the headboard so they swing back as shown in the sketch. At night, each side is moored to the bed with a hook- and-eye. Economists predict that more than $47 billion will be spent on construction in 1957. PLEASE!!! Don't Throw Thot Rug Awoy KENNY'S RUG CLEANING SERVICE will make it look likt n«w. The first American plate glass of commerical quality was made by Capt. John B. Ford at New Albany, Ind., about 1870. • Wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned In tho homo. • Mothproofing , • Rug Sizing t Furniture Cleaning DIAL 9786 FREE ESTIMATES Kenny Sehweritnbaeh, Owner North Clark St. Give Your Home A Weil-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE BETTER CHURCHES Church architecture has undergone a virtual revolution in design since World War II. Under war demands, manufacturers learned how to glue small boards together efficiently into huge curved arches and beams. Architects saw in these man-made giants in wood a new building material for churches. The giant arches form both roof and walls, cut costs, are more beautiful in their upsweeping majesty. Now three out of every four churches being built use glulam wood beams, many of them of Douglas fir lumber. Make a Delivery Storage Cabinet A delivery storage cabinet for groceries and other deliveries when you are away from'home can be made of 1 by 12 and 1 by 3- inch lumber. The sides are made of 1 by 12- inch lumber 54 inches long. The curved front corner is made with a coping or jig saw. The top rear edge is cut out as shown for the 1 by 3-inch brace. The center shelf is 30 inches from the bottom of each side panel. Locate the position of the butt hinges for the door 4 inches from the bottom of the panel and 4 inches from the 30- inch mark for the shelf. Cut out the area for the hinge plate. The shelves are planed to a width of 10% inches. The front brace is made of 1 by 3-inch lumber. The doors and bottom are of 1 by 12-inch lumber. Assemble with glue and 6-penny finishing nails. Add the door pulls and friction catches. cabinets. How can 1 avoid a lot of hard rubbing and polishing to remove the air bubbles that will form on the. surfaces? A—Try thinnin? the varnish with one part turpentine to five parts varnish. Then stir it—don't shake it—for 10 or 15 minutes. Let it; stand for 24 hours to allow the varnish and turpentine to completely flow together. After this, the varnish should flow on without air bubbles. Q—How can I keep screws from coming loose and popping out of soft wood from the weight of the fixtures I've attached to the wood? A—Make small starter holes and fill them with thick glue. The screws will then force the glue into the surrounding wood fibres and voids, giving the wood Increased pull-outs. Q—The room we're planning to. add to our home will have a roof that is almost flat. The house was recently reroofed with asphalt shingles. Can we use asphalt shingles on the addition? A—Asphalt shingles can be applied to roofs that slope as little as two inches per horizontal foot. A new technique makes use.of special precaution* that protect the roof against leaks which might otherwise develop because of tht relatively low pitch. Before starting on your guest room, check with your roofing contractor to make sure your plana call for a roof with at least the minimum two-inch slope. Keeps up with any Automatic Washer mads I PAINTS for • Low Cost • Low Upkeep* • Durability Rettenmaier Drug 118 W. Sth -Dial 280S A Good Thought for Today: Even a small smile would make a difference on sdme faces. A Good Thought For Moving Day: Coll ut tor reliable trucking service. We specialise in household goads* Crouie Cartage Co. Carroll Phone 3SM no. 1 specialist in pocking and moving •V ^WP^^^^ ^Se^^SSS^^e^^ WMy^.Wpy ". t'nurtMut«™ venient Carrier" RUUD ALCOA* ALLOY Automatic 64§ Water Heater Now a Quality Water Heater at a New Low Price! $ Alum Mm Go. *A AawriM Every washer has a "laundry-rating." Thia means the number of gallons of hot water it needs every hour. Let us match your washer with the Laundry- Rated Ruud water heater model that will keep up with it continuouely—load after load! See the Ruud Alooa Alloy Now! ©AS DIVISION IOWA EliECTRIC 1111111 ij 1,1 ' {ii mm I .! k, 1 " ~ *ifcV

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