Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 14, 1957 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1957
Page 12
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Anticipated Enrollment Is 580— Seven New Teachers at Kuemper High School; Classes Will Resume on Thursday, August 29 'Classes will resume at Kuemper High School on Thursday, August 29 at 8:30. On this day and also 1 ; the day following classes Will be dismissed at noon. Seven new teachers will appear ort the faculty roster at Kuemper this fall. They are: Rev. Thomas Holland, who was the assistant pastor at St. Mary's parish of Danbury, last year. New Sisters for the faculty will be: Sr. M. Alvina from DePadua High School of Ashland, Wis.; Sr. M. Annarose from Rosary High School at Bozeman, Mont.; Sr.„,M. Geraldine from St. Mary's High School of West Point; Sr. M. Marie from DePadua High School of Ashland, Wis.; Sr. M. Maurilia from St. Boniface High School, New Vienna, and Sr.' Mary Lucian of Blessed Sacrament School, Lacrosse, Wis. AH of last year's faculty will return with the exception of Sr. M. Antilia, Sr. M. Juanice, Sr. M, Inez, Sr. M. Paula M*arie, and Sr. M. Ramona. Masters Degree* v During the g um'm e r James work for his master of science degree in agrictil'tUr'al education at Iowa State College In Ames, and Sr. M. Jacqueline received her master of science degree in home economics education frdfn Stout Institute at Menomonie, Wis. The anticipated enrollment at Kuemper High School is 580 students; this is comparable to the enrollment of the past school year. The same bus transportation will again be provided for the Daily Times Herald S«ction N Two Wodnotday, August 14, 1957 Pag* 13 students from the rural parishes on the same schedule as in past years. The opening football game will be on Friday, September 13 against Dowling at Des Moines. The homecoming game will be on October 17 with the team from Cathedral High School in Omaha. Teachers, their degrees and schools follow: Sr, - M. Aduta, B.. A., Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash.; Sr. M. Aquinata, B. A.. Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; Sr. M. Cecilienne, M. M., De Paul University, Chicago, 111.; Sr. M. Evangeli.ce, B. A., Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; Sr. M., Genevieve, B. Ph., Gonzaga (Dubuque; Sr, M. Rosanne, M. A., University, Spokane, Wash.; Sr. M. Jacqueline. M. S. in Home Ec, Stout State College, Menomonie, Wis.; Sr. M. Marcia, M. A., St. Louis University, St, Louis, Mo.; Sr. Mary Catherine, B. A., Rosary College, Chicago, 111.; Sr. Mary Medard, B. A., Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; Sr. M. Pauline, M. A., Catholic University, Washington, D, C; Sr. M. Paulinda, B. A„ Loras College, Dubuque; Sr. M. Ricarda, M. A., Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis.; Sr. M. Theola, B. A., Loras College, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis.; Sr. M. Alvina, B. A., Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; Sr. M. Annarose, M. M., Eastman School of Music, Rochester, N. Y.; Sr. M. Geraldine, B. S„ Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; Sr. M. Marie, B. A., Loras College, Dubuque; Sr. M. Maurilia, M. A., St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo.; Sr. Mary Lucian, B. A., Viterbo College, LaCrosse, Wis.; James Downey, B. A., Des Moines University, Des Moines; Lou Galetich, B. A., St. Ambrose College, Daven­ port; Steve Garbier, B. A., Yank* ton College, Yankton, S. D.; Thorn* as Ryan, B, A., State Teacher's* College, Peru, Neb.; James Straut* man, B. S., Missouri University* Columbia, Mo.; Gayle Thompson, B. S., State Teachers' College, Mankato, Minn.; Rev. Leo Lerizi M. A., Creighton University, Gm* aha, Neb.; Rev. Thomas Donation B. A., Loras College. Dubuque; Rev. Thomas Holland, B. A., Loras College, Dubuque; Rev. Robert Thiele, B. A., Loras College, Dubuque; Rev. Patrick Waite, M. Si Educ, Creighton University, Ora> aha, Neb. 2 New Nuns Are Assigned To St. John's •i ARCADIA — Two new teach- 1 ers have been assigned to the staff \ of St. John's school this year. Sr. Mary Theona, O.S.F., prinel- j pal, will replace Sr. Mary Arlcne, I O.S.F. and Sr. Mary Adelaide, ' O.S.F., teacher of the first and | second grades will replace Sr. i Mary Elizabeth, O.S.F. ! Returning to St. John school from last year will be Sr. Maty i Veridian, O.S.F., teacher of the! fifth and sixth grades; Sr. Mary Dorothy, O.S.F., teacher of the third and fourth grades; and Sr. j Mary Jonella, O.S.F., doing the' domestic work at the local con- j vent. Anticipated enrollment Is 135 pupils, an increase of 10 over the previous year. A great improvement has been ; made in the school by enlarging one of the classrooms. A new floor covering of tile has been installed In the new classroom. A built-in teacher's storage cabinet has been put in. The painting of the walls Kindergarten Only at Dedham; Others to Carroll (Times Herald News Service) DEDHAM—The Dedham public school board, after long deliberations in regard to opening the school this year has announced a decision to open for kindergarten pupils only. Pupils Of other elementary grades and high school will be sent to the Carroll Public School. Mrs. Ray Lloyd of' Carrollton , has been engaged to teach the first semester and Mrs. Delbert Von Bon of Dedham the second semester. A registration of from 12 to 15 is expected. The opening date has not been announced. will match the color of the floor. A portion of the remaining class-room has been converted into a restroom fully equipped. In it the floor is also covered with a new tile Classes will resume August 27. Shorthand, Craft Are Added at St. Bernards There are more tiian 12.000 trailer parks in the United States. BREDA — St. Bernard Grade and High School will reopen with a half-day session Friday, August 30. Tuesday September 3, will be the first full day of school. New high school courses will be added .in shorthand and craft. Estimated enrollment is 260 in the elementary grades and 110 in high school. The Rev. J. P. Hausmann, pastor of St. Bernard parish, again will head the faculty as superintendent with Sr. M. Roselma as principal of the grades and Sr. M. Vincentia, principal of high school. Other members of the high school faculty will be the Rev. William j Ortman, athletic director and in- i structor in religion; Kenneth King, ! athletic coach and teacher of bi- I olgy, world history and general (science; Sr. M. Matthia, Latin 1 ; and II, algebra, English I, home ('economics and freshman guidance; I Sr. M. Naomi, English II, and III, ; American history, chorus I and II, [and sophomore guidance; Sr. M. ' Leonice, English IV, shorthand. typing, bookkeeping, junior guidance: and Sr. M Adrian, mathematics, craft, and library assistant. In addition to her duties as principal, Sr. Vencentia-will teach • physics, chemistry, geometry, social government, and senior guidance. The grade school faculty will include Sr. M. Wilma, grade 1; Sr. M. Laurine, grade 2; Miss Elizabeth Hinners, grade 3; Sr. M. Pascaline, grade 4; Sr. M. Huberta, grade 5: Sr. M. Procopia, grade 6; Sr. M. Fernanda, grade 7; Sr. M. Roselma, grade 8. Sr. Roselma also will be the superior of St. Clara Convent. Sr M. Cleopha is the housekeeper. New Texts to Be Given Out At Rose I le ROSELLE. — The approximate opening date of Holy Angels School, Roselle, has.been set for Tuesday, August 27. A full-day session is planned. Expected enrollment is about 100, including 11 beginners in the. first grade. The New Winston Arithmetic Series will be introduced in all grades and New Cathedral Basic Readers in Grade 5. The Rev. W. R. Graf, pastor of Holy Angels parish, again will head the facdlty. Members of the teaching staff are Sr. M. Faith, Sr. M. Clarissa, Sr. M. Adella, and Sr. M. Eva. Djakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Rainfall of Kansas averages only i 26 inches a year. The saw-whet cwl gets its name from its call, which sounds like the filing of a saw. A piebald animal is one of different colors, usually black and white. Water from melting glaciers ir rigates rice paddies in Nepal. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace. J Boys Ski-Type Knit ,ind Printed Flannel Knit (pilar and cuffs ii'infoiu.'cl with ii y I o r l( I' o p 1 its shape. Sut;s 6 to 16. 2 *19 Hood folds clown to mal.. i ollar The most pi tittical and warm »..• s f | o c U c t ever offered at this price, full 14 oi quilted lined body heavy z-iDper ond svcitej re pc; I lent Si/es 4 tp 12. 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I c I u ' 1 1 unci suedes bricjht vul dyr-d rolors mUdr espr- rtuMy for i -usy rare lurjcjt'd wear sues 2 16 KNIT POLO SHIRTS _ Q i i II Vo>' L oncj sleeve t O II u I s 11 y Ion en,forced full rut to hie sues 6 I,.. I 2 1.69 i Miss Myrna Koster Miss Koster to Teach 5th At Holstein ARCADIA—Miss Myrna Koster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Koster of Arcadia, will teach fifth grade in the Holstein Public School next term. A graduate of St. Bernard High School, Breda, Miss Koster attended Briar Cliff College, Sioux City, for two years and received a two-year pre-professional certificate last spring. Miss Koster will leave for Holstein Aug. 26. Two New on Maple River School Staff MAPLE RIVER — St. Francis School, Maple River, will open for a half-day session Tuesday, Sept. 3, with two new members on the faculty, according to the Rev. P. M. Mattes, pastor of St. Francis parish and superintendent of the school. Sr. M. Ceciline will replace Sr. M. Charlene as teacher of grades 3. 4, and 5. Sr. M Eliza will succeed Sr. M. Ludg.irdis as assistant to Sr. M. Dignn in grades, I, 2, and 3. Sr. M. Ottona will return as principal and teacher of grades, 6, 7, and- 8. All are members of Expect to Enroll 82 at St. Anthony School of Nursing Entrance date for new students at the St. Anthony School of Nursing will be Monday, August 19. A brief orientation session will be held in the afternoon. Classes for first and second year students will begin Tuesday, August 20. An enrollment of 82 is expected for the new year with 30 in the freshman class, 27 second-year students and 25 seniors. This is practically the same number as in the past few years. Sr. M. Clarella, school administrator, will be on leave of absence the first semester with Sr. M. Georgia serving as director of the school as well as instructor in basic sciences. Other faculty members are Sr. Mary Anthony, instructor in pediatric nursing; Sr, M. Evarista. obstetric nursing; Sr. M. Bernita, medical and surgical nursing and specialties; Sr. M. Corona, science; Sr. M. Emerentia, chemistry; Sr. Mary David, psychology; Sr. Mary Ambrose, operating room nursing; Sr. M. Doris, diet therapy; and Miss Beldora Tacke, nursing fundamentals. The curriculum for the first semester will follow a pattern similar to last year. The school has undergone repairs and redecorating during the summer months. Expect 180 to Be Enrolled at St. Joseph's St. Joseph 'School. CarrolU haa set Tuesday, September 3, as the tentative opening date. Only a half- day session will be held. Registration of pupils who did not enroll last May is scheduled after each mass on Thursday, August 15. An enrollment of 180 is anticipated, which will be somewhat larger than last year. Advance registration of kindergarten children indicates that there will be a class of 28 beginners, three less than last year. • A pre-school conference of teachers will take place in the school at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, August 31, The Rt. Rev. Msgr. P. T. Lynch will begin his 26th year as superintendent and will be assisted in religious instruction by the Rev. Robert Thiele. Sr. M. Innocentia, F.S.P.A., has returned as principal and teacher of the seventh and eighth grades. Other faculty members will b« Miss Edna Foley, kindergarten; Sr. M. Elvira, grades 1 and 2; Sr. Claramae, grades 3 and 4; and Sr. Grace Marie, grades 5 and 6. All nuns on the teaching staff are members of the Franciscan Sis: ters of Perpetual Adoration, LaCrosse, Wis. The same curriculum will b* offered as last year. During the summer, the lower corridor and entrances of the building were repainted in preparation for the new year. the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, LaCrosse, Wis. Anticipated enrollment is about 80 which is substantially the same as last year. An average gegis- tration of nine pupils is expected in kindergarten. Several new desks are being in stalled in preparation for opening day. BUYS WICKLAND STATION (Times Herald News Service) LANESBORO — Shelby Dillivan has purchased the Wickland service station and bulk plant at Lanesboro and took possession on August 12. The station will be operated by Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Dillivan. Kindergarten atTempleton Opens Sept. 3 TEMPLETON—Templeton Public School will open on Tuesday morning, September 3, with an expected enrollment of 20 in the kindergarten. This is a slight increase over last year. Courses are not offered above the kindergarten level.'Mrs. Alois Lechtenberg will return as teacher for the new year. A mole can dig more than 75 yards in a single night. ; School days are so much more fun . • • so much mort rewarding . . . when young students have the right supplies. 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