Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 5, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Jwftfer Editors Quiz on FLOWER MAKE FRIENDS V Time* Herald, Carroll, l«wa Monday, Aug. S, lWf There has to be. of course, a last person or couple to leave a party. Don't always be that one. Some big league baseball teams don't have to worry about being switched to another town. No other city would want them. QUESTION: What ts the largest flower In the world? ANSWER: AiHree-foot large iwngle plant known as Rafflesia Arnold!, discovered on the Island of Sumatra in 1816. This plant is without stem or leaves. Flesh-colored, it weighs as much as 15 lbs. and measures maybe a yard across. The huge petals ere up to three quarters of an inch thick. The flower has a round center which resembles an automobile Hre, forming a hollow bowl which can hold two gallons of liquid. Before the petals open, Rafflesia looks somewhat like an outsize cabbage. One* the petals unfold and the flower reaches its full size, the plant decays within a day or two. Unlike many flowers, Rafflesia has a terrible smell — like spoiled meat. FOR YOU TO DO: Observe the flowers in gardens near your home and learn the names of as many as you can from grownups and friends. (A $10 award goes to Fred Huber Jr., of Clifton, N. J., for this question. Whafs yours? AP Newsfeatures. Tomorrow: Which has more neck bones, the giraffe or a sparrow?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Trtfy set through your tape recordings—the least you can do is sit through their home movies!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith or SS. T.M Si t . U.S. Pit 0«. <£ I9S7 by NEA &«<.*.. U& be miserable If I couldn't nag my George about something" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TIZZY By Koto Oionn OUT OUR WAY "I've decided to improve my mini!—from now en I'm only going to date intellectuals!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer 'Those stamps you gave me aren't any good—my letter came back, postage duel" Armed Forces Answer to Previous Puzzle B" ACROSS lType of military plane 4 Bugle cell 8 Grade 12 Service club 13 Expert fliers 14 In the same place 15 Armed Forces' Uncle 16 Meddle 18 Water glass 20 Actress, Terry 21 Assent 22 Heraldic band 24 Makes a fox-hole 26 Pen name of Charles Lamb 27 Watched 30 Sharper 32 Indolent 34 Tighter 35 Tried out 36 Worm 37 Embezzles 39 Musical directions 40 Discharge a rifle 41 Two 42 Look fierce 45 Always 49 What Poe'i raven said 51 Individual 52 Fruit drinks 53 War god 54 Soldier's bed 55 Lave 56 Cape 57 Female sheep DOWN 1 Fair 2 Biblical name 3 Weapons 4 Airplane parts 5 Skin disorder 6 British soldiers' fuel 7 Compass point 8 Sharpshooter's weapon 9 Brother of Cain (Bib.) 10 Jeep accessory 11 Paradise 17 Tell 19 Conquers 23 Tumult* 24 Fruit 25 Desserts 26 Mistake * 27 Quietly (2 words) 28 Where sailors travel 29 Espouses 31 Weirder 33 Give w as a military order 38 Prior 40 New 41 Military command, —- right 42 Chew 43 Spartan queen 44 Prayers 46 Mineral rocks 47 Enough (poet.) 48 Anatomical network 50 Able-bodied sea—— 1 i r- «. \ r- ir it ft N A K r IB W w w 21 w P P w i u w< 9 P P P a m i ir i ST R H H *l CaAPRSfe OF THE CC«Vrp«C®»" TT'S SOCA SPOT FCXR VP TV\EKE*& fsVWWVi<S>, CtoST HOO, PUt ^St VET e*«g ViViOLtf vyfeL6\ [-pes! BY "to TV* .0 *9 MARTIN "3 f BY J. R. WILLIAMS | OUR BOARPINO HOUSB . . . with . « > MAJOR HOOPL1 11 J «?.W)U 'AM5 « ANPI , HE'* SURE HE M1S*E© SOME BMfcAPISE BECAUSE HE HAO» TO STIdtC AMP <SRIMP... WHILE I <DM tT«HV FEET AM SURE I PASSEP IT 5OMEWH80E FAR &EHIMD. e-s it ^^JvSh r JSESJB w -HAv4' X AW I LOADED WHEN* CITY 36 MIL6& J ^\ ^.xrvap. np it A MS W OA tWlS . FOLLOW 30STICBJ S^AV ?V OlCE vKfe 1 AM HODR t>URlr4 k trie FAIR HOOlCtOWN UMtTS S^5> inro i=» BUGS BUNNY Last I I BID V3U ^ WELCOME, Ml?. SCHNOOSLE' FOR THE PINE SERVICE I'VE GIVEN HIM, I SHOULD RECEIVE A 6£»£POU9 TiP! HMPH! THE CAD PIPN'T LEAVE ME A f*A*mN6.' PRISCILLA'S POP Clipped BY AL VERMFIsIt MY PAL.' MY BUDDY/ GONE FOREVER' POORH WALDO! YOU OO FEEL BADLY ABOUT IT, ^ DON'T rt OP COURSE h I DO, ^MA2EL.. IT WAS HIS TURN TO TRIM TME MEDQEJ 7^ 3i> lit! IMT hi XtA S«trte», Int. T.M. »«« U.S. ALLEY OOP Indiansl BY V. T. HAMLIM MORTY MEEKLE Oafl BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I HOPE VOU'RE 6ATI6FIE& VOUVE DEPRIVED THE WORLD OF A NEW PADDLE-BALL CHAMPION Too Much BY MERRILL BLOSSER WIT THE DKK^ARD! LET'S MAKE TME MOST OF OUR FIRST DAY TWIN PEAKS / AMXJOUS Tb TAKE TMATTEN- MtLe MIKE OVER TO THUNDER weu. see we CAN SWIM AGAINST 14AT CURRENT/ TMEN WE CAN RENT HORSES FORTM6 , REST OF THE Mtf/ , THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI " XJUST HAPPENEDTOFINOA & 8ICVCLEINTHEBACKOFW/ Father Again THAT SO? if CAPTAIN EASY Trap S*t "*» ^ | >*A Unk*. Ina. T.M. B^. U.». BY WILSON SCRUCOI BY LESLIE TURf.aH THAT 0ST5 IT, POfCBil AWP \ OKAY. THE FACT* WU WAUTEPi NOW I : POR AN noilk^Jt^^^^S VTSK MARIt ••MjBJBJHflA. TOWN I PLKC6 HE HELP* I TB£> REUI$B HI* WTeRVIBW... I'LL T§LL TH» CWTAIMl THANK*. I'M , TO TAKB WU TO VACKT1 WWW IT* TOO HARSOR AT Otit*\ yLATB NOW TO *l> WARMOrF AT THEAlftfORTl It JOCKdU ARRANGE FOR A"T FlMl. M.VMIM WILLI RHIAIUJ WtTNtft^ TAIL IM AWP W HIM LIAV0 TH6 YACHfiwi THE JOB MP0M <A *».C0P* LSARKI HB TO 4PILL WHAT ' IBARWPt . K . R ... L9ARKI HB

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