Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
Page 2
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Political Pace Quickens QuizSuspect **" °! ***?.- — -^r~ t „ t,i . M t^ci-..!—. i Soviet Citizens lake As Candidates Hurry By THE ASSOCIATED PRE§S ; TV pare of politics quickened ' today One state heard last-minute rampaiening. Presidential 1 candidates personally appealed 10 .another state's Democrats. Gov- :ernors met and manwivvrH. I The maneuvering look pfare In Glacier National Park. Mont . site of the Kovornors annual confer- Bov Hurt * In Boating Accident In Slaying «.«««Of Nine AmericansDespiteMr.K, By WILMAM L. RYA1I I Soviet army and among Cflmrnu- BALTIMORE attorneys confpr Munitions Blast Rocks Havana By ROBERT HAVANA (AP> — Cuban army officials today said It was pre- family are among the victims. Mantled hy „ boat ,prop,l,,r M^" DJte« Jr.. H. . dance h r> jail at MemiJhis, Temi., a July 6 hearing on the y"U BRIEF SHOWERS Oregon, Scattered s h o w c r s and thunder- Storms are expected tonight In the upper Great Lake* area, the upper and western portions of the middle Mississippi valley and in the Central Plains. Feuding Governors Are Crossing Party Lines It win be cooler In the northern and central Plains; wanner In Montana, It involved an nttr-mpt Sunday to put Gov. Nnlson A Ftoekefeller of New York on th^ spot ,<nrt an —.--„-.-- . . . • accusation, quickly denied, that;""* Mwdll* hcavljy. a Granite 'Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Tcxas!™y boy. «• wan saved by >• i was wring his legislative power to (tourniquet Sunday afternoon, 'gather votes for the Democratic'Witnesses said. nomination The hoy. James Stephen*. The appeals involved a meeting-had fallen from thX prow of! Baltimore said he in another part of Montana. Sens, his unnle's cruiser near M«r- *. lh .* sst . J!* f °.?" IJohn F. Kennedy of Massachusetts quette State Park. VVilkoy. head of the Justice „, of Moscow. r^Wf^rsi-sr^ ^ 1 .E,Sjf= r '= B 5=JfSars r uanted or ****** •" '«< ™' r " "tow* me," h, says, "are you Khnrtd^s jSEi that rocked Havana- with der of four others. German? . . .«....»., MM? lit. - - -• *-*n«.»«^ inii Four members of a Virginia You shake your head. ^tlviti™ seemed to S enctate ^^ "English?" You say you are pressures from the population. Khrushchev hlmaelf from tin* to and U.S. Atty. I,eon H. Pierson n, wm, M_ S 0 ™ am ° n * * e 6lght ^ mlllton The pattern was much the same members of the ruling Commu- „ n , in many an encounter during longinist party likely were worried. °1. walks In Moscow's hot summer! Were their privileges In danger? mm ,„ Just one straw In the wind: some The smiles are tokens of one new apartment housing projects big wor- j were giving priority to those need- R sun. Ing one person and Injuring more than 90. Fidel Castfo jnrdiSred the bomb site sealed off Immediately after the blasti Sunday right stunned Cubans In the capital Juit before 7 p.m. and shattered windows over a four-mile area. ... r communique appeared to put the damper on unconfirmed reports of sabotage. WIrephoto Map) WfftthcrF John F Kennedy of Massachusetts quette State Park. •wiiwy. nran 01 HIP JIM .... ^- ^ N)k((a ^^rf^,,, «g ^r. ( were giving priority to those need- rpportg o{ sabotage. and «nd Stuart Symington of Missouri j t ls left upper arm was badly>P«rmient s '^ mn f' ^ 1son ri es. Many Russians are not xvill-jlng. housing rather than offering; -r^ explosions - two smaH attend the State Democratic Con- , orn ,,„ the boat passed over! Person sa.d if Wllkpy comur,s ^ hc ^ j^,^ chancf , ,„ privileged nnrtyiblasts and one terrific oulbuwt - vention in Helena today. hi, hodv held afloat by a lit,- lh " mw VVI " *» IakPn ^ thf JJL- A. «;«.* "- ' " ' "" pas •nuuii 111 ni'irim m-in.y. his body, held afloat by a .... The campaigning took place in jacket. The propeller also cut North Dakota, where voters a <|f>pp gash jn the bark ol tin 1 choose a new senator Tuesday, hoy's head anrl lacerated thy Alton and vicinity-Consider- iThc r «mHs could affect the farm ] 0 wct section of his left arm. in ' tlr > in about the West. Don't Brlleve Khnmhrhev mpmbeni. ^ created a frenzy in the capital. Some in the armed forces were I Crowds rushed wildly about the The FBI explained that a fed- Tnat j g a f ac tor behind the grand jury indictment would Kremlin's strenuous campaign to ?*"" permit Rees' transfer to Mary- blacketUhe name of President El- annoyed. Officers, high as the rank of general and admiral, had streets, some splattered' with blood. Galiano Street, Havana's shop By JACK BELL GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. (AP<—Feuding governors are scuffing out party lines ns Democrats blast at political kinsmen and Republicans harpoon each other in this election year governors' conference. With snow-thatched Rockies as a backdrop, the Democratic battle IF hot and heavy between adherents of the top contenders for the party's presidential n'miina- Zoning plans tiorH-Sens. John F. Kennedy of county are on th Massachusetts and Lyndon Johnson of Texas. ZoningPlans ^ On Agenda ture near 80: mostly cloudy to- nigh, and tomorrow with brief: ""'*> Wm " * tlfn periods of showers or thunder- At the conference. Gov. showers; low tonight 70 to 75: ^teller's Republican colleagues, high tomorrow In mld-80s. !<«Ked hlm to *> ln thpm n ^ Put in before 'the boat to the at Ross DeSherlia s , ™ mmi . s ^. ner '" «' ™fj ". miles upstream from R « >st ls h ° ma " " amP<1 '" m " v md.ctment. vUlify American 'support to Vice President Richard Mrs. Richard Ells. Paul and others al the , Av. ing a formal statement pledging Shcrlia and others al the «cKs, ham| wrj(f(in a( , TOUn) dpscrihinR : to administered further aia umn . of Mrs r ., rroll vitian tasks, often as admlnlstra- ping center, was littered with .tors of enterprises In remote, glass. leadership. But my p *P f ; riencPS ', p rim it lve areas _ hardly suitable One young militiaman poking ™«P led with samp" 1 ** bv c 0 ™-; places f or officers' ladles accus-; angrily about the shattered glass nTT • inn.r H Allen PPtPnt , **?*" "STST™, 5- ^itemed to the emenities of a prlv-.fronts muttered: "Los- Ameri U.S. Commissioner H Al -n capltal and countryside. Indicate, ! Los Americ ano S ." said Sunday night that a ma1ority of R U g S i a ns do not want 1 'i 6 *™ Cfls '_- (hflt . m«u» •••.... t ..-". --------- — Rockefeller refused, saying he.!'™" ,, un rse ... K.,,.-ted tn Pressure A traffic jam developed as _ ., — «>,..^.... -• - — ja ..... jistreams of aotos ana crowns - , . . me lust journey of Mrs. Carroll f e i|i nB them todav Khrushchev evidently reacted ..u-,., Mnnv ner«nn« un arrival of a Jacoby .mbulam*. jRrlmon ^ ^ rtnughter s ,, Sfin f ™^ ^mJuse have been to these pressures. * "^ ^in'a state of Ann. was found in Rees' Hyntts- pf^rpfl on the United States by The U2 incident provided an op- J. (lO( , k ,. on i as neaci 01 nn UIH7IIIIIIH.- ---- - .vhere v '" f>i Mf '" nnmp - Moscow's propaganda machine portunity to backtrack on the' c , . himself had a narrow es- nverage.1 to (5 degrees above nor- fnd delegation to the Republican "Josephs Molip " R1 ,. p ;. ( The Washington Post fjuolod sinro tnp V2 spy plane incident overdose of peace and smiles. Af ' whpn ,'. s (>ar crnshed in;o mal. Normal high 82-87 north, 86- convention. today, it was sain i . - Moa , pr as say j nK the F"Bf ,-isscrt- , jnd the co n npse d summit confer- high level's, the cold war was on ' * racing to the scene 90 south. Normal low 60-65 north, Rockefeller has said he would '"K comtorinoiy. P d the account, dated two .nonths f , ncf , But orrt inarv' Russians re- again. At lower levels, Russians 65-71 south. Warm and humid' ^ n ,,nii»M« t nr -., rfrnft .-,t (ho The Iwy was said to have • • ... Illinois - Temperatures wm[ co J, < J5n"t"as"neBd'oran uncommit-' The boy was brought to St. ava ilablc for a draft at the v .. . . ..,,„.... .. ... ... ,...„ ..-_.-.-,, i ||^, (IVtllHlUH H/l <V »Ji through most of period. A littleiR^bHf.^ convention. . hcpn ^ y agenda for inch and locally more in scattered B next year, according to T. W.jshowers and thundershowers to- mnson 01 »«jx»s. i Butler, former Alton mayor|night and Tuesday and In seat- On the Republican political: who ,„ chair man of the Madi-|tered afternoon or evening thun shooting range, it's Gov. Nelson s(m Counly P | an commission. dershowers the remainder of th< cooler extreme north Wednesday.j"On'thiTDemocratu.' side, Gov. G. anfl two ( ' wlslns for Madison Precipitation will average W-% Mennen Williams of Michigan told said to have'™ the a( ' connt - datefl nvo lT1 " nins nnce. But ordinary Russians re- again. At lower levels, Kussians ^ . .^ ^^ car , md with his uncle boforr tho Vwdips of thf> v "' tlms 'niain cordial and friendly - per- were reluctant to accept the idea. • ' ' were found, was in Rees' hiind-' naps nlorp lnfin ever _ to visit- Today, many a Russian has ^ p r \ mc Minister and Presi- a news conference of a report that j Johnson had threatened to block; the medical care bill for the aged, if Williams supported Kennedy. ..vpi m* .u™. k , a Russian has ^ prjmp M|njstcr flnd -, raised his sights. Hopeful,of buy- dem Osvflldo Dorlicos , w ho in- Russian popular opinion did re- ing the things ho wants, he even , ynpctp{{ thn arpa v ^ m hlrni nad writing. Mezger said the FBI 'old inj? Americans. him the account contained state- Russinn popular opinion did re- ing the things no wants, ne even, fpfj fhp arpa ^, h 1\T „. - jvjl¥ ¥ xfcni^ mcnts wh ' Ch Werf> SIlpporl( ' d aft ' act to the American confession of dreams of emulating the Ameri- nQ immedia|p st ateme I ^H IB • MlV^fl I I ll*^^H I ' '*** '^ lr> ^<u^t/\iT0i>ir r\t thn VviHlPC *»-_!.„ n..„„:.. T^L.n >m nntm t* \-\r\ fitnimlinrr r\r\ Vtic nil.'tl • ac o { , er the discovery of the bodies. spy fljghts owr Russia. The re- cans and traveling on his own, ' A. Rockefeller of New York town . •***""" ••••^"••*"" ~ **~"o» ------ |j \Vl 111(111 In KlIUIJUI I'Til dershowers the remainder of the I Williams did just that, woek. • • • ident Richard M. Nixon. the last °* " Vf . The score card on Sundaysjslons on the subject is booked opening-day round left the dcfi- for 7:30 p.m. Friday In Civic nite impression that a sizable ma- Memorial High School at Beth- Jority of Democratic governors {alto. Purpose of the current believes Kennedy needs only to tie series of meetings is to inform the final strings to have the nom Madison County residents what ination in the bag. Dispute Claim •mis is disputed by Johnson's backers. But there seemed almost no sentiment among the governors—most of whom will head state convention delegations-tor Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo) or Adlai E. Stevenson, who says he won't dodge a draft. On the Republican side it was Nixon almost all the way. But there was an ominous note from toe party's publicized lone wolf —Rockefeller—that the election is going to be "very tough and close race this year for the Republicans" to win. ty's municipalities before it can act on recommendations of zone plan consultants. Six Drivers Complain Against 7th Of Illinois GAR Group • UK-umcuvci-y ui UK: LHIUIC.-.. S py fugnts over Kussia. irio re- cans aim iravfiinj;; un 11115 UWM, jiying glass caused most of the Mezger said Rees was charged ac tj 0 n amounted to a feeling of unguarded and unshephcrded, to^^^'u,^ jn ' mr 'blast—the ser-with kidnaping the mother and hurt anrt disappointment rather'foreign lands. . O nd munitions explosion in Havana daughter on the basis of the hand-, man onp O f ange r. The attitude To such Russians elimination of fiav jn t)l] . ee montns written account. ' seems to reflect genuine fear that dangerous tension means hope! ^ muniHons jump was on a The FBI arrested Rees Friday Soviet-American relations will'that a living standard approach-, p of , and " less , han a mi | P in West Memphis. Ark., where he brjng ^^ the iciest days o( the:ing the West's is an attainable [ro ^ whprp mp French snjp La was selling pianos. The federal co , d waj , in contrast to the goal. That's why they want to r h| . c b)pw up March 4 wnj | e wan-ant charged him of warmth generated by Khru- believe in better relations with the '„, d , munitions, killing about flight to avoid prosecution in the sncnpv ' s United States visit. United States. 1ftn „„_.-„„ Mrs. Nola Fields, who resides(1957 murder of Margaret V. H*r- ! 1UU P pisonh - Williams said the throat hy Johnson. Senate Democratic loader, had been made lo President 1 Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers and relayed to Williams. But Johnson said in Washington: "It ought to be evident to anybody that this is pun.-political'j n Clifton Terrace, was elected |old. convention nonsense." i president of Illinois Grand Armyi Within 24 hours, he also was i the zoning law xvould do. The law requires the County Board of Supervisors lo conduct! S j x mo torists joined to press a hearings In each of the coun- s j nR | P complaint against a seventh whose car allegedly spun wheels throwing up a shower of gravel to damage nearby parked Hope for Better Life There can be little question: NEXT: Supply and demand At the Montana convention. Symington said the people of the mountain state "have had enough of the stagnation policies of the Republicans in the fields of reclamation, mining, and agricul- president of Illinois urana Arroyi within M hours, ne aiso was mere can w mu«- t * uca """'_.__„_ *he proletariat of the Republic Allied Orders at| c harged in the slayings of theiabout this: Russians hope for a; * v '_ a convention Saturday in Chica-1 Carroll V. Jackson Jr. family of J higher standard of living. They re-; go. She is the wife of Curtis B. i Apple Grove. Va.. and police in-1 late this hope to better relations; .. lt»iii. ...1.11. ._.. i! 1 I ...I tl_ 4-U n t T«!irvr1 C?4n4-fif-* Tt»*^t» »•/»_ ture." PASTORS NEEDED Fields. i /\ppie urove. va.» anu (juute iu-i itiic una IH/I/C LW v\.w.* «\.iuuwi M - dicated he would be questioned i with the United States. They re- NEW YORK w - The United Other newly elected officers about four other murders—dating are: Mrs. Grace Page, Spring-!back to 1955—in a triangular area field, senior vice president; Mrs. j formed by Washington, Baltimore late their fears of dashed dreams to the specter of renewed cold Kennedv Tells Rcuortcrfc j Grace Langfield, Springfield, jun-i an d Annapqlis • * , ._* i i. •&««. *7«1*]n t war. Lutheran Church says a survey of Its 4,fiOO congregations shows a need for at least 427 additional Kennedy, en route to the Mon- ior vice president: Mrs. Zelda id But in the Communist party, the ! ministers. Castro suggested that U.S. of- Ificials were to blame for the La Coubre explosion but admitted he had no evidence to back up his suspicions. U.S. Secretary of State Christian A. Herter denounced Castro's statements as baseless and accused him of attempting to stir up anti-American feelings among Cubans. an L-uiinuii.ama. >;i,ivri in unuing 1 - m-ai u,y jjaincu Kennefly, Cn TOUIC to me mun- — • The firm undertaking the vehicles at the Comet Drive-in, | talla convention, held a brief n «ws iKennaugn, Dixon. tre asurer. survey for zoninf? plans is Ev-13687 K. Broadway, about 2 a.m. (;on ference in DPS Moines. Iowa.' Mrs ' Laura B ' tlye ' reQrm ' _ ' . . .ic..«^,... ,, , retarv. erett Kincaid & Associates of (Sunday. Sunday. Chicago. Seven or eight rnonihs! Tsvo other complaints also were "If thf farm policies of th? pie will be required before the firm can complete a land use study and provide the reeommenda- pressed a tions, Butler said. against the retary. Ovaries Brady, Chicago, was Tsvo other complaints also were "11 m* larm o, n, ,,,r- commande r of the Sons filed. The Comet owner charged | sent administration arc r ° llowpd ^,lnion Veterans Leo Brown disorderly conduct, and police:in the next few years, they pressed a charge of intoxication' bring a recession." he said. Sponsors of the session Fri -i °«™din 8 vehicle Davis, a Republican, is battling day are the Greater Alton In this vein. Rockefeller asked I Assn. of Commerce and the and got an early morning cau-|Wood River Chamber of Com- cus of all the GDP governors merce. present. He gave no advance r.o-i tice of the topic of discussion. i In a nimble performance San-; day Rockefeller neatly sidestepped signing a round-robin in which most of the other Republican governors pledged "full and, loyal support" to Nixon in hit- quest for the presidency. Waits to Hear Kocky Gov. Wesley Powell of New Hampshire, who once criticized Nixon on the anti-Communist issue, said hc wanted to hear Rivop *£' Ex-Convict Arrested After Chase PEORIA, 111. (/P) — An ex=»«»., ocuv. ... ..«...^— ._ convict sought by the FBI was Rockefeller's latest statement bp-i,, m i pr arrest today after he tried a*«, *, 30. o, „ E . ~ -,™ ~—r^.™; •*„ 'r en r,h,rs gcorps *, -.-*«- „ -'"""^r^JS- = d v^"z Sunday for court appearance a. a P°f ^ bai ? m . etf>fr of ' a ' r l«l president; Mrs. Qara Moller, 5 a.m. today and was released. ^^^j ^J^,^™ I Gaiesburg, junior vice president; a.m. today and was released. ,"' " , " •' ." ' v . ra Gaiesburg, junior vice president; According to the police report, j " f Secrehry of Agriculture E/ra^ ^ R ^ Anderson Auro . : T fun in « A »..u ™:_i ,,* ' * "*l liPnsOil. *« rt ,-,»,ii».rt». 'Taft Benson. , - . . . -- . In North Carolina Saturday, the drive-in, was struck by a flying; Miss Joyce Hill, 19, a crub girl at! "" L ""T^"' „.„,=— c.. ^.. ra, treasurer. Mrs. Delilah Giertz. Elgin, was Joseph's Hospital ^r a chpck.upj^^j,,,; for govornol . when she complained of head pain. nomination usual | v mmm The six motorists complaining of damage to their cars, who went to police headquaters to join in signing a complaint of destruction of private property against Hartwell were: Richard Jewell of 2-135 to out-run sheriff's deputies and : wa.s caught when he ran out of Mills Ave., Thomas Cunningham of Union 'Irma Taylor, Granite City, senior , .. • 'iiiiHiifiy iwi i vjiunii.*. »..••.,• t .. nomination usually means r-lnr-1 . esident: Mrs . M ary ion in Democratic North Caro-. ' vk>e . lina. Sanford said his victory 1 demonstrated voter confidence in North Carolina's moderate approucn to the school segregation issue. j Chicago, junior vice president; Mrs. Mary Tully, Chicago, sec- and Mrs. Gertrude Mc- treasurer. Brown St., Roy Miller of) 317 Jersey St., Cottage Hills, Injured 111 Michael Goodwin of 716 Washing- leads an' I«HUUI«. 3 , 7 Jpl . sey s , GA{age H ills, Injured 111 deration |breath ' ^ Michael Goodwin of 716 Washing-j ,-,,,.. " not be The arrest ° f Samuel E -1 ton AVP., Richard Wooley of 3789! AlltO (.ollisioil i th 'Harper, 57, alias Don Hibbs, fol-jCoronado Dr., and Gary Lepchen- lowed a tip to Sheriff Harry Bke ol 104 ai , H AvPi _ W ood Rlvi-r., Polk '° lrarnoli at fi:4;l a . .. Backus that Harner was movine i-^n«,, ™i^ ,!.„., ,.«,,M ^,« 0 n „«;today that a St. Louis cou Reports Truck Stoned By Roys on Rluff Charles Stormer of Pierce lane. Godfrey, informed Alton fore he decided svhat to do. Smilingly, Rockefeller told a news conference that he heads uncommitted New York delegation and "therefore 1 it would appropriate" for him to ^vT^Hueo Aronson of Mon Rm ' kus '""'"Hm-PPr was moving p,,,,^ „,,,, thev cou ld recall noi 1odB >' that a . St ljtn ", s '["T'ihe drove on McAdams Highway tanV Ifa'roldM«T HandU-v of ta> to H suhurba » Ouk Hl » resi ' proviouB instance when so many j harl ,. lm ™ d '": 1l "' v a sho '' t 1lme ! nea rthe end of the 4-lane section. S wTttrtatophS Del U*o (U>nre Har " er WBS wanted by persons joined in a single com-i«"- he '' whpn their .;ar was J-, a t£i] , pst ()f thpcj four SHS^S^™^' 1 ^^ —°'» ; e^|£TJ,S-« e - wS ' Z - Sdr:action was calculated to em-, oun '> «»'»"»•'«'«« ™«M h »" Magistrate Schrriher said that fi7 neal Wost A " on ' dented the hood of his truck. The barrass Rockefeller They said!""' 'l»esiionmt? about a series, Ma| , twe)] dpsi| . ed , Q pntpr a „,„.,, Received at St. Josephs Hos-| A ,,,, n dl>sk sei . gean t. by radio. they acted without having ^^^^11^. of innocpnt , () th( , complaints. hul|P"* 1 ^ treatment were CharlcB j notified the sherl{rs ofrice ol suited Nixon. Backus and his men surround-.trial had to be deforn-d because |"'- Kebsch. bl. and ms wire, , mp incident, since it had oc- Handley told Rockefeller, as ed tne housp Sunday, but Harper;„„ Sunday court sessions are legal-''- Mrs - Clarn J ' Kebsf>h - 5> ^ Th f>'icurred outside city jurisdiction. thov mat at the- pntrnnw nf o'slipped out through M hack doiir j i v nprmissHhlp \n aoncarniici" were nwved here after the mis-; — _ they met at the entrance or a ^ * .._...... : _ '> ptimissaoie. ,-\n .ipptaninci ko _ . M .__ ic D_ ariBh _.,, _. .) fin n: A Proopssivp Pnrtv vouth mov lake shore building where press anfl ''""• with tho deputies '"' bond of $W)0 WHS siven. conferences are being held: ' We Pursuit. He was soi/od :>0 min- didn't want to put am body on a utes l ater ' spot." Harper was arrested in Peoria "You're artists, is all I can Friday on charges of carry in say," Rockefeller shot bac'< Car* Identified Ineorrertlv in Storv a concealed weapon and possessing benzedrine. He gave name as Don Hibbs. was Selection of Jury Regun in City Court hap by Morris Bradshaw of 26021 A Progessivo Party youth movt- Tulane Si.. Alton, and were at-jrnent is being launched in South tended by a doctor. ' Africa. Cape Town learns. Suit of PhilhjBass and Lucian Pritchard against Hemphil) Pohri name. They said his record In its report. Saturday ol a l ' ales baik several ycu.s. collision at I". 7th and Langdon Fridax , . . , . . i- pritcnara againsi Hempniu fined and placed on probation. .„ , " ' . ": j n . r . Real Estate Agency and Bert later learned his real am , AmeHa Mo Guire was called |o tria , in City Cou ,., hy Ju(1tJU I. H. Streeper tcxlay, and selection of a trial jury was begun. The Niiit is based on a ISBS contract for purchase of .1 .ler- »ey County (arm tract. Plainiifis in theii complaint allege.) tail- Cits Engineer Thomas F me 01 the ilct.'ndants to pertorin incorrectly linted tin- s-etlan (j,iff ni ,j, accompanied by his pruvisions ol the agreement thai was "completely lurne-i vv i, e . anfi thejl daUK hter. Miss and denial was made by the <1e : around" at a result ot the 1111- j udy (;,jffj n H rri\-e(i early this lemiani--. pact. A rechec-k of tiie police n , ( , rnlnt , t roni Carmel Calif., report shows the cai which spun wnere | le uen , i 0 d;iVS ago t around and halted against a streets Friday Hfu-rn.H.n h<- Iween autumobile> driven re- si>Pe1ivc! - \ hy Richard Fo»iei ol Brighton and Gerald Syddall -it 510 Lumpen St. thr- Telegrapii Griffin Rack in \lton With Kaniih The personal Injury Uarnaue ot Arthur n,i\ of 1101 Belle arrange for shipment of his^t. against iXuiald Triplet! of •d Foster h uu . se h () | t j a;o<xis an,! other fam Rostniile. II! wa* fusi on call damage j] v possess ions to Alton On driv- '"-'dav bin uas continued. ing up to his home at 510 E. llth St. Griffin said, he found thai the motor-van with his furniture had arrived during the night ;»nri that the driver was awaitiiii: his coming I'nloading be- 8OUTH ROXANA - Members gan as soon as the rain ceased of the Wanda Methodist church '' ht> "** public works director will have a pot-luck supper Tues- I 1 ** purchased the llth .-treet day at 6 p.m. at the church and residence and prepared it for everyone is welcome to aMend uccupancv before re-turning ro Following the dinner Roy Reeves California toi his family They ol goulfe Roxana will shov* pic- ma(ie the trip to AJ'on in the tunw of Us recsot trip to Europe i family car. i was that of Richard Foster which incurred some or. both sides. Wanda Methodist Churrh Plan» Supper ON TIME RIDE A CITIZENS COACH CO. BUS MM W. Third Ml. 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