Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1960
Page 12
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 28,1980 f Jth. In, Mo. _8tJHO!CAL a» Twente, South Roxana. LoclHe Httten, m Stow- Alton. Morrhah family Farm Column Reunion HM Stem Rot Causes Damage At Carlinville BUNKER HILL - The 14th annual Morrison reunion was held Sunday at the American Legion Mali in Carlinville with present. A basket dinner! to%ome'soybea"r7Tields by "stem I marked that the farmer can released 3,600 hush- els ol the new Lmdartn soybean for «*d increase daring i960. More than 100 Illinois seed growers will work to make (he new 4-H Club* Meets At Moro Home als for their act for the County Share-the-Fun Festival will be Saboff on "Fruit Desserts" and) Solan Gtiwwell on "Safety with Fires." twin* tor TrippletH OLIVIA. Min. <JP> — It we* To Some By TRfMAN W. MAV .n.^ . U »... B . ..« ...„— u ., Y ... |0ur Vlf0 joyoeari vanety test 1? . Mtdlson County Farm Advtaer Memorial Day. July 4 and Lab-ip,^ Jt mature , vcry early, ,. EDWARDSVILLE ~ Damage |° r Day. Some jokers have re-: pro bably too early to make very varieties, three cuttings are made ahoutj^,. iFrlday. July 1. at 7:30 and nnw-*. , w|ns f() , , hf> Tri pp, ett s a t 'day, July 5. The festival will be Janice Klein. .Junior Neese, .._ _ .._ .,.„_„ , !July 6 at Eden Evangelical and and Virginia Hans vwe in R '' nvlllp County Hospital nere. variety available W farmers byi i Reformed Church in Edwards-; charge of games. A pair of boy* was born to 1981. Llndarln results from a[ MORO — The "Merry Maids" |ville. Virginia Hans, assisted by her Mr and Mrs Earl Trlpplett of yncoln and Mandarin; <H aub met a , , ^ Carlan Jttnice Singleton gave a de- mother, served refreshments. nearby Danube. It has been planted '" jj ans nonv? FYiday evening W Nh' monstratten on " How to Mark Thp " ext meefin K Jul - v 8i wil1 variety test 17 members present 'the-Grain Line." Carol Saboff be at the Homer Klein home. flMsewelle from the Othphghent was announced that rehears-!« flve <** m " How to *W" ^^ Attend MI Camp 4-H Club were among thos wlches," and Kathy Hendrlcks MORO — Marjorie Cooper and leaving was enjoyed at noon. yields here. (•client feed for all livestock, showed rot occurred in Madison County^™* *",. three no1!da y s *** ° A -\ Livestock producers will find but for best results It should!Milkshake." were among Edwardsvllle Monda\ How to Mak» a Banana Janice Klein from the "Merry morning for the }-H Camp at Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dllllard.ijg s< yVar, and ft appears we wflY'ttog alfalfa. CUmmltm WO Whltelaw offlcers for the P 88 ' year> p ^' have some of the disease this The maturity of the alfalfa a Urterbtink, Rt. 1, Moro!! 8 * nted ^W* 8 *° tne following:; yp ., r per h a ps more because ofjshould have guided the time of I* Flack, 116*4 Lorena. J°'dest persons present. Mr. and thp ^ wefttner Harry Deather-'the first cutting, but in most D18MM4AL8 ^fs. George Young; couple agc ^ cno^-au Township lost cases it was delayed about two Ate Wlfflantt, Qrtt«» Hills!married the longest, Mr. and: u . pek ,. pportw j a condition In his weeks this year by the rains. Viola Grant, Hartford. ,Mrs. George Young; couple with• soybeans that was identified as Cutting when the plants are one- Evelyn Seenausen. Cottage j the most children present, Mr. is(( ; m ro( ;U , ntt) tn bloom is fhe usual re-' jand Mrs. Harold Heyen; young- f ,^^^^^.^ } n anticipation commendation. of more cases, The calendar alone shouldn't some informa- be considered in deciding when lion on t h e dif>- to cut alfalfa. Things to consid- ease has been er are cutting at one-tenth bloom 1 prepared by Eu- for maximum quality, getting as gene P. Aylwflru, many cuttings as possible for assistant farjn maximum yield and timing the adviser, chiefly [last cutting so that .the alfalfa from the reports has time to regain strength to of the plant path-1 over-winter. \ T. W. May ologist who stud- Du Puits is singled out as a several fields attacked by vanety that could probably stand 'Maids" -4-H Club and David Lake Jacksonville, where the> that grain sorghum Is an ex- be cracked or gound. Talks were given by Kathy i Hans. Ralph Meyer, and Monte will spend this week. ST. ANTHONY'S Tommy Hey '•en; persons traveling the farth- i cst distance, Mr. and Mrs. Har- jry Lynn Cameron of South Bend ^an^K, , MEDICAL jlnd. A gift was sent to Mrs.' »Hi Jua «IS Roberts. Godfrey. Mary Dllliard .91, of Bunker Hill, William Miller, 1001 Chouteau. wh _ „,_„ „„„»,]» to attend Mrs. Elsie Lewis, 514 State. w ™ vvns unahle to au j na Edward King, 3600 Western. New ° mcers d1e , c , ted f f , the Miss lona Staton, 116 Virginia,)coming year were Mr. and Mrs. East Alton. Craig Morrison. DISMISSALS James Patterson, 2405 Ebbeler. ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL River. M wardsvine da Emshausen ' Ed '|t"end"win "be entirely in French.! To Study In Canada BUNKER HILL — David ^ _ jGolike left today for Q ue l» c '! s ^ e " m "jiot"in'th'e county last year, i /our cuttings withouf any bad „.«.,.„„., Canada, where he will study ^rj Unrdrtunate j y there is no treat-!effects. It's an early, fast-grow- Miss Barbara Flowers, 1244 W. six weeks at Laval University.t menf tha , can be recommended.;ing kind and tends to be stem- Ninth. ! Mr. Golike is instructor of French j bul jf a farmer nas some know- ; my if cut only three times a Schaaf. 265 Ferguson.jand English at the local high, jedgp of , he diseasCi h e is per-;year. Also, it's wilt-susceptable, ""* school. The classes he will at-' haps better able to decide wheth- ; thus being good for only shorter to replant a damaged field, 'term stands, so you might as Mrs. Josephine Jones, 1037 Union | * ' \Vet soil favors the develop- wel1 mak<1 fhe mos( of " and 8 el Robert Sipes, 119 Dooley. lVl^l^^m«l mnnt nf •, snvhPin rli«f!i<ip called iUS much hay as you can. Mr^Betty Johnson. 1207 Hamp- MllTIMl ™«^ ™^™«™ r". This The use of ,,4-D and other Ton> ELDRED — Mr. and Mrs.:, da p js caused by two weed killers has become so 0. F. Shuler spent Sunday in f fjff prcnl f UnK j rhizoctonia and 'widespread that it is important SURGICAL Alton as guesls of Mr> and Mrs ' pfiytophthora. Rhlxoctonia is of- f " r ;i11 fanners to Mrs. Marie Parkinson. 6 South L R - Dawson. u , n foimd in , ow poo ,,| y drained. their s l' ra . v equipment Sixth. Wood River. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duncan ,. ireas j n soybean fields in all Spray no//;|ps arc Jc-hn Grizzle, Kane. O f Manchester are tho parents counties in Illinois. This fungus ecl at :!f) pounds per stiuare mch Anthonv r Tornlov?c n 402'B^ < i tJlall t 0 ' of a dau B nter born Junc 21 ut !is present in most soils. Thei allrJ a tractoi- speed of •! miles Michael Schade Godfrey ° ' P"ssavant Hospital in Jackson- ; r hi/ortonia fungus usually at-; Pel 1 "our. A five gallon no/v.le will Mrs. Blanche '"Laughlin, 712;ville. The infant weighed 6 pounds;t^s .young plants when the.deliver j gallon of spray mater- Adams, i and 13 ounces and has beeni so j] is'abnormally wet, causing!'" 1 ut 30 P si u "d 4 mph. Mrs. Gladys Evans. 3552 Ful1er-i na med Judith Ann. The couplej a reddish-brawn decay of the! Spraying Tips Mr bn 'Mnri n Hnwkln nwinn have a sotlt Jeffeli y- Mrs - Dun- (outer layer of the main root and 1 lt is important that spraying Mrs' Jeanette Jones Worden can is the former Martha Flatt '| lower stem at soil line. |b e done at pressures no\ to ex- Mrs! Julia Broderick, Edwards- j daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Les-j Condition Improves lce ed 30 pounds per square inch. ville. ;lie Flatt. Jeffery Duncan spent; TI,J S condition usually im- iwhen y° u increase the spray David Rudd, 1003 Easton. the past week at the Flatt home! proves as the soil becomes drier i pressure you decrease particle Miss Deborah Girth Bunker Hill nere . j M . jny ^ , h£> sma) , p|an(s wilf : sizc O f the spray material and Mrs Edith ScoRgins 231 Mad- ^"^ afternoon guests of and die. Dead plants usually oc- increase drift. Just by increasing ison. ' ' -Mr. and Mrs. 'Harry Borman fur in areas four to ten feet in Pressure, you may increase Mrs. Patricia Sherman. Godfrey were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bui-- diameter. These damaged spots drift from a few feel to over a Miss Loretta Welch. Worden. n|t ;)nc | M rs . T| na Varble. all of are distributed irregularly over mile A t:ilSL> «'' severe damaKO M P£ ' ra rt * ICt n-i 3I3 ? ar !n.f Carrollton. - jjoorly drained parts of a field. to soybeans from 'J.-4-D sprayed Thlodore Elber y g mi 'Dorsey '' Mr « nrl Alre - Dale Wlle ' s ol ln most Basons rhizoctonia root: 00 nearby corn was reported Steven Jones 606 Anderson. Fnirbury spent the weekend with rot is ol little economic iinpor- lasl week. Mrs. Bernice'Littis, 2018 Salu.; their mothers, Mrs. Janie Wiles 1 tance. Planls VV|11 (3ta "' "J"- ^pray ' / Over July 4th Weekend discover why cars love SHELL SHELL Mrs. Carol Randall. Dow. Mrs. Fauntella Smith, Bethalto. ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL Max Hendricks, 2605 Hlllcrest. Robert Beaty, Godfrey. William Heater. 2506 Ida. rollton. I rot is a comparatively new dis- Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adcocklease to Illinois. During 1955 this and family, Mr. and Mrs. Law-idisease spread to northern and wiiiiam wearer. <25Ut> iaa. Douglas and Dean Davenport at- Mrs. Doris Tenmkait, East Atlon tendefi a sl|rpptee bjrthdfly par . ty honoring Mrs. Opal King at Mrs. Gladys Clark, 1316 Main. Charles Hazelrigg, 511 Winkler. SURGICAL and Mrs. Ada Ballard, of Car- Phytophthora root and stem particles better at a pressure | of 30 pounds per square inch than j at 100 pounds per square inch. The higher pressure gives the spray particles a higher velocity, resulting in more turbulence and drifting. Also, it is necessary to quadruple the pressure in order to double the rate. It is best >to rence Adcock and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baker and central Illinois from Indiana and Ohio. The first report of the phytophthora root and stem rot in Madison County was made by Dr. G. H. Boewe, plant path- the Park in Carrollton Saturday lologisf at the University of IIH- get different nozzles to get gal Christian Seeger, Bunker Hill. \ evening. Timothy Slattery. East Alton. Alana Basden. Wood River. Linda Sellier. \\'6od'*TUver. inois, in 1959. Phytophthora, un-j lona K e rather than to try to in- Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Wild-like rhi/octonia. attacks plants: crease spray pressure, hagen and-Jflr. aiidJVIw. ,/GlanV of, ajl ages. Seedlings that havej Heavy rains last week caused shrivel and imucl1 soil erosion and damage Mrs. Dorothy Boren, East Alton. Anse " spent Sunda >' '" Sl ' Louis just emerged may Bonnie Osfendorf, FTdwardsville.' «"d visited Lambert uirporf. die, leaving gups ranging from to crops in somp communities. Jean Koppenhaver. 307 Charlene Mr. and Mrs. John Logan and a lew inches to several feet in; Alt)ert Eberhart of Ft. Russell DISMISSALS .family of Rosewood Hcightb spent.the row. Older plants wilt and| Town;ihi f' ''^ported ^.2 inches of Mrs. Sandra Clern, East Alton. tho wee i< en( i W n n his 'parents,'dry uy, or they may be severely; 1 ™' 1 i» ;l b«H' • hour Thursda.v Mrs. Bertha Fov^-ler Godfrey. Au . and Mrs Roy Logani j hey . stunted . when such stunted i evening. More rain will interfere Mrs VVanda Varble 1505 Sem-^ WCI '«- accompanied h,ome by; plants are dug or pulled, they (With wheat harvest, which should inary. ' i their daughter, Ann, i^ho had:show a badly decayed root sys-! bp '» '"" swing this week. Corn- Terry Rich, Wood River. visited here for'severer days. 'tern. The disease is not confined i bining started June 20 in Uie JERSEY COliMUNITY '• Ml ' J and Mrs> Flovd Glover | to tho roots, and a brown decay | southwestern part of the county. MFnirXf ;and fami] y ** Winchester visit-jis often found on the stem, abovei' JU( was interrupted by the rains. Mrs WilliarflFerguson Kane ! ed Sunday at the home of Mr..! the soil line. University^ of IHinois _agrono- Mrs! William L, Bridges, Jer-!and Mrs. Newell Trusty. : Although phytophthora root 7 '""' ''" seyville.. ' Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and stem rot is especially dam- Mrs. Paul Herter, Golden Eagle. ian d Mrs. Jarnes Benner were aging in poorly drained areas of Charles Darr^Jerseyville. ; Mj<> ^ Mrs \valter Benner-the field, it sometimes, occurs Mrs. Arthur^Da\vdy^ Dow. igjid daughter o{ Jacksonville. : on higher ground. Tho disease OUie Wendle. Jersey ville. i .Mi'- and Mvs. Irl Davidson, is not widespread or serious in DISMISSALS '!we're Sunday guests in Bethalto Madison County at present, but Lloyd Perdun, Fieldon. iat the home of Mr. and Mrs. it should be watched closely be-. Mrs. Donald Toppmeyer, Hardin'\vesley Stillwell. cause of its potential threat to George Morgan. Jerseyville. ., , — sovbean production Mrs. Jim Russell, Piasa. Glvm Them the Bt>es-n«w soyoean proauuion. Mrs. Leslie Davenport, Jersey- , ABF1LE FJa ^-A new II has alw ? ys bee " lhe UKUaI v ni e I^«BC.L.L,C., ria. i/r- A practice in this area to cut nl- Thoma's Wellcr, Fieldon. .version of the game "chicken'- fa|afa , hrw , inies a yea ,._ bu , , n Mrs. Fred Hausman, Hamburg.-in which schoolboys tested their.^,,,,, years some farmers have _ _ . :, .-bravery by turning over bee-i been eutUng „ four Umes ,„ a NUCLEAR-AGE HOSPITAL ;hives- has been •sqiiflcht'd b>i wet yein . t | ie pi an ( S ma ke more SAN ANTONIO UP ^ The MeM authorities. growth of more farmers may hodist Church has started work on Police said that, on a dare, ajfjecj^c they might as well get a new 20-million-dollar hospital;boy would sneak up to a hive,j[ our cut (j n ^ s t |,j s y( , ai . here that will have two nuclear'flip it over, then flee with thei Mark Cutting Date shelter floors completely below;bees swarming in pursuit. Some A s j m pi e W ay to decide upon Discover how far you can go on a gallon —how smooth your car can run ground. were painfully stung. a cutting schedule would be to The "survival complex," enclos- County Judge R. M. Harris,i n , a rk tho date of the first cut-! ed in 26-inch concrete walls, will!promised punishment worsening and the probable last cut-| include surgery, pathology 1 , radio-1 than bee stings if they persist-j ting, perhaps Sept. L'O or so, on' logy, central supply, pharmacy Jed. ithe calendar; and then space j and food services, and will ac-' All agreed to give up the j the two middle cuttings equally' commodate 1,200 people for and some probably were between them, than two weeks. ' I glad tu have the opportunity. ' On the average, the usuul Engine running rough lately? Then July 4th weekend would be an excellent time to try a Shell gasoline with TCP*. 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