Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 30, 1960 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1960
Page 27
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ALTON EVENING TEUCORAl>H THURSDAY, JUNE 30,1980 - Former has fuKffled Ittt dK0n of every prlma donna Wtld fcfcr tWM: To grab the GENERAL AIRPORT DAMAGE FROM AIR This photo fey Ion Hayes *M token planes. Estimates ran M high as ft fhts morning and shows extent of dam- quarter of A million dollars, with hardly age Inctirred^ttrbig th« n^ht to parted a plane escaping. _____ U. S. May Disallow Granite City Housing Cost B.v RICHARD WESLEY WASHINGTON (AP)-R«p. Wll- Ham L. Dawson (D-ffl) said today that more than 1238,000 spent to build housing for Army engineers at Granite City, ni., i may be disallowed by the federal government. Dawson said he had been i n- formed by the comptroller general that the disallowance action will be taken as soon a« the exact amount of money spent in excess of statutory limitations is determined, ^-i Dawson, chairman of the House Government Operations Committee, said a General "Accounting Office audit showed that Army engineers illegally spent more than $223,000 by transferring the excess Stevenson In New York Welcome NEW YORK (AP)-Adlai Ste- vemon arrived here Wednesday night and said he was ,glad to know be was politically alive. He was Indeed the lively topic of some political fireworks in New York. A Stevenson backer, Wednesday accused New York State Democratic Chairman Michael H. Prendergast of suppressing those figures In a statewide poll that favored the former Illinois governor. Making the accusation was Russell D. Heraenway, deputy national campaign chairman for Stevenson. He said it was "regrettable that Mr. Prendergast suppressed these facts in his announcement" last weekend. But the pollster declared: "I don't feel gagged." John F. Kraft, a professional poll-taker, said the figures Prendergast did not release were given over the weekend in a syndicated newspaper feature Kraft writes. Stevenson was asked by reporters on his arrival from Chicago about a suggestion by his New York supporters that the Democratic presidential ticket be Stevenson and Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass). Stevenwon Flattered Stevenson said he was very much flattered and pleased that he is considered "to be good for the party and country again." He added: "I have read my political epitaph in the newspapers so many times, it is comforting to know you are still alive." Kraft said he assumed Prendergast knev. he intended to put the pro-Stevenson figures in his newspaper articles. Prendergast hud said the poll showed Sen. John F. Kennedy (D- Massi is the strongest Democratic presidential contender. Kraft backed that. He said his figures showed that if an election were held now Kennedy would beat* Nixon 58 per cent to 42 per cent, while Nixon would beat Stevenson 51 per cent to 49 per cent. Kraft said his poll of enrolled Democrats and enrolled Liberals showed 44 per cent would like to see Stevenson renominated, while 38 per cent favor Kennedy and 18 per cent other Democratic candidate*. costs to other items not subject to a statutory limitation,, A committee aide said the disallowance action "conceivably" could lead to litigation to recover the excess funds from the con tractor' who built the 50 units of military housing at the Granite City engineers depot. In hearings before the committee, the contractor was identified as G. H. Sternberg & Co. of Granite City, the engineers awarded the 9931,667 contract to 4be Sternberg company in Feb- ruiry-1^6. The committee aide ,said there are several ways' tor the government to recover disallowed costs, including withholding the amount •Irom other contracts which might be held by the contractor. He said the committee has also asked the Justice Department to study the case with a view to taking any necessary action. The committee said the engineers Juggled prices on items in ttle contract to keep under the statutory limits, and ended up by 'listing the contract value of In; stalled refrigerators at $1,100 each and kitchen ranges at $404 each. NE A Heart Believes in Sparing Rod LOS ANGELES AP - A pert schoolmarm who has spared the rod in 27 years of teaching taKe* over as titular head of the world's largest professional organization Friday. ' Miss Clarice Kline will assume the presidency of the National i Education Assn. and its 714,000 members oh the final day of the i NEA's 98th annual convention. Miss Kline is convinced thai high school students are Just about the best people there are. 8 should know; she has taught them 127 years. "They are smart and poised, i they know what they want, and they are aware of their responsi bilities," she said In an Interview. 'I've never had to take a ruler to one yet." • For the next 12 months, Miss Kline will be on leave from her duties as social studies teacher at Waukesha, Wis., High School. She expects to visit all 50 states, as well as Europe, and will log more than 120,000 miles of travel. Truman Back in SpotUght MARMfW AUWMMa tt*s» News Analyst WAIMTKOTON Traman be tebdNtoBsd tts party afsao. That time he said he didn't think Stevenson could win it ha got the nomination, that' Wat hardly a mny psajtmttng; foe and 4urf\ Fm ** tt «I1 flrti (dWwf «nytttng ft WB* that T«marf« fathMiH* w flit party had dwantd a long wai rinct 19« When f* ww the idikitMiftM* ftyt^» * JJ^M^A ' ' retiring presioeni* • i he was a &-. fc__ -!.-« « f~ ly 9f SUOXMUy would not attend even accepted the post ol dele* And, to build .up interest in .^X^^^u i^^^fc^^^ J .. ^i-_jj-. ^j, MttjMd^- itnpnii nvnao or saying >TW ntsAay wfflr ftt wouldn't t», Hi Sflrfht wtuflgVwatt unHl sfjite* CWtfCTpnre to HP said begin waj ^^JUU^K IVUMI. But flmef — in 1996 and Stevenson fan Bat this year It seemed Tru- In 1B8D - Mrs. Roosevelt wouldn't buy what he .was trying !to «n, man would be fresh out of bomb-! w 19S6 - ** «*« * er shells by the tine the Denxv even before the curtain jcratic convention, opmed hi Lot goei «p, | Angeles July 11, and tor this He's done it twice in a row: treason: In 1996 and now again in 1900. But in both thoie years at least one famous Democrat, Eleanor Roosevelt, Was looking over his shoulder suspfdously. In t9M, as Democrats gathered tor their Chicago convention, Adlal K, Stevenson was the frontrunner for their presidential Weeks ago lie announced ntt choice for -this year's ' nomina came out for Harrlman, Mrs. RoHSevelt expressed belief his ttal objective was to bring about a fiarriman-Stevenson stalemate to oHter to get the nomination for Symington. Warn* of Fetid AP ft***** to* ft* Dtmomuc today a tit*** fr rntut tatt flie tad w ".soUdtfy ? oil vention could low - _ T -„ Honat state it* fight for states rights concessions. Barnett called upon Sflsstostpftf to state it* postttoB dearl? and send its 48 . ftflMof dtHgittl Los to cast itf 28 VOtti as a UJdt The governor, head of the sttte tion was Sen. Stuart Symington,; Symington at that time said he Truman's fellow Missourian. After that there didn't item much left that Truman could do to get attention, , He was going to be one of the Missouri delegates but, wHh nomination. Until then Truman! his waning influence In the par* had talpt Silettt on his choice, jty, there was a good" chance he'd ' ........ " few) days before the convention open*), he temporarily Stole th| ihow by announcing for New York's Gov. W. Averell Harriman* On the opening day :.' -^t'-:. ..._-.^ get loot in the shuffle. But he found a way. Wednesday, Just 13 days be* fore the Democratic convention starts. Truman shocked his par* HOLIDAY SPECIAL Potato 2-in-l PACKAGE NOW 49° Buy Them At Your Favorite Store MUDE FRESH DAILY TO BE TASTY FOR YOUR HOLIDAY MEALS AND SNACKS wasn't a candidate but would accept-the nomination. Now here it is i960 and Tru- ton — who this time is an announced candidate. But n6w Mrs. Roosevelt has expressed the belief that Truman endorsed Symington merely as a- "feeler" and really favors Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas. * fte was for MBVttiMHj HI and 19M anrt is for "Mm now. troinan was * Stevenson fan only to 1952. It's bard to imagine how a man has come out for flytning* fighter tike Truman — s&iee he says Matt to not a factor — would or oould. stay awsy from the convention. But maybe his Saturday ex planation will raise more hall in the Democratic party man anything he could do-or say at the At least Mrs. Roosevelt has!convention. If It does, tt's sure been more consistent than Tru-> to please him plenty. party, art fl» MS ttwe would b» Wrong at the fta- trip principles) of the peopfe of MWsUppi an intolv- STha «•$"»« dm b« m fm r ft not ?glBBBnl- mtt, a nrogrtrtl that ffllporii ouf be- Jlefl and prtnciplei and 1 win give we te pi and fli the 9MHn wno nvc long ^and qjMMfcft fflppm the DeftKtelSllc fc^VsJ* •Wg'ff have fflany true frterai among those who fflwet «nt party'* pof ' A new technical ttwatutc in Trl poll, Ubyt, wte m» r 1 ^ ibt frjMf (ttt ~"~~ IHI 1XJWU K*« Friday and Sa/urdoy Feo»ur«s Date Nut StOlleh ...... 69c.... .Special Feature] A generous sized stollen with a delicious date filling, ' caramel Icing and pecans on lop . . . Order one for the weekend. Maysvllle Fudge Cftke .. «4c .. ..Special Feature That different chocolate cake with that extra delicious fudge Icing . . . phone .your order In early' Fourth of July picnics,are .better wlttvSandwIch Buns. Pies and Cakes from Selbold'o Order now. don't wait! Be sure and have plenty for the double Holiday. . f ; |Mrs. Seibold's Bake Shops, Inc. Boys li who .J WIUHIrt VMMg* ttavslai Ctflttr •cil Eait Alton, m. 141 a: Penmen' Ave., Wood Rlvtr. Ul. 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dallr . I:H a.m. to S o.m. Dally Open Till • p.m. Monday * Fit' Oven Pritaf Till '• Dial CL 4-2«4s S p.m. Dial CL 4-SXlt [Open Friday Mite tHI 9 |8*t. till i P.M. P.M. Nobody can resist a 7-Up > "Float"! Put one scoop of ice cream or sherbet in a tall glass, tilt the glass, and gently pour in chilled 7-Up. The fresh, clean taste of 7-Up is wonderful with ice cream. Just see! Tb« flgum posed this question, Kraft said: Should tfae party pick the favorite among enrolled Democrats or me man with the best chance to beat Nixon? Kraft said be had used the same i poll results in a report he made! to Prendergast and in his newspaper articles. 1 The poll was taken between May 28 and June 10 and Prendergast had quoted from it to contend tbat KMMdy would outdraw Stevenson 57 per cent to 18 per cent in upstate New York and 42-41 in the suburbs. Kraft noted .tbe poll also showed that in New YqrkCity, where most ol the state's Demofratu- and Liberal votes are cast. Steveiuon outdrew Kennedy 53 to 32 per A PrcMtorpfft spokesman said the ctty and sj&tewide figures were omtitsd >>MUrr they included liberal Party members. 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