Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 25, 1960 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1960
Page 15
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SATURDAY, JUNE 35,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Less Business Buoyancy In June Than January •y ffmntG r. OKIR* WAffHNOTDN (AP) - There's less buitflGtt buoyancy thli June than there wu in January. Still, the midyear finds many more op. tlmiBto than penlmiite in Washington. A majority of economists Interviewed predict the economy will keep on making gains and setting records throughout I960, and possibly beyond. But the rate of advance has slowed markedly. It may slow further. National output probably will show less growth in the last part of the year than it did in the first quarter alone. By the yearend, in the private view of government and industry economists, the economy will be moving on a high plateau having only a slight Incline. The time to watch 'out for a recession, if one is in the offing, is in early or middle 1961, some of the experts believe. Meantime the outlook for the second half of 1960 is for: |by Secretary of Agriculture Ezra 1. A national output totaling I Taft Benson last month in compli- about S07 billion dollars worth ofjance with law. The present pro- goods and services. That is lower, j sram allots 55 million acres by around five billion, then ihe among growers and bases mar- average of the new year's fore- keting quotas on the allotments, casts. It would be 5% per tnnt The program has been criticized better than last year's gross na-j because it permits the production tional product, however. ;of too much wheat. 2. A stable cost of living. Con- In preparing for the referen- stimer prices are expected to a<i- dimi, the department must notify vance by not much more than 1 i*>ach grower of his allotment be- per cent during the entire year, I fore he votes. This takes consider- in spite of the May bulge caused able time. by bad crop weather. | officials were aware, however. 3. A rather sluggish job picture. of specu i at ion that Democratic Employment keeps setting m- leaders in Congress might make Rush Plans For Farmer Vote July 21 By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON (AP)-The Agriculture Department has stepped up preparations for its nationwide grower referendum July 21 on continuance of the present wheat control program next year. The agency had been holding back for a possibility that Congress might enact a new wheat program to take the plac^ of the present widely criticized plan. But action of the House Thursday In defeating new wheat proposals appeared to eliminate prospects for a new legislation this year. The referendum was proclaimed still another attempt to pass a new ords, but it is not full .employment. Joblessness is staying stub-j wheat bil , before adjournment, bornly close to 5 per cent of thei But odds agains t this appeared to working force, compared with 4: be g,, eat considering the short per cent or less in recent years | time lpft before adjournment and of high prosperity. 4. Rising incomes. Total personal income probably has topped by now the 400 - billion - dollar Ihe apparent mood of many lawmakers to vote against price- boosting wheat proposals sought by many congressional farm lead- mark; it reached 399 Vi billion in> ers May. The steady rise of wages,! ^ ( ^ be salaries and other forms of in- ap d by at , east t, vo . thirds of come has surprised many econo-)^ „ yotj favorable ac . mists. Income rose during the) 1959 steel strike and this year's March weather setback. 5. Strong consumer demand. Most economists believe the consumer is the real key to business growth in second-half 1960. The householder's proven willingness to borrow and spend should offset an already visible slowdown in business outlays. 6. Easter credit. The Federal j th 's summer and early fall. Reserve Board's decision on June! 3 to cut the discount rate _ tbej Scientists Talk Plan interest charge on money it lends j to banks — amounts to a procla- -p c n a™» mation that the board will wield x UI °P« ll ' e its huge money power to stimulate business activity. — ""•» ANTI-AMERICAN DEMONSTRATION Japanese leftist and pro-Commun- Tokyo today, the 10th anniversary of 1st Koreans shake their fists and shout the Korean War. (AP Wirephoto via "Yankee, go home" as they demon- radio from Tokyo) strate in front of the U. S. Embassy in lion is anticipated. Without congressional action this session, there could be no' change in the long-trend pileup of surplus wheat before 1962, unless, of course, drought or other disaster should overtake the 1961 crop. Enactment of a new program by the 1961 crop, since the winter The board's move had a curiously stimulative effect. Nine times out of 10 in the past, businessmen would have taken alarm. They would have interpreted a drop in the discount rate as an official recognition that a recession already was under way. i wheat portion will be^seeded latej spor ts figures — seeking payment ''""' J ' ' " of more than $400,000 in federal income taxes. Liens were slapped against the entertainers and celebrities Friday by Robert A. Riddell, district director of the Internal Revenue Service. High man on the list was comedian Bud Abbott. Riddell said Abbott owes the government! $30,000 Gem Robbery At Cartier's NEW YORK (AP)-A burglar smashed a display window at Carder's, world-famous jewelry stars," film 'executives a'nd store - ^fore dawn today, scooped Hollywood Stars Face Tax Probe LOS ANGELES (AP) The tax man is after two dozen Hol- Athens indicated that Greece would welcome American food processing firms. Sweden has built an average of 60,000 new apartments annually, in recent years. PARIS (AP)—Scientists from 10 countries are meeting here to discuss a possible common European plan for space research. All are members of the Europe%n Center for Nuclear Research. « All are members of the European Center for Nuclear Re: "arch. They are Britain, France, $30,000 worth of precious gems from the rubble, and sped off in a getaway car. In his haste he left in the splintered glass of the 18-inch-wide and 35-inch-deep window three rings worth a total of more than $3,000. The thief used a bolt cutter to shear the padlock off a heavy metal Protecting a doorway q $124,531, and said there are se P a-j and window at the elegant house rate liens of $41,468 against bothi of Jewe ' s and precioua metalware Abbott and his wife, Jenny Mae.j at Flfth Avenue and 52nd St ' Among other whopping liens 1 He managed to open the grill were those for $30,918 against | and smashed the thick plate Man Fatally Shot in Bed; WifeUnhurt LAKE HIAWATHA, N.J. (AP)— A 38-year-old former paratrooper was shot to death in bed early today by an unknown assailant after shoving his wife to safety on the floor. The victim, Joseph F. Lupoli, 38, was shot once in the temple at his 60 River Dr. home. His wife, Ann, 26, told police she saw a gunshot flash in the darkness. The intruder fled immediately. Three children—Jean, 4, Frank, 2, and Susan, 14 months—were asleep in adjoining bedrooms. A new .22-caliber pistol was found near the front door in a clump of bushes. Nothing was reported missing from the home. ANNOUNCEMENTS CARD OF ffiANftl. rN LOVIWO BUI* McCan MKMORT — Of MM anfl who pa*Md away jrWM «|8 today: Her losing fact we hop* to tM •••in, Tnough the day* have pitta* away Steep on, dear one, and take your rett, They misi you most who loved yen Mlt. Sadly mined by Daughter and Family. IN MBMOMIAM IN MBMOWY — Of Hay BlackKeuer, who died June M 1953: The sun and moon are shining Upon the silent grave. Beneath it lie* the one we love, The one who wat taken away. Sadly mused by Mother and Sltteri, IN LOVING MEMORY—Of my dea ton. Clement Maydon, whom ood called on Jane VS. 1882: Just when your days teeme brighter. And all your dreams comlnii true, Ood called you home. And left only a memory of you. What would we five to hear you voice, And your smile once more lo see To laugh and talk of things gon oy. And wish for thing* to he. When the agony of losing you Is more than our hearts can bear We whisper softly, dear .te»«*. Take care of him until we ge Deeply missed by hl§ Mother Sisters and Brothers. r ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker. P. O. Box 185, Ea«t Alton, or CL 4-9J78 or CL 4-8305. SINUS SUFFERERS try Plopper'i E Z X for relief. E Z X I* for tale at tooal drug oountart. 19 LOST—STRAYEIS-STOLF.N FOUND—Boat and motor. HO 2-4043 LOST—3 strand white bead brace let. Small reward. HO 2-1266. LOST — Little gtrl'i tooled leather purse on Washington avenue. Sou venlrs Inside. Reward. CL 4-0100 LOST — Orange striped cat with black collar. Reward, HO 5-8433. LOST—June 18. Child's gold charm bracelet. Charm* Includes map o South America. $10 reward. Cal collect, Granite City, TR 6-2800. LOST—in Milton area, black and white wire haired dog, female: has Missouri license tags. Answers to name of "Gypsy." Reward. HO 2-6406. LOST — German Shepherd. Black and tan. No collar. Grease smear on left side of face. "King." Re ward. 1232, Jerseyvllle. LOST—Ball glove at Milton Schoo ball diamond; can be Identified Has name "Tom P." on It. Reward HO 2-712J. n NOTICES BULK WEDDING PAPER PLATES —White cup*, plastic fork* and spoon*, punch bowl rental: 1m print napkin*. BAXTER DIST. CO. 8S4 B. Broadway. HO 5-9847 FRED SORT WISHES TO AN NOUNCE he Is now working a BILL AND FRED'S BARBER SHOP (formerly Bill and Bob' Barber Shop). He will be happy to see His friend* and customer* a new location, across from Trotte Rambler In Wood River, come Whitelaw and Edwardsvllle Road. RENTAL PHOTO EQUIPMENT Slide camera* and protector*: 8mm cameras and prelectors: 18mm sound protectors. *creen*. etc.. and tape recorder*. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE ALTON'S PHOTO CENTER 230 E. Broadway — HO 5-2589 Sammy Davis Jr.; $25,736 against 'S lass with a sledgehammer. Left j Police said they could discover no apparent motive for the killing. West Germany Italy ' Sweden'i his musician father; $23,028 untouched was an adjacent win Norway, Denmark, The Nether!j a g ainst <-'°™dienne Carol Chan-Slow containing 10 diamon lands, Belgium and Switzerland. ning: $21 ' 074 against ««ctor ; '«-atch C a and a gold clock. Each has scientists and testing °« or S e Marshall and $18,000 Conrad Nillson, one of three laboratories available but lacks' against dh ' ecior Edward Dmy- j guards in the_ four-story building. sufficient resources for launching into space research alone. We Uae Government Inspected Pure Ground Beef VLB. HAMBURGER . 30e with Lettuce and Tomatoes Fiddler with French Fries 40c Regular Hamburger 20c Cheeseburger 25c .Ocean Catfish Sandwich 25c Root Beer on tap l(c Southern Style Bar-B-Q Sandwiches 35c Coney Island 25c 21 Shrimp* In Basket $1.10 For Service, Quality, Price Visit RIVERSIDE ORIUE-m Located at Riverfront Park—Alton tryk. Alton Evinlng Tiltgnph Classified Ad Ratts Quick Action — Low Cost Hera fe How You Can U»e TELEGRAPH WANT ADS Sample Ad: THIS IS A THREE LINE AD—An ad this size contain* about fifteen average words. Detective Sgt. Arthur Denny said Mrs. Lupoli had told him she did not get a look at the gunman! AN AD THIS SIZE COSTS ONLY: $3.94 for 7 Day* $2.40 for 4 Daye 7Sc for One Day Sample Ad: said he heard the crash at 4:55!and could give no description. Riddell said the liens represent-'a. m. ed either disputes between the He told police he saw a young government and the parties over tax owed, or taxes which the individuals were unable to pay. Among sports figures caught by man dive into a waiting car with a second man behind the wneel. The car roared off up Fifth Avenue. Nillson fired two shotg into Riddell's liens was former heavy- the store ceiling to summon the weight Champion Joe Louis. A!other guards. lien for $16.416 was fined _ against | Police estimated the Ioss but him. Former welterweight contender Art Aragon was hit for $4,389. Writers also came in for Riddell's attention. He filed a lien for $5,035 against W. R. Burnett and one for $7,348 against William Saroyan. Other names on Riddell's list: Martha Hyer, $4,800; song-and- dance twins Claude and Clifton Trenier, $11,776 (his) and $10,552 said it was impossible to fix the exact figure until store executives could make a check. (hers); Judy Garland and her husband, Sid Lufl, $3,924; Mary Murphy, $13,390; Liz Renay, $1,002; Bandleader Art Kassel, $5,137; Wendell Corey, $18,484; John C a r r a d i n e, $9,916; Broderick Crawford, $7,409; and William Gargan, $2,342. • DANCES. FISH FRY. PARADE 20 th DISTRICT LEGION CONVENTION GRAFTON LEGION HALL - GRAFTON, ILL. Saturday and Sunday, June 25 and 26 Schedule of Events , I o.w—40 «nd t Wrtek . f BJB,«-.D«n6», B«rnty H« Pith Sandwich*! tvailibU from 12 Neon thru dene* , II NOO»V?— .Fiih Dinn«r tervtd. Don«fion $1.00 , Downtown Sr«fton , H«nk StJMlty, 2*3 pJN.<- i 4 p^l..?— during d«nc«. PUBLIC INVITED AT ALL TIMES The Lupolis had been married five years. Lupoli was married once before. Ohio Town Booms WILMINGTON, Ohio (WO — The population of this southwestern Ohio area is exported to increase by 8.000 or more in the next few months. The Strategic Air Command will movr an organization of 40 four-rnginp KC97 aerial refueling planes lo Clinton County Air Force Base. Air Force Reserve fliers, who have used Ihe base in the past, will continue to train here on weekends, but SAC has added 14 million dollars worth of new buildings, runways and other equipment. ' THIS IS A FIVE LINE AD—Containing about 25 word*, offering space for more Item*, or more complete description of article*. Place your ad today. ANNOUNCEMENTS CARD OF THANKS. I WISH TO THANK all my friends and neighbors for their cards, letters and flowers during my stay In the hospital. Mrs. Leta Hunt AN AD THIS SIZE COSTS ONLV: $6.56 for 7 D«y§ 94.00 for 4 Dryn S1.2B for 1 Day Minimum Space 12 Word* Schedule adi for 7 or 4 Insertion* for bait retult* and lower rate*. Alternate Insertion* are charged at the one time rate. Ad* (topped before expiration are charged only for the number of day* run at the rate earned. Card of Thank* or Memorlam Notice*—11.30 for 20 word* or It-it piu* so a word for each word over 20. In caie of error—adv*rti»»r mu»t make correction before *econd Insertion. All advertising I* subject to the approval or the publisher. Copy received before U A. M. la published *ame day.- The ClaMlfltd Department I* open from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. The following ad* are payable m advance: Situation* Wanted; Not Responsible Notice*. You can charge all other ad« If you are lined in the phone book or City Directory. FOtt FAST, COUKTKOUB HEIJ» IN PIECING YOUtt AD~OR FIJRTHKR INFORMATION — OAIX HO 5-6641 IIA HIDEMI St. Uoul* from Wood ° EDUCATIONAL CAREER STUDENTS WANT ED — Fly — m»at people Gradu aie* over U. under 35-rush facn and photo to Airline Training. Lam bert Airport Class. Si. Louia Mo EMPLOYMJNT^ IT HELP WANTEp'^MAi.E ACCOU NTA"N r— Degree; mecbanlo- al engineer bookkeeper, salesman. GRtATEK ALTON EMPi-OYMEUT 303 Commercial Bldg. M5 W. 3rd "'" EMPLOYMENT It IttLP WANTVDj* ffi Writ cta»«, tama.nct, e: •*«» VkJMi* t Plr nOUii a..,— SHELL OIL WOOD RIVIJULL ««i.«!»S; antd. 11.01 ROUTE MAN — « • outran r««»l talei aria: win iu«anw *xpen»*». ct 4- WANTED - Journeyman mtenanie. Front end. brake* and up. Journeyman bod Auto Body. CL 42-073!. motor an. Floyd 1 * al«o HO PROMOTION «nd EXPANSION H«v* C«u»«d Thli Company An Immediate N«id For Two Man Aqt 21 to 36 To Fill Proton* Vceanelot Intafvlawi Will 89 Conducted Wadnatday, Juno 29th To select two men a* our repre- ploy- sentatives In this area. Employment beginning Immediately. All applicant* must have a ndat appearance, food personality, have a car and be able to travel five days a week, home weekends. Previous selling experience unnecessary thoutn helpful. Guaranteed *alary of $105 per week plu* bonus, he- gins with the first day of employment. No part time men need apply. For Rational Interview MR. WALTERS 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, June 29th Illinois State Employment Office 87 Henry St., Alton, illlnolt II HELP WANTED — FEMALE Babysitter In my home—day*. 420 Kennedy Dr., Rosewood Heights. CL 9-28B7. EXPERIENCED—Comptometer and Calculator operator, statistical typ lit, PBX, bookkeeper, atanogra 0 P REATER ALTON EMPLOYMENT 303 Commercial Bldg. 205 W. 3rd LADY TO TAKE OVER MOTHER. LESS HOME with 4 children. Would contlder couple. References required. Write Box 1030, care Alton Evening Telegraph. MIDDLEAGED LADY — Care for 2 children, Some evenings and every other Sunday. CL 9-2801. WHITE LADY—Care for children. Light housework. Call after 6 p.m. HO 3-7846, 19 HELP WTD.—Mala A Female AIR CAREERS SEE OUR AD UNDER CLASS I2A MEN'S — WOMEN'S OPPORTUNITY You are capable of commanding an Income of $10,000 or more per year. You are currently employed. You are well known and respected In your community. You are energetic, deeply convinced of the true value of life. You are at least 30 years of age. You are willing to learn more of this outstanding opportunity. Send name, address, telephone number to Box 1060, c/o Telegraph. WANTED — Industrial engineer. 2135 with degree, medical technician. Investigator, collector, communication equipment salesman, alterer. Instrument repairman, waitress, misc. kitchen helper, housekeeper (stay), room clerks, hotel maid, nurse aide. Apply In person. Illinois State Employment Service, 87 Henry, Alton. PAUL'S AUTO SALES Will Pay $20.00 To You or Any Other Parson AS A COMMISSION FOR Bringing in a Customer PROVIDED THAT CUSTOMER BUYS CAR, TRUCK or WAGON Phone HO 2-01 r? 1730 Bozza, Opposite Kroger WANTED—Store manager for established ladles' and children'* specialty shop in Alton. Attractive *alary. Party with experience preferred. Please reply statins qualification!) and background. All replies held confidential. Write Box 1080, care Telegraph. 2* SALESMEN ROUTE MAN For eetablUhed route in Jerieyvllle, Hardln Kampsvlll* area. Muit have car. Excellent earning* and many other benefit* for man who qualifies. Contact L. B. Price Co., 1751 Ridge, Eait St. Lout*. III. 21 SITUATIONS WTD. — MALE HIGH SCHOOL BOY wants work of any kind. Age. 16. HO 5-3884. PERSONAL SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE ft feu* AMNOtlffCBMiWIt Home own Brit cleaning ordtr r economy r«t«. ;&. BOTTLB OATS ATTENTION! your ni APAKTM»NT« mew* UP •» iatt* wvlMDMt Mtf also bulk SMiiai. JIM MO 2-27W. CARPET Quality Blu* low ftrlM. WIN «n wotF Wilton •ernifi. Frtf. matt*. Mtdlion county cifwt Rout* 4. LOU Juan Ml*. Bdwi viiit. tn. ATiamie CUNNtNOMART—Pawtrai. exterior. Paten VMittrmt. smal repair*, RaaaonabU prleai. IB- lurad, M6 2-54M. FOR YOUR HBATtNO AND AtR CONDITIONING NEEDS — CALL AJAX HBATtNO ft AIR CONS!- TIONINO. CL 9.2011. HO 8-1761, . FURNACE CLEANING 6ILLENWATER, HO 5-1300. HARRIS TREE SERVICE — POWOT «orayin« by *tatt UftjnMjoot*!' or. Tree work. HO a-Mll. HI 8-8987. JOHNSTON'S mobile weidin* and cutting. Evening* and Saturdays HO J-3888. __ LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED—«I7 Spring. LET MB HAUL If—LIGHT TRUCKING. ODD JOBS. ROBERT OAS. KILL, HO 2-1860. BUILDING — CONTRACTING Alert Horn* Owner* Inttit on LoMae HOME IMPROVEMENTS 8 yr*. to pay—Free Eattmatat NO MONEY DOWN^CL 4^>7»l_ ALL CARPENTRY anl painting. Interior and exterior. Phone HO 2-7419. BLOCK * CONCRETE WORK — Repair work. Free estimates. Ph. HO 5-6132. BLOCK, BRICK, atone, plaster, concrete. New construction. Remodel, ing. HO 2-9140. BOB WOODS — Cement contractor. Union work. Free e»tlmate». HO 8-2938, HO 2^7832. CARPENTRY and painting, ration able. After 5 p.m.. call CL 4-0870 CARPENTER WORK — Large Or smalt. Free estimates. CL 4-8718. CARPENTER — Roofing repair, block and concrett work; experienced. Free estimate*. HO 8-4110. CARPENTER WORK — Roofing, siding, repairing, remodeling, No Job too small. CL 4-8044. CARPENTER WORK—Roofing r«- pair, remodeling, new construction. Call u* for free estimate*. DU 4-9131. W. i watvBNMjim. ba M. th and tn , Adults ontf. 3 ROOM unfuraiaW entrance & bath; all CL 4-ao03. t ROOM anntrnmaf level, private front traneaa, Ad " S ater fuml* a*t Alton, After 8, NO 3 ROOM DUPtBX—M^l itil •, entrance. .Water torfliwedV MS. < 4-3303. • • .^ 4 ROOM MODERN apt. 4 ROOM MODERN — EBtt SWftn. naarahOWir 2 children. 4-8389. 4 ROOM MODERN—N«yir daeofat* ed. Private batii aSl antfgiic*. utnitie* paid. ••* p.*. if 9th, 4 ROOM unfurnUhed. An..mMfnt close In. Nice for cMipia MQJJM4 8 ROOMS—801 Bond—MO. water furnished. Aduld. Ap- latfT l^CBli VT«W%Vg 4 Ml g|l»|gVW| ply Brutow, 303 State.. 8 ROOM APT.- v«te entrance*. nl*hed; *oma furnllhlflg*. < only. Reference r«duir«d. II MO 5-W39. lit mo. APARTMENT for working couple. Milton area. Newly dMMfctad. * room* and bath. Private «ntr«c«. Plenty cabinet* in china Cloe«t», atove. refrigerator and utllltle* furnished. S6S month. HO MIW. 2448 Merldocla. BASEMENT APT. for rent. 4-6720. CL COLLINS CABINET SHOP. Custom made cabinet*, Work guaranteed. Fr«4 estimate*. Tarry Drive. Alton, HO 8-1407. SPECIALIZING in carpenter and concrete work, and new homes. HO 2-3594. DECORATING FLOOR SANDING And Reflnlshlng. For free estimate* call E. Wetsteln. HO 8-1934. _ fNTERl6R~and exterior painting. 25 years' experience. Joseph Pankey. CL 4-9098. INTERIOR-EXTERIOR decorating Patch plastering, removing wall paper. No job too small. HO 27083. INTERIOR, exterior pointing, decorating. Wallpaper removed. Free estimates. HO 2-3141, HO 2-0871. tlrnal INTI PAINTING—inside and out. Small jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAINTING and Decorating, Interior and exterior. Reasonable rates. Phone HO 2-0482. !422'/j E. 4TH Close to Glass Work* — Ju*t decorated. 3 room 2nd floor unfurnished apt. Complete bath, hot and cold water furnished. Immediate possession. $40 month. HEMPHILL AGENCY Dial HO 8-3884—Evenrete HO 2-1338 FOUR LARGE ROOMS' and bath. OH heat, aecond floor apartment with separate front and rear entrances. Sso per month. Adults only. 129 EVlOtb St. HO 8-9026. IDEAL for newl Cute. 3 room $68. HO 6-3404 irlywada .or couple, unfurnlahad duplax, artar 8:80 p.m. NICE 3-RM. APARTMENTS — Newly decorated. VUllttn fur- nlshed. HO 8-2274. NICE 3 room apt. Private entrance and bath. Hot and cold water furnished. $50 month. 806 Center, East Alton. 111. CL 4-8655. NORTH ALTON—3 room unfurnUh- ed apt. Phone HO 6-2712 aftar 6. NORTH ALTON—3 room apartmtnt. Room* are very modem and lart*. Lots of closet space. Front ami back entrance. This la newly decorated and first cla*s all the way. Heat it water furnished. Adults only. $80. Dial HO 2-0056 Or HO 2-0315. " j. ONE TO 3 ROOM APT8.—UnTuT- nlshed, ground floor. Heat water furnished. Adult* HO 5-1323. After 5, HO and , 478. " PAINTING—Paper hanging t patch plastering. CL 9-2267. PAUL McOUlGOAN—Paper hang- Ing. Save money. HO 8-8764. 40 STORAGE — MOVING ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1628 W««mn*'oB A*t). Dial NO 2-0(83 6NE and two room unfurnished apt*. All utllltle* furnished. Ona adult only. $40. HO 5-1323. After 5. HO 5-3436. -\ ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS—888 NavT da. 3 room modern, J63,month. It- quire 35 S. 9th. _ 2132 STATE — Small apartment upatalm, $30. HO 8-5916. UNFURNISHED APT. — 4 room* and bath, refrigerator, Itove, ajr conditioner. Heat and water furnished. $no mo. Adults only. Call HO 5*7066. AERO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Movinq'4 Storage) Co. Exciudva Aaent .ocal & Long Distance Moving Warehouse aad Faaced Lot Storage Free Eitlmatei — No Obligation Phone HO •-6M7 — 39» V. Bin RENTALS 83 SITUATIONS WTD.—FEMALE COLORED high ichool graduate want* day work. HO 2-7132. QUALIFIED, reliable, licensed practical nurae; private duty; hospital, home. Nfflht duty preferred. CL. 4-0963. WANTED—Washing* and Ironings. Called for and delivered, HO 2-0998 41 SLEEPING ROOMS CLEAN OUTSIDE ROOM — Reasonable rent. Special rate* for pensioners. Columbia Hotel, 1328 E. Broadway. EAST ALTON — Sleeping room, nicely furnished, adjoining bath, quiet home. CL 4-6991 before fl p.m FINANCIAL LARGE comfortable room, with fan. private entrance. 720 Alby. HO 5-9404. 8 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FERRY BOAT FOR SALE Crafton Ferry, owner leaving town, can be seen in operation at Crafton. III. FOR SALE — Coln-o-matlc Laun- drle* In Ml. Olive. Ill and Cllles- pie, III Doing good business. Contact John Kerketlch, 303 N. Broad St., Carlinvllle, III. Phone UL 4- .MALL TRAILER COURT FOR SALE — City sewer and water and Utility building 13th and Edwards- vllle Rd., Wood River. CL 4-4089. MODERN — Private home, on bua line. One or two ladle*. HO B-M08. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM —Adjoining bath, near downtown. 133 E. 8th *treet. MODERN—Newly decorated, tele phone It living room privilege* OOM In. 123 E. Bth. Worden Apts. Office. 1103 Washlnr ton. 3 room efficiency — 2 room efficiency — Range, refrigerator, K "- 4 - utilities (except tldc'rlclty) 49 FURNISHED 1 ROOM APT.-Fnra1«hed for hous'f keeping or sleeping room. All utll- Itles paid. 1030 Union. HO 2-B970. 2 ROOM — Furnished apartment Apply 632 East 8th or cell HO 3- Col 7. 2~ROO,M MODERN - UtlUtJe* "fu7- nl»hed. Adulta, 2«1« Yager. HO Private entrance. Wttlard. HpOM furnutad apt. Heat and wat'r furnifhid. One adult only. j<0. HO 8-1823. After S. HO 3-3436. 3 ROOMS — JR2P M ' urnli h e d apartment. All u Illtle* furnished Near town. Wood. River. $30 monthly. HO 2-9877 iT ROOM MODERN — Utilities furnished. Adults. 2616 Yager. HO _S-8967. 3 NICE ROOMS—Ground floor. Private bath, lights, water furnished. $12.50 week. 2501 Belle. NICE ROOM—targe clothes closet with fan. Private entrance, AI by. HO S-1890. 722 ro PLACE YOUR AD DIAL HO 5-6641 3 FURNISHED ROOMS for rent. Everything paid. 314 Broadway, East Alton. FINANCIAL FINANCIAL 6 State age , experience, marital status and etc ! Write Box 1050. care Alton Evening; Telegraph _ : FURNACE TA~RE~ro~~waliF~hfgh »chool boys or young men. CL 4-9450 _for_interview F IE t D~~R EP "K r: s t N f AI I"V~E — A!J« 2-4 30 Some college American Em ployiiu-ni ^u"> Piasa LOCAL FIRM hi»»~gpening~7w r ~. men to train foi permanent sale*' pokitiuu Qualilic-d mto will Hurt at fllO per week For personal ia- icrview phone 3875, Edwardsville TAXfCAB DRlVlRS—Applyln'ptT- *oa only. Haw 4» Uerv T*u Co. EXTRA INCOME 40% to 60% on your Invtitmont With • GENERAL ELECTRIC Coin Opintid LAUNDRY Uuteiandintf new 1960 Filter-Flo 0. K. (oln-w«eh«r, eapooially designed fur heavy use. Italian assistance, rtore deelxn and layout IKEIC! Installation arranged. We Arrange financing Thru O.K.U.C'. or Your l-wal Hank. UK A HUMS AVAILABLE IN 0 AL1UN 0 EASI AH UN 0 WU4IU h/VtK 0 BfclHALJO O CO1MUE HILLS O GUUCH&Y O •UK- ANA 0 tUWARUSVtLLfc O JfcHSfcVVILLfc. "' - "»'- B t W GOIN LAUNDRIES P.O. Bo* 888 frlorimnt, Mo. Pbooa TEmpto 7-8**» Wt have f ontolicUUd til of our bills Into ono oaty monthly pnymtnt with BUDGET PLAN HOW? Ph. HO 5-4201 ILLINOIS MUTUAL CREDIT ASSN, 111 K- BtttMDWAV UMMSMO* tod Bead**) vtto tfc» itot* tf UUoatf 2 AND 3 ROOM — FurnUhed apt*:, Real Estate Exchange. HO 2-9797. 2 ROOM furnished apt. I *maU child welcome. 19 week. HO a-MJ4. 3 ROOM modern furniihtd a»t vssa FINANCIAL 2nd MORTOAQE LOANS TO I»AV TAXES You con *ow o,tt •"JJ* Jjjjjlfc V«i h«» • LOWliTIrSirf JUTIt ROSENBERI MORTOAQE 00, M. ROSENBCRQ, Mtr, «M HIOOI if. Dill HO I.HII o«i«i ;• Glmi Lttf

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