Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 4
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, JUNE 2T, I960 Editorial mtractora Must Help, too Fourth of July holiday trmfcn will be glad | deed, to traffic ifld It il remuring to hm this thoughtfulneM displayed oti the part of a state note that the state's program of safety on highways has spread to construction on the . R. Bartlesmeyer, chief highway engineer, need the division was instructing all con- tors on patching, widening, and construe- jobs to plan their work this week so as which goe» all out in its campaign to »ave lives on the highways. Even though these ofoftcles may not contribute directly to accidents, they are indirectly contributory because they irritate motorists hur- no ope" hole* i« ^e pavement, no ' W"* ***>™ h " v y tra f "; '« meet . a $ched .t! le - ches for pavement' widening, .nd- no barri- i And irritation frequently l«d to s on the travel lanes during the holiday \ or > n * tr that c * uw ' » ccidents To its credit, the Alton police department items constitute a grievous hazard, in- is cooperating in thc same program. David Lawrence Khrushchev On Elections In America WASHINGTON—Niklta Khrushchev has come up with what he thinks might be the solution to all our problems. He made a e Connnnninl Houblo-IJo United States "has made itself look s for the whole world and has got the 'Jty 'it' deserves," Anastas 1. Mikoyan, Soviet compared to the "live and let live" doctrine which democracy dares to espouse at the risk of ft* own cafety. Hm Deputy Premier told a Soviet industrial exhibition at Oslo, Norway, Saturday. Me W« speaking in the presence of King OUv V and a group of Norwegian and Soviet (Cgnitarics. ' , In an earlier stinging attack on this country • • i .. . 10 i j . i ,~ , ,t. »U» i»ev didn t represent he said Un ted States leaders wanted to rule the - r .. world peace and balance. World. It took gall, indeed, for Mikoyan to make to the Rumanian Party Congress which was reported by Tass, the Soviet press service. In a nutshell, an the headline In one New York newspaper put it, "Khrushchev Bids U.S. Vote Wisely." The exact quotation from the Soviet premier's speech is of paramount interest to the American people—and perhaps even to the Soviet people. For he says: And certainly the childish action, of Premier! ''The present leaders of, the i United States are evidently not Nikita Khrushchev at Paris coupled with thej ab | e Side Glances •» •MUMUH* to build the rela- umbilical cord-cutting Japanese Redsjtton* between states with differ- calling on their government to make are I ing social systems." ridiculous far past the point of absurdity — if But that's thc Communists for you. They the last remark'in view of the thoroughly rec- 1 want _you ^o believe^ their lies ^are the truth, Ognized world rule tenets of communism as 1 J "'' ' and the other man's truth is a lie. Khrushchev is quoted by the agency also as conceding- that it is for the people of the United States to decide who will be their next president. He. however, added: Past-Moving Africa Things were happening fast on the African Continent near week's end. On their way to Paris to s«t up a conference for Algerian rebel leader Ferhat Abbas with French officials on establishing a truce were Ahmed Boumendjel, Algerian director of military and political affairs, and Ben Yahia, Abba's chiei, aid. Safe conduct has -been promised them to France by President Charles. "But our state, our people, of course are interested in the election of such a president and the a refuge from Lithuania, as Mayor Nikolai Bob- i formation of such a government rovnikov was being conducted on a goodwill jas would remedy the mistakes tour of Canada at Niagara Falls, Ont. l™ e «V the present government , lof the United Slates." Neighboring Latvia was , fellow victim of NQW a goo(J argument can be this initial move in Russia's modern empire growth. made in support of Khrushchev's j approach. He wants to influence The fine 'people we know in this country the 'American elections and to de Gaulle, Meanwhile, four more members of the French Community were in process qf preparation to become independent the first week in August. They are Niger, Dahomey, Upper Volta, and the Ivory Coast. And the Belgian Congo was encountering its own form of growing pains as it prepared to become a republic Thursday. The government about to take over there faced a possible shortage of the new nation's flags needed to fill the rows of metal poles on the main avenues of Leopoldville, the capital. The old Belgian Congo flag will be tabu, whether or not there are enough new ones. We'd better keep our eyes on Africa and maintain contact "with her, or the West will have lost a tremendously important and potentially 'productive part of the world. Smell-Alikes coming from this stock are a constant reminder of this tragedy. But it took Gcd Jantisomis's markmanship to bring this tragedy back before the world's eyes on * scale that landed in the wire news services. Folks on this side of the water will hope the egg was as rotten as the deal Lithuania got from Russia. » » » * * Fidel-ing with Sugar Fidel Castro is up to his usual double talk. Secretarf of State Christian A. Herter had told the House Agriculture Committee the other day Cuba could be expected to drop at least a million tons from its sugar production soon. He was commenting on inquiries by Congress into cutting the Cuban sugar quota for this country. Castro, in one of his TV appearances, proposed in answer that Cuba would surrender its share of the sugar market in this country if its production in 1961 dropped a million tons — provided the Cuban quota here is increased by tell the American people what • MM H 29 and £O Years Ago June 27 t 1935, Walter 4tftoh) ffMalfcy was sentenced to life imprisonment by Circuit Judge Mudffe, following Ms plea of guilty to the kidnaping ot August Luer, Alton banker and meat packer. The plea of guilty came from 0'Mall«V WtH dramatic suddenness when Randot Eugene Novell, serving a life-sentence for his part in the kidnaping, appeared for further questioning. JHe had named O'Malley as the brains of the {kidnap ring. ! Alertness of Lee Belk of the Bethalto neigh- fborhood prevented what was believed to be the i birth of a new racket. Belk noticed packages I being thrown from a large truck driven by Fred Plegge of BetKalto. These packages in turn picfteeVup by another small truck following. Qalk, hiring a taxi, overtook the Plegge true* at Vaughn Hill to notify the driver of trie "on the run" theft. A man jumped from the Plegge truck and fled to a nearby field. i Plegge and Belk in the taxi pursued the fleeing I pickup truck to Collinsvllle, Belleville, East St. ! Louis,- where the "racket" man abandoned his i truck in an alley and escaped. Plegge believed ! the man haoVboarded his truck in Granite City, 'where he (Plegge) had stopped for lunch. Mrs. Katherine Kerwick of Carllnvillc, who ! was less than five feet tall, and weighed only i50 pounds, observed her 105th birthday anni- June 27,1910 fto Hto.OOO ewunton stmtner J.8., «Bnn had e*rrt«d many «wuntofl trtf» out «f Alton in the last eight years, had burned to tfii frtter ttne near Lacrosse, Wis. in a Saturdty tvtBlng fire, but all but otie of the 1,800 {MUNptflttfl Hid been taken off uninjured. The b6«t Wtt due of the best known, as well as finest fM*Mlfer excursion boats on the Upper Mississippi. Its name was contrived from initials of tte eapttir, John Streckfus. W. M. Sauvage, local agent of the boat, operated by Acme Packet Co. of Reck Island, received an account of the loll of the boat from Capt. Streckfus, who telephoned he hoped to find another boat to substitute for the J.S. and carry out its summer excursion contracts. Directors of Alton Box Board & Paper Co. visited Altorr to inspect the nearly • completed plant of the new corporation near Federal. In the group were Thomas Bauer, Cpel Williams, aod.W. J. Ash of Chicago; B. P. Farley and Charles Fairbanks of Terre Haute; and John McCarthy of Indianapolis. Placing machinery, in the new plant, which was to convert straw into paper, was slated to begin in July and to take about two months. R. E. Adams was manager. Announcements were received here of the marriage at Redding, Calif., of Miss Lutie "YOU know how Ken always wants to watch TJV jvcrsary. Although unable to leave her bed, she j Ulrich and J. D. Cochran of that city. The When we have a date? Well, tonight he proposed j greeted all who called to offer congratulations. I bride was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John during a commercial!" Render'* Forum Disagrees With Eleanor Eleanor Roosevelt's remarks I complimenting Stephen Bayne, j Westbury, Long Island, N.Y., whoj rejected the American Legion I icn UK; miiti iuct.ii pcvijic *THCH. , 1 kind of president they shall ] Award because it came from anj choose, even though he professes i organization he could not respect, not to be trying to decide the is- should come as no surprise. And yet 1 cannot describe the empty feeling that came over me after reading her column. Mrs. R. went on to say that Forum Writers, Note • Writers names must be published with letters to the Readers Forum. Letters should be concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. resided with the Misses Katherine and | Ulrich of Godfrey township. Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Carmody. ! Cochran were to be at home in the fall at Harold Boggess, baritone, 'and Mitchel Petruzza, violinist, drew a capacity audience at a choir benefit concert in First Presbyterian Church. Boggess was a recent graduate of the Juilliard Music Foundation of New York. Both artists were accompanied by Boggess's father, Klamath Falls, Ore. Sam Watkins, a shelF fisherman near Otter Creek, was brought to Alton for hospitalization after incurring a jaw fracture and severe lacerations about his head and shoulder. He had been injured when a johnboat in which he was Newton Boggess, regular organist at the church, j riding with his son-in-law, Chester Vanderbilt, High honor students of Alton High School j and N. B. Fox, was almost demolished In a graduating class for the last quarter were: j night collision on the Illinois River near Hardin. Class 4-2, Frances Aulabaugh, Charlotte Beiser, j The three men were all thrown into the water Mildred Chappee, Rita Cutler, William Fischer, and were rescued by men from the cruisers. garded as within the domestic sue for them. If, however, Khrushchev can tell the American people the kind of president he wants, should there be any objection to a bit of advice being transmitted the community, and esi H ,,mnh«.« arfmiu that HP to the people of the Soviet Union the faculty, should take pride in! Mn Humphrey admits that he as to how they should choose I an educational program t h a t is out o£ bounds; but those who their rulers? j would produce a stuclent vvith ! differ with the idea risk losing the Much can be said in favor of |sucn courage . I disagree with res P ect of the " Pink Lady "' pecially!Jurisdiction of the states." i Charles Green, Ralph Hall, James McCurdy, j William Middleton, Olive Paddock, Phillip Polster, Alice Thompson, Kathryn Stephenson, Alberta Vinson, Helen Voumard, Jane Watkins and Nelle Weiss. such a principle of reciprocity, especially in these days of "cul- iMrs. R's remark, "It is unfair tural exchanges" between na-jfor the public 1 school authorities tions "with differing social systems." After all, as Khrushchev to withhold any honors coming to Mrs. R. vigorously opposed the closing of Highlander School, which has long been a training himself has said, "peaceful ^co-j How can we sanction sucn con , duct; and at the same time re- Stephen because of his attitude", ground for communist leadership existence" depends upon interchanges of this kind. But what would happen if the President of the United States made a speech addressed to the Soviet people and really told them in this country. She suggested the federal government should reverse the decision of the attorney spect those who have proven I general of Tennessee. themselves? Education without morals is like putting a weapon in the that they ought to choose a pres-i haiMh oi a maniac . Absence o{ ident in a free election? He could She asked her fellow readers to write letters demanding the release of Uphaus, who had been Farmers in Alton area were paying as high as $2.50 a day to farm hands engaged in the hay harvest and general farm work, and were concerned whether sufficient hands could be found to push wheat harvesting, now starting. The Allen-Scott Report Ike Weighing Two Proposals WASHINGTON — President Eisenhower is weighing two far- reaching proposals from Defense Secretary Thomas Gates and the Joint Chiefs of Staff: To resume • atomic tests later this year at the Nevada proving ground. Lift the ban against U-2 reconnaissance plane flights over Rus- tried by the Supreme Court of I sia and Red China. Chiefs hold, it is "absolutely es- weapons depots and other storage sential" that new atomic tests bejand communications' centers that carried out to determine the ef- had never been available to us fectiveness of the warheads for the Polaris. That can be done only by testing them. Laboratory experiments and other substitutes are wholly inadequate. through any other source or method." To replace the suspended U-2 "overflights," the CIA.has greatly increased various "other activi- jties." But while productive, these New Jersey and sentenced to pris-! That these momentous reconv ing field tests. There are a num- Polaris warheads are not the j operations are falling short of the only new nuclear weapons await-hj-2 plane missions. "It will be about two years be- , • • tjici IT. o i icin 4 i\s u ii\_ 11 iiwi i wi *• • tv. • i tiling -A splattered egg on the Moscow mayor s a million tons if production increases tn#t much. ;f on ' n g j n ..the purely internal af- among those w ° arp concernea O f | nc « ... A » » > i i • A i it ill- « i . i i ! . - «...».. .itihnitt nnr vnnth unti futui'O. We .- tut'm IN « litre eici.uun. iic v.wuiu: . . . . •-*•-• ---..-., , M .... , , . , . IL win uc aUUUl IWU yea IS Ue- add that, of course, the United lo y alt y- P^'otism, and respecti on for his corn munist activities, jmendations have been made to her of other important ones, par- fore we — a - ny s Li iflcant States has no intention of inter-! for discipline is cause for alarm whj|e she chal , d the rights ithe President was revealed by tic-ularly small carrier for ground! intormatton {ron1 reconnaissance neck reminded the world of an early tragedy in Russia's "liberation" program the other day. The egg was splattered by Ged Janusomis, Drew Pearson's Merry -Go-Round U.S. Has Lost Prestige At that, thc bearded dictator might be plan-i fairs of the Soviet Union and! about our y° uth and Iuulurou u ning on reselling to this country at quota prices that, after all. the whole question i J av . e fpr ° Vld f d ..° Ur you 'f. *|"!..!!!f " impersonal. It concerns i Dest looa> clouiin g, meajcai n) l er tional opportunities that u rb med r m R us,,. disr me sugar oDtamea irom rvussu at Distress rates. Thc President could say that !"our state, our people, are inter- jested in the election of a chair- 'man of the Moscow government and the formation of the kind of ] of thc states of Tennes^^a-nd' Gates ; to wilit ^ and civilian forces and anti-aircraft rocketsj sate!Ii , e - [& rapell ,in reply - New Jersey to conduct their af,j defe " se leadert^at-their recent of various types ^ & ^ ^ •- g -. , -* - fairs, she defended the students conference at tj»-S**rine Base at; *<> I« Alternatives As - :result of ^ ^ „ '.'of San Francisco, who demon-jQwwUco. Va. '^Overflights" by U-2 planes j fl , Ms „ an estj Med go per cent are American activities committee known in the history of mankind. | when y, e comrnittee sought to Only 38 per cent of our youth question the 101 faculty members who are drafted for military serv- for their ice are accepted and 6 per cent! activities. of those are released within six WASHINGTON — President Eisenhower is shortly reporting to friendly to the United States. Brazil, long considered our best Here she did an about face and contended that the House significant occurrence at annual meeting. Secretary Gates gave no hint in .the one session he held with newsmen, at the close of the three-day conference. However, '^Overflights" by U-2 planes j thisjry information that can be obtained in no other way. That's what General C. P. Cabell, deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told the Quantico conference in stressing the following publishable details j the need for continuing such re- of what he told the Pentagon" and j connaissance missions over Rus- other authorities in the closed- \ sia and Red China, door Quantico deliberations can Like Secretary Gates, the CIA and missile installations were I located. It is known the Soviet is now extensively expanding these bases. "That's why it is so crucial to resume these reconnaissance flights, as soon as possible," de"These vital tar- only act the humiliation of Paris and government that would remedy I months, all because of poor |t %ii _ _ . „ „ Tokyo. Only then was his itiner- tho mi *ta kcs mad e bv thc P res " i titudes. This means that only 311 un . Arnerican activities commit- the nation on his trip to the Far friend, has begun a flirtation with: arv rev i se H NOW those Filipino ent K° ve >'nment of the Soviet per cent of our youth would be tee wnose power s are authorized East. If i. is like his report after Mos,ow, at the same time block-; t . h '" prs are 'proudly exhibited by U " ion '' , , h , , '^"y to defend their country if by Congress, had no right to ques-J^-^^^,,— "".^ ^teT'tLr oTher'Tacto" nUmer ° US ' but there are many ° f the summit failurp artd after our ing a minoral concession previous- Jim Hagerly as an offset to the. *° u | ld ™* « s ^ ** ' J p the need arose. tion the teachers, that this was Whj ° e ™- d are invoked in this mat er thk-h them We were " Ot able setback from the Russian sputnik, ly negotiated by ox-secretary of jw>1 , of To ^ o President of the United States M| ,_ Roos evelt, who always purely a problem to be resolvedJchjefereat^ And tp do this telecast is likely to be what the treasury George Humphrey,; p of our t jc „ ,„ ever be printecl in Soviet Russia?, prides hersolf as being tolerant, by the state of California Mi-s.i luil . a [ . ob , ems ^ ^^V' ,: But the tremendous ^' of Jniply is no substitute for 'over- Gov. Rockefeller described as Herbert Hoover Jr., and John ros, „ resujtpd from fte U2 spy « ' sdoubtfule ™ s ^ h al ; J^, says she cannot respect the Le--R. ,s for states rights if it best both prop08H , Si th are be ing these'overflights'.peak for them- f " ghtS ' , „, , evasion of strong action by tne tor Dulles Jr. . , , and th(1 blundcring alibis !2 ot h?ouUoutOe Sov e bloc'! g10 ", ^^f 6 ?«*?• ^ t °-, se ' Tes her CaUSe " j vigorously advocated by them on selves," said Cabell. "In a little PelltuB ° n FlaslHSS the Soviet bloc,, ward the United Nations. Now you Mrs . R. has allowcd her name the grounds of "urgent military,more than three years, we «H A . ^iti- An nnt t-\ui/a in na an nvnort nf m.i,_ u* .. i *_ .^.U^.^^K A ..»» in/\' ..._.. ! . ' Air commander use of "strong slogans" .... the technique of "answering great Eroslon in A8 , B . Afrlc . In Africa we have seen Rus- questions of the future with worn sia building the Aswan Dam, answers from the past." ipl , j?ct (:onside rably bigger than wrong plane sent at the wro time to the wrone Dlace And the ' It is not pleasant to criticize our biggest dam, Grand Coulee, aubi was equaUy trvine to broadcast it be' ., , iternational affairs to know that wrong . ,u , get in Rus 'Uhe UN framework to destroy our . _, ., , . ,, - j m . j j ,* • . • .|"" u "s- I Experience indicates that the President of the United Staes. and doing a very efficient job I However nationa , ^^ a n d j Khrushchev believes in a one- However, as Gov. Rockefeller of it in an area which controls' u doesn , t coast downhi n| wav street . Ue , hinks he can in . bluntly stated, the time for pus- the gateway between Europe and syfooling in si/ing up our position Asia, where Anglo-Saxon prestige as a nation is none. And as the once was supreme. to be used to enhance over 100 necessity." Only the President I cured information about Soviet f**f\m mi i tt ie-t $»>/*«* />t*nra w, ir»rj ti/tnt? ' i . . ,, «... .. .. ... _... ;Ci Communist front Europe, is the organizations. | can decide tne politicaf impiica-i anti-aircraft" defenses," atornTc' in- 1 ! ^ hoi( -' c ° f th , e Joint Chiefs of Staff These included disapproving the;uons. ' stallaUons. missile and rocket i to re P' a « Ge »eral Launs Noi-stad deportation of Harry Bridges, j B ut the defense leaders deem) bases and production centers : as commander. Norstad. asked leniency for the 11 Com-1 the early resumption of atomic munists who were on trial, and tests vital because of the im. It erodes gradually, ifluence the American electorate, '"7"' ""l"" . , . ",, cUv " y '" fthe ? S " - t0 abo ' ish i Pending completion of missiles •eat many bungles went'but he would resent any attempt ., Jol l n .... H !! m P h _~ y _' l 1 !!!^,^'*!."^!?/..""^™ 6 "™" aCt ' V ' and . other wea P°"« "»»ig nuclear! slide th oce bv the h uman rights commission, ities committee. |warhead , I who suffered a heart attack ear- Todfiv\ Prnvvr lier ** year ' wil1 leave NATO J. UUUy A £ Ttiyer ln a few mon ths. Smith is a 52- Give us eyes to see. ears , 0; >' ca ''-° ld Virginian .... car, and fingers to special assistant President reports u, thr naimn. ln As|H wc lind ,. |iwlts in South ;;;,^. h " na ^ eame 'd7uch"mo7nentum p"eopie of "the Soviet 'union of their mado this statement; ! It is high time for those who! While none of these new arms 1 tho beauties of the world around"; J? if jJ' ense Secr ^ tar y Gates, is the fact is that the nation hr ad- Ko ,.,, a anc j •r ur | { ey have cut the s j m , P \he U2 incident. ruler. "This commission proposes to love America and enjoy thc many .'were named by Gates, his listen-; us esi-ape us not. Best of all, open • anotner government unseeni n ' P-»rt of the blame however It may be that Khrushchev Pstublish international supervi-j blessings it has provided for users were fully aware that devel-jto us the wonder of the '"'must co to Democratic leaders thinks the President of the .Unit- »ion of the relationship of the i to come to its defense, otherwise, opment of the Navy's solid-fuel! kingdom of moivy and Justice ,,=„-.•"•:•.•"-" TT™T "• who w?apM^r p r 0 t^tive Hag «i States is some kind of a die- states and their citizens. This is/'the indolent become prey to the intermediate range POLARIS is which in Christ we have been in ., thrt " mdns >"'P of the Joint Chiefs of bipartisnship around Eiscn- tator who can make policy, irre- Working People dresses has suffered more diplo- ]M \\\\™\ ground out from under matic defeats, more politii'al sut-.i tM( | ( , rs on wm ,.|, WP be , our backs, greater loss of prestige, |no|u , v ou| . p( . (liit i st ; , ; , nc | our m jij than during any period in the lust , ary centur y- j In Europe we find our allies! ho wer"every"time he came home spective of what the people O r,*x'«™e because it is a measure In this hemisphere we find i backing us tmblidy but warning i from a defeat or let a crisis flare the Congress say. While it may. thatjjias been (traditionally re- communism almost taking over a us pr j V ately that we have got to' up ( O embarrass the nation. be l>ossible in Russia to ignore key island only 90 miles from our mpnd our hlundering ways. Only T , ( . thi erosion all d the wishes of the people and for shores. We have experienced hu- ]ast week Wl , follJK | Olll . anibijs . ripmorram heloed it will one man to break up a slim '" il miltating riots in the Panama lsador for dinunmm.-ni. Fredrick,?°, ' j n al !, JJJ"colurnn conference, for example, and Canal, the American Hag spat up-' Eaton former director of Mon- ' frustrate the whole process of on. and ex-president Ricardq san|0 chemical, scurrying home Behind the Scenes negotiation with other govern- Arias defeated for president be- from Geneva because of a Fmirh Rt 'P ubllc>ans m Hawa " wei ' e "' K ' ments, such a tiling isn't prac- cause he was a good friend of the and Britlsh warning to revise on. ; l ' d when Ike refused to T' v t, a . n tk-able under the American sys- United States. ' arms stand or lose , heir supporl ..honorary degree from the Um- tpm whereln the people in a In this hemisphere we have al- Fin-lly, and perhaps most im- u>l-! 'it.v of Hawaii unless tne nesi- {r(?€ , p | ei , t j on may express their BO seen a recent election in Eeua- po^am we have lost the effw- lll>l " of tne universit y and tne approval or disapproval of cur- dor where an outstanding states- tiveness of the chain of bases ex .i'-^p"is-all Republicans - came ,. ent (X)licies . man, ex-president Galo Plaza, i tending around Russia from West °"' to tne Manne Loi 'P s base to Khrushchev's interest in the i j« Office educated at the University of' Ge ,. many to j apan present it. Ike had a great op- Amerk , an election is constant .He aisisunt Maryland, was defeated for presi- ; Chj(i{ ' pu| , |X)SP of tnese . Jas , ls l )orlunit >' at the university 'o has referred to it several times J* *^**_ h . dent largely bt-c-iiuse he too was,. , ,* i ,. ., -n, .'.! ^'^ke a speech to the mixed races j (] ,. e ,. Pn i W ei>ks. H<? has an! has long oot'll oost i \ uiioii. iiirs .ti it .t .1., p^r.ifin whif^h makp un the , , . ,j . j~j f ,~., , . ,., i . ,ii rdtinc wmtn iiianf up un nolllu . ed lnal |, e would not nego- outmoded for ooiu'entmnal mill- - ,1, ,.,.,,,, ,->\ii n a them as an ex- • , i j r 1 i . ,. , D,, ,u ,. sum, cuing imin rt>, an t-\ ,,.,,,, wl((l ,| u , p resen t admims- Ifle|ira|»U 'ai'y retaliation But they \\.-ie aln|) | (> o( ,, u .i al tolerance, but he t ,. atlon extremely important for I'L 1 spy IV | USO( | to t ^ o niorp man pause he (lights. Now these flights arc Kvi , en ,_, 0 | f rounds to rewive the llw '- hunorary degree. Thc paralysis of these bases f biding dis job The practice of rotating the procedure, or-active" could well describe ourahead of schedule. This nuclear- Ivited to share. Amen. fate. among the three services has missile, designed especial-j-Alvin N. Rogness, St. Paul. ^^" ..^f'^l by Secretar y LOIS PETERSEN. lly for nuclear-powered subma-JMinn., president, Luther Theologi- d the Q uantico <*>"- irines, will become operational ! cal Seminary. next year. '• (p I960 by the Division of Christian For ..-..-• tO Previous Puzilt ACI08B I Cook • Whert gardeners work t Spaniifa hero 12 Sora DOWN 1 Indian 2 Difficult 3 Ireland 4 Fire 5 Cushion 13 Century plant Sg!^ 6 " 14 Individual 7 croM 8 Set the ton* 0 Satisfied reaso " the Jointi S8 Maine, for 18 Dropsy 19 Fancies II Famous Published Daily bv Alion Itlegnph Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY. Publisher andEdi.or 24 His job wis U.S. president 3T Oriental plants towns where carrier delivery It available nu-ms a Ma"c h ° n 3 .Ts in Washington. What the Soviet premier may not set rcali/c is that neither a Ui>nuKTatic nor a Republican Congressman Adam Clayton president may ever venture to Liwell of Harlem is now using the go to tin- summit again if Khrush- . . i.. 1 .. ]i -J'US'' l> ssional Record in his war chev is to be there. Certainly . j ,, . .. 8 '. wi e * ° Si ° a . against \\hite liquor dealers in American public opinion toduy 37 Electrical unit And all the Madison Avenue state- Har|em Th| , i)|h( ^. day he m ^ ^^ ^ ^^ JJ j( 38F,Trnwu^rt Jim Hagerty. all »»» w i in the record under the caption Khrushchev is misled by the *'S r *^? .. 41 Dutch pamtt* , , 4J MythicalUfd liquor ernmeiii. lhals why he finds it 44 Vend 48 Truck 10 Arrow poison instance gardeners) U Morning 30 Air (prefix) raise them 31 Became larger 47 Italian river 33 Enthusiasm 48 Apollo's 35 Egg dish mother (myth.) 40 Attack 50 Ravelingf 43 Slomach upset 51 Hireling 45 His business 52 Repose was miners 95 Sun moisture* 16 Disposition 20 Fable teller "We're that any more in this A~dminis- tratidn. '€ I960. The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By J ™«"™~ year of operation. More than half »,, * « ''f "°t ^ e Patients were received as T7\V emergency cases between 5 p.m. «i$?3|s^-- and 8 a.m. Some, although not ready to go home, were allowed to go to their offices during the day. The average stay was 23.9 days, which compares favorably with medical conditions insurable under Blue Cross. yA' 24 High cards _ „ , ;: ill '' lull - v llhosen «;ords written tor .. (he k , Q{ ^^ tQ (hat he a an fc 5i¥ r «A.f i -JK« B < ?'•!! n ?» tl « r ..« lkp by S ho! " wnter Kev)n Nlc ' buy Horn Negra-ouned C'ani;. can t brush this aside Nor can thc plaudits received in the Philippines and Formosa, two countries which Ike didn't want to sloM's" a list of all "Harlem Ne- dillicult to understand gro-uuiwd package liquor stoies." ic piwetse*. • • i%o Beii SMidxute int > ^ \\\ this, ol course, could be 7:(l ACTUKS IN' STKIkK clarified for him il there were NKAV YORK '.f — When the flee flections in the Soviet Un- aciois strike hit Broadway. 731 ion Th< -' re nll B |lt «^ ven te a P' an to interchange campaign orators — that is. let the Soviet orators 44 What s policeman do** 49 Lamprey Bahtrmts) MEMBER OF TUB ASSUUATfcD PRESS The Associated Press i=> exclusively eniitled to tbe use for publication ot visit, cover up the degradation ol all Q4ws disp&tchef credited in this t t t j i i .11 pap«r «od to tbe loc»i ne»» pub tx ' in S snuurjed by our Key ally in li»J>«d herein U»c Far East—Japan. MEMBER. THE AUDIT BURtAU Philippine Irufl, ado,s were aflcctcd Of CIRCULATION •' Jn lac. it's the height of irony When the W Broad*ay *0** come Qver here and a ^ iwti Advertl»m» Rates and Con that President .arcia of the Phil- rt*umed peilormances. WJ ; ... u .,. , , KB ,.»..^. i and his ambassador, Car- actors returned to give a show. tw<!y V A"ion"lir"N^(ion«i loi Romulus, made pJea alttr pjea Thost- niissing were in "Duel <;i (5S^an*y nl *N«w* York* tnat Ike visit their coujitry, but tne Angels. fhe Andersonville »trclt Atlanta Dallas were snubbed—until he needed Trial." and "Finjan s Rainbow,' ii'd ol 58 Tavern* r " tu« Fr * ttc '* co ' Lw isunie IriendJy chee/s to coiuiter- • which doi>ed durum the sdrike. *t i« likewise. All this could come un- dei the heading ol " peace! u I co- f 1 PruUtr*! tsWi existence." (C i*0 N. V. Herald Tribune, Juc.) ' K«V*»«HW VKTIWNUM Do uiokt women like to gamble? l » pupil intere«l ia dduc&tioii in* 1 foatiitur** 4u«uef: Most people, including r****^ *!^^5 N ^ l *S i S^ "••"«• women, like to take occasion*! jf^^C^ /^/JK^"^ Answer: Very much so. Follow. . . , i . . . f ^ 3^' —af-^f " ' up studies of fifth • graders over a moderate risks, just to see how ( /\ i^PaWZjPl ; -K ,,„.,.. „. _, u *' aue " " VB * * . . , , . , , ™ U/ \ r"- 1 ^ jjX. * -o-year period show a continually they stand with lady luck. There ?$_„ mf^mT '"creasing desire for knowledge is a luther fine line between > ^ST^^^Wi^ St-holastic Magazine recentlyre- spc-iability and addiction in games X^C/T ^>aW^ P° rted ^ ior every 1000 pupils of chance. The conditions tuat pro- . ^ jlj^ ^, n jt^iP"*! i in the fifth grade in 1924-25 30~> mole social gambluig ^end to be ~ CM ^^^^ „,, went on to graduate Irom high more lavorable tovvaj-d women. uuriM* mix* . scho0 ' and 118 entered coUege By Many foot-loose, middle-aged and 1348.49 (checked in 19&) 581 ol older women, whose children have 4n*uef: The Grade Square each 1,000 fifth-graders went grown up. are attracted by the Hospital in New York has success- through high school and 301 en- sodal aspects oi the milder (prow fully applied a kind of general- tered college; an increase of 155 of gambling, such as bridge and practice approach to psychiatry, prr cent in the rate of college bmgo. treating 1,087 patients in its first entrance. <C I960, JtiBf Fas tor«« Synd , Inc.)

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