Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 29, 1960 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1960
Page 22
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._ _ .. ftm IIWP VtOBRMRI ftom Salt Lafe Otr< *eft OrtM ; -Bwei iHPt Pen* ••* • M SJMGM fWM MMf . M tcgtay «B» to "fheOrttl QeM nMMrtMBi A pjnxty fin MM fter "fcreOMf try to wit wftfc Mn W. Jmet KVXNiNtt WEDNESDAY, JUNE »> &*> gram b urrique In ftffli It has been totally prepared by station personnel. . . witting, directing, pro- during, camera work, editing, etc. Ther* Mt^tour baste pans to we story: the formation, discovery, exploitation of the Mississippi; wen the golden era and die decline of the river's importance. The contemporary life of (he river includes flood control, commerce, and pleasure boating, and flitelly, the renewed importance of the Mississippi River in our life today. Bruce Hayward, Director of Public Affairs at KTVI, is narrator. The program was written and produced by Ralph Hodges, Executive Director at KTVI and photographed by Larry Johnson. "Bio of a River" is Just one of a series of public affairs programs which will form a special visual aids library and through the KTVI Public Affairs Department this film and others now in the planning stage will be made available to school boards, service groups and other tv stations on a no-cost basis.' Living so close to the Mississippi tt is possible,we forget the importance of the Mighty River. KTVI is to be commended for an artful job of reminding us and also the public service of making the film available for private showing. KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS). 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9, KPLR U. Bold Face denotes highlight. (R) denotes Repeats. WKDNB8DAY EVENING 6:00-(2) Jim Bowie ' (4) (5) News (9) Friedly Giant 6:10-(4) (5) Weather 6:15—(4) CBS News: Edwards (5) Sports: Boblngham (9)' Sing Hi, Sing Lo 6:25-(5) Spotlight with Nancy •:30—(3) .Biography ot * River: WALLPAPER MONTICELLO COLOR CENTER Monttcello Plaza, Godfrey KTWi ftMC p^sgMMl MMi lilsteff M MB BnHlsWpipfc Brlue (4). Reckoning: "The Lonely mage" stan Mary Astor and Mftcdonald Carey to a drama of a great lady of the theatre who suddenly' finds herself needing the loved one she neglected in her rise to fame, (ft) (5) Wagon Thdn: Debra Paget guest stan tt Adams and McCullough head East in a stage which is hijacked across the Mexican border by a lovely entertainer. (R) (9) Compass Rose (11) Wild BUI Hickok 6:45— (9) French Through TV 7:00-01) Bold Journey: "Speed Across Europe 4 '. 7:15-(9) Reading Out Loud: Jackie Robmson reads Lincoln's Gettysburg!) Address and a portion of the novel "Red Badge of Courage". 7:30-(2) Nelson Family: The family almost cost David his Job in a law office by being too "helpful". (R) (4) Men Into Space: Nancy Gates is featured as the first woman on the moon. (R) (5) Price Is Right: (Color) (U) Movie: James Mason, Claire Bloom: "the Man Between" (1953: English) Drama 7:45— (9) Images of Art 8:00— (2) Hawaiian Eye: Four vacationing women propel Steele and Lopaka into a series of, nar row escapes as killers go, after one of the girls who inherits an jsland in "Then There Were Three". (R) (4) Millionaire: Police become suspicious when a husband disappears during his honeymoon and his wife comes into possession of a million dollars. Lori Nelson. (R) (5) Happy: Chris really gets into hot water when his lost wedding ring is returned by a very attractive girl in "Chris's Night Out". (9) Plays and Players 8:30-(4) I've Got a Secret: Victor Borge guest. (5) Tate: "The Mary Hardin Story". Tate helps a widow involved in a homestead war. (9) Travelogue: Void La France. 9:00-(2) Title Bout: World mid- NEW 1940 MODEL AT LOW PRICES ON EASY TERMS! MC, •rin^m « * n *r Mnutatin* fan. P>»«-»««r wurrcn fc m m vmrecuwi RlTBFJUi Mill-CD (4) li:3(M8) Russet) (S) Thi*I« YowUte A) ftesouretfrNMIofiil Se» caTtty. 9:20-(11) Nfewl 9:MM5) Lock Up (9) Books and Ideas (11) Confidential 10:<XM2) Not tor Mire (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) U.S. Marshal: Morgan suspects B connection between a bank rotbery and the abduction of a prospector who Just struck it rich in "All's Not Gold That Glitters". V (9) My Favorite Reading (11) Movi* Forrest Tucker, Adele Mara: "Rock Island Trail" (1950) Western. 10:10-(4) Weather: Fontaine 10:15-(4) Bye On St. Louis 10:30-4) Movie: Arthur Askey, Sabrina: "Ramsbottom Rides Again" (1957: English) Comedy. (4) Movie: William Holden, George Raft: "Invisible Stripes" (1940) Drama. (5) News, Sports, Weather 10:45—(5) Jack Paar Show: Bar ry Golden, author of "Only in America" guest. 11:30-(11) Bedtime Stories: Howard Duff stars in "Ming Lama". ll;55-(4) Movie: Dick Foran, Jane Bryan: "Cherokee Strip" (1943) Western. 12:00-(5) (11) News 12:05-(5) Night Court News Home Digest Sherlock Holmes Weather Report Daily Word Late News Roundup Give Us This Day THURSDAY, JUNE 90 5:45-(4) Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks Town 'n Country P.S. 4: Spelling Morning St. Louis Today: Newscasts 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. 8:00—(2) Camera Two News: Grover CartoonTime Capt. Kangaroo Jack La Lanne Show Red Rowe Show . Dough-Re-Mi Romper Room On The Go Pla/Your Hunch I Love Lucy Price Is Right: (Color) 12:20-(2) 12:35-(5) 12:50-(2) l:00-(4) 5:50-(4) 6:00-(4) 6:30-(4) 7:00-(4) (5) (4) 8:15-(2) (4) 9:00-(2) (4) (5) 9:30-(2) (4) • .(5) 10:00-(4) at (5) (0 (8) The Tdegraph'* Radio Chan j Greece 4»HMenfeen * te «•*»«*•£* * *" tef, SopM* BWwi of of Aj^^^yi^^ J'(at_ — _• *nuiiiu»g uiapn Coffee Break: ._ and! Peter BrowBt flt ltdiaMtt. Mr TofMRIMV -R G0nM Be ' of). (11) Short Story 1I:*~C4) OuWitlf Light (4) Noon-(2) ResttestOun (4) News - Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Woman's Touch 12:05*-(4) People'! Choice 12:SM2) Love That Bob! (4) A« The World Turns 1:00— (2) About Faces: Actor Dennis Day guest. (4) FUU Circle (5) Queen for a Day (11) Movie: Am Mffler, Joe Besser: "Eadie Was a Lady" (1945) Comedy. l:30-(2) Susie (4) House Party (5) Loretta Young 2:00-(2) Day in Court (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone (11) Movie: "Rock Island Trail". See Wed., 10 p.m., Ch. 11. 2:30-(2) Gale Storm (4) Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots 3:00-(2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (6) Thin Man 3:15— (4) Secret Storm 3:30-(2) Who Do You Trust? (4) Edge of Night (5) Yancy Derringer 3:45-(ll) Capt. ll's Showboat 4:00— (2) American Bandstand (4) SSPopeye (5) Our Miss Brooks 4:30— (4) Movie: Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker: "The Very Thought of You" (1944) Drama. (5) Life of Riley 5:00-(2) Rocky and His Friends (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color. (U) Sgt. Preston 5:30-(2) News: Hayward (11) Suspenseville 5:40— (2) Weather: Hayward 5:45— (2) Cartoon Time (5) Huntley-Brinkley News (11) Three Stooges WEMNW1MY CAWfcUTON - A ftoAer CHID) IWsW (MM) mm •HVflsiMMM *4B^B^MBi KBKnl (COT) Cabinet changes for Northern Ireland were suggested in Belfast by Edmond Warnock, a Member of Parliament, who said: 'The present policy of the Government hasn't the chance of a snowball in a sunny climate of solving the Unemployment problem." Telegraph Want Ada "CLICK" world% fastest rrs tan! mam SUNTAN LOTION 4-O«. Bottle AKCUOLER COOLS AND NLTIRS Alt Oi* OfMH *•! MM PtOt« II ••*• PAY ONLY $1.00 WHKIY Phone HO 2*7931 end your S.E. Fan will be i«nt out to you. or ttop in ene) >ee ell the newest model*. | Op«« Ffidey jHd Monday Nifet Till 9 P.M. | Ham« (4 btuu^d wut V«t»riM)d atUM-wtoed Oiamunds HOLIDAY SPECIAL flu* UK fflDIt fJMl GemMMft ir VStf- Gordon CMftra AHUM 'n ABfr f«n in suuMs interview '«MM *lsn Off H ,1 II N ft _ aid Aagtut ^ ^ Brin Koottt ml 9ttt Aob* wffl attend flM 441 Oub tteeOo Memorial Qunjv BOB Jtt* 88 to July 9. Paul Rjnre wffl go to West Fnuikfurl Atig< 7 Bifoua|i Aflfj. 13 to attend a fwestry oarnp. Robert Deventng will attend a Wildlife OonservaUon Camp at Monticello Memorial Camp from Aug. 1 through Aug. 8, CARROLLTON - Giving bond of $40,000, Doris S. Dolon was appointed administrator in the ettate of Kate Whnsatt, will was probated June 27. Trustees of Feniwood Mausoleum were given the sum of to be held in trust, with the in* come to be used on the care of the mausoleum. All of the rest «• The Golden Rote class of the chart* wffl §pw« •P|*S e ! Wffl dty from 8:» p.m. to w • ^^^^^^^M A^SJ^BJ^M CARROLLTON of the tate JuIhB t admitted to probate tad «*». id iworded JOB* 3L AD of the property was left to W to Tfippel, Amett» Raymond F. Trtppel i«d Mtfvey T. Trtppte ware aaniid ««icon* ..... _______ Telegraph Want Ads "CLJCR THITRSDAY Ounthwr Oanthtr N: Farm vosel Fam N: O. T ctoei Neweome N; Ouathtr H, Ounth« N N; Farm T. Dalley N; Dalicy T. Dalley N; W .Clockwatcher N; O. N; O. Newtom* NewiORM Newionta N<wsom« ff Bob Day World N H, Ounther N; Ounther H. Oanthtr N; Dalley T. Dallay N: Dalley Dalley: N R«> Davis Clockwatcher N; Newfom* O. Newaom* N; Newiomt O. N Bob Day •• n N; Wilson Ed WlUoi ExerclMt Unl»i Hymai o, cantnil H. ChrUUan ° N Clockwatcher N; Newiorae. O. Newsome NMriosM N: Walter H. Walter Tello Quis R. Bed MB N; WlltOB Ed Wilton N: A. Godfrey N; Davit G. tMVU N; Davit G. Davit Beneon N; Wilton .Ed Wilton *•• •• N: Dalley T. Dalley: N: Party .Houaeparty G. Moore Crosby •Clooney N; O. N; G, .ivlt Davis Davit N; time Cty.TW. M. Oalnet 2 Cartoons—Free Playground Children Admitted Free P'houte Pljr., Vogel Farm The World N: Headline! J. McCormlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'iness N; Davis G. Davit N. Davit G. Devil N Farm-Mat. A. Grace Club Newt N; Party : P'house Party N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt; N Whlaoerlng Stt. Ma PerWn* Dr. Maloue Mrs. Bui ion N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Day Bob Day » n* B. Counter N; Burke J. Burke O. WJtt »l I* N: Witt Witt; N Best Seller ft tl G. Williams N; J^lklns B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Palen J. Palen N: Burke J Burke D. Gordon »» *• N; Gordon Gordon: N N: Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Palen J, Palen N; Burke J. Burke - l» M Burke; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N; Buck J. Buck Buck; W K; Richard K. Richard N; Richard X. Richard N; Palen J. Palen Potato CkipA 2-in-1 PACKAGE NOW49 C Buy Tliem At Youi Favorite Store MADE FRESH DAILY TO BE TASTY FOR YOUR HOLIDAY MEALS AND SNACKS Eldred ELDRED — Mr. and Mrs. William Barnett spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Harriett's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Newman of Ne|»o. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brannan spent the weekend with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brannan of Bloomington. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Brannan recently visited in Alton at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pekar and helped their daughter, Cindy, celebrate her 5th birthday. Weekend v visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Ivers were their nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. James Sisson, and four children of Bakersfield, Calif. They were en route to Vincennes, Ind., to visit • relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Coonrod and granddaughter, Karen, have returned to their home here from Granite City. Coonrod, who was injured while visiting in Granite City will be confined to be four weeks. Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reif were Mr. and Mrs. George Stone*and family of Edwardsville. Mrs. Herschel Kinoade and children, Jimmy and Gail at Jer-, seyville, visited Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- Ham Brannan. They had just returned from a trip to California. Mr..and Mrs. Roy Short spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Ivers. Sugar and tobacco are government monopolies in Iran. Felicia is a feminine name meaning "happy." Open IHUy CiM, Start f p.m. Adults Me KMdMs Me MMILY NIOHTS TODAY AND THOM, All Seats »5e. Bfettnee BWty WediMMfey. Let the Uptown be Your Bftby Sitter for * few hours. . AN Uwfh BOB Hon — IN — "ALIAS JESSE JAMES" Thursday 8:45 p.m. Today at 6:00, »:lff Thursday 7:16 p.m. Today at 4:87, 8:00 -M 4th ChoptCT OT "Zprre's Rqhflnq Uglon" Thursday at 7:00, 10:25 p.m. Wed., Matinee and Evening OPEN 7:80 Ends Tonitt LTWDOD Startt Dusk 1 ST TIME TOGETHER — ALL COLOR SHOW — JOHN < WAYNE WILLIAM HOLDEN James Garner •^Natalie Wood Cash MCCHHJ SOLDIERS STARTS THITRSDAY * 3 MAJOR FILM HITS Tina Louite ADULTS 8ttc, TEEN «0c, CHILD 25c TODAY! Essi Ssl. Matinees Daily 12:45 \ THIS WAS THE BULL OF THE PACIFIC I HIS NAME WAS HAISEY-BUT THE tt "Hill"! fononal t-the deeply human story -of the bristling bulldog whose hell-raiaen turned the tide! ••Dert Montieffltry pn«*nt» ••Hosed Thru United Artlsls 2:25 5:50 9:15 PLUS: A BOMB SHELL OUT of CASTRO'S CUBA CAMERON MITCHELL ALLISON HAYES IUUMWUMIB; 1:15 4:45 9:10 ALSO: JOHANSSON - PATTERSON FIGHT FILM Shown: 1:00 4:25 7:50 Delorea Patricia Neville I Michaels ,• Oweni •Brand I itch ADULTS flOo, TEEN We, CHILD 2gp TONITE! ?%" ENDS SATURDAY RINCESS RUG & CARPET CLEANING THE MODERN WAY e (Mini) IMraitli RU OlMiini Mirtln* titraitlt Ri| Oiittr Nut tMtrtIM Orflif RtM SPEEDY 3 DAY SERVICE ft* It Iff W, Wt 1 It - Dtwitowi lltu mm I •xt2 Rug and • e • Superior Carpet Gleaners 1CSS Meto Si NO §4141 AJtea YOU'LL SEE THINGS YOU NEVER SAW BEFORE! CRACKjN THE MIRROR EXTRA—MAKE HUDWD.OIUMMI OPEN 7:0f START DUSK BIG HITS! STARTS TONITE . . . FREE PHOTOS of "THE I STOOGES" Fint MS Can Everv Nltel GREATER ST. LOUIS AREA SHOWING! You will en/oy to ant otmojpfort ALSOl JOHANSSON-PATTERSON FIGHT FILMS Shown: 7»6« 1«:*5 ^^ SAVOY HOTEL TONITEI ** ENDS SATURDAY • Alton Lake View Opposite Uncoln-Douglu Square DM HO M 771 and ResMMttsJ Rates four Itaetor to GUI U« We U REGISTERED PHARJtAlWTI mm mwm mmm KIAilNOTI: frM

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