Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 25, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, June 25, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Established January 15, 1836 Vol. C50CV, NO, 139 ALTON, ILL,, SATURDAY, JUNE 25,1960 IS PAGES ScPwCopy Market St. Project Continues Another section of Market street terrace, that between 6. 3rd and E. Hh streets, was brought to presentable appearance this week after a tree- planting program was completed on the paved section fronr E. Broadway 1o 3rd. | Recently, the 61-year-old con-! crete steps on the Market ter-| race at Hh were repaired.! Broken sections of steps wercj replaced, ynd cavities werei filled. With the repair johj completed, the weeds were cut; on the terrace section as far; 'north as the- steps, and some of! the ranker growth there wa* eliminated. A considerable growth of wild shrubbery was grubbed trom the ten-ace early in the spring • but the continued wet weather; promoted now growth that i made further radical attention' desirable. Further plans for adequate; beautification of the Market ter-. race are in the making, it was] said this wi-ek by Dr. Gordon Moore oi the Park Commission. The public works department of the city has been experimen'- 1 ing this year with an epoxy glue preparation for use in repairing concrete steps and walks. The "glue" is designed to make the concrete stick to' old concrete surfaces, a condition necessary for successful repair of concrete stair steps. Venezuelan Bombers Are Hunted By RICHARD G. MA8SOCK CARACAS, Venezuela (AP)-His face swollen and hands bandaged as a result of the bomb blast that narrowly missed Wiling him, President Romulo Betancourt pressed a search today for those behind the plot. Betancourt, back in Miraflores Palace after being treated in a hospital for injuries, told reporters the attack was part of a widespread plan to overthrow his government and set up a new dicta- STORM DAMAGE Johnson's Backers Drive to Slow Down Annexations Add 3,500toTaxBooks BABTO, Pa.— Mr. and Mrs. Curtis destroyed, as the tornado-like storm hnbody, of Barto, looking through swirled through Berks County. (AP missing root of their home that Friday Win-photo) night winds blew off. Their barn was Seek Permit for Tornadic WindsCause Township Assessor James P. Gorman expects to add more than 3,500 names to the Alton personal assessment books us the ( •result of annexations of the last year which Incronspd the town- iship area about one-third. ' ..._ - j The boost in the number of pcr- ( Isons, business houses, and pro- 1 ifessionul offices will increase the, |Alton,listing by more Hum one-' i third, and bring it to an estimated I ; total of 12.500. he said. Last year, the Alton personal' •listing numbered S.7S-I. Thus far, the Alton assessor' (has made no exact count of the .number of new pcrsonnl assess ments. He has completed apprais- — Deadline als ' an(l 1nis W(lf ' k Dt< K' ln to wl ' ilr ,!up the Alton personal books. Not Levee Tax \ Deadline Extended KDWARUSVII.I for landowners in Wood Rivn'j^., hjs , mok pntrlra arp ,, om . i Drainage and I.evee District tOj p | ptpc | xvj] | ll( , hl , ; ,h| r , 0 determine pay their additional iissessmentsjthe total, .toward local expenses in conncc- (tornian lion with the federal government »;o~z>f JANIUtO CRASH SITE Arrow points to Kio do Janeiro's Giiaimbara Bay into which a Brazilian airliner Denv Southern Viewpoint Ignored in Civil By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Supporters of Sen. Lyndbn B. Johnson of Texas intensified their drive today to stop Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts from snaring the Democratic presidential nomination. At the annual conference of gov- telling New York's Liberal party ernors in Glacier National Park, Mont., Govs. Price Daniel of Texas and Btiford Ellington of Tennessee organized a Southern caucus for Sunday morning. The aim was to assess Johnson's chances of defeating Kennedy at the national convention in Los Angeles and to stamp out talk that Johnson has swayed too far Thursday that he hoped to win the nomination without a single Southern vote. Oscar Chapman, chairman of Citizens-for-Johnson, called the statement incredible. "Those of us Who support Sen. Johnson for the presidency want the votes of every section of the country,"". Racing on July 4 A pel it ion \va> filed Friday in Circuit Court requesting that Judge Jam us O. Monroe Jr., modify his temporary injunction order of June 17 to permit motorcycle racing on July 4 at the "Melody Lane" track near Meadowbrook. Destruction i levee-raising program in the dis- 'trict has been extended to Sept. .1, under an amendment signed Friday by County Judge Michael Judge Monroe said he would take the petition under advisement and announce his decision next week. The petition for modification Ike Ends of Judge Monroe's temporary injunction order halting motorcycle racing at the track was June P, confirming the $SO<1.00:).25 additional assessment against property in the district. By THE ASSOCIATED PFU.SS Tornado winds pushed out over the Atlantic Ocean today, leaving required in the June 3 court order behind scattered trails of damage' confirming the additional assess- said today I hat he knows there are more than 12.000 items to be entered. The Milton annexation will bring 3,400 entries, and other areas annexed prior to last April 1 may provide 200 tost night i supporters claimed he would have with 51 penibiM aboard. 502 votes on the convention's first __ _ . . » . -„ ,U>-.1 l.s.4 Tl* A* • Mtnflt f*4*+*t tat*t I £. fnn __ _ Tlie -„ , Convair more. These will be added to the 1960 entries for the older area of the city which approximate the same figure as last year. Many personal property assess- Such additional assessments, as mpnts aro Daspc i on ownership of ballot. They predicted 602& for Kennedy. To win, 7B1 votes are in the Northeast states. Iment roll and entering judgment filed by attorney V. M. Jacoby! Thp W eather Bureau said'against landowners in the amounts °" .!!! Il - l !_?. f ..? ef . e ." ClantS narnedi masses of colder air moving in j set out in the roll against their properties, would have become due by July 1 this year, before in the orijdna) suit. After a hearing in the June 17. Judge Monroe granted a temporary injunction sought from the central states and Canada displaced the roaring twisters and ended widespread i extension of the deadline in the tornado alarms. amendment to the order signed j by four couples residing in the Destructive funnels of , dnd hit | Friday by Judge Kinney. .vicinity of the track and PJ'°- and skipped in Pennsylvania, New Extension of Ihe deadline was ihib.ted motorcycle racing at 1hc< york and Vennont Friday night.; HU thorized. Judge Kinney explain- torship. "The incident shows that the enemies of democracy— national and international-r-will resort to every possible means to try to Rest Today By JOHN SCALI HONOLULU (AP) - President .. tji"., exception of a A)arts went up |n N(W j er scy,; erl. for convenience of landowners scheduled program on June 19 Connec , jcut and Massachusetts, i in the district. He pointed out that until a further hearing July b But the Weather Bureau said that ; f 03 sion of the injunction. possible permanent exten- except for , omc possib , e Plaintiffs in the injunction pasi. annual maintenance assessments in the district also arc due by fringe turbulence, the danger was i Sept. 1. and by extending the deadline on additional assessments had charged that the track The radng winds rjpped 1 . oofSi i to that date property owners would Eisenliower ends his six-day ; constituted a nuisance because ; smashed buildings and snarled I be saved the trouble of making Hawaiian rest stop today and I of alleged noise and dust— and :power i ines No deaths were re . j sepa rate trips to the levee district flies back to Washington to) traffic hazards in the area report to the American people on; Preventing them trom full en- his controversial Far Eastern joyment and use o their prop- ms coimoversiai rai eastern i journoy. ported. office at Wood River to pay their Apparently hardest hit was the: assessments, industrial area of Schenectady,; Payments of the additional as, . . ...... 'N.Y. Unofficial reports said the! sessmenl may be made in full, or I The President is reported to A hearing on the injunction damagc might ,. un |f) a , lfl . ls , ^ ]n fivp PCJua] ins(a |, mpnts ^h in . establish tyranny in the. country." i have drafted a hard-hitting speech complaint, lor possible issuance mi ,,, on dollfu . s chargeable at fi per cent Betancourt told newsmen. ; denouncing the Communists for ol a permanent res rammg or- - annua|lv Blotting w,th young Japanese stu- dcr. was designated tor 9MO An _._„, J^,^ jn ^.^ ^^ ^^ ^ ,;signing the temporary injunction; "",' 3e " lT " L y u "' y sllbllrb « of Rot - being assessed at $1.) per buildin; automobiles. Gorman told town board members this week that his assessment work this year has been greatly increased by the annexations on the easterly and northeasterly sides of the city. Because this was the first year listing for the new areas, time taken for book work and personal appraisal calls has been greatly increased. The canvass in the new areas rc- wus on a flight from the new capital of Brasilia. (AP Wfiwphoto) Plane Crash In Brazil Fatal to 51 RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) —A Brazilian airliner with 51 persons aboard, including at least one American, plunged into Guana- barn Bay -Friday night while approaching Rio de Janeiro. Search i i? j i teams found parts of bodies and! Mates IS t/llded from the Southrrn viewpoint. gee* Early Nomination Some Southerners are angry atj Democratic Chairman Paul But- him for piloting two civil rights ! |er, in Milwaukee for the Wlscon- ; bills through Congress. jsin State Democrat convention, In Washington Friday, Johnson predicted that the party Would nominate a candidate in no more than three ballots. In Republican developments, the Indiana state convention approved needed. 'a resolution Friday 'endorsing S<M- Third Ballot victory ; Vice President Richard M. Nixon The Johnson people said that j for the presidential nomination. their man would swell his total to Nixon is expected to get another more than 600 votes on the sec- enthusiastic endorsement today in ond ballot and would win on the third. On the other hand. Gov. Michial V. DiSalle of Ohio, at the governors conference, predicted a first-ballot victory for Kennedy. Also on the question of convention votes, a Johnson supporter took issue with a statement attributed to Kennedy. The New York Times had quoted Kennedy as Conference of African wreckage but no survivors. quired many "call backs" because; 11l( . twin-engined Convair, on a:_ ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP> _ on first and often on second calls jBoo. nii j 0 night from the new cap- j of V\ti iMf j-lj-itiiii i ot- r***i f\n& f*n\ ilH HP'I*.-.! — e T>.......: t * .. JAI. .. .... tJ. ...... by his deputies, no one could found at home, he said. of Brasilia with u midway i stopover at Belo Horizonte, was He expects next year's assess-1 ]j s t e d as missing nearly eignt ment to proceed more smoothly hours. and take much less time than the The cras|) wag c . onfirme d early first one for the present year. | today when navy search cpews , found tlie plane's wreckage flout- jing in the bay off the island of iPaqueta, about 10 miles up the ibay from Rio's Dumont Airport. Later the searchers reported finding pal'ts of bodies and pieces Venezuela's bordersiwere scaled) S'To'bVo^rhTA^rtrTokm «"m. July K by°Judge Monroe "in Al ^ ~gency was declared in off, air travel halted and somei . ' ' ...:—:_.. .u.. . ; _ : »:.._ two .s constitutional guarantees suspend- A[ter ".fueling at Travis ed to facilitate the search. m California, he is due to Defense Minister Lopez Hen- at riquez who sat next to Betancourt and was burned when the bomb went off, alerted the country's armed forces against any attempt j m " p to overthrow the President's) His will trip. 30-mimite television-radio three-party coalition government. [report to the nation will originate;"' 1 "!'""" 1 . 1 "'"" rm ____ _______ ______ ____ ^.».,.l fivnri hie HTiit*. tlr,,,..^. nfti.-.* , |J"UlOSldU(. 1-UpJ Ifo IllV. l\^IJ*ISWl 1*1 > 11 IJ141JI'! I'.'J I ,1 , ._, " • -' 1S prohibiting moloreyele dam and Woodlawn, where the | 0 t in tlie additional assessment j '•.;,"!racing of any kind at the track' w1nds < >uf wldc swatns of W|1 «*-.confirmed by the court June 3.' until Julv tJ with exception of a , ge ' D ° zens of bulIdi "R s wp '' (1 with industries, railroads and utili- 1 the scheduled races last. Sunday dama S ed or destroyed. lies affected bearing approximate, Basis of the petition asking "" Was mass 'V 8 * 61 ''-*-" (>l 'i<?d - ly 80 per cent of the total $80-4,003.- the court to modify its tempor- a wonwn wno escaped from a 123 additional assessment in conneo arv restraining order was air WTe , c gr °^ ry stom Sonlc - W tion with raising lovees for greater allegation accompanied by a: ^ 8 ^"^ fed, ft«m «ho structure ,io,xl protection. ARE YOU A JSO COUNT? Are you sure you were counted in the 19(!0 Census? If you 1 h i n k y o u weren't, call either the Greater Alton Association of Commerce or- the Alton City Manager. 10-day second conference independent African states ended here Friday night with demands for the end of colonial rule by France and exclusion of South Africa from the British Commonwealth. A resolution welcomed President De Gaulle's offer for discussions with the Algerian provisional government for the settlement of the Algerian problem and called on the provisional nnd French governments to reach self Bond and Share Three persons were reported killed and eight wounded in the blast, which marked the third assassination plot against Betancourt. 'The explosion destroyed the President's car as he arrived for an army day ceremony on the Avenue of Heroes outside Caracas. drew along- as a roof hurled from from.his White House office at 6:30 p.m. EST Monday. The winds demolished buildings headline and news article of^ lldmg !"J '" a . "" « f *hal- June 18, that the headline on the to ™ g wmdmv . Eisenhower is reported annoyed. story "injunction Closes Track at the barrage of attacks on ' Far East mission by leac Democrats who have joined taj^ich"were 'pTrmiticd by "the! and h " near , J^rsonvillc, VI. blastmg his inability to visit riot- court as ox(;e ption in the tern- , In Pennsylvania the storm,: ridden Tokyo as a blow to Ameri-^ restraining order. The If 0 " 8 f noug ^ to *™ w a cai> ""' Two inslallment puyincnts remain due, in January of 1961 and 19e2 '. on /'*' ° ] a esment •ontirmed in aiuj v LIImiicuuii *^iuai:o 11 aui\ .-., _, ., ~ (•rtntii'i')ii' > ii in iMil Inr the levee- . his Unll , I-.K, 6 - ,, e]fl down attcnd nrai ' GIen « falls, N.Y., skipped' 1 "." m ., ,. . . . ; keep ~^^ '?.- TODAY'S CHUCKLE Parents spend the first part of a child's life getting him to walk and talk, and the rest of his childhood getting him to sit down and of luggage that had floated up on Determination in Algeria and a the beach. cease-fire. Among those listed aboard was 1 Newton B. Thompson, a native of Watervllle. Maine, an official of the American Electric Co. ; A spokesman for Real Airlines (said the passenger list carried ing George Pfistern, Janet S. Latter and H. V. Lee. The line could j not confirm their nationalities or give their addresses. i Thompson's wife told reporters' in Rio that her husband had been Inside Musis EDITORIAL . . . PAGE 4 SOCIAL PAGE 8 OBITUARY . . . PAGE 10 SPORTS PAGE 11 BADIO & TV . . PAGE 13 COMICS PAGE 18' CLAKSIUKU PAGE 15 Roanoke, Va., where the Virginia 'Republican convention is co"nv«i- ing. Republican Chairman Thruston B. Morton, on the eve of the Virginia convention, predicted Nixon's victory at the national convention in Chicago. , "1 don't think with the convention this close there is any chance of nominating anybody but Nixon," Morton said. "I think Gov. Rockefeller understands that." • Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of | New York-has said he would be available for a Republican draft. North Carolina Votes Ttoday In other political news, North Carolina voters pick the Democratic candidate for governor today. Democratic nomination is equivalent to election in North Carolina. The opponents are Terry Sanford, who supports the 'state's policy of token integration, and Dr. I. Beverly Lake, a staunch segregationist. In New York, Democratic State Chairman Michael H. Prendergast resigned Friday as a delegate to the national convention. This opened up a post for former Sen. Herbert H. Lehman. The Democratic State Committee had refused a post for Lehman, a leader of an insurgent group opposing Prendergast and National Committeeman Carmine DeSapio. A storm of protest followed toe actioh. In the face of it, Prendergast decided to make room for Lehman. side a green sedan parked in the can prestige. Eisenhower is have focused his contention that the visits he wasjon Sunday. June Hi. «» roof of % home, hopped around j headline, the petition charged, "''' llJU i ul <» uume ' u °W iea arouna understood tojwas "erroneous and mislead-!^ ™ ™£°^ "*"»«> scribed a cloudy runnel more than ,'500 feet wide touching down and line, the sedan ejxploded with a| ab i c to ma ke-the "PWlip P ines7'''The'petition'^lso\'haiKed thai Disappearing within minuti*. roar setting the President's vehi-1 Formosa and Korea - were it he crowd Sunday- was tar be- Heavy Itain. Hull Police to Cooperate in Statewide Traffic Alert keep quiet. Division of Christian! 1 " Be '° Horizonte on business. ~ Earlier reports had said the ; plane might be carrying several Brazilian congressmen who often i travel from Brasilia for weekends i in Rio. It was later learned that only one congressman — lose Gomes Talarico — had boarded the flight in Brasilia. Arriving ot Man, 73, Found Dead in Cabin on Island in River cle afire. Alton police will cooperate with superccded by Traffic Condition 1 Belo Horixonte IIP learned the. ."completely successful" in build--low exudation and resulted in The winds weiv accompanied by the Illinois traffic aleil programJRed. This is the signal for aH; plaJlf ' wfmlcl b( ' dfj|avf;d Interior Minister tuiz AugustOj j ng better relations with these (losses oi revenue to the dark rolling thunder, hail and heavy which begins .Sunday at midnight state, city and county law en- "I had to be in Rio early." he Dubuc blamed the attack on {countries, supporters of Venezuelan ex-President Marcos Perez Jimenez and "foreign enemies—concretely the (TnrjUlo) dictatorship of the Dominican Republic." Perez Jimenez declined to see reporters at his mansion in Miami Beach, Fla., where he is living in exile. Messages poured into the presidential palace from business leaders, labor chiefs and student groups condemning the assassination attempt and pledging support to Betancourt. operators rains which washed om some back'and will continue through mid- forcemtmt agencies to begin full-; told newsmen later. "I asked if 1 Ernest (Curley) Boesewetter, 73, was found dead Friday at Scotch Jimmy's (Piasa) Island, where he had gone last Tues- jday to spend several days at a j cabin owned by Mr. and Mrs. Homer Curvey of Alton. Death Auto Spun Around, Hits UtilityPole After Mishap country roads. In New England warnings closed businesses night Monday, July 1 | strength operations in a co-oper-1 could H'«nsfcr my ticket to the- storm Chiet John Heafncr said: "Alton ative effort to reduce the holiday' iUlolllL ' r airline leaving sooner. affic toll. I The airline said it could not make and police always cooperate with the sent thousands scurrying from state in its traffic program. The beaches. Alton department is always on ToVnadoes also lashed through, the alert for traffic problems, | Texas, slapping down farm build-j but lays particular stress in holi- 'ings near El Campo and near Ka-lday periods." traffic Condition Red will go into ef- tnf ' transfer. I bought another feet for a 78-hour period begin- ti< ' kel Ulld 1>m alive tonight." ning at 6 p.m. Friday and willj The airline said pilot Joao Bol- continue through midnight, Mon-jloc.- radioed the Santos Damont day, July 4. As is customary n«» ...t^sihsi* ,.,o . ,TI, - j^ .. . gle Lake ' 75 mlles s °utowest of Traffic Condition Yellow is the during Traffic Condition Red, Su- One automobile was spun; The byddall car was turned i Houston No injuries were report-j alert designed to remind motor- perintendent William H. Morris around and halted against a Completely around by the im-ted. Airport tower shortly before 6 p.m. He said he was approaching the landing field at 1,800 feet and °" e sion DATA AT THE DAM i a.m. temperature Yu. twtev VI'. High River stage below Precipitation dam at a sun. " ' low 60° 14.9. Pool 19.0. :M brs to 8 am None. ists ot cautious preparations they j of Illinois State Highway Police | was just over Paqueta a report shows and incur- Torrential rains broke a dry should make along with their ivg-iwill have his 1,200-man force in j Then the radio went dead n s _ m_.... _..., •' to the : ular Ijpliday planning to assure a i full deployment—"to help the mo-: safe and sane trip over the Inde- torist, not to harass him." miles. pendence Day weekend. The yel-' The Illinois Division of iligh- alert will continue until 6 ways, through its chiet IslanJ. apparently was due to a heart fatal attack in his sleep. arrival at the cabin they found the screen door lad lied and they removed the hinges from the door and gained entry. They round the body of Mr. on a bed where he had apparently suffered Ihe seizure suffered in his sleep, Deputy Coroner Thomas Burke, who investigated the death, said. Curvey, accompanied by his wife, went to the island after they learned from another cabin owner that Boesewetler had not been seen since Wednesday evening. Curvey told Burke that upon streets at 5:30 p.m. Friday. Early in the afternoon police Cedar Creek Tex 18 Cars in the mishap, according booked a minor collision at K. southeast of Austin, measured a23 low- Cool Spell Continues as Temperature Drops to 67 dan driven by Richard Foster, sedans driven respectively by 25, of 6 Charles Lane, Brighton. JoAnn Streeb of Rt. 3. Staunton, and a sedan driven by Gerald and b\ John Sdiildroth of ;>lo Syddall 19, of 510 l.ampert St. Marsh Ave. Friday morning, police tpok a report of damage to a door of a car of Cody Cochran of 1401 - — ........... ----- ..— .-.. P-m. Friday, when it will Main St. which Illinoisans* Tax Suit Must Be Heard in«MisM>uri Capital be R» 11. Bartlesmcytr. ha* ed all contractors on patching, widening and resurfacing jobs, to plan their work so that there will Police Receive Reports of Two liu'idents of Dog Bites I u, be no open holes in the pavement, ,,nestimated by ^1^ Friday | tu no trenches for pavement widen-, t .venin«. Through a report of bite incidents were i p.m. alter tirst taking the child 1. . _ . 1 : »•> . • _l . . ' St. Joseph's Hospital for the A U -S. Hubert Wood of'.'41 W. 19lh learned that Robert Another cool morning was recorded in the Alton area for the first week of summer as the mercury dropped to 67 degrees at w»s a great deal cooler tha0 JujM 25 of 1856. A low of 75 defrees was recorded tor that date last year and a bjgb of 91 ing and no barricades on travel lanes during tin- Fourth of f ;t. police was received A suit by Altonians and other ji.ih-iion to prevent Missouri- July week end i.Schildroth. 5. had been bitten immfirtiatc.iv norti, n i JH *5f tot Illinoisans challenging the col- U(1J)J abbeB8jng delinquent taxes Baiile^neyer |*.inteU out that on his thigh by a stray dog immediately north ot the Fown-nation of Missouri income taxes \ af , A ...„_.,*,«.„„...._. . ^'Illinois accident records show which later <*•** caught. Police tliat the death toll is usually; directed that the dog be kept ,ueatment oj a dog bite wound. . . , ship off ice at Broadway and Al- from non-residente who work • non-iesi- He said the child had been bitten while visiting at the home of his grandmother on Marsh avenue. Police said they investigated, traced ownership of the After consulting with Coroner Dr. W. W. Billings, Burke had the body moved from the island by boat. Mr. Boesewetter, who resided at LaSalle Hotel, made frequent visits to the Curvey cabin, and had been taken to the Island last Tuesday 'by Mr. and Mrs. Curvey. previously he had been there at intervals of several weeks and was widely acquainted among persons having cabins on the island. .He had resided in Alton tor the past 40 years and was a retired painter. He was a life member of Painters Local- 471 Born in St. Louis. July 21. 1886, he resided there until coming to Alton. He was a veteran of _ _______ ^ ........ ...... ^ ...... ^ degrees. ;by. According to the report, ! in the state must be heard in dL ' nb> and lo P' -ev ent their civil , heaviest un the first day of a hoi'- 'penned up and under" observa-| d °e. and ordei'ed it restrained After a ^ray. overcast cloud>jMrs. Dorothy B>ussee of 1904J j t tf e rson City, Mo. -=-----• — - - .. • ...... day Friday, the sun popped out in ! Main St. found brakes on her; This was the decision ot _ . _ ___________________ . _______ ______ ....... „... the late afternoon and removed , sedan were failing to hold as she ||.cineJ ot three federal district fendjmi in the suit. Missouri year, i- wen though the holiday fell,' lit ceiiai/i the stray is tree "ol Starting next .Monday, it •or criminal prosecution. jy av and tn;it v 0 pt ,", 50n . s lostiiion. , ls 'the dog control ordi-j fo1 an observation period The judges noted that the de-!their ij V es over the Fourth last; nance provides, so that it might; required by ordinance. threats of rain Weather foi t 'drove south on Alby hill towards • judges in St. Louis, Friday. s'tite tinance direetur Milton F. on a Saturday. "Everything must j rabie indicatt i Broadway, and turned into the i The suit was filed by a group Carpentet reside in Jel'tei- be done," he said, "to ivduceiSt Joseph's Hospital tor emer- is cloudy and warmer for Alton over ! driveway to the parking area, jot Alton area and other lUinoi's the weekend with the possibility of scattered showers through the southern half of the state Sunday Her car halted there but rolled backwards to bump the parked Cothran car. resident* and contends that the uix is unconstitutional as applied to them It also asked aa fan. City and ha.s <jtfice.- there, i hazards on construction and main- The district txmrt at Kansas • teuancc jobs in order to reduce City svill assign a judge to congestion and provide safer con- he ir the case ditions during the week end." The boy was taken to; proposed that the dog bite complaints booked by the police will be referred to the dog warden foi- investigation and any appropriate action under the dog treatment. Roy Cletis Skinner ol U1S E. 4th St. brought his son, Roy fr X to the police desk at 6:20 code. War 1, with overseas duty and was a member of Veterans oi Foreign Wars Post. Surviving are two brothers Lloyd of Alton, and G«orge ot St. Louis, and a uephew, David Coleman, Alton. The body i» at Burke Fua«raJ Home where rites will b* conducted Monday at 9:90 ».m Burial will be la N»w Plckei Cemetery, St. LflMis. >rl»od. may c«U at thy fttMQti toonu after 1 p.m.

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