Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 30, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1960
Page 6
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ALTON KVTBMNO TEUCORAPM Editorial Born ,16 BftdfrtUw «* to wrprhf * 'tVittotit kadtrt, the frlting 6f Con- fc» iytn«tom» of friction. David Lawrence U2 Report It will remain lymptthetie to the West for the time being, in view of the treatment it ' received from Belgium which released it « a . free rtttt long before the originally intended I time. P.lgium a1» h« Wen keeping any needed key people there to settle Affitfultie^ a new ns WAgHfNOTON ^ „,„ ^ - Ol»ajee» tton, with untried leadership, i« bound to meet. , M<JfM But Communist China already has indicated tmv • rrartwd a new has Ju*t hwn Tw« political groups *hot out of 'the, new ! it will undertake early wooing of the new jjov 0wi a report on -the U2 affflt formed by f«»««rftfftee ttimum- ; ernment. In Mong Kong the Chinese Communin ^vhich In |»rt is r-ow-urrwl in by Objected. Tht letder of one, Jean Bok,- i pre^, Rsinhwa, announced 4 note of official :«mipof its mmbrrs.», ih^ght he should have the defeme min- j recognition ..ready had been sent by the Pttping - lltttl }* ippwprirtid for hltfiielf by Lu- | government to the new one at Leopoldville. ^ ^ fhpm rmorrafs Chinese foreign Minister Chen Yi sent i ^ Kennndy — officially putj Tne premier did satisfy one of his chief note to the new Congo foreign minister saying | nPmRf ,| VPS on record as implying! 'by *lein| that Joseph Kaiavubu got ! he hoped recognition would be "helpful to fur- , ha t thr President should have II- of stit* post. ther development- of fnkndly relations" between «l to the world. Six Republicans this week Kasavubu publicly pledged the two countries. anfl nnf himself to remain above politics and to be "the Communism ha, been working hard to «^ guardian Of the Uw, the arbitrator, and the first .tract the attention of sympathy of new peoples ^^ committee's chairman. tervattt of the state." coming to the surface of the world's recogni- gpn ? wtH , Rm Fulbright. Demo- Meuwbiie the new nation already has been tion. We can expect a particularly sharp joinder : (TB , o( Arkansas, after presentinst » nsist fhat ' faced by itt fint international problem. Preium- ! of battle for peopled minds in this area. Can Ho §elves Harm A campaign to adopt a the Illinois constitution. judicial article , n (. f p()ort to the Senate, alleges that the administration is .lying now Hbotit certain aspects of the incident. In a speech to the Sen ate, he says: 8ft and HO Yean Ago ' .., »i . A wmtfltt" Himt*m<4 W layout for Hie j An outbreak of (Ijrwntwjr *Weh LUkt InHKrWtniKll pBgiram wts *«n to ; hi th* death of ttv* efiUdrtn WaiMngtOfl, ft& to tNT^wWlWd by the propp? i others In the Melinite ir*t offtettfc, and fttittwl ^»Wtti«m to th* Piwt> subsiding. Thirty e«*w of tht dWrt ft* Mi approval. fl* magnitude of thc ady had b«*n reported wHWIi imptwwMtrt wai rtflww* m the more <hpn flve m " w of the 6wfto VTL_ ^ ^ ^ |*,<m),MO wtlfjMrtrf c«f, 'Ito project would in- several adult*. Doctors hadbeen Jlablt t* ac- elude rwrwttonal and highway Improvement., cdunt for the outbreak. Late« death w«i that of on both tide* of Alton UK*. On the llllnoi* »ld« the KehM infant •• , from Pia»a sftwt i«*fW te Marquette State . Capt. John jtreckfug wir*dihteAtoiiifrm. Park th* roadway would I* improved wltfi | W. M. ftmviifr to ca«c«l tB ttwntflWIi awinimtn* bfiMSHii, »og| fcntJmgs, and anconv ( tracts he had booked for the . modattoiw at CHttonV add fittr Marquette. Ptc-: destroyed hy fire at La CfOtte. rtic afeat vwuld he fnolttdWJ. On the Missouri | low- water conditions m the Mlssrtalppj, hl«Jrth«r side the main recreational area would be de- excursion boat, "W.W." couldn t , J.S., veloped at Portage des Sioux. The prospectus - dowmtream to fill enfagementt, he contained all possible detail on the develop- Streckfus estimated his uninsured to« on UK at $95,000, httt said he *«Jld, bttlld a new thfit It was seeking Information of wonder what will be the result of the Outgrowth of * conference between constables Failure to adopt the new article was became extraordinary importance which and justices of peace with the county board's of ^ difrjcu|t comlitioi1 , irnpo , ed on ratifica- "light not bo available later. How- Legislative Committee this week. , The immediate result was agreement that "Can you keep the children today, Mom? Our club is having an important program on "The Leisure Problem of Our Senior Citizens!" iment it* estimated cost, man hours, type of materials, and labor. Coupled with the plan for ;the recreational and roadway developments WH» a proposal for making the Lewis-Clark automobile bridges here toll-free. Illinois and Missouri would become owners of the spans, Signatures ( on the prospectus were those of Harlanrf Bar- for firing by gas. was to be erected Itholomew, director of the St. Louis Regional ! Planning Commission, and D. O. Ryan, his as| SJRtant 1 C. C. Stadtman, after, resignation as principal (of East Alton-Wood River High School, began "J.S." boat to replace her. Starting July 4, most Of the downtown West Enrl stores were to close at 6 p.m. daUy Until Sept. 17 because of the hot weather ,**•**> A new lime kiln ot six fuWWO«r John Armstrong Lime & Quarry Co. in connection with the opening of a new quarry somewhat west of its present quarry site on the upper river front. Edward H. W. Neerman, 39, died at the his duties as assistant to the state superintend- , family home, 122 W. Fourth St. after an extend- ent of public instruction at Springfield. Succeed- I ed illness of malaria. Q{ mc tfmendo(W b|ic , indicat|on WPr w* are co.rf.Mon. « not thc move Reader'x Forum A FeW Seconds Gained ing him at Wood River was R. A. Schecr. form Capt. W. D. Fluent, with his utility yacht, er principal of Sullivan Township High School. Cash, transported J. N. Sparling's monoplane ervisors on the number of justice districts to be Mt up under new legislation making them county officers. Thc justices can do' themselves honor by the pub changes in thc present justice of should be kept in mind by the visors, too, in considering any told. it is long past time for some- Jl An. IU9UVM* VM1I «aw vii^limo^i T«.9 «iv...v. vj i ( . submitting an enlightened, forward-looking j «P°» ' h <^ to ado P c ™? reactionary plan. recommendation aimed at accomplishing the peace setup reticence on tht> part Of the ex- I n( «nrwr ecutivr branch raises the question i of .super- **»•"• . _ c pressures of whether the information sought 18pee(j Qf ^ c|ty . s 9 , ren . ,on May 1 WHS in fnct as impor- j scrparning vehicles! This means lunt us it has been represented. | flj . p trll(%ks x amnu lances, and Under thc new program justices will go on •[•(,(,,.,, j s around herr for the con purpose of"the legislation Bunder which they are salary to be met by the county. They will no;,.| U sinn that, tho alleged wrtraor- afcdngVThe move at least has the advantage" of longer have to depend upon fees for their in-idlnr.ry importance of this inform* ttlbmitting the problem to authorities who know come. This old practice had been under criticism tinn i* tho nflrnmisuan™ .^ ^ ., something about it. because failure to convict in criminal cases re- s °£ J^ ^^ ^ ^^^ The justices should keep in mind the fact suited in no fees for the justices, and was blamed ^ ^.^ to R Spna((i (wnmll , P( . that streamlining of the justice of thc peace for encouraging dubious practices in P res<il "8| ( i n ,, s ' n '| S eem to bother the ,sena- 'unction was perhaps the most discussed issue in for guilty pleas. , lor, who, in thr same speech, also forum Writers. Note Writer* names must be published with letters to (he Readers Forum. Letters should be concise and legible. All »rf subject to con- denMNHon. A new Madison County relief committee to replace the one which resigned in February. 1934, was disclosed in dispatches from Chicago, where the Illinois Emergency Relief Commission had confirmed the appointments. Ap- and his dirigible airship from Grafton to St. Louis where Sparling planned to resume his experiments in aviation. At his fruit farm on Grafton road, E, If. Riehi had 1,800 "ever-bearing" strawberry pointees were Dr. Groves B. Smith, Alton; Her- plants that were just beginning to produce fruit. ,bert Wickenhauser, East Alton; C. W. Terry, The Rev. Melvin Jameson wrote the.Tele- lEtlwardsville; Louis Koch oC Highland; and F. ; graph from New York to recall his recollections declares that President Chest Supports IF Proposal police cars. There is little justification for this high speed. Only a few second? gained in any case! I wonder when have two wrongs made a right? " First it is wrong for a lav. Alton is another example of violator to speed in a get-away need to break the speed t- . n icar, going faster all because "an stop laws. 1 would rather the n " — • • • »•--' =' : lawbreaker be caught later, and ground car B. Hettick of Nameoki. of the June tornado of 1860 which left only one Despite heavy rain more than 1,000 persons downtown church, the First Presbyterian at Sec- celebration of ond and Market streets, in condition to house Sunday services. St. Mary's Catholic Church attended the 50th Piasa Chautauqua. anniversary . Msgr. J. J. Driscoll was formally installed was wrecked, the First Methodist and St. Paul's as pastor of SS. Peter and Paul's Church. He Episcopal Churches were damaged. And the had been transferred from St. Peter's Church Ryder Building, where First Baptists weie in meeting temporarily, was unroofed. ecares • offj . pr , g jn ( , hase N , exf j( js hower should have refuse,! I c .take , ^ my (*[ Ml*JUHI lift vt i *. in."'*- 'i i« ....-• , . responsibility for the U2 business^ J^ (o ^^ ^^ ^ and;tnan for the truck or _._ and. instead, should somehow have c , nf| p and a| , vvho vvoulrij t() directly or indirectly cause ... i_j ji,,, ft.ntU ttVtt* ii*mln ivir • _ . I .... t-\ .t f The Community Chest is to be commended | This gave apprehension to for its action in voting support for the princi- might be included in such a drive over the ad- |n H(|vam . r of thp par , ioi i n r flight: "££ pie of a United Fund in thc area. visability of joining. At thc same time it dem- yn M||y , hf> did givr< general au- ; Thp lraged Paused hv the-can this city. Victor Pressure on Hoffa Again l/J. A \J IIILCU i vi IIMS.PIVI iv- «•»•«•« ' • ••• t ,yi i .•!*«,T .,..-.-.." n- - f r-, -^ pp UHKCQ V I ULl^trtl '/ V 11IV Even though thc Chest might have been ex- > onstrated the need for elimination of the rnani- ihori/aliou in advance and said so fh>e tnu , k on ' our street h ; re in; pected to eo-along with such an idea, it never- fold smaller drives that harass both workers and , o the American people and the r~~ o o .•!._. I .. t l_- I lA Vot 1,'iilhrirrht KHVS In the MRS. R. L. SH1NN. theless is of crucial importance to have its sup- contributors almost the year around. world. Yet Kulbright .says to the- port, since it represents the major part of funds raised in the community in voluntary contributions toward welfare groups. ! More important yet, however, is another dis- ' closure made at the Chest board's meeting. Eight area industries have agreed to lend the Chest -organization fuli time services of junior executives in connection with next fall's fund campaign. This access to skilled manpower should help assure the greater success of the campaign. And success of the Chest campaign should help dc- A - Spark million and a A Blot on Grandma's Being a TV fan, and realizing i "President" James R. Hoffa (Trust Division, 33-year-old Rob-land preventing solicitation of has summoned his team to the|«rt Hicks. jeach other's accounts;" skull practice. The ; Successful anti-trust prosecu- 1 NOW compare this'to the Just- Board has tions can re . sult ln heav ?' f !? e !'i'ee Dept.'s move in the juke box capital for r «,„..,! Fvp.-ntive General ixec.utve Imuch to kick around when it era , ban on any dissolution of a union and a Fed-, ' part i c i P a- and Imen ™" pattern be- pattern be j meets next Tuesday morning in tion b y ( a Un j 0 "n official in labor ig ins to show - Hoffa has a re ' 1 its marble Taj Mahal. Just when (activity. Should this happen injspect for such Grand'Juries lit anneared that the heat was I Detroit, it would set a precedent i un iq u e for the defiant one. He 11 ap|J^a -imiloy antinn olepufhprp. t . .'.. _,. i: ' senate: "The gravest mistake was made! when the President assumed responsibility for thc flight." . , ! Sen. Alexander Wiley of Wiscon- that we muat have commerciala n, r s,n ranking Republican on the'order to have TV. I m not one to; -1 Foreign Relations Committee, and critici/.e the commercials. Howev- A Npu . Y ork auto dealer has;°«- __.. . Sen Frank Lausche of Ohio, Dem- pr, there is one commercial 'n«t signed an order for 10.000 Russian-1 surrounded by grand ,iune^ ana ! tnr0 ugh civil action. In I^os Ange-; > r . . ., t ,, j xi c , T m-nt in a senarate report con- 1 1 think, in all fairness to "grand-; madp (>a| . s , 0 be sold jn ,, lis ( . oun .: sev eral new government probes.i, es tho Qther day for examplet !e rh,s gift from Mr. and Mrs. Spencer l-:^ '." J «£ Re h ^, an S( , rl . mas", should not he shown on TV! |ry . • whal spems to ,-oncern Pres- mc Anti-Trust Division moved; There are other Grand Junes Olin, it may, be hoped, » the fore-runner of l^.™^^ ^ SHme ^ as i where our grandchildren can see Is)Vt this p ut t hl g AmPri can mon- iden t Jimmie. most is the Jte-against a Teamsters outfit call- i X-™yuiK Jhc; Jfanisters Jnclud- the Teamsters have similar action elsewhere. This can be accomplished contribu tion. - « was once Q Others to come from potential major contributors. Thc Olin's consistently have been an follows: 'Conditions following the May 1 hear it. ey in the rat infpsteri pot of com-itroit-Federal Grand Jury. ( This It goes like this.-First you see, munism? sq m p Americans todayiis an anti-trust investigation ofiprs Union. ed the Meat and Provision Driv- ™S one sitting in Orlando, Fla. inspira- flight having developed as they ' two small boys running in the kit- 1 are b i inded by the holier-than-thou i the music box Local 985 - an Members o f this union are! m -c siftsidid it was unavoidable for theichen door at grandma's house, j a | mighty buck . j enterprise directed by Hoffa's in- meat ven dors - and sell some ™ ^nt"nn 'President to make a statement > They are yelling, "Grandma, save The rnotto today is ''I'll do any- timate friend, colleagiie and mon- ^^^ xvorth a year . Last m ' 1( " velop public sentiment of benefitting organiza- tion in local campaigns requiring large tions for the more inclusive United Fund plan, toward worthy causes, and this is no exception. I™— ™ ^ „" -^ ,„ ais .- Whon she loo k S around, she thjng fora ^ buck ; cven if it meansiit or, William Bufalino. ' : year the union and four o£ „ One of the chief arguments against thc LI' \Vhilc the Y. M. C. A. campaign lus ap- ^^ ^ statc ment, ho had to state sees the two boys are a dirty mess, •buying a cheap quality communist what this Grand Jury wants- members were indicted on charges plan here but at the same time tne strongest pearcd to Jag so far, the announcement of thi<, iu ; ,; x ,^. nnv ,;,. if hp ha ri not and she asks them "Since when ( . ai . _.. )n knmv is |rut)) Morpovpr if hr ha d not contention for its need has been the almost con- $100,000 gift may well be thc spark that sets it. )o , d (hp tm(h hy avoit )i ng personal are I hey ha\ing Sunday school in sistent failure of the Chest to achieve its goals, off on its journey to success. responsibility, the four demands a coal bin?" ——— Khmshchev made uuon him in: They answer, "We didnt go to •Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Little Criticism of Ike f been any restraint ot trade in j res t r i c t the sale of fresh and prc- the Detroit tavern and restau- cessed mea t ...and to elimin- '• } , t . tMU -lusion that the failure of mother will never know the <dif- our hearts WASHINGTON — It was sig-|when there occurred a serious the unfortunate fact is that the nificant that the Senate foreign i error in foreign policy the error : Eisenhower foreign policy ha* Relations Committee carefully j was hailed as a victory. And the been chiefly one of sweeping ttif- reXrauied from a single word oliadministration's propagnn- ficult problems under the rug. criticism of President Eisenho\v-lda techniques have been so skill- Now that thc rug has been er regarding the summit failure!ful that until recently the Amer- |)U ned back by IJhrushdiev and through vigorously criticizing i lean public generally believed , he U2 incident and by Jap- , hp Inissjon furnished an excuse fcrence" the moves of bis administration that each defeat was a victory. anese riots in Tokyo, a lot of (m . Khrushchev's wrecking of the I think, this is teaching .our which led to that failure. j t j s only now when a lot ol these problems have been f°" n d| sl|mm | t conference, then, in the;grandchildren to believe that It was also significant Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in suing his unprecedented criti -'is beginning to realize that black' The SW( ,,.pint,'-uiKlci -.tnc-nw op- ^j n Vo'conc'lude that the flight would help them in doing so. and cism of our defense and foreign clouds on the foreign-affairs ho- P| . rUion be g an w i m the Korean should not have gone." approve of their going somewhere policies, carefully omitted any rizon were reaJl.s black after all. |lm , e six montns after ike took ' B ut the secretary of defense says!other than to Sunday school where criticism of the man responsible not the rosy sunrises While House oftk . 0 Kvel . V(m e in the White , hr r ,, asons wcre'comnelliue aiid!the> were sent, tor those policies. — J - ' u — " u " ' Furthermore, during seven years, the Democratic leadership of Congress Khrushchev made upon Paris would not have been alter- Sunday school, grandma. \\e went (1( j.. to the junk yard, instead". But what is puzzling are the' Grandma^ says "Take off your romradietions in the main report, clothes, and I'll clean them up for which frankly says that "the sort'.vou". ^ _ ^ of information provided by the U2 Then she proceeds to wash them wou|d ]j|<p <o manl? , he ^^ dr , Gran(1 j,, r y decided that the is of,enormous value in assessing'in the product advertised in the partmpnt for lettin - g us have theijuke box business was too nar-- capanility to mount a sur- -conimorcial). police camp for a week. row a field and decided to looki attack,"'and then argues: Having cleaned their clothes and| W e all had a good timo out there into the linen supply trade also.; still looking into President Jimmie himself. But what irks Hof- is word that Sen. John plans to hot seat him again. The Senator's probe of Hoffa just has never stopped.,Mc- Clftjlan's persistence is as un., . „ , ,. „ i,...,! ,.- ' ceasing as his dedication to "the PAUL A. HOCK, under President hufalino. has VP || OW grease. „ interfered with the placing of L as t week the union itself was' L juke boxes at any "locations" or| indicted on charges of combin-S There still are some four in"stops." And whether there has; ing and conspiring to limit and vestigators on his staff. Theyve to know is whether the union, ; o { "restraining commerce in R. R. No. 2, Brighton come over from the old Select Committee. They're not resting , rant business. We Sea Explorers of Ship Jl: After probing this a bit, ate competition among the vend-1 on their old laurels or their tiles, theiors to allocation of customers i either. And they get an assist from a volunteer by the name of Bob Kennedy. Typical of their objectives is the public reporting God our follows: ! th(>nl - shf> th ™ sends mem on the "'and would like'to thank the police ; The investigation was slowed: back, if one accepts! way \v-ith these words "No\yr your j departmpnt {] . om lhe bottoms O f some when the U.S. Attorney in the least no of the Gus Zapa* i ea*. This lei- low had a record of 35 arrest ! charge couldn't get at the local's From all the boys and their skip- j books and other records. Counsel Whose presence touches every dew-1 in chi cago an d eight others else- drop with sparkling beauty, enable• | wnere . This "shee,t" did not stop for the juke box local went into(me to be more patient with minor jone O f Hoffa's colleagues, Gene ' TOM H DOOLEY Skipper J court saying that the rank-and-iproblems and trivial demands. For-1 San s ouci a power ^ «- M.™ that sick chickens have been com- that the American public didn't 7hscnce of compelling reasons to "Grandma", would approve of M6 E r , th <j t ,fii e had been real concerned ov- ; give me for being irritated wim T e arns ters, from hirii is- ] ing home to roost that the public know were there. ' me contrary, there is good IVH- Ihfin deceiving their mother, even .... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ happened to those re- life's small but continuous require- a business agent. Soo ly Sen. Speaker Lyndon Johnson and.i riolic Sam Rayburn, have""' treated the President with kid mmisls wpre fully last month, Adlai Stevenson and hc .|| i( , Prent on lhe opposite side ww ^ „ , _. _._Se»- SlU! "' 1 Symington material- ot ,, u , Mth para || e i. T hey are Bloves whfle simultaneously lam- J V hurl lhpir l '»ances of being stjl , mei , c Thp UN tmce teams ' bis policies, his e xecu-|» om | nated Io ^, th<5 presidency by stm |Mllm , nu ,. k and , orUl| ....n i people against sur- attack b> the missiles of tin' Soviet I'nion. the prixe example of ninnimr thf Mum* (nr the vnm ' ."" ""'.7.,' , iticoiisisiciH'.s and lack ol co-ordi- pinnmg me UMIIU 101 me s um- ,„.,,., ._ pac |, other still hae- , ,^ failure on President Eisen- P f . .: . - " , " . 7,^ 'nation amonn the Democratic Animol Fair KM1LY WOOFK inond Jr. are men. Antwar to Previout Puzzl» gle across the lino. And when the President was in South Korea two tion of those policies, not t everything he does. to pjwt administrations thisi' t I - |l ' r>luri " "- 15 " 1 ••• uul " """ rtt '""brighfs own speech. WM new the case. In the past,! ^™P ta s *•'«•" Th « Ru « w-eks ago. u was evident that .Jj n am t , velit , m iii .,, u|ui , m is Harry Tninwn, Franklin D.| The real fact is, however, thai more trouble could break out any |U)| , |lHt '^ , Vosllll , m should not ROCMyelt, Herbert Hoover,{the proposed summit conference minute. Woodrow Wilson were held re-'and the proposed visit to Japan Nothing was settled. It jmit .! hower. Sweeping Under The Rug have told the truth: m> ar^umciu was , s (h . i( np sno uld not, as tln> head •ponsible tor their policies, and 1 were sweeping-under-the-rug op merely swept under the rug, out l)t 1(U1 , ,,. tl|on havi . nw . om ,, , M ., neither the press nor the politi- erations. They would have pass of sight of the American public. M)lul| iliwlml ,„ lhe inndwii Cians ev« dealt lightly wiO)j«i °n to Ikes successor a lot of The president, .-ampaigninu ii|)( . uay ()( . |(u , olUt>l . • ' ' would for election in 1932 on a platform Thl!% . lg ^ „,, mv 0 , (hos( , And O f "Communism, Corruption and (|lslMll ., IO(1 , WI(hout a dl , t( , re , U v. Korea, had promised to go to j,. , j. •ally true of our entire history.! 4l|onEveiiini£Telettrai»hi Kol ' l>H " lld "'''"' ^ Wa ' "' fmm Oaoree WashinBton down ^ UOHtl> " llll »» • eip & ra l"' did ao - for a few this custom Of holding! difficult problems. 'Iney Pwiden. of the United (not have solved any thing. rwponslble has been gen — ...... On one ! in loo mil»». 114 beyoad 100 miles th,. PivxiHpnt \v.->< fld lite. This is due in part to the Mail subscription* noi accepted ID ' r-irMuriii exuam-dinary geniu* of J i mi «»•» wiwr.^..^ d.iiv.r>- from the Burning Hftgerty and the Mamon Ave-' ^^ oue techniques he has used to *W>" <iu«'i'.v will l>e immwiiut«'- l> puscd as lo hou a President ol i he I'mlcii Slates can keep hinisell iron; htvommg "personull^ in x'olvrtl" in an> oIlH'ial action la- ken by )u.v own aiinHiin,tralion One can hear already the outcries •ummoned " onl '^ DpnioiH'uis demandin£ an from George Washington down]-'»"" M ^" "'"*»• ^»&'«l'« did go - for a few hours only tne notable exception of rubii»ned Daily b" AUOO leiegraph Then lie came back and reluttH Printing company to | et t he truce talks really wor Victories ''' P ' *' ^^E^W^^" IV him ' Cerlainl > il ditl not in far as criticism is concern-tbuoimpiion Price .w c«au weeui\ e L u w '*''.. _„... «l"h« hJtod an almost charm-! 0y " rnei bv m «" *'° a »' Mr wllh l>1 one spniu: dfl - v ed tic mu> lea an atmoht cnaim-i jn 1UO milM , u beyoad 180 miles th<i pl , uc i^ Ml vvu . >, umillu , lcu TV,,, r^w "ivesiigalion of why tht> I'lesuit'nl Tree iiolf ~ . Course by a ,>hone call that an -^"""JS that he did blanu-some- imponant decision had to be MV <' l »'• didn ' 1 kno " '" «*vaiu-,. the Korean truce talks. whal * as ^"^ *»* and wh > ht lias Mibnrdinate^ Mho U» such ilunj>t>. ,iiui soon. k *? "1 ^tu^^J^^l MKMBER OF ""FuiaTly"^ "was' settled - on T ' 11 '" Wi "> * «'"» ¥ wh< '» lhl> St 'n nas oeeo rewinea wr seven , H£ ASSOC - U1EU PRESS , erms whicn p,. es id«,t Truman - 4U ' t«»'W8» Relation* Cojniniuw Assotiaied Press i* executively says were offered him but retied 10 the U»e for publication Ol i,,.., 0 j „.. me ^ninaU fi c Immerl anri nrtli^itu-al _ tonti-ibutuui ati ul1 news <li«P<ucht« credited In tUis i J 64 lea "" me<inimn«»b. umiieu- «m *^*»» ral V«MM««M-. w jpaBeji WMJ^.jo ine ioc«l new» pub, j lately this* rug-sweeping opera- led to more problems in the MtMBtK IHE AUDU gU8tAUif ar Eas,. j' or the Red Chinese.. »a\t>» tu n> to diM'iedu the Uiu't- 01 " tlBtULAriOM relieved ol pressure in the North. ^ Siait* *i>d iu htlp bruig it to concerned witbj LOC.I 4dve.i.»mg R.IM *»«« Coa ihhiaed part of tneir tixjopg , 0 ACK088 1 Farm arumil S Zoo animal t Bruin 12 Toward the sheltered aide IS River itltt 14 Stream ia Italy 15 Flower ie Frozen water HFacti 18 Foreordain 20 Leered 11 Spanish article 12 Drink made with malt 23 Number 26 Oeviatt 90 Note in Guide's scale SI Whey* «f milk DOWN 1 Rendered fat 2 Century plant 3 Disorder 4 Bug B Net* ~ 6 Fastidious 7 Shoshonean Indian f Burrowing mammal • Of an epoch 10 Poker stake 11 Highway 19 Electrified particle 30 Feminine appellation 32 Ventilates 23 Ooze 24 Girl'a name. hiring Zapas as Soon Zapas be- conis and had voted to placements. Grant me strength and wis-. gan doubling as business agent WAVK MDK them in Bufalino's trust. 'dom in'handling the little duties {oi , tne Bartenders Local 58 in RICHMOND, Va. .T--IJ. The government made 'the that face mc n cry day. Help me:, ndja/wpolis - a n d tripling as Lucille Ross, a ilJ-year- qilixo tic move of subpenaing the to learn of Thy Son. Jcwus Chnst the president of a mystenous - - - ' • who discovered thc kingdom of ca b company. lltlll> Add to all this a probe by the Labor Dept.'s new Enforcement ICJ _ r ' Pittsburgh. Division and you m ig h t get even new subpenas. The probe is on Pa., minister. Mt .Lebanon Metho- p,. es jdent James Hoffa to ad- > and is being carefully nursed-dist Church m it it's getting warm early this !by the new crusading Assistant, ^^"^ ^iSnaiToun'cU-of"^ summer. 4 _ in charge of the Anti- churches 'of Christ in the u. s. A.I jc i«w). The Hail Syndicate, Inc.) By JOSEPH WHITNEY habits of other people. Psychological studies have found that persons most likely to trigger irritations and resentment arc the chronic arguers, the v dedicated critics, the sickness complainers, and those who push ahead ol others in queue-lines. Secondary irritation* include inattention and superiority. ' )«rj 1 'Irll^WHi rjl li .|;1 UMM " MIRROR OF YOUR MIND JSFutil* )« Co*Uy 27 Comfort II Quick out 29 Bn«rvs«e 31 Sow 41 Sits fort partriit 4* Ascittint 43 Roman ro«4 M ShakMpMma king 34 F*nn buUdinj 48 Dairy animate 37 TramplM 4< Rang* 38 French o*U» 47 Circle 39 Striped 48 Hardens 50 Mine thaft but »ayln|» U Biblical prophet w » ltr years to glorify Ike; in part to (DC overwhelming financial — , «rf not ao for f"» however, we ucerned m .^ >ww __ ___ E uenhower's i tr * cl mformaiion OD application at MFVVMVm «•* W , . L _ -W^\J*fm ~n.*U W.. _!__.. «ML _ '.II 40—— fo» 42 H»wiiia« to«d hail considerable prestige. Today j ** rl^litouafci its rc'pori sland.s as a glaring ex- j ^Q»oui«({ how to lui iitaii argument*, wUtowi tint Soviets lor u*e on the an I W Lettuce ftQecewed »t» but tur vodfd foreign to* teen that t office, ill -• N»uoa»i French Indo-China And in Indo- Cbina v.e took another defeat which again was baited ae/ victory ^ bell byocivaU, II: ) a "new low ui prestige" — which phrase an American senator, chairman ol the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, uses m <ui indicliueut of lus own government. I(C IWO N. Y. H*f»ua Tribune, lac ) i MUaat ISlfakM MW ju»4 arouud (to Dr. K. V. Cowdry, Washington University researcher, thinks not. and described predictions ot an early cancer cure as psyciioluKicuUy • bad- Overly favorable reports tend to give people a false impression that there U no ton^cr any need to watch for potentially dangerous symptoms in themselves. He said today s medical scientists can recognize and treat cancers somewhat better mature an individual is the ol grandeur lose* all touen with than formerly, but link pro- fewer pet peeves he is likely to reality; he simply Miumes giess has been made in ti^eatiojf ba\e. Mo*t pi oui' stereotyped royal prerogauvef oad very advanced cancer*. v ii-rituUon* relate to thc utaaroe othei people to 4o his Svad.. but the more delusioaa a torn . of iiuajiity? Answer: Not necessarily. A delusion U a false belief that is held against contrary objective evidence, and most naopte have a few such biatttft. Fw example, a pfreon may ffQftlly over-rate his importance, and make ridiculous, 'tprfflliit^if de- maAds of ethers. This i* a aau- rotk attempt at person with

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