Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, June 28, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving f/if Alton Community for More Than 124 Yean Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No. 141 ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY. JUNE 28, 1960. 20 PAGES 5c Per Copy WATKRFnONT BLAZE Member of The Awoctated Ike Would Make Another Tour If Necessary for BOSTON—Fin- .Monday night and early today sivt'pt a h'00-foot pli'r and swtioris of a warehouse at the Revere Su«ar Refining Co., plant in the Charles- to\vn wsitcrTronf .section. A sugar freight boat, the 88 Cltalomar of Puerto Cortes, Honduras, was tied alongside the pier and caught fire but crew members cut Hie lines and moved the vessel an ay from the pier into open water where the blaze was controlled. (AP Wirephoto.) Files Suit Dayton Inspection Storms On Car Lot Ordinance Upheld Crackle /~V _ • •*• • T iTM • Operation Through a suit filed today. Alton Citv Court will be asked to The U.Sx Supreme Court's decision Monday Ohio house inspection ordinance i-nxf has r»infor similar Alton ordinance. By a 4-4 vote, the high court red lo the City Plan Commis- in a Dayton. •fft a proposed 111 Plains , , ,.„ , ,„ , upheld the Dayton ordinance re- s j on whether Charles . Clark,^ nome yowners to admit continue to use premises at,,* . By THIi ASSOCIATED f'RUSS Thunderstorms crackled over may 2312 Washington Ave. as a car and auto storage lot. Through a bill for filed in his behalf by his ney, Ross Armbruster, Clark asks that the city of Alton be enjoined from closing his business ; housing inspectors without a the amended ordinance, the northern Plums today after \\-itli instructions that it be stud- tornadoes churned through parts ied and that recommendations be made. The Council or preventing his Washington avenue car operations. use of the lot in used The Dayton ordinance was put ' "" '" is still i stipulate any date in the study stage. An amend-1 for the report. of three states, smashed farm buildings and hurled two motorists to death. or did not deadline A pair of twisters touched down .north of Holyoke, in northeastern ! * ment has been added to the i Ti ie Dayton ordinance provides i Colorado, Monday night. One man proposed Alton ordinance which j for . <Minimum standards govern . died when his car was tossed 200 provides 24 hours notice must be]. „,.„ . „.., , it yards. A nnle away another mans UrQVltlCS **-* llWUAhJ *«Vt.*WW • AtMUI. V/W ' , !•«•»« given the home owner before thel in S uhht)es inspector can enter. and other physical things and conditions car was thrown into a roadside field, killing him. m , ,. , . ,„ . . , Alton City Council The cniestion posed by Clark is; has whether the old city zoning or-i dinance applies to his business; project, or whether operation of his lot is precluded by a reclassification of the premises under the new zoning ordinance. ! City Statfd ' The city Building department 1 has taken a stand that the newi zoning ordinance forbids use of! the premises as a used car lot, and - City Building Inspector; Library BoardElects Officers Dr. Charles D. Ehlert was refer-'" 1 dwellings." Home owners who' The turbulent weather pattern - refuse to admit inspectors may ; extended eastward into Nebraska 9 be fined 520 to $200 or imprison- ancl P°PP«1 up in North Dakota, ed 2 to 30 days for each day they Numerous tornadoes were sighted 'refuse to admit inspectors, which failetl to touch ground. Constitutionality of the ordi- . The N f bl ' aska *""*' ™™we nance was questioned by w-ii than a do ' cn famw near SKlney ' Favorite Sons Confer At Meeting By THE ASSOCIATED PRliSS Four governors huddle in Montana and 200,000 voters trek to thrv polls in North Dnkotn today i in a pair of political events deeply affecting thr presidential race. Tho governors, favorite sons who will control 1(>9 votes at the Democratic Natjonnl Convention, may be devising a strategy to make sure Sen. John K. Kennedy of Massachusetts does not win the nomiiuilion on the first ballot. The voters, picking a new senator for North Dakota, may give Republicans a sign whether to expect a revolt in the farm twit in November. The governors, who will meet informally while attending the annual governors conference in Montana's Glacier National Park, denied that they were organiing n stop-Kennedy movement. But their remarks indicated that they wanted the convention in IMS Angeles lo be more than an all- Kennedy show. Wall and See "We just want to sec if f>ny- body else is running," said Gov. Robert E. Meyner of New Jersey, who suggested the breakfast caucus. "It would be ridiculous to nave a convention like the Republicans with one candidate .only," said Gov. Herschel C. Loveless of Iowa. "We don't want just another Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner,"'drive, was received today from Mr. and Mrs. Spencer T. Olin, By BOB POOS ST. LOUIS (AP)—A four-alarm fire in the second story of the fashionable Ambassador-Kingsway Hotel in west St. Louis routed 40 persons Monday. About 20 of them were assisted from the burning building by firemen, some taken out on ladders. Six persons were treated at city WASHINGTON—• Those are (-undid photos of j hospital jnit ^11 were released. President Eisenhower as he addressed the nation Monday night in a radio-television report on Ms two- weeks tour of the Pacific area. The Chief Executive spoke from the White House. (AP Wirephoto.) Sees New Trip In Remainder of Term By JOHN M. HIGHTOWEK WASHINGTON (AP)—Members of ContfNp 4rff dicated general satisfaction today over the likely end of foreign tours by President Eisenhower and the^n- ing of the era of personal diplomacy. I 1 The President noted Monday •m-jr | •*•*» i night that the chance of MB em* JH.OlCl JT 11*C ! barW "8 on a ncw Journey dwing Mils last seven months in office j-fc jr\ (was slight. I1.O11 lS\jllC8lS I Btlt he re J ected a11 c rit idsm ° f 'his ventures in personal diplomacy and snid he "would not 4e«i : ! late a second" to make another 1 tour if he thought it necessary to 1 promote free world unity. This declaration summed up In St. Louis IKE ADDRESSES NA TION (Five suffered smoke inhalation ! and one a cut and bruised leg. 100,000 Pledge ToYMCAbyOlins A pledge of $100,000 to the VMCA'.s §1,1250,000 building fund in Earl T. Taylor, born in Dayton 66 lin the southwestern part of the s^s ±x2£:i"-- •—*-#•«»-. -j Clark .Iso ha> been denied at™ d Krm » s *»™n ol Ihe. ^years ago, and who still works! in the .city as a plumber. He 'and**his wife live in a four-room cottage. Taylor's counsel said it was irrebuttably established that Jthe cottage was in Jirst class "" in every particular. Taylor refused three times in „, , , u ., j_.s,,j >, , Clark also has been den ed a • fl957 to admk inspe , tors . He sajd city license for the Washington he askeo thm what they wamed inr»ntii*m : * * ii. i_ _ . .• • . j . .. location. In his complaint, Clark sets up that he rented the lot last -March he ' d « Mrs ' board meet ing was , the library. Buxton, vice chair-' they could not tell he then refused to let in without a ' search war- state, and wrecked all buildings on four farms. West Ends Armament Conference at now is the best time to in- he Mo him: them - *— , AH _ On..„„,,„ i „„;„,," ivirs. rciui OU.MUII. vice i-iimr- . a from Allen Bevenue Legion< • ;rant. rv.'wi.-v\ <AP, -PI,,, u;,< u ma Accn hi«fivo vpnr iwi«p! man ' presided at the meeting! uhNJ-AA (APi—Ihc WeMem Home Assn.. his five - yem lease. the ' absence . of D ,. Eh i e ,i ' Taylor later was arrested and powers formally ended the co|- providmg tie piemises e use i Eurone with his \vifp ' n '' eu of 51.WO bond was plac- lapsed disarmament conference only for a used car and storage ™° ^^J 6 W ' P ed in jail. He won release M-ith- today. S? SrSflv bSrr M». Buxton wa§ named to'ai^ bond on. a writ .of habeas The five Wester,, delations>. .ucKrtn U1 sef . ond terTO as vjt . e chaiman corpus, and began proceedings to held a rump session-of Ihe dead John J. Gainer was elected to a'^° test* validity of the ordinance, conferenc'e, waited 10 minutes for second term as treasurer, aaid|^ f(e1 ' tile On '° Supreme Court the Soviet bloc delegates to re- Mrs. Harold Davidson was nam-' upneld tne ordinance, Taylor ap- turn to the talks and then sent ,",ed to her eighth term as secre-il )ca ' ed to tne n >g h tribunal, con- all conference t-ecords to 1'ie "'tary. tending the ordinance violated V. N. Sei-urity Council and Uie the U. ,S. Constitution guarantee General Assembly. jagainst unreasonable searches The Soviet deletions, led by and the guarantees of due pro- -Soviet Deputy foreign Minis:t-r cess and equal protection of Valerian Zorin, walked out Monday after accusing Ihc West of talks to camouflage its rearmament. Non-Conforming Use ^™w^^""".LJr^Tr''LJ^ito uoset the decision of the Ohio No one expected the Soviet .said Gov. Edmund G. Brown oflaccording to an announcement by Dudley California. chairman of the campaign. It rjii.sed UK Meyner, Loveless. Brown, and in the cunipaign to $400,000 Ihe fourth governor, George; amount. ! Docking of Kansas, would receive 'their states' votes on the first ! ballot if the delegations continued to support them as favorite sons. The total might be enough to prevent Kennedy from svinning on the first ballot. He would need 761 votes for the nomination. His supporters claim he already has more than 700. Bui they count votes from Ihe four states with favorite son governors. In North Dakota, fair weather is expected as voters choose between Republican Gov. John K. Davis and Democratic Rep. Quentin N. Bin-dick. They are running fcsl< ' (l *)»'''"«l for the Seriate seat left vacant by Potential effect on the KM) prnsi , , , r 11 r*i t - r rif^ni t'il i t\ftft\ I fin I the death of \\illinin Langer, a Republican. Spot checks around thc stale in a heavy total vote is in "PPortumty in this long-range F. Giberson, general i.otwl pledged .so far con, of the- needed The damage will exceed $100,000. said Public Safely Director Joseph P. Sestric. The bla/e started near a dressing table in a ladies powder room. Fire Clu'ef James J. Mullen theorized it might have been caused by a forgotten cigarette. The chief said the fire built up to a high intensity behind the closed door of the room and when it burned through the door "came out in a ball of flame which shot dramatically his argument that previous travels have greatly strengthened free world ties *nd served "to obstruct Communist imperialism." Congressmen split on their reaction to his argument. While Republicans accepted Eisenhower's statement that big gains had been made by such tours,. Democrats limited themselves to expression of hope 'that was true. In a half-hour television address to the nation, the President said the cancellation of his scheduled visit to Japan 10 days ago stemmed from Communist-inspired disorders in Tokyo. Outweighed by Treaty But he said his inability to go had been far outweighed in importance by Japan's subsequent ratification of a new security pact with the United States. He called down the corridor." Everett Schneider of St. Louis, GOP Haik Heavy Vote In Dakota KAKGO. N.D. fAPi—North Dakota voters thronged to the polls today, balloting' in a hotly run- race with that a "signal defeat for international communism" and "an important victory for the free world." As for the Tokyo riots which making the pledge. Olin.j^^ pounding ^n"doors. "" 'Prevented his visit to JapaM he said. "Since 1940 Mrs. Olin and * ' . .. , commented that "these disorders t have recognized the need for , , , 4 ,, , T; aepa ™™ m were not occasioned by America" an adequate YMCA community and returned to find flames hcking| and added . ,, We jn ^ ^^ center for our youth, and for our! out . fl ' 0m thc . dom ' s cdges l. ! States must not fall into the error civic life in general. We feel smoke rolling out around the door and ran down the corridor, shout-; hotel's head porter, Elmer J 0 f blaming ourselves for what the Williams, alerted by Schneider's Communists do; after all, Corn- cries, turned a fire extinguisher niunists will act like Commu- Itt sure such an improvement, and , we hope that our pledge W JH on Ihe flames Init could not douse < n j s t s ." ;;ive. impetus to the campaign lttK>m - Sound Decision and encourage others to make Schneider said he and Williams; Chairman J. William Fulbright Pledges." h-cl some L'O persons down the front; <D. Ark) o£ th e Foreign Relations YMCA and campaign leaders sta ' rs ' Committee said that "the Presi- wciv quick to express their «ral- 'I'he hotel owner, Bernard i dent's decision not to make any itude to Mr. and Mrs, Olin for Tureen, said he believed the hotel;more trips is a sound one." then support. They pointed to staff of eleva»or operators, bell| But Sen. John Sparkman (D- Ihe fact that it "should so far'boys and telephone switchboard Ala), while welcoming more em- w oilier* w h o arc operators helped - «"»sidorinR the campaign for HS an panic by phasis on established diplomatic them to invest I call of duty." community! crating as At the time of the lease, maintains, the lot was zoned business under Ordinance (the old zoning code) which permitted a used car operation. Since that time, on May 2, he All .were named to one-veari continues, the city's new zoning .terms. code, Ordinance 2911, became ef- Other board members present fective giving the lot a C-l class- were: James Bailey. Mrs. Royjf^ ification which has no provision'Beall, Dr. Bernard A. Donnelly,' for used car lots. 'Col. Chester Persing, and Am-| " would nave taken Uie m-ajor- brose Schreader. Recently re-! 1 ^ of the u - s - Supreme Court appointed to three-year terms i to "P set the decision of the Ohio •atcd Political analysts will scan the the making. ,, results for clues to thc answers Gov. John K. Davis. Re.publi-:' m| " OV(mcm to these questions: How angry! can, is battling Rep. Quenlin Bur- "We have needed an exem- are farmers over the policies of'dick, Democrat, fora vacant seat : plury gift," said Giberson, "and Secretary of Agriculture E/ra in the United States Senate. again Mr. and Mrs. Olin have Taft Benson? Will the farm vote Election officials in Bismarck, | responded by showing the way for go against the Republicans in the capital, reported "voting all of us to follow. Their high November? Are farmers more:brisk" in the first half hour after sense of civic responsibility jus-i interested in other issues thmi Ihe thc polls opened. A similar re-itifies renewed and rededicated f iim , j sslK .? port came from Grand Forks. i efforts on the part of our committee as well as all others concerned with the future of our answers may not be found A heavy vote had been fore- easily. for both candidates'oppose,shadowed earlier by unusually large numbers of absentee ballots. appvfjiiuru lu LUC trc-vcaj LCI Ills • — —••" ui * t . . . He cites that the new zouing ;were . Mrg- Buxton, Dr. Donnel- Su l )rcme Court Sint ' e thfv votej bl ° c to shtnv U P toda V' °"' tll(l ordinance provides for contjnu-'jy an( j Bailey. was *" eve " ' w S PW m p effect ! West Maintained that Monday's ance of non-conforming uses of' ' George Early, head librarian, was lo uphold the lower court' adjournment hy Polish Chairman land, and that under this provi-; gave a repor t on the combined I and lne Da .vton ordinance. Marian Naszkowski was illegal. sion he is entitled to use the pro- i conventions of the American ! Supreme Court Justice Stew- f" cl l . hl '. c>onfor ' )n «' therefore con perty for a used car lot. Library Assn., and the Canad-:art disqualified himself because Uert '" t>xistcnw The \\'ashington avenue pre-: ian Library Assn.. which wasjhis father was on the Ohio Su- mises were formerly used as, a Legion post headquarters, but the building was condemned, according to city records, and was! recently removed. | . Under another notice issued this week by Bennett, Great Plains Gas Co. has been cautioned that under present zoning no increase is permissable in Us gas tank storage facilities to the rear ol 1315 Central Ave. He also has reminded the management that all propane gas held in Montreal, Can. June 19-jpremc Court when it 24. the ordinance. cylinders stored there roust be kept on raised platforms in con- School Cafeteria Workers, Home Teachers Get Raises Cafeteria workers and home)football, basketball, baseball teachers were granted pay in-' a i ld track, for a head coach creases by the Alton school' an£ l $350 for an assistant. British Minister of State David up , )e | d ,Ormsby-Gore spent 45 minutes with Zorin Monday night in an attempt to persuade them to return lo the conference table. A British spokesman said Zoriii's only reply was to read a big part of the speech with which he announced his walkout. Nas/k'owski issued a statement asserting that all conference actions after he left the table were illegal He particularly attacked The thc U. N. secretariat for "unlaw- thc policies of Benson. Mejuiwhile, there was more discussion over whether Kennedy wants the support of Southern del- crates. At the uovernorfi confer cnct', n Kennedy, backer assured everyone that the senator did. i!ov. Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut said Kennedy was mailing a letter to every Southern delegate repeating that he svants support from all delegates, without exception. In New York last week, Kennedy had been quoted as indicating he clid not expect support from Ihc South. ARE YOU A NO COUNT? Are you sure you were counted in the 19GO Census? ' If you think y o u weren't, call either the Greater Alton Association of Commerce or the Alton City Manager. community, to follow and to do our part." The Rev. William R. Kimbrough, president of the YMCA, 'said, "This wonderful pledge from Mr. and Mrs. Olin warms the hearts of all of us and can well be decisive in giving us the slaying on the job "long past the I channels, commented that "we ; must admire the President's willingness to make another trip if ihe felt it would do any good." Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illi- 'nois, the Senate Republican leader, calle 1 Eisenhower's speech 1 "an adequate answer" to critics of the latest trip, and Sen. Alex- angler Wiley (R-Wist said the speech was "very good — it expresses the American viewpoint." Eisenhower accused the Soviet and Red Chinese leaders of being through, AS of today, 267 recipes in all engaged in "a deliberate attempt 10 categories have been submit- to split Uie free world, causing 267 Submit Recipes;0ne From Man , ted in the Alton Telegraph-Union | f r i c ti on between allies and Electric Of all Co. the recipe contest. ;friends." recipes submitted, -\v e must not fall into this only'one was sent in by a man, trap," he asserted. "All of us ' only three in the category of| must roma j n fj rni a nd steadfast cookery have been re-!j n our united dedication to freedom. ,iii(l board Monday night while thei lw '«»'d discussed raising the.fully circulating" documents of Derision Expected Soon in Water Rate Refund pletc this major project so im-| &, fai . 33 reL . jpL . s nuvt , bt , ( , n portant to our community, and jrece , ved in the sa i ad and salad especially to the children." dressing category. In the other A. C. Budd. the campaign's, categories: Vegetables and' soups, 13; casserole dishes, 14; meats, 25; fish and poultry, G; mittee yesterday: "With the! desMB ,. tSi ;--,. cakes and coo kies. support ol Mr^and^Mrs. Olin 180; pies, 31, and breads. 22. The contest opened June _'0 will close July 30. Contestants may enter as many reci- corporations chairman, stated following a meeting of his com- lioard discussed, but took no* amounts to $800 tor a head what he said was a private meet- action on, pay raises for c '»>«<-h and $400 for an assistant.-ing of the live Western dfl«»»ja- formity with state regulations.;coaches, substitute teachers, and ; N '" action was taken on coach- lions Recently some-residents in the]luw. drivers and maintenance ' n « salaries N;i*/k««ski rejected Western neighborhood ol the storage!personnel. - lo h n Webb, chairman of (lie charges that he denied the Wesi- yard. said Bennet, complained' p a y of cafeteria workers was '^"'d'* salary committee, point- ern delegates the right to, ,p,'. t k om thai the board must durint! Monday's tumultuous a relationship between breakup. Having declared the .MII- A decision is pending in the Anon Wai^r Co. rate return! attirmed by the Hanoi* ^ui'i'fi'"- C'OUM and the . thai the company was expand- raised $10 a month for regular" wl o ing its storage there and that employes and 5 tents an hour' kcep ed to the ICC. Tin ""'•• tne eoiihumei;-, contend thai the Uivuil Judtjc James 0. Mon-. wa|tl| . ( . ompam .,, IO(t | ( , Mund PC Jr.. on June 14 took under (hi . 4? , ,„.,. ri . |lt mi . miM . i( nas we now have $400,000 — or 32! per cent of our objective. Ourj. corporations, which are currently considering their subscriptions, can and should double this in a matter of weeks. The remaining i portion of the goal can certainly be raised among individuals, businesses and professional people. ;is well as families who have attorneys tor a ^j^ ri .j, urc | | OI , U11 . commun- il\. ;IIH| will find opportunities pes as they wish, in any or all Inside Musts KDITOHIAL . . . PAGE 4 COMICS PAlifcJ 6 SOCIAI PAtiE JO MARKETS .... PAGE 13 SPORTS PAGE 14 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 16 OBITl'AKV . . . PAGE W RADIO « TV . . PAGE '40 uas m.u./id- • i.i , .. a motion ted by this would be a hazard. No laureate ; Bennett said that he invest!-; gated and conferred with tbej management, and was informed that no increase over peak business of winter was being made, for part-time help, with' Miss .'due Henry, director of cafeterias, authorized to who teach students enuuintK paid tor different per- terencc closed, he said, he AHS sunnel tor work done outside no longer in a position "either lo hours such as home give the floor lo anyone .«• deny and coaches it " ag ~«.. Keil, school district en- The Soviet Vmon formally te- gineer. suggested leeway be quested the U.N. Monday lo put tj"i.nted in raising pay of bus disarmament on the agenda for drivers and maintenance men.; Ihe 19aO General Assembly. He p&inted out that all bus driv-jing Sept 20 rll . . ,, Vri .,- Don and that platform*, to be , fenced, were being enlarged to\ r * the r thao thfi PWM« $3 an comply with a previous order of !hour rate his department. On salaries tor substitutej c ) m in~g buses, and some driv- The UK oi the storage yard.;teachers the board discussed)ei-« have special skills which goes back to a use permissable raising rtte amount from th*j, 1v ake them valuable at main- er. serve a* maintenance men! (during hours when they are not unctei (be old zoning ordinance, day now received to Bennett. U may validly cun-i$^i a day, but took no action. tume, to non conforming use but; Coacnuig salaries are may not be expanded ;$600 for a major sport such as tenance work. Such personnel. Kei! said, should he given pay raises more quickly than nullified drivers. TODATS CHUCKLE The world is thousands of years old and three simple problems remain yet to be solved: blonde*, brunettes and i Godfrey on tithall ot 14,000 \\.-tei consumers. The motion r<>!din£ Alton Water Co. liable un its $270,000 appeal bond for the difference between the old wyter rates and a 47^s per cent inc-reat>e. The water rate in- ti-fase, ordered by the Illinois; Commerce Commission, was set! Court Ratifies Settlement of Auto Injury Damage Suit an aulomobilejreduivd a suit on trial before a lav or ot a child l ' u .v ^V 1 "'' Jury to one plaintiff statute \\ould not rcscit to the to finish this .job original date ol the K'C older. The refund period would extend to a time when the company andjmediatel> ICC fix new legal rates, jule of tht ICC fix new 1 loi ihe consumers. ha\e i'Oiitended in their bnets. to help make this campaign successful This diive can and Settlement of should be substantially complet- injury claim in tavor ed during July No belter op- |j llga ,,, W , 1S , at iij e d b> a direct- ;ulci °" ( defcnilanl. As finall> u - s ed \cidici of a jury in Alton Ci- given lo tlie J ur >'- *** sl "t, based ly Court after presentation ofi on a leal eslate sale contract for im " c\idence toitay Jersey County farm land was I'h. purlunity ever come for ' pany to dismi»> tht refund suii . , . ., k , i was denied Juiu- .' by Judge by Judge Monroe on Nov i Mo , Uofc ^ ajinou'u-ed u s.ohed- report meetings July \2, 14. 18 und 'M. with a victory dinner set tor July '11 ui an effort . - * Jersey SU " "'" '"rnlno ^v^ 1 ^ ^• GllirP •"* ^ i00ad to "^..J^^ifavoi- of Bas. and fixed his re- at Tht motion u) the \\atej 10111 to expedite solicitations and ac- lion on the part of ^ many people as possible The increased rate has been j charged against consumers (Since.the original ICC order et- still to be icsolved by court dt Monroe's derision was cision is whether or not the increase already collected mast be refunded to consumers This point hay been argued and briefed by counsel for both Sa.m lotlay t>9 River stjyst: beluv. daw at tram. W.6. Pool 20.7. ham. against Frank G. Bornes. And the jur> ti'iunied a verdict avsardin^ tlu child plaintiff The case was based on a in which the Graham boy in- leg fractures when Called to trial today was tun K. Hard Jr. against Illth SO . lou Hrucioilatioa J4 lus. to 8 a.m. .03 Inch. j by a backing ceu- in a driveway at 1614 Anderson a. last Oct. 17. A ttuyty ol dbmiaub Removed ti'om the sitting yesterday was a suit oJ Hftkti Graves against Hotel Stratford Bai'. The cowt waa gfr«n a that a tfltttonwit bad k«M reached out of tow*. i

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