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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York • 5

The Buffalo Newsi
Buffalo, New York
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Local News 5 Buffalo Evening Wednesday July 8 1912 Deferment Sought For Socialist Candidate 1 jpr' 4 S' DETERMINED TO DESTROY BUND WILL TRY 29 SOON I TO ARRAIGN BUFFALO BUNDSMEN AS DRAFT VIOLATORS Karl Wendlandt and Karl A Bachmann Get Hearing Before Commissioner Chicago Told to Quiet Down To Let Sirens Be Heard CHICAGO July m-Chl-cagoana were advised Tuesday to pipe down for the duration The counsel came from Dr IL A Leedy of the Armour Research Foundation and the Greater Chicago Noise Reducllrn Council He found that the average noise In the city ranged from 43 to 79 decibels and figured that If It could be reduced only five dec! be la the effective area of airraid sirens would be doubled any punishment of service station operators or garagrs who disobey gasoline ration rules Vss ejt Nr ii imiiemm Finally those who think there should be punishment suggested that dealers have their licenses revoked or be fined Three Guesses "Darling what do you think of my new gownf" "I think Just what the neighbors will think when they see Prosecutor Charges Nazi Group Kept Up Secret Ac tivities After Pearl Harbor AS BOOTLEGGING UNDER WAY IN GALLUP VOTERS SAY I GEORGE GALLUP txnrter tf is Iemw liuttHti mMw Kf-Mua PRINCETON July With nation-wide gasoline rationing reported as a certainty one problem that will raise Its ugly head Is the problem of bootlegging and Illicit Mltie i A substantial number of persona Interviewed by the American Institute of Public Opinion this week throughout the rationed states claim they have personal knowledge of violations of ration rules by service stations or garsges Voters in the rationed states were first asked: "Without giving any names have you heard of any cases where service stations or garages sell gasoline to customers without punching the full amount on ration cards The results are: Vm 04 in 1 1 in miiMetm ii Respondents were next asked: "Do you think there should be SHOP TILL I TOMORROW NIGHT -I a fa'- White Fashion Shoes! Hat Bonnet'1 NEW YORK July (UP)v- The Government determined to math the German-Amerlcan Bund moved awlftly today to bring to trial 29 of lla leaden on charge of eonapirlng to defeat the pur-poaea of Selective Service and violate the Allen Reglatratlon Act All 29 Indicted by a New York federal grand Jury were In rua-j tody The loot arrested waa Wll bur Keegan of Teaneck attorney for the bund since 194U He was arrmted Tuesday night at a Hartford hotel and held for arraignment Nine pleaded Innocent late Tuesday before Federal Judge George Sweeney He set their trial for July 28 and ordered them held on ball ranging from 110000 1 to 123000 Three more were ar- ralgned In Newark before the United States commissioner Their ball was set at (10000 each and they signed waivers of removal to New York for trial Only Pretended to Dissolve "We Intend to put the Bund out of business" United 8tates Attor- ney Mathias Correa announced He charged that the Bund pre tending to dissolve itself after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had carMed on its work In the guise of athletle associations and singing societies fostering and even enforcing loyally to the Ger-man fatherland Mr Correa said a total of 57 Bund leaders and members were Involved In the Indictments or In denaturalisation proceedings filed by United States attorneys and that he would continue to Inves-: tigate the Bund One of those 1 whose American dtixenshlp faces cancellation Is Frits Kuhn for- mer Bund leader now In prison for pilfering Bund funds Twenty-six of the defendants were accused of drawing up "Bun-s "commands" to Bund members to evade the draft One i such drawn up In October 1940 at New York head-quarters advised bundsmen: Issue of Repression "Supposing that the ease should arise everyone who can take It upon himself will therefore refuse to do military service until this law i and all other laws of the country or the states which restrict the citizenship rights of Bund mem-: hers are repealed "Wo shall fight this issue of re-I pression out as a test Twenty-nine defendants Indud- fng all named In the first Indlct-i ment were Included In the second I which charged conspiracy to evade I the Allen Registration Act -j Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze a Bund Chieftain arrested recently In Mex-t I co and returned to this country Monday was Involved In the fed- eral proceedings i Denaturalization proceed lngs were Instituted against Kuhn and Kunze was charged with I evasion of the Selective Service Act a charge upon which he was held on (50X100 bail Tuesday Kunze pleaded Innocent when arraigned and was expected to be taken to Hartford to answer a fed eral charge of violation of the 1917 Espionage Act Reach Into Many States The Indictments strike at lead-t era In New York New Jersey Penn- aylvanla Illinois Minnesota Indl ana Washington State and Call-fornla Among those named In both Indictments wen: August Klapprott leader of the Bund's eastern department and William Luedtke of Saddle River Township secretary of the Bund Others indicted on both counts wen: Dr Otto WlUumelt head of the Chicago division of the Bund now awaiting sentence in Hartford on his plea of guilty to espionage conspiracy and Herman Schwinn Practically our entire stock of white high colors and wheat linene shoes reduced with weeks and weeks of summer atill to go Our famous exclusive make a large selection but of course not every style in every siie with coolness 198 Two German-born Buffakmlans high-ranking officials of the Ger-man-American Bund faced arraignment today before United States Commissioner Boyce 1L But terfleld on charges of violating the Selective Service Act after their arrest here Tuesday afternoon by the The men are Karl Richard Wend latidf 26 of Lil Crape at organiser and head of the Jungenschaft the youth organisation of the Bund and unit leader of the Bund here since 1940 and Kart Alexander Bachmann 3L of 440 Franklin at member of the Bund's police organisation the Ordnungs-dlensf and former leader of the Bund In Albany Among 26 Indicted The prisoners are among 26 named In Federal Court Indict menta in New York charging conspiracy to violate provisions of the Selective Service Act by reading Bund orders and commands to members of Bund units on means of evading military service under the Selective Service Act The violation carried a maximum penalty of five years Special Agent Kenneth Piper head of the Buffalo office said both men were employed in non-defense plants here Wendlandt he said was born In Pappen-helm Bavaria came to this coun try first In 1928 returned to Germany In 1938 for two years at the came to Buffalo In 1937 He Is single Came Here on Dee Bachmann he said was born In Lubeek came to the United States In 1928 He had headed the Albany Bund unit from 1937 until the day the United Slateentered the war Dec 8 1941 when he came to Buffalo He has been working here Mr Piper said as a roofing Inspector He is married and has a child "Wendlandt has been very active In Bund activities" Mr Piper said "He has addressed Bund meetings all over the United States He has made speeches at the Nordlund camp In New Jersey and last August appeared on the same program at the Chicago convention with Wilhelm Kunze national head of the UPPER AGE LIMIT FOR SOME JOBS LOWERED BY Maximum age limits have been dropped by the United States Civil Service Commission for applicants for many federal agency war-work Jobs Including personnel officers public-health and graduate nurses and operators of calculating marines and tabulating equipment the commission announced today in a call for workers Personnel-officer and assistant Jobs at salaries ranging from (6500 to (2600 will be filled based on at least six year experience with no written testa required Tabulating-equipment operators more than 18 years old are sought from (1620 to (2000 with no written testa required Registered nurses with appropriate nursing education and experience will be eligible to apply for public-health nursing posts hi the Indian Service including Alaska and the 8 Public Health Service The hlgh-school graduation requirement has been dropped Full Information may be had at Room 208 Postoffice Building to Veer Order Call CL 5000 A pretty frame for your tanned face Hit fabricated atraw bonnet crisp and romantic looking in white or beige And it takea just as happily to casual suite as sheer prints Hat Bar Hcngerer's Street Floor Topnotcher shoes originslly 695 495 Ds Liso Debs originally B9S to 1095 -(95 Andrew Geller originally 1195 and 12 95 095 Shoe Shop Hcngerer's Second Floor ft I COLEMAN CHENEY NEW YORK July K-The New York Socialist Party has asked temporary deferment from military service of Coleman Cheney its candidate for governor grounds of public Interest and democracy In Mr Cheney a Saratoga Springs college professor 42 and unmarried has been classified 1-A and Is to appear before a Saratoga Springs board Friday for a final physical examination The ruling on the party's application made to National Selective Service Director Lewis Hershey may affect many political careers (AP picture) Interned leader of the Bund's western district Another national leader Hugo Richard Steimle interned national youth leader was Indicted only on the Selective Service charge Others described as unit leaden and Indicted on both counts except where noted were: Otto Fentske 48 Max Rapp Hugo Weiss Bruno Clemens Knupfer William Kunz John August Grill Walter Borchen and Carl Bregler all of New York City Karl A Bachmann New York City Two Are Prom Buffalo Kart A Bachmann of Buffalo former leader of the Albany unit and Karl Richard Wendlandt 26 Buffalo leader of the youth movement Louis Schatz Troy and Ernst Martin Christoph Summit Also John Fitting Union City Ferdinand Callsen South Bend Josef Belohlavek Cleveland Carl Frederick Berg Minneapolis Walter Schnelier Jr Erie Joseph Bachmaler also of Erie Herman Agne Philadelphia who was indicted only on the Selectlce Service charge William Ottersbaeh Seattle and Hans Diebel Loa An geles indicted only on the Selec-Uce Service count Others named in the denaturalization proceedings were Qusian Elmer of New York Herbert Otto Finders Scarsdale Conrad Koeh ler Ernst Sotzek Henry von Holf Erich Ewald Flttkau Alfonso Ram-bach er Urban Kugler Mrs Lucy Baltrusch Christian Audi Werner Ulrich Ernst Glas Karl Bolt-rauch Martin Heinrich Paul Hen-zenMfer Kurt Sassenhagen John Older Frans Xavier Schnelier all of New York Others Named Also Herman Hoefllch Nan-uet Gott'Hlef Faigle Yonkers Richard Schmidt and his son Ed' ward both of Poughkeepsie Justice Hommel White Plains Leo Cyler New City and William Heller of Poughkeepsie The Indictments revealed another command advising Bund members not to mention their connection with the Nazi organization when complying with alien-registration requirements Attorney General Francis Biddle described the Indictment as "simply another phase of the Intensified campaign against actual or potential saboteurs of the American war "This is war" he said In a statement we will fight with every weapon at our Hauptmann Adviser Men Arrested Among ALBANY July 8 (UP) The spiritual adviser of Bruno Richard Hauptmann kidnaper of the Lindbergh baby waa ona of two Ger-man-American Bund leaders captured In Upetate New York Tuesday by the on chargee of violating the Selective Service Act They wen Louia Schatz alias Ludwig Schatz 42 of Troy and John Sitting 58 of Unkm City Schatz described aa the organizer of the Troy unit of the Bund was said by the to have been employed formerly by the Navy Department In Waehington and a war plant in Troy Fitting waa said to be a Lutheran minister and of the spiritual adviser of Bruno Richard Hauptmann the kidnaper of the Lind-berg baby" More recently he was an insurance salesman In 1934 Fitting became affiliated with the Friends of New Germany and In 1936 he became a member of the German-American Bund of Hudson County In 1938 he was made deputy unit leader and in 1939 the unit leader Schatz waa arrested by agents on Feb 22 charged with knowingly and willfully having In hia possession and control certain papers designated and Intended for use In violation of penal statutes of the United States of the Registration-Act of 194a in aid of the German Government He la presently out on (3000 bail 'awaiting trial Selectivfe Service Is Not Essential Says Tire Board BOISE Ida July (UP)-The county tire-rationing board rejected Tuesday an application by Lieut COL Norman Adklson of the Idaho Selective Service staff for two new tires for his automobile "I mind so CoL Adklson said "but they claimed it had not been established that selective service la engaged In activity essential to the war effort" You SERVE when you CONSERVE! 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