Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 6, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1957
Page 6
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.Junior Editors Quiz on- ANIMAL QUIZ Time* Herald, Carroll, lewt Tuesday, Au§. 4, 19S7 A host is a host, not a doctor. Constant complaints of pain during a visit often force him or her The fall-out that has most of M worried ts from our pay cheeks. to offer help they shouldn't have to consider. If it's that bad, go home. QUESTION: Which has mora bones In its naek, the giraffe or ~ the sparrow? ANSWER: The sparrow. Like most mammals the giraffe, de- Spite Its Very long neck, has only seven neck-bones, or vertebrae. The sparrow has 14. The giraffe te the tallest of the mammals, growing up to 18 feet in height. It lives only In Africa—and, of course, in a lot of »os, where this handsomely spotted character is a major attraction. A giraffe is very fast and can outrun most horses. If you can get a good look at his eyes, which is rather difficult, you will see that they are strangely beautiful—brown, with long lashes. In the mid die ages, the giraffe was known as the cameleopard, because people thought he had the characteristics of both a camel and a leopard. One striking thing about the giraffe is that he's absolutely mute and can't cry out no matter how much he feels like it. FOR YOU TO DO: Color this picture, paste It on cardboard, cut it out for your animal collection. . (Dale Spencer, Moses Lake, Washington, wins $10 for this idea. Send yours for Junior Editors to AP Newsfeatures in care of this paper. Tomorrow: Where does the rainbow get its color?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "I don't know what line he plans to follow, but he's very vtr- satllo—never works me the same way twicel" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Is]- g >*6 T.M. R<(. U*. on, tD 1M7 by NCA In. "Oledys certainly Is a talker, Isn'^she, Mother? Sayl You didn't do all those dishes by yourself I" TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS I OUR BOARDING HOUSE "Jeepers, one of these days we'll stop growing and then we'll have to wear last year's clothes!" SWEETIE PIE By Nctdine Seltzer "Ht's probably the best pointer in the worldl" Screen Actress Answer ACROHft I Screen actress, — Palmer 8 She has appeared un the New York 11 Harangues 18 Pesterer 14 Pierce with sharp stake 15 Estimators 16 New Guinea port 17 Even IP Danish county 20 Deem 21 Scatters 25 Sleepinf vlsions 30 In a line 31 Cease 32 Bail, as water from a boat 33 Painful 34 Come out 37 Appeared 39 Poetry muse 41 Unit ot reluctance 44 Protuberances 45 Spanish chief 48 Turns inside out 50 Chlnky 52 Aged 53 Makes Into law 54 Barter 55 Expunge DOWN 1 Seethe 2 Girl's name 3 Uruguayan Indian 4 Depot (ab.) 5 Color 6 Sealing ship 7 Make lace 8 On the ocaan 9 Microbe 10 Formerly 12 Percolates slowly 13 Tendency 18 Feminine nickname 21 Bargain event 22 British street car 23 Was borne 24 Pitcher 26 Essential being Fuzz!* 1 27 Kind of bomb 28 Greater quantity 26 Raced 35 Well-born 36 Eaten away 37 Cubic meter 38 Dyestuff 40 Paid notice 41 Pause 42 At all times 43 Russian river 45 Bolivian shrub 46 Devotees 47 From himself 49 Disencumber 51 Blemish W BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Retired Mr. True BY ID6AR MARTIN •"FOR TTT... f TW ft TV>AV& *\GMT\ «e\©o *h seefe y THtRl, TAWft ISTm K>OTrt\K ><i WSLL.6VERV N05V wo TVMCT COME* BV WILL KB.BP POSHW TH'AAOWEftTILtTHey ] ABE ALL Trf PICTURES 1 <SOT PASTBP ON THAT REEL- THEN LOOK WHAT ^21 <SET POME WHILE 1 AIN'T BVEM HERE/ a*fl WHY MOTHERS SET GRAY ^tWfl^fWU W.**. t-M- T.M. m t f U«. >W W, . with . MAJOR MOOPLI EGAD.cyusTice PLUM*:/ [OELISHTED THAT YOUR ALERT OPFlCER. AH-ER-~ INWlTE'D M6 TOYOUR COURT-* HAkl- k&FF/--** COUL&VOll 8& A KINSMAN OF SIR. PASCOM I'PlUNK, FAMOUS BARRISTER \Nrfrt \A/H 0 M I WORKED As AM INSPECTOR IN $COX-MAR- , RUMPHV NO/THAHkfS/fMfe FihYBr IS •*.|0 AND COSTS, FlNg SUS- peNDeDA^ecrr MSSBS- >YOU'R& RBIATBDTOA . STr ?ANS5R NAMED M0OPLB WHOWAS, SELLING FDLkM AT THE- FAIR SONAE : VALUABLE EXPERIENCE; IN 6AMES OP CMAMCE.' — HS'S OUR. GOeST- iN 3AIL GfeBABLYNO RELATION* e . b 6 mi *t *at* SeoMe.U*. TIL t*« VX »U 0*. BUGS BUNNY Toe Much Toe Soon ...PEACH .CHOCOLATE CHIP...CP0FF/; ION'T STAND HEJPE Ail DAY NAMIN' FLAVORS, CIC£(?0! I'M LOSIM' POUGH! HOW'LL I KNOW WHICH ONE TO BUY? TK ft^ Ul Ptt Off. PRISCILLA'S POP The Ovation '^GOSW.NO, I MAD A SWELL •IME.' BY AL VERMEER r ALL OUR VWORRYIKISTI NOTHING?/! ALLEY OOP New Suit BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE Popular Man BY DICK CAVALLI THIS MUST BE THE HOTTEST DAY OP THE YEAR.' 1 , ( MR. BOOMER'S . S A I^-T LUCKX..) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS You Take Itl RENTING JUST ONE MORSE AND TAKING TURNS WILL STRETCH BY MERRILL BLOSSER HALF ^ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE IFYOU'ReTALMtf "BOUT WS U FATHER, PLEASE LET ME lOOLLECTEOTHAT BIKE AND HAVE TUB Wfl t WOH ITS WB gap IT, REMEMBER? PAIRLV AND SQUARELY, Work for It? 1 MAYBE i COULD PAY J AMV WOW YOU DO FOR1TWWORXIH6\ HAS0OTTOBEB3R| TORMR, BARNES/ / CASH] BY WILSON SCRUGftf CAPTAIN EASY Why the Rush? THfr AIRPORT Ifr ON I'll HA.VB TO THE- OTHER «PE Of \ «OP IT My, «AN PKMiCMCO. MR. 1 ROOM WR tM 5CKRR0'«AID VOU M|l»r / LD$6*$E. IT , WOT YOU* HieHTl/ W0»»T TAWS MB BY LESLIE TURNER r HTTIRX WAIT,*I POtfT LKi KINe flOSWUfl HURRY. HfRf 'TWy'tMMT HM| »0N\B ReAWg .... . { ,

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