Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 29, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Wednesday, June 29, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Eitabltthed January IS, 1836 Vot C9CXV, No. 142 ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29,1960. 26 PAGES 9c Pw Copy BUHntMr of The Storms Hit Throughout Illinois •y tHfi ASSOCIATED MESS Turbulent storms bearing rain, hail and wind gusto apwoacWni 100 miles an hour lashM parts oi Illinois Tuesday night. Buildings*, trees and power lines were toppled, streets flooded, boats pilled from their mooting* and one person was killed. Mrs. Edna Gnuse of Quiney was Wiled By flying debris as winds up to 95 miles an hour caved in an apartment building In which she was trapped. No other injuries were reported. Streets in Quiney were flooded and hundreds of trees down, tying up traffic, and power and telephone service was interrupted. Jim Tobin. manager of Qulncy's minor league ball club, toe Giants estimated damage to Q Stadium at $5,000. I The Adams County Emergency j Corps rescued several persons' from small boats on the wind-' whipped Mississippi River n P a r j Quiney. ' An excursion steamer the Avalon. ready to leave Quiney with 1,200 persons aboard, canceled its outing when ton storm broke. Pleasure boats at Quiney Bay were broken from their moorings and blown up on land. There also were reports of smashed cars from falling trees, broken display windows, one roof lifted off a hous by winds and at least one bar blown down. Power was out over all of res dential Quiney most of toe night Gale force winds, rain and ha also hit Augusta, Carthage, Ten nessee, Colchester and La Harpe A landslide was reported or State Route 96 between Nauvot and Hamilton on toe Mississippi A half-hour storm showered Kuckford with hail stones up t< two inches in diameter. Thousand of windows were reported broken convertible tops punctured and several streets blocked by fallen trees. No injuries were reported Centralia had a 45-minute thun derstorm with considerable tree damage reported. Power was off for half an hour. The thunderstorms came after a day which saw most of toe state blanketed with high temperatures and rising humidity. Carbondale took a pounding SLIPPER* SPOT AFTER RAWS Street crew sweeps up silt after rain deposited it on section of Brown near Rock Spring drive. Grading of a subdivision nearby has removed top soil and rain \vashos clay onto street.—Staff Photo. from winds that ranged up to 7( m.p.h. in southern Illinois. State Highway 13 was blocked temporarily by toppled trees. One tree, almost 70 feet high, fell on a moving auto but tiie motorist, Norman Journey, 23, of St. Louis was not hurt. A number of plate glass windows in downtown Carbondale were shattered. Power was off Wednesday in a number of small communities and sections of larger towns. Some areas in Centralia lacked electricity early in the day. Vandalia measured 1.67 indies of rain. Cairo, doused by more than four inches of rain Tuesday, received less than an inch during the thunderstorm at night. Scattered showers or thundershowers were expected during the day in Illinois and in the extreme south during the night. Temperatures moved up toward the 80s. Partly cloudy and cooler conditions were forecast for Thursday. Violent Storm Hits City; Causes Heavy Area Damage Wind, lightning and . violent; to Bunker Hill and Brighton:.i: Nelson Weidner. Wilbur Weid- rain caused damage ui rural I were knocked out. ner. Jimmy Hilyard, Harry oreas near Alton Tuesday night, i Mrs. John Burkhardt was re- Morrison. William Komnick, Congress Will Recess For Politics WASHINGTON (AP) - Con- jress win recess for the presidential nominating conventions and return to session later. Speaker Sam Rayburn said today, Rayburn told his news conference no date for resuming thpi session has been agreed on. Presumably Congress will rc-i turn in August. The Republican i convention, tor second of the two. i begins July 25. Tlip Democratic j convention in Los Angeles opens. July 11. "We've decided we can't gPti through in time for people to get, to the conventions." Rayburn i said. "We will recess some tlmp before that." Rayburn said no decision has been made whether to recess this weekend or continue in session into next week. A number 'of Democratic leaders have said they want to be on toe scene several days before HIP Democratic convention opens. Forecast Severe Storm in State BULLETIN CHICAGO (AP) — Tlie U. S. Weather Bureau today issued this severe thunderstorm forecast for southern Illinois, east central Missouri, southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky: Rockefeller Raps Ike Plan to Care for A The storm smacked the cityjp or t e d injured at Bunker Hilli p;i(l1 l.ockyer. Lawrence Mor- shortly before 10 p.m. Most of: utien her trailer homf , vvns jr;son. ^^ifSiT^^ A]t0n ' Sl ™ Ck by , Wind : H r"* ^^ e l - "",« ut : »°°» *>** P-od 3 P .m. CDT to "Scattered severe thunderstorms are expected tois after- New York Governor Calls lor Trust Fund GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mpnt. (AP)— GoV. Nelson A. Rockefeller carried his running argitoent with the Eisenhower administration into the field of medical aid for the elderly today. June rainfall as of _ A "small tornado" \vas a ; m 'lio have struck at one said'skirts of Bunker Hill are those -i 0 ' Kenneth Olclenettle. Roscoe the cloTidburst ran deep on lashed streets and highways ' t!ie Hilyard farm the storm did not establish any! 1101111 of Bunke1 ' Hiu - ? silo lop- 1 hit are those of^ Oscar Bunte. 9 p.m. CDT in area along and GO miles either side of line from Columbia, Mo., to Evansvillc, Ind. i Large hail and a few damaging On the south of town, farms j wind storms may be expected in connection with the most intense new records. Incessant lightning throughout j pled on a barn and trapped the cattle inside. Hilyard was still Edward Rust, Ear] Bruckert, •hfj Schmidt, Ralph Helmkamp, Several farms east of Bunker thunderstorm activity." HOW DOES CAR LOOK INDIANAPOLIS—Police are looking for a hit- and-run motorist whose vehicle must be in about as sad a shape as this utility pole. When the electric power in suburban Indianapolis failed, an investigation showed this to be the cause. The motorist who tangled with the pole was nowhere to be found. (AP Wirephoto) tre storm caused damage ini vvorking tnis 11101 ' m ' n g to release several instances. At 10:36 p.m.l tbe cattle - Two truckloads were | Hill were also reported dam- Nos. 2 and 3 fire companies responded to Central and Mil- r.or avenues where crackling sent to the stockyards. Several jas other cows were said still i In Alton, lightning struck a trapped in the damaged barn, 'tree near the Lucille Mitchell i power lines were repaired sub-! In Bunker HiE itself, a plate|Shelter Home at 1800 Belle St. sequently by Union Electric I giass window in Bruckert's ga- irewmen. Several hours later,!rage was blown in, as was the at 2:25 a.m., Nos. 2 and 4 j west wall of the South End Cafe. The tree was split by the bolt.' Half of the tree fell, narrowly missing the house. Miss Mitchell Sharp Revisions Urged in Report on Public Buildings Utility Tax WouldYield Big Return A city utilities tax, as propos ed lo City Council, if levied at the rate of 5 per cent would be a $190,000 bonanza for the city from one sourer alone—gas and electricity. What would br collected on water and telephones was tin known, since figures were unavailable. The tax, as provided by Illinois statute, would be passed on to tlie consumer. Figures on electricity and gas consumption are available because Union Electric Co. already pays a franchise tax to toe city, and annually reports on its revenue because the tax is based on revenue. In 1959, the UE income from electricity was $3,869,853. From gas the income was $969,086. That is a total of $4,838,939. A city tax, levied at toe rate of 5 per cent on that total, would yield, $241,946.65. So, the individual can deter- {The most severe damage was!reported this morning, reported, however, to farms sur-j North and West Godfrey re- rounding Bunker Hill on three iceived an amount of rain just slightly under the total at Alton companies answered to 701 Glass St., where Union Electric also responded to fix flashing wires. Major Damage Major storm damage appeared o be concentrated hi the Bunk- _ „ . er Hill area. Meadowbrook also I Hilyard farm, other severe dam-1 ier tllan in downtown Alton. sides. Other Ifarms dam. In Hartford, the tannery On the north, beside tlie RuyjS au 6_ e showed 1.8 mctfe's—heav- lnm_' Sharp revisions have been urged in the public buildings report which will be a part of the proposed comprehensive city plan. sociates, the planners, have recommended that the fire station at Central and Phinney streets be removed and a new station be erected on State House Square. The subcommittee tation reports. These revisions were made by Watt, the professional planners, and Mayor P. agrees a new fire station should reported damage. Power lines age was reported to the farms NorthDakota,Governors' Conference in Spotlight Recommendation for toe re: visions were made Tuesday by a Trees on Highway subcommittee of the City Plan j be constructed, but because of Along Rt 140 trees feil amiss Commission to the commission I annexation of North Rodgers the the highway at several points.! jmine what the tax would cost iim by totaling his gas and electric bills for last year and taking 5 per cent of that total. The UE already last year paid ^3,622.77 tax on electricity and $14,510.29 tax on gas, as its fran- W. Day. The proposed revisions in the three reports all center The last of these was removed * ' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS howei Republican Gov. John E. Davis eld his slim lead early today in Sforth Dakota's special election or senator. But, with toe rural vote seep- ng in, Democratic Rep. Quentin 3urdick cut that lead and threat- ned to overtake Davis. If Burdick does, it will by the Illinois highway crews at ;) a.m. Roads were flooded Fosterburg. Power lines were down alongside Dorsey road, a half-mile east of Fosterburg. commission will study the; toe Oakwood proposed revisions and vote on areas so as to be and around toe downtown and Belle street redevelopment area. Duncan Foundry the Central Business report the group recom- chise tax. That, too, comes from the consumer, indirectly, of Already involved in a Republican ruckus over his criticisms of defense policies, the New York governor invited another fracas by denouncing as "fiscally unsound" an administration measure to subsidize the health insurance of needy persons over 65. years old. Rockefeller called, in a discussion paper for a final-day governors' conference panel on problems of the aging, for congressional passage of a bill to finance health insurance payments tor the elderly through social security payroll taxes. Rockefeller opposed the "means test" in the administration bill as likely to require "cumbersome and costly administrative mechanisms in all 50 states." He proposed setting up a "health benefit trust fund" financed by a one-half per cent increase each for employes and employers in payroll taxes. Each social security beneficiary would have the option of receiving health services or a check to'meet, par I of the cost of outside health insurance he carried. Ready to close up their conference shop for the year, the governors were reported leaning toward Gov. Stephen L. R. McNichols of Colorado, a Democrat, as their new chairman to succeed Dflaware Gov. Caleb Boggs. In their usual. discussion of liighway matters, the governors jot a proposal from publisher William Randolph Hearst Jr. of he Hearst newspapers for pooling of funds by the slates to finance research on prevention of traffic accidents. Speaking as chairman of President Eisenhower's Committee on In • ***•••«* ,7 i accepting or rejecting them be-j age of the Belt Highway. The subcommittee agrees with the planners in that toe Upper Alton and North Alton fire stations should be maintained and should be remodeled to reduce The subcommittee, headed byj Charles Katelinek, presented a seven page report that will be .studied and then voted on at toe administration's defense Hartford wpathprman Phfilin' policies as the cause of a "para-, Hendricks reported Sat an inchi J " ly 12 P ' a " Commission meet ' maintenance costs and to make dox of oeril." . ' f r? •«'.-,,_ * » . . , . ling. ithe units functionally modem. dox of peril. A Republican colleague, Cecil H. Underwood of West Vir-! of Hartford's 1.8 inches of rain p.m. feature of toe report is toe ial for a new fire house for toe 'remain at its present location, Abounded by 5th, Piasa, 9th and Market streets to be designated for industrial use." In the planners first report, they recommended the relocation of Duncan Foundry. The planners in their first re- course. Traffic Safety, Hearst said in a Imposition of toe 5 per cent util- P re P ated address that a penny a ,'ity tax automatically would elim- £_ ear per vehicle would produce jinale toe franchise levy under)*™' 000 *° 1 ' Ulis P u J'P° se '•(the terms of Union Electric Co. i There was on ^P a wnole slieaf ~ Iranchisc, aii authority said 'i of P roDosed resolutions. Among Thus, the 5 per cent tux would these was onc by Gov ' G - Me11 ' DATA AT THE DAM 8 a.m. temperature Yesterday's today 70°. High 91°. low 65'. Kiver stage below Precipitation dam at 8 a.m. 24 hrs. to 8 a. 13.2. Pool 21.5. 2.08 inches m. one piece of bad political news or Republicans piled on another The first came Tuesday with clash between Republican gov ernors. It offered political observers the unusual sight of a Republican family squabble in public At the governors conference in Glacier National Park, Mont. Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York attacked the Eisen- Special Council Meeting 011 Annexations Called July 11 On request of Mayor P. W Day, filed Tuesday afternoon with City Clerk Paul A. Price, a special meeting of City Council has been called for 7 p.m. Monday, July U, for the purpose of acting on several annexations and on an ordinance redistricting the city in voting precincts. The special meeting would come immediately in advance of the meeting of the Council ses> sion as a committee of the whole. The,need for the special meeting recently was explained to Council members by City Counselor J. W. Hoefert. Proposed for annexation are some relatively small areas that as of July 8, due to another neceot annexation, surrounded will by be completely Alton. These areas will be left with no convenient voting places as is called for by a state statute. To remedy me matter, the city proposes to annex mem from Wood River, and include them in Alton voting precincts to be established by another ordinance. The city must act on redis- trieting at this time to provide voting precincts for all recently an&£, including Milton and a broad am to tat north of Milton and Upper Alton. And because Alton is a coextensive city - township, toe city must act in conjunction with like restricting action of toe County Board ol Supervisors. The county board will act on redtetricting at a recessed meeting July 13, which is toe same date as toe next stated meeting of toe City Council. In order for toe small unincorporated areas, now surrounded by Alton, to be included under toe combined redistricring program, Alton must perfect toe annexations before toe County Board meeting. Because the next regular council meeting and that oi the county body fall on the sime date, July 13, toe Council must have a special meeting on annexations prior to July 13. At the July H special Council jsestiion, it is proposed to act things: "a display of political cowardice.":that detied the I.'..P. Weather iDepot Site » ^y be used to con . t'rg«s Defense Increase 'Bureau's forecast of "fair." | struct a new fire house if toe' At toe governors conference. A heavier rain tor a _'4-liour Berm-Beltline connection route Rockefeller urged a dollar increase of tlie present City Hall, but tlie subcommittee report says toe City Hall is structurally I p o r t recommended that railroad tracks or the a "toree-billion-!P ei 'i°d occurred last May 25, dici llol interfere with toe loca-j^";, 9 " U , m in the defense^'hen l'.45 inches was capltired:tion. A survev of Market street! „ street be removed and toe present freight house north of 9th ..... street be relocated. The report h HH A h ! ^ SPa f by " IC city officials state «= be added by building on to .. (1) The GM&0 ,, ailroad track "'•••-; and converting the )on Piasa street to b ^ d mln tii'A flnnt*L< t\f nf_ i -. ... _ ' t n i« , lnto l *° floor * of of ' but . , budget He said the country now.'J" tfle gauge at Alton dam. The!j s now being made to see if it; is "more exposed to fatal danger j total rain this month—as great would be I h r best Berm-to- than ever before hi our history."!as 1 is -' s onl y ''ttle more than;Beltline Third The City's Central street garage was the third major project 3 "more exposed to fatal danger| ««*» ram mis month—as greats-mild be the best Berm-to- " "V HV^ - * tan ever before in our history."! as * is-* only little more than | Beltline mute. The "Old Depot £ e Z^ n ?° *'^ P TT[ T« Rockefeller continued his rai .;ha.ftliKt of the record we, June: S itr- ,s located at the inters!*. "J ^STeless of toe three" in* argument with administra-i" 1 **>!• «'hen a total ol 10", tion of Front and Market streets.iSL*. . IU ^"!± °/_^!.. h ^ ning argument with administration policies today. In a paper | prepared for a discussion panel,' inches Worst cloudburst on Alton rer- Front and Market streets. ! bujldijlgs a change , n , ocuUon New Station FUu'lund Bartholomew & Ashe critic-zed an administration' ords occurred June il', 1912, sociates recommended that fire be replaced with a located on 9th be- street. The total of that rain was tween Piasa and Belle streets. not recorded. Harland Bartholomew & As- proposal on medical aid for the! wnen several persons drowned i station No. aged. '"' tneu ' homes on lower Belle '• new station The governor described the proposal as "fiscally unsound." Instead, he proposed a program similar to one advocated by some j Democrats. The Eisenhower proposal would subsidize toe health insurance of needy persons over 65 years old by using a "means test." Rockefeller wants Social Security pay- The- "pniicipie of a United The budget is $5,082 higher roll taxes to pay for health in- ; Kund for this area" is favored itiia11 last year's. The campaign to be eliminated from the seems undesirable, toe subcommittee said. Thc three buildings are adequate for servicing toe but additional pro-j d H ,n , is neuded now, the subcommit-! oa .s, tee .'eport said. Chest Officials in Favor Of United Fund Principles The subcommittee agrees with jtht- planners that the present library is inadequate. The com- imittee recommends that a new Reliance Whiting Quarry lo toe Beltline Highway. (2) The GM&O freight house (5th and Piasa), team tracks, and round house be removed from toeir present locations. (3) That the use of toe NYC railroad freight house (Henry and Front) by toe GM&O be explored. (4) That a two-en- maintenanee building be by or for tlie GM&O railroad cither in the industrial area of Cut street or along the existing GM&O railroad tracks mean a net gain of about $190,-i nen WillJHms of Michigan calling ; library be constructed in the j Belle street redevelopment area,; time) basis possibly in the vicinity of 9th 1 through tlie Public Common. (5) That a single GM&O railroad track be continued from Front street to Reliance Whiting Co. fin a by directors of Alton-Wood Riv-> st year mised about 5^0,000. surance. In Other political developments. Robert Mclaughlin won the Democratic nomination for senator in! Idaho. He will face Republican Sen. Henry C Dworshak in November. . — „.„. .„. In toe runoff primary Tuesday, thc boai ; d ol <*"' e <*<>™ voted un- Gid Scout inLuinhlin rf*f«,tPH StefP Re,, 'animouHly favoring the prin-lg^. salvation this ; W ood Vhe budget committee contained the following tions: Boy Scouts. S39.1 report and Belle, or in the Henry street area between 20th and streets day that, at a recent meeting, Public Building Elm ^""^rning toe Public Buildings Report the group recom- Katelinek haul: "The commit- m , ended the following: alloca-!tee feels that Alton would derive That tne Ce «*ral fire station! ; considerable benefit from the!r" located «» the area bounded! construction of a Municipal Aud-!,^ ' BeUe> 9th and Piasa - 000 in city revenue from Union Electric. And add to that the ta.\ revenue on water and telephones — and there's the bonanza for toe city. The Council by a vote of 2-2 (with one absent) failed to approve a resolution by Councilman Clyde Wiseman instructing toe city manager to have an ordinance drawn calling for a 5 pei- cent tax on utility service. The same resolution would have instructed the city manager to make adjustments in toe tax levy permitting reduction in property taxes prior to collecting of a tax on utility services. Alter toe defeat of tois resolution, Wiseman requested toe manager to prepare an ordinance to provide for a utUity tax. ARE VOU A NO COUNT? Are you sure you were counted in the 1960 Census? If you think you weren't, call either the Greater Alton Association of Commerce or the Alton City Manager. on Congress to enact a bill for medical insurance benefits for the elderly, within the framework of the social security system. Municipal Band Concert Program Thursday, Riverview Park, 8 p.m.; Sunday, Rock Spring Park, 8 p.m. Misa Madeleine Davey, vocal soloist. Jean McCormick, director; George Loveless, manager. March "Burst of Flame".. j...'.Bowles Selection "My Pair Lady".. Lowe Modern "Seminole Stomp" Carter Overture " Atlantis". Safranek Concert Walt/ "Cinderella Waltz" Rodgerd Concert March "Ivmbiem of Unity" Richards Favorite "Memories of Stephen Foster''... Air. Holmes March "Them Basses" Hufrine JSacred "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" fauther Vucal solo "You Are Love" from Showboat Kern Miss Madeleine Davey Modern "High Society" An 1 . Walters March "Stars and Stripes Forever" Sousa VIcLaughlin defeated .State Rep Gregg Potvin. In Washington. 15 Republican senators issued a declaration of principles Tuesday which theyj ciple of a United ,Fund tor area and endorsed the of a public meeting which | ice and Visiting Nurse be Cou " cll> Civic Army, $13,578; locial Planning YMCA '.-•=£! "> SLT=«!- •ZiZt.'VvE? ol Alton and Wood said the GOP should adopt The ! River." senators, identifying themselves A ait-eting to discus* propos- as part of "the main stream of ^ for forming a United Fund progressive Republicanism," said "^ bee " called for Wednesday, they beUeved in, among other JuJ - v -°- at loth on and also the necessary precinct changes. Supervisor Stephen B. Kennedy is using assistance of surveyors to set forth toe lines of wecinct adjustments mat are to be made. The recommendation be will make to the county board will be! be same as that to be proposed to (be City Council. grams positive domes lie pro- for housing, education, Alton Assn. medical care for the aged, pressed areas, the family farm. 7 p.m. by Greater of Commerce and! Township Chamber totaling JZW.356. Chest office $21,991; Campaign expense $3,700; Labor representative allocation $3,500: Reserve for uncol- lectible accounts $a,OflO Total itorium and ' the committee i r " lb in toe same location of agrees with the proposed loca-l 0 " 1 ' ot the sl '«t'ested areas tion in the '1th ;iml R*.ll« ; .,- B: , •• I tht ' Katelinek Committee tion in the 9th and Belle area. High Priority po " The report stated: "Tlie committee has indicated several pub- re- ! for Alby Is Approved as MFT Project ,.,, ' "'- -> 1 ""' 1 ' " I;5U ;igivt ' wuh the Ka 'e«n ^ location Pluns ol the cit>' loj ilie erection of a new Alby street vehicle and pedestrian bridge over the GM&O Delmar ing drawn by Willm-d Flag* Ed. wardsville bridge enginewv wfeo was appointed some time if» to shape toe for preliminary cost estimates 101 in oj '.street development area In u communication receive (be asked downtown fire station, of site and to i -eport Mates that of f-street park. Recognition was * Commerce The meeting ha* Hall at {been culled tor Abel 2821 E Broadway. TODAY'S CHUCKLE ! ' nie Chest <*"•*<*«* approved Irate husband calling up- » re ^ rt of **. to^t coounit- stairs to wife: 'How soon will you be ready — give me a date." ($ I960, General i-t^tures Corp.) tee, presented by Us _. William Woodward, setting _ 348.64 a* the budget, and us the sum to be raited in next tail's finance campaign. at the di me meeting to the tact that the following eight companies have agreed to loan junior executives to assist in the Community Chest Oaksv Jughway engineer. | to be made by State Commerce eampaign mis fall: International itio/) $bt),ut)ti. QUO; remodel fire stations, North Alton and Upper Alton, faO.UOO: City Hull complete inoderniza- redevelopment area. in cost i cost action of toe Mayor Shoe Co., Shell Oil Co., Alton lum reconstruct auditor-.- — *? Day and air condition- j 00 " 1 "^ to appointed j setting up approved.. [The resolution provided for thej [improvement of Alby street b> ai jiiew bridge and approaches andj "'apiwiopriated $185,000 of MFTi Inside M tints Box Hoacd Co.. Union Electric kig $50,000, for a total of $321,000. Co., Sinclair Oil Co.. Owens - Illi-| City Manager G. W. Watt re- Glaw» Co., and Oiin Mathie ; jported on proposed revisions in son Chemical Corp. and Stand- toe Central Business District, ard Oil Co Public Buildings, and Transpor- on toe housing ordinance. The ( , committee consists of Louis'? 1 ' a W jruad)es ^d a change iu Jun, chairman, Robert Maucker, Uie " 1 f" uejlt «J Alfv Street, im- 1 mediately souto ol tne present (Continued on Ft*ge 3, Col. a.) Delmar-Alby bridge now are be- COMICS

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