The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana on November 6, 1958 · Page 16
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The Terre Haute Tribune from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 16

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1958
Page 16
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16 The Terre Haute Tribune Thursday, November 6, 1958. Public Safety Group Follows De Gaulle Order PARIS, Nov. 6.—tCPD—The Algerian “public safety committees/* whose extremist policies were repudiated by Premier Charles de Gaulle after they had helped pave his path to power, formally shut up shop today, Rene Denis, secretary general of the committees which led the spring “revolt” against France s Fourth Republic, announced they have been dissolved as a result of bickering over the current election campaign. “All decisions taken up to now are to be considered as void because they had no legal basis,” Denis said. As the committees folded, Paris and Algiers buzzed with rumors of secret negotiations between De Gaulle and Algerian “premier” Ferhat Abbas which might produce a cease-fire before the Nov. 28 election. French officials denied the reports, saying DeGaulle is intent on discussing Algeria’s future with elected representatives of the sprawling African territory rather than the refugees who have set up a “government” in Cairo. Meanwhile, new trouble boiled up between France and Tunisia. A communique published in Tunis charged that that country has been “invaded” by three French infantry regiments from Algeria, supported by tanks and mortars. Although the circumstances of the alleged French attack were obscure— and officials here disclaimed any knowledge of It—it appeared that the French might RAILROAD EMPLOYES STRIKE IN SOUTHWEST KANSAS CITY, .Mo., Nov. 6.—IUPB —The operating employes of the Missouri - Kansas - Texas Railroad struck today, halting service from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico A union spokesman said about 1.900 members went on strike at 6 a. m., C.S.T., over “several major grievances.” A railroad official said he understood the trouble resulted from a “misinterpretation of contract.” The railroad operates in Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. Its main line runs between St. Louis 3 nd San Antonio and Houston. The union spokesman said the strike involved the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engine- men, the Brotherhood of Railroad i Trainmen and the Order of Railroad Conductors. He said negotiations had been going on for six weeks or longer in an effort to settle the dispute. NEVER AGAIN—Actress Cara Williams, whose marriage to John Barrymore, Jr., is one of this year’s plethora of split-ups, passes the advice that an actor should never marry an actress. “It’s as simple as that,” she says, adding, “Darned few Hollywood marriages between performers have lasted over the years. I’ll never make that mistake again.” be seeking to wipe out guerrilla bands fleeing from Algeriia. The Algerian rebels are known to have been using Tunisia as a “privileged sanctuary.” Most of the typhoons that thrash the coasts of Korea and Japan in late summer and early fall originate in the China sea east of F or- mosa. »R RUNOESCN. Diet and Health CThl. «lily column 1 . written by Or. Herman Bundewn ef Chic»*». Oft. He te * dl*ttn*ulsh-d member of the medical or»fe*«io*.i Vision Can Be Affected By Vitamin Deficiency EAT PROPERLY and see properly. While it is not always as easy as that—there are many eye ailments—the things you eat may still have something to do with your ability to sco So let’s take a look at the vitamin picture and its effect upon your eyeprobably the most important single vitamin as far as vision is concerned is Vitamin A. Without it, you would be night-blind. Vitamin A is whisked by your blood stream to the retina of the eye where it is made into “visual purple.” It is this visual purple that enables us to see in near-darkness. . Those of you who ordinarily work in a very bright or dim light probably require more Vitamin A than those who work in a moderate amount of light. Severe deficiency of Vitamin A can cause a lot of eye trouble. Burning, itching and inflamed eyelids might result. And there may be eyestrain, sties or even pain in the eyeballs. Sores may occur in the cornea, the crystal covering the front of the eye, and nervousness and fatigue might develop. All green vegetables, if properly handled, are good sources of Vitamin A. So are carrots, yams, apricots, liver, fish liver oils, butter, cream and egg yolk. ltI . , Vision is also favorably affected by the B vitamins, although probably not as directly as with Vitamin A. Vitamin B-2 deficiency can cause itching and burning lids, over­ sensitivity to light, tearing and even failing sight. You’ll find rich sources of the B vitamins in liver, yeast and wheat germ. Vitamin C is also essential to good eye health. It helps maintain normal vision and aids in resisting infections and inflammations. Some doctors suspect that a shortage of it might be a factor in development of cataracts ** Citrus fruits, tomatoes and several of the green vegetables have abundant supplies of Vitamin C. Some doctors believe that a deficiency of Vitamin D may be partly responsible for nearsightedness. This vitamin is the easiest of all to obtain, since it is found in fish liver oil and is also developed through action by the sun’s rays on oils on our skin. Too much of it can be harmful, however, at times possibly encouraging development of cataracts. QUESTION AND ANSWER. L. N.j What is the cause of albumin in the urine and what is the treatment? Answer: Albumin in the urine might be due to some inflammation of the kidneys or bladder. It might also be due to a disorder known as nephrosis. Sometimes albumin may be present without any organic disturbance. It is advisable to have a careful study made by a physician to determine just why the albumin is present. Once the cause is found, proper treatment can be prescribed. ' NEXT WEEK take off in , ^ IAHK BYSTUDEBAKER ^ Big car room inside Small pocketbook price ^Just right size outside - Pin money operating cost Beauty you never saw before > ? Driving pleasure you never knew before I.S.T.C HOST FOR FORENSIC TOURNEY Twenty-one midwestern colleges and universities will send speakers | to participate in Indiana State | Teachers College’s second annual I intercollegiate forensic tournament here Saturday. Besides the host college, others participating in varsity and novice j debate, public speaking and oral interpretation will be Illinois State j Normal University, St. Louis Uni-; versity, Asbury College (Wilmore, Ky.K University of Illinois, East-; em Illinois University, Ball State Teachers College, Butler Universi­ ty, Hanover College. Adrian Col- i lege, Indiana University, Bethel I College (Hopkinsville, Ky.L Ev-| ansville College, Anderson College,] Illinois Wesleyan University, Monmouth College, DePauw University, franklin College, Wabash College, Millikin University and Defiance College. Otis J. Aggertt, I.S.T.C. forensic? director, said a few more colleges and universities may be entered before the tourney starts. YOUTH FOR CHRIST GROUP PLANS MEET The recently established Youth For Christ organization will meet at 7:30 o’clock Saturday evening at the Liberty Avenue Methodist Church. A film. “The Tom Bennett Story.” will be shown. The public, including both youth and adults, have been invited to attend. Tribaae-SUr Wan* Ads Give Dependable Law Cost Results Call C-1331. OH, MY ACHING BACK Now! You can get the fast relief you need from nagging backache, headache and muscular aches and pains that often cause restless night* and miserable tired-out feeling*. When these discomforts come on with over-exertion or stress and strain —you want relief—want it fast! Another di-turbance may be mild bladder irritation following wrong food and drink—often setting up a restless uncomfortable feeling. Doan’s Pills work fast in 3 separate ways: speedy pain-relieving action to ease torment of nagging backache, headaches. muscular aches and pains. 2. by soothing effect on bladder irritation. S. by mild diuretic action tending to increase output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and the same happy relief millions have for over 60 years. New, large sire saves money. Get Doan’s Pills today! - Advertisement EasbGash lor HoMd&vj beeAs Yes, it’s commonsem« to phone COMMONWEALTH to get cash tmstl Just tell us how much you want Then pick up your loan in one visit to office. Take advantage of this special “Holiday Service" today! Phone now or come m! COR. WABASH AVE. & SEVENTH ST. TERRE HAUTE 2nd Floor (OVER HOOK’S DRUG) Crawford €065 . Ask for tho YES WANagar A Confidence repeated Million Times E. R. SQUIBB & SONS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE PHARMACEUTICALS FOR OVER 100 YEARS, RECENTLY PRESENTED AN AWARD TO HOOK'S DRUGS FOR FILLING NINE MILLION PRESCRIPTIONS. A. F. "BUD" HOOK, PRESIDENT; EDWARD J. F. ROESCH, VICE- PRESIDENT, AND HAROLD BASHORE, DRUG BUYER, RECEIVE THE AWARD FROM ARTHUR J. LONGPRES, DIRECTOR OF TRADE RELATIONS FOR E. R. SQUIBB & SONS. THIS AWARD SYMBOLIZES HOOK'S 58 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIANA. If you are sick ... it is always now ... never later. You see your doctor. He finds the trouble, and sends you to the drugstore. You have a slip of paper. It tells the pharmacist the kind of medicine you need. He asks you to wait a few minutes, not long. Then he returns with your medicine, exactly what your doctor wanted you to have. In a few days, you are well again. In Hook's Drug Stores, this has happened 9 MILLION TIMES. For thus keeping the confidence of the medical profession, the men who keep you well and comfortable, Hook's Drugs has received a treasured citation from E. R. Squibb & Sons, as a mark of unwavering trust. When John A. Hook, a young pharmacist, felt a need for a drugstore to fill the medical needs of his community at fair prices, he put his integrity into the filling of his prescriptions. A few years later, he was joined by a young man of like mind and character, Edward F. Roesch, and as a dedicated team, they founded the Hook Drug Stores. Because they were more in service than self, their drugstores multiplied as they moved closer to the neighborhoods, to make it easier and faster to get needed medicine. Hook's Drug Stores stand for the same unvarying service and quality today as it did the day John A. Hook and Edward F. Roesch decided to start their stores so well known through Indiana. The filling of your medical needs, as ordered by your doctor, comes first at Hook's. All of the executives, from A. F. (Bud) Hook, the president, and Edward J. F. Roesch, vice president, sons of the founders, on down, are pharmacists. And through the stores, there are 118 registered pharmacists who put your health first, and fill, with the faith of the founders, the prescriptions your doctors write. Hook's humbly accepts the E. R. Squibb Award, with gratitude to the doctors and their nine million patients, who have put their faith in our ability and integrity. This, we pledge, will never change. DEPENDABLE DRUG STORES “Your New Dimension in Motoring“ See and drive The LARK by Studebaker at your local Dealers' soon

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