Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Thtin 124 Years Established January 15. 1836 Vol. CXXV. No. 140 ALTON, ILL.. MONDAY. JUNE 27, 1960. 22 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The PRESIDENT ARRIVES 1 WASHINGTON — President Eisen- of the Diplomatic Corps Guillernio Se- hower shakes hands with Secretary of villa Sacasa of Nicaragua is at right. State Christian Herter as he speaks Col. John Eisenhower and his wife, Bar- with Viee President Richard Nixon on bara, who accompanied the President, Ins arrival here Sunday morning end- eome down the ramp. (AP Wirephoto) ing his 23,000-mile Pacific tour. Dean Ike Confers Motorists Saved WithNixon, Herter Million in Tolls More than a million dollars has been saved Clark Budge older of City Begins Here Today The Alton dot; warden began his rounds in enforcement of the dog control code today in the, wake of a weekend in which police received a new high tot a' Jot eight complaints about dogs.' The complaints to police included (inn about dot? hitinn j incidents. .MIN| in each ol these instances police ordered the , rloijs conlinefl lor observation as the city ordinance provides.' Mrs. John Ferguson ol :>IO : Oakwood Ave. reported her daughter. (Jail. 7. had been hit- ten on the hand by a dog when with playmates near her home. John Alexander of 11,'W Highland Ave.. a mail carrier, com' plained ol being bitten by a dc>« when on Fcldwisch avenue. Patricia Karger ol 1300 YoakH St. suffered.;) dog hite while at play- Saturday evening. Carl K. Steiner ol Isabel St.. Codfrey. reported he bad been bitten on the left leg when' on fjiirfing Drive, and was advised to go to a hospital for emer-' gency treatment. On responding Saturday evening to a complaint from a man| whose kitten had been killed by! a dojj when it .strayed into a' neighbor's yard, police found the complainant himself had several dogs as well as some cats. None of his dogs were licensed. (lie police report ( shows, and he was directed to procure licenses today. Two complaints of 'barking dogs keeping residents awake Soviet Bloc Stages Walkout At Disarmament Conferenet Ignore New American Plan for World Treaty GENEVA (AP)—The Soviet bloc walked out of tlw 10-nation disarmament talks today. The RlBttrfans and their communist allies curtly ignored a new American plan for a world disarmament treaty. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian Zorin and his colleagues charged the West had refused to negotiate. Zorin said the Soviet Union will place its hew plan for "gontral and complete dlsarma- in turn, joined in the walkout. The Western delegations decided to continue the meeting alone under the chairmanship of British Minister of State David Ormsby- Gore. mrnr before the U.N. General; 1 U.S. delegate Frederick M. Eat- Assembly. on ( nen presented the new Ameri Poland's Murian Naszkovski, chairman for the day. rejected all can disarmament plan, which was still undcr negotiation imong the the Western delegates' . demands i flw Western delegations. lo be hoard and, after recogniz- IN DISARMAMENT DISAGREEMENT Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Va- in Geneva today. They ignored a new 'luti 7nt*iit I A 4-'4 QI**| D*k1nM«l+£i 1%ff«Mi«» Au..__£ __i u _• * •• Icrian Zorin, left, and Poland's Marian Naszkowski, right, were among the American plan for a world disarmament treaty presented by the U. S. dele- were received late Saturday users since tolls were suspended by a Dec. 7, 1957 WASHINGTON (AP> — Presi- Judge-1. H. Strceper, it was estimated today, dent Eisenhower held long con- Tuesday will be the fourth an-1the Illinois Division of Highwajs niversary of another order entered road lund after lengthy discussion by a"man"on^lTld'red'street.^ ' " u '=~'- : ~- ••- — i,, court over points of law involv- 'one dog was still baying when ed - police made an investigation. The court agreed that (his action. Police found his owner had and other affairs with Vice Presi-1 by the court establishing the re- dent Richard M. Nixon and Sec- i ceivership over the bridge and ex- retary of State Christian A. j lending toll collections as St. Herter - Charles County, Mo. turned the They discussed, among other things, the President's planned span over to the state of Missouri theoretically toll free. The receivership was established division fiscal practice. was, under Illinois law, the only!three dogs, and he was ordered one that could be taken because Uc get city licenses for all. of specific references to highway 1 J °hn Gerhardt of 1900 Market! the city of Alton St. called police rft 3:30 a.m. to relate that he had 6:30 EST television-radio report to the nation tonight on his 23,000- . . r ., . , mile goodwill mission to the Far* 1 , . r P quest , of U ! p , Clfy of Alton) tn lhe process ., „ „.. . . East. Eisenhower is reported (0 ' whl( ' h «>mP'ained that M. Charles im . c . ived f ,. om ,, ]R nii ,, ois DMslm ,just driven olf two dogs that feel the trip strengthened~U S ' county was lransfe|1|li ns " 10 bridge j of Highways and the Missouri ;" p f \ hls dut *-Pen and that he ties with Allied countries he visit-!' 0 AIissouri .« nci flwin S " of tolls ;H i g h w a y Commission 'reirases f~ , - , *-' ' -tT» - - - -- ,.—.^ _,. •^M*^BB V <^U *, w WBKV «J • KJ« %«V/HJ^ Communist bloc members who walked gate, Frederick M. Eaton, center. (AP out of the 10-nation disarmament talks Wirephoto) Vote Today Auto, Fire Truck ForSenator Hit; Woman Dies 111 Dakota ficiuls in Washington last week, provides for three carefully con- J trolled sl «ges of disarmament be- I ginning with the establishment of j an international disarmament (control organization under the (United Nations. Walking out with the Russians were the delegates of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Remaining were the representatives of the United States. Following a number of *por-j BrUain , France, Italy and Can ; adic complaints about discharge ! ac ja. - of tireci ackers last week. Alton Zorin's announcement brought police received a mild barrage, a n end to the conference which of four complaints during I he | first opened on March 16, and re, weekend. erased for six weeks before and Complaints Received In one instance a property after the abortive summit meei- owner immediately north of in f in Paris. Upper Alton complained I hat I Zorin told newsmen he'is return- RKLMAX MORIN I .Mrs. Ralph Narup, 38, of 2523 Bloomer Dr., was fatally in- Ijured Saturday afternoon when the car driven by her husband collided with a Godfrey fire truck at the State-Delmar inter- jboys have been coming across the city limits from adjacent Alton lo shoot fireworks in his field and thereby frighten his FARGO, N.D. (APi — North i section. livestock. By walking few ing to Moscow immediately. The American plan, introduced before the empty Communist seats, was a revision of the earlier Western proposals. : Its first stage contained no time ' had just in time to save. Dakota's neck-and-neck She died at ;">:.» p.m. at St. Senate Joseph's Hospital. na tional walkout of from the disarmament confi at Geneva. Press sec erty said the president discussed the outlook for administration bills pending in Congress. The chief executive returned to the capital Sunday exactly two weeks after selling out on the trip which took him to Alaska, n Mt ,,? § over lshl P tinue to come to Uiepolice. but Davis, a Republican, against Hep. '•> Siatun lane, The survey showed noticeably -except in unusual instances, Quenliii Burdick (D-ND'i. At stake uoa "'<'.v, with siren sounding heavier traffic than that indicated these will be then referred to is a seat in the Senate left \a- ancl llsnt 1)llsll i»K. L-'mie from The sum would have come dir-|i n the monthly reports of the re- f the warden for appropriate a.'-cant by the deatli of Republican '*'• 'M east, into the intersection, pockets of the j cejvcr. The general opinion ex-'tion. Sen. William Langer. Alton I 10 ' 1 '' 0 ''epoi'led Narup's ise the bridge | passed W as lhat tho lifting of tolls ; Polic-e Chief J. M. Heafner Political analysts are watching ''f , sk ; dde(l ,' 8 fecl , M ^ , l1 - many ol them lo reach cau sed an increase in tho public's'said today that forms are being-j, f .| ose i v for n iese reasons sapped m the center of the their places of business or employ- use O f the span prepared for duplicate record , ' .... '. intersection at the point ot im ' >, '..'., . of dog complaints The COT- ' As a P° ssibl ° h««ronieJ»?i- of pa ,., Th( , t . m . vvas ba , (e( , aR , ; _,. . Current activity relating to: . " R 'ompiamis. lie C.O.T. t|nf> fal . m(>| . • fe p]i ngs , O ward Sec -the shin-r, ti,-ht „«!« ,,n li, : The recciversh.p was at: construction of the,nm.n, f .ho,hvl )la '"^ ^'" he handed to the. ,. plal . y (jf AR1 . icu , t 5 rr K/rj| Tat. ^n^^J,^ 1 ' |JOl ° °" "" folrin B MissouH Il ""° is lo cl ° »«J/or , hc . stule focuses on thes about :, um slances: 'JJ i i , -it . II-U1IN Ol /\UJ ICUIlUn tjf.Vtl rl . dog warden who will append ?i „ , ,. , ,. u- .. , ,. , Benson and his (arm policy a f : retwri ol the action taken and „ ... ,.....,.,. '. *'.. 1 . buildinc! arleciuatr. approaches to "',""-. . , , return one copy for filing in iho ' the brid-^v or raisins sufficient ' r "° (stalf ' .^^. du.-m« hti- po | i( . c . department. o , , - -, , , funds iron, the tolls Vhemsclves B "' bl " ld fhc> iJ P' J '' oadlt>s ' In this way (here will be a He was to have visited .L.pan u , K " ls ' T "' ms hps - and to begin planning them as re adv reference record on doii as the climax of his tour begin- to alkm l -' 0 "«truction of such ap- ...... .. . .' . . h leaa V >eieitnct tecoid on.aog the Philippines. Formosa, and Hawaii. therefore the outlook in the I'urrn bell for the Republicans ne.xl November. L'. The outlook for flic HOP in . , ' Ml>s ' «a.s throw,, to tho pavement, police said. The lire truck then struck .••. car stopper! at the red light Driver of the third car was Carl MKS. KAU'll C. NAliUP blocks, it was pointed out, the )Hnlit _ wh s trespassers had been able toj armament ]m& haye pass beyond eHy jt^sdiction ^j^, ided for ianrf wurvi« D «.-c^;tl>.«A««^MTe/car/y defined opening steps of I works ordinance. ; a world treaty: v, v ' In another instance a police- i. Establishment of an''iflteen*-^ jitian on a routine aflornoon pa-,«onaJ disarmament control oi- • Irol on Blair avenue observediganization. • • --,•' ti bo.v shooting firecrackers! 2. A controlled ban on all spaae jfrom a bridge over the ; satellites armed with weapons ef I branch of Piasa creek at Kas-imass destruction. , < lInn street. The hoy, who had •>• Establishment of air and one packet of crackers left, said i ground observation zones, indud- bc had hitchhiked across the j '"S Parts of the Soviet Union and bridge to Missouri Point lo buy!" lp United States, to prevent sur- lour packets. Ho was admonish-jP riso attack. cfl about the Alton ordinance .'*• Mutuil l on-site inspection of bnimiiiR fiifworks and was re- ail bases - missile launching sites leased lo his father. and naval bases "to establish a \\-lu-n police investigated two l . asis for r;ontr °ls over nuclear complaint- I'rom (be vicinity of, . '' y . s >' slems in ' subsequent 7lh and Market streets early i Sunday they were told by Rob i ]10 ^ ert Cole of 731 Market that someone threw lighted t'irc- guarantee s sateiv. lance of S3.V>..'i5(i,17. which 1 today 70 Hish S3', tow H:I fix- stale bv 3. Then lust week a cracking River stage below Precipitation ' in the new concrete .locking on?™ PooijV"! cfl:," mJ,° * * '" Ibis end necessitated further ex- ' icccivei amination. testing, and perhaps repair work: and six days of golfing in Hawaii. •"•*-M ''» the bridge's IS-moiith , 4 [|| in0 j s hig^,^ O nj,-rds have "How was your trip, Mr. Prcsr operation, admitted a point'still under dis- dent," a reporter asked. Included among the individual, cussioij js Kcnemi , n - o , m . iy iiix . "Oh, pretty good," Eisenhower i items was $34.00G.!KI for legal fees es for whk , h tho attonlov ' Kener . : «»d I'.xpi-nsos. al's office informed local'authori- .) This was one ol three majorities the- tiix collectors-till h;id lo Stepping jauntily down the ramp U;|S 'urned over l< from his jet airliner at Andrews'" 1 ''' 1 ' 1 ' ot ( 'i'y Court. Air Force Base. Eisenhower ap- Expenses listed by Hi peared tanned and rested after '" '" s fi" 11 ' report totaled Sl'-W.- tlie bridge' general election in crackers at MK house shortly after midnight. He handed police a packet of firecrackers he said he had Di!ma'.""jone'i£ |tnke " IVoni * bo - v on M«"*«t prior to their arrival. her five ehll- provious niar- I Arnold, WM.OJ ffor «' levels ° f 2 '« mil ' «*. jf 6 . United S^, ana the. Soviet Union, with a subsequent reduction of 2,100,000 and Alton Couple Observes 65th Anniversary Date observers believe il may exceed minor m j m .i os . No one else was Idler] in 1048 the record of 260,000 set in the injured in the accident, policejPatrjciii, and Samuel Arnold. : s|m ''. reported and Givgory Narup. Also surviv- ° n it1v| -'- sl 'gating a subsetiuent j 7. A controlled ban on production Narup told police he was un-ung are Ihree sisters and t|irei>| il " on - Vin " us complaint fromjof fissionable materials for .•mil- appropriate force levels "for other militarily significant states." 6. Storage of surplus arms in internationally controlled depots prior to their ultimate destruction or conversion to peaceful uses. see the lire engine on because ol a- building on the northwest corner of the State and Delrnar intersection. He said ho did not hear the fire siren until he was in (he inter- sec lion and then he applied his brothers. Mrs. Dorothv KountzJ Wa '" ul street they found two'lary uses. TODAY'S CHUCKLE ' * T|M> otht ' r Uvo UIMV Missouri. This would have to Mr ( ' ;jl ' llsli< r: •ossip is a person who will S71 ' ?S Io1 ' assist; "" '""iia^er cleared up in view of the statu- "' ison - ir> " "Wiland Ase ' I ' **( J -ill....H....i J a*-." . ti ifi j i i i' . . . . . i.i , A never tell a lie when (h will do more damage. i jj 19BU. General I ; IMI tires Corp wer Monti Home Economist To Judge Recipe Contest loll collectors, and $.YiYJH!l.u| lor:tory requirement that before II- surprised Stindav afternoon with general taxes. |jnois can accept title to all or a reception in honor ot then ii:>lh The SliTjj.rwlj.lV balance Horn the part of an interstate bridge, theAvedrling anniv, rsai> receivership was transferred to,structure must be in good repair • and free of encumbrances. T, Meanwhile the state division ., (1; , „„.,. ,,,„, Sljll . in . liw M , highways has been pressing and M |; ,,,,,„,,„. ,, «' 1< ! e ji2213 Virginia Ax. vvmcf "friends n-orn the First Baptist Thr party was planned (<> (heir . Mon ,,,,, mt , rv , " » r • , and he (.odtrey Inline.; wlshev Th Mrs. W. G. Grandfield, 9 Ramona PJi, Godfrey, chairman of the home economics department oi Monticello College since 1954, has been selected as one of the judges in the Alton Evening Tele- graph-Uniun Electric Co. recipe contest. The recipe contest opened June L'U and will c'lo»i' July 30. Recipes may be entered in the categories o) salads and divtisings. vegetables and soups, c.tssrrolos, meal, tibh and poultry, desserts, cakes mid cookies, pic. breads and outdoor cookery. Mrs. Grandtield i» ii graduate of Southern Illinois University. She holds a bachelor's degree in education. A member ol the steering committee of tlu Ail-America City promotion Mrs. Grandfield has |\V. Watt to ask the btate's chief ; highway engineer. R. R. Builds-• ivtii'slinient table ivith a tier wedding cake and the color scheme was pale- green and yellow Mr. and Mr> PatU-rsun were married June ~M. ISO.') Mrs Pat- iearly stun on approaches to the ' : bridge \ll and Alls Pattci.-uli became 7. The slate highway division 1 ' 1 " P al '<-'its of ioui children. Rus- Ins announced plans for the riv- se " ^ Patterson. Mrs Harold iisid. l..\ee Berm Beltlinc. O nto^ lxH)noi ' ; " ttai " ( ''' : Mrs Eugi-iw which til,- pi'oposcd bridge ap- *' ( l.oiii»n MoiUgornery. :.nd (hi : piuaches will integrate bridge'''' 1 ' I'arhslr (j Patterson Jr. tratlic, have been completed and ' <n ''- v bave resided in Alton most »jids on con»[ructioi) ul a budge 0 ' (Jh ''' "wri-it-d I' 1 *' '.'ntil his over Wood River creek should |leliltl " H ' nt '" I9io Ml f ; 'iiei-son be called this summer. was uiln tn *' Alton Box Board In between times, the 'lele- ( -'° IG1 murt ' 'ban 30 years graph and its attorneys lace.J The Pattersons also were hon- and disposed ol libel suits total- o«Mj during the Sunday morning ing $750,000 brought againat services at First Baptist Church them by two attorneys who had School when William Bailey, as- Lakewoixl, Calil.: Mrs. (leoigo; Dov *. " "«d 15, who admitted Matthews. River F.dge. N.J.; having been shooting firecrack- Mrs. Lorraine Hillings, Chicago, ers. Their parents, were inform- Alex Christian, Lakewood, Calif.; <~'d of the infraction. : Josopli Christ i,m Susanvillf, Police Chief ,r. M. Heafner Calif.; and Stephen Christian, -said today that police are seek- Caseyvillc. Ill linj- to strictly enforce the Alton 8. Submission of military bud gets to the international disarmament organization. In the second stage of the plan. American and Soviet force levels would be reduced to J,700,000 men and an .international peace force Mrs. Narup was l»,in in East i ordinance, and also the stale! umlkl '"' f ' stablisllod iSl. Uniis in HlL'l She had boi.-n,'law, forbidding use of firework ja resident ol Alton tor the past; Moot of the firecrackers, sub- , !l4 yoais. She was employed nsjject of local complaints, appear! '. jii bookkcc|iei lor Kcndrick &|io have been purchased m Liiuiblad. opii,'i:,n.-, ,'souri, and Hcafiici pointed 1 Mrs. Narup was the lorinerjthat bringing firework- In the third stage, national '[forces would be reduced lo the for internal "there shall be no Miss Kthel fhri^tia East St. |Lo(ji.s. She and .\arup were I married April .">. I id I. ! Friends mav mil alter 7 p.m. j today at Si.dcK KwieraJ Home. T|K J Hosaiy \\ill hi> recited at 8 p.m. Tuesday and Requiem' Mass will be held at .St. Mai-' thew's Church Wednesday with; I burial in St. Patrick's Cemetery that state intu Illinois is a federal MS well as a stale offense, , agreed types ajid itom quantities for use by the international police force awd agreed remaining national contigents." Altonian Herman Linger DiesDuringGermanVisit AUK YOU A NO COUNT? AIV you sure you were ro u n t cd in tho lfl»»G Census? It' you think > o u uvivn't, call either the Greater Alton Association of Commerce or the Alton City Manager. Merman Linger, proprietor of u shoe repair shop at 300 W. 4th St., died unexpectedly last Tuesday at Hagan, Germany, where lie had been vacationing. Death was due- to a heart seizure, according to word received by Alton friends. drals, government buildings and other structures. The hobby had paid off tor Mr. Linger in a monetary way. and had partly financed his trip to Europe. He had resided in Alton for 3i j years, coming here from Ger- 65 YEARS TOGETHER *Ir. ami Mrs. ('. ti. Fattrrwjn, 1598 Highland Avt>., represented the city in estab- Distant superintendent, called i. W. G.GBANl)| i 'II$WJ; li!ihing and maintaulin 8 <he te 'them to the platform and gave a •eeivership. The suits grew out'brief sketch of their lives in the served as president of the Moth- taught in the aault education prr>;ol the receivership and tolls church and presented them with ers' club of Godfrey She is a• gram oi Glin vocational school Meanwhile, the bridges Ua ers : ftowen,. There was a bou- *».:! » *u ^ t u ' L member of the American Assn. oi for »LN jtaiv -most of them residents ot thekuc-t iu their honor in the church ^lv" ««1 '**• .jJ? oto *«J«*r OH otM^rvant* ol t University Prol^boiv the Ameri- Mi. and Mis. Cirandtwld have imntMliate AJtun area- ue ,a\- f>'om their tamily WXtj-tltth Wedding aniliverkar>. They wert- f< can Assn- of University Women/two children. G.ache;). U. und'ing toll* at the rate ol at least! There are 14 «rr»nri^iw - "J"^ 1 *.*' b " th . at ,i'' ll ' st B»Utl*t Church dllii at the h *nd we fcscltoflgette Club. Sbe-Kmieo. IU 41100 a- dav •»- , ^ f^dchildren Jn d of tbwr soil-m-laH and 0»USht*T, Hr. Uild Mr*, t »i,iuo^aay. -) great^andduldien Mo|tgouMT>, ««18 VirKWiat-Statf Photo. Inside Must* MAUKETS KAWO 4 IV PAtifc u 17 IV A skilled craftsman in shoe re-j many after World War J. His pair work, Mr. Linger had a large j honu- tor many years had been lullowing of customers. Many of;at 600 Stowcll St. his patrons had followed him Neighbors of Mr. and Mrs when a change in place oi busi- Linger were saddened upon hear- ness was made, going out of their;ing of his deatli. The couple were wuy to take advantage of his fine popular in the Stowell street workmanship. neighborhood and families there Mr. Linger, besides hi& skill in were looking forward to their repairing shoes, also was adept scheduled return July -J. iat the old art of actual shoe-mak- Mrs. Linger, who accompanied jing. He made shoes for Alton per- her husband to Europe, will re- sons who required special pat- turn to the States with triends, terns A numbei oi crippled per- Who had accompanied them on sous relied on him to make their the ^rip. footwear. • Funeral rites tor Ait Luiger His skill and meticulous pains!were held today at Duisburs, jwere exhibited in another art, the Germany, aud he was buried i building ol miniatures ot cathe-j there i - »

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