Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1960
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1DGO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGEfim Hospital Women to Operate Gift Shop at Jersey Fair .TERSEYVILLE — ,The Auxil- urday afternoon while mowing lary of the Jersey County Hos- grass and weeds. pltal has announced that It again Whltlock was working with will conduct a gift shop at the Jer Howard Sandberg when the ac- sey County Fair this year. The pro- cldent occurred. The tractor on ,1«et was started last year and which Whitlock was riding over- proved very popular. turned when it went off balance It is pointed out that the sue- on an embankment and pinned cess of the project depends on U'hitlock's legs under It. getting articles to sell. All mem- Sandberg, with the aid of hers and non-members are re- passing motorists, freed Whit- quested to contribute salable lock. He was taken to the local gifts for this purpose. Perishable hospital where he was treated, articles will not he used but and later released. handicraft of all description will "Ship Wreck Party" I be welcomed. JERSEYVILLE - A "Ship! Donors are asked to put each Wreck Party" is being planned) article In a cellophane bag to by the dance committee of West-! keep them clean at the fair lake Country Club and will be booth, and to put the selling price held Saturday night. Members of on each. A container has been the club and their guests will placed In Inman's Department attend. j Store in Jerseyville where art- Everyone is to dress in a cos-| icles can be deposited, or they tump appropriate for the dance may be given to any member theme. Dancing will be enjoy-' of the Auxiliary. ed from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m! to It will help those in charge the music of Dick Egelhoff and sey County beauty of the project if the donations his band, of St. Ann. Mo. eailt scheduled to be held are brought in at an early date Parents of Daughter oneninir iiiirht of HIP l«»r The proceeds from the gift JKRSEYVILLK - Mr. a n d °P™K nl K nt ol tne Jer shop will be used to purchase a Mrs. Harold Bowman of Medora se ^ County fair July 5. much-needed fan for the lobby selected the name Rona Jean for Coronation will take place and other needed articles at the their daughter born at 11:17 at 8 p.m. Pictures of the Seven Treated For Injuries at Jersey Hospital 150 at Rally Near Medora > MEDORA ~ One hundred and' j fifty attended the rally at the Camp. IA1CY RINOHAt SEN ENTRANTS These are five of the 18 In the Miss Jer- LAN A BALLARD DAWN WITT tributed to the shop find several The baby weighed 7 pounds cash donations were also receiv- 1' 2 ounces. She is a grsmddaugh- ed. The proceeds of thai sale ter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gross were used for the Children's of Medora and Mrs. Carl Bow- Ward at the Hospital. man of Alton. Volunteer help to care for the Before her marriage'Mrs. Bow- gilt shop is also needed and man was Miss Shirley Gross, anyone willing to assist is asked Other children in the family are to contact the Auxiliary presi- Jerry 5!-» and Dwight 3!«. dent, Mrs. Lloyd Adams. Plans for the gift shop were discussed at the regular meeting of the Auxiliary Tuesday afternoon at the Baptist Church. Attending (irand Assembly JERSEYVILLK — A earlier Christian .TERSEYVILLE — William near Mcdora Sunday. Bower of St. Louis was treated The Rev, Walter Cruzan of jat th<> Jersey Community Hos- Pleasant Hill led the singing; pita! about 6 p.m. Sunday for and Victor Langston. youth lead- j burns suffered when he threw er at Palmyra, sang a solo. The 1 ignsoline on a charcoal fire Rev. Allen Maddy of Olllesple ,qhllp picnicking in the Orafton spoke. i area. He had second degree A new dormitory \vns dedlcat- ! burns of the tight hand and ed during the meeting. ! (forearm and possible third de- The finance committee reports igrer burns on same 'area. He the camp grounds are now debt was treated and dismissed. free. The property was bought ! Philip Ringhausen of Jersey- three year ago. The Rev. ville wns victim of mi accident James Boyer of Raymond gave jat the family farm at 1:35 p. the work report. m. Sunday. Mr caught his fing- A picnic supper was served . ers In a cultivator suffering following the meeting. v Incrrations on the third (inftrr re- R| . olmefv|1(| : quiring sutures and injury to the .nail on the fourth finger, making MKtXJRA - Mr. and Mis. removal of thr nail necessary. Kalph Lowis nnd daughters. 'The patient WHS released after c « lhv antl Ml ">' Ltiu - wcnt to ! i treatment. M/nqiicttc Park Sunday after ;.,„.., . „, .. church for a picnic dinner. cele- ! Luke Sche.her aged 22 month b) . ati , , mh bj) . thd * son of Mr iSchoiher of "Now that we've got things settled, I'd like to make a complaint about the manner in which you handled it!" and Mrs Donald; , h HS , K ,,, , h h'Tir , Wa ;'M«rilyn »nd Pa.ty Spencer, brought to the hospital for treat- !Ca , hv U|w)pv anf| >lMt . dp|J ,, ment of an. arm injury suffei ' e d'n ar t ow ' ~ ~ • ~ : ~~~~ —" in a tall at home. The child fell Hlirnrtwl on Birthilnv l ' VIrs Lavprne Prnther at Alton, (home Tuesday from HUlsboro, on his right wrist causing a pain-, surpriwi on nirinimj , i ;ful wrench. He returned home MKDORA A group of rela- Mr. and Mrs. Chew and iwollnd.. and was accompanied by !after treatment. lives and friends surprised Mrs. ^daughters. Lincoln, were en-;Margie Ann and Pamela Sue Joseph Koehne of Alton stum- Lillir Fol ' ulK) fl w "h a potkick tertained Sunday at the home!Felix, who will visit here until bled on the porch ramp of a clubhouse owned by Mrs. John Bor- DARLKNE DOTY CLAl 1)IA SMITH is water skiing dinner Saturday in observance of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boyle, the Fourth, of her 80th birthday. Present He preached at the Christian T | 1f , \VCTU meeting, gchedwere: Mr. and Mrs. Robert iChureh. uled for Friday, has been post- \\iiliam jvjj ss Connie C'iross returned iponed. and Mls - chers of Hamburg and fell to the ground. He incurred a pos-| Ur " wn ' sihle rib fracture and had abra- Wilson aml John Blwvn - A " on: sions nf ihr. hu,.k 0 ,,H hnn, ; CharIes Brown. Morrisonville, of the back and both Church Classes Near .Medora Have Picnics Final Entries Announced For Miss Jersey Contest six ette for the school band, was a the piano in the contest. She is at the home of her gnindpar- Galeslnn ' g ' and Mrs for member of the a cappella choir, ia member of Pi Beta Phi ati nn ts. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jollnpsspr Greenfield, "Miss Jersey County and had roles in both the junioriMillikin and this summer is tak- Schneider in Jerseyville about Satui ' r '" y wi "" *''" ~ ave been received,'and senior class plays. She has;j ng SO nie college work on the AI-'4-45 p m Sunday and the glass Jnmes Dillon. t , „ , . .. r _ . . .„,„,,, „„ ,„, 1BWI , «i mt- nomc - 13 tllp total ""mber.srudird tap dancing under Rob-1 ton SIU campus. Miss Smith! die was carrying broke. The lit-' , Mr ' the Grand Assemb y o Rainbow f) , M| . s Rj( , f)ev S(jnf}a fo||(m , (na of contestants. Tlie coronation erl Dugger of St. Louis and will was , hp drum majo| . for , he C or- | e girl's iefl hand was cut and Ihuim and will return to Jerseyville (l|imvh serv|(>es M , d , nB werp will take place the firs) night of give a tup solo in the talent por- vets. VFW Junior Drum and sutures were required to care rived U from the Jerseyville Assembly MKDORA - Members of Mrs. gl ' oup Karl Richey's Sunday school Chu " h .TKRSEYVILLK — The final entries in the contest the title of Order of Rainbow for Girls left ' . ~'. ""'"'. —•-••••* ~ "! of Mondav for rhir,,™ tn attm * Rnri then ' fe™l'«« had a picnic ° Miss Smith will be a junior at shoulders. Following treatment! M| "; anrl Mrs ; Allicrt R Millikin University in Decatur at the hospital, he returned i" nd son and Mrs ' Maudp Brow »- : this fall. When she receives her .home. 'Harmony. ] degree she plans on becoming Beth Ann Stmnitt. aged 1'v _ .>ledora Notes an English teacher. She is also years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MEDORA Mr. and Mrs. a talented musician and will play William Stinnitl of Alton (ell* Rlcnurd Jonnessee and family. '""••'-- > - ----- -• - Orvin visited and ' Mrs. Chicago to attend rijnnet , Qn 1hp >'ith Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Calif., ar- •t t • i * i m i «- 11 ^iri \ n:tr?», VAI i v^iiuui^ \vei»' " " " " ' . - - • - - - — - - — ouvui co vvtn IT rGCjUH'Gu TO Cfll'C f ,' day ' „ , _, ,, ..Mi-, and Mrs. Byron Ruvle Mr thp Jprspy County Kair ' July 5 ' tinn of thp conl( ' st ' Bl 'K |e Corps for six years and for the wound. She was brought !for H visit wilh her mother. During the conclave 1 be brand and Mrs ^^ Gjlworth anf) at 8 p.m. at the Fairgrounds. Mjss W itl will be a senior was also a majorette with the to the hospital and released af- Mrs - Malie pp pbles. and other cross of Colors, high Rainbow rjfmgnter M ,.' anf| Mn , HeJ , For the past few years the next year at the Jersey Com- band at Millikin during her ter treatment. .relatives here and with Mr. and honor, will be received by Miss S( , hp| f>j(z and fami|y Mr anfi 'contest has.been held here under, munity High School and follow- Freshman year. '> Homer Stanhope of Golden ~~~"Y. i r7r° n Tth T Ti° A hi 8 Mrs> Tom R y dei and family,! sponsorship of the Jerseyville'ing graduation would like to at- m|)pr ran(Hdlltes i Eagle was treated at the hos- "_. K, *-. ... ei *!?^ _. Pm . y ' Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Smith. Mr. Junior Chamber of Commerce tend the Patricia Stevens Mod- T ,_ __ othe) , ^^ ^ pital Sunday for injuries suffer- Miss Nancy Cope, past worthy and M advisor, Miss Judy Hulton. past worthy advisor and Mrs. Aron Cope. The honor is awarded for assistance given to the Rainbows. Miss Warford and Miss Nancy Cope will be members of the grand choir at the Assembly;,!!"' ". '" and Miss Hutton will serve as a Bo k andia nd this is the second year that eling School. She is a member of \vo- family, Mr. and Mrs. Rirheyithe selection of the queen andithe high school band and is a The seven men formerly entered in the and Earl Jr. ;the coronation ceremonies have majorette. She is also a mem-! ™ nte * fo ]_ M|SR Jersey County Mrs. Henry Frickej-'s Sundayibeen a part of the Jersey Coun-'ber of (he school Science Club!' 1 "' lss e - v ' school class of intermediates I ty Fair. and "60 Club." She was dele-'«' ^« , ene wille- Miss Kar went to Marquette Park, near The six recent contestants arc: j gate to Illini Girl State at Jack- ™ Ltfor ^",,ahi«, nf Mr Grafton. Sunday after church 'Miss Lucy Ringhausen. daugh-lsonville from the American Lefor a picnic dinner. Going on ter of Mrs - Stephen Ringhaus-:gion Auxiliary and was elected, v v were Sue Gorham, grand page. ' Rosemary Fricker. Stanley Peebles. and Ronnie Prather. and en , Rt. 1. Jerseyville; Miss La-,to the House of Representatives i Brighton; Miss na Ballard. daughter of Mr. and I there. She will give a baton j Mrs. Harold Ballard and Miss! twirling exhibition for her tai- Mi« nnru r,-n . f H — •»» ""— ^« tne1 ' «nu . M,ss Dons Gross, a pas ad-; the|r Pau|a Mutzbaue , |D awn Witt, daughter of Mr. and on. part in the queen contest, Hnd ^ Q{ ;M ,, S . charies Witt< both of Jer . Miss Margeson wi|I a|so bc visor of t h e local Assembly, is also attending the State Assem- ^,j r ant j ^ rs Hpnry Fricker seyville; Miss Joan Margeson,.senior at the local high school ^ y '_^ h l haS al ^ eady received the an( ^ son g.,, ' : daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse this fall and following gradua- Margeson, Rt. 1, Kane; Miss tion is making plans to become Darlene Doly. daughter of Mr. a bcauticion. Her bobbies are: Grand Cross of Colors on a former occasion. Hurt in Tractor Misap JERSEYVILLE — Lloyd Whitlock of Jerseyville sustained in- ed when he fell into the mower he was operating at his home. He had a deep laceration and compound fracture of the left wrist and forearm. After emer- Cotter, daughter of Mr. gency treatment here the patient John Gottor Jr., of J^ 15 . t ™ n ? fe 'TP d to st - Jose P"' s U'alz Hos P' tal ln Alton. of Mr. and Mrs. Fred^ Lau / a Wallarei 3 - ypal -° ld of Jersevville; Miss Juani-jf au ,f hter " f , Ml> - and Ml>s - G - c I Wallace of Grafton was brought I to tlie hospital Sunday afternoon for removal of a rock which had lodged in her left ear. She returned home after treatment. BOXSTORAGE FOR WINTER WOOLENS Honored on Birthday — A and Mrs. William Doty and Miss dancing and skating and for her ^..^« on the lawn at the _. .. _ .,. , ,. of Mr. and Mrs. Robert glaud ' a Sn :! th ' da " gh «' . , . . . D , „ , , , .. .. and' Mrs. Claude Smith, both of vocal solo, juries in a tractor accident on Ruyle Sunda y celebrating the Jpl . sevvil|c lit. 16, east of Jerseyville. Sal- birthday of her mother, Mrs. V. ' . _. ... C. Stanton. Guests included Mr. give a daughter of .and Mrs. Maurice Perdun; Miss Jean Reynolds, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reynolds, all of Jerseyvillc. and Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Dial HO 5-8877 NOTHING TO PAY TILL FALL ROOFING Now It the Time to Replace That Old and Worn Roof on Your Horn* Add Beauty and Fire Protection with the new, patented ... JOHNS-MANVILLE SHINGLES . . . THAT CAN'T BLOW OFF Careful application by trained, insured workmen. Save Money ... Let an Expert do it. FREE ESTIMATES NO DOWN PAYMENT—LOW MONTHLY TERMS GERSMAN & CO. Certified Johns-ManviJ/e Home Improvement Contractor 3100 E. Broadway Phone HO 5-6711 On 4-Lane Highway—Just East of City Limits. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" JERSKYVILLE - Mrs. Dew- Open Mon., Fri. Till 9 p.m. SPECIAL PURCHASE Boys' 2-fi; Men's B'.j to 12 BASKETBALL SHOES $4 re $4.50 SO 99 Elsewhere. Pair.. L • Heavy Sponge Insole • Built-in Arch • Guaranteed WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-Ofi K. Broadway Mjs Ringhauson was duat . <-«™'v-l fmm ^ CommuniU- >Ilss Doly - H 19 ^ graduate of vv Montp a fompl . Jp ,. scv .. and Mrs. Loren Darr and fam- .„. h St . hoo| thjs Ju|)e flnd wm| , d the Jersey Community H i g h v ),, p lvsjdpnt wj| , (o , he Js ) e ily. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth , jkc (o f . ontin(lp np ,. education School, is continuing her educa- of Rhodps _ a of G Slanton and family. Mrs. Calvin , lt a s( . hoo , of bp . u|ty ( . l|lture lion at Southern Illinois l.mvi'i-. wnpn |u ,,, nilsbanft . an onKinPer Kdwards and daughter, Mr. and ghc was mpmbpl , o( , np Sdcncc sity in Mrs. Robert: Ruyle and family. ; CTub anfl , he .. 6(r club at thc year of Carbondale. college \\as Her first at Monti- first class in the Ctwst Guard, is transferred there. The Mont- hobbies sewing are celld College in Godfrey. She is p ,. s and thpjl . fjvp ( . hild ,. pni win . and niajoring in commoirial educa- s . (jl fmm Kfw y,,,.,. ()n Aug 1io » a » fl tllis is «ltend- J)lf> MEDORA--The two-week va-i dancing skiing> cation Bible school closed Fri- cooking , day at the Kemper Baptist ing classes on the Alton campus j Church and the program was Attended Monticello of SIU Hpt . inlp| . pst s arc in || given Sunday evening. Each ^'i- ss Ballard was graduated'music circles and she hits been |)0 , class contributed to the pro-if'' 0111 tn e local high school in a student of piano rind voice. ! g ,. a m. , 1959 The enrollment was 62 and the average attendance 55. The highest daily attendance was 59. Yene/ula now bans U.S. cigarette ' imports. Tney have bppn rosjdillg in NPW| BylandorliySea- GOPHHJJPS 661 jn Boston Mrs Montci' is )o ,. mr) . Snllv " Ovnrmever ' and attended Monticello!She will sing as her talent por- a(tpn( jp ( | st Fnmcis College at Godfrey the past semester. She has been elected to the senior social cabinet at Monticello for the coming year. While at the local high school Miss Ballard was head ma.jor- Xnvier's tion of the program. Miss Doty s ;, hoo | hpl . o ; sh< ; js ' a dallgh , Pr was carnival queen dunns her fjf Kl . anci(S Qvermeyer of BPthal- sophomore year at high school |o . 1|1f j T and was active in all musical p a| .j s ^j, productions and in the junior .. \ and senior class plays. Her hob- Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily ,, ohnA . A( . tion of Ten miles at the wheel are all you need... ^ms,. _ /* » M .--^ to confirm the fact of Cadillac leadership! This great car demands to be driven! You'll find its ride 10 smooth ... its handling so effortless ... its performance so agile ... that ten miles will amply demonstrate its complete lupremacy in every phase of motoring. 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