Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 25, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1960
Page 18
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PA(» ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JUNE 25,1960 TORNADO'S DAMAGE OWVNEDD, Pa.—Auto, hoisted by tornado's violent winds, conies to rest against house in upright position, with rear nudging second floor window at home of John Dickinson, of White Oak road, Montgomery county roof of home uas lifted off and blown 300 feet to a neighbor's lawn. Four persons in house escaped injury as a score of trees were felled nearby Friday night. (AP Wire- photo ) Wood River Girl Hurt in Fall From Bicycle WOOD RIVKR Mary Bflh .Mormind 9. daughter r>f Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mormlno. 501 N. F'irsi St.. was reported In criti-, cut rondition at the Wood River. Township Hospital thin morning.' Sho vvaw admitted on Friday at rl:.Ti p.m. after falling from «• hlcycln and striking IIP r hearj, i it was rnpurfed 'by a rotative.! The «irl uas found noai her horiu 1 . Trri.v F. Stcnviirl. X. sun of Mr. and Mis. Kir-d K. StfvvaM. 20S: Vlc.tory Di,. was admitted as a palirnt al ,S:25 p.m. Friday, lor IrcHlmonl ol a dislocated toe. Ho sluhlu'd his t<K> vvhilp playing at home. Othfi 1 patient.-- trr-nii'd and re- If-aserl from I hi 1 hospital vvereii Mi's. Violet Ruhy King. 981! Penning. W<xxl River, injury ofj the left small top; Mrs. Minn.t .J. Herrcn. 211 Ix>gan St.. Be(hallo. injury to Ihe right hand and elbow: D. F. Cridcr. 64 Cotlagp Avn.. Collage Hills, laceration ol the left index finger; Emory D. Eberhart, 153 'S. Ciivlf Dr.. East Alton ilo« l)itf o)i the bau-k of left leg; ancl D. Michaol Roljt-rts. 475 Georgfi 10:00— (L'i KTVI ( ABC: i -2. KMOX i CBS> KSD <NBC) :>. KETC 9. K Sntnrda.v Kvcnlng, J 8:0ft— (2) News: Bruce MI "Die Big 1   Pioneer (Hi Tliis Is Alice (i::;0-<2> Dick Clark Peri-y Mason Bonan/a: 'C Wild Bill Hic John (lunthf-r i-1i i.") i 7:00— i-|i Road Ml 1 Seven League Leave It Wanted. Man and t Movie l^awrence Mr. Lueky Deputy Have Gun. (,-,) World Wide '60 01) Marry a Millionaire 9:00— (2) Jubilee U.S.A. (4* Gunsmoke ill i Jai Alai 9:.'iO— tit San Franc (5 1 Death Vall 1 5 1 < 11 1 8:00— <2i 1 1) ij) S::!0— !•!> St.. Wood River, tight ankle. injui'y to the WoodRiverClub Women Name Committee Heads WOOD RIVER - Mru. H. W. Hadfield, president, has announced the appointment of department and committee chairmen of the Woman's Club for the coming year. A new department. Public Health and Welfare, has been added to the program with Mrs. Edward Hart- i wig and Mrs. John Baden as cochairmen. Roxana Church Picnic Sunday ROXANA - The Kcv. William 'Rice, pastor of First Presbylerlan j Church will use the sermon title Mrs. C. W Albiccht will head "The Philosophy of Fools", at m<- the American Home Department; 10:40 a.m. service Sunday. Sunday Mrs. Louis Camp, art; Mrs. Der-j«'"°°' is ; " 9::> '0 "•'»• At 1 p.m. eeU Smith. American citizenship: " hf> "f" 11 "" 1 <>hl » 1 fl' P"'"' 1 ' wi » b ' v , 'Mrs Gilbert Helmkamp. Boys'! held '" tht ' Shelter Mouse al Ken- Illinois; Mrs. William• r ' 1 ' 11 Hm - T1 "' ^-ssion will meet. Town of Cox. safely. Mrs. f'rt'd Berry, conservation; Mrs. Martin Langehaug. education: Airs. J. F. Traband, Mrs. K. Logsdon. garden; Mrs. E. J. Gerner, Intenational relations; Mrs, Rodger Holcomb, legislation; Mrs. J. A. Harmon, literature. « Mrs. George Harvey, Mrs. A. K. Ricem. Mrs. Raymond Boyer, mental health; Mrs. Ralph Stuart, music; Mrs. Stanley Spraguc, sports; Mrs. Louis Butterworth, television, radio and movies. Chairmen of standing committees are: Mrs. V. J. Barnhart, auditing; Mrs. Phillip Schoppet, budget ancLclubvvoman: Mrs. Earl Stamper, caNa; Mrs. Roy Adams, Chamber of Commerce and Junior contact chairman. Mrs. Karl Fulp. civic and custodian of records; Mrs. Lynn Husted, custodian of properties and hostess chairman; Mrs. Wilbur Stevens, Girl Scout: Mrs. D. J. Knowles. finance; Mrs Rohorl {'argill. historian. Mrs. K. J Omer, hospitality; Mrs. Eninicl Howard, membership and year book; Mrs. K. D. Hull, parliamentarian; Mrs. A. W. McBride. program; Mrs. Walter Johler. Mrs. L. C. Kopiseh, Mrs. Jerry Trattler, press book. Mrs. TrattliT, publicity; Mrs. L. nl 7 p.m. Monday. Tom Jones, a inini.stfnal .student from Alton, will conduct thc9:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. service al First Baptist church in the absence of the Rev. I.. K. Muslain. PilniN of Hospital Shimi) ROXANA — Fred Alsberg vva.s chairman of Ihe program al the Wednesday evening dinner meeting of the Rotai-y Club in Uie First Presbyterian church and presented Martin Langehaug who showed films of flic U'ood River Township Hospital from ihe day it first opened to the present time, j Visiting Rotarians were Bill Mc- j Guire of U'ood River, Louis Neuhaus of Belhalto and Denny Foster of Alton. Leaven (or .School ROXANA — Larry Hobson. son of Mr. and Mrs. Kltlon Hobson, is in Blackduck. Minn., where hr will take a summer course foi civil engineers for University ol Tllinois students. He expects to complete (he course July '-'!!. SecrHary al Cai>t|> UOXANA - Miss Joan Burnett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Burnett of DiKTi 1 Ave. spent the past few days with her parents ac- compaine.d by a friend from Storm Knscs Homr Task for (thief Chiefs of police, somewhat formidable lo (he general public, fnll victim to the same domestic stresses thai afflict the res) of hu- manily and one of these involving Kiisl Allon Chief 'Harold Riggins concerned ji tree-cutting .job. A tree in the Biggins yard been me infested with worms •and Mrs. Riggins insisted that Riggins chop il down. The chief, in common wilh most males, took a dim view of the task, but. he says, knew in his heart I hat job would have to be done. Mrs. Higgins insisted. Wednesday the quirks of the weather relieved the situation. While (he chief and Mrs. Riggins were attending church services the wind bowled I he tree over and left Riggins with nothing but the clean-up work. North Allon News East Alton Post Installation to Be on July 11 Mi '10:15—(4) 10:30—(2i (5) 11:00—(2) KAST ALTON July 11 sci as the date for the insinuation of officers of American Legion Post and was joint the Aux- met PROMOTION Sl'MJAV AT EL.M ST. CH» RCH Sunday school classes will promoted Sunday during be the church school hour at Elm Street Presbyterian Church. The Session will meet Monday al 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Kenneth Duncan will have the dcvotionals. New members will be received July 3. Mrs. K. J. Henderson, elder, and the pastor, the Rev. William R. Kimbrough, will be representatives ,-il Pivsbylf-ry, Tuesday at Belleville. IJKll UN TO CIIU At;0 Al TKK VISIT IIKICK i Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaller, iliary, when Ihe auxiliary 1 Thursday at Legion Hall. Mrs. Melvin Bracht will be installed auxiliary president and Robert Weatherhnldt, post commander. A fried chicken supper will he served following Ihe ceremonies. , It was vulerl to buy a portable i water cooler for Ihe Legion- I sponsored junior baseball team (manager by J. L. Frazier. Mrs. Bracht and Mrs. Robert Weatherholt. president, were named delegates lo the , division convention in July 16-17. Numerous prizes were awarded and refreshments were serred during the social hour arranged by Mrs. James Rlng- ering and Mrs. Robert Ritchie. Visiting in Ohio KAST ALTON—Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Richardson and son, Tom, :it)'J Mohroe Ave., accompanied by Miss Donria Rosenberg of Alton, are spending the weekend at Findley, Ohio, where they will be guests at the Sunday- wedding of Miss Beverly Hood ancl Lindell Walkington at the First Methodist Church. Miss Rosenberg and Tom will serve as attendants for the bridal couple. While attending Mil- j likin University Tom was a j classmate of Lindell. who is |the son of the Rev. ancl L. B. Walkington, former pastor ol I'.'asl Alton First Methodist Church. Highway Patrol News: Spencei if>i Mike Hummer Ml) Movie 10:10—(4) Weather: Fi Movie Californians Movie Panic Movie Oil Movie 12:15—(4) Movie 12:20— fa i News 12:25—("»i Movie 12:30—f11> News 1:40—(•!> Give L's Th 1:55—(ji» Weather SLMMY. JIM*; i 7:00— MI Give Us Th Big Picture: Karly Risei Christian Science Town Hall Why Is It So? Film Fisher Family Lamp Unto My Metropoli Metropoli Sunday This Is The Lile (5i Chri: Faith of ( Faith for Camera Three Millions ( 7:15—(4i 8:15— (41 8:30— (2) i-li I5> (4t lol 9:30—(2i ' (4) (5) fifth 10:00—t2i Alton (41 : 10:30—(2) (.jt (Color). 10:55—(4) ll:00-(L'i (4i i5l (4) (5t Hi: 15— C>> iji Mrs. j 12:30—(.21 (41 Illinois Carbonditle. Miss University aljand Barbara Kck- left sons, Richard Jr., and Ray today for Chicago, afler a man of Montreal, Canada. L. Baker, Red Cross, Mrs. Fulp. Mrs. A. W. McBride. Mrs. Oman Lyon. policy. Representatives to the Madison County Social Maiming Council are, K( , kma|) js ., , (llmsH | 01 Mrs. Gerner. Mrs (V O. De Atley ||0|)1| , and Mrs. Lyon. Mrs. Arthur BciTy is representative to the Wood Rivei Social Planning Council. The annual scholarship awards will be chainnaned by Mrs K L. Kimmel. assisted by the art. music and oonservalion chairmen. Wood Riv^r OES to Make Canuer Dressings WOOD RIVER— Mrs. Charles Corzine Sr., worthy matron, has announced a special meeting of the Order of Eastern Star will be held at the Masonic Temple Week's visit with his parents, Mr. Both girls are spending the:and Mrs. Joseph Schaller. 110 jsummer at Little Grassey Lakc.CJerson St. While here the visitors i Campus No. '_' at SU'. Miss Burnett iand Allonians visited Grant's jis a secretary this year and Miss'fim". and other interesting places. Hureini Cook-Out ROXANA - The RovAim I'nil of Ihe IVladisoii Couiity Home Bureau had a eook-ou. Thursday at ;whk , h w| ,, |1|)d Ju , , .,, ^ m ««• home of Airs. C C U,sch near,, llinojs Un , vm|lv . RMS vvith ten members parlic.pat-: A]sQ attpm|inK is ing. Ihe topics discussed werei "Outdoor Meals" and "A Good I Cook Book." bolh of which werei „„ , , . ' Ihe Institute, featuring Currier Posts Open At Wood River led by Lxjsch. Mrs .lean Wood iind WOOD RIVKR - Applications ire being accepted until July IJ al Ihe Post Office for the po- from throughout the state at- sitions ol clerk and carrier, lending the seventh annual Insti- K. V. (iiebl, pnstmastor. has lute for Rehabilitation Personnel'announced. Applicants must reside in the delivery area or be bona fida patrons ol the local posl office anil will In? required lo take the postal examination. There js in i maximum age and (he min- and lecture stall ol inoiv tlian illlllm a ^t' is 1". Ciiehl slated. Also attending is Bculah Ellis. jEdwardsvillo, of the Illinois Public Aid Commission News: Richai Message of t Way of Life Industry on f Our Heritage Americans at Sacred Heart Caucus Frontiers ot Faith (U) This Is The . 11:45—(2) Ask a Priest Noon—(2) Labor Views (4) Montage (at Home Hunter ill) Make-Believe Steclvv orkers News: Walt \\ Builders' Sho< Qui/ a Catholic (.")'( Movie ill) Tugboat Annie 1:00—ili i Cartoon Classics i4i Movie (111 Woman's Toi 1:30—(2) Movie 2:00—(4) Charlie Chan (11) Roller Derby 2:30-(4) Close Up (5> Cameo Theatre 3:00—14) News: Mi (Hi Movie 3:15—(41 Inside K.^ 3:30— r.'i Brave Stallion .American Amos 'n Andy Jim Bowie Face The World C L!> ill i,") i Attend ing Ii Rehabilitation^ orkei> .~>0 specialists, is designed for professional workers engaged either in direct service In the handicuppt'd or in ni effurls IDI ablod CARBONDAL.E, 111. — Frank Intcnsivi and Hedger of 501 Henry St.. Alton, siraiion sessions cover demuii- all its- _ Tuesday to prepare bondages j who is with the Division ol Voea- pects, ol dealing with the disabled "PPurt unities and dressings lor the Madison I tional Rehabilitation is among!— ps>cholo«u-al, social, ihorapeu- system. County Cancer Society. | SO me 15 rehabilitation workei-s 1 tic and educational The meeting will continue from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a sack lunch at noon. White and pastel materials. such as discarded shirts and sheets are badly needed and may be delivered to the Temple. Tuesday or pick-up ol contribution* may be arranged by con- The starting rate of pay is $2 MM hour with annual pay In- ITPHM'S. Other benefits of post "Hiec employment include job M'l-iu'iiv. liberal vacations, paid sick leave, uniform allowances for Carriers, low rate life aiuL liealtb insurance, promotional* and a retirement. Alton inns Honor Guests Of Wood Hirer Lodge tacting Mrs. C'oivine. Metbuclini Men lo Hear Ur. \X afesen • WOOD RIVER Di W. K. associate profes>c.oi nl and management o! Illinois University. Alton, wiU be guest speaker al •tb* 6 p.m Monday meeting oi tte Methodut Men at Ihe Fii.-l Mathodiut Church. He'will speak on the iupn "Stand uj and ... Chuoae'" WOOD RIVKR l-.d Lelieii ol W Alton, presided u Air ;iiui Mis. lton Chapter guest \\orth.v assorialr matri>n> iilid .i patrons dressed m Srot patron and worthy matron, le- rpei-'tively. :it Ihe Thursday a.eating ot tlie Order of Eastern Stai ai the Masonic Temple. Ollii-ers of the Walton Chapter wvie honored in song bv Mi*. C'harlefc Corziiie. worlhv mauoi) of the liosl chapier. Introduced wvn- 10 grind chapter iiimniiltei' membei.s. h Mi>. I'ht-sier T.i.v loi dt'du \<> songs in tlu'ii r Tin 1 Sioiiish theme Further information and ap- plii'ation forms may be obtained ai the local post office. To Visit Relatives WOOD RIVKR M. s s t. and Ur> I'JIenn Adeock and family vvill arrive Monrlav' troni Travis Forct 1 Ba>e. Calif., for a k - visit HI i|ie home of paieiit.-. Mr and Mrs Herb- J. Kllinti. till! H'iix S- TV Hour of Campaign Ro College Bowl Kunday Funn FYK Meet The P Combat Sergeant Lone Ranger Twenticlh Ceiuui> Fun Fare 1 11 1 Sports Special KVEMNU U:0o— tl'i Broken Arrow (4 1 Lassie i.") i Overland Trail i 111 Movie Maverick ce 1: JO— il'i j:UU— il'i ,">:JO— il' i ili (,")i TV digest! wilh John N, Jones j iCBS> 4, PLR11 me 18 Hn.vwurd )lor> kok •r'.« High •• Boots Jeaver i or Alive Ovillengr Ik ill Travel 60 ionaire o Beat Days •ol er Allen •r ituine «, s Day Day enct 1 y Uy Feet Church Church ile hers Fatliers ay e ie Move: •d Bate he Rabbi 3 arade ' Work ''aith Answer the News 's Guide Isle Meeting Williams wcase lie e jics ch re uoby -TV i u .s i c a 1 V lion npionship Stars undup ies ess 'ant I1IU1> (ji Man B'rom Interpo! 1 1 : 0(>— ( 5 1 Divorce Court 12:00— f 5) News 12:OT>— (ai Quest for Adventure 12:20— ('It Movie M» Movie 12:.T>-(.J) Weather 1:20— ' I' News 1:25— di Give Us This Day 1:30—1 11> News MOXDAV. 41SK 'it 5:45 14> Give Us This Day 5:50— '4i News: Tom Brooks 6:00— (<!> Town and Country 6:30-*Mi p. s. t 7:00— i4i (iixxl Morning d > Today 8:00— <'>> Camera Tvvo i|i News: Randall Grove 8:15— (2) Cartoon Time it) Capt. Kangaroo 9:00— f2> Jack LaLanne Show (H Red Rowe (ji Dough Re Mi 9::i<i— i'2i Romper Room (4 1 On The Go (5 > Play Your Hunch 10:IH>— 'I 1 Love Lucy '5 Price Is Right: 'Colt) Hi: :)(>— (2 Topper i4 December Bride <5 Concentration 11:00— (2i Mr. & Mrs. North (4) Ixive of Life (5 1 Truth or Consequent l.l:13—(ll) Morning Chapel 11:20— (11 > News: Ken Daust 11:30— (2) Coffee Break (4i Search for Tomorro\ i5i 11 Could Be You (C OP 11:45— (4 1 Guiding Light 11:55— (2 1 News: Bruce Hayvva Noon— i2i Restless Gun (4i News - Weather 1 i5i Charlotte Peters ill i Woman's Touch 12:0j— (4i I Married Joan 12:30—12) Love That Bpb! (4) As The World Turns 1:00— (2 1 About Faces ( n For Better or Worse (5i Queen for a Day (111 Movie 1:30— i2i Susie t4' House Parly i5 Loretta Young 2:00— (2i Day in Court (4) The Millionaire i,5i Y'oung Dr. Malone Uli Movie 2:30— 12 > Gale Storm i4i Verdict Is Yours , (5i From These Roots 3 : 00— ( 2 1 Bea 1 The Clock (4* Brighter Day (5i Thin Man 3 : 15 — 1 4 1 Secret Storm 3:30— (2i Who Do You Trust? <4> Edge of Night f5> Yancy Derringer 3:45-(ll) Capt. 11 <4j SS Popeye (5) Our Miss Brooks 4:30— (4) Movie (5) Life of Riley 5:00— (2) Capt. Gallant (5) Wrangler's Club: Fii 15 min. color ill) Sgt. Preston 5:30— (2) News: Hayvvard (111 Suspenseville 5:40— (l'» Weather: Hayvvard 5:45 — (2) Cartoon Time fij» Hunlley-Brinkley Ne\ lll> Three Stooges. Light Voting on AnnexationPlan WOOD RIVER— Voting on tl annexation proposal was r ported very light this mornir in Lincoln Addition and Nort wood Place. At Rayburn's real estate L lice in Rosewood Heights, on 75 votes had been cast at 10:2 while at the Cabinet Shop Lincoln Addition only 47 re. dents had voted. Cars Collide JNear Wilshire Mall EAST ALTON* - Cars drive by Carol Garland. 22, of 3 Sheridan St.. Bethalto, ar Edith Beachum. 309 East Di East Alton, collided Friday 1:52 p.m. on Berkshire aveni near ihe Wilshire Mall. .The Teleftraph't Datty Radio Chart SATURDAY M-Ne*e fegD (HBO) ***** <M*B) KMUS (OM) g^wrtt" IWiO 1»B4 IIMM a S| — t» 1 9i Idi Him won imm iniio N 1 HArltlAt 3. M000H N; After ROOR N: A^v^^P QL »L u wiiij " " s; Afternoon K. fia»«| S* •*}»»«• AP N T. Oftm Ed MaotuWy N; NMMM " w .rtt» £&. W"" i%522* M»X» Sk 1 *^*" M9 » 1Wr &*iS,?% * ^ &C&-W •• •• N: MoaiMV S. MtoM N; S Monitor " " B. Oeddtftf " S; Mason " " N: Monitor S. M»»00 N: OoddtM Monitor " " B. Ooddafd " Si«n Off " * N. Monitor Band Concert Monitor " " arand Ole Oprv " " i« »i i« .» »» AP N N \temon0t ,1. Buck •i *• a. S.eo*rd^ %»$™ flil>Bi KLU/ 14: M. tin M; it mat Record fl Hop N: R. SMP Record Bop ndCOPQ BOgT N; K. Sag* Record SBO» '• 5tjff8t» N: M0morf0* N; Buc» N: R..8feg9 Memories ;. Buck Record shoe " •• •• N: R. Shot Memories: N " " Resord SHOP SUNDAY A. as «• Os 7 ts M 49 rl A » Iff IS O J» W 45 9 .ee " M es 4 A *• 10 ii :,. 111 12 H ra B»" .« i -IS :lt liS, 22 *V« OS 4$ M 2 .41 f n *• JK is M. |p» 8 09 is .30 45 7 .00 It 30 45 8 00 IS s 91 Wl 44 40 Hi N: Hymni ';M. £0BMI" N^ymns c. toveuette Hymns " " sac'ed Heart N. Quartet N; Journal Fa'th in A'toa v. Quartet C. Journal Presbyterian P«m. N: Mymns '' " " " Hymns Rex Davis .\: Roundup Bible Class N: W _ lewish Pam. " '.' Science M Christian Ie. H ting Wlnts Church ot Mf tivint Art " " " " Protestantt Hymns N; Tabernacle " Tabernacle N: Pulpit Prophecy L. Invitation Radio Pulolt ' r " " N: Flstilng Rev, Lowman N: S Profiles: N .... , MUSIC Lutherans " " " It i» »> M N. Brunch 3rd Bapt. N: S Brunch " " Best of Muny " " " Fan In Stands " " " Interview N: Prevue Italian Hr. Cards.phlllles p rev ^ e :: :; ;: Brunch " " N. Brunch The World Brunch " "" " Dr. Barnhouie i. .1 it <> it N: Monitor Hvmnt " " Monitor " ., ,. N: Monitor " Monitor. C. People " " N'. Monitor Bapt. Mr. " Monitor " - " «" :: "v/ 11 " 8 ,: :: ' S : 'M N; Murie R. MuUc .. N; MUSIC S1|B O» R. MUSlC RtV. UflM N: Music Rev. K'ttt R. MUStC " . " N: Club W. Of Ltt» 1380 Club " " ^* N; Club Rev. LobOi 1380 Club Art HsA N: Club Ssc. HetJt 1380 Club st«rt!m« N: Club N; MnK) 1380 Club Bandsttal N; Club AM worrtlt 1380 Club " N. Club lit Blplttt 1380 Club " T> N: Club Wash, ReBprt 1380 Club st. Fran. Mr N: Cub N 1380 Club ". Cradle N: Club Georgetown U. 1380 Club " * N: Club N: Music 1380 Club Sen. Dlrkien V: Club SIU Pfb, 1380 Club " "^ N: Club N; P«!en 1380 Club .r. P«len N; Club " " 13SO Club " " N; Club N: Palea 1380 Club .f. Palen N: Club 1380 Club " N. Monitor Dr. Pierce " " N: Club N; Palea Monitor " " " " 1380 Club J. Palen N: Monitor Back to God " " N: Club " Monitor ' " " 1380 Club N: Soss Headlines " " N; Club • N: S On the Line N " " 1380 Club J. PsJen Pres* Meet T. Grant. ' " " ri ; .» c lH b ,. . " G. Sokolsky " " 1380 Club " " N: Monitor S: Retort N; Records N: Club N: Palen Monitor Over«e»» Sun. Afternoon 1380 Club .1, Palen N: Monitor N _,.••• N: Club. ;• " Monitor Hsmns " " 1380 Club " N- Monitor Hymns N:' S N: Club N, Palen Monitor " Mitch Miller • 1380 Club J. Paler •• S 1 Hymns " " N: Club Palen: N Hymns: N .Miller: Trio 1380 Club Sign Off N: Monitor Hymns J. Dollar N: Club Monitor " " " 1380 Club N; Monitor sign Off Suspense ri : o nc iS b w Monitor " " 1380 Club N; Living Have Gun— ri : ._ c JJ} b w F. Living " " ? 80 ^9'SI b Catholics Gunsmoke N: Club •• 1380 Club AP N N; Smith N: Club. Washington Dr. DoQley ! 380 , cl !! b Nlte Mutle Face Nation Ili. c i8 b k. •• •• " . " 1380 C1UD N: Music N: Report fi :m 9jH b .. Nlte Music Perspective 1380 Club B. Anthony N: • Club Music: N " "80 Club ( MONDAY " *• ft* M. Q> 7 .00 .1 33 ™ •«• 4S v5 > 101 ie 11 .u e 1 1 S H. Gunther Opener N; W^ia-tt G. N^D.^ H. ounrher N^Parm^^ H: N^.o-n. N^D.v^ N: Gunther N: Farm. N; W N: Newsome N; Day H Gunther T. Delley* Rex Davis G. Newsome S: Day •• » N; Dalley Clockwatcher N; Newsome , N v D «" N T Dalley " G. Newsome Bob Day World N N: Dalley Rex Davle N: Newsorae N H. Gunther T. Dalley Clockwatcher Ci Newsome Bob Day N: Gunther N; Dalley N: Newsome H. Gunther Dalley: N " G. Newsome N' Wilson Exercises N N: New^ume N; Walter Ed Wlleon Unity: Hymns Clockwatcher G Ne^some ft,,* 8 ! 1 ,?! <• •• Q Cantrell N : Newsome Tello Quns H' Christen " G. Newsome R. Benson N; Wilson B'fast Club N: Godfrey N: Davis N; Benson Ed Wilson " " A. Godfrey G. Davis R. Benson M « •• •• ,. ii N: Davla .• .. .• G. Davis " " N: Wilson N: Dalley N: Party N; Dewis N: T fe l « Ed Wilson I. Dalley Houseparty G. Davis Cty. Tima •• N 1 Dalley G. Moore N: Davis •• Dalley: N Crosby-Clooney G. Davis M. Galnei h 4 A •?? • N N: Farm N: Headllnti N; Davis N . m f •£ p'tiouM Pty. vojjel Farm J. McCormlck G. Davis Rarm-MW. • ^ •* " * The World Helen Trent N: Davis A. Grace .. «e^ .40 . „ .... ^ Next Door G. Davis Club New* ly! * |S 0.; M. |J> in — 5~* 51- *9 .10 *£ 3S * N: Partv N: Witt Whispering Sts. N; Jenkins Sv D J! y P'house Party D Witt Ma Perkins B. Jenkins Bob Day N win Dr. Malone N: Jenkins •• witt; N Mrs. Burton B. Jenkins B. Counter N; Burke D.Witt N: Best Seller N; Jenkins N; Palen ,1 Burke " " Best Seller B. Jenkins J Paten " N Witt G. Williams N: Jenkins " •• W itt: N " " B. Jenkins N Burke D. Gordon N; Buck N; Jenkins N; Palen .1 Burke " " J. Buck . B. Jenkins i. Palen N: Gordon . " " ' N: Jenkins ' Gordon: N " " K. Richard 4 M : N; Burke N: Gordon N: Buck N: Richard N: Paleo •tt ! J. Burke D. Gordon J. Buck K. Richard J. Paien J0 •• N. Gordon " N; Richard ,, ••» Burke. N Gordon: N Buck. W K. Richard id .. 20th ( Ipiiiurv Club to ot Bunker HU1 sisleis ot Han ' y at ' Morrison Sr., received their 50- ie -Meet at Blinker Hill :>' ear Jewel for being a member iof the OES at Plainview for 5(1 A German chemist named Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered uranium in 1789. But, it was more than a century lat- $15 fine and costs for careless •driving before John Hanks, East : Alton justice of the peace. Both \ir hon\\a« Minn Ma|iti>( used in dei-orations lor the so- rial lioiii wilh ai anyemenis ol lilislle flower nl I heir native loillllry ;i> ihe lable eeiilcr- pieces-. (!itt> were pier-cnlcd lo Ih^ |-.i>noree> and Ihe yuesl ottii-ers by Mi. and Mrs. Conine, war- tiftoial "Mouth to respiration". Arley Greer, ha* announcaU- . 4 iarally ^tyl* chicks W»J] tM loui- wi.ithy matrons, loui wor- thy patron and worthy matron. thy piinons. eight past patrons Amonji Hit- quests wciv dele- jiid matrons and Mrs f:thcl gallons ol tlu- Collinsvillc, 'Han-' AUfi-bur.v. Allon pusi arand itt- City. Si. Jacob.' Alton aivl L'AST ALTO.X -Vacation Bible seh(xj) al the First Baptist Church closed \\-ilh a demon- stralion progj'am and exhibit for parents at the church Friday evening. Junior high school tjirls vvere in ciiarjje of reiivshments and: junior high bo>> >erved a.- ush-j III T:uu~-i4i !.)> 7-.;iD— -r.'i '"' vin>---.i:'i ' 4 1 t ,} \ ^ : ij() — ( 'J i I-l' y:UO— I4i (.JI H-JD— ill' 9;l'.>— (111 M:30— CJi )4i (5) Oennis Tli>' Men Kd Sullivan Mu>ie oil Ice: t L.iuiiut'i Movii The Relul (.• t: Iheatie M.\sler> Show ' riu Alaskan* Altred Hitchcock Jack Beiuij Loretta Youiij.: News Kxuoj)!. Joluui.v Slaecalo What's My Line The Vikings •automobiles were reported trav eling west on Berkshire avenue, i tess police said. Police said the accl- [dent occurred when the Beach. urn -woman tried to make a right hand mm ui Quality Dairy. BL'NKER HILL - The 20th Century Club will meet at the home of Mrs. George Ash at 8 p.m.. Tuesday. Miss Becky Wrest will be the assisting hos- years. I uranium seriously. t Color i Correction Bl.NKKR HILL Foi pickup and delivery service at the car \\ush upoiiMjred b.v the Senior i-lut-* July L'. residents aie asked to <-a!l Junifier 5-46W instead ol the number listed i» 'Ihursday's. Telegraph. moutli will ai-1 warder be other neighboring chttpteis I'l" l-'i-l studenis enuilletl Mi ujid Mrs. Tom Kiihei Preceding Uie meeiiuj; luim..l;Wcrt cnteitained ai a petit} din wt>/(h> patron 4iid woilby nia- iniliaiion i-eiemonie> wen- ion-liny 'he Friday M boot session. Iron oi the Gillespie Chapter, dueled by Mr. and Mrs. Coizmej A|r>. Arihu* Snodgra>>. chair- it.'lvvere yucstb oJ honor. I'he and Uita olficeis lo indui-t Mr*, man oi children'> work directed (Hi O'Heary Playhouse 10:00—12) Reude/vous (4> News, \\aliei Crou- kite. who < .Scotland are native* esiL-orted bv ol 10 thy Simnjs and Mrs. Doio- Frick as new mem be j t the school and was and lielpers. lu:l. 10:l' 10: Grand Jur,\ Open tud News: .Max Rubv Sport*: Carmichael Movie »2> TV 51111$ ftr fvtryoM f.M. Siwtoy IADIO rrofroM Attend Anniversary Bt'NKKR HILL — Mr. and Mrs - Hal ' rv Morrison Sr., Mrs. Albert Wood and son. Barry, and Mr. and Mrs. John Duncan attended the 50th anniversary nil UH? Order of the Eastern Stari al Plainview Thursday evening.' MI». George Young of Palmyra! Hiici Mrs. Walter Huckelbridgej BOXSTORAGE FOR WINTER WOOLMI 9 A. M.to10:OQP.M, Daily 9 A. M. to 1:00 F. M. \ Sundays and 4 P. M. to 10:00 f. M. f Holidays FREE DELIVERY! Dial NO f*M77 NOTHING TO PAY Till FALL 1

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