Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, June 28, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 37,1MO 3 Area Prisoners Paroled Rockefeller Calk for Defense Budget Increase CONSIDERABLE SVHSHME Scattered shown and thunder- arc forecast tonight over the Ohio and Tennemee valleys, the Great Lake* and tippet Mississippi Valley, It be warmer in the Onto and Ten* , Utah, North Governors Seek Share Of Convention Spotlight nemee valleys, the Lake* re the Carolina* and Oeon Dakota and Minnesota will be cooler. (AP HI re photo Map.) WeatherForecatt B.v JACK BKLI, GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. Mont. <AP) •«- Gov. Neliion A. RorkeHler palled again today for Julius KuethP. Edwardsville a thrpp-hillion-dollar increasp in farmer sentenced to 72 years j fop dpfensp budget to face up to in 1936 for the murder of Mrs. the 1960s as a "dread? of dan- Chnrlottr Pilz, 40-year-old widow, j ^f to nn tloniil survival. ha« been granted parole M of Thf , NPW York Republican said July 3 after serving 21 yean !n j|n a statprnpnf dplivPrPd ,„ his Mpnard penitentiary, the Illinois \ mnmvin of thr 52n d ann ual gov- Parole * Pardon Board announc-i Prnors ,^ nfprrapp thaf .. Wf) ran . ed today at Springfield. ^ ^ nnMwt" that military year* old when he was tried initJnltH States In the 10 ypnri that circuit court at Edwardsvllle. Ini|j P ahead. Two Rotary Clubs Install Officers his eonfeMfon he had told how , n ft rpnwal of his ^, icisms he beat Mrs. Pllz to death withi of ^^^ Eisenhowpr's dpfpnsp Xf SP tad'^S J htm eh al\ prOSram ' Rockefeller «» ^ Room Monday night, after she had accused him of agrpes wjth Vicp prcsjdent Ricn- .. slaying her dog and had fhreat-i--i «• «... . ..— ... . ^,_ for officers and their wives at a that Hotel night 200 ,— _.j's assertion ened to have him arrested.. ;country is militarily stronger than In 19S7, Gov. William G. Strat-jevpr boforp. ton denied executive clemency] But hr added: » We arfl _ in a to 35 persons Including Kuethe. re , ativp ^ p^,,^ 8erw e-mor- ' he »"»"'»«« the host Alton club had Invited past district governor Lloyd Coffman, who also delivered the SchoolBody Second of Seriet GetsBudieet PHVate Enterprise Not O ' *•% i • n • • ^T • Analysis Dead in Soviet Union A detailed analysis of Me 196061 Alton school dittirtct bwfeA By WILLIAM L. ftVAN Amoefftfed An emtrpTlgfllg Muscovite, wim Monday night Hon fingat Jamtt B. Johnson, supertnten- Ufa material with appropriate ex- dent Of schools. The analysis forceatt a tax rate of from $2.02 to $2.03 'tor the coming fiscal year. The budget has been on display for seven) weeks at Haskel Mouse and will remain on dis- clamations of approval, "Want to sell it?" l» atte, apparently willing to boy yoof daft- ing right off your back. Do you have an American ballpoint pen? A Wett European wrtft< watch? What do you have? 1*8 m »w**0^, «J t\* rr *•• * cumuli un vura~ —• •• • ^ _^ play until July 1 when the board (young hustler It In a-buying mooa wift conduct a public hearing on land wilt pay well. There's a big the figures and adopt both a j market for quality in the Soviet budget and tax levy for the com-1 Union. He can resell at a spanking ing year. i profit. Johnson stressed that the tax *»** ^^Tl^J? i discourage this sort of thing, but it persists and grows as tourists flood into Moscow. i timatp jed by alienists as a subnormal|bpforn in our history" Alton and vicinity - Pa rtl y person_whow pathological char-, ,„ fl s , indictnjent Butler served as master and in could vary with the assessed valua- j cloudy with ' shine today. considerable sun- High around 90. acteristls had been aggravated! by sunstroke the year before. lhc Installed as presidents were Eisenhower administration's de- Jonn j en ] p O f t h e Alton club and JKalr tonight with low around 70. The late Circuit Judge Mau-|S Snfof ™1Z^%^* ^^ "* *«* **" 1 Other elective officers Installed ition of the district. He ithat the assessment could rise] Hearings Set on Aged Care Bill Bj JACK BELL GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. (AP) — An informal federation of favorltp sons talked today i of merging forces to keep the 'Democratic convention from becoming strictly a Sen. John F. Kennedy show. Although they denifd specifically they plan any stop-KrnnPdy movemptit, four favorite sons Also paroled was Wilbur Eu-i convpntjon in Chicago. .,— ,— a " ,",. .,— . ° '"""HPied many of we o^iesnon! i Wednesday consldprable sun- rice V. Joyce had refused to ac-j „,)„,} < n a June « demand 'shine with high around 90. * " '" ' ' 2 Days Left i To Purchase Dog Licenses Budget figures, according to Dpaltntf On The Left This is called doallng "na '—on the left. It reflects the hunger for better consumer And it underscores some cept evidence of the mental un-| Nixon state m ^^j, m ma .jor ilor •j issues before fhe July nominating i v j ce man, secretary; and a Bunyan, treasurer. George Spring• Herman of [life at Menard. He had served -1 years, 7 months a n d 23 days Rockefeller Brothers Fund report; Wood River's other officers in- on defense matters, the New stalled were Alvin Stolze, vice York governor said that the rein-(president: Harry Steinrauf, sec- , essentially the | seri . ous J*«nertlc Soviet problems. Johnson, are same as they were when thei budget was put on display, al- able to "^P 6 the laws of The Communists have been un- though the tax levy figure has been lowered somewhat. and demand. The Soviet regime frequently has had to resort to ring pnJbtem of inflation. Money accumulates In the pockets of better-paid Soviet citizens, without goods in the stores to matt* it. The experience is not new in the UJ&ft. ft hawmed in Stalin's time, tto. He dealt with it, oc- caiiona&y Witt sudden feliaa- tttMt, and wmeftmei »y suddenly changing the value of money. To Rwata« MMe Premier Khrushchev, too, is about to revalue the ruble, although he hat given forewarning. The process begin to January, when ruWw in dnsutetton wffl be exchanged, 1 new rubte for 10 old. Basically, what has happened has been a wage inflation. It resulted from the programs of Stalin's immediate successor, Premier Georgi Malenkov. These programs were first denounced and then adopted by Khrushchev. They involve higher prices for collective farm products, raises in minimum wages, pensions, the end of enforced loans to the state. The average Soviet wage still hovers in the neighborhood of 700 rubles monthly. At the tourist rate, that would be $70, but it is worth a bit less in actual purchasing power. Prices for clothing, household goods and things qtllLtfs thon 9n nlni HoH mlil «VP military powpr of the United retary: and Orville Brunjes,!^ "" ^ Stevens, .then 20, pleaded gul- |statpS| ns comparpd wlth that 0 , tmuurer . : House ' of i<m 4 f n i n n ' fho %Soviel Union ' " has stpa ' j ' ly ' Retiring presidents of the two "YJdOR control ordinance, only two! 4 he was admitted tom^aHnn !nnd drasfirall y declined over Iheirlubs arc Fire Chief James Lew- TIVO Dairies at-j m _ ,, ,„ ,„ ...,,,„,: .«., I. ne waK admlttp(1 to Probation pf|gf ,5 years - n - IK reac hed 'nr-kiis of Alton and William Luening Alton school district patrons! 8 ^ scares and nolsy belligerence are invited to inspect the budget,! to divert the attention of its public, he added, and to attend the pub-^ Sovlet communism's problem is j affected by seasonal shortages re lie hearing July 1 at Haskell !that the natlon>s domestic econ- j main extremely high. A two-pound Unf]e ,, provlslons of clty i WASHINGTON (AP)-The Sen-1 conference canvassed ways tending the 52nd annual governors , ofA]tf)n , icen8e f , rpmain , wh , ch resi-f or Iwo y for '*" ate Finance Committee today decided to have two days of public hearings on the House bill to provide limited the aged. medical care for incurrjng a penHlty promoting an open convention I n jf 0 r'delay Los Angeles next month. Their •„,«, ordinanco sets June Individual statements indicated! as ithe opening of the dog license they don't want Kennedy to sew, , f Hcemes &re m ^ «P the presidential nominate ------ . This reversed a previous deci-i bcforc the Conwnti °" ° ppns ' T"* four rprc scnt 169 c for withjn 3fl d flfter ^ M-nfng of the license year, the four represent 169 conven-; ordinance provides, the applicant votes that would be denied to; nuist pav a pon nlty for 50 per i Kennedy on the first ballot if their, c ,, nt O f the license fee. Annual states stand pnt in the favorite licenses cost $2 for male and sjjn^category. On Feb. 25, 1954, Stevens and two other men were taken into! custody following a break-in at the Tower Service Station at 1875 E. Broadway. He pleaded guilty and his parole was revoked and he was sentenced to a year to jlifc by the then Circuit Judge WilHam G. Juergens. into the previous Democratic ad-;of Wood River. The retiring presidents werr a brief time to make; To Consider sion to try to act on the political ly potent legislation without any open testimony. It raised more doubt that Congress can finish its work before the Democratic National Conven-! . . ... ------- , ..... „ ^. W tion opens July 11, particularly i ner of New Jersey, Edmund G. : city dog warden wus starting act- April 14 1959 she p i eaded neuter dogs, and $3 for females. "Our power to retaliate aft^ri given a Soviet attack is increasingly awards to members of their j and seriously vulnerable," Rockefeller said. "We have survived fhe 1950s without any military dis- clubs. The Wood River club recognized six of its past presidents aster. We cannot be confident of by presenting plaques to their the same for the 1960s." i wives. These were, in addition CARBONDALE. 111. ff — A proposal to merge dairy cooper- a*tives in Springfield and Cfir- bondalc vvilj be considered in omy is perpetually frozen. Some- • cabbagp, for example, as of June thing similar might be the case j 12 cost 15 rubles—the tourist rate for Americans if wartime price j equivalent of $1.50—and cabbage controls and priorities had become is a Russian staplp. permanent fixtures in peacetime, The pressure on the Kremlin is —an economy of shortages. , not revolutionary, but it is steady Nikita Khrushchev's regime is i and nagging. Counter pressure by harassed by a constantly recur-!.some Communist party elements . — on Khrushchev also is noticeable. : rr> 11 t • i and once again h p likely will have Tells Venezuelan to te u ^ public to deter its • *r* 1J' W i dreams. Ill LOId War i Skeptics Expect Action CARACAS. Venezuela .AP) - Khrushchev's promises of bet- II11UI41 \J, U UC.I KCIIDi • 'AT* f " 4-A H J ' --*-- —-.-.I.V* *t . , i /\JVr\V_,rt J V Cllt iU"lCi * f\r t ~~~ Paroled from the Women's Re-: Rockefeller called for what h c j to Luemng, Emmett ]Howard | August at stockholders mee.-i Forei Minister lgnado Luis Ar . ter living generated much opti- formatory at Dwight was Mat- said are the "plain imperatives";Dr. Games Smith. RichardI Oo«-i,ng S . jcaya told the ambassadors of oth-™ sm anm "« bth «. averauge uRus " tie Jones of Alton, who had serv- of a quickening of missile pr.Kluc-'^ 6 "' A|VU1 MOIZ£1 ' and uova c - Stockholders of Prairie Farms;™ American states Mondav nieht^ smns - But ske P tlcs who have tie Jones of Alton, who had serv- P done year of a l-to-3-year-term! lion - H C said there must be dis- Thpy are Govs. Robert B. Mpy- Since announcement that thej for i arceny of the person . Qn|persal and an airborne alert of : Carter. !of Southern Illinois will'meet| wnat Venezuela plans to do in the"**" throl « h U a11 More <***;« since there is considerable Senate sentiment for broadening the House bill. The committee said Secretary of Welfare Arthur S. Flemming would be the opening witness at the first day of public sessions Wednesday. The hearings will continue Thursday. Other witnesses will be limited to 10 minutes, the committee decided. It has received many re- (Pat) Brown of California. Her- ivo enforcement of the ordinance, schel C. Loveless of Iowa and there has been a rush to procure George Docking of Kansas. : licenses. Meyner, instigator of a break- j City Clerk Paul A. Price said fast caucus of the group, said the four want to determine what can be done so that the convention will "deliberate and not rubber stamp." "I don't think we are going to do anything to upset Kennedy,"; he told reporters. "Because you! are not on the steamroller doesn't' quests from doctors 1 and others to mean you are aga i as t him. Wo just want to see if anybody else appear. The committee met in closed is running." session today with Flemniing and j Loveless told a news conference several of his social security experts on the provisions of the House bill. The measure carries some changes in the social security law aside from the medical he thinks "the people ought, to have a chance to express them- j selves at the convention." ; "It would be ridiculous to navel a convention like the Republicans that 65 were issued Monday, and that the rush for city tags continued today. It is required that dogs be immunized to rabies to be eligible for city licenses. Petition for Utility Tax Election to larceny of the person —involving theft of articles from a woman at a bus stop in Alton. She was placed on probation for three years. On Aug. 7, 1959, her probation was revoked by Circuit Judge Harold R. Clark and she was sentenced to 1 to 3 years. The state's attorney's office introduced evidence in support of the petition to revoke the parole. 1 3 Children of nerves with the! 5 * 0 "* measures once again, with Lewis presented the annual ; Aug . 26 in Carlinville A meet- f."t ••>•.+* u.-•— «.. «*.-*—-...- ~— - -- ^^ .••v«a* ••***»• >-»*** *»M »*»*c. f\ u ice i | mountinE? wsr SAC planes. He proposed an in-j |_^ es ^ n ^ f_ w °,f? _, oru °,." „„ | in g of stockholders of Producers I Do m j n i c a n Republic*""" idangerous international tensions ' 3s thp PXOII^H* rmi«]pv fhnlrman nf last upar's'A " ' n * ' " ' Venezuela has proof the explo-J ' /'- Soiam coiktee ! "^ l^ves used in the attempt to as-L 0 " the , w , hole ' a " ^ encan >" ptogram committee. , The merger proposal must be sassinate Presldent Roim]lo Bet .| Moscow feels that the hungers of *jt\\~r i^iaiiim. lie piv^uo^rvj cm jji- « •••& v* *i^j<-i»n^*utt o \ji t. ivuuucian crease irt Army. Marine nnd air-lj"* service tojhe club to P. S.i Dairy . Springfield, is scheduled! lift strength. "These actions, will cost usj money, as well as fresh efforts of intelligence and imagination," he said. He added that studies had indicated the increased defense costs would be three billion dollars. Mayor Wagner's \ i Ear Is Bent By Beatniks Lewis expressed his thanks toi approved by two tmrds Qf tj)e chairmen of all committees 'for their assistance in making the presentation. Given- special recognition was the presence of the city's two mayors, P. W. Day of Alton and James Delaney of Wood River, of their respective ancourt last Friday were brought from the Dominican Republic, Arcaya said. He gave the diplomats a message for transmission to their governments but its contents was not disclosed. NEW YORK (API i Both Brunjes and Steinrauf were re-elected to their posts, while Butterworth moved up I • from vice president. In the Alton club Gene Kratschmer was Beatniks i tfie retirin g treasurer, while outstanding Prairie Farms has branch offices in Alton, CollinsvSUe, Metropolis, Olney and other towns. The cooperatives last year reported sales of 10 million dollars. Producers Dairy is the larg-' Anna Fieks broke the British est dairy in Sangamon County.! Erppire discus women's record, It reported sales of 2 million i with a heave of 158 ft. l',i in. all dollars last year. Benoni. South Africa. the Soviet consumer public are a token of shame for Soviet communist: that for all the U.S.S.R.'s vaunted might and scientific spectacles, for all its abundance of natural riches, it remains in many respects a backward nation, far behind the standards of much weaker neighbors to the west. NEXT: Creeping capitalism. care proposal. I with one candidate only," he said. The House bill Would cover an'"We Democrats always have a estimated million and a half old-!fight." er persona. Proposals will be offered in the Senate to make medical benefits available to all of the 16 million persona over 65. Most of the plans advanced by Democrats to do this call for writing a medical plan into the; social security system to cover 1 PlVlllV' * " " ll EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (AP)Petitions calling for a referendum on the 5 per cent tax on gross receipts of public utilities were being circulated today in East St.; jf Louis. A spokesman for the East Louis Federation of Small ers said the federation is opposing! thp tax because the additional, more jobs for frt'pnds of thej Die in Flood LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) car just lifted up. was gone," said Sgt Roy Bran and just plain neighborhood folks bent a perspiring Mayor Robert F. Wagner's ear with lamentations loud and long as he launched his "Gripemobile" project in the heart of Greenwich Village. Beatnik poets demanded to i Keeney had served as secretary, and Jehle moved up from the vice presidency. In his address Coffman urged members "to encourage and foster the idea of service as the basis of enterprise." He said that "Rotary is a With " went the lives 0^™, 0^ ^'^'^7^i brotherhood of possibly thej '" « nient was closing down some o fi broadest ty P e m fhe world i0 ^ thHr coffee houses as firetraps. '. because M ftmbraces all walks A "Save Greenwich Village" of "f- re "&°™. and all races fv.-,* in Ho countries, ' UlcH "But," he added, "it must be! M O ,OO, was "Bronx-type apartment buildings" shared above the bonds of Ro- of an area long famous for talkers . ., .. , .1 . . ..i mg the day one of the must bills of the, session, the tax extension ..*.-.. t • ..^ .<uu^ wi t.Auii^ti, u, wan nr- The picnic wou i d he one which "»' w » s Passed a year ago but| covered {rom y^ Branscum car „„ em p] OVe s and city officials. i w «» defeated last September in * \which was swept ott toe road The and debt ceiling measure. and mem bers of their families, ; referendum sponsored by the tax- 1 Ke!l n'h continued for the bodies of '"' Federation - ; . . ^ and thinkers on subjects one andj 3O!ltnAlrirailL)elainees all-including how to run City Daniel Ray, 5, and Gray, 2. „ tl .. When the mayor was able to It would preserve four billion I would be eligible to attend, dollars of annual revenue, and put j Suggestions for such a city into effect a temporary lion-dollar increase in the ent national debt ceiling billion dollars. .'reached was to poll all mpm-: lhe deficit, hire^ moro policemen ne ' SSi Ark ' " , . It would continue presc-nf rates:lx-rs of city departments as to,:and install new street lights. They Brat.scum said hp hesitated be- Avenues was the On corporation income taxps and their wishes in the matter. estimate it would produce $400,000 fore driving his car into the patch excise levies on such items as M. O. Elliott, city treasurer, more- liquor, automobiles, auto parts 'was named as chairman of a , and putj Suggestions for such a city "» ^'»^sinan sum aooui AIUII; Tn(? family was retxirning to i ; "•'"' """ """ "jdet eight-bil-i family picnic \vcro made nt a signatures an- nci-dc-d to force a} Npw . Orleans La where he isj- B ° 1" a . W .\ ., ^ Ve P . r ° m 'jpm permait.! meeting of the city staff (de-j^ferendiun. City officials contend jstationed, after visiting his moth-!! SPR g immediate-,^ lg of 2(5: r ,..,,.fment heads). Decisionjthc money will be used to reduce| er . Mrs. Roxie Branscum, in Har- V , hnt shwt _,„.. at r ,., lpn jJus ,i..j *„ „„!! „» »,„-,.'the dpfir t. hre.moro nnluwnon ..... , A hot street coiner at uipcn-i ,, PRETORIA. South Africa (AP) —Atxnit 1,200 of the 1,600 political ill held under state of' regulations will bp re; leased within the next two wpeks,; | Justice Minister Francois Erasmus announced todav. part and accessories, telephone r<)mmittef to circulate and re- and telegraph service, and fares i port on the questionnaires, for airline, bus and train travel. Selection of a elate and ar- The House passed the comprom-i rangements would he left to em- ise measure Monday, during ajploye committees that would be; day which brought these other actions: 1. The Senate, making an exception to laws requiring equal radio-TV time for all candidates, s<t up if a majority want the picnic event. At a meeting tonight in City Hall, city employes will discuss the- possible organization of a; Jail Sailor After Wild Car Ride settinR as the mayor took City passed a bill to permit broadcast-1 fund from which group dona- ers to volunteer their facilities'tions of the members would for Republican and Democraticihe 'made to charitable and bene- presidential and vice presidential 1 volent causes, thus eliminating candidates. ; them from personal solicitations 2. The House rejected 101-16 a in fund campaigns and drives, proposal for government licens- , . „„ Hall to the sidewalks of New o water some .100 or 400 fort mAo Ym , k A (>rowfj of about m , h . aloiiK.thc highway. But, he said, em j othpr .-Mrs wpt-o goin K through. Tnp ., Grlpwnob , lp .. ,„ a yuu* Atter dnvmg about .* yards t ,. ailpr and ^ rt of thp „„ - g mo the water, the ,«r sltpped off;, nf „„, Center .. W agner said """' " 1on lumblf>d " 1U) »«• the trailer will be taken to van„ . . . ., ous spots in thp city to bring the pulled his wife and cjt 8overnmenl « closer to tne thrpp sons from the car. but could peop ip •• i not get his daughter. Two of the boys vanished. Mrs. Branscum grabbed a piece of floating debris Bllt'ke Attends and thp boy tumbled into her arms "like he was pushed," 'Branscum said. Pa.ssersby rescued them. NATO Mine School least until today a passage vote on a bill to outlau payola and rigging of qiu/ slums. ?• The Senate- sent to the House a bill to provide HX) million dollars in federal loam to help citjps inodiTmze their systems. Youth, l(), Sentcnved To Life in ing oi radio and TV networks as r, . rp i tl 1', well as stations, but delayed at Passing I rwk Hlirb Brick. Damages Auto Following an in\estieation parly Monday afternoon, police concluded that a brick, picked ut> and hurled by dual iiii-s on a passing truck, a. counted for the shattering of the roar win- do\\ uf a 19t>0-inod('l car parked in front (it the distributors Hoefi-it Bros., at 81M K Hrr.aiiuay Harold Hoeleii r nllfd |Milii-e after employe.- IK,-mi ,, ( rashing sound and on iti^hiing ID the side\wilk found the damage to the parked \chicle and noted ihat a truck had passed .ind \\a> rontmiiiiiK east on limadway. The brick fi.itjii'.i'tii, it \\as said, had thrown glass fragments from Hie real window as f&i OSTEND. Belgium (AP)-Adm. ; Arlt'ish Burke, chief of U.S. naval operations, attended the official inauguration of the NATO mine warfare school Monday. Wheel Stolen Edgar Steffen of 1402 Highland L/OlttSVlLLK. Ky. iAP' — A It' year-old youth sentenced to !ue in prison said lie turned to crime "bfcaus*- there was nothing inter- eating - i the telfusion dnd noih- lug i<j do." Harold Lee liov\ard lias been in and out of jail »mo he uas ):'. He will serve- at least riyhi years in tht state reioriuaion. bt-tore he is eligible tor parole Howard wa« sentenced Mond -iy 10 Cniiuiu) Court alter pleaiJing gujJty to onued ivbbeo' m -un- nectmn with a lavem holdup. ' A an in jail Monday, where he will work off—at $5 a day- fines totaling $1,015 from 11 traffic charge*. Money. Lighter Taken Police Magistrate John S. Mali- ' , jevich of suburban North Chicago rYomBedroom of HoilK sent John Becker, 19, to jail when ! he was unable to pay the fines. He Orville Dnppe of 4 \V. Ifith St • also was ordered held to the grand reported to police Monday a A\e.. complained to police Mon,jury on $5,000 bond, charged with sneak theft of $19. a cigarette day of the thett of a rear wheel auto theft. lighter and some lighter fluid from his car. When he went to Police gave this account of from the bedroom of his home, his garage in the morning, he • Becker's escapade: Sunday. He related that the related, the rear wheel was Late Sunday night, the sailor— mone.s disappeared from his missing. stationed at Great Lakes Naval nilltold while he was doing some' ^i---^—iiiiiSSiiSii.,i^: Training Center—stole an auto work in the liath room of his j from a housing project on the home. The bedroom has a door- 'base and /ipped off, w e a v i n t; way to the yard, through North Chicago and Wauke- Police in an investigation gan Police gave chase and even questioned a 9-year-old hoy. then tualiy caught up with him just out referred the case to a Uivenile side the base. officer The boy denied the theft The charges: Sideswiping a po- hut according to police gave lure squad car: driving recklessly: conflicting accounts oi how he operating an auto under the in- obtained money he was report- fluwiee of liquor; carrying con- ed , o have ^^ spending and ccaled weapons (brass knuckles i; givjng to JuvenUe acquaintances leaving the scene of an accident: Sunday afternoon. speeding: operating a car without .... : a driver's license; driving in the Kuniasi College oi Technology. FIRST IN MANY Such as: • Retail let Cream Stores • Chipette • Electric ordering system • Covered Parking • Piua Burgers NOW ANOTHER FIRST f "SLUSHADE" Tbf New Drink Sensation iCOUPON SPECIAL Introductory BOXSTORAGE FOR WINTER WOOLENS Dial NO S-M77 car wrong lane; making an improper in Ghana, now bing extended, will a» tne dashboard of the i right turn; driving through a stop have seven halls of residence and 'jmoijile. a dcmuiiMrator sign; and driving through % red < 1.1400 students, both men aiid wo- ligbt. men. NOTHING TO MY TILL FALL Offer Good Thru Thursday. June • 71* i Cf«*tJ, AMt* FREE GIFT FOR SAVING DURING CITIZENS SAVINGS' NEW ACCOUNTS JUBILEE Earn New High Anticipated 5% Yearly en Monthly Installments and Prepaid Savings. * Save $100 or More . . . Receive ANCHOR HOCKING FIRE-KING COPPER-TINT OVENWARE This famous 12-piece Anchorglass Ovenware set is yours free when you open a PREPAID SHARE ACCOUNT with (100 or more. Practical and beautiful, ovenware U guaranteed two years against oven breakage. Vou can add to your account at any time in multiples of $50. Funds will earn at new anticipated rate of 5% per annum, fint payable June 30, i960. Save $10 or Mort... Rtceivt SWIVEL HEAD UTILITY LANTERN Open a new REGULAR MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS SHARE ACCOUNT with $10 orunore. Your free gift will be this handy lantern with strong beam and swing-up red flasher, a useful "Safety Companion" tor auto or home. Add to savings in multiples oi, 5Uc 01 $1 each. Earn new anticipated 5% rate, first payable June 3U, NfW ACCOUNTS JVIILII IMPS JULY 31 ... PUN NOW TO STOP IY SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INSUIIO SAN UP te Si 0,000 IV FIUC HANDY MONT DGOt TIILW'S WINDOW Mil MONT DOOI PAR KINO CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION C14.JMI Mt Miy.

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