Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 8, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1957
Page 6
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Rock V Roll Fori Delivers Moil to Elvis By JIM WHITE NBA Special Correspondent MEMPHIS, Tenn.-(NEA)-Jimmie Burns Is a much envied man. For Burns, 63, is a postman —but not just an ordinary postman. He's Elvis Presley's postman. And as such, he is one of the few outsiders entitled to admittance behind the closely guarded walls at Graceland, Elvis' Whitehaven mansion. Teens Clamor Each morning at about 10:30 when Burns' red, white and blue truck, pulls up to the gate, teenagers — they're always there- clamor up to his truck, chattering, "Oh, you lucky man .... Tell Elvis hello for us ... . Can we ride up with you?" "1 always kid with them: 'Give me a quarter and I'll let you ride,'' Burns chuckles. "But of course I couldn't let anyone ride in the truck." A few minutes later, after dropping the rock-and-roller's mail, Burns is met at the gate once more with eager faces exclaiming, "Did you see him? . . . Was he swimming? . . . He is-bome, isn't he?" Elvis has a mailbox outside the gate—covered with scrawlings of admirers—but he gets so much mail that Burns gives him backdoor service. "His father usually meets me in Housewife Becoming More £/ectric-Minded' By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK W-Tales and tidbits: The U.S. housewife is becoming more and more electric — or at least electricity-minded. Did you know that about one out of every 10 American women now uses an electric shaver? This electrifying nugget of knowledge was disclosed in a survey which also found that 9(5.2 per cent of modern homes (those with wires) now have radioes and 81 per cent have television sets. In most families, however, father still has to mix his drinks and do the dishes by hand. Some 94.3 per cent of our homes are without blenders and 94.3 per cent have no automatic dishwashers. zoologist thought that was pretty good. But wouldn't you like to get a rich lady elephant: Into a sky's- the-limit poker game, with all face cards wild? POSTMAN JIMMIE BURNS arrives in Presley's backyard. the rear to get the mail," said Burns, "and often he invites me in for a minute—Mr. and Mrs. Presley are wonderful people." How much mail does Elvis get ? "At least 500 or 600 letters a day," said Burns, "and usually two or three packages, anyway." That's only part of Elvis' mail, however, the bulk of it goes to Hollywood. What kind of mail does he re­ ceive? Mail from Girts "Most of it is from teen-age girls, judging from the lipstick smears and affectionate notes scribbled on the envelopes," laughed Burns, "but his father told me that Elvis gets many songs from amateur . composers who want Elvis to record their masterpieces." Is it true that "an elephant npver forgets?" A German zoologist set. nut with typical Teutonic thoroughness to get the scientific answer. He found out that the elephant, which has a 13 - pound brain (slightly larger than that of the average Harvard freshman) does forget- by and large, appears to have a pretty fair memory. He found, for example, that one lady elephant, when presented again with 13 pairs of cards she had learned before but hadn't viewed for a full year, had a recognition rating ranging from 73 to 100 per cent in 500 trials. The Crusade for Freedom relays the story of the Romanian Communist whodied and went to Hell. When he arrived at the entrance, he was surprised to find two doors. On one door was the notice, "Communist hell,". and on the other. "Capitalist hell." "Which do you choose?" he was asked. "The Communist hell, of course," he replied. "There is bound to be a fuel shortage!" The Bordeau section of France, noted for its wine, is busting its buttons in pride because a survey found it had. proportionate to its population, the largest number of centenarians in the country.< In one parish alone-St, Julian —50 couple had been wed 50 years or more. Marie Roubert, who was 104, cheered the wine producers by attributing her longevity to the fact that for over a century her diet had included red wine and snails. The prize example of virility, however, was Jean Mansard. At 99 Monsieur Mansard, who already had 9 children, married a girl of IB. who in due lime bore • FRESH FRUITS * CALIFORNIA PEACHES PINEAPPLE n Hms*> AH Kind* Ixcopt Angel Pood CAKE MIX VAN CAMP'S TUNA £ 15c LIBBY'S Tomato Juice 8 No. 2 Cans $1.00 RE-UNION Pork & Beans 11 16 -oz. Cons $1.00 HUNT'S WHOLE APRICOTS 4 No. 2 1 /2 Cans $1.00 MORRELL'S Luncheon Meat 3 12 -oz. Cans $1.00 Ma Brown Red Rasp, or Seedless Black Raspberry 1 PRESERVES 4 12 -oz. Jars $1.00 UPTON'S Black TEA BAGS ^OTHER'S NOODLES Medium or Wide 16-ox. Bag FOLGER'S OR Butter-Nut COFFEE Mb. Can 89c JIFFY BISCUIT MIX POST TOASTIES TURKEYS 8 to 10 Pounds, 10 to 12 Pounds YOUNG HENS Lb. Sweetened or Unsweetened GRAPEFRUIT JUICE PORK ROAST LOIN END 3 to 4 LB. AVERAGE Lb. VEAL CHOPS TENDER Lb. GRAHAM CRACKERS Sunshine Lb. Box BRACH'S CANDIES FISH FILLETS— 1 69c COUNTRY STYLE fl • ||||| >mm SMOKED SAUSAGE , For Picnics COOKED SALAMI EMPTY SAUSAGE Lb. Each FRESH SLICED OLD FASHIONED DRIED BEEF 1 /4-Lb. Pkg. 45c Prices Effective Thursday, Friday and Saturday August 8, 9 & 10 in Carroll Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, Aug. 8, 1*57 •*M++- . >»s HOTEL LANDMARK STAMPED .... This new Egyptian postage stamp marks the completion of the new Shepheard'g Hotel in Cairo. The structure replaces the internationally famous hostelry which was destroyed by fire In 1952 during anti-British rioting by Egyptian mobs. Kids Ride US. Pony Boom--4-Legged Kind the proud man his tenth offspring. Anybody care for a nice cold bottle of root beer? Four Generations At Birthday Party For William Keister (Time* Htn \A Jfnwn Sfrvls*) STAR — Mr and Mrs William Keister entertained Friday evening in honor of the first birthday of their son, William Karl III. A birthday cake and sherbet were served. Those present were Karls two great-grandfathers, M. B. Keister and C. A. Yager; grandparents, Mrs. Karl Keister and Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Ford; also Hattie Keister, Ruth Keister, Dennis Ford and Ellen Jeanette Keister. Mrs. Delos Annear, Mrs. Don Brooks and Danny of Cedar Falls returned '• Tuesday from Ft. Wayne, Ind., where they spent four days with Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Betts, Bonnie Kae and Steven. Mary Annear, who has spent the summer at Ft. Wayne, returned home with them as did Bonnie Kae and Steven Betts. Mr. and Mrs. Betts will come for them the latter part of AugusV Awards Presented To Moose Members Six awards and a special prize were presented at a special meeting of the Moqse here Wednesday night. Award winners included: Robert Hannasch, gold ring; Al Hannasch, silver ring; Leo Irlbeck and Len Feld, dues for one year; Robert Hannasch, ruby studded achievement awaid; and Norbert T r u h e, secretary achievement award. The two achievement awards were given by the supreme lodge, Loyal Order of Moose, Mooseheart. 111. The special prize was won by Mrs. OUie Schieffer. That and the rings and dues awards, were given by the local lodge., ,,' Awards were presented by Kenneth Gunn, of Sioux: 'City, Past North .Moose of Legion of the Moose. ~ By MARY KAY FLYNN NEA. Staff Correspondent HARRISONV1LLE, Mo.—(NEA) —Pony tails mean more than hairdos to lots of young girls over the Country. They're a business end of a profitable hobby. Riding the national pony boom along with millionaires are youngsters who are bypassing Mom and Pop's pocketbook for a bank loan to finance their own pony raising. Many of the kids mingling with the great and near-great of the pony world at the sixth annual Heart of America summer pony sales here inspected Shetlands in rows of pint-sized stalls with an eye to business as well as pleasure. "Children make more on ponies than any other animal," commented attractive Mrs. Clifford Adams. 41, of San Jose, Calif., whose husband was top buyer at the nation's first 4-H pony sale in Perry, Okla., last April. Some of the youths realized as much as $1,000 profit on a single pony at the sale. Mrs. Adams, a Choctaw Indian who is an expert pony breeder, has noted a rising demand for ponies in suburban areas. In her city a pony is considered a pet and can be kept in the back yard —or even the garage. Upkeep on a pony is low, she pointed out. and there's, even a usable byproduct — "fertilizer to keep the flowers beautiful." Among parents who have gotten into the pony raising act are Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Mela of Raytown, Mo., who said they "got the fever" to raise ponies as a hobby after buying two yearling colts four years ago for their son, Jimmy, now nine. The couple have sold two ponies and now have three, Including "Fashion Jewell Larigo," a registered marci From the bleachers during a sale in the Holder auction: barn here, .Clyde Smith of Ontario, Ore., who has acquired 200 ponies in 15 months, predicted a bright future for. the spiraling pony business. "You can feed 10 ponies on the amount of feed one cow would require," he explained. "And ponies are fun to have along with bringing high and even fantastic prices." In the fantastic category is a national champion stallion, C-Jo's Topper, owned by C. C. Teague of Sherman, Tex.,which is valued at $50,000. Asa Hutchinson, an Ada, Okla., jeweler, started raising ponies as | a hobby and now shuns his jewel- i ry business to devote full time to j ponies. A member of the national board of directors of the American Sheltland Pony Club, Hutchinson paused in the auction barn to discuss the role of youth in the pony business. "Many youths are earning their way through college by raising and selling Shetland colts." Hutchinson observed. He travels to many sales reading and explaining pedigrees of registered ponies to buyers. "Most people have love for an animal and there's just more room for.a pony — literally and figuratively — now," Hutchinson reflected. "Look at all the little people here," Hutchinson continued with a sweep of an arm. "You wouldn't expect to see them at a livestock sale but at a sale of this kind— they belong." PONY-TAILED PONY GAL: Although she's only 42 inches tall, five-year-old Shirley Ann Miller bends to whisper into the ear of a colt at summer pony sale at Harrisonville, Mo. foattyw thirsty. » TW MUIKT OOXfAKT Whet a difference I . drinks. Squirt really quenches your thirst, Squirt is refreshing, not filling.. You'll like Jta clean, fresh flavor pf pure fruftand the ' t«nw sparkle that makes Squirt the per- f*?Sxir ?Buy Sqttirtintte«ty6-peck Tartan Carton* SQUIRT BOTTLING CO. , "' ROCKWELL CITY, IOWA •

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