The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1896
Page 5
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fw*p5p^?^pw^™™ f?y*i*3 *J^ ,/,***,?'" ,f ' THE IOWA, TOME MESDAY, APRIL 29, 1896. a Certain friendliness about, an * * * suit that wins your good will before you've worn it twenty- four hours. It seems to be just your style. 1 hat s because it is made of good cloth, well put together, and, like a true friend, you can trust it at every turn. New England Clothing House, Algona, Iowa. Ask for Chase & Sanborn's Tea and have no other. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J.J.RYAN, Office over the postofflce, Algona, la. (First mortgages MONET TO LOAN ON X 2nd mortgages, (Collateral. GEO. C. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BHUNSON. MONEY TO LOAN! _Ou improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. •••'-TiJrAv'^v' nV, J Second Mortgages and MONEY on } Town Property, by HAY£ RICE. BRIEF LOCAL MENTION, Some heavy rains have fallen this week. Dr. Peters was a visitor in Algona Sunday. A. L. Bist's dental office will be closed next week. Algona Residence Lots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size except the "too small," unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10,11,12, 13 to 14 rods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to build soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots. J. E. STACY. Try our brick cheese at Grove & Son. BEEAKING. We have a few pieces of land we can lease for five years with privilege of breaking. A. D. CLARKE & Co. 31-32 Chase & Sanborn were awarded the contract to furnish coffee for the Wellington Catering Co. during the world's fair after testing all other brands. WATER MILL FLOUR. "SnowQueen" (Fancy Patent), 90c per sack. " Family Favorite " (Straight), 85c per sack. "Bock Bottom" (Baker's Patent) 65o per sack. , Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 55 cents Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent' on any foreign country for bread. JONES & STACY. Everybody smokes Sportraan's Game cigars because it is the best 5-cent cig^ ar in town. * Lessons in oil painting and pastel. -^MBS, GOOPNEB, North Dodge St. For a brand of tea that will run the same the year around try any of Chase & Sariborn 's. Bemember we have the only line of birth-day spoons in the city.— DING* & PU.GH. '• In ^ GefcOrr'g prices on your job of-palpi- *- ing More rou i$ it,,. ,ifc wjll,h<$o yowp infnraat: —81,39 • -' . Walker Bros, now have a full Hne of Chase and Sanborn's tea as well as their coffees. Lessons in oil painting and pastel, —MRS. GOODN^R, Jforth Podge St. Another lot of shoes will be placed on sale Saturday by BrowneU & Allred at50cand81,00. it will pay .you to go and see them. C»pt, Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego, Gal, says;' ; Sbiloli's CataiTli Remedy is,the first medi.ciue I have ever found that would do me any good." Price 50c. 3 Sold by Fraulr JPingley. • Salt by the barrels at M- 1- Grove $ Spa's, ' ^_^___^_^ jjvaporajtiMj goose beyrtes at Groje » I sup Ron's. • ' *™ Wm. K. Ferguson has a few choice fancy seed potatoes for sale. A license to wed has been issued to Hellrich and Lena Franzen. Col. Cooke has bought another farm, that of .old Mr. Holden, east of Burt. Representative Sam Mayne and wife spent Sunday with friends in Algona. McGregor's ad in the REPUBLICAN this week speaks words of hope to the poor. . Mr. and Mrs. Stuclley are entertaining a sister of Mrs. Studley for a short time. Mrs. Pr. Glasier goes tomorrow to visit her old home at Richland Center, Wisconsin. McGregor received a carload of furniture from the factory unexpectedly Monday morning. It is estimated that there are as many as 265 dogs, in Algona at present. .Poor doomed pups. The democratic 'cotinty! 'convention is to be held in Algona May 13th, two weeks from today t Mr. and Mrs. "Mel" Rooney, of Irvington, are being congratulated on the birth of a son, Sunday. People who adore good music should go in and enjoy the inspiring strains from Purdall's music box. The school election will be an important special order for Monday next. It will run from 12 m. to 7 p. m. J. H. McNall is planning to put down some asphalt walk on his residence grounds. It will be the first in the city. Invited guests will celebrate the golden wedding of Pr. and Mrs. M. H. Hudson to-morrow afternoon and evening. J. H. McNall has the foundation laid for his blacksmith shop across the street, east of the Seastrom building, and. he will soon move. The Iowa College Glee Club of twenty voices and the Amphion orchestra of twenty-five pieces gave a concert at Marshalltown last night at the Odeon. The abundant rains which have already come upon the earth this spring assure us that the great forces of nature are permanent. Nature is all right.. Letters are advertised for Albert Bartlett, Wm. H. Bell, Miss Cassie Puncan, Miss Ida Melloe, L. P. Miller, Lusie Owens, W. J. Sheldon, J, C. Towne. B, W. Haggard's office is adorned with a mounted hawk which is perhaps the largest ever seen in this section. It was shot by Melzar Haggard a couple of week's ago a short distance north or Algona. G. A. Brunson and A. E. Paugherty have purchased the Welch drug store at Livermore, taking possession last week. Mr. Brunson's wife will, join him as soon as be can get a suitable house, A petition has been circulated by Mr- Horberg asking of the council the opening of Minnesota street between North and Lucas Jt is strange that this has been neglected so long. It ought to be opened. Mr. Brownell is one of the most fortunate customers of the Mason City fake boom print. HepawUo a°<yft n Pe aofl a,s a sppcia^ ye w#ra the pinittei to' <gtve his. .write/ man', tnathRrownell. Mr. Lund's sale, last Thursday, , ed a large crowd, mostly of buyers, and the stock sold brought a fairly good price. Mr-Lund's object was merely to decrease his herd. He will continue the milk business as heretofore. Company P was up for annual inspection at the court house Thursday evening, the inspecting officer being Col. HWT WiJWns. He was much please4 by the proficiency shown ana gave the company a merit marking of 9o Archie Hutchison is very busy planting trees and building on the Barslpu farm near Burt. He has already plaj^ ted one hundred elms, making a row qn both si4es of the road which yonj through his place, and two hundred bard maples in his grove- He has mm supplied all vacant spaces w ms §ra wttbl new *—" J. P. Burns, who has quit Poxsee's hardware and is running a plumbing and tinning shop of his own, says he is getting more work than he can do. He is a good workman. Mayor Haggard has just finished grading his lawn and has put in sortie evergreen trees. Florist Fohlin superintended the work and the property is greatly improved in appearance. Purdall says Saturday Was his big-* gest day in Algona. He had a tremendous patronage, He had a tremendous patronage. He thinks he made the greatest record in clothing that has been made since Algona was a town. Mrs. Emily Ruth Carpenter, of Chicago, will give an art talk at Memorial hall Saturday at 3:30 p. m. The lecture is under the auspices of the Worn* an's Library Aid Society and will be sometkingnotto be missed. An admission fee of 25 cents will be asked. G. II. Ohnstedt, of the Algona foundry, received a telegram Wednesday evening from Oak Grove, Wisconsin, that his father was dead. He left on the evening train to attend the funeral and help straighten up his business matters. The republican state convention having been called for July 15th, County Chairman B. F. Grose says the county convention to choose state congressional and judicial delegates will come July 10, and the county nominating conveii j tion will be Sept. 11. An article from Wallace's Farmer on hail insurance appears in another column. Enthusiasm for the Hail Mutual among those who have been insured in it is a very strong recommendation for the company. Geo. S. Angus, ot Burt, represents this company in Kossuth. Algona was overflowing with tramps last week, and Marshal Horan put a number of them in duress and gave them work on the streets. It looked rather hard to see these tramps at work with ball and chain ornaments, and nearly every man and boy standing by watching them. Wilfrid Jones tells a tale of the McCormick binder this week, and says anyone wishing to investigate its merits will be given a book describing its perfection in any language by calling at the Wigwam. The Wigwam has a reputation for selling the best of everything in machinery. . An indication of the early spring of 1896 is the fact that plum trees are in full bloom, and crab apple trees are showing their color. Everything is blooming early except the new woman with her bloomers. Poor old unfra- grant new woman. She has gone*to meet the pup without a tag. The school board have removed the row of maples immediately in front of the school building and have planted a row of elms outside the walk on the south side. All dead trees have been replaced with new, andthe rejuvenated appearance of the grounds evinces a praiseworthy degree of interest on the part of the board. , Pr. Armstrong's condition has been serious for some time, and is so now. He seems to Iwe considerable strength yet, however, and Monday, when he was visited by Prs. Garfield and Kene- iickat his Irvington home, he was about his house and yard. His trouble, is mainly a nervous affection, ard he has been delirious much of the time. Mr. Huey reports that the clay that he burned last week proved to be practically free from lime, and adapted to the manufacture of firstclass tile. The land, however, turns out not to be on the market, and clay from another locality is being tested this week. The experiments so far made have set at rest the doubts entertained with regard to our not having good tile clay. There is a great deal of tree planting going on. The people have lost many trees by reason of drouth during the past few seasons, and a large lot of evergreens have sent in death notices this spring, but the people have not been driven' from planting, and it is well. We may not unlikely have a number of seasons now specially favorable to tree growth. Accepting and acting upon a suggestion made by the REPUBLICAN several weeks since, the Courier has made arrangements for issuing in pamphlet form the thrilling story of "Capture and Escape," from the pens of Gen. Kellogg and Col. Spencer, which has been running in its columns for some months. The story 'will be ready for publication in the new and permanent form as soon as the Courier's publication is completed. The special election to be held next Monday to vote on the proposition to issue bonds for the building of a school house has called forth very little debate so far- There-has been but little opposition to it, and the almost universal sentiment as expressed so far is favorable. With the situation as it is, with the main building already overcrowded, no way out, other than by the erection of a new building, seems to suggest itself, What is in store for the Algona city council who passed the dog ordinance may be judged from the results of a lesser provocation at Fort Podge, where an exasperated citizen appeared in the council chamber at a recent session and pulled bis six shooter on the city fathers, demanding the repeal. of a sewer tax. It was a fortunate thing jp the Fort Podge case that there was a man handy by to make prompt application of muscular, suasion, anfl the council has so far not lost a, man, « The petit jurpfs fpr t^eMa'y t£rms_t° man, I. Rameri &' .'M££6t&cy,-Hi>nry Haines; C. H- Walker, W Brooks, M. B. Burgess, Geo, Pevnie, John G. Bouranell, Robt. Lane, W. S. Potter, C. C. Punn, F. C. Boeyers, Soren Jenson, John Jones, Andrew Gamber, John Wummer, Nels Johnson, J. \V, Newell, Fred Bradey, Cbas. L- Robinson, C. J. Sbaeffer,p.Parone, J. W. Geist. Cbas, Lee, Jos. Steil, Jr., A. S. White, Jacob Goddertz,, Lewis Os- treicber- The special election comes next Monday, May 4. It is merely a coincidence that it is the birthday anniversary of Horace Mann, the distinguished e.du- pator, who did pore for hunaan benefit than many large and expensive armies. He was a great pioneer in education, lad, those who have performed the great bujcdeo of the worl? be began have Km ippstly foJlQweys, Nobody can now .do, any such -far re&eblflg &ery '" ibbjit ii n^e^BPWWlPgiye J&TOS^ ^rV'Vj'* ""•«•"• *•'*''/„«'//,>^'"v/;i» ,»/,'''••!„-s • .«£•; '"'''I,'!',,;'!" ••."'<!* "•/;;"•"'•''•'.",' *,/••'' .."A'-",";;',: THE ONLY RIGHT HAND CUT BINDER MADE. ABSOLUTELY THE LIGHTEST DRAFT BINDER ON EARTH-. CALL AND SEE SAMPLE AT Wigwam*- If you think of buying a binder this year send me a postal card with your name and postoffice plainly written on it, and I will mail you one of the new catalogues printed in any language you may desire. ....Wilfrid P, Jones, Agent, great educational movement the means and opportunity for natural development and expansion. That is what the new school house is to be for. The tramp nuisance has been an important problem with the city officials during the past week. Marshal Horan and night police Hunter have arrested eleven tramps and vagrants and they have been the guests of the city for several days. Maycfr Haggard's ;policy is to make them pay their board tty working on the streets and he sentenced them to ten days labor for the city. The idea is a good one and if carried out, as it undoubtedly will be, Algona will soon have a reputation among the "Wandering Willies" that will make them give the town a wide berth. The Algona State Bank people were very much surprised, Thursday morning, to find a big section of one of the southeast corner windows in.the second st'drylying on the sidewalk and scattered in the street in little pieces. They were much perplexed at first to explain the accident, but the strong wind of the night previous was shouldered with the responsibility. It had access through open transoms and had full swing through several rooms. The glass was firmly bedded in the sash, but is supposed that the stick in the curtain of a near window did the pounding that shattered it. There was not the smallest piece of glass to be found in the Deposit £ Loan rooms. At the meeting of James C. Taylor Post, G. A. B., last Wednesday evening, the matter of Dr. McCoy's dismissal from the Algona pension examining board was brought up and a resolution was introduced by County Attorney Baymond and passed by unanimous vote, expressing confidence in the Doctor as a man and as a member of the examining board. Dr. Sheetz made a speech in which he told of his long association with Dr. McCoy on the board and testified to his uniformly fair and conscientious treatment of all applicants for examination. A mem- .ber of the post expressed what is probably a very prevalent feeling when he said he should regard a dismissal coming from the present management of the pension bureau at Washington an honor rather than as a disgrace. The action of the Algona post, coming with unanimity and spontaneous good will which characterized its passage, can but be gratifying to Dr, McCoy. I was nervous!, tired, irritable and cross, Karl's Clover Root Tea has made me well and happy.— Mrs. E. B, Worden, 3 Sold by Frank Dlngley. _ The Mason City boom paper has at last been distributed over the county, and if outside comment corresponds with what is heard in Algona it has made anything but a pleasing impres' sion, Either of the Algona printing offices could have turned out; a more valuable and more creditable paper, one containing fewer mistakes, . One of the first things to attract attention is the heading, the feature of which is a huge ear ot corn, extending clear across the page, in the shade of which maybe seen a large farm house, and a drove each of hogs, cattle and horses, with unoccupied space sufficient tor accommodate several carloads more. Generally spewing, the wprjs; to a notch, and numej»«s errors appear to vex the pat^ ronsrrhe write-up is a dismal failure and is not adapted to attract settlers. An intelligent treatment, by some one conversant with the resources of the country, would have done good, but this paper makes a bad impression ev erywnere and we think those who have put their money into it would like to have the edition suppressed. Word comes now that the photographer and the solicitors are calling in vain for thejrpay- These things are somewhat disgustingj of course, and disappoint' ing to such as have never before pat- roni»ed outside advertising schemes and have not learned that they are all, without eseeption, failures if not HERE WE ARE WITH A Carload f Furniture Fresh the from factory ........ The Latest Styles! Fine Goods! Low Prices! JUST LISTEN-- We can furnish youa^ood, m 1 well made, three-piece chamber suit, German bevel plate ^ | ^ QO , glass, at the low price of , THREE-PIECE CHAVAL SUIT — lTx36 Cfc 1 R QQ German binel plate glass...... ....... .•••••• ........ ••••• ,<P 1 V-J» Come and See Our New Goods,,,. A. D. MCGREGOR. Not How Cheap, but How Good" Is the Principle Applied to • . Our Specialties! WHITE PEAR FLOUR. DIAMOND BRAND COFFEE. BATAYIA PRESERYED FRUITS. LION AND GOLDEN CANNED GOODS, PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR AND YERMONT MAPLE SYRUP. .„ above Goods are*ihe*B]EST ON THE MARKET and guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded* PATTERSON & SON, L!me, Stucco, Cement, Carpet Felt and Bid'g Paper. attention given to bills. Don't fail to get our ligures if you think of building. Screen Do'rs and Wlndo's Sash, , Doors, and Mouldings. F. S, NORTON, Algona, la. __^ Consumption can be cured by the use of 80 mWSw. This mat Cough Cure is the ,o»ly known remedy tor that terrible * ilou will need Summer Footwear Oxfords, Low 8hoes 3 Tan Shoes, soft and cool. 411 £m<Js of at

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