Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 11
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Junior Editors Qui* on- QUESTION: Are hurricanes worst than tornadoes? ANSWER: Hurricanes do moro damage boeauso thoy affect a far larger area than tornadoes do. Their peak velocity, however, it only 125 miles an hour or so, while a tornado's probably reaches 100 and causes damage like that of an explosion. A hurricane is a widespread tropical storm that often forms m the Caribbean area and sometimes reaches parts of the United States. Similar storms in other regions of the world have other names. A hurricane may spread destruction 200 miles wide, while a tornado funnel causes damage only in a path about 200 yards wide. The wind in a tornado moves in a very tight circle; that in a hurricane travels in a very wide one. FOR YOU TO DO: Find a weather map each day for a week if you can see by it how storm areas travel from east to west across the country. ($10 for this idea goes to Brian Wright of Richmond, Va. Send your Idea to AP Newsfeatures in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Does a toad give people warts?) « MAKE fRIENOS If a person is truly satisfied, he doesn't have to announce it every hour. Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa % m Thursday, Aug. 8, 1957 { | People will do anything te fed better except give -tip.' what'* making them feel bad. It's the unhappy person who forces his way of lite on others, , I CARNIVAL By Dick Turntr "But you could help train him, Moml Ifd give you something to do when Pop's not home I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "Haven't you go* a >ieasant<peVfume'f«r*a woman who doesn't TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY "Warren sold his eer, added $20 to what he got for it and bought a lovely new bicycle!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer 0 "What does the horse think of you playing with his shoes?" Girls Answer 7 to Previous •www BOOTS AND, HER BUDDIES ACROSS t Lovely lady of "Feeria Queene" 4 Feminine appellation • Mrs. Bddie Cantor M Diminutive of Nanette • M Miss Horne and others 14 Tier 16 Anger 16 Insert 17 Hostelry 18 Four-parted (comb, form) 20 Facilitates aajPeorCiy^M ! mother S4Umb Garden girt 15 Girl's ' nickname 30 Shout .14 Bustle '35 River in Switzerland 34 By way of ; '37 Legal point 38, Greek letter 30 Evening, i (poet.) 40 Fillip 42 Female saint • 41-— and th. KinfofSiam 44 First girl 48 Mariner's direction 48 Feminine nickname St» in Wonderland" .WFetuth . - • Arabian oaliph M Miss —*~ ".oHajrwaHi >r ,60 Wand l«l,L«nd parce\; 91 Characteristic 63 Insane 64 Meadow 66 Miss Louise •6 Wingllke part DOWN 1 Distinct part t Nostril 3 Tht diH 4 Assumed nam* 5 Low haunt 33E MS 4i£m aiN enc u 3? aTfgl 24 Eagles' nests 25 Planet 26 Arabian gulf- 27 Girl's name 6 Abstract being 29 Direction t New Guinea seaport 8 Natural fat 9 Flower girl 10 Accomplished HGrain bristles 19 Beam 11 "I'm m lovo with—-** 33 Expire 31 Level 92 Mortgage 33 Miss Turner 41 " O' My Heart" 48 Shoemaker's implement 46 Hearth goddess 47 Christmas visitor 48 Shaded walk 49 Century plan' 50 Miss Hayworth 52 "My Friend it * 53 Mine product 54 Icelandic sags 57 Footed vase 58 Capuchin monkey 80 Island it) a river Medicine, Naty BY EDGAR MARTIN M©ty wt %o wr *W)S*v OP -WW BY J, R. WILLIAMS WS WON'T 0(3 A*L* I THEV'SNUCK" TO KEEP ATHIMG S IW- BUT It? SECRET NOW/1 GOT A SOONER TRY A POZBN OUARPfi j TO SOLVE AROUNt? TH'PLACE V THIS CASE -HOWP THEM KIPS \ THAW THAT filT IM? /S WORP, SORM THIRTY TDO SOOM &XV&ZS;^ *» with KHlSTRIPISAJ feefities OP.. FALLEN 4 r4av4 THE MA30Rt)l<3S DP HIS BROTHER JAK&IN : TB£"KM'r4,. T SQUEEZES] TRADE-, THIS CArA IN tftsi A &MS WAV, j 6RATIK* ME- 501'LLJlST .60 AL0ri<S ROMS'MlTtf V0LW0LD JAKE HSNEE FERSlTSA FAVOR/ «0 XNETOCD .CRASS 0QV _ 0£T '6-M HOT • m *t a*, m. mr A GRATEFUL SO'.. *>Q HE'LL, AAOMcs ih^frcf BUGS BUNNY the JOt> 7 I THINK I SPWAINEP MY ANKLE! m U.» fn. 0«.' PRISCILLA'S »OP Knows What He's Doing BY AL VERMIS* ti &0Mfr+ eO HM.tintfc Mfi T.»il. Ww. VA f*,«t ALLEY OOP Duck! BY V. T. HAMLItf YES, AND JUDGfolfi W MORTY MEEKLE Only Yancey Could Do- Itl BY DICK CAVALLI AN0 l BV6Ry YEAR HE KEEPS FORGETTING. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Thoughtful Man MMM/THATS wsmY MU5TNIT TAKE A CHAMCH ON LQS »M*> HILDA YWHUE ISM \A- CATJOMiN<&, EITHER./ Mey, LARO / TMAT LOO«C$ MORE, UKE A TH«fATetM- W6 LETTER THAN A UOVE LETTER/ BY MERRILL BLOSSM • SURE/ nsib BAZOO WARNIMO HlMTbAaSfir* 11^ eon*/*. - THi STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Discovery LET'S 5E?...lPWH ATSIXBITSAPIMT- BY WILSON SCRU THW ONE MAN LOOKS UttiT DAWN. BUT I'M SURE ITKNT. HESAIDHEWASC50INQTO 6ALE5FOKTTODAY. WONDER MWTHEOTHS? MAWKAS AOUW? 1 * 1 .it CAPTAIN EASY "Take 'Em Both?" BY LESLIE TURNiiJ; I WAS wmeo ABOUT YOU. AMP CHJNKO.WBIL HAflATAKS; " <30T BACK, i &MB ,« /TH».TfiVV (»WI

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