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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, June 30, 1960
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> J» I ', Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Viwtr* Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No. 143 ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, JUNE 30,1980. 30 PAGES 5c Per Copy STORM DAMAGE 35 Planes Damaged High Winds at Airport Civic Memorial Damage Estimated at $300,000 „ lA ^, , Beltrees Lhurch St. Michael's Church al Beltree.s was demolished bv By ANDY YAKSTIS Telegraph Staff Writer BETH ALTO—High winds accompanied by heavy rain and hail raged across the Civic Memorial Airport early this morning j nar j o W hit-h swept flown the Mill Creek Valley Parly today, leaving a path of debris and wrecked aircraft, wilh damage psti- 'wrecking farms throughout the valley. mated at S300.000. Winds were estimated at 80 mph. . Tho only evide nce of an ar- Thc . farm house and buildings Approximately 35 aircraft wcrejPlancs stored in the structure. ; fua ] tornado in the area was at 0 | r jCOn Berger wore also levei- severely damaged and others dc-j molished by the never* storm |;; bp a]]takjng off which struck the airport about 1:15 i watchman Roy Dunn* told a Telc- this morning. A large quon-1 graph reporter. Dunn watched pro- When the storm- stnick, planes parked on the ramps appeared to night Beltrees, said Geosge Braneato,' PC i |-j pnry Bechtold said Berber ivieteorologist in charge of the; w - !IK n n vacnlion and that no one St. Louis Weather Bureau. The Rev. Father Leonard Rathgeb is pastor of the church More Tha T HP In lorna set hangar was destroyed by thcjgress of the storm through a win- W .j 7ich ser ved 30 families. high winds and debris from the| dow in the airp ° rt °P^' ^ ** M \ TIlp 52-yeaw>ld church . the storm continued for* about a nangar fell, demolishing several) jwns home there. j No major damage was report-1 ed nt the Principia College toj Ike Vetoes Employes' Pay Raise WASHINGTON (AP) — Presi-i dent Eisenhower today vetoed a b'll to raise the pay of Hj» million federal employes by 7Va per cent. • school buildings on the campus, i was; However the home of Larry Ger-j ,.. complete shambles today and,ber. coach at the school, was I hour. "When I looked out all), t .,. v n(tlo was salvageable from m jnus one side and the roof. i If c.ould see were planes tumbling hi lend over end on the ramps," saiHj \. . .. 1Ipnrv B . , ,, n . ''""» ( ' r *. f * °™ rna »* . I ' ! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bechtold, p asa Creek was overflowing, •Dunn. TREE BLOCKS STREET Huge tree fell across Washington avenue at Maxey during the storm. City employes are sawing the big tree in pieces in an effort to clear the street. Staff Photo. Path of the storm moved into;. ;\vho live in a house about 50ij| S banks, running through.-, . , .. ..'feet behind the church with many bankside cabins. The lor- the airpor area from a northeast,^,. hvo sons were unnarmed . nnfjo dnmaRed mnny Pabins : Direction it was observed by sev- !|iut lhfilr nollse recojvpd somc , al thp c ,,. eok . eral residents of the Bethalto area/ tla )m , o h the : Minutes before the storm battered i Damage estimated at $4 million to property within a 10-mile radius of Alton was caused by the storm early today, insurance adjusters said today. v sist in the mammoth task, Mid Glen Young of Western Adjustment. Also loaded with claims are other area adjustment firms, Lynch Adjustment Co. and Underwriters Adjustment. The storm that lashed the area was the most devastating since the tragic tornado of 1948. Thc city and its environs counted their losses from the gale, rain and lightning that struck at 1:12 a.m. and raged tor 40 minutes. In its wake the storm left: At least 15 persons injured. Damage of $300,000 to aircraft al Civic Memorial Airport. Loss of $35,000 to trailers near The loss was described as greater than in any tornado here. A spokesman lor a major Insurance adjustment firm here said the high loss was due to the widespread wind which, unlike a tornado, did not "skip" over the countryside in a relatively narrow path. He could not estimate the number of homes damaged, he said. Some damage was reported at. every industrial plant in the area, So numerous are the property damage claims that Western Adjustment Co., tlie largest of three ,-uieh firms in Alton, has ; extra men out of Chicago to as- Valley Bechtold said that about 1:10; \\-ere blocking roads and farms-; He called the measure "indefensible by any light." However, Eisenhower left" the door open for a smaller hike— what he termed "a modest increase reasonably commensurate with the percentage rise" in the cost of living since the last general pay increase. Democratic leaders in Congress are planning, however, an attempt the airport' it struck the Nelson j p m he and njs fami]v u , ere werc in var ious stages of disre- Cook Mobile Home Sales Co., on| &)] standin g in tne front ro0 m! 1M ir Rt. 140 just northeast of the air-j of lneir hollse wnen 1he church Damae e was severe to sub-, Seven trailers were over-;,» at . UN • . ... . < . urbs west of Alton in was not a bit of Agencies Combine Efforts to Clear City of Storm Damage 15 Treated Forliijuries announced it will SH up an of-jjjp(|i r ,|| 0 . lice, open Friday, in the Ger-j „., lMJ( . hu <, rs church leveled at mania building, where claims i, will be received. The firm will have al least 10 Bollivw. Damage to in Godfrey, homes and trees Beltrees; Bunker All city agencies bad combined efforts for clearing storm damage W* Watt ' ported in his own truck, bring-. demolished. ing with him his chain saw to| the strong winds. Estimated dam-, 0 ,i, er than the whistling of the: Roof damag e was apparent to I Engineer Thomas Griffin J.'. age at the trailer court was re-j str ong winds," he told the Tele- mos( . of the hornes in a t least a! Griffin estimated at 8 a.m. that ported at $35,000. Tree branches and debris were carried by'the high winds across Rt. 140, east of the airport, and dumped into the airport area nearly one mile away. A Telegraph reporter who viewed the storm area from the air observed pieces from the damaged aircraft scattered in fields hundreds of yards away from the airport. Following the storm runways to override the President's vetoj and ramps a) tne a - ir:1?0 ^ \ m . e u t of the 7*,2 per cent measure. l{ ,,. od W1 - th deb ^ s and pj ece s of The House is expected to vote: mw . kagc from aircraft based at on an overriding attempt Friday. | the pub | ic aj ,. port . High oc(ane Eisenhower urged the Democratic controlled Congress to enact nesv legislation to make that increase permanent^ DATA AT THE DAM Sa.m. tempasature Yesterday's loday 69°. High 87'. lof 68'. River staue below Precipitation dam at 8 a.m. 24 hrs. to 8 am. ISO Pool 21.1. OG8 Inoli. TODAY'S CHUCKLE If you want the world to beat a path to your 'door — just lie down to take a nap. <O I960. General Features Corp.) j gasoline poured from the planes and covered airport rampsi The Bcthalto Volunteer Fire Department was alerted in ease fire broke out in the damaged planes. The high winds passed over the Bethalto area damaging homes, uprooting treeg aaid flooding village streets. Members of the fire department and auxiliary police assisted residents in clearing streets of debris and fallen trees. Bethalto Fire Chief Lester Cook urged I residents in the storm area to j"stay clear of fallen electric ea-jhit. graph. dozen subdivisions — with se.v-jat least 60 men were engaged in He and his son Gene were pok-j eral instances of destruction of:clearing streets, ing around in the ruins today try- nomes ing to salvage what they could! jj uge ( rees W ere down along from the flattened building. The organ and other valuables were rescued from the church by :Rt. 100. Wind destruction was particularly severe in the Clifton Hill area. the Bechtolds. Other than the few] -A. boat storage shed on Rt. small items salvaged, the church J 100i 44. D y-160 feet, was destroyed by the storm, said Duane Springman, owner of the Walt suid that in addition to the streets department crows, all em- ployes of the refuse collection and. an to the Another employe got on the job al 3:30 a.m. after walking from his distant home. He couldn't get his car out. his driveway and street being blocked. A volunteer w o r k e r also brought a chain saw for city use. was a total loss. _. Recreation Building The nearby recreation building sned . built in 1940 was moved .off its Springman said there were 101 foundation by the winds and al- boats in the sr , e d. Six boats though it is a shambles, may not vvere dam aged and two were de- be a total loss, Father Rathgebj strovcd . The destroyed boats said. sewers divisions and 11 employes |- police clocked the start of the of the parks department were calUjstorm at about 1:10 a.m. Elec- ed to aid in flie dean up. fn iVfldi-i trie clocks of residents on the tion, said Griffin, a number of ex-j west side of the city stopped tra men were put on to aid in the j about 1:15 as power failed. Rain early clearing job for opening of i had eased sufficiently by 2:30 Seven trees were reported uprooted on the diocesan orphanage tract on State street opposite Madison avenue, Jefferson street, nearby, was blocked. Among trees felled by the wind, was a giant oak, likely more than H century and a hah* old, in front of the* apartment house at 1025 George St. The tree fell against the hou'se. • Residents FromStorm main traveled routes. i.m., s;iid Engineer Griffin, for Fifteen persons injured as <J result Of the storm vvere treated at Alton hospitals. 10 at St. Joseph's and five at Alton Me- mqrial, No storm injured were Mill and Shipmari areas. ; Unprecedented damage to j trees in Alton. i Power interrupted in 15,000 | Alton area homesi Telephone service stopped in 1000 homes. Illinois Bell Telephone Co. reported 4,000 telephones were knocked out in the Alton-Wood River area. An estimated 7 1,500 to 2,000 phone lines from poles to homes were down, 50. poles were damaged and 75 tfoles were down. The company called in 30 out-of-town repairmen to restore service. windows of,the downstairs apart-! ment of Mrs. Louise Montgom-j ery and her daughter, Miss El- River Township Hospital. Major instance of storm injury All main streets, with exception street clearing to begin, of a few sections, were open to| Police on patrol reported block- eanor Montgomery, one fulling; ,-icross ;i bed. The tenants had i family of Williams street, 5 into « neighbor's miles west of Alton in God: frey. Mrs. Williams and three to, Unas was more widespread than during the ice slomi of Dec. 8. 1956, said Edward P. Foeller, manager of Union Electric Co. Of the company's 20,000 customers, said Foeller, 15,000 vvere without power this morning. belonged to Springman and The windows were all blown out j p] O y d Reeves, of the Bechtold home and bricks j springman estimated damage were gone from the chimney. Father Rathgeb and several members ol the church were sur- { n Kremer subdivision. :{miles at $12,000 to $14,000. Unrooted travel bj S a.m.. said Griffin, but scores of side streets were still blocked or partially blocked mid it will take days lo complete the clean up. No (iurbagc Collections Garbage collections -were candying the damages this morning. | wcsl of Alton off Rt. 100. the J. ' wM " )diiy b{vauso ' n '' About two miles down the road | K . Billups residence was „„_• crews were another Bechtold family, the Joi ' on street work. Bechtolds, were less fortunate. Tho twister hit their house, removing most of the roof. No one was in- roofed in a manner almost, identical to an incidenl last tober when the Billups root fell Extra trucks were hired by the I. lo speed the ! removal of branches and other lit- into the backyard of the Fred t<ir Jurad there as they all ran to the Carson residence. Karly today Many of " K> tl ' ees fellwl wt>1 ' e basement just before the tornado i the root fell within a few feel' 011 l )|1|valt \ P'^perty- and some fell across walks. Scores of own- bles." He asked residents to re-j All the outbuildings, including poll fallen wires to the fii-e de- I partment. two barns and a brooder house, were total losses. of the same spot. All roads U/E!sah, furtheri L ' rs weiv workins l ° day to . 1t ' l T'' west of Alton, were blocked by.'"" tlleir ed streets. Other calls came from residents. Police on the headquarters desk within a short time had reports of a score of points where trees were down, or wires had Jallen. They relay-. the tree toppled. The crashed windows of an upstairs apartment of Mrs. Carrie Malhi'ws. Wires Down Another big tree fell against 1 children vvere storm hit, ncec ed their notations to the street tin. 1 house at the northeast cor- department- headquarters. ner of M and Alby., Wires were bors. Members of the Williams family, aroused from sleep by thei storm, were moving to go lo the , basement, when. I hey said atJi Ihe Repair crews were, called oul lo neigh-: 111 :1:;tt)l Cl<ews from East St Louis and Union, Mo., vvere call- to augment the Alton ~ he In course of their patrols, pol-: brought down on Alby, jusi south f"' 1 lhey ldl inl ° lhe hfl «>ment icemen reported plate glass win- of K. lith. One low-hanging wire is moi ' nin « " SV!IS ascertainec dows broken at seven business;was flagged by residents sol!™! the houst> 1 , 1ad l)f!e " lul ' nec ,^ «... „„„ „, llllcc IUKS m places; King Floral Co., Wai*,motorists could see it and avert ihH " -wny amiln(1 °" lls U)unda -iBrookside and' 5 of 18 lines at Park side. . . , knock f d ^ four ll « h 111e eadei<s area, Alby, Fosterburg, and Russell-Miller plant, and one of three lines at Motors, Tri City Store on Milton road, National Food Cr-nter, Franklin-Union Furnilure store, and Glennon Distributing Co. at 21)25 K, Broadway. fallen trees and branches. Utility Tax Would Affect Churches, Schools while city crews devoted their entire energies to getting streets reopen ,(<> traffic. ' Where trees are down on private premises, said Watt, if the ; property owners will have I h K in What effect would the city's IH'oposed 5 per cent utilities tax have on churches, schools, benevolent institutions? CcuiK'ilman Clyde Wiseman week ago suggested the idea of the tax to case the property tax ity tax would hit the school dis-,posed utility tax would be to ligious faiths — in Alton properi cut U|J '" 1Piuionable lengths and trict, Dr. J. B. Johnson told the! lessen this burden on the proper-1 five schools are conducted by stacl<L ' (l U ' J ;it me L ' l "' b ' mc ( '''y Telegraph that annual water bills ty owner, according to opinion! Catholics — who also pay "taxes'"''" latl ' r havt ' ;for the district total $12,691. i i and that payments to Union Electric total $84,193 — a total of $96,884. This would result in the Irutten in Alton. He pointed out!school district paying (at r, per Jay that details of the new !<*'*> a tax of $4,844 per year. proposed ordinance remain to; Since the school district tax- be worked out. The measure is still in the embryo stage, with no answers! added charge to the taxpayer 'payer must foot the bill, the i utilities lax in this might be- aii yet to such questions as: At what intervals will the tax be paid by the utilities to the city? How wfll the tax be collected? In answer to the latter, it will probably- be totaled in with the electric, telephone, water or gas bills, said City Manager G. W. Watt. The ordinance prepared residing in Alton as well as resi expressed among city officials. I for support of public schools. In handling tlie removed, earing In many instances, trees or branches fell on automobiles parked at the curb, or in driveways. Scores of persons were unable early today to get their cars out of their yards or over blocked streets near their homes a collision. Their ha/.ard signal 'tion. reddish towel and pair of Ml ' s -. Williams ' -">• incurred [Liberty- street. was women's hose. contusions, lacerated left knee, The main streets blocked i, r «P™'n of left ankle; Jo Marie, trees or wires were- listed by| 7. laceration of ri«ni arm and ity services as Belle at the 310o! elbow; Jo y- 6 ' oil <n«estion and block; 2400-block of Alby; E. 9th vomiting when an oil heater at Henry and at Alby; E. 4th at, was overturned in the confusion; Henry and Ridge; Jefferson andM 01 '- ''• 'aerated forehead, six Danforlh, State; Main street a»! su(l "' eK - All were treated at SI. three widely separated points; 'Joseph's Hospital and dismissed. Blair avenue; and Washington,! Others injured treated at St. Edwards, Sanford and] Jose Pn' K > and reported to be in Upper Alton. Wash- connected with the storm. in- Brown, so that they could get to work Judson on time. |ington. north of College, still was eluded Mrs. Wanda Johnson of Damage extended clear across j blocked at 9 a.m. but crews were! near Shipman, severe arm la- Muku Up ItaticienetfN In addition to this, Wii said he sees the utilities lax t . uy from t h (¥ westernmost i clearing it. ., , _ ,« ' .. I aeration, treated and moved to niri UK1 ;.,,, »ii "UJ .ll ..,. i ;,;ii;nt. ,>r> activities on i. .->„!. ...;iu streets with a source to make uj ciencies in city funds, so that; improvements could be made in parks and other municipal departments. dp 7j grade schools pay a eitv ulililv;*'"'" 1 ' Superintendent David Fi- UKII-,. - • r,\.. .>L..L..i U >i»ir ..^ WP || iis Paring Dornimin. lM?avie| , . f) | a aKS | S ( ln( , i '«ii,,,,,.ii,(onrir...i parishes wuuki fa.v ,,,^'1"" "undent Su|ienntendent Leo Fitzgerald was put in charge of the ( '" y « ala K 1 '. dispatching within the school district. SUeablH Jolt Johnson commented, "We don't buy city stickers for our than churches because of the schools. .„„, • , . . , One observer pointed oul that Tins could give us a much bu(|| c , i(ho|i( . ^ ,, m(( . s|an| trucks and messages there. 'Men Culled Out (in! I in said that men Would Marquetle High School, f' am 'V tla - v - | itl ' eet s "PP»nten. : ij inits to th( , eas , lirnjts near| Police S]g| R aymond Gallo-1 Alton Memorial Hospital; Mrs. St. Mary's, St. Patrick's. Si ;'..'''" ,.';""""!. ._ [l !i! S . ^!!1..'!!•!';'' Fol ' l{eyvi ' le '" I* 1 ' 1 ' 0 reports way was driving along L'. Broad-|J. B. Waimvright, 256 8th St., show. Police Sgt. Frank Schmidt way when a sign on a loan com- Wood River, laceration of arm, Jr., al lhe west limits on Ko/.ierjpany building, immediately east!treated and dismissed; Larry street, reported three of his out-jof Washington, was blown off.'Gabriel, address unlisted, storn- buildingN unroofed and virtually'narrowly missing the police car. (Continued un the storm struck, said Foeller, only parts of two substations were working — on Liberty street and at Brookgide avenue. Duncan Foundry also was without power. Emergency repairs restored power to the two plants in a comparatively short time. The Godfrey machine shop of Owens-Illinois also was without power, and unable to operate. Most damage was caused by- trees blown down by wind. Comparatively little damage was caused by lightning, said Foeller. A number of were unable to filling stations serve patrons, 9, Col. 0.) {lower. because their electrically-operated gasoline pumps were without I craiUfllK ll> flliwii d a v*i;n tin i coi' r 1 • i i i i i • • "v/ni x CAIIIWIJI (till* I I III t null 11 dents outsWe the city limits butf 10 ™ flexiblc |J10gl ' am ' he . sald churches would be bit by .he tax Sewer for Grand-Jefferson Area Recommended The permitted tax, up to .. pei' "It is true," said h.-. "t h a I cent of grow receipts, applies to r a i noli( . ,.j, urc . heK are open for utilities furnishing electricity, daily l ' a ' lecl oul as ra "'dly a.s pos- a) and in sible after Ihe storm struck, and werej Members of the Board of l.oc-ijudgment ol the special assessor Improvements, following a and that average costs was to public hearing Thursday evening,, be taken merely as an indicator j --"---,»• •»»•—•».«••, .*., v^ in >Tiii*-h.«. 11 *i_ i_ii. |^Mt**«*-ii»i** 1 *'r> ' ••»•»* •"•"j 1 »•»»-•!»» 1^1 , «L^\, «.v«i>i ii i nv-f e tjr t»c» uii uiu J^UIUI - gas, watei- and elect. !<•;,! trans- , nonlhs must be nea|e(| . , m(J all that could I*, reached report-; volwl , 0 adhele lo a mso lution : of what to expect umler the cost buses and trucks, and . ( ' are used Council committee which Ui and accowling to Hoe-, mo ,t Protestant churches have « on , ifert would be passed on lo the 'services onlv on Sunday. But ' )lo - v< '' pay sales taxes. 1 rea^ don t !pa(rons of sudl seivk . es Protestant churches know at present how .hi* pro- ( ; by lP o 6 ed tax would affect us. «: proiJOBed lax vvould bp em . ma| . k . |jej . and otne ;: grouph H0 f ha , t|ie fai more than Sunday. Also, Salu Park and playground. !bomt> Protesiani churches have Walt pointed out that the pro-(midweek and Sunday evening - \uiii| i»/ >*\j , department em-: ca , n , 1B , or roiislrudion h " >d Manns ' he said, PB-| Gram j.j en ,. 11(on d | s ,,. ict of the uppiirtionment. sevvpl , N « K t It is termipe the full effect ol toe tax. Cott to Bwpitals Jt is estimated that each of Alton's three hospitals would find costs up more than $1,000 a year if the utilities tax were to iliect them. This estimate is based on present uormal electrical and gas consumption at the in* stitvtions and represents an average drawn from a total figure of $3,100 exyeo&e for the three, combined. ; would be no lessening of any Another in tiie list of insUtu-1 P ro ** rt > tax burden to tell just what will happen," he concluded. Wiseman told the Telegraph that he understands the state law provides that the tax must be extended equally to all utility consumer;; — even the city itself must pay This brought up the speculation about churcheo. schools and benevolent institutions. Tne#e institutions are iiot required to pa; property taxes. Inside Musts to recommend an Sheppard pointed oul lhal con- to lily Council at instruction of thr- sewer may not Tn«r*fore, they would find the cost, for there that may be facing a big tax i« Catholic ClriMreaB on State street, wtere fee of if . to tbe of tow tip uti The property owner, oiten pic. t»red as ft* most stable in the cflttunuoMy, is ty new t**e* btcaiiHe (1) poised tax would probably be add-!services So. ui lhe use of gas ed to the utility bill ab a hepar- for heat, and electricity (or ligbt- ate item. For example, if a per-'ing, all churches would be re- son bad a $10 tax bill and the;(|iiiied to pay. if tlv.- utililies lax ulililies tax were <> [tei cent, : is applied lo religious inalilu- the bill would read. SilU lor serv- loiih." ic*ti; aO cenls foi utilities tax. Forrest fockiell. general sec This tax would be collected by reiary ol the YMC.V said thai (he utility company and would'sudi a tax would produce a sub be paid to the city *» regular in- stantial increase in the expense tervals. w to lhe YMCA. The nwnthlj elet.-- Paroclnal ^choolh ure exempli trie bill there is about $225 and from general taxes, as are!water amounts to about $125 churches, and fee question arose!monthly, be said. Gas is used in as to whether Qwy would fee re-;a mimhnal amount but it KUIJOItUI. KOUAl BAOIO 4 IV COMM8 (i I' AUK 14 FAlib :u PAUt 17 I'AUK :u U8ITI - M$tf QM is Ui of fee on to pay B city utiifcfe tax|tek>piiane bills would also enter ete«*riclto'. gas, Mtf tele-!in." "Over a year's Urn* this •tax would mean quite an addi- MHNlH tional expense fur us ajid would CCtioohl art Uult.eaU for an uicrecwe in our bud- and operated by members of re-1 get, IK said. I'Ai.fc :t{ ARK \QU A JSO COUNTY Are you sure you were counted in the 1960 Census? If you think you weren't, call either the Alton Association of Commerce or the AkonCi City Manager. n«xt mectiiif, .luly IX The hearing, conducted Charles Katelinek, ed. A majority Bought only tull-t Robert Noble of 3l'J Jefferson er informution as to the plans, A ve.. cited that sume particularly as it affected their ownew OM , he proi)0sed individual home properties. How-i me nt were assessed for the Tur- cver. many said they understood | n er Tr,-,ct sewer, and Inquired the bearing hist night was mere-;jf (here would be credit aiven ly a preliminary one after which j for this earlier (jroceed before next spring. This majority sentiment would crystal li/e assessment. it musl wait on the ol a iivvriimii in-: i-ubltc Councilman Clyde Wiseman ex-: Ijy \? becuust: board rhair-, construction man, \\us allended b.\ about ~i'( jlerceptor. from Grand avenue lo plained lo the group lhat after! of the property owners of the' 1 ' 11 ' t()ut of William street, loi'an- ordinance js i-ecommended i district. It was held in comlorl which the city '.ias made an ap-juiid introduced ui the Council, in the air-conditioned com t i propriuUon. Hie interceptor, in ! theiv will be a public hearing by room of City Hall through cour- '"''"• waits on grading work lor that body, titling as a commit- tesy of Judge f. H. Slreepei Through a reporl of C H Slieppard. project engineei oJ Hie, Ixjurd, the residents were told : Sheppard said this previous for have the assessor. Sanitary Uiu> Griliin said the proposed sewer will be solely a sanitary line, and that no downspout con- ihai section of ilu AlcAdams- tee, al which properly owners nections or surface drainage IliiiliAuy rouie can press any objections or bug- connections can be permitted- The Grand-JeiieiMm "neigli- y. stion.s. Kurlieel jxjssible tx»n-' It was explained by Hoeleri borliomi sewer" will outlet into|si<t<'ration by the Council would!that uller that the plans call for connec- lions to 152 lois at estimated',"."^ cost of $79,518. And Katelniek pointed out that this w&uld mean tin Turner Trad sewer and Hie !K> July 25. he said. <tn improvement 01- idinauice is enacted, a petition tor Speaking lor several al ilieja special assessment must be I meeting, Karl P. Deterding sug- filed in City Court. Commission average cost per lot served $535. of interceptor. Construction Ilinu on the two new &evvc.i'» i.^| L'itinuiii d to require 120 da.vs,!nested propertj owners should be ers to make th* ntii»(tssm(intH ol or loui monih*. The dual pro-; entitled to some remission of I benef its, and damages will then Ijeci ilu'iviort may extend over .OKI because for .vears lhey have be appoinled. Aj'tev tb& HssfSjj |cit;hl nwnth* with a jwasible paid u sewer maintenance tax Property owners vvere caution-| stajt m . x , l;ili un , |le ,. lvei ,,, jnt wilhoul IlttvillB sewerb 0 , their ed however by City Counsektr J W. Hotiert, City Enginctri A leu 01 tliose presein last "although it doesn i seem taijr", Tliuinas W. Griffin Jr., Shep- 1 night voiced concern over cost own. Bui Hoeiert replied that tins cannot be given paid, and oUttfs that actual as- oi tin sewer pel lol 01 tract, would be .based on s determined by the niort than one which would OS . tion in a local improvement ject. "Our hands tug," roll is completed. tn« court will bold a bearing on it at any objBc-Uuna cctn oe and disposed oi Not us8i»ssnieai bas ue«u court «p- WWjd. y» » uQiOim |w ^ w? i- wH»>,..-'^< f " M.&^xL.

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