Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, JUNE 27,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH CHICKEN FRYERS GET READY Five men helped prepare chickens Pohlmaan, Paul Van Buren, Wally for frying Saturday and Sunday at the Leigh, Tony Danker and Joe Walter, convent lawn party. From left, Bill —Staff Photo. Hospital Notes ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Joseph Dvorchak, 218 Eula, • Wood River. Earl Gill, Rt. 2, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Marie Maguire, 930 Washington. William Smith, 741 Park. Thomas Rain, 628 Henry. Edward Maher, 3317 Mayfield. Mrs. Rose Beem, 2656 Olive PI. Mrs. Lillian Dotson, Godfrey. Mrs. Florence Benner, 606 Anderson. William Maguire, 205 Elm. DISMISSALS Louis Davis, 319 Ridge. Marvin Lobbig, 918 McPherson. Mrs. Margaret Patterson, East Alton. Miss Mary Evers, 3637 Western Donald L. Funk, Cottage Hills. Mark A. Cope, East Alton. Mrs. Edith Montgomery, 921 College. W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL Mrs. Shirley Hausman, 3637 Doerr. Mrs. Ada Williams, Cottage Hills Sallie Effinger, 905 Fifth, East Alton. Phineas Sackett, 54 Carstens. Mrs. Alice Williams, 103 Main. Mrs. Idell Cato, Cottage Hills. James Smith, Rt. 1, East Alton. SURGICAL Arthur Elliott, Bethalto. Ramona Beasley, 1176 Lorena. Harold R. Dailey, Hartford. Mrs. Shirley Heitzman, 2614 Denny, Alton. Mrs.* Gloria Miller, Rt. 1, Moro. Mrs. Elizabeth Myers, 650 Second. Richard Driver, Cottage Hills, Steven Lyles, 151 Madiaon. * DISMISSALS Mrs. Nettie Hall, Cottage Hills. Joseph Strack, Lincoln Add.. Miss Alta Sly, 604 North Dr., East Alton. Jerry L. Steed, Roxana. Fred M. Linkogel, East Alton. Mrs. Rita Norris, Bethalto. Rodney Riley, 345 W. Main, East Alton. Mrs. Pearl Haws, East Alton. Sallie Effinger, 905 Fifth, East Alton. Mary Mormino, 501 N. First. Mrs. Eva Mills, Edwardsville. Mrs. Jean Maynard, S. Roxana. PaulMikulin, Rt. 1, E. Alton. Mrs. Jean Davison, East Alton. Linda J. Albee, Hartford. ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL Mrs. Shirley Myers, 716 Royal. Mrs. Mary Horath, 3517 Aberdeen. Mrs. Nora Tucker, East Alton. John Brannon, East Alton. Mrs. Betty Williams, 1013 Wallace. Mrs. Pearl Wohlert, 922 McPherson. Ray Admire, 706 Douglas. Edwin Jacoby, 1109 Washington Mrs. Venetia Barton, 115 Indiana ATTENTION PARENTS! — OF —- STS. PETER and PAUL'S — AND — ST. MATHEW'S STUDENTS Place your order now for oext yesr*i uniforms. All or- miiit be placed no later July 1st. BINDLER'S DEPT. STORE MM Washington Ave. Curtis Campbell, 3306 College. James Bowers, 512 Eugene. Mrs. Lenora Greenwood, 1206 McPherson. Mrs. Gladys Chappee, 2408 Tibbitt. Mrs. Mattie Wenzel. Godfrey. SURGICAL Mrs. Mable Steinchfield, Worden Mrs. Loris Kruse, Wood River. Mrs. Mittie Qillson, 202 Dooley. Mrs. Eileen Mason, Florrisant. Mrs. Jane Sackett, 3010 Edgewood. Mrs. Alberta Sturgill, Cottage Hills. Raymond Harrison, East Alton. Jerry Fielder, Rt. 1. John Buchanan, 2809 Viewland. Mrs. Flora Sammons, 1053 College. Thomas Acker, 313 Dooley. Kenneth Ross, 2809 North. DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Gooch, Bethalto. Robert Dillow, East Alton. William Johnson, Bunker Hill. Jerry Cox, 601 Mildred. Phillip Fretz, East Alton. William Nichols, East Alton. Mrs. Shirley Hubbard, E. Alton. Clinton Champlin Sr., Alton. Miss Freda StahU JerseyviUe. Orville Brunjes, Hartford. Miss Joyce Stewart, Wood River Charles White, Jerseyville. Mrs. Edith Bowling, 2005 Alby. Mrs. Rose Bushnell, 635 E. 5th. Mrs. Honour Frye, Alton. Howard Francis, 2017 Worden. Mrs. Beatrice Juhlin, Wood River. Roy Arnold, Woodburn. Orren Robertson, 520 Sixth. Robert Ewing, 1033 Fourth. Milo Gibbs, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Mary Norton, East Alton. Leslie Buel, 302 Allen. Paula Reinke, East Alton. John BrannonQ, East Alton. Mrs. William Campbell, E. Alton Mrs. Beatrice Crane, 523 E. 7th. Mrs. Minnie Edgar, Wood River. Nelson and Patricia Fleshman, 232 19th. Mrs. Odele Fowler, Roxana. Mrs. Judy Hayes, Grafton. Tom Huson, Hettick. Mrs. Verna Johndrow, 330 12th. Melvin Johnson, Jerseyville. Charles Mackelden, 2202 Holland Mrs. Virginia Martin, Jerseyville Mrs. Maude Morgan, Louisville. Bennie Patrick Jr., Centralia. Donald Schelm, 3867 Western. Mrs. Dorothy Ventress, Newbern Gary Whitworth, Nameoki. Mrs. Eva Tucker, Jerseyville. Mrs. Betty Bott, Godfrey. ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Mrs. Eva Fortschneider, 914 E. Fifth. Mrs. Hester Price, Cottage Hills. Henry Werner, Edwardsville. Mrs. Frances Bridgeman, 206 Hamilton. Mrs. Areta Gallaher, Godfrey. Percy Hickerson, 3 Hickerson, Mrs. Martha Miller, 226 Penning, Wood River. Mike Sadich, 433 Anna Wood River. SURGICAL Anthony and Roseann Bono, 3105 Clay. Mrs. Joan Brown, Grafton. Vernon Cooper, Moro. Mrs. Leola Hausman, Hamburg, Jeft and Mary Heintz,, Bethalto. Mrs. Virgel Hutchens, 314 Spring Jareld Jackson, Bethalto. Joseph Koehne, 2420 Clair. Mrs. Bessie Richey, Greenfield. Joseph Rizzoli, 1212 Armstrong. Mrs. Roberta Senz, Godfrey. Freddy Little, Rt. 2, Godfrey. Virginia 1 Little, Rt. 2, Godfrey. Mrs. Irene Weber, Edwardsville. Mrs. Carol Wendle, 3006 Watalee James Stephens, Granite City. Homer Stanhope, Golden Eagle. Mrs. Grace Maguire, Hartford. Joe Sharp, 1816 Belle. Mrs. Jean Elzy, 262 Madison. Mrs. Helen Jun, 837 Spruce. Mrs. Ida Landreth, 608 Belle. Mrs. Mattie Anderson, Mather Nursing Home. DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Bailey, 318 Jefferson. Anthony Dorsey, 23 Sullivan. Daniel Drew, Rt. 1, Grafton. Miss Jane Godfrey, 531 Summit. Mrs. Betty Henkhaus, 916 Fifth. Mrs. Ruth Hndrix, 2904 Shady. Leonard Howard, 903 Highland. Mrs. Mildred Long, 2119 Rock well. Mrs. Maveire Meyer, Godfrey. Mrs. Mae Naylor, 1611 Hastings. W. E. Peterie, 1806 Hycamore. Pearley Poindexter, 1723 Maupin Gregory Prullage, 300 Madison. Frank Romano, Wood River. Mrs. Myrtle Ruffin, 2616 Powhatan. Mrs. Pauline Sims, 1713 Piasa. Mrs. Dorothy Stamm, 3417 Oakwood. Mrs. Shirley Stewart, Godfrey. Mrs. Dorothy Sutton, 1007 E. 4th. Edward Swanson, 2306 Powhatan Mrs. Catherine Tardino, Wood River. Mrs. Antonia Torez, 305 McCIure Mrs. Amanda Voyles, 839 Wilson. Mrs. Rose Wilson, Wood River. Mrs. Lola Winans, 2900 Edwards Mrs. Barbara Alexander, Edwardsville. Mrs. Patricia Ballantyne, Rt. 2, Edwardsville. Mrs. Ruth Blodgets, 315 Sering. Michael Booten, Roxana. Mrs. Martha Bruce, 2405 Davis. Mrs. Mary Burns, 1217 Hazel. Miss Sherry Cairns, Brighton. Mrs. Sharron Cannon, S. Roxana Mrs. Nellie Dare, R. 2, Brighton Miss Rhonda Galliher, Bethalto. Mrs. Ruth Hanold, Brighton. Allen Henderson, Godfrey. Leo Hohntsedt, 409 E. llth. Q if ford Jones, 731 Market. Joseph Koehne, 2420 Clair. Mrs. Geraldine Lunsford, 959 Tonsor. Mrs. Leona Meyer, 111 Main. Marilyn Nowlin, 3208 Myrtle. Mary Oros, Rt. 1, East Alton. Miss Bonnie Pruitt, Medora. Mrs. Dorothy Schleeper, 233 Albert. David Sullivan, Wood River. Mi*. Dorothy Spooner, Godfrey. Mrs. Maggie Sipes, 119 Dooley. Henry Stratton, Wood River. Alvie Williams, Bethalto. JERSEY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. Edith Holt, Jerseyville. Mrs. Harold Bowman, Medora. Mrs. James Swan, Hardin. Lloyd Whitlock, Jerseyville., DISMISSALS Arthur Eastham, Jerseyville. Miss Evelyn Armstrong, Jerseyville. Lloyd Whitlock, Jerseyville. Stoney Sizemore, Brighton. O-l Building Storage Sheds At Godfrey GODFREY — Two new sheet iron storage buildings are under construction at the Owens- Illinois machine shops in Godfrey. The prefabricated structures, which measure 120 by 200 feet, will be used for the storage of Idle plant machinery. Machinery will be sent to the buildings for storage until it is re-assigned to new plant locations, a plant spokesman said. 3,000 Attend Annual Garden Party at Convent The annual twoMJay garden party sponsored by the UrsuHne Convent Auxiliary was held Saturday and Sunday on the Convent grounds on Danforth street. Mrs. Paul Maley, chairman of the event, said her committee Is tabulating the amount of profit today and they should have a complete report for the next auxiliary meeting. She said the auxiliary expects a large profit because some 3,000 persons attended the two-day event Both evenings a chicken-in- a-basket dinner was served. Mrs. Douglas Knowles was chairman of the dinner. Mrs. Maley said dolls made by the nuns were for sale In one booth, an assortment of Items was in a gift booth, and a large number of country store Items were In another booth. Pony rides and a fish pflnd were enjoyed by the children. The teen-agers joined in dancing. Proceeds from the dinner, booths, and rides will go for the maintenance of the Convent. The Bartlett pear, sweet and succulent, was brought t/om England by Enoch Bartlett of Dorchester, Mass. MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE Serving Yew Since 1877 Office, Okri HO 5-5551 At Youi Service Most insurance policies look Alike . . . but remember when you buy insurance protection it's the sendee you get with tne policy that determines the best dollar investment. Call the Sale* Representative nearest you today. Insurance for Your Auto, Home, Busineu CHECK OUR PACKAGE PLAN FOR HOME OWNERS PETE LAMM HO I-7IM QBVUiJS C. WEST WIUHJR MAJttW *n CellM* HO MM! TOM M4fM*Vl8 HO J41W BAGIEV Deep underground tunnels built In London at enormous expense as atom bomb shelters, have been turned into offices. They were abandoned as shel ters because they .would not withstand an H-bomb explosion. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally Open Tonite Til 9 PM! You don't need cash to buy your Intimate apparel at Sears ... just charge It I thick midriff? let our 'figure expert fit you comfortably Mk GfiftMhM Case, cofiittort to solve ydtu _..— problems. Let Wit ilwp? you the easy way to . an attractive flgurt. meet her tonite'til 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday 9 to " midriff-smoothing long-line bra y Charmode cotton bra with circular- stitched cups that have firm Mar- vellft. In sizes 34-42; B and C. thigh-controlling panty girdle Charmode power net (nylon, rayon and rubber) with side panels to firm thighs. In S-M-L-XL. 4 98 6 98 'Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" SEARS ALTON HOS-MII END-OF-THE-MONTH CLEARANCE 104 W. Third St. ALTON HO 5-8851 SHOP TILL 9:00 TONIGHT You don't need cash to save during this sale—no money down on any purchase—Take 24 months to pay, as little as $3 monthly. save on mens wear Reg. to 3.98 Men's Knit Shirts Choose cotton or "Acrilan" jersey in several collar styles. Solids or fancies in S-M-L. Reg. to 3.98 Men's Washable Slacks Choose regular belt model or new continental styles in sizes 29-42 1.99 3.66 STOCK UP AND SAVE ON THIS OPAQUE LACE-LAVISHED NYLON TRICOT SLIP by FAMOUS save on boys wear Reg. to 1.99 Boys' Sport Shirts Short sleeve cotton shirts in many patterns. Si««.-,6,-16 Reg. to 3.98 Boys' Shirt, Slack Set For dress or play. Washable cotton shirt with solid color slacks. Sizes 6 -16 Reg. 1.99 Boys' Denim Slacks, Shorts Cool, washable denim fabric with elastic waistband in faded blue color. 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