Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 13, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1957
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

j -Junbr Editors Quiz on- ANIMAL QUIZ If you should break a dish when visiting a friend, note the. pattern and try and replace it. If it cannot be replaced, it would be thoughtful to give your hostess a gift with a note saying that you QUESTION: Why it a cat said to havt nin« lives? ANSWER: This is one of many sayings about cats that have developed through the years.. No one it lust sure where any of them started. The saying that a eat has nine lives comes from th»- fact that cats seem to know how to take care of themselves no matter what happens. For example, a cat dropped upside down is so agile it always manages to land on its feet. The "nine lives" part of the saying apparently comes from the legend about an ancient king whose enemies tried unsuccessfully nine times to kill him. Other popular sayings about cats include: Curiosity killed a cat. (A cat likes rd investigate new obiects and places and may get into trouble doing so.) Put an old cat to an old rat. (Animals grow wiser as they grow older, so it takes a wise old cat to catch a wise old rat.) When the cat's away the mice will play. (People often cut up if nobody in authority is about). Honest as a eat when the cream is out of reach; (Not a person to be trusted). -FOR YOU TO DO: If you have a cat, roll a spool of thread in front of it and watch how agile the cat is as it chases it across the room. (You may win $10 by sending your question to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this paper. Tomorrow: Why do magnets attract metals?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turntr SWEETIE PIE 'It was a wonderful party, Moml All Hie boys were asking who I was and all the girls were asking who I thought I wasl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "That's tho tenth time Hie phone has rung and I'll bet ifs for Junior again—I'm sorry he ever get old enough to own a carl'* MAK€ fRICNOS Time* Herald, CarroH, Iowa 0% Tuesday, Aug. lid, 19Sf y LITTLE L.IX Life guards are necessary at the beach because kids aren't afraid of water unless there's soap hi it. tried to replace the dish and .couldn't. Accidents do happen and all the one responsible for them can do is to try to make up for the loss. . TIZZY By Kate Osann H BUGS BUNNY "Mother, if I tell you my symptoms, can you tell me if I'm in love?" By Nadine Seltztr u "Let's not ruth madly into this rhino—I'll need about 15 years to consider your propose 11" Popular-Actor Answer to ACROSS 1 Popular actor, Young 1 He portrays a In a . video series 13 Speaker 14 "Lily maid of Astolat" 16 Cylindrical 16 Pelted IT Organ of hearing IB Melanesia* language 30 Doctor of Medical Science (ab.) '31 Delaware (ab.) 31 In addition 34 Ruler of Tunis 35 Snoose 37 City in England . » Riders (ab.) 11 Seine 33 Unit of weight 33 Perched J4 Asiatic kingdom MBrytbonlt sea god 38 Wand 39 Green vegetable 41 Ribbed fabrit 43 Threefold (comb, form) 44 Bridge* • 49 Seed oontalner 41 Distant M Bullfight** S3 Bluder St form a notion 54 Lamprey fishermen 55 Visitor DOWN 1 Surf noise X Nymph 3 Fruitless .4 Summer (Fr.) I Decays 6 Play host 7 Garlands 8 Singing voice 9 Philippine peasant 10 Obstruct 11 Foe 13 Communists WWinken, Bllnken and — [NT Previous Puizle 7* 32 Endured 34 Finer 26 Piece of stage equipment 28 Calf meat 30 Red 34 Regular 35 Meadow 37 Rescind 38 Female ruff 40 Caper 42 Ottoman court.: 43 Large plant 44 One who (suffix) 48 Fountain drink 47Accomplisher 49 Poem 81 Unit of reluctance OMT OUR .WAY , U COYOTE AN' WAS BRIM«IW •¥ J.,R» WILLIAM* I OUR BOAR0IN6 HOiiM HfM HOME PER A PET... AM' HAP MV BELT TIEpARO0MC> MIS MOUTH SO HF CODLPMT BITE.., AN' HE GOT AWAY" THBT SOLO-AM' SILVER BELT BUCKLE ISWUTH FlPTV BUCKS.'. BORRVA HOUN' AN'TRACK HIM CAlM'T EAT WltH HIS MOUTH TIEC> 'AW'HE'LL err WEAK AN'WE'LL SIT HIM/ |p7 • TH -^Ti.~.t wi, HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORN wWi RBASOM I M6VER (SOT WITCHED, MARTHA, IM LAiL MY WANDER) tf<36 [I MEVER Rutf ACtfOST ATf?US SLUE, ei<s-. HEARTED GIRL LlKB YOQ/-.* 8ROTHER AMOS HAD ALL THE LOCK IM THAT,. RESPECK/j VbLV'Rfe SKIPPING tf^OF/VVr 1 „ RNER DUALITIES, JAkE-j'XMjSH A BUSINESS WDMANl.W^ . APTER A FASHIONS/^ AM' WHEN YOJ PLAV -fH6 GLT*' ORGArt \NiTH ALL THE- STOPS* OOT X CA^T HELP M AKl 1^6 A VJILO (3USSS - VOO'RS'; \ •21, ••gem ^ULL^-EVS- A-* POR. THE LADV= Helpful Hare PRISCILLA'S POP That's Our Girl BY AL VERMEER PR\SCILLA,"^BoY.' WHAT KIND 4JL THAT'S OP A MAN /P A ARE YOU r ^l SILLY GOING TO)(QUESTIOKJ MARRY? AW T ..HE:LL LIKE HORSES AND DOGS. , * AND-HE'LL" ! HAVE A NAME LIKE CRAIG [OR BRUCE- ALLEY OOP That's Why, Huh? BY V. T. HAMLIN TWO X <3DLR..SOME ORTMRK\ SILVER POUNDS I THOUGH. QF «OtP? mm 7ml MORTY MEEKLE Drawback BY DICK CAVALLI fWITHTHIS ^ POLICY VOUt? BE WELL PROTECTED IN CA5EOF AeeiLW ACCIDENT? PHOOEV/ WHAT COULD j HAPPEN TOME? -BAM/ I® 1MT MA SMVtok fcw. iM, Itof, U.^ Pll. Mr. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS No Way Out BY MERRILL BLOSSHt MOW SO we WON'T i^OSM.A FELiOW JusrcANT . ESCAPE FOOO/ |TrtE BASEAAEMTVr ^rWC4 ?rlEil?HEfi --4 - flife- RJLL OF RRESe|a/£S./ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Aheyl BY IDGAR MARTIN fl Holly's Father r BAGGED TWO MEN-DM4U6 AND JACK ' •• BY WILSON SCRUGGS F DAH LEfct? He's THE fWMEKOF CAPTAIN EASY " ' Desperate BY LESLIE TURNER

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