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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, August 6, 1957
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on New Jobs for Russian Pair By WARREN ROGERS JR. ; WASHINGTON un - Diplomatic officials speculated today that new jobs may be in the offing for Soviet Premier. Nikolai Bulganln and Defense Minister Georgi Zhukov. The speculation about another Kremlin shakeup was inspired by the circumstances surrounding party boss Nikita Khrushchev's rendezvous in Romania last Thursday and Friday with Yugoslav President Tito. Bulganin missed those talks- believed to have dealt with prime satellite political topics—and also was omitted from the list of officials joining' Khrushchev in a scheduled visit this week to East Germany. Hazard Guesses Speculating on new Kremlin moves is an uncertain business at best, diplomatic officials conceded, but they hazarded guesses that: 1. Bulganin, noticeably shrinking in prominence since Khrushchev thwarted an attack on his leadership last June, might be kicked upstairs to the. presidency. This powerless post now is held by the aging Klementi Voroshilov. 2. Zhukov, President Eisenhower's World War II comrade in arms, might succeed Bulganin as premier, giving Khrushchev a chance to cash in on Zhukov's high personal popularity with the Russion people and making official a general belief that Zhukov now rates second .only to Khrushchev in Russian power. • But there has been speculation abroad that the premiership might go instead to Anastas Mikoyan, the deputy premier and economic expert named to accompany Khrushchev to East Germany. The State Department Monday declined comment on such speculation. ' Decline Comment Bulganin is widely reported to have sided with deposed Soviet leaders Georgi Malenkov and V. M. Molotov during the fateful Central Committee struggle last June 22-29. Ever since, he has taken a conspicuous back seat. Zhukov, on the other hand, reportedly helped Khrushchev win in the struggle for power, and apparently has gained stature since. Soviet spokesmen in,East Berlin denied Bulganin was staying home from East Germany because of illness. They said Mikoyan was going along because economic matters would be discussed and he is an economic expert. But in denying that Bulganin was ill, the spokesmen neither confirmed nor denied that he was on the skids politically. Timet Herald, Carroll, law* Tuesday, Aug. 6, 1957 Mrs. Mildred Lyden Visits in Colorado (Time* Herald Ktwi Serrtee) MANNING—Mr. and Mrs. Harold Addington of Colorado Springs, Colo., came Monday. They and Mrs. Mildred Lyden left July 30 for Colorado. Mrs. Lyden will help the Addingtons move to Monte Vista, Colorado, where Mr. Addington will teach and Mrs. Addington will be employed. The group visited Tuesday in the Ronald Farley home at Harlan. Employees of the Manning Creamery and their families held a picnic in the Manning City Park Wednesday evening. The Rev. and Mrs. Harlan Kruse of Lakota spent Tuesday night In the Lyle Arp home, en route to Colorado for a vacation. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Meyers and Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Hansen were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dor- Ian in their trailer home, when Mr. Dorian's Royal United shows played the 4 -County Fair at Coon Rapids. Freckles Make Swedish Beauty An Unhappy Girl By GU8TAV SVENSSON STOCKHOLM, Sweden l/B-This is th« story of Freckles with the titian hair, who used to be told that she got her tan through a tea strainer. "Some of them are too big to have gone through a sieve though," said a Swedish derma? tologist who took the pains of counting a total of 21,719 freckles, excepting Bikini areas. "Statistics," he said, "are scant but it looks like a world record. Anyhow I doubt If so many freckles were ever combined with such beauty." Harriet (Freckles) Asp is a slender, long-legged - art student who hates freckles. Chances are she will make color-movie viewers love them. The photographer who first spotted Freckles made 150 pictures of her in two days. It took Sweden's biggest movie makers, the SF Corp., no more than five minutes to give her a screen test. Color magazines in Sweden and abroad are getting Freckles-minded at an astounding rate. Most of her 23 years, she lived under the impact of her brilliant colors. "Whlh I met my first boy friend," said Harriet, "I turned the inside of my arms towards him so he wouldn't see all those freckles. "I scrubbed them with scouring powder. I wanted to peel myself like a potato. Sometimes I wished I were dead. "I scratched off some of the larger ones on my nose. I hoped they would be gone when the scratches healed. But there they were again. "I thought I might tan myself in the sun until 1 became one big freckle. But it only added thousands of new freckles and gave them all a darker shade. "I prayed that a miracle would rid me of my freckles. I even thought of secluding myself from the outside world. I wanted to become a nun." She's still not happy about them. Dermody Family Of Breda Takes Vacation Trip East (TlniM Herald News Service) BREDA — Dr. and Mrs. John Dermody and sons, John and Eddie left Sunday- on a vacation trip in the eastern states. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Davis and daughters of Omaha, spent the weekend at the Chet Ocken home. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Neumayer and family returned to Bancroft Sunday after a week's visit with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Klaus spent the weekend at the John Karl home in Des Moines. Pvt. Raphael Wolterman, who is spending a two week furlough here, was honored at a family picnic dinner at Memorial Park Sun- p*-•• Present with the honored guest were his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Wolterman. Breda: Mr. and Mrs, Harold Wolterman andn family, Adams, Minn.; Mr. andn Mrs. Roger Koster, and son, Cherokee; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Neppl and family, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Noethe and family, Fonda; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Steinkamp and family, Arcadia; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wolterman and family, and Arlene Thelen, Carroll; Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Koster and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wolterman and family. Mr and Mrs. Joe Wolterman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wolterman and, family of Mallard were unable to be present due to car trouble while on their way here, AERIAL GUARDIANS OF OUR WAY OF LIFE . . . Here at a glance, are the major combat and support aircraft of the Air Force cathered this a year UP ° Provin g Ground Command, Elgin Air Force Base, Fla. The U. S. Air Force is celebrating its.Golden Anniversary Woodrow Flenkers Of Moquoketa Visit Manning Relatives (TiitiM Herald Newt Servlre) MANNING - Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Flenker and family of Maquokcta are guests 0 f her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfolt- ner. Mr. and Mrs. William and daughter of Schleswig, Mr. i and Mrs. Harry Sander and family of Elkhorn spent Sunday with Mrs. Katie Sander. Democrat Blast at Rights Bill Hits Numerous Laws You Don't Need Glasses . . . . . to see the value of Classified! Houses Sold! Apartments Rented! Jobs Found! Positions Filled! Toys and Appliances Bought, Sold and Traded! Whatever Your Need You'll Find a WANT AD Classification to Help You! DIAL 3573 . ' Daily Times Herald By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON un-Senate Democrats aimed at one bird in the civil rights bill But they used a _ . ' shotgun and hit everything in Sander , sight. They acted so hastily in amending President Eisenhower's civil rights bill—with the help of a i handful of Republicans—that right Mr. and Mrs Charles Schell- now they don't know all they hit dorf of Denver, who are visiting; 0 r the full effect of what thev did. here, spent Wednesday and Thurs -j At least 40 laws, many govern- day of last week with Mr. and' men t agencies and all the federal mil r >_i........ 1 J-..— -. — Mrs. Anna Janssen Celebrates Her 81st Birthday at a Party (Time* Herald Newt 'Service) CARNAVON.- A group of ret atives spent Friday afternoon criminal contempt. The Constitution guarantees; jury trial for, „ r „ UJ u .^.. uu . crimes but not for contempt of i with Mrs. Anna Janssen, the oc court. J casion being her 81st birthday. A crime—being a violation of Guests included Mrs. Anna state or federal law-is an offense | O'Tool, Mrs. Hulda Bnnker. Mr. against the stat* or the govern- 1 and Mrs. Herman Lesle, Mrs. ment. Contempt 0! court is an of-! Christina Hunziker, Albert Luck fense against the authority of a| ow - Auburn; Mr. and Mrs. Rein Moines Friday. They also called on Shirley Kramer at the Mercy Hospital. She had surgery Wednesday. Mrs. Lulu Thorpe of Lake View, her daughter, Wanda, of Omaha called in the Lola Walrod and Roland Thorpe home Saturday forenoon. 17 Benefit From Fund! Of Officers DES MOINES m -- Seventeen former Iowa highway" .PetfplmM* or state agents, or their sumyors, are drawing from $50 to !flw A month in pensions, the attorney. general's office said Tuesday? Asst. Atty. Gen. R. R. Dvorak* secretary of the Iowa Pea ^e Officers' Retirement System, said 11 of those concerned are former patrolmen or their beneficiaries; and six are former agents or. their survivors. • -\ Although the patrol f and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation* which employs agents, have been state agencies many years, the retirement system has been in effect only since July 4, 1949. To be eligible for retirement benefits, a patrolman or agent must have served 22 years and be at least 55 years old. The payments are financed partly by patrolman and agent contributions U> the system, and partly from the state treasury. The agents arid patrolmen pay from 4.05 to 5.5 per cent of their income) into the system. The state formerly paid 8 per cent but since last July l the state contribution has been 16 per cent. Dvorak said the increase in the state contribution was made to keep the system "actuarially sound". Two survivors of two patrolmen who were killed in traffic accidents are among those receiving _ benefits. One was Patrolman Mari old C. De Gear, killed in a mishap 1 in Cedar Rapids in 1954. The other Mr and Tnt* R T AN «.«« ueaar na P ia s "J 1B54. Tne othei ere' business M?W « in s?«»v I wa ?. p «t.™l™« Ralph F. Garth were business callers in Sioux City Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Bill Roberts and daughter at Mason City. Mri and Mrs. Emil Opperman entertained at dinner on Monday' courts are affected. That much is known. Eisenhower to Veto Elsenhower reportedly will veto CJIICI icuucu ai uimiei on ivionuay 1 .v- vv ...... evening. Guests were Mrs. Katie tnis bil1 if the House agrees to « , ~ -what the Senate did and sends it Kahler. Mrs. Agnes Snack of Durant, Mr. and Mrs Henry Snyder of Denison and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dietz. judge and his power to command compliance with his orders. Southern Democrats did not argue against trial by a judge alone for civil contempt. But for criminal contempt they demanded a jury trial. Some Northern Democrats, avoiding a split in the party agreed to that and then went far beyond it. Thirty-nine Democrats and 12 er Janssen; Mr. and Mrs. George Janssen, Mrs. Anna Auen, Mrs. Cena Jansen, Lake View; Mr. and Mrs. John Janssen, Wall Lake. A lunch was served by Hannah Hansen and Mrs. John Janssen. The children of Mrs. Anna Janssen spent a social evening with her Saturday night, honoring her birthday. Mrs. Reiner JanBsen entertained what the Senate did and sends tl „ "1 f'„ ' .rJ T r\ 'ti, X I. , n r • to him. Because of the measure's! *T,, p 8 wT Democrats, the afternoon Pinochle Club in J -_j hand 33 Republicans opposing them f her home here Tuesdav. widespread and uncertain effect, an Vf, "epunncans opposing them it's hard to see how he could do ~ v ° f d J.°'P ro y ,dp l , rlal bv J urv "> nilla entertained Saturday eve -I^TT " 1 ning, in observance of the birth- i with Ne * ro voters day of their daughter, Joyce. The bill was intended to protect "* ...v... Mougiut., t -- • - - -- • iui nuiiumi tuniempi — QUI no! uaugiuei ui uyiion, mr. ana Mrs. Guests included Mr. and Mrs.'Negroes voting rights. It gives one k nows how many. The latest' Junior Mason and children of T T T i i t f 1. <* ri tnom for wrtra nrnt A/itinn than « #• .. . , *- _ • __ Lewis Hagedorn and family, Mr.i them far more protection than and Mrs. Bennie Otto and daugh- they've ever had. But its effects ter, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Otto, Ma- j 8° far beyond voting rights, nilla; Alvin Hngedorn, Mr. andj The Eisenhower administration Mrs. William Ottc and family.! proposed letting the attorney gen- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Otto and; eral step in when Negroes' voting Merlin, Mr. and Mrs. Billie Hargens, Mrs. Bertha Hagedorn, Mrs. Tena Otto, Dennis and Frances Grimm, Manning: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dammann and family, Audubon. The group played pinochle, with high to Mrs. Dammann; second to Mrs. Hargens and low to Mrs. Henry Otto. A birthday lunch was served. JUVENILE DELINQUENTS Most children coming before juvenile courts of the United States are between 15 and 17 years of age. according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. During the Boston Tea Party raid, 342 chests of. tea were destroyed. rights are violated. He could ask a federal judge for a court order to stop the violations. Anyone disobeying could—after a trial on a charge of civil contempt—be jailed until he complied. Anyone disobeying after it was too late for compliance could be given a flat jail sentence for criminal contempt of court. Trial by Judge In both cases—civil and criminal cfentempt—the judge, without a jury, would do the trying and sentencing under the administration's proposal. There v is nothing new In this. Trial by judge for contempt of court has existed throughout American history. In a very few instances there have been specific laws permitting trial by Jury in cases of SHARING HER SLACKS ... • There's no Argument about who wears the pants In this family—there's plenty of room < In there for both husband and wife. The slacks belong to Rose Price, of Washington, D. C.,- who wfrre them all by herself before losing W4 pounds In a group diet ptan. Now, she can share them with her husband, <Slfmun4, as shown In this MoCall's Magaxine photo. Dr. John R. Pate, director of the Bureau of* Disease Control or the District pf Columbia, developed the group plan, with which* he has pareioften aggregate olinort than seven tons from mm and • woman. -. =i i i^icv*. I ^"h ^'.rli ^i^ "It I every criminal contempt of court ~L^J»!«?S ?„ »' »=• i SfhTm r. Wears'. i«~ • *> A number of laws provide for court orders—and trial by a judge for criminal contempt — but no her home here Tuesday. Jane and Mary Fogerty attended the birthday party of Todd Gronemeyer at Odebolt Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mason and daughter of Lytton, Mr. and Mrs. count, before the vote Thursday \ Fort Dodge, Mrs. Denzel Thorpe night, was 40. I and son of Carnarvon had a pic- Tied in with those laws are | nic lunch at the Roland Thorpe many government agencies—like the Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal_.Communications Commission — which depend on court orders for final carrying out or their rulings. j home Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. Reiner Janssen and Mrs. William Tiefenthaler were : dinner guests of Mrs. Tjark Jansen in Lake View Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fogerty were business callers in Des Manning C of C In Regular Meeting (Timet Herald Newi Service) MANNING - The Manning Chamber of Commerce met in regular session on Tuesday evening. As in past years, the group decided to sponsor the project of buying local baby beef sold at the conclusion of the Four-county fair in Coon Rapids. Mayburn Ramsey acted as representative for the Manning group at. the sale. A "discussion on keeping the Crystal theater open was held, but no conclusion reached. Back-to- school trade promotions will be held during August. The trade relations committee will hold a breakfast meeting next Tuesday at 7 at Saunders Drive-Inn. Dr. Ronald Harms of Sheldon showed films of U. S. Navy operations in the Arctic and Antarctic as the program. He was introduced by Edwin Johnson. " Lunch was served by Horb Gro- teluschen, Leo Bruck, Francis Zerwas and Ed Knaack. waite, killed in an accident near Missouri. Valley in 1955. Two other patrolmen werer killed, but before the system became effective, and so their survivors do not qualify for benefits. Patrolman Oran Pape was shot and killed by a man In a stolen car in 1936, patrol headquarters said. Patrolman Harold Klinkefus was the victim of a traffic accident near Red Oak in 1949, six weeks before the system became effee-' tive. Besides the Survivors of De Gear and Garthwaite, others receiving benefits are: Three retired agents and two patrolmen; three widows of patrolmen, two widows of agents; one child of a patrolman; two patrolmen who retired on accident disability; and one patrolman and one agent who retired on account of ordinary disability. IOWA TRAFFIC DEATHS By The Associated Press Aug. 6. 1957 v 402 Aug. 8, 1958 ra „ /, 421 Michigan's area is comprised of 40<per cent water and 60 per cent land. Enjoy Sports Car Styling and Performance in the Economical SILVER HAWK V-8 No need to wait until '58 for a family sports car. Today, the economical V-8 Silver Hawk, companion to the supercharged Golden Hawk, combines all the enjoyment of true sports car appearance and performance with the roomy interior of a luxury sedan! For this is the one American automobile that gives you sports car roadability, continental styling, and power to spare-yet actually costs far less than many low priced conventional automobiles. S^, for a new experience in motoring, in a family car that's a sports car too, be sure to test drive a 1967 Studebaker Silver Hawk at your Studebaker-Packard dealer 1 THE SILVER HAWK SIX > • • combines low initial cost with unsurpassed motoring economy. THE SUPERCHARGED GOLDEN HAWK ... the , car that sets the pace in sports car enjoyment. For the beat ear value$ ever. (J) Studebaker-Packard CORPORATION CARROLL MOTOR COMPANY youutud A» WILLIAM WW.! HIWAY -10 WffST — ^CARROLI, 'OWA *•« '.I -

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