Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 29, 1973 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1973
Page 7
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Dear Abby ESTHERV1LLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 29,, 1973 Page 7 No Hand Holding Until A Doctor's At Hand By Abigail Van Buren C 1W1 kr C»MM> TrtMM-N. Y. Mn SfM.. IK. DEAR ABBY: I have never seen a problem like mine In your column. I am a 15-year-old girl and I never let a boy hold my hand because I have ugly warts on my fingers and I am so ashamed of them. My family can't afford to send me to a doctor to have them removed and I have tried every kind of compound and even rubbing potato on them, but they don't go away. Please help me. LOVE FKOM FT. MYERS, FLA. DEAR LOVE: Ask your school nurse if there is a free clinic In your area. Some doctors donate their services, and perhaps one would agree to remove your warts and solve your problem. [P. S. Write to tell me if you have any luek.] DEAR ABBY: I am a blind and partially paralyzed veteran who has been home from Viet Nam since 1968, and one of my biggest pleasures was listening to you on CBS radio. It was only about five minutes a day, but I never missed it, and it sure cheered me up. Lately 1 can't find it. Did they take you off or what? DISAPPOINTED IN N.Y. DEAR DISAPPOINTED: No! I am still on CBS radio tlx days a week, but they changed the time of my program all over the U. S. Telephone your local CBS radio station and ask them what time Dear Abby is now on. And God blest! DEAR ABBY: Years ago when one received an R. S. V. P. invitation to a wedding, no response was taken to mean the answer was negative. Who changed all that? About a month ago, I received a wedding invitation from out of state. The groom is my cousin, and I never met the bride. Well, I didn't respond one way or the other because I had no intentions of going. Yesterday, I received a very formal-type letter from the bride asking to please let her know at my "earliest convenience" whether I am coming or not! Several other members of my family received the identical letter. We all think this is very peculiar to get such a letter from a total stranger. Have things changed? ANONYMOUS DEAR ANONYMOUS: Nothing has changed. All R. S. V. P. Invitations should be acknowledged promptly with either an acceptance or a decline. [Wherever did you get the Idea that to Ignore an invitation was to decline It?] DEAR ABBY: I never thought I'd be writing a letter to Dear Abby, but maybe if I put this down on paper it will strengthen my resolve. A woman who objected to dirty jokes wrote and asked you what to do when someone told one in her presence, and I think your answer to her was so good, I am cutting it out and taping it up on my mirror where I will see it often. You said: "Don't permit ANYTHING which offends you to be said in your presence without challenging it. Silence implies tacit approval. Respectable people will respect you, and don't worry about what the others think." Never again, I hope, will I sit in my white, suburban living room politely acquiescing to statements like these: "I'd like to sell my house to a Negro family, but I'm afraid of what the neighbors will say." "What else can you expect of him? Look at the family he comes from!" "All Jews are alike." "All the Irish are big drinkers." "Don't ever trust an Italian." The list could go on and on. If you don't mind my taking your answer out of context in this instance, sign me. . . . ABBY FAN IN ROCHESTER, N.Y. DEAR FAN: Be my guest. The principle is the same. DEAR ABBY: I have an explanation for your male reader who said women knit in company to give them something to think about while they're talking. I learned to knit to give myself something to think about while my husband was talking, which he did incessantly. MEG FROM MINONK DEAR MEG: Touchc. You're great with the needle! DEAR ABBY: I read your "Confidential to Feeling Guilty," who apparently found a lost pet and didn't advertise to find its. owner. You said if a person finds a lost pet and doesn't make every effort to locate its owner, it's as bad as stealing it, or words to that effect. Well, I disagree! I love animals, and whenever I'd find a lost pet, I used to advertise for its owner, but no more! Pet owners who let their pets roam around might enjoy having a pet, but they don't really love them. Why should I spend my good money advertising to find an owner when nine out of ten times the pet is left to roam and gets lost again? JENNIE IN COLUMBUS DEAR JENNIE: If you love animals, you know the heartbreak felt by one who has lost a pet. To some, It's almost as traumatic as losing a child. Even the most loved and cared for pets sometimes get "lost." CONFIDENTIAL TO LINDA OF MASS.: Your mother was right. If you have someone else's husband, you have someone else's troubles. 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