Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 28, 1960
Page 4
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, r1 '< ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUN*i»»ilWU Editorial Step OB Armsi the Mid of the en tm Gtmvg international ttfkf h dwt thf whde rrutttr »> btfor. tht United Our propowl would hm established in in* genious and meticulous opening sttge of the overall disarmament p'-n. It would ha*« begun with an international disarmament control organization, then proceeded to elaborate from there. Tn its second stage it would reduce American and Soviet force levels to !,700,000 men, at the'same time establishing an international peace force, presumably with authority to police the world. Finally national forces would be reduced to the strength required for internal security. Manufacture of armaments would continue under controls restricted to world policing needs. Since Russia has walked out of the Geneva Ust,' and establish the actual dis- ' parley, the We,t would do well to beat Moscow ! Trwe' ft «ftM« ; H stomW hm been right •fcag—Mft tht trm4 of the Russians has been M| shy iWt? f mm U. N. on these matter*. I Atttf ffcrnif the bett reason one can give for tit Rtmtins walking out on the negotiations is mt th*y recognised the near impossibility of the solid logic behind the United States IS it was outlined before the western the conference in the Reds' absence. | ftusiSs consistently ha* insisted upon a pro* gfvifi that would place control and inspection of David Lawrenro Kennedy, Johnson In Battle WASHINGTON There's a Side dance* •• battle going on behind the scenes that could decide who gets the' Democratic presidential nomination. The public generally Isn't! aware of the struggle. The results of the inside fighting, moreover, are not always visible to the naked eye. But the tacticians working vigorously in behalf of Sens. fiwt. Only lately has it shown any dis- to the punch by carrying this plan, with its en- John Kcnnedy Bnd Lyndon considering 'control efforts at a The West has been Insisting upon establish- of control first, actual disarmament last. i dorsemcnt, to the United Nations for urgent consideration in view of the breakdown in the talks. Johnson are playing their re- ispective trump cards with j the resourcefulness known all to Deliberate Approach to Zoning Area residents doubtless will want to keep < out their use for many major undertakings. themselves informed of the plans for eventually zoning Madison County politicians. First of all. in ordrr to understand the situation, it is neces-j sary to realize that Lyndon: Meanwhile, the Madison County Planning Johnson, as majority leader of| , Commission under T, W. Butler's chairmanship the Senate for several years now, 2 ft 25 and 50 Years Ago The zoning program is an extremely impor- is carrying out a series of informal public meet-[has built up certain personal- .. Daddy M , d not to bot h er him now. He's trying to tant one, and is being clearly explained when- ings throughout the county. June 28,1935 More than 100 merchant* of Alton adopted the mill token to be used in collection of occupational tax. Tofcens would be Involved only in sales slips up to 18 cents. Tax on amounts over that would be paid in cash. The schedules adopted by the merchant? were 1 cent to 4 c^nts, no charge; 5 cents, one token; 8-10, two tokens; 11-14; three tokens; 15-39, one cent; 40-74, two cents; 75-J1.14. three cents, etc. The tokens would be Issued by the State of Illinois department of finance. The new type of paving laid on State street from its Junction with the Jerseyville and Godfrey roads to Belle street should last between 50 and 100 years, W. C. Schwartz, sub-contractor ! said. It was composed of three layer: mortar |to level off the surface and fill depressions; imasfic cushion, a mixture of "torpedo" sand J and "cutback" asphalt (a more liquid consis- i tency); and brick, to be made cohesive with hot {asphalt filler. j Walter O'Malley, confessed kidnaper of Alton i hanker and meat packer, August Luer, was | taken to Chester penitentiary. He was moved i in the armored car, formerly the property of ! Tommy Hayes, who had been shot to death in ' gangster activity. The armored car was bought jby Madison County authorities, i The body of Norman Bell, 15, son of the ever he gets a chance by Alton May, Alton as- j The last of five such meetings is scheduled .nearly every senator on the •istant supervisor who heads the county board's j for Friday evening at Civic Memorial High and political relationships with! decide vvhether to weed the garden Or wash the car!" :' B , te Mrs ' Mallnda Bell Mitchell, formerly of committee on zoning. Kincaid & Associates, Chicago engineering firm, is undertaking a survey of the county to provide the basis of a land use and eventual zoning plan. Our lack of zoning may well prove an ob Democratic side, into the political These reach organizations School in Bethalto. Persons attending the meeting should be able to obtain interesting and per- of the Democratic Party in al- tincnt facts concerning the zoning plan and j most every state of the union, the need for it. As evidence of the proponents' full willingness to share their knowledge in give-and-take They mean strength for the Texas senator in the East, the Header'* Forum How Will They Pitch? This is an election year, so of! Middle West and West, as well ; course as in the South. Also, in the House of Repre- rill be a lot of hot; air generated by the various can-! ididates which should be taken xxui i«vi» w«. •.wi«-it£, .....^ f — - ill f • £ struction to proper industrial expansion in the discussions with the public, another senes of 2, ^ county. As May has explained, residential sub- township meetings and hearings on zoning pl*"L n , at jve» is Speaker Sam Ray- WIth a gral " ° f salt ' divisions in some are so cutting up possi- ; is being scheduled for 1961, before any action j bum of Texas> who is working ' Some promoting candidate^are We industrial development property as to freeze i is undertaken to adopt the program. Harmless Ordinarily, hut The news was full of ordinarily minor instances which expanded into major public nuisances and hazards to safety Monday. Police were receiving complaints of violations of the fireworks law. One man said intruders frightened his livestock with the fireworks—which are illegal in Illinois, anyway. The most novel instance, however, was that Comet Drive-in and had even thrown one piece against a young woman s face. Under many circumstances such actions as these prove harmless. Here, however, were instances where they no longer were so. And the case of the fireworks was ample evidence of the need for the state law against them—though basically the law was passed to protect humans. These occurrences demonstrate the need for intensively for Johnson's Candi- '"pert at creating false ideas dacy. The influence of a speak- 1 and visionary speculations that er of the House with as many arp entirely impractical in this years service behind him as I work-a-day world. Rayburn has can reach into al-| Fantasy runs wild, and truth is most every congressional dis-! left standing sadly by the wayside, i the next game. How would they Forum Writers, Note Writers name* must be published ulth letters to the Readers Forum. Letter* should be concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. trict represented by a Demo- Soon the airways will be jammed1 pitch to Mr. K? And what about crat. Rayburn can add thereto with oratorical outbursts of vague Castro? What's the strategy for the benefit of friendships with i and obscure doctrines that no- Japan, and what lineup would j Alton, was recovered from the Mississippi River, at St. Louis. Ulysses L. Nicolet, 69, died at St. Anthony's Infirmary. He had been active in and teacher | of the Bible class at the First Baptist Church. He was a native of Switzerland. The Right Rev. Msgr. M. A. Tarrant of Springfield was appointed by Bishop James A. Griffin as vicar general of the Springfield diocese, succeeding the late Msgr. E. L. Spaldjng of Alton. Before going to Springfield Msgr. Tarrant had been assistant pastor at Old Cathedral. The Board of Education in connection with a program for increasing the size of Milton School from four to eight rooms had also filed a PWA application for a small supplementary grant on the four room addition being built. some 46 men who now are Unit-1 body understands, and the claims they use in Red China and Fored States senators but who used;put forth would shame the gaudi-jmosa? to serve under him in the House.lest commercials of television. i The man who guesses right onj June 28,1910 Henry Ernst, East End businessman, pro- vhfed an interesting memento of the old Washington volunteer fire company, of which he had been a member, by having an enlargement made of a photograph of the company and its hose reel. Most of the members of the Old fire fighting group were dead but Interest still attached to the company because of Its unique history: tt waa the only volunteer unit of a number in Alton to meet ultimate and final defeat by its enemy "fire". After destruction of its hose house on Seminary Square, with all fire-fighting equipment in a night fire, Washington Company disbanded. The city assisted to provide its" hose in 1958 at the same time the old city hall and the nearby Market Street hose house was erected. Thirty years after Ha formation, St. Boniface branch of Western Catholic Union had acceded to the desire of its younger members, and had dropped the use of German in conducting meetings and making its records. The branch had 250 members, but expected to considerably increase its roster by the change to conducting meetings in English. Announcement was made of the impending marriage of Miss Celine Webb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Webb, an/1 Arthur L. Jackson, a Standard Oil refinery office executive. Invitations were issued for the July 6 wedding of Will Roloff of Upper Alton and Miss Mamie Diamond, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Diamond, Miss Myrtle Rintoul of Alton became the bride of Edward Earl Stiritz in a ceremony at the Godfrey Congregational parsonage. Upper Alton trustees again enacted an ordinance for paving of Brown street, coupling with it paving of Mills and Averill avenues. The CE Society of 12th Street Presbyterian was raising a fund to provide the church with a pipe organ, A combination of dynamite and black powder ! was* used to power an immense blast, detonated I by electricity, in the Armstrong Quarry near the water works. M. P. Stevens, manager, said 25 holes, each 25 feet deep, were drilled to take a charge of 800 pounds of dynamite and 10 tons of blasting powder. A 60-foot ledge of limestone was brought down. This is a powerful leverage, i six motorists joined in complaining i greater personal consideration for the safety ol where against a seventh, charging his spinning rear wheels had thrown up a shower of gravel at the others in our cvery-day otherwise inconsequential actions. Urban Expansion Setback The movement for urban expansion in the area got its first appreciable setback over the weekend. , Rosewood Heights residents voted ferent ideas, however. Arguments on the subject and facts behind it may become clearer and fall into better per- over- I spective as time goes on. Democrat, only complained that So it goes. A friend of mine these and other pitches could win j brought up "Hoover" the'the peace pennant. last Sunday other day, when he couldn't think AS yet no one has the answers. Johnson was of anything elsp. 'But remember, we are playing The Allen-Scott Report Patronage Deal on Judges WASHINGTON — Lurking be- Speaker Rayburn and maneuvering for passage or de- But nere is something you can against a team that has no set-up-jhind-the-scenes in Congress is a lay of medical-care legislation 18 et vour tecth int0 ' and il bears ics, a team that uses bayonets in- in the Senate in order to secure a little serious thinking. co-operation from certain 'Democratic .state delegations. This has been indignantly denied by Johnson himself. It is significant however, that the Michigan governor made the complaint at all. It shows that the Johnson strength is beginning to penetrate the state organizations stead of diplomatic bats. L. U. CRADDICK » * * » An impartial and unbiased stu-j dy has just revealed that in spite; of all the billions spent on de-| fense, the family income is up ov-l Anthem at Games big and juicy job-creating bill that is all greased and set-to be slipped through shortly before the gavels | ment. drop for adjourn- er 58 par cent in the last 12 years, I while living costs have increased It's early in the season to be about one-third. .talking about football, but . ..... , . . , whclminglv against annexation to the City of | One of the injustices for cities, however, ' Wood River. The result growing out of the trend toward suburban pop- tn kr> for Kpnnprlv "* «" *enneay Now, on the Opposite side was particularly surprising in view of Wood River's long-time history of sue- ! tics of county government. cessful expansion into unincorporated areas Mayor Delanev of Wood River can hardly uUtionYcnsitv is the drain it places on faciii-l" 16 PoUtoU ai-ona, the Kennedy !J forces are lined up. Ihese comprise organizations, both For city property owners must pay a much grc.ucr proportion of county government ex- be blamed for his comment that the outcome I pcnscs than do suburban residents at the same showed Rosewood Heights folks want no part of Wood River. Further thought on the subject, now that time they demand and receive far fewer benefits from the same services. We hope all our area municipal leadership the pressure of facing a referendum on the j will continue giving patient and understanding question is off, may give the voters there dif- ! leadership to inherent needs for urban expansion. Victor Riesel Sriys Labor to Back Kennedy new mcnt. This lush patronage legislation is as remarkable as the backstage deal to enact it. That arrangement was worked out by President Eisenhower. Speaker Sam Rayburn and Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon Johnson at an unannounced home or in the govern-' After all, we are living in an j White House meeting just be:all-America city. 'fore the President departed on know, most of wouldn ' 1 u be a sood idea for our local high school football savings have gone into new ; homes, new cars, more house-i band lo play " The Star s P an - of hoidVip P lianccs,"and travel. Thereij|j d .^'i" 61 '" just before kick ' Dpndi ' uh oil time "* ' " and old, in every state. There are; in them members of Congress who may be outwardly friendly to the Massachusetts senator and indeed may have announced publicly their support for If you are an average family.! you are banking seven cents of every dollar of income. You are, eating higher on the hog than you ever did. In fact, you never had it so good. WILLIAM CRIVELLO (ED's NOTE: It does play the National Anthem.) After war exnenditures re be flirting with the Johnson camp. Thus, in New York State, Car- "Floor tickets" to the Democratic National Convention ai'e as scarce as favorite son votes for Gov. Faubus. Scarcer, perhaps. But the other day Party Chair- IK- neutrality in the last days of the- nomination fight. Word is that's rxactly what thc> 11 do on July 6. Some time that evening they're expected to bri>ak and declare for man Paul Butler scrounged U p 30 such ducats for some political S(>n - John Kennedy agamst t h e friends, most of whom are nowi flt>1{1 themselves scrounging for hotel rooms since they had not expected to fly to Los Angeles. They are among Butler's strongest allies. They are the highest political bureau of the nation's unions —the 30-man Administrative Board of the AFL-CfO Committee on Political Education (COPE). For the first time since labor leaders whipped together a national political machine in 1943, their top strategy group will work as a floor committee right inside Ihe Democratic nominating convention. Few of the COPE high command know specifically why they were alerted Tuesday afternoon for the trip to the mass political summit. Their conjecture js that they will be working the floor and button- or their Actually this will merely formal- ine what already has developed behind the hustings. COPE's strategists in a series of chain sessions all over the country have been meeting with and working for "Jack." They have been outspokenly against Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson. Except for a handlul led by James Carey, they've just not done anything ol value in recent weeks for Sen. Stuart Symington. Administrative Committee consists of the active members of the AFL-CIO Executive Council and leaders of a group of Important unions with records of long political activity. But there was more to the rushed calls. The Administrative Committee leaders were asked to stay for the duration. They were then told of the floor assignment. imine De Sapio, Tammany leader, who is pledged publicly to jsays significantly that Wagner's name has not withdrawn as a possible nominee for' the vice presidency. Now, it is obviously Impractical for the Democratic ticket. to be man years, the Republicans have! Taxes and Years Pile Up LINCOLN, 111. UP)—Bert Leo- celebrates two important the same day each year, his 90th birthday, he stop- always had an up-hill fight on theiped at the Logan County court- economy. What, then, is the an-(house and paid the 1960 levy swer. Well, you will always find!on his property. a his Far Eastern tour. Titled "Omnibus Judgeship Bill," this intriguing legislation would create 32 to 39 new federal district judges and 3 circuit judges in 20 states. All these appointments carry life tenure; with district judges getting judges $22,500, $25,500. and circuit The measure poised on the House's calendar, Leader Johnson. That turned the trick. Senate mittcc approved this patronage measure, but turned thumbs down on the long-pending aid-to-educa- In this pow-svow, they agreed onj tion legis i ation . the following: The President to select Democrats for half of the new judgeships. The Democratic appointees to be recommended by the Democratic senators of the states that get these judgeships. Should there not be a Democratic senator then the governor, if a Democrat, would do the picking. None of these appointments are to be made while Congress is not in session. Purpose of this is to bar interim appointments. That means these jobs cannot be filled until the next Congress convenes in January. Big Question Mark During that Congress, President Eisenhower will still have several weeks in office. This gives him ample time to compile and submit a list of those new judges to the ready to be rammed through I Senate for confirmation. h-nnpr •"-•— like lhe old hardsheli who " As « person gels older, his when Speaker Rayburn gives! But what happens thereafter is r, ''said: "I voted for the Democrats memory K ets shorter," he quip-jthe word, calls for 32 district There startles is little that these veteran really union chiefs since they expect each day to arrive with built-in surprises. But this did excite them. They knew that their leader George Meany, was in Kurope They kne.w that no session such as this, which will rock political circles, would be called without "Kennedy both are and Wagner." Catholics and For both come from the East. The custom is to pick a vice president from some region other than the one in which the top of the ticket happens to live. So it must be that Wagner's name is being advanced as a possible running mate for Johnson. To put someone who is a Northerner and a last two limes and things have if I now". When everything else fails, the: demagogues like to bring up for-i ±O(ld\S eign policy. What is foreign poli-i " cy? Our Constitution says it isj Dear God, keep close to me this fair play .for all countries. But | day, for the sea of the world is so how can you play fair with a na-!wide and the frail boat of my life| anyone's guess. "but it looks like we'll I judges. The Senate bill ups that The new President, particularly specify 3 if a Democrat, might strongly disapprove passing up this juicy pa- Both j new circuit judges. This legislation has been pending for more than a year. Atty. Gen. Rogers has urged it be voted repeatedly to relieve heavily overcrowded judicial dockets. „ t 4 . , tion that threatens to settle its 1 is so small. Help me chart my| Btt ttwsepleas and stern ad- differences with rockets? J course aright and keep my bear- , m °?. 1 .!!° nS , ufenio ° Kn0 d !. af .:!? rS _*!' Human beings were born to ings. If the winds and waves are err. The man, or party, who nev-jagainst 'me, let me head into er made a mistake is non-cxist-jthem and keep full steam ahead; ent. We know where our govern-land, O God, keep Thy hand on ment failed, and we don't want miine as I stand watch and hold the wheel, unafraid, steady as I go; in Christ's name. Amen. Catholic on the Johnson ticket »s to know wnat Mr x „,. Mr z politically logical. It would, forj wxll||d , U(VO dono in , ike circum . ^ __ instance, refute talk that t h e | stances . Seeond gues sers can al- i -James W. K wied y, N .Y .C., rec- lexan was opposed to a man ways wjn ba ,, games j,^ The Cnurch of , he Ascensjon | with Mayor Wagners "liberal We wou , d Uke to know wnat | <© i960 by the Division of Christian But most labor chiels had not {consulting their chief, expected abandonment ol ollk>! He is, in addition, chairman ial neutrality until alter the ol the political division. There- Republican convention. Thus;fore*, this must have been of they were surprised \\hen late! sufficient political importance Tuesday afternoon they were! 1 " make trans-Atlantic contact telephoned Ironi Washington by with him. Obviously he approved the operational heads of their 'he plenary session which will . and by!'* held two days before he pre- »W™*™ '* one The Kennedy strategists have the benefit of an early start and j plenty of money; This doesn't: mean improper use of campaign funds, but merely money for publicity and for scouts who go from state to state to win the regular organisation men to a the candidates have in mind Zany Performer candidate's side. The Kennedy of the most good friend, Jack Kennedy. This! jto AFL-CIO President George :i;tem " t ' 1> «'ic leaders. will mean abandoning labor's pub- i Meany. These were hurried calls. No time was being wasted on writ- AltonEveningTelegraph ten communications. Some ol _ . the labor men were telephoned PuWifhed Daily by Alton Telegraph v rn pF rlirpctni- Jim Me Printing Company "> LUfr-k aireuoi, Jim MI P. B. COUSUEY. Publisher IDevitt; others by his aide, Al •nd Editor iBarkin. still more found theni- h" b «»L?iL° nl ..f l i c f 1 , 3 .1/, c<nu wMkjyiselves talking to R. J. "Tommy" predecessor of Walter [seen in a pre-convention contest in the Democratic Party. In- And so the delegates from the. . :.lst slate of the union prepared to 'f; "*:'>',, • '" " S " lo go west. «t littu. The Hall Syndicate inc ) Mail »uWrlptions not accepted In Heulhcr towns where carrier delivery U available Questions' Answers •saws* 4/»ngre 6 s, March 3. U ) MEMBER OF THE ASSORTED PRESS Tb« Awociated Pre»» U exclusively entitled 10 the uwfor o< all oewi dUpaiche* credited in um paper aod to the local ne»« pub fiibed - I ,_. . , . | The import and impact of the 1 (messages were the same. It isj . | urgent that ywu be in Los 0 Whv do " n ,, J ;"> '• "» r"*7 loSl Then? II be a special meet- tar'' « <'-"" the fT'"" ° A **"***** WauilnstOfl «. D.C. ually observed in can r a n k s, when dates with plenty backing otten fight the Republi-j rival candi- of financial! one another 3 Sea forces 4 Follower A Organ ot hearing • Letters 7 Be indebted 8 111 will • GoddeMOt peace 10 Surrender 12——him on television 13 "Great White Way" 11 Egyptian ma god for So, lundamentatly, it becomes a struggle between the veterans in Congress who favor Johnson; and those factions of the local organisations which are headed by governors friendly lo the can-; didacy ol the Massachusetts sen-; i ator. : smoker of« tartar h , ,n l.A. Cream of eyg whites and tenderizes cake batter labor's political jni: bakine r *"b "arvnn. correspondent ^ ,., cuinmand were asked to Q. How long have puppets been hertlB report at noon to Suite 920. 108 made? 11. M. THE AUDJT BUREAU 'West Sixth St., the Los Angeles A. Their use is of such anti- QF CIRCULATION : Regional headquarters. At that quity that even their origin lias ,, " Members ol Advertising. K*IM ' Coo- . r«t in'ormsttoa o» application * bu « ln »« °Wice. ill time they'll be joined by "* JW ' 's been Hindus, Egyptians, , ~* ; h j ch * *™ Operating Committee *hich will! Greeks, and Romans of very ear- doesn't the noni- dur - Senate's majority leader. This still believes that is ahead and ha^ the to come close to inning on the second ballot, but ground swell for John- growing ev- jc*n gu( ACROSS 1 Zany video performer, — — Kovact • Heisa moderator aft TV panel »hew It Lariat* 13 Take caret H Austere 15 Staggered 16 Biblical high priest \t IXJVB god 19 Suffix 20 Denomination JJ He is an 23 Rough lava inveterat* 24 He isao—^ performer 25 Forefather 37 Native of Denmark W Aeriform lUti 30 Triumph 31 Deed 31 Fruit drink 33 UoconAntd 34 Period of Um« 36 Dance step 37 Cloth measur* 39 Winter ve 41 Boundary (comb, form) 45 Merganser 44 Mover » trudl 46 Tell 48 All SI Grimaced 62 Pe*ter» through the 1958 session and, until a few weeks ago, in this one, because — the Democrats flatly balked at creating a large number of judgeships that would be filled by a Republican Pres T irient. They demanded at least a 5050 split on these prize patronage plums. On this proposition they got nowhere—until that private gel- together between the President, tronage. He could exert potent pressure to scuttle his predecessor's recommendations. Also, the new.Senate might have some different ideas on the matter. It, too, could be obstreperous. In fact, already there are rumbling signs of that. Supporters of Sens. John Kennedy and Stuart Symington are voicing strong suspicions that "political deals" are at the bottom of the agreement to jockey the "Omnibus* Judgeship Bill" through in the final hours of this session. This charge was made by Rep. Thomas O'Neill Jr., Mass., a Kennedy backer, and Rep. Richard Boiling, Mo., a Symington leader, at a closed-door meeting of the House Rules Committee. This Com- "A lot of stories are going around among House members about political deals on this Judgeship bill," said O'Neill. "I'm not saying they are so, but it's an old axiom that svhere there is smoke there usually is fire. It's very strange that this measure has been pending through virtually all of this Congress, and now it suddenly comes to life and appears headed for enactment." Boiling said virtually the same thing. "I have been told by responsible members of the House," said the Missourian, "that there are more political deals in this legislation than in any other before Congress. I hope that isn't so, but there are a number of unexplained aspects to this affair." Capitol Sparks Rep. James Trimble (D., Ark.) cast the key vote in the House Rules Committee that refused to send the aid-to-education bill to conference by a 7 to 5 count, Later Trimble told colleagues that while he favors the legislation, he couldn't vote for it because of the anti-segregation amendment sponsored by Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D.. N.Y.). Lineup on the Committee in this closed-door ballot was as follows: For the measure: Reps. Ray Madden (D., Ind.l, James Delaney (D., N.Y.), Homer Thornberry (D., Tex.), Richard Boiling (D., Mo.) and. Thomas O'Neill Jr. (p., Mass.). Against: Reps, Leo Allen (R., 111.), B. Carroll Reece (R., Tenn.1, Clarence Brown (R., Ohio), Hamer Budge (R.. Idaho), Howard Smith (D., Va.i, William Col- r (D., Miss.) and James Trimble (D., Ark.i. 5 I960, The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND 22 Vestige 84 Temper 26 Venerated 28 Military •sststant* S3 Sank 95 Edit 40 Venture! 41 Shield bearing 42 One who (suffix) 43 Damp (S Promontory 47 Exist 34 Drew feathers 49 Fiber knot! • 3* French article SO Pitch N,W York operating group U made j Chinese legend tells of a puppet .he COPE staff and a lew I show for a Tte fulllyeart B.C. became acute in recent , has taken on a new sig- 1960 N. Y. Harald Tribune. Inc. (4 Iron DOWN I Gaelic I Movie* aft By JOSEPH WHITNEY increase feelings of insecurity a#d ot prejudice. Professors Harry C. and Leigh Triandis (husband-wife psychology team) found that the more democratic a person is in his relationships with others, the less likely he is to hold prejudices, The insecure, authoritarian type of persons seemed to hold the most prejudices? ' Can fatigue nuke you sick? Answer: That is unlikely, but tiredness may be a symptom of physical illness. Dr. Geoffrey French of Ontario, Cana"da, studied .1,200 patients, ot whom 105 listed tiredness as a major reason for seeing the doctor. Physical examination found 75 per cent of these patients had diseases ranging from alcoholic gastritis to leukemia 'and pneu- _, _, A study of preju- monia. Heart disease and lung • sight, sympathy and understand- dices among freshmen at th« cancer also brought freauent ing. Ev«n this does not University of Illinois suggest* complaint* of fatigue The other guarantee happiness, but it does that any change in social status, 25 per cent had no physical ill- provide tne closest thing to it. upward or downward, tends to ness but were anxious aad tense. <C I860. King Fwiurw Svml. lac.) Are large famine* happier than smaller one* 1 ? | Answer: The happiness of a ; family does not depend on its size, its finances or its social ; status; it depends wholly upon the wife and husband, whether i they have no children or a dozen. ;When marital partners have the ! capacity to create a happy home, all who live in it will tend to ab- { sorb the essence of human happi- Iness, including mutual love, in- U prejudice rel*ted to •octet Hiatus?

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