Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 9, 1957 · Page 4
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1957
Page 4
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In Protection Against Moisture, Weathering— Handy Man Bags House-Saving Comfort With Calking Gun ' -* T ft By MR. FIX ; Distributed by NEA Service Fall isJUst one holiday away, and it's time for the handy man to bad his calking gun and shoot tor comfort during the coming winter. Time spent filling cracks and chinks in the outer surfaces of the house is paid for in protection against moisture and weathering. Where to calk- Calk around windows, door sills, frames of combination screen-storm window installations. Calk along sill at point where it rests on the foundation wall; where walls or roof and walls meet; around wood trim on the house. Calk where boards meet, if there is an appreciable crack. Those are but a few suggestions. You'll find other targets for your calking gun. Prepare before you shoot. Clean cracks thoroughly. Remove loose paint, dirt, rotted wood, crumbling masonry. If the crack under treatment is very wide or deep, stuff first with oakum or a mineral wool insulation. It's best to clean away old calking, if repair is indicated. Use a putty knife or old wood chisel for this job. Chances are, you'll not be able to force enough new calking in place over, or next to, old Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday, Aug, 9, 1957 Be sure to order gun-grade compound. Wipe Inside of barrel of your gun lightly with linseed or a light machine oil before and after using, to help keep it clean. Be sure to clean the calking gun after each use. Clean out ex- calkin 'gr 'Exceptionr" porUons' "oil 0 **? Mmp°™| wipe all parts calking around storm - screen I wlth J 1 " , oilcd ro «- 1 « nore th,s ,,„,.• lloim , frames can be removed without'J™wek_eepmg procedure at your|fore using. doing the whole window over. Don't calk over an unpainted surface. Bare wood will soak up oil in compound, causing premature drying. First, prime unpainted wood. On previously painted own peril. A gun in which compound has hardened is a real mess. A more expensive, but less messy type of gun to use is the cartridge gun. This is ideal for small touch-up calking jobs, Again, keep parts that come in contact with compound CLEAN. If you must calk in cold weather, stand gun in a container of hot water or wrap in an electric heating pad for several minutes be- You'U have to repeat this procedure often while wocking, as Calking compound stiffens rapidly in cold weather, and is almost Impossible to handle in that condition. Don't fret when a cold-weather job is finished because you can't paint over the compound. The paint is for appearance's sake, mainly. Calking compound dries on the outer surface, but remains moist inside, expanding and 'contracting with the wood or metal around it. Trend Turns To Tradition In Kitchens Home Repair Dos and Don'ts You do It BETTER WITH HATURAL GAS surfaces, just scrape away loose j BALKY BUREAU DRAWERS paint and clean out old calking, if DO . . . when a bureau drawer •W- I opens and shuts but begins to get Do your calking before cold |a little balky, take it out and ex- weather sets in, if at all possible, i amine it to see whether the trouble A puttering-type job can turn into I is caused by loose joints, hard work with the coming of cold DO . . . whore a joint had been weather. glued, regliie it and where a joint You can, of course, calk with ; had been nailed, r'enail it. bulk, knife - type compound, using I no . . . when o drawer will not a putty knife. But we'll suppose open even when you can get at it you're-iriterested in an easier way Hence, the gun. Calking guns are of two types. One is a bulk gun, for use when you have a lot of calking to do, •AS atlVISION IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHTS POWEB Give Your Home A Well-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE PAINTS for • Low Cost • Low Upkeep • Durability Reffenmaier Drug 118 W. 5th — Dial 2805 by taking out the drawer above it, remove the back from the bureau, an easy job because the back is held in place, only with small nails or screws. DO . . . after correcting the condition that caused the drawer to stick, rub the sliding parts with paraffin or one of the sliding compounds made for that purpose. DON'T ... if the bottom of the drawer is out of its grooves, ever glue it back in place; a properly- made drawer bottom is never glued because it must have a little room for expansion, which is why it does not fit tightly, even when new. DON'T ... be too hasty about planing drawer edges which have become too tight because of expansion, since there may be a later contraction of the wood which will make the drawer too loose; it is better to sand the edges lightly, following with a sliding compound. DON'T . . . overlook the possibility of attaching ready-made rollers to drawers which are balky simply because they were cheaply constructed. Site is as Important as Structure of Your Home Clean thoroughly all cracks, Jop left, before shooting them full of calking compound, bottom left. Top right, gunful of calking compound should be warmed before use In cold weather. Bottom right, clean gun thoroughly after use; dried compound In a gun Is next to Impossible to remove. MOON TALK In case anyone is interested, the states of Oregon and Washington last year produced 10 billion feet of lumber in the Douglas fir region — the rain belt west of the Cascade mountains. This is gnough lumber to build a board walk four feet wide and two inches thick to the moon, the West Coast Lumbermen's Association reports, More practically, it was enough to build a million five- room houses. Halley's Comet was the first comet whose periodicity was predicted. Dos and Don'ts If You're Moving There's a right and a wrong way to do most everything and that certainly applies when it comes time to move. Unfortunately, there are often enough unpleasantries that go with leaving familiar surroundings without making life miserable for yourself by botching up the actual move. Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts that you would do well to heed in the event you're moving to another home or apartment. Things you SHOULD NOT do: 1. Wrap light • colored lamp shades or linens with newspaper because the print is very apt to rub off on 'them 2. Roll curtains or draperies on rods or poles. This only serves to wrinkle them to the point where they're ready for the cleaners when you get to your new home. 3. Place pictures or mirrors between bedding or linens. This is a fine way to have your treasured artwork damaged. 4. Pack glasses or dishes in furniture drawers. It's a good idea not to pack anything In drawers. 5. Roll up your rugs. Unless they have just returned from the A new trend Is developing in the appearance of kitchens in Ameri can homes, for want of a better term, Interior designers call it "the traditional look." "The new kitchen treatment is simply another of the changes which are continually being made as families tire »f what they have been living with and want something different," reports the Con struction Research Bureau, na tionai clearing house for building information. Discussing the growing trend, the Bureau says "Immediately after the end of World War II, the clinically white kitchen disappeared. Color and gleaming metal was almost universally used both in new houses and in older homes which were undergoing renovation. "Manufacftirers of kitchen equipment produced their appliances in a rainbow of colors, and for years color was an important selling point. Color is still important, but less emphasis is being placed on it and interior designers are using more subdued tones while eliminating a great deal of the bright metal 4 r ' m - Use of metal in dull tones is growing rapidly. Actually, this so-called traditional look is a trend back toward Colonial days. Knotty pine walls and cabinets are growing in favor. Open barbecue grills are being build into kitchens, in lieu of the old-time kitchen fireplace. Most cooking is done of course in built- in wall ovens and counter - top ranges, but the open barbecue grill lends an earlv-day note to the room. "Floors, particularly, have come in for attention. The old-time wood floor effect is sought, but at the same time housewives insist on the convenience, comfort and durability of smooth-surfaced resilient flooring. They especially want-the easy-to-clean features of this type of material. "As a result, one of the nation's leading flooring material manufacturers has developed a flooring which has all the appearance of wood, but Is a resilient smooth- surfaced material. Known as Kentile solid vinyl woodgrain planks, the material is 4 inches wide by 36 inches long, it has a blending of delicate wood tones which produce the appearance of rich grain Your home should look like it is a part of your building site. Thus does Donald Blair, member of the American Institute of Architects, put his finger on one of the most widely neglected phases of home planning. Your site is jus: as important an element of your home as the structure itself, points out Architect Blair, and you can underline its importance and beauty by designing the house to blend with its setting. "There are too many houses," he said, "which detract from the natural beauty of the property This blending of buildings with property is not particularly difft cleaners and -jre still wrapped, leave them alone. This is the mover's job, you needn't bother. 6. Place bottles of medicines or furniture polish in the same cartons with anything that is edible. Odors from these items often are strong enough to spoil foodstuff. Things you SHOULD do: 1. Arrange to take down Venetian blinds, draperies, traverse rods and window cornices. Charges for such services are not included in your moving rates and will be extra. 2. Take down your television antenna so that your TV set will be ready for shipment when the mover arrives. 3. Remove all Jewelry, money and valuable papers from drawers. The mover does not assume j responsibility for such items. | 4. Have your major appliances serviced. i shades and staggered lengths to I 5. If at all possible, be present; add even more to the Early Amer Give Nautical Look to Fences And Banisters Everyone has heard of the unusual effects in home design achieved through the combination of west coast woods with brick, stone, and other natural building materials. But, have you heard of the combination of wood with rope? Particularly effective.are porch rails and banisters of wood and rope— and so easy to construct. Build the frame of Douglas fir or western red cedar, painted or stained to match the house siding, or left to weather to a natural gray if you prefer, and install giant-sized screw eyes top and bottom, at about six - inch intervals. A good grade of heavy rope is then looped through the screw eyes to form a delightfully modern, rather nautical crisscross pattern. The design is light and airy, doesn't obstruct the vis- sion, yet keeps tiny toddlers from falling off porches and decks. **SiS^^!ii !^**Sli !!^!sia !^laieS '*ae^ l ^eiia^!lej? Here's Help in Finishing Pine In Sleeping Areas In selecting a bed your first consideration is comfort — or sleep- inducing qualities — and your second is probably appearance. The cult; the Important thing is to use natural materials that make the home appear native to the site." Have your lawns sweep gently to the house, he said. Soften foundation lines with planting. But, above all, select your home exterior with care. Wood siding,' because it is a natural material related closely to all types of vegetation, is most effective in drawing home and site together. Rough sawn siding boards, he pointed out, can be selected from such fine woods as western red cedar or Douglas fir. They are especially good because the rough sawn textures echo natural textures like the bark of a tree, the subtle shagginess of a lawn, and the dimensional effect of flower beds. Natural color is another factor, Blair emphasized, which can be used with telling effect to achieve this oneness between fiome and site. The rich shndes of western red cedar can be preserved with stains, or may be finished clear to capture the natural colors of the wood. Oftentimer. the architect finds it just as effective to use stains which bring out the particular features of the surrounding landscape — subtle greens for definite tree colors or pearly gray for a rocky site. Nearly every community, Blair believes, has many lovely homes where special attention has been given to blending of site with structure. This has made potential new homeowners more site conscious and thus helped them develop into more understanding clients. and natural growth characteristics, same two fact0 „ are just as im . of birch, mahoganv or teak. | porlant j„ decorating sleeping "The planks are laid in random „„„„ areas. the Big Change, ¥ _ t ^ _ As a result of the wide popular when the moving van is loaded \\ j^an "ef7ect '.'"n ir even"po«ible 7o | itv of paneling in bedrooms, the and again when it is unloaded, or i insert cut-outs in the planks to Western Pine Association has de- have someone at each place who; give the appearance of wood pegs. can you. sign necessary papers for | The president appoints the directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority and they must be confirmed by the Senate. Here's How You Con Make A Screened Outdoor Room U V^AiflH baa till ^HHa ^MiAaa \i ^^Bi lajlaaut A^AM 4BBM n ran Q ovrraraiiii wnw 0M lig Chang*--2 oW-new Stonckwd OcuoWtm Try these peat o*w STANMKB O—oli— J —with the Big Change created by OeaueT •cd Research. N €W OOLD atom i*pmJh*mhm ... am tntirfiy iuw gradt of gatoiint ... wish the Big change that pc-wermatches today's modem, finer engines! Thrill to your en- fine operating at top-level beet Banish power low from wild ping and epafk-phg crust. G«C emoother, fatter reapoaaa. t<t surging, knockrres per for uuuieet NEW MD CtOWM Nng -Ste Naadsr, ,| with a new high octane that passes up premium grades of just a few yean ag You get king-sise knockrraa power king-sise mileage, tool IVy the Big i^tod ytm deaV Summer outdoors is more enjoyable with a screened enclosure. The enclosure can be used for picnics or a cool place for the youngsters to play or sleep. The enclosure shown provides a 16 by 10 foot 'floor' space. If the dimensions are varied, span lengths should not exceed 8 feet. The posts are made of 4 by 4- inch lumber: the front ones 13 feet long; the centers 12 >4; the rear posts, 12. The footings are of 2 by •caoss Eirmc 500F, SMCC tiB't is*f BETWEEN 4iS< jtXBtti more from j ondflfjM •%J»i> 1 ,V- .'V. Stop at Th» PrUndly SIMON 1 STANDARD SERVICE •th and Park Ill 111 Ml > - M. TO Drive) to The CARSON STANDARD SERVICE Junction Hwy. 71 & 30 Com* In and Pill Up it CLIFF'S STANDARD SERVICE South on Hwy. 71 4 -inch lumber. Use naturally durable or treated wood for the corner posts and footings. The rafters are made of 2 by 6 and 4 by 6-inch lumber. The roof is of 1 by 6-inch lumber topped with building paper and coated rolled roofing. Assemble the framework and roof. Make the screens and door. Install the screens with No. 8 flathead woodtscrews 2 >4 inches long. Frame the space for the door. veloped six striking new finishes that preserve the restful effect of the natural grain and texture of the wood and at the same time are | smart in appearance. Running the gamut from light to dark, these new finishes are: Umatilla Yellow, Rogue Elk. Sunbeam Dapple, Salmon River, Fandango Flint, and Cimarron Sky. Their names are derived from geographical locations in the western Is Improving: Stylisti pi " err «« ion : .. .. . r 9 ' 1 A folder is available free on re "In addition to the anti-slip prop erties of woodgrain solid vinyl planks, they resist grease, ink and cleaning fluids • Maintenance is easy, requiring only light soap- and-water mopping, with an occasional waxing to maintain its luster." Nation's Color Taste •OWENS E3h oousu mm •JU TMCTMC* tt •000 tOKCWt. SMUH mums m stmis. "stiwsl Lnwber ataa«rs«te»m Asseeistloa Mel Grau, one of the West Coast's leading color-stylists, says a trend toward "low key" colors means that the nation's tastes are improving. "Low key." says Grau. who color-styles thousands of new development homes 1 n California every year, "means soft pastels in a monochromatic scheme, such as an asphalt shingle roof in a quiet brown, with harmonizing beige or gentle yellow siding and trim." quest showing color photographs of these finishes and giving complete instructions on how to attain each. To get a copy, send your request to The Western Pine. Association, Yeon Building, Portland 4, Ore., and ask for "Sleeping Area" folder. Barnacles are not found in fresh water, only in salt water. Woodrow Wilson issued the first I M o t h e r's Day proclamation in j 1915. William the Conqueror became King of England after the Battle of Hastings. New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart New. Modern Styles IF YOU'RE REMODELING OR PLANNING TO BUILD You'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Prices reasonable. H El RES ELECTRIC CO. No matter what members of Congress say on the floor of the House or Senate, they cannot be sued for libel. could bt your * Wiring Is Overloaded Expecting an outdated wiring system to carry the load of today's many new electrical appliances is like sending a boy to do a man's job. . Ilactriclan lewa Public Strvict Co. MODERN LIVING NEEDS MODERN WIRING SALE Armstrong Inlaid Linoleum and Cerlon Entire Stock Reduced New as Low at |1.25 Sq. Yd. SALE Armstrong Congowall Rag. 41c Lin. foot- Now 49c Lin. Foot SALE Armstrong Bxcalon Tile Now at Low el 13c Sq, Pt. SALE Armstrong Asphalt Tile New Low Sato Prices SALE On AH Floor Covering and Plastic Wall Tile In Our Big Stock HURRYI SALI INDS SOON BIERL Supply Store 611 N. West SK —* Dial tMO The Perfect Answer To Any Weather! YORK Automatic Combination Warm Air Hooting and Cooling Units Whathsr you ara building a new horns or planning to modsrnizs your pratsnl hasting tyitam, York Patrician Saris* modals sra tha parfaet answer to your naad. Thsta modals fllvs you S' complsto hsatlng sno cooling tyitsm In ona compact psekags . . . s common ductwork tystsm dlt- trlbutsi BOTH warm «nd cool sir throughout your horns for uniform, draft- frss comfort. A touch of tha timpla York Patrician controls automatically givti you tha ultimata In living comfort — any ssaion of tha year. Patrician modals sra •silly tmtillad. It's magic! With s York Purnacs you enjoy true comfort . , . dial the luxury of « fresh spring day as easily as you dial your favorite television pro- f ram- Complete filter iyi- em makes housework sailer. And filtered air Is hsslthler, too. I & M «J W. Sth it, Hooting and Air Conditioning Dial lis

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