Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on August 2, 1957 · Page 15
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 15

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1957
Page 15
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Describes Various It's a Sound Idea to Insulate Your Home Against Noise fcy MR. FIX Distributed by NEA Service The average homeowner or apartment dweller is just a child's shriek away from bedlam. Traffic, children playing, planes overhead and other unavoidable noises flow with ease into dwellings. Short of inheriting enough money to live in splendid isolation, you'll have to resort to more practical ways of cutting down the din. A room facing a busy street is one that's most likely to need treatment. Wall-to-wall carpeting laid over a thick pad is an excellent sound i deadener. Heavy drapes that can I be pulled across the windows dur-1 1 ing the noisy hours further dead-1 ; en outside noise. I i Low-frequency noise is filtered i i out to some degree by storm sash set in rubber or felt. j For something more permanent,; in the way of sound-deadening j protection, you might Consider the i merits of tile that is specially de-1 signed to deaden sound. Called acoustical tile, it Is manufactured of any of several natural 'mineral) or man-made fibers. Usually perforated or slotted for greater sound absorption, such tile soaks up, rather than reflects, sound waves. Each tile is tlmfts Herald, Carroll, lows Friday, Au§. 2, IPS OFFICE IN NEW DRESS . . , , Pictured above Is the new front of the Iowa Public Service Company office, recently remodeled. This Is an- other addition to the new store fronts which are rapidly adding to the attractiveness of Carroll streets. (Staff Photo.) Electric Power Usage in Carroll Rising Steadily Aladdin with his had nothing on the magic lamp modern Carroll county housewife, who has at her command at. the flick of a switch, the modern giant of housework, electricity to save her hours and hours of labor and give the family so many leisure hours to plan and play. The fact that people of Carroll have been taking advantage of the work saving convenience of modern electrical appliances is proved by a look at the records of use of electricity in the years "here in Carroll. Usage Up past 10 five times,as many air conditioners- in use in homes today than there were four years ago, ranging in size from small three-quarter ton units to the big four and five ton jobs that cool homes completefy to the desired temperatures. In line with the folks of Carroll area "living better electrically" than ever before, homeowners have begun to realize the importance of having enough "house- power" in their homes. Owners of homes that are older than five or six years realize that you can't operate the appliances of today on Remodeling Old Closet Is Like Finding New Space Your house may not be new, but. you can bring your old closets up to date in a hurry by following a few simple remodeling steps. And when you finish, that old-fashioned closet will give you exactly double the space that it provided before. The standard, narrow doorway of your conventional walk-in closet gives you an entrance to an area that is not more than a pole and i a shelf for storage. But by widen-! ing the door area and building in i some simple fir plywood units to Simple to Keep Home Cool in Hot Weather Although mechanical air-cool-|again face the annual problem of ing has made enormous strides in I keeping their homes cool by other adding comfort to American homes, millions of families still do not yet enjoy air-conditioning, and Patio Can Be Dramatic With Age-Old Espalier By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer The age-old art of trainjng fruit trees, rose and even certain types of chrysanthemums to grow on espaliers is highly useful to a _ homeowner looking for a dramatic; of the day and drawing ishade.s on means. Because of this recurring problem, the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing house for building information, has drawn up a list of \ simple rules which have proved effective in helping keep homes cool in summer. The Bureau also says that several of the recommended procedures will increase the^ effiqi- ency of air-conditioning equipment. The secret of maintaining a cool home is to keep hot air outside and to generate as little as possible within the house. Keeping windows closed during the hot part about a half inch or more in thickness. Check carefully with your dealer to make sure that the tile you buy is fire-resistant. Do not, under. any circumstances, install flammable tile in your home. Tiles may be Installed by one of several methods, depending on type of tile selected. - Some can be nailed or stapled; ; some are attached with patented, j. i slip-type devices. When the ceil: ing area is smooth, it's possible ; to apply some tile with an adhe-; sive. i i In new-home construction tile is ; ' usually fastened to Ix3-inch fur- \ \ ring strips which have been in- ' i stalled across the ceiling. | ! Most manufacturers supply full; ; installation information for their : tile, and this material is your i when you buy your supplies from the building supply dealer tfi your community. Solid doors ate a rarity in the average home being built today. The expense of replacing hollow- cored doors is prohibitive (or many of us; the solution is to covet present doors with suitable matting material. This, in turn, is covered with hardboard or one of the laminated plastic panels for appearance and cleanliness' sake. Fire-resistant insulation placed between -floors of homes at the time they're built pays off -in years of comfort for the home* owner. For homes already built, Mirk or rubber tiling helps to deaden noise. Use heavy, felted paper — about 90-pound weight — instead of ordinary construction paper when making the installation. Sound-deadening tile makes an attractive celling covering and IR not loo difficult tn Install. It can be nailed, clipped or stapled to furring atrlpg fastened to your present celling. patio. Espalier treatment of fruit trees the sunny'sides of the house are particularly , effective m e t h o.d s, both to keep bent out and to im- turn an old closet into a wardrobe or utility center that is a model of originated in the orchards of Nor- ; the efficiency mandy and other French provinces tionin e q U jp me nt. as a means of conserving space. o{ utilize every inch of space, you can Tne frugal farmers found that with According to H C. Schogren, i the electrical wiring of yester district manager of the Iowa Pub- year, and they are turning to lie Service Co., consumer use of | their electrical contractors to get cleanliness and up on "your housepower," and make suggestions that you can j have taken care of by the elec- 1 trical contractor which you prefer. This free service is an accommodation for t'he people served by the local utility, and they electricity in the home has. risen j a "housepower rating from around 1,400 kilowatt hours! mine if their wiring is adequate per year in 1947 to about 3,900 kil-jfor their present day needs. owatt hours in 1956, an increase of Free Service more than two and a half times. The Iowa Public Service com- A large share of the increase, 1 P anv wil1 send out a man-to check Mr. Schogren believes is the increasing trend toward . electrical cooking, not only because of the safety factors involved in the home, but the convenience. Then too, electrical water heating has shown a phenomenal growth in Carroll, as well as the increase in the use of automatic clothes dryers and washers. Especially have the laundry appliances been taking hold. These two appliances alone save the average Carroll housewife untold hours of work. Air Conditioning Boom Room air conditioning in homes has grown amazingly in the past few years in Carroll, and it is estimated that there are four Or To open the old closet up, the wall space on either side of the old entry door is cut out to provide de(er . an openihg as big as the closet itself. Then, this is closed off with two swinging doors which have storage space built right into them. Compact storage units are built New into the closet area. Sound complicated? If you work carefully and follow directions, it isn't. The lady of the house will appreciate the utility and convenience of this women's wardrobe an espalier tree they were able to reap greatly increased profits from small acreage. Rows of trees could' be planted closer together, and the special pruning of the trees induced a profusion of blossoms and fruit. Many Varieties There are many .varieties of dwarf trees a v a i 1 a b' e to lend themselves to dressing up the patio, and handsome effects may be achieved with limited space. , A good decorative idea is to use one of the new jeweltone plastic clotheslines on which to train your fruit or flowers. Then your tUr- , which is the result of a remodeled quoise, sapphire, tourmaline or old closet. It has lots of space for crystal framework will be colorful suggest that you call in your elec- J all kinds of feminine finery from even wnen neither fruit, nor blos- trical contractor to help you take j shoes to blouses to handbags. All soms are in evidence during the REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIRON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? • WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum • Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tile • Carpet • WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Coverings ." • FREE ESTIMATES Large or Small Samples shown to you In your homo, Ola) 4175, Alvln Htinrlchi or 9923, Matt Furnltur* MATT Furniture care of your wiring needs. For today's modern electrical living, three wire service entrance from the main power line and 100 ampere capacity are a must. Most people .have discovered by having their home rated for adequate Housepower at once, they eliminate the necessity of having to call in a serviceman or a wiring contractor because electrical appliances fail to operate or because they blow fuses often. SCULPTURED CEILING Want to try .something adventurous in ceilings? Why not a beamed ceiling backed with a decking of rough-sawn western red cedar bevel siding? Textural ly, the rough sawn cedar adds immensely to tho sculptured effect of a beamed ceiling, and the bevel siding design will produce a fascinating, ever-changing s h a flow pattern; especially interesting during the winter months' when moving, alive firelight is playing on it? units are built from fir plywood i vear and ordinary framing lumber. Instead of complicated woodworking joints, special Washington Line hardware fittings are used for drawers and door construction There are a number of recognized forms of training trees and flowers in the stylized espalier treatment. A good garden book will be sure to give you explicit in the closets. For example, metal • directions. Once you have decided slides take ihe place of dado joints | on the pattern then you can hook and grooves for the drawers, Construction details were covered in a recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens. A free reprint is available by writing Fir Plywood Association, 2, Washington. Douglas Tacoma New Modern ELECTRIC FIXTURES For Your Home 150 Smart- New Modern Styles IF YOU'RI REMODELING QR PLANNING TO BUILD you'll want to see these cheerful modern fixtures. They'll add charm to every room. Also Early American or period designs. Prices reasonable, HEIRES ELECTRIC CO. HARD TO HANDLE LAWN? Do you have a rocky yard that just refuses to grow a lawn? Then, maybe you proper need to ' a wood deck ever having to be mowed. Just be sure you have a sturdy foundation of larger fir dimension pieces as a frame to hold up your framework to support the growing plants. Rope framing may also be used to develop espaliers along either side of a garden walk or to form a trellis against a carport. An espalier also is dramatic outside a picture window, affording a measure of privacy to a room without obscuring the view. Rewarding Experience The preparation of an espalier tree and cultivation of its fruit is, types. of fruits the two-by-fours, between Leave one drain if about I that lend themselves to espalier planting include the Bartlett and Anjou pears, Gravenstein, Golden Russet and King David apples and " varieties. Many vari- many of roses P roduce in an attractive gray. Motorcycles were invented in 1868 by W. W, Austin, of Winthrop, Mass. ..•'•'• and semi-double types of tall chrysanthemums make a magnificent showing at the end of summer. Attic space should be crOss'ven- tilated throughout the day and night, either by using an exhaust fan or opening windows in opposite gables. All doors and'windows should be opened as 'sooh as the evening air begins to tool. Electric fans placed in windows in different rooms, blowing inward, will draw cool air, into the house ( ,quickly. Bowls of ice in front of the fans will'accelerate the cooling effect. This use of ice also is effective during the hot hours of the day. Heavy draperies and floor coverings cut. down the efficiency of air-conditioners and retain heat in non-air conditioned homes. Replacement of heavy draperies with materials having a large open-mesh weave, and the Use of light-colored linen or cretonne slip covers on upholstered furniture are other cooling aids: If asphalt tile flooring such as Kentile is used, its smooth, and high wattage bulbs should be cool surface will provide more summer comfort, the Construction Research Bureau states. Floors of this material carry their own colorful, decorative design and there is no need to use rugs. Furthermore, practically no effort is required in cleaning asphalt tile. Besides keeping heat outside, i care should be taken that excessive amounts of heat are not generated within the house. Electric,' lights should be used sparingly replaced With lamps of less intensity. Ironing should be done in the, early morning. ' j AS much top-of-stove cooking as possible should be avoided. Today's modern insulated oven is 1 ideal for preparation of hot meals, j If there is a door between dining! room and kitchen, it should bej kept closed during meal prepara-j tion. At the same time, if kitchen! windows are opeiied wide and an; electric fan placed in one of them j so it blows outward, superheated air will be expelled rapidly, j Remove Hazards That Can Cause Home Accidents Every 18 minutes someone dies in a home accident and, according to the home safety experts, carelessness and negligence cause injury every seven seconds in home accidents. Records show that 14,000 persons die annually from falls, the greatest hazard in and around the home. Most falls can be prevented by correcting dangerous conditions such as loose throw rug§ at top and bottom of stairways, slippery shower stall floors, makeshift ladders and littered stairways. Tack down stairway carpeting firmly and repair shaky stair rails. Many falls are caused by Uttered stairways. Such litter should be. cleared away and children in-i structed in the importance of! keeping toys in areas where they will not be stepped on, or tripped over. Burns rank second among causes of home injuries and deaths. Again, carelessness causes most burns, with children suffering more injuries than their elders. Turn handles of cooking utensils to the back of the range away from curious little hands. Keep matches and cigarette lighters where children can't get them. 'Adults, too, can be burned. Careless storage and handling of flammable fluids cause many injuries and. deaths each year. Store flammable liquids in safe, galvanized steel fuel cans, which are plainly labeled and which are equipped with vapor-sealing caps. Keep fuel cans in the garage or tool'shed, well away from the home. Many home fires are caused by overloaded electrical circuits and faulty-wiring. Another cause of home fires is heating equipment in disrepair. Have competent servicemen check these hazards and make necessary repairs. Furnish coal-burning furnaces with fireproof galvanized steel baskets to hold hot cinders and ashes. Wooden boxes and bushel baskets may catch fire from smouldering cinders. Fuses Blowing? Heed the warning, your appliances are overloading your wiring system. f Could Be Serious! ^ Better let us check into it. Modern Living Needs Modern Wiring Coast-to-Coast 112 North Adams Dial 9343 finger-tip for BETTER LIVING PLEASE!!! Don't Throw That Rug Away KENNY'S RUG CLEANING SERVICE will rnakt It look likt new. Wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned In the home, O Mothproofing 5-Year Guarantee • Rvg Sizing * Furniture Cleaning DIAL 9786 FRII SSTIMATgf , North Cl«rk $t f DRESS UP WINDOWS Got a high old-fashioned bank WAR PARTY Indian legend says that an ancient Chinese mariner • by the name of Hee-li landed with ten men on the North American shores in the year of 217 B. C. The switch it to more comfort . .. extra ease ... greater home enjoyment, the electric way! • i j . , . • OllV/A tO ill U1& JVC1J IS* **• I *J t X-"< of windows you want to disguise? Their tatlered bll{ seaw orthy junk Don t rip out that wall-there's an had been driven far from native easier way to modernize and to (china by great windg and geas . get maximum use out.of the wall j warlike coastal Indians from Ore- space. A storage chest built along gon and Washington centuries j the wall under the windows and: | reaching from sill down to floor does the trick. Naturally finished, I elegant, champagne-toned west coast hemlock would be the ideal wood to use* for this built-in, for its incomparable grain and texture need no further embellishment. Storage chest may be constructed with flush, hinged doors for concealed storage, or open shelving for book, magazine, and record storage. It is not known when man first made cheese, but existence of this food is recorded as early as the year 2000 B.C. ago learned to fashion sea-going canoes from giant western red cedar logs which would carry 40 men in a war party. They raided nearby tribes and some are said to have drifted or paddled to the Hawaiian Islands where they mixed with other natives. The same red cedar is prized today as housing lumber for siding, paneling, shingles, wherever long wear is required. Cedar works easily, lasts a lifetime or more. The kangaroo family has more than 50 members, some called by; such names as euro, pademelon,' wallaby and wallaroo. ! A Good Thought for Todoyj Expe r j e n c e Is something you get while searching for something else, A Good Thought For Moving Day: Moving ii a job for experts ,,, so coll Mi firit ond be glod lortr. Croust Cartage Co. Carroll Phone 3528 no. 1 iptcioliit in pocking ond moving VeiUltf.|» Cpurt*«ui C*nv*fll«nl C»ril*r Ye«, indeed, electricity has power . , . power to brighten and beautify your home ... to save you work, time and steps in many- ways ... to help make you and your family happier, healthier, more comfortable. And best of all, electricity betters your living easily, conveniently, economically. It's truly power at your fingertips. Electricity works for you at a low, low cost. Take full advantage of it. Check now to see how you can better your living by adding new, modern electric appliances to your borne. A few pennies a day pay operating costs. LIVE BETTER Electrically Iowa Public Service ^ ^ $ i f i , r ? M ,( > «

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