Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 13, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1957
Page 6
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Gable Denies 'Affair 1 Story In Libel Trial By JACK LEFLER LOS ANGELES UP) — Clark Gable says he doesn't even know Franceses de Scaffa, who was quoted in the Confidential Magazine criminal libel trial as saying she "had an affair" with him while getting information for a story about his first wife. On the Hawaiian island of Maui, Gable said about testimony concerning the purported affair: "I think I would remember that, but to my knowledge I never met the lady in my life." Gable is vacationing on the island with his present wife, the former Kay Spreckels. Ex-Editor Testifies Former Confidential Editor Howard Rushmore testified Mon day that Miss de Scaffa, former wife of actor Bruce Cabot, told him she had the affair with Gable. At the time, Rushmore said, she was gathering information for a story on Josephine Dillon, a drama coach to whom Gable was married from 1924 to 1930. Rushmore had testified earlier that Miss de Scaffa, whom he identified as Confidential^ chief source of information in Holly wood, had told him she would be willing to have affairs with movie stars to get material for stories. The defense counsel asked Rush more: "Did she tell you that she obtained information on any story by sleeping with. someone?" "Yes," said Rushmore. , "She said she got the information on the Dillon* story from a person she was having .an affair with." Asked to name the person, Rushmore replied: "Clark Gable." Rushmore said he bad no knowledge of her purported affair with Gable other than what she had told him. Miss de Scaffa, who is under HIGH-F'LYING CAREER . . . Marcelle Eason, of San Francisco, who enjoyed a glamorous career as a child movie star has now embarked on another career with a glamorous flavor. At the age of 4 she played the daughter of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler in "Gone With the Wind." She is now 22 and a stewardess with United Air Lines. Under the name "Cammle King" she ap­ peared in a number of films, including a dozen "Our Gang" comedies, in addition to her role as "Bonnie Blue" with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in 1939. Miss Eason had a thorough background in airline operations before she began stewardess training, having worked over two years in Unitcd's reservations department in San Francisco. indictment in this case, is in Mex- j testified ico. Names prominent not only in movie circles but international affairs dropped like leaves at the trial, and indications Were that this was only the start. Dep. Dist. Atty William L. Ritzi said he expects to call Ronnie Quillan, identified by Rushmore as a "Hollywood madam," to the stand today. She formerly was a Confidential informant, Rushmore Miss Quillan's name cropped up! again when Rushmore said a Con-j fidential story about television •, star Desi Arnaz came from Vonej of Ronnie's call girls." Rushmore, who spent most of the da>** on the stand, said information for the magazine's stories came from "madams, procurers, call girls and private detectives." Rushmore testified he quit his job as editor of Confidential in the late summer of 1955 because of "increasingly repulsive material" being published. He cited a story about actress Kim Novak as being "pornography." He said he personally had written stories about Marilyn Monroe, John Garfield, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and atomic scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer. Overruled on Mrs. FDR Rushmore saio that he wanted Queen to Reign at Intercity Pool Meet Wednesday "Miss American Legion Swimming Pool" will be crowned again this year at the junior intercity swimming meet In the local pool, Wednesday night. Swimming and exhibition events will begin at 6:30 p.m. Seats will be arranged outside of the fence and admission to the public will be free. Rita Morrissey, pool manager, announced today that the pool will be open to local patrons from 9 a.m. to 12 noon Wednesday instead of the usual hours in the afternoon. This change of schedule has been arranged in order that visiting teams may use the pool for practice in the afternoon. Three out-of-town teams definitely have accepted* invitations to the meet and others are expected to participate. The three sending formal acceptances are Harlan, Ida Grove, and Red Oak. Others invited are Atlantic, Avoca, Denison, Audubon, Odebolt, Boone, Perry, Jeffersbn, and Cherokee. to write a story about Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt but was overruled by publisher Robert Harrison because it wouldn't be "politically wise" to publish it. Rushmore said that he and Harrison had many discussions about whether their stories would hurt Hollywood personalities. "Harrison said the main object was ^o sell magazines," Rushmore said, "And it wasn't within our province to determine whether it hurts people. He told me in effect that if the truth hurts, that's it." Lester Grady, a New York editor and writer who for a brief time was editor o» Whisper magazine, followed Rushmore to the witness stand. Meany, Hoffa at Odds on Aiding Investigations Look what low-price oar money buys now I CHICAGO 1*1—George' Meaney, president of the AFL-CIO, has placed himself in direct opposition tc the views of Teamsters bigw(g James R. Hoffa on the matter of cooperation with congressional committees. Meany reaffirmed his stand against labor leaders invoking the I Fifth Amendment to protect them-: selves. He_ said the AFL-CIO will i cooperate with congressional committees "turning up corruption in labor." Reiterates Views The labor chieftain reiterated his views Monday in a news conference at the end of the first session of his organization's 29-man Executive Council meeting, Hoffa, Midwest boss of the Teamsters Union and a growing power in labor ranks, has declared himself against the AFL- CIO amendment policy. He is a prime mover behind a labor group which is attempting to repudiate an Executive Council statement which says: "It is the policy of the AFL-CIO that if a trade union official decides to take the Fifth Amendment for his personal protection and to avoid scrutiny by proper legislative committees, law enforcement agencies or other public bodies, into alleged corruption on his part, he has no right to continue to hold office in his union." The Hoffa-led group contends this stand "has created a substantial threat to liberty and the strength of the union." The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution holds that a person does not have to give testimony which might incriminate him. Disagreement between Meany and Hoffa on this matter might come to a head when the council takes up the case of* President Maurice A. Hutcheson of the Carpenters Union. Probe Quick Profit Hutcheson took the Fifth Amendment when he appeared before the U.S. Senate Public Works Committee. The committee was investigating reports that Hutcheson and two other Carpenters officials made quick profits from the sale of right-of-way along a road system to the State of Indiana. Hutcheson, a member of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, has said no union funds were involved. Hoffa is reported siding with Hutcheson. Thus two powerful organizations in the AFL-CIO, the 850,000-member Carpenters and the lVi-million member Teamsters, p o s s i_b 1 y times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1957 % SHIPPING STAMP . . This three-cent stamp, commemorating the 350th anniversary of shipbuilding in America, will be placed on sale at Bath, Me., on 'Aug. 15. The attractive Stamp, purple in color, features as its central design a drawing of the "Virginia of Sagadahock," the first ship built in America to participate In world commerce. The vessel was built in 1607. Everything that makes a fine car fine ran now b« yours at the low Ford price! Toe get a fine-oar T-8 engtn »~-the end result of Ford's 25 yeans experience building more V -8's than anyone else. You get the longest, biggest, loveliest of the low-priced ears. Yew get a new "limy Ford" with a fun-cradle frame aad the last word in suspension systems for a smoother ride and longer life Bat, don't take o *r word for hi Ywk yewr Fend Stook*^ wd m what a fine ear Ford doJkvs It makes LUXURY * k»%v- priced word A new KINO OF BILL BURGESS 3rd and Main $1*., Carroll *' Sit YOUR FORD DEALER FOfc "WORTH MORE it MOTORS Phona 3501 A-l USED CARS AND TRUCKS could press a conflict with Meany and the council on the amendment issue. tyeany referred in his news conference to testimony brought out in the current Senate Rackets Committee hearing in Washington. "Things that have been exposed are things that labor should not be proud of," he said. "I'm in- t e r e s t e d in eradicating these things . . . There should not be any change in the policy of cooperating with any committee turning up corruption in labor." Switch Convention Meany said after the opening session the AFL-CIO has switched its convention, which starts Dec. 5 from Miami Beach to Atlantic City. He said the change was related to a newspaper investigation of "a condition existing in some hotels" in the Miami Beach area. Meany did not give specific reasons but declared, "We don't like it." The Miami Herald published a series of articles last spring by reporters who said they found prostitution and gambling flourishing with little fear of police interference. In Miami Beach. Charles Goldbert, owner of the Delano Hotel, said the AFL—CIO "is a group which wants everyone to live up to contracts, but they're breaking their contract with us." Bonus Bonds Delay Laid to Rising Rates DES MOINES r/rV-Rising interest rates on the nation 's money market are pushing Iowa 's bonus for Korean War veterans further and further out of reach. Unless there is a significant and unexpected reversal in the way interest rates are going, there appears little likelihood of selling bonds to pay the bonus, State Treasurer M. L. Abrahamson said Monday. The 1955 Iowa Legislature voted a 26-million-dollar bonus fund to be shared by the state's Korean War veterans and the bonus was approved by the voters in the 1956 general election. The lawmakers specified the bonus money must be raised by selling state bonds and tnat the state could not pay more than l x h per cent interest on those bonds. Because investors can get higher interest elsewhere, they are not interested in the 2V4 per cent on the bonds. The bonus law presently is involved in a friendly court test to determine its legality. The Iowa Supreme Court is expected to rule in the case before the end of the year. Abrahamson said he will advertise the bonds for sale as soon as the court rules they are legal. But he does not expect any bidders under present money market conditions. Everett Ocken Commander of Legion at Breda (Timet Herald Newt Service) BREDA — Fred F. and Norman J. Bruning post of the American Legion held the annual election of officers at a regular meet| ing Tuesday evening at the Lei gion. I Everett Ocken was elected commander; August Berger, vice ' commander; Albin Brinker, fi- | nance officer; Jacob Wittry, serv- j ice officer; Erwin Baumhover, chaplain; Virgil Osterholt, histort- j an; and Lonnie Kropf, sergeant- at-arms. I The new commander will ap- i point an adjutant before the regu- 1 lar meeting in September, when ! the new officers will be installed, j A chicken supper was served at 17.30. On the serving committee I were: John Kleespies, John Wit- j try, Led Snyder, Clair Snyder, Leo Buelt, Cletus Stark, Mike Reiff pnd Kenneth Pick. Connie's Column by (^ovJtdCZZ +^C^fo****-. Ice Circlet * Corn Flake Macaroons * Round-Up Pride of Ownership • Snow Sundaes * Smart Velvet Snow Balls for Sundae No, that's no spelling' error! It's a fabulous dessert idea supplied by Marie Huschle of Collegeville, Minn.: Form balls of vanilla ice cream with a scoop or big tablespoon. Roll 'em in shredded coconut and store in the freezer section of your gas refrigerator. Pile 'em in a bowl and set in the center of a company table. Now pass small bowls of sundae toppings: chocolate, butterscotch, fruit or fruit jam. * * * Silent Servant That's natural gas, serving you so many wonderful ways. You never see this servant, just as you never see the "label" of Northern Natural Gas Company. Yet this pipeline supplier carries your miracle fuel hundreds of miles to your town, and your local gas company, Iowa Electric Light & Power Company... the friends who bring your servant to you—constantly! • • • Camera Fans Know •.» ... bat sometimes a well- meaning wife or mother doesn't! In case you're not the "shutter bug" at your home.. .but there's a good camera there . . . remember these points: A fine camera should always be stored in its case. The lens should always be covered. And* please •— cameras should be stored at room temperature only. ... Every Woman Knows the Joy and Pride of Ownership Lovely china, beautiful vases, tea services, lovely furniture ... how we worn, en love them! (Ever watch a new bride run her fingers over one special wedding gift? Yet she'll prize it more as the years go by.) So often we're tempted to use our "best" only when company comes, or on special holidays . . . but this makes china and silver practically "strangers" to our children! "Company- style" dinners for family * anniversaries or special celebrations (like a good report card or Daddy's raise) teach company manners, and appreciation of fine possessions. Have one every week or two, for your own family circle. Let everybody help polish! • • . Looklnf A-Head If you feel the nrge for a new, Fall hat, you'll love a velvet. This .,, fabric looks smart with Summer cottons or sheers this month, just as new with sheer woolen dresses next month. If it's generous in size and not too fancy, you'll find yourself wearing it proudly come December , , . and April, too! • • • Kiddies Love 'em! Oh, the fun of 1 sipping cold vsoda drinks or [fruit juices with magic "ice circles" in the glass! You'll have another special reason for liking "ice circles" far better than you ever liked,ice cubes: Your gas refrigerator makes them automatically! Np ice trays to fill, no cubes to fuss with, Take your "ice circles" out of the basket, and your gas refrigerator will make some more, O 1 W by Northern Nalurol ffloi Ctmpony Better see the new gas refrigerator at your local gas company or neighborhood gas appliance dealer. Corn Flake Cookies Lemonade on a hot afternoon . . . and Mrs. Gilbert Jorve's favor_ ite cookies! The St. Paul lady says you make 'em this way: Beat 2 egg whites till frothy. Add % tsp. salt and % tsp. cream of tartar and beat till stiff,..Add 1 tsp. vanilla. Now gradually add % cup sugar, beating constantly. Fold in 2# cups frosted corn flakes and 1 cup shredded coconut. Drop by teaspoon on well-greased cookie sheet. Bake in 300- degree gas oven till firm and golden. (Mrs. Jorve says you may want to move your oven shelf up a notch.) Remember,the Round-Up 1 dwa Electric'Light & Power Company, and your gat appliance dealer are looking for old stoves, and they're making it easier than ever for you to own a new gas range! Better round up your -husband and take him over to sea such miracles as the heat- sensitive "eye" on new gas burners. This thermal "eye" automatically regulates the heat inside your pan and never lets foods stick or burn.. And, because men do love "gadgets" and you'd have such wonderful food-fun with it, show him the gas ranges with built- in rotisseries. c

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