Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 30, 1960 · Page 31
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 31

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1960
Page 31
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ALTON EVKMNG TELEGRAPH Ibs 17.?S.1S.()0; few uneven to 17.30: aboot 1JS head 300-215 ira*> Ibs 1*JO; and 2-3 talk rutted Ibs 17,35" prs TO; 2-3 tots mostly 1790 dotfft; •sort* 3 down t» ! lt,00; 23 #<WW lb* 16,50-17.30; 24 270-300 It* 16.0090; mixed grade 130470 lt» 15.75-jgood 19.00-23.00. 4Q» It* ».W44% .tan over 290 Ji_ 4«YfiMk«* AM* • •b|||BU^EL * _^*jj_ IMW ,01 luJJWJ.w, HpIWr WVIgnTi ro •lift. - .;'. " little 1400 WWk* IndlvMf* 28.00: JOMty ^Oott to low JSMXHBJ&; f*w good and chok* 23.00-24.9ft; utility cows 14.90-15.50; mod- Trading Slow; Market Mixed NSW YOhK (API — f»t stock cuntlnuM mbred a> trad* Produce Price* At St. Louis St. LOUIS, *-t*gt tttt lift pooftfy: Consumer grades, cttNn f§* turned, AA large 38*34, A lurgt 31-33, A medltim» 27-29, A small 18-22, B large 2B-27; whttlwatt , „.!»«.« *—— grarles, large extra*, <M-TO per ing slowed late this afternoon. t mln A 30,29^, 4f>89 per est showing 16.00; canners and' «„!„,„_ »_ »u_ j*.. ...... —rfta«* iftenijftn. »*iitt,, «•««! volume for me tmy WM ci»u-: cpnt mm A wzv, mea?uni extra* SLjfi'tJSfj.S vSf l m>(lted flt 3 ' 000 ' 000 slww91 °°*iat.274. small mtrai 20*22. 14 kfnfn( i raU DUlm JB.lHJ-19.tlU. VPHI- ____* .__«_*«_ * «M« «*Mk •*• .. A-.— -* . . __ . -_ Futures Trade -V,, 1 * • • , " Steady to firm CHICAGO f API-Grain furore* at a steady to firm min A 2M9, medium extras port in active today with wheat dRntutlng UB-! usually strong harvMtttflfl Mp> ,* Explosions sfiSrTKrvs; r* r L"*5^7- good and choice vralers 23.0026.00, few to 27.001 standard and » 4«h riwi iM tfWh * Atfntte Me, f pemmem We "Jit GRANp mtf t titti MT. tlMl mmm WUOfTntMClflC! Ml MAM Ml Nraty • Sheep 1,000; early sales good and choice 18.30-21.00; choice and prime lots 21.00-50; 16 head lot mostly prime 22.00; utility and good 14.00-17.00; 10.00. culls down to Mrs. C. Kernot. London music teacher, won $2,800 for wrltltjg the,tune to Nigeria's now National Anthem. Her music was selected from 3,693 entries. 2:26, 8:50, 0:15 2ND FEATURE Hot «s Today's Headlines :46, ALSO Johansson-Patterson Fight Films 1:00, 4:25, 7:50 PRINCES inin inn i iminut Ttnltt, Fri.. Sat. <$% IfiNfEUES-iUUmE GRECO 8:45 % ' 2ND HIT Starring John Russell Johansson-Patterson Fight Films 7:05, 10.25 Open Dally A:80, Start'7 p.m. Adults 5Qc Kiddles g5c Family PrioM T«nl|M All teats 28e Shown at 8:45 p.m. BOB HOPE In "ALIAS JEHE JAMES" Shown at 7:lfl p.m. RED SKELTON In "PUBLIC PIGEON Nt, I" Shown »t 7:00, 10:25 "ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION" FRI. Thru MON. Fri.. Sat., Mon., 8:45 p.m. "A MASTERPIECE OF COMEDY!" Wm. K. Ztntttr, H»nld fnbwM JkLASTAIM SlM GREEN MAN Fri., Sat., Mon. 7:15 p.m. SHORT SUBJECTS 7 P.M. Key stocks showed gams or losses running frottl^ffjustfons to about a point. A 1 few specially situated stodts made wider moves. Underwood canceled an early rise and showed a net loss of about 3. General Instrument atoo dropped about 3. Motorola spurted more titan 2. Texaco was a 2-point loser on newt the Castro government had taken over Texaco's Cub n refinery. Chrysler traded about a point tower following news that W. C. Newberg had quit as president | following differences of opinion. 12 Selected Stocks Following are- today's 1:30 p.m. quotations on 12 New York Stock Exchange Issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at standards, min 80 per cent B. 25-26'j; unclassified, cases re- At times, both wjhMt MM rye were ahead about a cent a bushel while other grains and soybeans turned, farm run with 48 Ib, 23- iportw i moderate advances. 25. dirties and checks 20-32. Dealers said the demand for Hens, heavy 15, light over 5 Ib 13-14, under 5 Ib 9-12, commercial, broilers and fryers 2Mr 3% Ibs MK-18H. and roosters 9-11, ice packed broilers and fryers, Itt lb-3K 1M, 29V4-30W. Boys Test Open Road, wheat followed word from the Southwest that the grain was go- Ing into the government's .price support loan program at an unprecedented rate and that commercial supplies were relatively small. Reports also said that with the harvest about half completed in HAMPSHIRE. III. « —'Two young Savanna boys tested life on the open road — and found it wanting. Don Mioke, 8, and Ronald Arbuckle, 14, missing from Savana since Tuesday night, were found in Hampshire Wednesday night, hungry, tired, slightly mired and buf for 10 cents, broke. Kansas, the major producing state, yields were running wen above expectations and that storage facilities were inadequate at some points. Carlot receipts were estimated at wheat 8 cars, corn 154, oats 15, rye none, barley 12 and soybeans 16. CHICAGO (AP) - Nq wheat or Corn No. 4 yellow extra heavy white '1.15- 75%. - tlVt Mplualunt betusth snook downtflwn Public Cleveland Wetoeatftg JHgM. blasts cut off electric ytww to fiMn* nearby buildings, hole coven into the air smashed several plate gtats wtn- ows. the tarty injury was to a ittan who stifle red minor cuts fton flying glass. The explosions were triggered when gas and air — heated by smoldering insulation covering high-power x underground cables -came in direct -contact Witt cool air from -the street. Thick black snake > poured from a dozen manholes and flames spouted IB feet high from one of them. Vehicles and pedestrians, en dangered by the flying man hole covers, were cleared from die square. Buses were rerouted for nearly three hours. Sixty extra policemen were assigned to the busy hub of downtown Cleveland. They were back with their' Wheat much relieved parents today. Barley:, malting choice 1.2Sn; feed 85-1.02n. High Low Close Close I after the height of the gotag- Police officials said it was fortunate the blasts came an hour Home rush. ANNOUNCEMENTS NOflCB TO for warn to M cotntAco* ttrtw the fflHMMt Wtiftwiy DEMOLITION btitldii ertte Btna n "Rfci %3BE Planf and proposal forrfunn obtained ffenvflw c«r .«• upon .«>«««#«.«» to •Cni|j| D rsffft' Dftf)K QfeUl* OT* Wl UISW nt+twmm "T% not MM than, ten <i« per ctatof the amount of the wd, or Mi accordance with the *<jW™.£*J!*S?tyf SUM of nilnolt. The Councfl rettrvM the right to reject any or all proposal* and to waive technlcalltlM. March 9. 1960. By order of The council of City of Alton GRAHAM W. WATT. City Manager. June 28, 30. July S IN MBMOMAM 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these; The boys told Hampshire Mar-{ ere not the closing quotations) :!shal Tony Hermann that they! AT&T 89»4, Gen. Motors 44%, Granite City Steel 35, Olin Math. Chem 43, Granite City Steel 35, Owens-Illinois 114%. Shell 34%, Sinclair 38%, Socony 37%. Standard (Ind.) 37V», Standard '(NJ) 40Va, U.S. Steel 80%, Sears 55%. Week Days Continuous from 7 P.M. Sun. Continuous from 1 P.M. No Parking Problems at Roxana Fri., Sat., Sun,, Man, Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner Fred Astalrc, Anthony Perkins "ON THE BEACH" 8:40 Peter Sellers, -lean.Sebers "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED" Color 7:l'i Selected Short* had hopped a freight train Tues- Mar day night foe the 80-mile trip to (May Chicago, and after wandering! Corn around the big city, set out for home. By hitchiking and just plain hiking, they reached Elgin Wednesday — borrowed dead broke. They from a stranger and also -borrowed a bike. They got as far as Hampshire, 10 miles west of Elgin, where they tried to buy some food with their last dime. The restaurant's proprietress, Mrs. Joseph Turouske, questioned the boys, found out their story and called the boys' parents. She also filled two hungry stomachs. The boys' disappearance touched off a wide search of the Savanna-area by Carroll County sheriff's deputies and volunteers from surrounding counties. One of the boys' bike was found near a drainage canal and it had been feared they might have drowned. Jiy Sep 1.83% 1.82% 1.83% 1.86 1.85% 1.86 1.85% ! 1.9194 1.90% 1.91% 1.90% 1.96% 1.95% 1.96% 1.95% 1.95% 1.94% 1.95% 1.94% 1.15% 1.14% 1.15% 1.14% 1.16% 1.15% 1.16% 115% Dec 1.12% 1.12% 1.12% 1.12 Mar 1.16% 1.15% 1.16% 1.15% May 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% 1.18% Oats Jly .70% .70 .70% 70 Sep .71% .tl% .71% .71% Dec .7^/i .74% .74% .74% Mar .76% .76 .76 .75% May .74% .74% .74% .74% Rye Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Soybeans 1.18% 1.16% 1.17% 1.16% 1.20% 1.19 1.19% IJ.9% 1.12% 1.22% 1.22% 1.22% 1.25% 1.24% 1.25Vs 1.24% 1.25% 1,24% 1.25 1.24% Jly Sep jNov Jan 2.11% 2.10Vs 2.10% 2.10& SPEND THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND AT SANDY BEACH • Swimming • Picnicking OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ADMISSION BOc CHILDREN 6 to 12 25c UNDER 6 YEARS FREE Located 1 mile east of Bethalto on Rt. 140, at Meadowbrook. Watch for signs. 2.09% 2.10% 2.09% 2.09 ' 2.08% 2.08% 2.08% 2.12% 2.12% 2.12% 2.12% 2.15% 2.15% 2.15% 2.15% Bedloe's Island Is Now Liberty Island NEW YORK (AP)-Now it's Liberty Island which is the home of die Statue of Liberty. In ceremonies Wednesday, the old name of Bedloe's Island disappeared. The renaming had been approved in a bill by the 84th Congress and signed by President Eisenhower. "Right of Assembly "Right .of assembly" is the right of groups of people to come together peaceably for discussion and to petition the government. In the United States, the rignt of assembly is guaranteed by the Constitution. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES OODRIVE OPEN TONITE 6:80 ENDS SATURDAY! vnocoui At 8:40 8ml FEATI KE CAME TO KILL ^ tlUJMII HITCHtU At 1:90 QPAKER OATS PKEMIIM TICKETS GOOD AT THIS PEKIOKMAM r: •EAT THE HEAT! COOL, COOL. INDOOR ICE SKATING Dally 1:8« to 4 P.M.—7:00 to 10 P.M. Except Monday* Plan a Party! Refreshingly Different! Private Skating Lessons Now Available. ICELAND, INC. 3715 E. BROADWAY—ALTON YOUR PAVORtTK KAMII.V DRIVK IN STARLIGHT 0 K I I.I IN I H I A I H t : COUTI 140, COUEOf AVI • AUON, IUINOIS i Box Office Opens at 7:00 70NITE, Friday Saturday BEL*AIR OPEN 7:1 START DUSK NOW! 1st RUN I FREE! PHOTOS I I Of HIP "3 STOOOK8" i ' To the First 300 Cars I I < LONDON FIREWORKS DISPLAY 2 NITES .. JULY 3 ft 4 Auto Injury Damage Suit Is Settled The jury trial period in Alton City Court came to an unexpect- !ed termination at the opening of court today when Judge I. H. Rtreeper was infBrmed that an automobile injury suit, called to !trjal Wednesday afternoon, had jbeen settled. The suit, last on the current j setting, was that of Nancy Maison against Kienstra Concrete Co. The members of the trial jury were excused- and suit dismissed. Other members of the venire were dismissed yesterday, said Court Clerk F. T. Boschert. In a verdict returned at 3:15 p.m. yesterday, the jury in the automobile injury suit of Harold K. Hard Jr., against C. R/ | Vaught of Hartford, found in favor of Hard and assessed his damages at $1.000. The suit was based on an automobile collision Dec. 17 on E. Broadway near Cut street. Kenya's Government has seen signs of renewed Man Mau aetivi- ! Profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of maintaining and operating recreation facilities. Bid* will be opened and considered at the regular meeting of the President and board of Trustees of PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice IS hereby given that the VILLAGE OF BETHALTO proposes to lease real estate owned by the VILLAGE OF BETHALTO more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Beginning on the North line of the tract of land described In a deed from the CLEVELAND. CINCINNATI. CHICAGO and ST. LOUIS RAILROAD COMPANY, et al: to the VILLAGE OF BETHALTO dated December 26, 1958 and recorded In Book 1927 Page 230 In the Recorder's Office of Madison County, Illinois, designated "Bethalto Park" which point is 40 feet West of the East line of said tract; measured at right angles therefrom: thence continue West along the North, line of said tract for a distance of 400 feet: thence South parallel with the East line of said BETHALTO PARK property to the North line of the present NEW YORK CENTRAL SYSTEM RAILROAD right of way: thence' East along the North line of said right of way to a point which Is 40 feet West of the East line of said BETHALTO PARK property measured at right angles therefrom: thence North parallel with and 40 feet equal distance from the East line of said BETHALTO PARK property, to the point of beginning situated in VILLAGE OF BETHALTO, MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS. Said property is now used as part of the BETHALTO PARK and is In excess of the present needs. The term of said lease shall be forty years with an option to renew for an additional twenty years. The Lessee shall use the same for swimming pool and other recreational purposes with appurtenant facilities and conveniences and subject to other terms and conditions of Ordinance No. 320 passed proved June 25th. i960. and ap- IN LOVING MEMORY — Of our mother, Rosa Bertler. who passed away S years ago, June 30. 1982: In oar hearts there Is a picture, .More precious than silver or sold. It Is a picture of our Mother, Whose memory will never grow old. Sadly missed by all her Children. EMPLOYMENT MUllOTY — iroflinsi to my MTODLBAO work OM chOd, 1014 General^ ho«<worji: Sunday. ' HO WOMAN — Wants day wort or home eleanlns. HO 2-61 Iff. CONFECTIONERY and sandwich Shop, close to two different schools, fully equipped. Owner retiring, win sacrifice. 1813 Central, after P.M. 317 Spring St. FOR LEASE—Major Oil Company service station.. Excellent location. Money maker. In Alton. Illinois. For more Information call HO 5-2198. PERSONAL SERVICE W DRESSMAKING—TAILORING CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS — PERSONALS ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker/ P. O. Box 185, East Altoa. or CL 4-9271 or CL 4-8305. SINUS SUFFERERS E Z X for reUef. E Z at local drug counters. try I ; x is Ptopper's for sale t SOCIETIES and LODGES ALTON COUNCIL—NO. 3, R. * S, M., Thursday. June 30th. 7:30 p.m. John F. Webber, T. I. N. 10 LOST—STKAYEE LOST—Boxer bulldog, Cottage Hills vicinity. 9S reward. CL 9-2093. LOST—Black Labrador retriever In Brighton vicinity. Reward. HO 2-0197. LOST IN DOWNTOWN AREA — Round pin of pink and white stones; gold. Reward. HO 6-3465. LOST — German Shepherd. Black and tan. No collar. Grease smear on left side of face. "King." Reward. 1232, Jerseyvllle. It NOTICES BULK WEDDING PAPER PLATES —White cups, plastic forks and spoons, punch bowl rental; Imprint napkins. BAXTER DIST. CO. 554 E. Broadway. HO 5-9347 RENTAL PHOTO EQUIPMENT Slide cameras «nd projectors: 8mm cameras and . projectors: 16mm sound projectors, screens, etc.. and tape recorders. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE ALTON'S PHOTO CENTER 230 E. Broadway — HO S-2385 TRAP SHOOT—Jersey County Gun Club, July * and 4. OPEN TO PUBLIC AT NEW LOCATION. Turn South at West End Tavern, JerseyvHtev off Route 16 and follow markers. Time, 1:00 p.m. WEDDING RECEPTION—Bridal & stork shower, plates, cups, table cover favors, all In matching design, Crystal punch bowl & cups, candle holders: table center pieces, for rental party service, free with your purchase at Plaza Party Shop, Plaza Shopping Center. HO 5-8443. IIA RIDERS RIDERS—To St. Louis from Wood River. East Alton. CL 4-5300 or CL 4-8784. WILL DRIVE YOUR CAR TO CALIFORNIA, — No charge. HO 2-0164. EDUCATIONAL I2A INSTRUCTIONS AIR CAREER STUDENTS WANTED — Fly — meet people. Graduates over 18. under 35—rush facts and photo to Airline Training. Lambert Airport Class. St. Louis. Mo. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE Work guaranteed. Hale. HO 6-2S33. Mrs. Homer LADIES ft CHILDREN'S dresses, drapes, double breasted stilts made single. CL 4-3676. CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING — Slip covers, drapes. HO 2-8984. 81 LAUNDERING IRONINGS In my home. CL 4-8388. WANTED—Ironings and men's laundry; experienced and reasonable. HO 8-6565. BUSINESS SERVICE 5i BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS" ACCOMMODATING ALL AREAS HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE HO 5-1012 — CL 4-0513 24 hour service. Work guaranteed Insured. We clean. Install, repair sewers, septic tanks, cesspools, Field drains. ALUMINUM SIDING washed by cleaning detergent. Call Ben Allen for reasonable estimate. HO 3-1041. ATTENTION! Home owners, place your furnace cleaning order NOW. Benefit from our ecgnomy rate. CL 4-9450 ~- CL 4-8717. FURNACE CARE CO. OF ILLINOIS BOTTLE GAS HOOKUP — Original bottlegas equipment and bottles: . . also bulk Skelgas. HO 2-2765. JIM JONES. CARPET—First quality, low price. 1960 patterns, wool. Nylon. Acrt- Ian. Free estimates. Select from samples or large rolls from Whole""MADISON COUNTY CARPET R. 4 Edwardsville. 111. ATlantlc 8-7371 CUNNINGHAM —Painting. Interior, exterior. Patch plastering. Small repairs. Reasonable prices. In sured. HO 2-5429. FOR WELDiNG SERVICE of all kinds. Any place or time. Portable equipment. Call Begnel Body and Top Shop (Welder. 22 years- experience). HO 5-8441 or Chuck Thompson; 2-7384. FOR. YOUR HEATING AN6 AIR CONDITIONING NEEDS — CALL AJAX HEATING. & AIR CONDITIONING. CL 9-2011. HO 5-2701. FURNACE CLEANING GILLENWATER, HO 5-8308. HARRIS TREE SERVICE — Power spraying by state licensed operat or. Tree 8-8587. work. HO 2-0811. HO JOHNSTON'S mobile welding and cutting. Evenings and Saturdays. HO 2-3588. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED—617 Spring. LET ME HAUL IT—LIGHT TRUCKING. ODD JOBS. ROBERT GASKILL. HO 2-1560. REMOVAL OF TREES — Large and small, limbs and debris. HO 5-9473. , JUNE ao, BUSINESS SERVICE M with Mtetim 'and (No imowne or SLEE laundry . drlfiklnf). "-9 »6<r* AMP rtAjg FOR MBN-Nlce 3Ma.-c0M.Mew- Good meats. Close-in, Mi Alby. Alton. ROOM and BOARD - Private. So- clal security and pensioner*. HO 2-9068. ROOM A^D BOARD, for iBtll ~ Good meals, modern home. CL 4-2080. HOUSEKEBP11* 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS ' —Private entrance. O^Jff*-..^- Hies furnished. HO 2-0786. 3479 E. Broadway. DOWNTOWN AREA—3 modern furnished light housekeeping r Utilities furnished. HO 2-OIM. rooms. HO 2-3588. ONE ROOM EFFICI ed. Adults. 703 Washington. 2-1740 Y furnish 45 APARTMENTS — PTATS 3 ROOMS—Unfurnished. Lights and water furnished. $40 month. CL 4-0037. 3 ROOM unfurnished .apt. Private 'bath and entrance. 'Adults 303A Lorena, Wood River. only. 3 ROOM DUPLEX—Prlyata bath * entrance. Water furnished, $45. CL 4-3303. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. 2705 College. HO 2-5083 for appointment. 3 ROOMS—Heat, water, Adults. 2nd floor. $65. Winkler Apts.. 700 Alby. 3 LARGE attractive rooms * bath. Private entrances, near St. Joseph's Hospital, Adults only. CL 4-2911. ' 3 ROOMS—All utilities but electric furnished. North Alton. $70. HO 5-5526. Evenings, HO 2-6688. 3 ROOMS—Clean, cool, downstairs. Private entrances. Heat, water. Adults. 844 Washington. 3 ROOM downstairs apt. for rent. Newly decorated. 2 room apt. pref. erablv for one, reasonable. 2 room furnished apt., Ideal for one. Reasonable. HO 5.1203:5^ . 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. Private bath and, entraneeY Newly decorated. Adults only. 1009 B. 4th. 4-ROOM BRICK DUPLEX — Utility room, carport. $85. Near Montlcello Plaza. HO 6-3940. ' > 4 LARGfi ROOJfc.modern apt. Close In. utili $80 per . . In. utilities furnlshflji, ground noor, per monthl CL 4-4383. 4 LARGE room modern apt. Close In. Utilities furnished. Ground floor. $80 per month. CL 4-8368. 5 ROOMS—501 Bond—$60. Bath. Heat, water furnished. Adults. Apply Brlstow. 302 State.. 5 ROOM APT.—Upper Altoa. Private entrances. Most utilities furnished:, some furnishings. Adults only. Reference required. $110 njo. HO 5-6939. APARTMENTS—3 new Apartments for rent: no. children. AH modern kitchens. Call at 1108 East 5th St. APARTMENT for rent. 3-room, un- furnlshed, on first floor. $32 a mo. Located In Hartford. 103 North Market. Call at 103 Bast Maple. CLEAN APT. in North Alton. Private entrance and bath, all utilities furnished. $75. HO 2-3787. FOR COLORED — 3 room modern second floor apartment. Unfurnished: Limit 2 children. Mlddletown on Harrison Street.asHO 2-4463, FOR RENT—3 room unfurnished apt., modern. Gas heat. CL 4-8341 ACCOUNTANT — Assistant Credit Manager. Inside salesman, engl-i neers; other $650 a month. American Employment. 205 Plasa. The Lessee shall be a Not-P'or- MECHANIC—Prefer General Motdrs experience and must be hydramatlc { I man See Service Manager st Walzj Motor Co. 1000 E. Broadway. POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED—SHARPENED ALL MAKES Complete stock Toro Kut Kwlck mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers, STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College, HO 2-7326 lly, Nairobi reports. OI'EN 7:80 NOW * 3 MAJOR FILM HITS RYANlVESf n» IH*MI *•** _L ~ » KO»HOMC SOUND I'M S RETOXP FEATUBE 3 NATURIS FRI. Md CRAMP ITAJTI SUNDAY! MAN OF %Ktr > M lUllElONMN SAT. 3 Late Owl Show J00LF006 •'—•• JIM QAVI* AILI«OM MAVCf) Our Regular Program _ 'DAY OF THE OUTLAW DAY YOU'U MfVfft fOUOfTI SUNDAY, July 3 Oily • 2 BIO HITS! Alan Lttdd — Van Hfllm I "•HANI" Clark Cable — Carroll Bakes "BUT NOT FOR ME" SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY! SUNDAY ind MONDAY. JULY 3 t 4 MONDAY * TUESDAY, JULY 4*1 Jerry Uwl» ia | Cvv Gr*W-*opbi»( lorw MEN (5), not afraid to work to help on food route. $2.50 hour. Alton area. Evergreen 5-5535. IS HELP WANTED —FEMALE BABY SITTER— Room and board. •a BUILDING — CONTRACTING . $2 day. Straight days. Stay. Girls. — — Alert Home Owners insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 5 yrs. to pay— Free Estimates MONEY DOWN— CL 4-0731 FOR RENT—Unfurnished all- modern four room garage apartment. Water furnished. HO 6-3163. IDEAL FOR 1 COUPLE — 3-room brick duplex; One year old. Air- conditioned and carport. Local, on 5th street In North Roxana. HO 2-1382. NICE 3 room apt. Private entrance and bath. Hot and cold water furnished. $50 month. 896 Center, East Alton. 111. CL 4-8655. NICE 3-RM. APARTMENTS — Newly decorated. Utilities furnished. HO 5-2274. age 4-5. HO 5-2473. |the VILLAGE OF BETHALTO to | -— be held August 1. 1960 at the hour i BABYSITTER for two school - aged of 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall, i boys. Beihalto. Illinois. Straight days. CL <-2008. Dated Juno 25th, 1966. (SEAL) WM. DOERR, Village Clerk. June 30. Jujy 7, 14 DECORATOR — Consultant. Car necessary. Experience or some knowledge of interior work. Salary open. American Plasa. Employment, 205 MIDDLEAGED white .lady to care for two children in my home. Stay. ALL CARPENTRY" and painting, interior and exterior. Phone HO _ _ ____ BLOCK * CONCRETE WORK — Repair work. Free estimates. HO 5-6132. Ph. NORTH ALTON—3 room uafurnisb- ed apt. Phone HO 6-2712 aftor 6. NORTH ALTON—3 room apartment. Rooms are very modern and large. Lots of closet space. Front and back entrance. This Is newly decorated and first class all the Way. Heat & water furnished. Adults only. $80. Dial HO 2-0055 or HO 2-0315. 2432 STATE — Small apartment, upstairs. $30. HO 5-5916^ BLOCK, BRICK, stone, plaster, con crete. New construction. Remodel ing HO 2-9140 STATE OF ILLINOIS CL 4-5876. BOB WOODS — Cement contractor. Union work. Free estimates. HO )ss. i COUNTY OF MADISON ) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT MARY QUERTERMOUS, Plaintiff Vs. SHIRLEY QUERTERMOUS, Defendant WAITRESS WANTED person at Bon Air. __ i 5-2938. HO 2-7832. WANTED — Mlddleaged lady to babysit, light housework. CL 9-2572. A PP |y ln I CARPENTER WORK — Large or small. Free estimates. CL 4-5718. !• HELP WTO.—Male * Feroale AIR CAREERS SEE OUR AD UNDER CLASS I2A WANTED—Man or woman to sell Rawleigh Product*. See Chas. Miller. 466 Whltelaw. Wood River. CL i 4-4303 ^3 r ' t *«.* MARILYN yONROE-TOy fWCll ' • IIUUMMWC MUM • H»MI M * HTMI Mm IT A Wi HO MM 4tB WORKS CHILDIIN AJMIITTIO HU DIVORCE CHANCERY NO. 89-C-337 TO SHIRLEY QUERTERMOUS The requisite affidavit having been filed. Notice is hereby given you. SHIRLEY QUERTERMOUS. Defendant in the above entitled cause, that the above suit has been commenced In the Circuit Court of Madison County. Illinois, by the said Plaintiff. MARY QUERTERMOUS, against you. praying for divorce: that said suit is numbered 60-C337 [in Chancery, and is sill) pending And that SHIRLEY QUERTERMOUS. Defendant. Is to be served by publication. Now. therefore, unless you. SHIRLEY QUERTERMOUS. said De feadaot. file your Answer to the Complaint or otherwise appear In said suit In the said Circuit Court of Madison County. Illinois, held in the Court House. In the City of Ed- ward*v|lle. Illinois, on or before Augtist 9. 1840. default may be entered against you et any time «ft«r that <teie. and e Decree entered i* accordance with tae prayer of said CompJ»i»i t this Mtk dg* of i WANTED— Industrial engineer, 21-33 with degree. Medical technician, collector, communications equipment talesman, alterer. hotel maid. room clerk, short order cook. nurses' aide, housekeeper (stay). truck and boat mechanic. Apply in person, Illinois State Employment Service. 67 Henry. Alton. WE ARE now taking applications for curb girls aad waitresses. Also fry cook (male or female). No phone calls. Apply In person. Comet Drive In. IAIMKBN EXCLUSIVE CIGAR DISTRIBUTOR wants married man between 30 and 40 years. Muct reside In city W&SMAN * WALLBTT. 1* : of Alton. Ill Travel total of counties, centered around Alton. 5 counties located in Missouri. Position consists of sailing and delivering. exclusive, franchised cigar brands to retail trade Must maintain small Inventory at residence and b« able to tpaad a minimum of 8 nights awav from home in a 5-week period. Earnings based OB commission of gross sales, backed by guaranteed drawing account, la addition to all p«rsoaal expanse* paid by company. Company furnished transportation with all expenses paid. Civ* compteta resume includlag telephon* aumbar ia first Uictar. Parsoaal iatarvtew appointments will only fc* graatttd ta re- suonc* to written application letters. WM. A. SUckiay Claar Co.. 1031 Choutaau. St. LouM |" HU*ouri CARPENTER — Roofing repair, block and concrete work: experienced. Free estimates. HO 2-4110. CARPENTER WORK — Roofing, siding, repairing, remodeling. No job Too small. CL 4-8044. COLLINS CABINET SHOP. Custom mad* cabinets. Work guaranteed. Frei •stimatti. Tarry Drive, Alton. HO J-1407. DECORATING FLOOR SANDING And RefinUhina. For free estimates call E. Wetsteln HO 5-1834. INTERIOR and exterior Minting. arianc*. Joseph 35 yaars' aspari Pankav. CL 4*091. INTERIOR-EXTERIOR decorating. Patch plastering, removing wall- r. No job too small. HO >• INTERIOR, exterior painting, dacor- PAINTING—laitide tad out. Small Jops solicit**. Dial CL MMM. PAINTING—P»p*r aaaslag * latch plastering. CL 9-8367. PAUL McGl/IGGAN— Ing. Save man*. HO THREE ROOMS unfurnished or partly furnished. $28 month. George Forstlng. Hartford. 111. ' TWO LARGE ROOMS—Newly decorated. Private bath and entrance. Off-street parking. Utilities furnished. Call HO 2-1S67. UPPER ALTON — Unfurnished 4 room apt. Private bath, private entrance, HWF, wall to wall carpet in living room, utilities furnished. Adults only. HO 5-3188. VERY ATTRACTIVE 3 room upstairs apt Full bath, private entrance. Adults only. WB month. HO 3-64T7. WORDEN APTS. — 1103 Washington. 3-room efficiency. Range, refrigerator, blinds, wattr furnished. Now available. APAKTMBNTt 3.ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Private bath and entoinc*. All utilities paid. HO 5-93M. 3 ROOK! furnished apt Private bath, private entrance. 1US B. 4th HO 5-7831. 3 ROOMS — Utilities furnished. l» por week, Milton area. 3619 Coto- nado Dr. I ROOM MODBRN — UUUtlM nuhod. Adult.. Mil YM»T ANNOUNCEMENTS • t * t • TOHACf YOU! AO OULHOM44I Wi in Dultrt ftr OB Md UA buroen 'tteiclM OU Stove* rBMkCNI find Ka*t«*e FINANCIAL AUTOMOBILE LOANS auiun i MIVHI REASONABLE BANK BATH

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