Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 8
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EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 2T, 1960 icxation Rejected by [ose wood, Lincoln Areas •"< r ^ 7 ^SSpKJffSS 1 . . ' f$ i> * t RIVER - V««ri »f In and Northwood subdl- is Saturday ovefwheimtrtg- F t*Jected a proposal to annex i.tfte City of Wood River. Unit totals show 345 opRosed n, while only 8? favored tile Northwoorts precinct Opposed the proposal with ^voting for annexation, while 91n addition 119 voted no (yes. There were 20 spoil- Allots. •Approximately 2,000 residents two areas. fit area In the annexation Included from the In- of Ninth street and (tfrettght out In favor of anex- atlon was the fact that Rosewood Heights has a population of approximately 5,000 and Is no longer the suburban type area It was when the district was first developed. Proponents of the annexation charged that Rosewood had the problems of a city without the city organization to cope with them. Those favoring annexation) also pointed out that the cost of living as a part of Wood River would be less and that they would be able to get sewer service sooner aa a part of Wood River. On the opposite side of the [Airline drive In Rosewood 1 ledger opponents pointed out 'Heights south on Ninth to the!that It was doubtful If Wood 'HOrthern edge of the city land-jRIver would be able to extend '•fill, west to North Sixth street.(better fire protection to the ttbufh to Park lane, west to j area and also give them better •Jefferson avenue, north along j water service and garbage col- I ! he ., E n 81 i'!° n c ° rp °T Ilnc i lec(ion - u j Crewmen of the U. S. Coast Guard to Airline drive, except for lwo< Opponents also charged thatj |j- ntg h|p "Relief 505" are shown In ' 10U along Airline drive, which,Wood River could not provide! fr » nt M \ hey mimric With Others at St. Were recently annexed to East,Rosewood Heights a sewer | George, fl. Y. All nine aboard were res- Alton, and east to Ninth street'more cheaply than one could be) cue< j after tne "Relief 606" WHS rammed Subdivisions Included Lincoln I installed separately. | place, Lincoln place annex,; Ed rjoerr, president of thej Woodland drive, Forest drive,i Ros ewood Heights Improvement! Circle drive, Haller drive and iA8soclat|on told the Telegraph; Airline drive. l fnat thc resu ] t s show the peo-j Amortg the principal points ple want to , ron out the)r own | problems. He further added thatj the RHIA was ready to help lhe| people fn any way and asked, them to attend the meetings; nnd express ideas. : Mayor James Delaney of! Eaglet Auxiliary Ritual Team Tie* for State Tide WOOD RIVER — The ritual the consecutive yean, winning the team of the Eagles Auxiliary for high honors and will! the title of state cham-i pfons with the East St. Loui S i honor this year, team, it was announced today. Comprising the Two Mikes Win Marble Tourney At Wood River EAST ALTON - Two undisputed state champtensnip title last year and sharing tne| name d Mike excelled In the Com- jmunity Building's marble tourna RESCUED CREWEMN by a freighter and sank while on stand* by duty at the Ambrose Lightship po- sltton fn New York Harbor. Behind the group is the lightship "Ambrose" which usually serves as the "eye" of New York Harbor. It has been dry- docked for annual maintenance. (NEA Photo) LOWMt POMlbl* PrlCM. Double Ecite Stamps Atk Your Doctor to Call Us We Deliver. 15 REGISTERED PHARMACISTS Flvt Convenient Locatlont. Prompt, Accurate service. Preihett. Piireti stock*. Announce Winners in East Alton ^Olympics' EAST ALTON—Four trophies cus and shot put; and Dennis; and 100 ribbons were awarded iBarnard. running broad jump. Wood River said the outcome | to youtns j n tnc East Alton Jun-; First place winners In the 11. jshowed that the people want; j or 'Olympics Saturday afternoon i and under age group were: Mar-] I no part of Wood River. "We at the East Alton Junior High^garet Shoppell, 50-yard dash, 100- \ gave them the chance." he said. "1 still think it would be better School. The Olympic events were yard dash, high jump and running! directed and sponsored by the broad jump; Bucky Plopper, soft- to unite these communities into]Community Building Department, bull throw and shot put; Mike; one large city", he added. Trophv w j nne rs in the 12 to i4i Rol >ertson. 220-yard dash and dis- ; age g|-oup were . Bob Kjsner 14fl cus: and Joe Scrogglns, hop step' Septimus de Villers. celebrating !son of Mrs Eve ly n Vance, 809i and J um P' his 93rd birthday at Paarl, South! Rlce st; and Margaret Shoppell,; Traffic Talks ; Africa, by driving his big Amerl-| 12 , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- EAST ALTO N - Trafffic talks! can car claimed to be the oldest |n ani Shoppell, 402 Lincoln Dr.j wil , be iven by Police ^M Har-! motonst in the country. j Trophy winners of the 11 and un- !old Rlggins on Saturdays at lj I dor age group were: Bucky Plop- p.m. at the East Alton police sta- per, 11, son of Mrs. Shirley Plop-| tjon for mo torists who receive: per, 57 Edwardsville Dd.; and; warning , ickets Future dr i ve rsi . Cozette Ottwell, 10. daughter ofja^j thelr p arents are invited toi "Showcase" by Moor Wood River Band Program Listed WOOD RIVER — The municipal band concert Wednesday at 8 p.m. will feature a high school singing group, it was announced today by band- manager, Ervin Mouish. The group is composed of Sandra Jamerson, Carol Mauser. Nancy Cartwright, and Bobby Whitten. They will sing "Angry," "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." and "Good Night. Sweetheart." The band will play the "Golden Eagle" by Walters; "Laura" by Beeler; "Little Rhapsody" by Gershwin; "In a Persian Market" by Ketelbey; "Cuban Fantasy" by K e p n e r ; Wagner's team are: ment Friday morning. Twenty Competition was held at the Mrs. Leland Swinney, captain; flve **"** participated in the tour- state convention ThursdayiMrs. Kenneth Graham, pianist; nament - throuRh Sunday at Moline. Both Mrs. Francis Ingram. Mrs. Mike Robertson, who won first teams scored 98.7 and each will [Joseph Chlado. Mrs. Carroll In the 10 and under age group, be eligible to compete in the!Wells, Miss Frances Harshbar- is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl national contest In Morlda in ger, Mrs. Bert Major and Mrs.'Robertson, 605 3th St. First place August. (Joseph Baker. :winner of the 11 and over age The local team has entered state competition six times and has placed in the top three five group was Mike Qrlmsl«y, tun of Mr. and Mr». Samuel Gflmsley. 405 Cobb St. A Jacks tournament wlfl be held Monday at 10 a.m. at the Community Building, ml the Community Band will rehearse Monday at 7 p.m. at the East Alton Junior High School. Next week will be mtltled "Music and Creative Dramatics Week", and the daily programs (will feature music activities, play acting and badminton Instructions. Luzury hotels are planned for i Chrlstchurch and Aucland, New (Zealand, one by Hilton. Mrs. Annabella Ottwell, 423 Ohio attend the talks. St. The youths wore awarded tro- w tjckets dQ iphles for a C h,eving the most * fj]e{J rt b points in all events ,n their agc; toriatB , ssued warn ,£ tlcketswill * l ° . 'be required to appear at the Sat- First place winners in the 12j urday taIkSi said chief Riggins. to 14 ago grpup svere: Bob Fish-| __ _ _ er, 50 yard dash, 440 run, soft-! Completion of the $300,000 water- ball throw, running broad jump; works at Sunyani. Ghana, now un- and hop step and jump; Gary der consturction, will provide good Griffith, 100-yard dash and 220|yard dash; Mike Grirnsley, dis- clrinking water for five more villages. Your glasses are the most noticeable and important accessory you wear. Be sure they are right for every occasion by selecting a wardrobe of glasses from Ostertag's vast, up-to-the-minute collection. Let our Fashion Stylist, Kay Parker, show you the latest fashions in frames . . . new eye make-up techniques! Call for an appointment. 100 N. Euclid 632 N. Grind •18 S. Brentwood 2428 Woodson Rd. 3718 Washington ttOOChippewa 325 N. Kirkwood 606 E. Broadway, Alton, DL Inventory June 30th PRE-INVENTORY SALE OF ALL MERCHANDISE . NOW ON! Savi up to /4 Befort Juni 30 4TH & PIASA L ALTON ! *" END OF MONTH SALE! LADIES' WEAR 5.95 Set — Sleeveleu Bloute with matching Jamaica. Beautiful •tylini with 405 choice material*. gUe* 10 to 18 *• and 18.0ft Sldrt and Blouw Set. 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Other officers seated are Mrs. Harold Helmkamp, junior regent; Mrs. Harold Frieman, chaplain; Mrs. Lena Sly, re- icorder; Mrs. Virgil Foster,' treasurer; Mrs. Alvin Barr, i pianist ; Mrs. Walter Maguire. argus; Mrs. Leroy Woodard,. sentinel; [^ Mrs. John Wilkenson, guide and' Mrs. Wilson Stagner, assistant j guide. Appointive officers will' ibe named by the new senior !ijS I .>JP>" : ' regent. **y Mrs. Harris Lynch, college of ^ regents member of the Ed- U* wardsville chapter, served as in- $~j stalling officer and was assisted ' by 10 members of the Edwardsville lodge. Mrs. Otis Logan, retiring senior regent, and her staff of of-J 'fibers, received gifts from the I (Moose lodge in presentation | ceremonies conducted by Alvin Barr, junior governor. Mrs. Ogan made the presentation of gifts to the retiring officers. Scrapbook of EaglesAuxiliary Best in State WOOD RIVER - The scrapbook of the Eagles Auxiliary won the state title at the state convention at Moline over the weekend. Mrs. Joseph Baker, president, reported. Compiled by Mrs. Joseph Chaido. publicity and press book ! chairman, the book was judged superior in "neatness, compact-! ness and effectiveness". Bound in white simulated; leather with silver lettering, the 965 indies ol newspaper pictures and publicity are mounted in clear plastic pages. The local auxiliary has won .three first places and flue third in press book competition during the past four years, Mrs Baker stated. Fined for Speeding WOOD RIVER—Ernst Marning, 17. of 218 Reller, Roxana, ^•as arrested by police at 5:10 ;p.m. Sunday for speeding The police report said he was traveling east on Edwards villa road and was clocked at 47 mph in a 30 mph zone. He appeared before Police Magistrate J. Thoi-mon Lancaster this morning. TranscriptsKeep WoodRiverHigh Registrar Busy WOOD RIVER — Wood River j High School registrar, Mrs. Hargis Long, has had her hands full this year with sending transcripts toi colleges and universities through-] out the United Stages for former j students at the high school. This spring she has been very busy with transcripts for students \V'ho enrolled for summer school. There were 13 graduates who attended summer sessions. So far this year Mrs. Long hasj sent 151 transcripts and expects j to send at least 50 more. SIU Al-j ton has been sent the largest num- i her of transcripts. 27. She has sent transcripts as far] south as the University of Miami and as far west as East New Mexi- |co in Portales, New Mexico. ' To Assume Duties ! WOOD RIVER -Ray Speer. j chairman, and his staff of offi- icers will assume duties at the j meeting of the Alton Area Poly- Arts Guild at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Guild building, 41 E. ! Madison Ave. I Other officers elected at the recent meeting are: Mrs. F. \V. Bromaghim. vice chairman: Douglas Trautt, secretary and Miss ' Margaret Grese. treasurer. Jeanno Yakubian is retiring chairman. All people who are interested in art, are invited to attend the meeting and may bring their own art projects for work and discussion. ON TIME RIDE A CITIZENS COACH CO. BUS Mid- STOCK UP FOR THE "4th" FRYERS-CHI Up.. rat. u.3s* WIENERS, Krey's Skinless 49c CORNED BONELESS PORK BUTTS Krty's—Try one Bar-B-Qued Lb. 59* WATERMELON .... 59c CANTALOUPES-Jumbo36's...2 39c CORN-Golden Bantam... 6 *" 29« ROYAL GELATIN... IST* 12 "" 99' PAN ROLLS.. Bn a,, 15 ™ 1 " TOM-BOY "Flavor-Plus" Grade "A" Fancy (Marked Right on the Can) JUMBO PEAS GREEN BEANS WHOLE KERNEL CORN L..2.r!_29 c . Silver-Ridge Mkt. 636 Broadway, East Alton Open Till 7 Friday Nite PEARL MKT. 835 Central, Alton Open Till 7 Friday Nite RAIN t RAIN State and Elm, North Alton _J Open Till » Friday Kite MAKE IT A FAMILY NIGHT! .,» ' Tfc A. A P. Feed Stores 411 Pias* FREE PARKING METERS Myers Ires. 3rd and Plow Paul's Fabrics 206 State St. Theodore Roosevelt was po- ! lice commissioner ol New York 'City in 1895. •itdtrman Furniture 303-304 Piaut Schoeffer's 108 W. Srd Canon Jewelry «15 W. 3rd Schiff Shoe Store St3 Bella Franklin Union Furniture SOO E. Broadway Sears Roebuck Co, «o«-»a Ptaaa Gorrett Furniture 16 W. Broadway Slock Fumltwe *oa W. Sri Thrifty Dri* SI* Bell* Thrift H0rdww9 •M Boll* W, T. Grant Co. 305 W. 3rd Vick's Shoos 114 W. M J, t R. Auto Stores Spl«t«J Catalo Deik 400 B«il« 1*1 Furniture 4th and Pia»« Young's Dry •oodt 104-106 W. Sf4

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