Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 14, 1957 · Page 18
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 18

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1957
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

i • Junior Editors Quit on- MAGNETS MAKE t RIENOS Tlmee HereM, etrrell, ft. «J% Wednesday, Auo. 14, 1M7 |y When you greet an acquaint' ance, -call him by name, "Hello, Bill" or "Good morning, Mrs Brown" sounds much more friendly than just "Hello" or "Good LITTLE LIX The three chief causes of discomfort in summer are the heat, the humidity, and arguing about which is worse. morning." Besides, when you call a person by name he is sure that you aren't trying desperately to place him. TIZZY By Kate Osonn OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS QUESTION: Why do magneto attract ma tali? ANSWER: No one is sure what causes magnetism, but most scientists believe It results from the way the molecules in a magnet are arranged. In an ordinary bar of Iron, the molecules are jumbled, so that their attraction for each other cancels out. In a magnetized bar the molecules line up in rows with their north poles pointing north and their south poles south. They alt pull together and there* fore can .attract things outside the bar. The first magnets were stones called magnetites discovered In the ancient Asia Minor country of Magnesia. Punled by the way these stones attracted metal, people thought they were- magic Centuries later, man learned that when hung by a string, one end of a piece of magnetite was attracted by the earth's North Pole and the other by the South Pole. This discovery led to the invention of the compass. FOR YOU TO DO: Get a magnet and rub a needle on it. Balance the needle on a small cork floating in a saucer of water. You will find that the needle has been magnetized and that one end points north, the other south. (Gloria Henderson of Downings, Va., wins $10 for this idea. Write yours to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrow: Does a swan sing a "swan song?") CARNIVAL By Pick Turner "Herbie writes me the most beautiful poetry—stuff by Browning, Keats and Ogden Nash I" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer I'm sure glad getting up only comes in the morning—Pop couldn't stand the shock twice in one dayl" "Who do I see about another lemonade dealer in my block that Insists upon starting price wars?" Music to Remember Answer to Previous Puzzle m SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "Certainly they're lima beans, Louisel Thafs how they look before they're frozen and put In a packagel" ACROSS t" King" Cole 4 « Marie" 8 Violin partners 12 High note o! Guido's scale IS Paradise 14 Operatic solo 15 "Little Echo" 16 Required 18 Most hackneyed 20 Baked clay, pieces ' 21 At this time 22 Musical work 24 Man's name 20 Snare 27 Musical direction 50 Frozen dessert 32 Unruly ttUow 51 Coves 35 Most indolent 3«« tor Two" IV Japanese outcasts 39 Minor 40 Go by .41 President Coolldge 42 Turtle's overcoat 45 Shore 49 Clergymen • 51 Dawn goddess 52 Great Lake 53 Heraldic band 54 Soak up 95 Espouses 50 French summers 57 Attempt DOWN 1 Cape 2 Landed 3 Spider 4 Start again 5 Poems 6 Military location 7 Compass point 8 Foundation 9 Aloud 10 Telegram 11 Speaks 17 Slow to comprehend 19 Free 26 Tries 27 Hardest 28 Hardy heroine 29 Music is one of them 31 Robs 23 "The last time 33 Spanish jars I saw, 24 Leave out 25 Musical quality 38 State 40 Works diligently 41 Lawsuits 42 Merganser 43 Engage 44 Geraint's wite in Arthurian legend 46 Novelist, Stanley Gardner 47 Entrance 48 Glimpse 50 Kind ot dance OUR BOARDING HOUSE , . . with r4 ( ' * T )066Om.',. THIS IS IT/ SOT A LETTER MERBFROM AN OC PAL WANTS M& IN 0M A SeCRST URANIUM A\lN &/-i -!F TTKIN ROUND UP FN& HUNNERT WE'LL 6RAB TM16 LAMD AN/60 PRAMCIM' irtTO EASY. •STREET-—BOYS ' LOOK; ME UP, VMHEM MY PENSION ^TART& l?CtLr \H& IN-^TLL ff&lN THE MARKET POR A CARROT PATCH/ HOW, ABOUT THAT <SOLp, MiNfeVOLi 3 VJVTH Of4C& OUT OF IT ¥ 8UT GOLDEN OUT AT FIRST » BUGS BUNNY Dinner Delicacy PRISCILLA'S POP ALLEY OOP Trade? BY V. T. HAML1M MORTY MEEKLE Last Straw BY DICK CAVALLI V THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Capsiied BY EDGAR MARTIN *v&«e* fW g • >»»*wm ©Ait •n , — i I. J M«A lhV\t> 3 frU'HnirXj " t at ) INT to NU hnkt IM. T.M. U.S. »«. ON." EVENWS y ANDOIJ . •THEOUTCWRTSOFl CENTERVlLLf... MBS. 166, Ml*/ BA^CrXTOKOF THE COURIER. Breaking It W BY WILSON SCRUGGl!

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