Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 13, 1957 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1957
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

250 at Park For Legion's Annual Picnic About 2S0 Legionnaires of Mau> rice Dunn Post Nc. 7 attended the annual stag membership picnic Monday night in the Graham Park shelterhouse. Dues for 1958 were paid by 147 members not including 23 who had paid in advance making a total of 170 to date. Prank B. Ulich, field director of safety education for the Iowa De partment of Public Safety and 8th district American Legion commari der, was a special guest at the picnic and presided at the award ing of a prize. A 12-guage shot gun was won by Don Drees. Mr. Drees, who is first vice commander of the local post, was in charge of arrangements for the membership picnic with James Kerper, second vice commander, in charge of the chicken dinner Mr. Drees announced that the membership drive will continue in hope of reaching quota by Novem ber 11. The quota set by the Iowa Department for Maurice Dunn post is 420. All members who pay before Veterans Day will have "Early Birds" stamped on their membership cards. A special cita tion will be given by the Iowa Department, with endorsement by the national Legion, if the local post reaches quota by November 11. Four MacMurray Sisters Visit With Manning Friends (Timet Herald >ew» Service) MANNING — The four MacMurray sisters, former Manning residents, visited trends here during the week. They are: Mrs. Laura Fitch of Long Beach, Calif.; Mrs. Eva Hauptman, Long Beach; Mrs. Hazel Saunders^ Denison; and Mrs. Luella Lewis of Williamsburg. Mrs. Ed Callon and Mike of Park Rapids, Minn., spent several days during the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Pratt. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stribe spent the past week fishing near Alexandria, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rix and Mrs. Emma Schelldorf of Denver arrived Aug. 7. Mr. and Mrs. Rix attended graduation exercises for their son, Richard, at the State University of Iowa Wednesday evening and returned to Denver Aug. 12. Mrs. Schelldorf will remain with Manning relatives until Sept. 1, then go to Daytona Beach, Fla., with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schelldort. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Detolefs and family attended a class reun ion at-Irwin Aug. 11, honoring Ruth Rold Linkletter of Portland, Ore. Other Manning residents who are members of the class are La- verae Olsen and Harry Palmer. 'Fat; 40' Night At Lake City's New Pool Friday LAKE CITY — Swimming pool committee hae fixed Fri• day night, August 16, as "Fat and Forty Night." At 8:45 that evening all children will leave the pool and swimming will be . for the exclusive enjoyment of adults, particularly those who have a tendency to bulge at the waist line and might be a ,bit timid about getting in the .swim of things during regular hours. It sums up this way;— "If you bulge at the waist, in the veins or behind, come Friday night for a heck of a • time!" For those who do not have season tickets admission is 50 cents. 450 Go I Ions, Please— The, gas-station-in-the-sky system used by the U.S. Air. Force turns fighters into tankers and back again in a mater of minutes. A plane like the F-94F Thunderstreak, that carries a bomb on one mission, can be a tanker the next. Designed for faster-than- sound aircraft, the system makes refueling possible at high speeds and at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet. In six to 15 minutes (depending on the amount of gas) the operation is completed and the receiving plane continues on its mission. The low-cost system, said to be able to increase range of fighters "up to 70 per cent" depending on the type of mission, san also be used with slower jets. It was developed for the U.S.A.F. by Repubh Aviation Corporation. Thirsty RF-MF Thunderflash (bottom) approaches Us sister ship, an F-84F Thunderstreak, which is acting as aerial tanker. '> > V' 'IK-.'*.' „,*>*tx',v ^^^^^^^^^^^ Tanker lowers set of "flying gas pipes" with funnel at end, as the speedy Thunderflash closes in for contact moment. Contact! Fuel from tanker-fighter (top) is transferred to receiver while both places hurtle trough space at high speed. Hostess Says Story on Becks at Patty a 'Gag NEW YORK OB—A Connecticut hostess says it was "all a gag" when she told a newspaper that Dave Beck Sr. .and Dave Beck Jr. attended a party at which Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy, wife of the chief counsel of the U.S. Senate rackets investigating committee, was guest of honor. The hostess, Mrs. George Ska­ kel Jr., of Greenwich, told the New York Herald Tribune Monday that "I'm sorry for any inconvenience the gag caused." Also a 'Prank* Mrs. Skakel, who was reached by the Herald Tribune at her Greenwich home, also referred to the incident as a "prank." Teamster Union boss Dave Beck Sr. and his son have invoked the Fifth Amendment repeatedly under questioning by Kennedy and others before the Senate committee investigating rackets in labor and management. Kennedy's brother. Sen. Mohn F. Kennedy CD- Mass), is a member ot the committee. Mrs. Robert Kennedy is the sister of Mrs. Skakel's husband, a New "Vork City business executive. The Herald Tribune said Mrs. Skakel admitted she told a social Dont Take It for Granted \ 'Wouldn't Do it Again, Says Morros of Fantastic 12 Years as a U.$. Spy ,MILITARY CUSTOM HAS BEEN -WAIVED, S /NC6 WRU) WARX, TO ALLOW TW6 FLAG' 0V6fc TH6 US. CAPITOL TO ReiWAIN UNFURLED AT ALL TIMSS. 7 ?2<?% OF TH£ U6. POPVLATIQN~-OfZ tOqZS^OOO PEOPLE" SPgNT 43Z,<?00,OOO UQUGS RBAQINQ NBWSRAP&QS OORlN&A neceNr TYPICAL m&K, sties s/iwre/ ALL A0VEQT\G6G& INVESTED *6 ^oSoogooo TN A/etvsPflPee? LAST Y6AIZ-AGAIN MORE THAN (U fSADIO,TEl£- ANO OUTDOOR, CQMSIU&t \yewpwizswMimo! reporter for the Stamford (Conn.) Advocate that the Becks were to be among her guests at the social at her home last Saturday night, and the she invited the newspaper to send a photographer. Several Hundred Attend Several hundred persons attended the party. In Washington, Mrs. Kennedy said she didn't see either of the Seeks at the gathering. Her husband said Washington business kept him from attending. The Advocate's photographer was told when he arrived at the party that the elder Beck was "not feeling well" and had to leave early. But the photographer was invited to take a picture of "Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beck Jr., along with the Skakels, their, daughter, Kirk, and Mrs. Robert Kennedy. Picture Net'Printed The Stamford Advocate said Mrs. Skakel identified all the persons in the picture and the identities were later substantiated by Skakel in a phone call to his New York ( City office. The Advocate, however, did not print the picture. The Herald Tribune said later that it checked with Skakel at his New York City office and, although he would not answer questions in person, he denied through his secretary' that the Becks attended the party, after it was pointed but that Dave Beck Jr. was not known to be married, The Herald Tribune quoted Mrs. Skakel as saying at her home: " It (the gag) was started by one of my weekend guests from Delaware and we all went, along with the gag. Everyone at the party knew it was a gag, except apparently the photographer." The Herald Tribune • reported further that Mrs. Skakel said the couple who posed as "Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beck Jr." were Mr, and Mrs. Patrick Loughran'of New York City. She said Mrs. Loughran is the former Peggy Hague, daughter of the late Frank Hague, longtime mayor of Jersey City and Democratic boss of New Jersey. DR. HAYES DIES ARNOLDS PARK (AV-Dr. E. A, Hayes, For,t Dodge, died Monday night of an apparent heart attack at his summer home near Pocahontas Point on Lake Okoboji. LADIES AID ELECT (Time* Herald New* Service* WESTSIDE — Ladies Aid Society of St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church met Wednesday afternoon in the church basement. Mrs. Art Elias, president, presided, Election of officers was the highlight of the meeting. Officers elected with Mrs. Art Ellas, president are Mrs. Alfred Kaspersen, vice - president; Mrs. William 0, Stoelk, treasurer, and Mrs. Frank Jaw, secretary. Fourteen members and nine .visitors were present, The visitors were Mrs, Earl I Brown, Mrs, Anna Campbell, Mrs,} George Maynard. Mrs. Lena WuU, Mrs. Fred Lohrman, Mrs. Anna Plots, Marlene Schluter, Linda 1 Dettbarn and Sue TrexeL j By JAMES F. TOMLINSON NEW YORK laV-A pudgy little man in a camel's-hair coat was about to leave his hotel room in Munich, Germany. Suddenly there was a knock. * The man opened the door and was handed a cable. He read a one-word message: "Cinerama." It was a code word and meant: "Come home. Your life is in danger." Fantastic Career Thus, on last Jan, 19, the curtain fell on the fantastic cloak-and- dagger career of Boris Milhailo- vitch Morros. For 12 years the Russian-born Hollywood producer acted as a master counterspy for the United States. The perilous role took him to obscure hotels, dimly lit cafes and dark street corners from Paris to Moscow. Monday Morros, 62, told his tale at a news conference in the office of Acting U.S. Atty. Thomas B. Gilchrist Jr. Morros' testimony before a federal grand jury earlier this year brought an espionage indictment against Mr. and Mrs. Jack Soble and Jacob Albam, and against Mr. and Mrs. George Zlatovski. Albam and Mrs. Soble were sentenced to 5Vi years in prison. Soble will be sentenced Sept. 18. Hoodwinked Soviets The balding producer and music director told in a thick Russian accent how he hoodwinked the Soviets into thinking he was a spy for them. Yet, the whole time, he was sending* reports to the FBI. "I was never a spy in my life," he said at the outset, "and during the war I acquired a kind of bravery, and I guess I behaved properly in the 12 years of my activity. "That is the only reason I am alive. I don't think I could do it again." Morris said neither his wife nor his friends had "any inkling of my activity, which took me to Europe 68 times, including Moscow and East Berlin." He said posing as a spy for the Russians wasn't easy. "I hated everything they stood for and when I had to express myself to high Russian officials and to American spies employed by them in' terms of supporting their vicious ideology, I really had to do a more realistic acting job than any of the players whom I had ever directed in Hollywood. "My life and my mission depended on that." Naturalized Citizen Morros, born to a family of musicians in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad), came to the United States in 1922 and became a naturalized citizen. He said he went back to Russia in 1935 to visit his mother. In 1945 the Russians asked him to become an agent for them. "I went straight to the FBI and reported what had happened," he said. "I was told to agree to the Russian proposals and make my contacts." Morros said the Russians asked him to get information on strategic materials and products. He handed them documents cleared by the FBI. He said an FBI agent was never more than a stone's throw away from him on his trips to Europe. One day he went to the Soviet Embassy in Paris to see a Russian film. He sat between a Soviet official and an FBI agent whom he had passed off as a "comrade in arms."' Spent Own Money Morros said he didn't ask for money from the Russians and didn't receive any. He said he spent two million dollars, of his own money on his espionage work and is ,now broke. Finally, Morros was put on the Russians' "very suspect" list. He said the Soviet Embassy in Wash 12 Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, Au«. 13, 1957 ington received charges "from their paid spies here—Americans —that I was not loyal to the Russian objectives." "In fact," he said, "one such message came from the Soviets in Washington while I was in Moscow meeting with the top men in the Russian secret police, and \ had to talk fast to get out of that one." , Morros went to Munich last January. He had an appointment to meet his Russian contact in Vienna Jan. 20. But before he left Munich he received the FBI message to come home. The 12-year masquerade was over. Morros said he knows from "personal information and experience that Soviet espionage has made considerable infiltration in this country," Important People "Many of the agents working for Russia are important people, financially independent and often held In high esteem," he said. "Many of the Soviet's most active workers in this country don't come from the rank and file nor the underprivileged.. They are people who have the kind of contacts which will be useful to the Soviets, and they are being paid to do their jobs of treason in the United States." ' He said the present regime in Moscow, "has been hatching a vast imperialistic plot for a Slav- dominated world." Morros was not allowed to. tell his story in full. Gilchrist restrained him now and then from telling "too" much." • No star in the Southern Hemisphere corresponds to Polaris (the Pole Star) in the Northern Hemisphere. * LOOKING FOR TROUBLE? ... If yon are, maybe eight- month-old Nancy Austin, who rides the range in her stroller out Cheyenne,. Wyo., way, can accommodate ytm. The youngster, backed up by a six-gun wired to her stroller by a helpful photographer, gives the raw-berries t* an unseen foe, Nancy was joining in the fun of Frontier Days week, when: the town relives the rough, tough days of the past, e In Lake Boat Crash Death SPIRIT LAKE m — John Jfj Becker, Omaha accountant, was free on $200 bond Tuesday oh a charge filed in connection with th| boat collision death Saturday of Raymond C. Murray of Everly. f Paul Schuck; lakes custodian; filed a complaint Monday' charging Becker with operating a motor boat at a speed greater than £ miles an hour at a distance less than 250 feet from another crafi A power boat Becker was driv* ing on Lake Okoboji rammed ah aluminum , fishing craft occupied by, Mr. and, Mrs. Raymond d Murray, Mrs. Murray was rescuef but her husband was killed; V A coroner's jury ruled Sunday that Baker did not commit a felony, but operated his boat in violal tion of the law governing watejr traffic on state-owned waters. i Catastrophes are identified as those accidents in which five or more: persons are killed. WARDS^ CARROLL IOWA Montgomery Ward Store Will Be Closed All Day WED 14 To Mark Down Our Complete Stock In Preparation for a COMPLETE CLEARANCE SALE! WATCH WEDNESDAY'S PAPER FOR COMPLETE PARTICULARS FREE! G.E. $15.95"Steam and Dry HEIRES ELECTRIC Iron If You Trade Now During . . . BONUS TRADE DAYS MOOH HU-1W) - GET IN ON THIS BONUS DEAL FREEZER PRICE CUT DEEPI 7,& , *,J' i * pomy 11 ou. ft. freezer'puts' ne«r»y 400 lbs. pf frozen food at your fingertips, ana we guarantee It for five Jong year«. «nS SUW" entee the food you put In Tt net to spoil or . we'll replace It, up to $?00 worth. Steami Iron A free of extra cost If you buy now. R«f. Slff.ff "'4 SAVE $60 ON THIS STYLISH GENERAL ELECTRIC 30" RANGE Look at the features! Target timer, for oven and plug, removable door on oven, oven llaht, flu orescent top • light, and It aavea • 4' 2£ Y! £, UT:TH * ?WCE ON THIS W *J?/I * WGHUTOR WITH THP FAMOUS REVOLVING SHELVES and mw^-clRer f>£ —^ _ _ • _ tur«js,;»nd you #eHt ^^ ,— ^ ^ ^ mm »t sale price, Buy • i' AM VtMf Usetf Mfrlaerator i i i '^JL^J^MAJumvif... ,^ I,I j. 1111)1 )p . v .. , .<» ,h ..i, .> ... J >. ,. . ... i *ir~-

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