Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 25, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1960
Page 12
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JUNE 25, I960 Phils Nail Cards River Ripples ftllrf with Harold Brand Veteran Hurler Shows Flashes Of Old Self ST. LOUIS fAP)-The St. Louis «.-«•&.' Cardinals learned the hard way Wide OftrfeB, Wood River, ,Longhous* which provides sug- guest columnist for today, tells gestions and materials. about «f father and .-on camp out Highlight recently at Pere Marquette Park. ^ ^ ^ fo ach , pvp snmp . . Eight Tribes thing constructive from ^.ich Many centuries ago. long be- mt , P tj n g At each meeting there fore the white man set foot in the js USUfl ||y a project which i* neWt^W»rld. the site of Pere Mar- mac jp hy fnp JMVK un d,» r rhe sup- quetfe State Park was a Mecca ervis j on ' O f tho fathers. This is Friday night that if you're Von Clay Loses To Doug Jones NEW YORK fAPi-Doug Jnr»8. New York light heavyweight, and boxing fans who follow the tport via television placed a red circle around June 24 on their calendars today. It was a date to remember. Doug will remember June 24 fts the night he hammered out a spill decision victory over Von day of Philadelphia at St. Nicholas Arrna for his 15th triumph in an unbeaten string. He is Brick Is Easy to Maintain V Ptuad* of Horn** for » higher rating. The National to brat veteran Robin Roberts, you have to do it parly. The Philfidplphw Phillies' right-! Boxing Assn. had him fifth in its hunrlcr often is invincible down latest rankings, thr stretch aflW looking like H Thp fnm w| ,, ,. PnM>mhr , r Jull e hiittina practice pitcher earl> in ... ,, .,,, ,» .„ .M ;t** ulc * TIM 'Ji '.in the eamf. mo) , f )h;in ;) ((lU)rtPr O j a (.pnim-y The Phils rallied to edge the , hf ,,. r |, HS br»;n a fight, first -m Red birds 4-3 on thf East Coast rat jj o nnr j t| 1f . n on television «n tor the red man. Archaeological, folk)VVpd hv a brieTrecre'ationn'i ", s * oher1s ;'" l1oxvpd th ' s "• rintt ° Friday night. "Friday Nlghf evidtnce shows that many tribes perlod and ' a wack prov ided by """ lp|t( ' r ' l "'" n w ' u ' *';" Uvo hlts : fights" had become almost an Of Indians migrated to the -area | fte squaw of ^ no8t homc . aw no runs over tte last sev™ Am Pr j,. a n tradition. to enjoy the bounties that nature > Meetings are kept short so that Innings-retiring 19 barters in a mm felevtaed ^^^ resumes had bestowed there. the yongsters may get their prop-' 1 " 0 *' a ' |pr " »-" li " llt < > rain delay.. |n New York jn October , it will On a recent er sleep. Ken Boyer's 18th homer in the ^ on Saturday night with ABC! weekend Mar-, ne Highlight of the weekend first vvas a sol ° 8hot instead of * instead of NBC airing the scraps.! quette Park saw at Camp Plasa was the indue-: ^'°- nln blast °"'- v b / !cause of There will be no radio broadcasts, another Indian t(on cerem0 ny which took place ' mmf unfortunate RedWrd bnse migration. al- on Saturday n, ght . i ndian gides ™»"»«- 'f^ ° frta 3 ;° ^ ™? ^ Wm * though the pre- who had not at , e nd e d the camp- ^ down , o third setback in 16 fights. Judge Rossi had the 23-year-old .Yocker on top 6-3-1 ar Charley Rosen 'saw . Clay sent day 'Indi- ou t before were duly inducted a n s' perhaps as full-fledged members in a were a bit ane-,,.)f U a] , v hirh was replete with "' IT1 th{>rr aK *'" n mlr-Iooking as all of the pomp of nn Indian Ph"«n>lphln ran its compiired to ceremonial. War drums beat in strfiak tf) six longest since W. Oergen their original. t hr distance. The inducting tribe whpn rookip K ™ WHltcw slnRlrd counterparts. About 96 fathers held forth with all of the gusto hom , r thp win ™ n « run °" rHiof and sons, members of the "Y-real Indians, even though they P ltrht ' r Krnio Brf * lio m tn f nftn Ctay's 174%. The unbeaten New Indian Guides" of the Wood Riv- might have been the last of the nftfir 1onv Ta >'° r harl douhl * d «« Yorker had dropped the Philadel- er - East Alton Longhouse. par- Mohicans. The medicine-man. thr »wenoard. phian in their first fight March 28 ticiated in their annual camp-out. witn much jumping and secret " uas thr onl - v nin Bros ? 110 al ' when he won a unanimous deci- Eight tribes were represented . i n ,,,ntation* '(and a little h( ,|p lowp rt hut ho was ilhejoser. mak- s | 0 n. This time there were no each bearing an authentic In- frorn mo dern science) brought ' ng , h ' s rpr ' ord weighed 177 pounds <o give you the average co,st per; square or cubic foot In your area. mttttlt * p«lnt: «•••• «M wall* "tw •••In • r§piiri, with ene e«»y brush itreke* Oott en Itk* • dmn ov*r alnvwt any * •tfl (urnM . . hide* «mll rf«f«cu» . . 14 bwtitiful rfflcorator color* e 'plan whlin w««h»hlt. uniooth Me vclvtt. cuy to ipply .. Mil. fry « BfUlty Faint Co.. CenntUieiHi, Pa « Even ' in «.,in BUCK'S Paint Store I 655 E. Broadway. HOS-2«8ie ••••••••••••••••e* • RESIDENTIAL OOMMMOIAL AIR CONDITIpNING CHICK pun MICH Mil I5TIMATI5 GUARANTIED INSTALLATION CAMP ELECTRIC and HI ATIN6 1124 Miltoti Rart Fltwit HO M2»1 dlan tribal name and proclaim- f or th a ceremonial bon-fire. Such ing that name in the tin-Indian- a ritual, held deep in the heart of Sadecki was wild. Rookie Ray knockdowns in a relatively tame walking six'aflair. 1 men— Ihree in thr first inning, like manner of wearing it print- , nr f or( , st . was calculated to vv ; hon thr Phillies als ° ra P ned ed across the front of a mod- have a lastlng e H ect O n the lit- threc sil « |ps to SCOIT three rons. em "T" shirt. tie braves. R° bcrts novv is 4 "^ h (half „ . j _ .of his victories oi'er St. Louis. There were several modern This ceremoney was culmiiiatert jlie Cards will send ex-Phlllie; touches unknown to.the early ^ by ^ insta ilaion of the Long- Curt Slmmons {0 . 0) inst J)ni red man^ Several big braves : house offlcere o f the coming, ^^ ,„,,„ thej ,. second ganie were observed performing a; ypnr . outgoing Chief Charles wjth , hf , phi , |ies tod morning ritual with an electric, Camp turned over his chief's razor. An unfortunate incident 'headdress to the new chief befell one 'brave.' In negotiating prank Martin. This svas a color- a rocky road to the cabin site a f u ] ce remony in which the sons rock struck the automatic shift- t^ par t j n the exchange of IWesternOpen CHICAGO (AP)-Betsy Rawls, the defending champion-and thej ORDER BLANK FOR DESIGN NO. Check items desired: rj One complete set of building plans $9.75 Q Additional .sets of building plans at ....$8.00 rj Book of 70 available home designf- 5 .75 Send check or money order to HomOgraf. Alton Telegraph. Home Plan Dept., East Detroit. Mich. Knclosed please find for the item.-- checked. NAME ADDRESS : CITY Zone .... STATE the base-! This plan conforms to FHA,I \ A, and building code require-! ments. The plan contains 1.344J st|. ft. and ^6,78U cu. ft. Your! builder or material supplier can j BE COOL SHADE YOUR HOME FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL MODERNIZING NEEDS Start qualified personnel will give yo« • frt^MNmaM without obligation on oM R«»ffftf, SMtnf, TIU, and all othtr homo mod«miiing Phone Stars Today- HO 5-5511 THRIFTY HOUSEHOLDER'S house paint Cards Sign Two Rookie Hurlers accentuate the fireplace here, which (s well located. •There is a sliding door to the bedroom located off the living room. Actually this room would 6e perfect as a den—providing r ., , _ the ultimate In privacy. Of erness. But like the mighty Chief | Brenner is the new Wampum ibined total of four no-hit games i Country Club's wind-swept acres 1 advantages. course, if three bedrooms is a Blackhawk he did not eyen!g earer an d Tony Galletta the this season has been signed by!Friday, Miss Rawls matched par) The vestibule prevents di-;must, this room is adaptable. wince in the face of adversity. nevv Talley Keeper. the St. Louis Cardinals. J73 to weave a halfway total of|reel intrusion into the living! The two bedrooms to the side Distant Cabin Sunday Services The y are Norr ^an C. Anderson,1149 and a three-stroke lead. jroom, and features a guest;of the. house afford privacy. Modern Indians had "nature Brick veneer gives an exter- year's leading money winner, |ior that is easy to maintain and again was in the driver's seat as j attractive in appearance the the 3lst Women's Western Open {whole year through. The floor Golf Tournament headed into its'plan here is somewhat different than the usual run, however, ing mechanism of his car al-' headdress. John Hendrlcks was ST. LOUIS (AP> — Two youngj thlr0 ' round today- moat stranding him in the wild-, installed as assistant chief. John.righthanded pitchers with a com-; The last to finish over Beverly careful study reveals Its many morning worship was 22 ' a University graduate! M C XI at 152 was Mary Lenaidoset. in the ( raw" in the midst of the ( conducted under ^p trees by who had an 8-2 re «>rd including j Faulk, another of the many rank-| The long living room has am- ^having ample closets and high placed windows grouping. Note. for furniture the built-in prhneval forest; this included al OrvU|e Burk and Mer , e nassett. i one n °-hitter, and Robert O. Me- j ng pros seeking the top plum pie windows for g"od day light- _ . _ warm shower after a dip in tlu"i n this sylvan se tting the big ', sclll ] er ' 19 ' of Peoria ' II1 - High O f $1,313 j n the $7,500 medal play I ing. and affords good furniture j chest in the rear bedroom swimming pool. , and | )tt j e brave worshipped ther^' 110 " 1 - with three no-hitters. And- 1 even t. arrangement. You could group j which is an added attraction. One stalwart group of braves, Great s , r , t of forest field and !erson was assigned Friday to I Near , casua lty. as the field I your furniture in such a way to I Notice particularly the kit- including members of the migh- 1 stl . eam ' ty Kaskaskia Tribe, was ac- ' «,rded an outstanding honor. Tulsa of the Class AA Texas i was trimmed to the top 33 scor-i — their appreciation more than savagi grunts.Because of their physical condition the unday be * a " their trek i Theb °y shadhl ' dawcel{endthe y ! would never for ^' ™* dads one meal i'^L.^™ £ ISS** after 36 holes, Qf c , ass D Midwest was Patty I ; Berg, Seven-time winner of the! ; Western Open. She salvaged a 1 Compact Model Now ' second round 79 after opening ST. LOUIS # - Roy Smith of !with ^ for a 163 forget it for a while East St. Louis. 111., reported his. The co-leaders after Thursday's' either because they had dis.cov-; 1959 model car stolen. Police muscles they didn't know | found it the next day—at the bot- cabin site which was the!""^ had but that would be 80r0| tom of a 125-foot cliff. Someone tertherest from the mess hall and' the next da y- h" d P^hed it off. at the bottom of a deep gulch. °" r younger son, Paul Oergen, " The walk to tiie cabins was a ! had felt that he was on probaion pleasant down-hill stroll but the;since he would not be six until' journey out meant climbing what! September and not as yet eligl- appeared to a 45-degree slope 'We for the Indian Guicles.With for a good half mile. They are Indian-like determination he had now on record that they will de- scaled thp P paks with tne oldei> dine this honor next year. boys in an effort to prove him_, .... ... _ ., ,, self. Robert Oergen, our other The Y Indian Guide organ- , . . L- -HI ization is a program sponsored ' ' ,. . . | I. IL *T,,m , • show me his swimming prowess by the YMCA for six-, seven- . s H '• opening round, Fay Crocker with a 153 and Louise Suggs with a 155, collapsed under Miss Rawls' pressure. chen-dinette arrangement. The "U" shaped work area is a itriumph in modern planning— ;starting with the waist high (built-in oven near the door and |completing the "U" with the ; built-in range near entrance. | way to dinette. Another fine feature hero is the dowel trellis 24 inches in height above the range. Cabinets above the trellis provide Le Mans Sports Car Race Gets Under Way By EDWARD ESMERIAN |guars, Maseratis and Aston-Mar- LE MANS, France (AP)—The tins me best chance to turn in toughest sports' car race in- the 1 an upset. State Men's Golf Meet In Finals SAVOY, 111. (AP> - Two teenage college students—Ed Moehling of Mt. Prospect' and Joel j handy storage space for sup- Hirsch of Highland Park, meet in (plies. This treatment gives you a 38-hole match today for the'"all-in-one" spaciousness with 1 Men's State Amateur Golf charn-'divided area function. I pionship. Lavatory .location off the' Moehling. 19. a sophomore at!kitchen landing is a convenient' Northern Illinois, defeated Lloyd !0 ne, doubly welcome when you Pitzer, 41, of Chicago, 3 and l.jhave children. Laundry and heating t'acili- with nationally advertised motes group activity and team work among the pre-Cub Scout age group. Unlike scouting, it is entirely a father-son organiza- ton. The son cannot attend the meeting without the father Cor vice versa i except in extreme emergences. Mtviinxs usually arc held twice each month at the homes of tho rncnibfrs. Membership in each tribe is held to a in the deep water. As a harrass- ed father I found myself trying to keep up u I enjoyed it started today amid a talkfest of j aspects of the race—loose -ules j which allow almost anything in University of Houston, Ray Chamberlin. 49, o ville, 4 and 3. Hirsch had little difficulty with ««,. those sore, muscles. miiip when*!* fnnnH utfid to tne indecision by predict- car race and the continued pres- ,.1'TL ing variable weather. .cmce'of little underpowered cars ,_ ] front nine to go ahead 5-up; and Chamberlin won the Uih But nothing dampened the spir-i which made up a good part of the and Kwitzerland 1,500 lakes «n,« "' holes, Hirsch ended the par lh ; n ites of upwards of 200,000 racing!56 starters. 'T^rTV P* ™ *? i on, „.„ ;, f" fans who already have turned this "What arc those little things d,,- wl »ile Chamberlin took a bogey. Mn !•>-, in ,h il In . H in nonnallv sleepy city into a carni-' ing in her,- They arc dangerous.- Moeh '"* and f zel ' "!?».«" Alps. 1.,, m the lowland* and .10 • cspoc-mllv at night." said Walt ewn afler ninp holes wlth lde "- m the Jura Mountains. ^^ pm j jcUons make , hc ,„„ ' „, Westfk , 1(] NJ ,, ans . tical scares of 30. Pitzer won the maximiun of oiKhi lather-son Nickname of the classic blues speedv 1'J-cvlinder Testa Rosa gen is teamed with Dan (Juniey 1 - tl1 . |. 0 . go . , "?: ™ c *' )1in « , rallied by taking the 13th, 15th and i Kith holes and ended the match FLOOR COVERING ARMSTRONG UNI VUH Our Showroom) Sherwood's Til* Service IIIO Mlllon Rd.—Dial HO teams. The activities, of the, player and composer Limit i Ferrari the ear to beat and over, of Riverside. Calif., in the tribes are guided by the area)Armstrong is "Dipper Mouth." the 8:36-mile course gave BLANKET COVERAGE best 'time Ja- • which turned in the trial. Chuck Daigh, the Maserati d »••• from Long Beach. echoed the same thoughts. ALUMINUM AWNINGS Fully ventilated design promotes air circulation. "Halo-light" underside keeps interiors brighter. Lasting good looks assured by special 2-coat baked enamel finish guaranteed not to rust, chip, crack or peel. Styles for window, door, i porch 01 patio. See us for real values in: • Storm Window H • Storm Doors • Venetian Blinds •Vertical Blinds • Carports • Patio Covers •Railings on the 17th. : Hirsch reached tlie semifinals } by defeating Jim Farlander, Kan- 'ikakee, '2 and 1, and Moe'iling "They have always been a prob-'downed Puraie Pipes, Mount Ver- lem here. I think the race should, » on ' ' 2 ^ l - in quarter-final play. | only be tor the top sports curs.. "YelevisionTs about to come to There is less danger if only ex- Tasman i a and Western Australia, perls are driving," Daigh said. ; Hobart rc port. Thr other argument primarily' '. concerned the "birdcage" Masor- ati, which Daigh is driving alim,.; with Muster Gregory of Kansas City. Tho car is patently built as a racing car around its new four- cylinder engine. It has a sloping windshield almost four feet long that gives it a freak appearaiu-t? unlikely to ever be seen in an automobile showroom. "Ours is actually <« Grand Prix car." Daigh admitted "Actually the only valid rule for this t:n.'e would be to insisi that all cars are really production models, " • Chain Link Fencing • Awnings BLAIR NOME SUPPLY State ft BeU« (In the Wedge) Phones HO J-1SIJ or HO J-42SI RUSSELL BLIND AND AWNING CO. Mil MILTON KOAD PHONE HO 5-5588 MARTIN . . . HO 2-9070 Reg. 6.25 SAVE $1.26 gal. Substantial savings on high-grade house paint ate possible if you act at once! Foy Trueness House Paint—on sale for a limited time only—is heavily pigmented for maximum spreading capacity, opaque hiding power, and durability. Trueness is gas-resistant and fume-proof—important qualities in industrial areas. Trueness provides genuine self-cleaning action, sunny- bright whiteness throughout the life of the paint film. Anticipate your needs—buy NOW, while you can SAV6I SPRINGMAN 1101 LUMBER CO. Broadway HO 5-5526 Choice of Eight Colors Impart* light wood grain effect Apply over old palm—varnlih • For furnltur«~trlro—ceblneu * Eliminate* removal of old ftnlth BUCK'S Paint A Floor Covering Store Boo B. Brdwy. Dial HO 8.8681 WANTED All Tkt lug* You Hove Let u= Kill ull your liuu>:lio!a in sects such a» uaievbutfs roaih es jiherfiih nioiiu and > forih. k not a apiay ai ami ii a ijfe efficient ana non fhU I new. toxic t«JI OldJej 4-9877 or tliu- ton 4-43IN) for a free estimate U4 HUHK UlAKAMt tU FOO-HITE EXTERMINATING CO. FLOYO WIUMAM a ltd JAM! S SHIIIT operator* NATIONAL HOMES HOW TO START A NEW CHAPTER In Your Book of Pleawtnt Memories Take in exciting trip through the colorful new National Home! You can own this wonderful custom home for very little down and easy monthly payments. Call or see us for full information! Nitititil HlMtf Onltr luiltfir ill I. !!• St., THOS C. Jllli CONST. CO. NO *-SM4 Ivtttef NO General Electric GAS FURNACE l»ti you odd |AII CONDITIONING ANYTIME I You've dreamed df a home with warm air, gently distributed—free of soot, fume* and noise. Now you can haw tt~a new General Electric Gas Furnace that can "grow" into General Electric Whole-House Air Conditioning. For details about General Electric Credit Corp. Plan call us today. IINflAlAflfCTIIC FREE $18.50 VALUE MINNEAPOLIS HONEYWELL MINNEAPOLIS - HONEYWELL CLOGGED AIR FILTER DETECTOR WITH ANY S.E. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING OR HEATING INSTALLED DURING JUNE! SAVES FUEL! TAKES THE GUESSWORK OUT OF FILTER CARE! ALTON BOTTLED GAS CO. OOOfRlY ROAD PNONI HO *34t!

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