Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1957
Page 6
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Itmfor Editors Qufx on. BIBLE QUIZ QUESTION: Whet Happened when Moses struck the reck with hi* staff? ANSWER: Water gushed out for the people of Israel to drink. This happened during the Hebrews' wanderings in the wlldner- nies, after they had fled from Egypt. The Bible tells how the people grumbled at Moses because they lacked water. "What shall I dot" Moses asked the Lord. "The people are almost ready to stone IWk%a" Then the Lord told Moses to smite the rock with his rod, end there was ample water for all to drink. It wee during their period in the wilderness that the people of Israel received the Ten Commandments, written on stone tablets Sod had given him on Mount Sinai. FOR YOU TO DO: Color this picture, paete on cardboard, cut eut elonig the outer lines, and fold to stand up in your Blb+e eellection. (You may win $10 by sent'ng e good Junior Editors question 'to AP Newsfeatures in care of this paper. Monday: Whafs the longest wall in the world?) CARNIVAL By Dick Tlirner it*. T.M. INf. U.I. Pit. on. IE Tw by Ht* iu*m. Inc. "But, Deddyi I can always take him to the nearest judge and get your money back if I have tol" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith 2i'.l? # u t l , " ,k * h ' b °" h t0U9h t0 work *«• •oain—this young dynamo Is trying to set a record while the old man's awayl" MAK€ fRIENDS QiEFEE Lines of people don't move any faster because you shove the person in front of you, Time* Herald, Carrell, lew* Saturday, Aug. 10, 1W7 Most animals wen't harm you if vou carry a torch — provided yoo carry It fast enough. Remember, he's probably as impatient as you. TIZZY By Kate Osann 'I pepped up William's courage with a little of father's after. shave lotion I" SWEETIE PIE ^ l^- I i^ n By Nodine Seltzer CREAMV ICE CREAM FPiE SAMPLES I "Ouets there's truth in that saying, 'the best things in life are free'l" New Nation Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 World'* newest nation 6 its capital Is 11 Staggerer 12 It is the former Gold Coast U Take into custody 15 Click-beetle 16 Stinging 17 Allowsnees for waste 18 African fly (var.) 30 Employ 21 Green vegetables 24 Wife of Aegir (myth.) 26 Baked clay piece 30 Scottish alder tree 31 Fourth Arabian caliph 32 Low haunt 33 Louse egg 34 Perched 35 Self-esteem 36 Levantine ketch 38 Compass point 39 Bulk 40 Abridged (ab.) 42 Scottish river 44 Nkrumah is Its prime" minister 47 Recorded event ftl Diners / 53 Cunning' 54 Horn 55 Peruser M Levigates 57 Masculine appellation DOWN 1 Microbe 2 Goddess 3 Air raid alrms 4 Birds' homes 5 Wile .. , 6 High cord 7 Young horses 8 Red wine 9 Fixed routine 10 The dill 11 Fabric 13 Years (ab.) 19 Expunger 20 Its prime minister was' educated in the States and England 21 Cooking utensils 22 Silkworm 23 Against 25 Wolfhound 27 Notion 28 Limbs 29 Son of Seth (Bib.) 37. Desert - carriers 39 Of the mind 41 French cap 43 Artist's frame 44 New Zealand parrot 45 Baton 46 Aleutian island 48 Unclothed 49 Solar disk 50 Brytnonic sea god 52 Elders (ab.) 53 Brazilian macaw 4CJOR KSfc * fcsrn 4CA* OUT OUR WAY BY J.-t. WILLIAMS BUGS BUNNY OUR BOARDINO HOUSB ... with ON "MIS PKfcSINT^^D WHO* AM EXP6N5NB 0\L ff|&T?Sf ' PITCHERW-THAT, FgSVz% YOU^AKE, m TEASEL/. MAJOR HOOPH AND THIS, MV DEAR,^ IS A WILD NORWEGIAN • Liiy-~LvV\/ tHsse EXOTIC 6L0OM ARE<SD\TE P5RlSUA6LB *r^SEDS VJATER/ [OR AMO£ u f^t4D s i to) TOO, {JAKE, \OFCOOBSE* :ti mi <n w» tm. T.M. >., vt ra. HI. a Ho; PRISCILLA'S POP Reversing the Charges ...SO I SAID TO WER, OkAX I SAID." IF VOU DOKl'T WANY TO LEND ME YOUR i BIKE, OKAY, I SA_ ALLEY OOP BY AL VERMEER ..EVERY TIME I GET ON THE PHONE SOMEONE CALLS ME TO THE BATM TUB/ Buy a Mine? BY V T. HAMLIN NEWCOMERS. EH? BEST\ YEH.THA'S RKSHT... COUPLE' THING fCK. YOU TDO'B IOL' CODGERS UP THRONE BUY \OURSELF A / HILL FINN 1 TSELL OUT- MINE ...SAVE A LOT 1 WHYWCWA. GO 6EE jDF TIME.' _—THEM? MORTY MEEKLE Guess Net? I'LL GET , - FRED TO DRIVE VOU ALL HOME. DEAR,W/am. .WHY,YOU'RE IN V0UR PAJAMAS' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER ALL THAT EXERCISE OUTDOORS OAy AND J lOOX! JUNF AND MiLDA IN TME G?UM PET HUT.' WfU_ "TMEY US THE <5UD _ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE At Holly's Heme LiTK .H rw, M0MNW. J IWkSOVER«"l«S \ —sir 4 THOUGHT^ MUTOOCICS'HOUSB... , VbU'O M6VER/^13©AUTH6IRCURTA)N«/ GET HOME. (CHDMDUHAVB ^ANICEOAV/ HOLM? CAPTAIN EASY BY WILSON SCRUGGS ' I TURNED IN MVRRST "TJ WATURE COLUiAW TDDAV. . rrWASMOSTLVABOUTTVO IMENI^WIWTMEWOOOS. 0NElC0K8>AU/OSTUKE FATUER/ r~~ New a Beet A_j - "r- r -\ WHOEVER HIRBQ' WU.*, P&RHAP* JOCK. SARLfrB ».eor HIS omit*no* MAKK; THE/ PI£UTPg*AM,MMCI» WOULD jr—— SBlWITH MB^^JpjaT' ViAHl WBlLi ^ WR AIN'T |,f AV/M' NO wiTue$$ to IPIMTIPY U5,5M dY LESLIE TURNER -WW* CARL'5CRASB0ATf OH.TB0. i AW I* COIAINVIWT0 THVJlf WE OOlMal ^.COVBi jsjjMJMi T0P0?

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