Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 7, 1957 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1957
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quiz on. RAINBOWS QUESTION: Whera does the rainbow aet lt< color? ANSWER: From sunlight «s it passes through drops of rain. The drops act like tiny prisms, and as the sun rays pass through they are separated into different colors. There are seven colors in a rainbow. These are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These colors blend into each other so you seldom see more than four or five clearly. Occasionally, a rainbow is formed by the moonlight but It is very faint — since moonlight is far feebler than sunlight. You can also often see rainbows in spray that flies from a waterfall. The rainbow has colorful names in many languages. The French call it the "arch in the sky." To Italians, it is "the flashing arch," and the people of Annam refer to it as "little window in the sky." There is a legend that a pot of gold can be found at the foot of a rainbow. FOR YOU TO DO: Color this picture including the rainbow, using the colors mentioned above. Cut heavy lines in bottom panel and fold center panel forward, end panels back. Save it to compare with a real rainbow in the sky. (A $10 prize goes to Eddie O'Rourke of Walnut Creek, Calif., for rhis Idea. Send yours to AP Newsfeatures in care of this paper Tomorrow: Are' hurricanes worse than tornadoes?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner MAKE FRIENDS There are scores . of "touchy" subjects around these days. Con- Times Herald, Carroll, lewa f\ Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1957 *jf Patience it the ability to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second. sider them before you speak, views first. And consider your listener 1 ! 'I with you'd help me—while I'm trying to get our daughter out of the bathroom, you try to get Junior In!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. «•(. U.S. Pit Oft, "We could live right here, Mom, with you and Dad) Charles says If two can live at cheaply as one, four can live as cheaply as thrtal" TIZZY By Kota Oscmn OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS "You do such a lovely tango, Herble—ifs a shame to waste It on a cha-cha I" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer tJH. **t- OA. **• 8* "The only thing he caught was a cold!" Men and Women Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Adam and 4 Eyre 8 Fashion expert, Edith -•— 12 Jean •Jean 13 Unique man or woman 14 Unemployed 15 Biblical prophet 16 Trimming 18 Changes city plans 20 Group of eight 21 Appropriate 22 Western state 24 Baseball's Ruth • 26 Russian monarch 27 Health resort 50 Opposed 32 Football player 34 Keep 35 Fancy 36 Fire residue 3? Misplaced 39 Individuals 40 Simple 41 In addition 42Unsoiled 45 Holy war 49 Paused 51 Communist ,52 Architect, . Robert'-—— 53 French novelist 54 and Mom 55 Greek letters 58 Formerly 57 Furtivjj, DOWN 1 Always 2 "This -— of tears" 3 and Essex 4 Knee or elbow • 5 • Boleyn 6 Centaur 7 Before' 8 Fasten 9 Redact 10 Century plant 11 Nick 17 Bellowed 19 Music drama 23 Unspoken . 24 Theda 25 Prayers 26 Caruso, , tor instance 27 Flags 28 Masculine nickname 29 Greek war god 31 Soundless 33 Lights 38 Battlefront part 40 Cripples 41 Check accounts 42 Informal talk 43 Spartan queen 44 Jacob's brother (Bib.) 46 Soaks 47 Allot, as cards 48 Singer, Nelson-—— 50 Malt beverage BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yet, Luther? BY EDGAR MARTIN MBS, OUR BOARDING HOUSE .FORry -1 ISEV/5M- RFry TUB. .-with. ...... . MAJOR HoMlfe' <3R £AT CAESAR,' JAKE/ WHEN IHEV, ^fOLD ME A HOOPLE* WASIM3AIL .X J? HOPED AGAINST ; HOPE rr WAS^T \ /W REMESADE- BROTHER SOLLV- ilrt© OOfS. iFAlR MAfAE- IP You; COME; IN HEffeTOHAMf IT OP, HOWS A&3UT RScmw THESE JASPERS WITH MA6\C/*»AR&VO0 HEANY* WITH DOU6H -fcE -/VU ~0fi?- AS USUAL 3 1ST LOATHED BUGS BUNNY tndlnq Strin I'M IN LUCK! THERE HE IS! WOULD YA MINP WALKIN' BACK T' MY SHOP, PETUNIA?. PR!SC:LLA'S 'O Cry and Hue BY AL VERMEER ...THAT'S FROM CRYING . OKI TMIS CHEAP NECKTIE ( 7 / tr ^iitMiTiliii ^tti ALLEY OOP Greeringsl BY V. T. HAMLIM MAYBE WE CAN BUM A SLUG OF SOWBELLY AM' BEAMS T. OFF'EM. MORTY MEEKLE And Where Is He Now? • BY DICK CAVALLI I THINK HE'S PLANNING A SURPRISE FOR YOU. FIRST, HE PESTERED ME FOR A PAPER BAG.. vp THEN HE RU5HED UPSTAIRS THE MINUTE HE SAW YOU COMING UP THE STREET, PICK FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS On the Prowl BY MERRILL BLOSSEt ME AMD AAV BIS''MOUTH"/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Nature Columnist SUR6DIQTH6LMA, HIRED A NEW 61 IB-/; HI. MONEY. HAVE r " twill, DC BY WILSON SCRUGGf "\ WOULDN'T BE MISS JSURE WOULD. MDU.Y \XZ, WOULDKHtfS HOW WE IT? a. , , i «tV COURIER . NATURE . COLUMNIST/ THEN6YT MORNING TS Sr. CAPTAIN EASY /HUE »AARK'$ CHAUFFEUR WAIT* IW THE CAR., JAARtB 6HAN0S* AMP fVkCK^<£UICKLV THEY'RE TOO BA3BR TO OET we our oc TOWN PA *rJ TO RATHER m** ONE PLIGHT AMP M SURE TIP* *AF* ' Marl* Stalls C3H&W. LEAVIKIfl t>i A 6 &RU1C& U POOR AROUNP THft CORWER.... LESLIE TURNER THEY SAID TEP WILL BE BROUfiHT TO TOWN Ikl THE YACHT, IP HR ISN'T $00Ni I'LL REPORT MY, SUSPICION TO HE POLICE'

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