Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 29, 1960 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1960
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

wawnammr, JUM m, We Covmftoo Plays, Bwves Aw Raffing 1MD HIM QBVfHBUNI "it staHKF turn tfotibled WHO MMhMMJMl'<--lri*. MMte .u.L..M_ UHumimor nw OBCBT, cnrrsmly «•, frptfW and ft* Brave* in tffia CTp *« bow VBhtatfel Js that po%* erful-N«gfo gtaat? Manager GHM» B* Drt»en, § coach with Lot An- ^ktUll ' i-t-**^^-*-.~» jJfMiiitnl ' flfii tiiffcii •' (•MB Domain wiooing DMgn Ittt MMOO, putf tt this way: "1 Wit flad he wwn't in thlre laxt y*ar. But I «ure want him in WN BOW, Ht'i one of t hole guyi* who jets thi big hit wnen «you really need It." Wa pfm*3 ffiaf dUift Tuesd&y wheff Iw flotlbiCB iMMue two rtnfe to putt ta* if ave* Ittto a 3-3 tie to the third inning against CW- cago, and then homered in the aixth to lead the way to a 8-3 TB« SOO gathe rolled in the ABC 'toufnamerit in Toledo on April 21 was the 16th In the history, of the tournament. Ten «ame in aiogles events. The re- ottrt 1 perfect game was rblled by Lbuls Fac«ko, 46, of Ltwain, O. Bmrtft •f », MRtttHrfttlffri >, M flM fMMNnMM effciah »t deli flfetf "jo jjgw^ poUey oi> Of fffMMfMM oWil. Tire 8RHI wH* 4UM^^ I^IA • 1^^^ ^w i jfte miAiiA* BIBIKU HUB ween wi me IIIIIIBIB River. Adveno w ffllMt refute? Only OMB wattr. !. NfMiatton pfDUfafn w> Manfl 1. I(a pUtmad to be pGvmtt boat UWIMIB to i liter with 8MIM .afRflt •rad in cattft vi 3Car0G abusive Exaplta the Up fH[Hn1BHtKHilg ofd fiut OOluluK itr at tatg« «fxm8h flow to fulfill to*toa»**^. J*—i Ae-_'^Jii-^—a j^ j , !Buiiioic ror me nm jw. don't ketp flw tented etec- | JtrtlfclA jufft_ iii MMrfl4.^ttKA^A ^Alb. ironic omce eqmpinein, omy. atithoritttv ^ttufllktc 101- ItblB has dOW* to 400,000 Mats Three I League By THB AMOClATtiB MUtM WMAUr N%« •ioilto bw MoigM 5, Lioeottl 2 Sloujc'Clty 44, Topeka 34 Cedaf Rapftli at Green Bay, doubleheader, ppd, wet ground* Burlington at Fox Cities, ppd, tain m.immm «w* «t w MUl BM!|I FrMwy w» oet- V^L. Millions of AHterieMia Ittvf diMovand a w«r world of ftm «m the itation'a wMorwaya. Boatmf » *»*n MOM fun if the tkipptr* his mate and the whole crew Know their craft ia properly eqaipMd. Here'a a ch«k|rtr ett the item* of boatinf •aoipBimt lW6MnnmM by marine Mflty OBpttta. How doei jreBr,bo^t check out! D( 'l&SM!?, forefory pMMtiger a /Ml *fa«Mft*L 11 ici properu D.(d)f J D(«)flre~ <*) tool kit I It) anchor (I) line or whistle •' tfjaiAam tt^aMA2^a^ht MB C^WA i , imp UVUIrfiy V afUIV I Observe Notiertof Sftfe Beoff (o) ftaaaa , IWO & &: "** ** .y.' ay< K AND (.o ;M \;^ REGULAR IN PRICE OF AtLSTATE -**• ?•*•» ,•<'«'* •i t-t * 5^1 Sovii or Quick CRFDIT SUPER , «r JP^ftk Bl ^1^ R* ^0 SHION • w ^nar ^» «v« v • FLARES T*»lwyWl VHIr^MlNV.VM 15 a*. SofMy in coffy cocb, o 7IH.IXHAUST EXTtNSION Srxle Heavily chromed. Complete WWi brocketo. For all Car* HUmiCANE ts glbbe, aluminum f Hindi Puske* I * • Mf 4rtt Ratchet tUMriR JACK Mte No paMMngl Seek the Moitfe, Ideal for^ Rookete.. TIRE Chain lock f*iy bat* Folds down! SPARK PLUGS • V 'I W ' ^1\ %$'%''• H«* built-in eutomtiticaHy betomesatiot . SS 8 ^-*; ihtfwi 1 uiieiondnioiwNy GUARANTEfD lor I ta TefteleM W& . Fire s MewiMff TIRE Special AJAX ...wit* 100% OUK)MT MVIOM CORDS MU.-FOT urn* n» GUAMHTH Npt iMit o fine tire, but one of *e •eSTtUHT... «uorairteod tob. as good or bettor *on the orig- Mdntrei that cone on yew new car. Tops in construction. flr.i 1n oM, Hug *C"-** »«w«r ear* wi» Mf h ce»pr«t«mi anahi**. $*••« * Ugh •»•••• «W" la* ip»*4 "H^ <Mtoe wmrf by "Hon-f o" c»»y PIUO FIRES m Oil--., fOULINGi '""•7rr— r, .->*. 7.60-15 •lackwed Tub* Ty^o TlfM , riAefooi Type... »I.M 7.SQ.14 W«ehw«« . Twbelet* Type Ttoet 1.00-14 aiockwatl JubotoM Type Thee. FENDER SKIRTS Custom Ti;i!'jr,-[| P« ftcd I ' FORD v , CAR MIRROR mai 22JH.KIUXE MQWE ^row-chtviiouT \ ««"""aassJR It MONTH 0»«ronl»«l A99 2 HP BRIGGS 8, STRATTON 4 cycle - _ "> fnqinc 3-way ~ B WA^ Off IMWCHM MHtai«a<N>* *OUHfl *• 04CUTTMO Instantly 1U-W-30 - ALLWEATHtR p*troU«mbeWWok SIAl-A OIL M WWMrfUU.IAlJI AMMITU ft OR OAUW MtANIHO TO- pricei. ttolioe on mm r«fl Slwl. AUTO STORFS TYREX CO PayratK MI FOR THE REGULAR NO-TRADEIN PRICE OF Sale Price 4 TIRES 6.70x15 Uaekwalb NO TRADE REQUIRED GuArmntoed cowt-to-coMt for TWO fuU years against all romd hMards . High mlkwge "emulwunlx" precision blended rubber for anper highways WHEEL BALANCING I Wheels Welfhi* Included SIZE /. 6.70x15 7.10x15 7 .§0x15 Tube-typ* Bhkokwalls Be*, No-Trade- in Price fof « Fir*., PliuFed. 'X»x ' 88.40 98.00 107.80 Sale Price for 4 Tire* Plus Fed. T»x 66.80 73.50 80.85 SIZE 7.54x14 or •.70x15 8.00x14 or 7.10x15 8.50x14 or 7.«0xl5 TubeleM Blackwalls Rec. No-Trmde- In Price for 4 lire*, PliuFed. Tax 98.40 108.00 118.20 Sale Price for 4 Tire* Pliu Fed. Tax 78.80 81.00 • » .. . .._.•._ 88.66 Tubcless White walls Met. No-Trade- in Price for 4 HIM, PtmFed. l T»x 114.40 • ->i 124,001 184.20 ttiht Price IMlcTlree Eta» Fed. Tw 85.80 '" •!'' " «— 98.00 i > ' 100.65 • b Low Priced Nylon Tires to Fit All Budgets tHE ALLSTATE awawii^yr-" 1 ±±fSS!?^ IS , without •,10 x IS Tabe-Tjrpe BUwkwall Bach plu» tax • And OU Tire Off Your Car 7.10x15... .13.88 plus tax** 7.10x15... .16.88 plus tax** ••And Old Tire-0« Your Car •.70 * U Tube.Type Whltowall Each plu> ,tax And OM Tire Off Your Our • It-inonth nationwide guarantee afalnet road hawrd Spark Plugs 2.99 Low co»t, top Mrfomnnce for au oarr s«t of I 3.89 New Low Price! All Steel Top Carrier mm to w pular c»ri. >. Excepttonal value! Gl*»nt »lze: original 43x36x8H-in. hol<U UP to — "-Heavy gauge itael. K — ftowh. Stalled Allstate Mufflers New, atoc coated—heavier steel «• iow <# thftn opiginal equipment rouf- ftevi. free t'low dexign save* gtt« WKl power. Tail Hy*» 4^8 18-Mos. Guarantee Allstate Battery 6.Volt Group 1 12-Volt Battery 11.88 exchange Trade-In Privex Most Popular Bett .v* Me. 84 Mo. 80 Cbevrolot K'ord Mort Flym, BttW Meet IMS-IS IMMf 1MMH 1.15 18.W 1TJ5 ITJi ia.ii 1941 IMI liJB 14.W IMS ItM UJft IfcM lt.W ii.ta 1141 114 1T4 UJU 1141 )f.W 174 guaranteed or yoqr money SEARS ALTON « Ph8M H0 > I

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