Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 3, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1957
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

r-—Junior Idftori Qutx on BIBLE QUIZ QUESTION: Why wa* Mot** hidden in the builrushes? ANSWER: When Mom was born, the Israelites had been living In Egypt many yeacs. But the Egyptians, friendly at first, had begun to oppress them and finally the king ordered all baby boys born to the Jews put to death. Mesas' mother decided to save her son's life. She wove a basket* boat for him, made it water-tight, and set it afloat among the bull* rushes or reeds on the banks of the Nile. It floated downstream, watched by Moses' sister, Miriam. Soon, when the daughter of the Pharaoh went to the river bank to bathe, the basket was discovered and the baby brought to the princess. As the baby cried and the Pharaoh's daughter wondered what to do, a little girl ran up and offered to find a nurse. "Yes, do," said the Princess. "I will gladly pay, for his care." So Miriam fetched her mother, and soon little Moses returned to his own home under the care of his mother—and under the protection of the king's daughter. FOR YOU TO DO: Paste this picture on cardboard and color it. Fold the ends forward on the dotted line and the picture will stand, for your Bible collection. (Have you an Interesting question for Junior Editors? Send it to AP Newsfeatura* in care of this paper and you may win $10. Monday: What l« the world's biggest flower?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE MAK€ FRIENDS %NtAe The person who urges you to eat and drink all you want because he's on an expense account adver- tlses that he's careless with his Time* MkriMT, Can-oft, hxm Saturday, Aug. S, 1M7 LITTLE LI"Z The good who don't die young seem to get over it. employer's moneyt " He also indicates he wouldn't treat you otherwise. TIZZY 8-3 "Dieting must be a terrific appetizer!" "Frankly, Mr*. Hlgglns, I think It would be a waste of time for him to grow longer sideburnsl" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh © 1»U k| MCA hnta, Inc. "Next Christmas lefs buy Lee a transit and surveyor's outfit- then we can play 18 holes the same dayl" By Nodine Seltzer IHJ "We're short one croquet ma I let!" Island Group Answer to Previous Puiil* TJC ACROSS 1 Island group, the Islands 7 They formerly were known as the West Indies JS Interstice 14 Charlotte is their . capital 15 Divisions of the calyx 16 Household 17 Worm 18 Russian storehouse 20 Indiana (ab.) 21 Parable 23 Latin American country 26 Wife of Aeghr (myth.) 2? Gaelic 31 Wings 32 Shout 33 Young salmon 34 Obligation 35 The dill 36 Drink made with malt 30 Alaskan city 40 Commanded 43 Mrs. Johnson 46 Embellish 47 South by West (ab.) 50 Regal residence 52 Song bird 54 One who runs, away to marry 55 Revolved 56 Chargers 57 Frozen rains DOWN 1 Flower container 2 Angers 3 Corded fabrics 4 Common gazelle 8 Sicker 6 King of Pylos 7 Moisten 8 Persian prince 9 Feminine nickname 10 Biblical name 11 Symbol 12 Pay attention to 19 Miss Gardner 21 They lit east of Rico m SPTP 32 Farther away 28 Father 24 Ardor 25 Unusual 28 City in Nevada 29 Wretched district 30 Otherwise 36 Vipers 37 Lion 38 Mistakes 41 Sped 42 Register 43 Uncloses (poet.) 44 Seasoning 45 Century plant 47 Solitary 48 Internal decay, in fruit 4* Marries 51 Mimic S3 Island (Ft.) Good '01 Crystal •Y EDGAR MARTIN «Ot OUR mf iV I R.WILLIAM* I OUR BOARDING HOUSfl COME OHI SAW MOMHAMC* SOU SOUR ALLOWANCE/ SOU OWE ME PIFTy AMIKJUT6/ TWICE WH6M I MAPPA ^TOlHf 5TORE FORMOSA," fiOTSOME- 1 THINS FOR VOU, SAVIM6 VOU TWO TRIPS~' ¥PZ ,°^ T Ai E ABOUT TBV GENTS A T£fv22 U TOOK A WHOLE PACKASEOP GUM FROM MV DRESSER/ <-CMT£ SWIPING nri PA P SOUR WAV TO A BROKE-THAT WAS HALF A ' OWE MB 30 CENTS/ I Hl<3H FIMAkiCE 8-* '***"" with . . .MAJOR HOOM.I TIME TO SIT/-~MV gOSS WILL POP A ' VALVE If THAT •SOSSTITDTB MULE HE C5Ct> DUR1N§ A\V. VACATION I'M AS RELAXED A<5 Art 0V<SfSR, SLiT WE'LL 6£ACH A 6TAT&; SL>sree>s CHARIOT- eoonatie LIK:E N 5ND-0VER- EMO PDNX' rW^fcAFP^JDSTAS 5HE LEISUKB/-***- LM/WE'LL 6T0P JpU \ ET LV AT TH & , SACK DO0ROFT«E CHATEAU—M0NTMOR- fcNjC/MAVPlXMBA SPOT OP LUNCH — VOL) LADS DO, LOAB FOOD/ , J 60 A STEP , FARTHER, , WE Once Around the Park PRISCILLA'S POP HOW DO THEY FEEL WHEN YA WALK IN 'EM, CICERO f THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT. V I WANNA SEE HOW THEY LOOK WHILE I 'M JPHP4V/. I THINK TONIGHT v WE'LL EAT ^ OUT., OW, I'D LIKE THAT.', P^- She's Ready © 1MT ti W.~ Int. TJH. ••(. IU. ru.« LUCKY I BROUGHT \OME OF MY MICE ffTHINGS ALONG-.' BY AL VERMRER ALLEY OOP Look Around, Gents) OH.OH! WOMMUG'S BEEN MONKEYING WITH THE TIME- MACHINE AGAIN? /YEH...NOW WHERE/ I CANJ THINK OF A BETTER (JUESTION THAN THAT/ ~ I MORTY MEEKLE BY V. T. HAMLIN WHAT'S HAPPENED TO OUR GIRL / HOLY FRIEND OOOLC&f COW. I'D WHERE'S SHE?/ FORGOT ALL ABOUT J HER.' VOU THINK THE GOLD INCAUFORNIA'S WORTH ALL THE f ^t^ S ' HARDSHIP THAT / -ru^S GOES WITH n^™^ HERE. a-^x*^l Good Shape VOU THINK V0UR REFLEXE5 ARENOOOOOPy WElL JU6T > GIVE V EM A I LITTLE TEST/ L V FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY DICK CAVALLI NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. YOU HAVE A FINE SET OF REFLEXES. FIVE DOLLARS, pT^ PLEASE Great Career oi cw NOW TMERt^ 1ME OUTFIT FOR ME/ BY MERRILL BLOSSBR THi STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI y ) NOT MUCH, fM \ W/ABIAID. BUT I * New Bike for Holly 0 * a 'AFRAIO. BUT I WIU. GNE HERA NEWBIKBTO ^ WPLAC6THE " ONE HER FATHER F/0UTOONTSDU 1/THEUWvI>XNOTl| THINK MR. LEE WILL >CAWST MEDCUN& RESENT VOJR rrfiF IT WILL HELPMEND] ACTION? A LITTLE €IRLJ$ HEART,' CAPTAIN EASY BY WILSON SCRUGGS Com* Aboard! ^CHAUFFEUR WUWIIVff MM* MARKHWA TO TH6 *" MI«S MARKHMA TO TH6AIR.\ ,H ^X.r? Tm VOKK -nm, WAIT WHILft r \ C k? AR UP VOUK, CHECK. THB INTfRVIBW 7oUi WWTBMA^R^NO^ BUT rtL REVI56- IT AFTER THOifc PAPERS THAT CLEAR UP VOtllt n 1 1 »V »-BS*.li TURNtt W «WJ*T TI MAY NOT T I THINK YOU'LL ffitSlI tt** THKT ] WANT TO AFTPR WAKB VWRl WTRRVIBW J X GIVE V&U&SSB

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