Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 9, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1957
Page 7
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lunfor Editors Quix otv QUESTION: Does a toad give people warts? ANSWER: The toad may not be vary handsome, but it it harmless and a useful friend of man. Toads live in gardens, under porches, in fields and by the roadsides, and they eat Insects. Gardeners especially should welcome them. , The toad has a rough skin which looks "warty." It gives off a substance that is disagreeable to some animals and is a defense weapon for the toad, but it can not give warts to a person. If it gets into our eyes, though, it is most unpleasant. However, the substance doesn't seem to bother the toad's worst enemies, garter snakes and water snakes, who dine on toads regularly. The toad is related to the frog, but is much clumsier. FOR YOU TO DO: See If you can find a toad in the garden.. Don't molest him but watch closely for awhile and you may see hjajsd eatch an insect by flicking out his long tongue. BJ (Neil G. Matthews of Niagara«on-rhe<Lake, Canada, won $10 for this question. Send yours to AP Newsfeatures in care of this paper. Tomorrow: What happened when Moses struck the rock with his staff?) MAK€fRIENOS To say, "You've really got a problem," is no help to a troubled person. Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa mm Friday, Aug. 9, 1957 / •HEi3H3KHE3l The auto hasn't completely rc« placed the horse. There still are no bronze statues of men sitting nnaer a steering wheel. , A wish for success in the problem is the least you can offer. TIZZY By Kate Osann CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE Your explanation of the wisdom of defense spending imprest* me, Senator—I'm going to let the wife buy her new ooatl" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith T TJien.ui.Ni.eii.i_ "We decided to stay home and rest on our vacation end I'm half dead—he's more trouble thane dozen guestsi" OUT OUR WAY "But, father! These phone calls ARE necessary—Elolse keeps me posted and I haven't talked to her since 4 o'clockl" . By Nadine Seltzer DENTIST (9 "This is my Pop—is there such a thing as painless dentistry?" Common Sayings Answer to Previous Puzzlt I •OOTS AND HIR BUDDIES ACftOSS i 1 and master ' S Give him what he for S From —— to worst II Wing-shaped 11 Let it stand 14 High note of Ouido's scale Iff A cheer leader uses it 17 and abet 18 Shelley wrote them 10 Italian strait 11 Cornmeel porridge 13 Worm 14 Baby food 37 Lad and — 29 Chemical suffix 3Z Frightens 14 pension Sfl Hold back 97 Dueling rules 81 of kindness 31 Petty quarrel 41 Knowledge 41 Musical instrument (coll.) 44 Continent 46 Follower 4ft Groove 61 Japanese outcast 54 Surprising M Label 57 Prayer book 58 Toward the sheltered side M Pronoun 80 Dregs 81 Inow vehicle DOWN 1 "Lady with the " 2 margarine I Fury 4SmaN measures S Burned paper «-she to Conquer 34 « _ ,, , . -. —-, Brazil 7 English bounty 25 Fish sauce g Metric measure 9 Jack and the 10 Landed 11 Pedestal part 16 The of David 10 All Joking 33 Spars 38 Feeding grounds 38 Effervescent drinks 30 Eye suggestively 31 Man's name 33 Ventures 35 Stringed instrument player 40 Easter 43 Antiseptic 48 Volume of maps 46 Teachers' 47 Western state 48 French verb 90 Small stream 91 Arrow poison 52 Old 55 Artificial language (pi.) IT m W T IT Luther Understands r BY IDOAR MARTIN J. R. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING HOUSE SIT DOWN AMD FILL OUT THESE QUESTION BLANKS- SYMPTOMS, LOCATION, - ETC.--ANSWER 'EM ALL.' LISTEN, LAPy I WAMT TH' DOCTOR TO DIAGNOSE MY CASE THISTIME' 1 PIP IT MYSELF LAST TIME* ftELF' SERVICE X60TA FAMOUSOH. pAlrVTlNG ROLLED UP IN MY BAG TO <SIM£ MARTHA, A>AOS/-«*. eesoitb IT PROM A HOUSE ON FIRE- <SUCS5 "THE OWNER • "DIDN'T vi v «. T^ UfsVh 1 Wwfl MY ... woeo. 3AKfi/y/_ GUESS$ \ ASKED NlM, OFCOOSSS? '"•THAT , REMINDS Me — S1»P SOON WE'RE. SOLAT& m INTO. iJNTA'Sl WE MAKE HOMS/, BUGS BUNNY Nice View Here, Too WOULDN'T IT BE /MORE ROMANTIC IF WE MOVED IT 50 WE HAP A., VIEW OP THE GARDEN, PORKy? PRISCILLA'S POP © mi ** ""^ •>•*. Picture*, W. T.W «eg US Fat OH The Fall Guyl OH. SURE! IT WA.O, EAaY FOR BOTTS ) rTO BUY A HOME!J . HE'S ONLY GOT ONE CHILD TO PROVIDE FOR' k I'VE GOT TWICE THAT" MANY BY AL AND WE'VE THAT COSTS^ MONEY, TOO.' ALLEY OOP How About a Gopher? WELL.IWBE WE CAN FIND SOME/ INDIANS ...THEY EOT TOO, YKNOW.' YEH„.I COULD EAT \ WOLF/ .VOWD SOASW DOG.WOLnT lYEUA OOYOTE« , DOS / DOG? \ WHAT© /TASTE I GAAHH.' J TH' DIF?. RIGHT > T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLI Here He Isl VOUR SHOT, WINTHR0R GO AHEAD FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY DICK CAVALLI. Foul Play BY MERRILL BLOSSIft THANK CAN £ SHOW YA N AROUND? f NO. Buy YA A SANDWICH? 'WANNA srroveR. TH6RE By Trl£ NO / THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Suspicious Men? f H\f HOU.V/DONT * TEU. MB YOU'VE, WRITTEN A NATURE^ COLUMN ALREADY/ YES> MJ?.0W?MBSq ITS ALL ABOUT A WALKITOOMN THE WOODS/ nli l BVEW WROTE TlSTHAT SO? MAMBS: ABOUT SOME J BETTER READ ITRIGHT SUSPICIOUS MBNISAW/ ONEHADA BY WILSON iCRUOOt CWtf HA00SN7SOTA* MINUTE? I HAVE SOMETHING WSTreiWMAVjNTiRESr mi ' CAPTAIN IASY Going Ouf BY L ISL I ft TURNM, THI6>1 Hi HAP T& Mil BUT WAITW TiU, X" JNA$ sm mmm

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