Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 14
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ALlt«< EVENING TELEGRAPH Prices St. /,miivi term ftm with * ft. 23-05, dirties and chocks flk*22, Hew. heaif 14-tB, light 'flefeckWStoc/M FolloMng arc today's 1:10 poultry: ier grades, cue* AA large 31-52, A A mediums 26-29, A small i <«». neafJP 1MB, mm over B following are io»y B ff/»|| /1-._ M ! lb 13-14, ufflft S ft 9-12. cflBmwMp.m. quotations dh 12 New Yofk W III 1/pPrt rtal broilen aflfl fryers. 2%4Ui Stock Exchange Issues rw*a«sh H», 1!WM1> ( oM roosters 9-11, fee 1 ?™* indicated are widely held in| broilers and fryen, l%-;the Alton area, as supplied to! l the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co.. from Itt R0t4t£ Livestock Prices AtEmtSt.Loni* July wholesale B large 26-27; , large extras, min A 29-291*. «VS9 per cent 28-29, medium extra* 27- small extras 20-22, jrtafld- min 80 per cent B, Wfa unclassified, cases returned, West Drlefontein gold mine In South Africa has claimed to 60-79 per I be the first gold mine In th« world to earn a million pounds ($2.8 million) In a month. It reported over that much for February, 1660, For All Yoir Homt Imprwmmls Aluminum Windows • Aluminum Doom • Carports • Patio Covers • Vertical Blinds • Roofing • Asbestos Siding • Aluminum Siding • Venetian Blinds RUSSELL HOME IMPROVEMENT 911 Milton Road Phone HO 5-5588—HO 5-6589 Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations): AT&T 89%, Gen. Motors 44%, Granite City Chem. Steel 43 V 4 , 36%, Oltn Owens-Hi* 1121,4, Shell 36H. Sinclair 39>4, Socoriy 37%, Standard find.) WASHINGTON. D.C. (Special) Everett Dlrksen has received word from the Post Office Department that effective July 9 the department is establishing a new rural route at Godfrey, 111. It will be Route No. 4 NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, ID. <AP>* - (USDA) - Hogs 15,000; bulk U.S. No 1-2 180-230 Ib barrows and gllte 17.50-75; few loads 75 18.00; bulk mixed grade U.S. No 14 and 2-3 180-240 Ib 17.0040; No 2-3 2*M85 Ib 16.50-17.35; No 1-3 240 Ib to 1750; mixed grade 180170 Ib 15.50-1650; 120-140 Ib 13.0015.25; No 14 tows 400 Ib down and is being established to re- mostly 14.9045.25; few down to lieve the three present routes. 14.25; ower 400 Ib 12.7544.00; ST^Standard (NJif40%. US. The new route will be 21 mllesimostly 13.00 up; boar* over 360 Steel 83. Sears 57% Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily BOXSTORAGE {long. Allen Dulles Visits Bonn on Journey Ib 10.00-60; lighter weights 11 .SO- Cattle 7,900. calves SOP; and choice steers all weights Neiva of Grains Futures Prices Range Firm In the early afternoon, wheat, corn and soybeans were ahead major fractions of a cent white oat* and rye traded within mostly steady prices. A federal grant of 12,800 has been CHICAGO (AP>-Cratt> futures j approved under the Urban ftemv price* worked Into a mostly firm ^ Assistance program to a**ttt range today after a steady to A Hon th preparing the final pha*e easier opening on the Board «f of ^ comprehensive planning pro. gram, Rep. Melvin PHce (D) informed the Telegraph from Washington today. The federal grant, matched by Jan equal amount in city funds, Federal Gran* Ctifl Polio Victims Meet At Picnic \ Approved for Citv Trade became fairly active I will finance planning work for a shortly before the close but trad i public improvements program and ers said it appeared to include!for a final report summarizing only a light commercial demand. I eomplctf plements wf the plan. QIIIU 4.ISVIVV. CT*«-*i» O «»• *TX.»^B*l«T V/lll^T »* "f^- >• ».w.------ •_•-_24.00-28.00; mostly standard and| Carlot receipts were estimated I Rep. Price wired.' good slaughter heifers and mixed BONN. Germany (AP) - Allen j yearlings 21.00-24.00; jiHBty and Dulles, chief of the U.S. Centrnl FOR WINTER WOOLENS llnteUigehce Agency, visited Dorm briefly today. He reportedly Is ! looking over the European Intelligence setup. commercial cows 14.5045.50; few to 10.00: earners and cutters 12.0014.00; utility and commercial bulls 18.00-1950; good and choice veal- ers 23.00-26.00; few to 27.00; stand- SEIHIMFS CLOSED FOR VACATION from TUESDAY, JUNE 28th UNTIL JULY 12th Dial HO S-8877 NOTHING TO PAY TILL FALL Beii'Gurion Back In Israel After Tour (weevlly) 73%; No. 2 extra heavy white 75%; No. 3 extra heavy white 73%. Soybean oil 8%b-?ia. ard and good 19.00-23.00; good and choice 250-500 Ib Slaughter calves 20.00-29.00. Sheep 2,000; good and choice spring lambs 17.00-20.00; utility -mrr A,,TV f ! ,Atn D*t~ afld &*** ^'OO-ie.SO; CUlls down „„,_,. „.„.„,.„ TEL AVTV, Israel (API-Prime wM . few good shorn slaughter !i 25n; feed 92-1.02n. Minister David Ben^Gurion re- wes unchanged at 5.50. turned to Israel today after visits to France, Belgium and the Neth- Nearly 100 Killed at wheat ft cars, corn 167, oats Harland Bartholomew It As- 44, rye 3, barley 40 and sovrans | soctotes iirr engaged In the plann- 27. i ing projrct for Alton. CHICAGO, f-Tor most of their seven yean Andrea Cappaert and Jqdy Alfano have shared the same misfortune. Their first meeting Sunday was a picnic, though, because they also share the same uncle. The little girls contracted polio a day and a half apart when they were 2%. Andrea, who lives In MONtfAY, JUNE 27, I960 ""Wood River Man Plead* Guilty To Tax Evasion SPRINGFIELD, III. (Special) -Rollo 0. Simmons, 40, Wood River, pleaded guUty in U.S. District Court here to toy to charge* of Income tax evasion. Sentencing was delayed pending investigation of hi* request for probation. Simmons was in* dieted May 26 on five counts for tax evasion, from 1954 through 1958. U.S. Attorney Harlfngton Wood Ann Arbor. Mich., cannot breathej gakJ>s j rT1rt|Ons paid a totft , ^ $97 without a « 9 £ lrator - tJ _ udj y 8 face '|n taxes for the years in ques- lion when actually he should have paid $3,348. CHICAGO (AP)—No. wheat or I Th P federal grant will pay half soybean sates. Corn No. 2 yellow j tnc cost of the comprehensive dty 1.18U-*; No. 3 yellow 1.17%; No. 4 yellow 1.16%: No. 5 yellow 1.12 %. Oats No. 1 extra heavy white plan being prepared by the Bartholomew firm, said City Manager Graham Watt this afternoon. The city has paid the cost of the survey to date and the federal jgrant means that the Federal still is partially paralyzed. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cappaert telephoned Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Alfano of suburban I Des Plaines to say they would be driving near Chicago en route from Rock Island, 111. So Sunday Judy happily skipped Up to the special used bus which aoy,*™, 0 ,, »*»•'•«••. Rovernment will pay for the reBariey: malting choice 1-la-j* ,,„.,. „,„£•_ ttf nno hnl . carries the is able to Cappaert family—it hold Andrea's iron High Low Close Close erlands. SHAMROCK RESTAURANT 301 Shamrock last Alton Will Be Closed for Two Weeks'. Vacation BEGINNING JUNE 26 OPEN JULY It In Luzon Typhoon MANILA (AP) —Nearly persons were reported dead and several hundred are missing tonight after Typhoon Olive raked the main Philippine island of Lu- jJly (Sep Dec Mar May 100; Corn Jly Sep Dec Mar zon. .May Manila, a city of two million, was partially paralyzed by the 80- mile-an-hour winds and driving rain of the storm, which hacked a northwest path across Luzon late Sunday and Monday and then 'churned out into the China Sea. 1.82% 1.81% 1.82'/4 1.81% 1.85'N I.MTfc 1.85'/i 1.85 1.9Bi 1.90% 1.91i£ i.go3/ 4 1.95% 1.95% 1.95% 1.95 1.95'/i 1.94%i 1.95 1.94" 2 1.16% 1.15% 1.16 116V» 1.16% 1.15% 1.16% 1.16<S» 1.12% 1.11% 1.12'i 1.12 1.1854 1-15% 116 1.15% 1.18% 1.17 S 4 1.18'i 1.17 3 4 er. Copyright I960, Bunwu of Advertising of the American Newspeper Publisher* Association, Inc. Oats Jly Sep Dec Mar May Rye Jly Sep Dec Mai- May lung and has bunks for the three other Cappaert children—and met Andrea for the first time. mainder of the study — at one half Then Andrea switched to a the total cost, said the city manag-1 portable respirator and was car-i ried into the yard for the big I family gathering. South Korea to Elect Parliament July 29 SEOUL, Korea (APi-South Korea will elect a new Parliament July 29. interim Premier Huh Chung announced today. The elections were demanded by .70% .71 .74% .75% .74% .70% .70% .73% .75% .74% Says U2 Case Lacked Direction By JOE F. KANE Week Days Continuous from 7 PJM. Sun. Continuous from i P.M. No Parking Problems at Roxano TONITE Yul Brynner — Oina Lollobrlgida "SOLOMON and SHEIA" Color Tochnlramn 8:43 Robert Taylor Nicole Maarey "THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN HAWKS" 7:06 Selected Shorts .10% WASHINGTON (AP) — Tne student-led demonstrators who already is in 70% .fl .78%! administration's handling of the i forced Syngnam Rhee out of of- .74 .74 U2 spy plane case lacked direc-i fice last April. ."75% .75%!tion more than anything else, saysj; :,"._.. 74& .74*4! the Senate Foreign Relations Com-j.,. , , . . . 7Z 8 i . flowing to devrlop industry l miltGC. ••!»-», t , 1.18V41.17' 1.18 1.17% The committee, after hearing 1.20tt 1.19% 1.2W4 1.19'4! testimony from several admini- 1.23% 1.22% 1.23*4 1.22%! strafion officials, made public its 1.25% 1.25 1.25% 1.25','ai critical'report Saturday night. It 1.25U 1.24V;, 1.25% 1.25' 2 said thn incident at least gave So- Soybeans viet Premier Nikita Khrushchev Jly Sep :NOV Jan Mar News of Stocks Selected Issues Given Boost 2.11% 2.10}i 2.11% 2.11 v g ,^ excuse for scuttling the Paris 2.10M- 2.09 2.10^ 2.09'^i summit conference. 2.08?i 2.07% 2.08% 2.07%. Committee members gerterally 2.12'^ 2.11^ 2.12^ 2.11' i i agreed that administration lead- 2.15',3 2.14»4 2.15V 2 2.14 3 i ers. tlie Wliite House, state and defense departments, the Central Intelligence Agency and other key agencies showed a lack of centralized control. "At crucial points the coordination broke down." the report said. "There are few, if any, references! in the record to direction and tliisj seems to the committee to be! what was most lacking in tiiisj period." i "If this direction is not to come from the White House, then it NEW YORK (AP^ - Speculative demand gave selected issues a boost in a generally mixed and dull stock market late this after- "^lurne for the day was esti- fr T. the State^Dep>rtment," it mated at 3,100,000 shares compared with 3,220,000 Friday. Gains and losses of fractions to a point were the rule among key stocks. More volatile issues jumped from 1 to about 4 points. Zenith, General Instrument, Beckman Instruments and Universal Match were up about 3 added. ,The May Day spy flight which went down deep inside the Soviet ',, Union probably should never have 1 been undertaken, the Senate EL*AIR H WNr V ft f S I 1 T ! « 6 9 6 1 fr OPEN 7:00 LAST 2 STARTS DUSK NIGHTS! •GARY GRANT;TONY CURTIS OPERATION /<! PETTICOAT Audle Murphy Sandra Dee "Wild And The Innocent" Starts Wednesday First-Run Showing OPEN 7:30 — START DUSK r- IT WOOD James Gamer Natalie Wx>d 1'ash PLUS ffKMOft Ibc HOUSE Sums ! apiece. Reliance Manufacturing The committee said it had not found out all it wanted to know about the case. It said it >vas unable to learn just what information the May Day flight was sup- n the fare of another expected drop in the industry's operating rate. Losses of j'" ^ about a point were shown by | P ressea Youngstown Sheet, Lukens Steel, and Jones & Laughlin. I Government bonds continued to I drift fractions lower. Corporate ' pushed ahead to go over narrow- 'ly on the plus side. w f e ^ alified ««««, wo., ex- Your F « vorlte Fam » 1 ' Drlv «' In I STAKLIGHT Kasavubu Become* I President of Congo LEOPOLDVILLE. Belgian Con- ; go (AP >— Joseph Kasavubu was; ', sworn in today as the first na- j j tional president of the Congo. \ \ Congo leaders have decided to; 'call their country the Republic of j I Congo after independence, although a former French colony across the Congo River alicady has taken that name. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily "FOR VALUE RECEIVED" When you add up the money advertisers spent in 1959 for... all their television commercials $1,525,500,000 all their magazine ads 866,200,000 638,000,000 193,200,000 $3,222,900,000 all their radio commercial* all their outdoor billboards- ...and you compare the total with amount they invested in DAILY NKWSPAPKRS alone $3,517,000,000 ,,.you'll understand just how much advertisers rely on daily newspapers J AVt < All ON; KUMOtt: Box Office Opens at 7:0t THRU 3ATIWDAY TONITE JULES VERNE'S Plus and Rig Hit COOPER COLO MAN OF THE WEST Cttrtooii*—free Playground Children AdnUtted F in i HI \HI.\I,i\ t tint TODAY & TUES. Open Doily 12:45 ™ BRYNNER KENDALL At 2:35 5:50 9:05 PLUS TERROR and a STRANGER! IN THE WAKE OFA STRANGER TONY WRIGHT 'SHIRLEY EATON 1:15 4:30 7:45 Open 6:30 RINCES rout fun IDHIIIHI TONITE PLUS THE KiltER SHRMS 7:05 9:45 Open Daily 6:30, Start 7 p.m. AduJta OOo KMdto* We Tonight at 8:48 p.m. Tony Curti* Dean Martin "WHO WAS THAT LADY" Tonight at 7:15 p.m. "CURSE OF THE DEAD" FAMILY NIGHTS TUIS., WID., THURS. All sieaU 3Sc. Matinee Cvery \Vedu«*Miay. Let the I'ptown bf Your Bul>> .Siller for • fuvv hour*. All LouQh Program BOB NOPE — IN — "ALIAS JESSE JAMES" Tut*. *nd Thim. 8:45 p.iu. ,rr OODRIVER Pi;r.-i-ri tn th* HttorMt of mor« »M«c(tv« idv«rti»in| THE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Tue*. «M| Tkun. 7:16 p.m. "X0rr«'« *l I'M, 10;25 pan. TONITE ft TUES. OPEN «:3U that college flirt + who* can't helc loviri Tall boys.' At t»:iu •iud Feature KAY MNTON OAWC STfWAIT GRAND ft PRINCESS THEATRES _ . n . Extra with Regular Prices our Hc K uiar NOW ENDS SATl KI>AV FIGHT FILMS' INGiMAK if JOHANSSON PATTERSON 'OFFICIAL WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP FI8HT FILMS T n UNHW UTIITI KM ut 8:15 if Grand at 1:00 4: 10 7:36 10:85 I TUESDAY PRINCESS tf-VriNKE ONI.V Open l P.M — KtarU l:3U AM. *B. KIDDIES SUMMER FUN PARTY" With Wettern Featurt — PLUS All Hit Itstl j Hnn d Fii - BIB SURPRISES

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