Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 22
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HI* Camp Holland. Is In St. Jo- ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1960 Alton News 97, 1914 time during the previous night. Mrs. Ferguson, who Is looking after the Weathers' home while j the family t* • on vacation, raid { pltalfor treatment of. tlwt *h« noticed that things had; hip suffered in a fall [been tnmpprwl with when she evening. arrived there Sunday morning. , tain fair condition, a mem-; Police said that the burglars! the family saW today. (gained entry to the house through a coal chute. Officers reported > t. BSTBV ATf KftfM : that there wore cigarette butts ASSEMBLY strewn about the house, and that F Estey IMS Clawsonj'he bedroom had been ransacked director of the Shurtleff i "d clothing disarranged in the it Foundation. 3129 Leverett drawers. ,„«., is serving as a delegate to) ^ rles , 10nHs . in ~ ' «* American Baptist Mucation!^^»«_«:J^.,P'^ Assn. assembly Green Lake. Win..:™? <* Junf 25-28. there had been am his home while hei One hundred and thirty Ameri- Bapti. educators will study e etfect .ftamnng ; America has Christian higher educa ion. The keynote address. "Analysts . iM Of Cultural Changes in America. . ; intrusion at «' ns aWB >' < orn £ J an immedlate ^ heck . ur , O n- ; „ had takcn nothlng Will be given by Dr. H. Conrad Hoyer, New York City, associatejTWO HIT AND RUN executive secretary of the dlvis- ; ACCIDENTS 8UNDAV ton of home missions, National Automoblles driven by Charles Council M Churches. w H arpole, 17. 3710" Berkeley, On Sunday evening "Incident al; and AI{rcd Franklin B rown, 1622 White Mountain." an original play| Mfl)n &., collided at 1508 Wash- written for the conference by Dr. jngion Ave Sunday , Warren Mild. New York City, will According to police. Brown left explore cultural changes. f ne scene after striking the Har"Educational Adjustment to Cul- po | P au t o HP was captured by tural Oiangp" will be presented | policr on College avenue after a Monday by Dr. Milton K Curry' chase during which, officers said. Jr.. president of Bishop College 1 . ; nc ran Hirer stop signs. Marshall. Tex. and RPV. Richard Police also said that Brown re- Firemen Answer To Explain Progrew Younglove Six Calls Over Weekend Alton firemen answpied over the weekend. On Training Workshop f o ^Mress Kehvard Stehlin, director of ttw Handicapped workshop *ur- vpy will speak on the progreM *** of the steering committee for H workshop at thp meeting Louis. Youngkrvc will apcftk on "The Red Army Inside the U.S.A." A group of 29 volunteer Germans, aged 1? to 29. will help rebuild the Greek village of Servai, Thomas A. Youngiove. former destroyed by We Germans In 1W3. >f undercover agent for the Feder- MinOfl GMNHMfl i in MHIOT M. PMM tto i-ttsi The first call was at t:!0 p. the Madison County Association a l Bureau of Investigation, will, m. Saturday when firemen from for Retarded Children Tuesday bp (he fea^,,^ gppaker at the rompanies 2. \ and the ladder at 8 p.m. at Onized Clubrooms. p iftn Division American Legion company went to the residence At the meeting, applications convention banquet July '16 ati of Al Erdman, 1536 Highland will be accepted for the day 1 Hotel Stratford tn Alton. Ave. Erdmann was soldering a camp for retarded children, to drain spout on a gutter and was br held in Rock Spring Park using a blow torch. The blow during two weeks In August. Se'oTner^C they received a call telling them roof. Firemen reports! minor 'hat the fire had re-started. but "P° n arriving the fire compan- damage to the roof No damage «•»* m.unerl when the oil heater of Anne Denton. 160? Hello, llaml up. shooting flames into the mom. fnmDanies 1 and 1 tr! rS£n, a, 1, u , . . -r . , , At 2:55 a.m. Sunday firemen with a membership of 38, 0 legionnaires. ' Younglove is a St. Louis con-i ies found that smoke was rising tractor who posed as a commu-l Hhovp thr house from a trash nist for the FBT for nine years. Imrnpr behind H nearby restaur- He was" a government Witness ant in several of the trials of leading Companies ~i and .'i went to communists. Including that of 11; •_>00] State St. at 8:11 p.m. to reported garage fire, but upofr • • ' • " " ' " nuiiri ii;an nutivincn VUIIIIIIIL Communists in St. READY FOR DOGS William Tueth, Alton dog warden, with truck in which four cages are placed, to pick up stray dog* roaming the streets of Alton. The city- dog pound i* located at the AAAAA shelter on fcasf Delmar Road. Inspecting truck is a potential passenger.—Staff Photo. New York In 1949. In 1956 he testified before the House Un-' they found they had're-! American Activities Committee; from- Mo. 2. 4 and the ladder. celved a false alarm. | regarding companies went to the home of Fire Company No. 4 stood byi Mrs. Pauline Parker. 1713 Bozza in the 3400 block of College Ave-j St.. where a fire of undeterm- nue at 9:15 p.m. Sunday while ined origin burned part of the Union Electric repaired a brok- floor, wall, and ceiling of a en electrical wire. The wire had store room of (ho home. All apparently been shorted out by three companies returned to the a broken tree limb, firemen re- Parker home a1 6:40 a.m. when ported. Give and ff«de«m r AGIF / STAMPS ',.' ZIKE PHARMACY Dial CL 9-2263 Rosewood Hts.l LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE LKARtt tlW iMtfeodt ttat tave ^^^htftel AfcMMtfhMMkAMB AMH Wrai tHU|FUWII0n •"" out of nniy w0nwn Portrait By Oravemann E. Kltimllltr, Jr, the [I.BARN t*e tMhllliiaw tt Me the ntftfwwf* iMMfint iMUf yllnt ftrthtt— li««d «f two well known Benaty Culture Training Academies, owner ot ««v«ral pnpular thoppplng center M(inns. F«)tR State «ccredlted Instfuc- rs to guide you. IREMENTSt 8th grade [education, 10 ye*n of at* WRITI OR CALL TODAY for further Information KITZMILLER BEAUTY OOLLEOE Alton l'ln/.« Shnpulng < enter—Alton— D»«l BO«-M« Broholm, Baptist uni\'ersity pastor at the Univcrsir>' Madison. sisted arrest after he was stop- for Future strategy for Baptist higher education will be discussed of Wisconsin, ped. i ;.....• „/ In another hit and run Sunday, Miijui M.a f*» an automobile driven by John E. Chappell, 32. of 905 Washington Ttvp. Roxana Class Plans Outing ROXANA The Mid-Adult Four persons datis of the First Baptist Church at the final session Tuesday even-!Ave., was struck by an unidenti- ing by Dr. Eugene E. Dawson, |tied auto in front of Chappell's WOOD RIVKK , .„ president of Colorado Women's (home. , werc admitted as patients to J 1 ' 1 " lwve a P°'- |uf - k -^PF* 1 at College in Denver and Dr. Ronald The Chappell auto sustained|\VOOT) River Township hospital ; >: ™ ii l ) - m ' lu^day ^thc olvl- V. Wells, executive director of thcidamage to thp right front fender.> ove) . the weekend, division of Christian higher educa-1 .««.,. A t^<n «!•' FIRKWORKS Steven L. Lyles. 9. son of Mi. tion for Aniprican Baptist Board of 1 •'''' ' and Mrs. l.croy Lylps. 151 K. KQXANA Mr. and Mr- Education and Publication. BMM, DISCHARGED, Ave.. Wood River. , h . ny Vesper leader is Rev. Vincent Mrs. Donal fc. Pierce, 2,'i26 U as admittud. Saturday at 7:-l."i |. t ,||,' M de Gregoris. associate director of Central Avenue complained to p.m. ioi abrasions lo the head on)., public relations at Andover Newton; P° lice Sunday that someone was' fm d both «n-at tries incurred iinr | Theological School. Newton Centre, discharging fireworks at thp rear'when he ran int.; a parking anr | ^UNCLE" DICK SLACK-the Jolly Irishman^ * K for House at Kendall Hill. ItccHvcH Discharge KOXANA Mr. and Mien a n rl da i. are visiting Allen Mr. and Mrs. Karl larnily of K. First Mrs. Allen's paivnl |».ir- Allen. Mass. MULLIN FAMILY VISITS FORMER NEIGHBORS of her home. motor while riding a bicycle in and 4 \i,. s . Ooiye Pickcrill <i| Officers investigated the com- downtown Wo<xl River. \Villiams street Wood Riu-r i plaint, but were unable to locate Arthur (.",. Klliott. 61, 'I'M Cen- s inec arriving last work I rum anyone shootBg fireworks in the traJ. Bethalto. was admitted lor Twenty Nine Palms. Oilii . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mullin and ;area ' children Reid and Clarirene. of'LOURS VISIT FORMER New Brunswick, N. J.. left Alton ^LTONIANS IN FLORIDA this morning after spending a week . a* guests of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Mr - and "«. ^^ ^oh, Hood, 3531 Berkley Ave., and Mr. 3717 Coronado Dr.. have return- James C. Beasley, 1176 Lorena ,«H M-» i IT i *,,",•;..- -urn n,,,.Hr.v ed from a two-week's vacation Ave.. Wood River, was treated ctuu iVJj .V a. Cj. JjfWIS, OW/« ot.l HH-.V . _ , , .. . . Ave spent visiting Mr. and Mrs. tor a fracture to the left ankle Carl Meyer, Tarpon Springs, incurred Sunday al 11:55 a.m. N- Fi'ey ol IT!,, in a fall at home. treatment of a fractured elbow uhcre he received his dischar^ suffered in a fall at 10 a.m. | lom tne Marines after serving Sunday. f or three years. They will stay Romona LPC Heasley. i:j. with their parents until such daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. t j mf , a> t bc.s can get located. * The Mullmsforrnerlv resided on: TheWullinsfoinwrlyitwdtaon a f -1 Berkley avenue. They moved to : > «New Jersey 11 years ago The Me> «'*• Mulhn is employed by the gov- Bt own St., moved ernment in a research capacity. last fail The t. wo couples made sev to Richa ,,, K rank KEPOBf BURGLARV eral gl g hlse eing tours along the! f ; d OF PASTOR'S HOMfc .Gulf of Mexico, and also trav- ' ICovanu Notes ROXAXA Mr. and M ; .-. S. Doerr avenue Inve as their guest, their daughter. ^il•s. Jane Wilson ol Marion, St., Cottage Hills..Ky. Krey has returned from Saturday al 5:io'Alton Memorial Hospital uiu-r lacerations of the scalp undergoing cl e n I a I su-'.-ccy. the neck. It Quests the past two weeks have he fell out been their son and Family. M'. 1 . Driver, au. . Mrs. Grace Ferguson, 3309 Hill-1eled to the East coast to visit crest Ave., told police Sunday | Daytona Beach. that the home of the Rev. Robert while at Tarpon Springs, the Weathers had been entered some-i Lohrs also visited former A1- itoniuns Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lar- of an automobile in the \Vilshi'-e ; and Mrs. Thomas Frey. and •ON SALE AT BROADWAY ft MAIN Georgia PEACHES 59* i-Piek Basket BED POTATOES 10-Lb. Bag Sweet Corn, Do-i. 39' VINE RIPE TOMATOES 3 Only 59C BROADWAY & MAIN Drive-In Produce Market of East Alton. daughters ut Mason. Ohio. To Give Demonstration Al1 ' an(l Mrs. E. L. Pel kin.- WOOD RIVER Joyce Blaz- tmfl family ol Central avenue i ier. East Alton beautician and have bought a lot on Doerr ave- Ihair stylist, will present a dem- ^'f from Mr. and Mrs. Donald kin and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn I onstl . at j on o) " ncw trends in Harvlck and arc ereciing a Od(?l1 - 'hair styles", at the 8 p.m. meet- brick home. ing of the Veterans of Foreign Miss Karen .Major, daughter Wars Auxiliary tonight al Me- ol the Rev. and Mrs. James morial Hall. Major of Jennings. Mo., spent in the. .Serving HK her models uill the past week visiting her avenuejbc Mrs. Sam Moore Jr. md' grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. PARTIAL FOWER LOSS KELT IN AREA A primary feeder fell 3200 block of College this morning, causing a partial power failure in one area Upper Alton, a Union spokesman said today. Miss Hinkle. Lynn Major of Doerr avenue According lo the .spokesman. '°P cn nloclin « there was a partial loss of power for over an hour in the area west of Wordmi avernio up to >t '•<'<"• of Mrs. Leroy Phipps, president.'and (his week Electric! has announced each member is Vicki Major, is eligible lo invite guests lo the grandparents. her sinter. Miss guest ol her ^Olllll RoNUlia \ OlltllS Home From l 4| ho AND CIULURKN VISITING WITH NORWOODS!youths Mis. Arthur H Markwallher; 1 '" 1 ' Wanda and her imu children, Linda,;' Torn, are v Markwalther's parents, Mi. and Mrs. Burton \\' Mni-wood, 'J2S1 Brown Si. Mrs. MnikvviilHu'i and her children will remain SOUTH ROXANA - K i g h t Stanley Woods Jr. ol Spring- lielcl. Mo., has been visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. SHnley Woods, of W. Fifth street. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kinscr and children. Steven and Li'idu, of Chaffer avenue attended ihe from the South Roxana uodcling ol Miss JoAnn Sc ' hne "' Me.hodis, I'hurches flui '8hter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis past week at MeKen- Si ; hne " ol Dulin '- Jis « n - ^"ic.-ly of Docrr avenue, Ruxana. and at Siiin; A?nes in HiilsboH) at THE KING OF FREE GIFTS! * 4 DAYS ONLY! J ONIGHT - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY^ ODD DINETTE CHAIRS ONLY Taken from expensive dinette sets. 1-2-3 of a kind. All colors. Limit 4 to customer, None sold to dealers. * * * * Mouse Club. .Another Service horn Citizens . . . WHERE YOU GET MORE IN SERVICES! Wils 1 ' tho tin- Five-Will Baptist Church Franklin County Annual Associa- BEFORE YOU GO GET on. They were accompanied by the Rev. and Mrs. Victor Herman. Those attending were David and Douglas Poag. Janice and Aiioni JoyeeKre ? l T r . !l '2. m 4 lhC , Wa ? 1( ! !l 'M> 1 K- Gordo » s P en '- v ° r Hartford Allon lchurch and Craig Lades, Dwijjht . uuj Tom ^^i MeGlasson, Dolores Nichols anil * nnii h . ivv Broncla Church from tin- Smith Roxaila church. Receives UlNuliiirgc SOUTH ROXANA - Mr. and Mrs. Tom Roe and daughter. Cher.\l Sue, are residing with Roe's parents,-Mr. and Mi's. Kenneth Roe. L'5 Dugger St.. Rosewood Heights, until they can find a home after arriving last week from Point Mugu, Calif., where he received lj|s discharge from ithe Marines after being in serv- (Ice three years. Roe will work with his (uther in tin- contracting business. Mrs. Roc is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cilenn Mcflhee of South Roxana. 4 PC. MODERN LUXURY BEDROOM SUITE NOW and Saturday. They were chosen as delegates of the local Bethel Free-Will Baptist church Complete! Bookcase Bed, Double Dresser, £f Mirror and Chest! ^Beautiful blond finish! %MORE BEDROOM BUYS! End Buy 2- and 3-PIECE Loose Rovorsiblo Cushions! Heavy Dieorator Fabries! Choice of Newest Colors and Patterns! SOUTH ROXANA REPUBLIC National Bank TftAVILIRS CHICKS CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 311 toi* Avr Cl 4.3142 fw* Altea HOUftS: t f.m. te 4:30 p.*. doily. PvWty tVMlif (MiMJ 7 p.m. ^_ ^ <t\ _ j _ j How's thi x vitw from tho drivir's stot wr cor? for \U Cww, V\e uud quk)U>- Co., ftelk AMAZING NEW LOWERED SCREW KEEPS POUCHES UP TO 15 I ,1, :«.,«/» ei»U Del lu.l. lljft 4/14 • tou c<n M« out. lul Wnn -t" I i4t in' ( Minimum rrj nl»ntnc« > M40| «l tlronj. ruilp'oof «luminuin t 11-41 *id(. f lit ttud«'« fr4 Of. 4o It you'Mll with bind) M wunuu M MAVCII CM BRANDT HDW. in |C. Broa4uay \\lvu HO Smart Modern Oak Bedroom Suite! Mirror, Double Dresser, Bookcase Bed 3*Piece Suite. Bookcase Bed, Dresser and Chest 3'Plece Walnut Suite! Bed, Double Dresser, Chest .. Modern Toasted Mahogany 4>Piece Book. case Bed, Double Dresser, $97C Mirror and Chest ailtf NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE PRICES ARE REDUCED or HOW BIG THE TRADE-IN You PAY NO INTEREST FINANCE or BUDGET GHAR6ES of Any Kind! Living Room BUYS 3-Pc. CURVED SECTIONAL <u 157J NOW Streamlined Modern 2-Pe. Sofa Sectional. Select fabrics and colors '99 '197 OTHER BI6 LIVING ROOM BUYS '88% 2.Pc. Decorator Living Room Suite! Sensational buy at ... lutton-Trimmed, 2-Pc. Modern Sofa Sectional! Exceptional at , Glamoroui Nylon<Upholstered Sofo and Chair Suite! Super at. 149* 187% 199% REMEMBER FOLKS Yoi Pay NO INTEREST, FINANCE or BUD6ET CHARGES of Any Kind! ll't A* Extra SaviNg! OPIN AN ACCOUNT. US! YOU! eif PIT. MII aim 5-66U Wilh UDV ol 'as 03 W. THIRD ST LTON ILLINOIS SLACK Come in and ca« the Jolly IrUfcjnan'f famoiu bridge that lead* from the beautiful vtore front to hi* main building that offer* you V mammoth floor* of fin* furniture. DOWNTOWN ALTON **JH*fP**e> ********** »»»»»»»»%»»»»^ 0|MR MM, I Fri, Nlli 'Till ^ % % % % % % % I

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